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The San Pedro Sun

Traffic wardens and police officers participate in partnership and life skills training
Traffic wardens for the San Pedro Traffic Department and members of the San Pedro Police Formation participated in a life skill course called ‘Partnership and Life Skills’ on Monday, April 8th inside the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) conference room. The training was facilitated by retired police superintendent and National Coordinator of the Police Auxiliary Unit Rudolph Orio. The all-day training session taught participants on the importance of partnership between the traffic department and the police in an effort to promote safety and security in the community.

Revocation of Atlantic International Bank Limited’s Banking Licence
The Central Bank of Belize (Central Bank) wishes to advise that on 12 April 2019, the Prime Minister as the Minister of Finance, on the recommendation of the Central Bank, revoked the Unrestricted "A" Class International Banking Licence of Atlantic International Bank Limited in accordance with Sections 25 and 27(1) of the International Banking Act, Chapter 267, Revised Edition 2011 of the Substantive Laws of Belize (the Act). This prohibits Atlantic International Bank Limited from carrying on further international banking business.

San Pedro Invaders suffer another loss
San Pedro Invaders suffered another loss during the eighth week of National Amateur Women’s League (NAWL) 2019 Closing Season on Saturday, April 6th. The island team was defeated 2-0 by the Black Orchids at home at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. For their next match, San Pedro Invaders will be traveling to San Ignacio Town, Cayo District to go up against Verdes Rebels on Sunday, April 14th. The game is scheduled to begin at 1PM at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio.

San Pedro Liquor Licensing Board monitoring noise pollution on the island
Whether it is blaring music from noisy bars or house parties, several island residents are complaining that excessive noise at night continues to be a disturbance. Therefore, the San Pedro Liquor Licensing Board (SPLLB) has been closely monitoring the level of noise pollution at various establishments on the island. This they claim, is in order to maintain San Pedro Town as a peaceful and Child Friendly Municipality. SPLLB President Eiden Salazar shared with The San Pedro Sun that indeed they are visiting various liquor establishments that either have live bands or DJ’s. This activity is being conducted with the help of the San Pedro Police and Fire Department.

The unwavering efforts of BTB and its industry stakeholders and partners to market Belize as one of the world's leading tourism destinations is paying off. The latest statistics for the first quarter of this year show an impressive and persistent growth in both overnight and cruise ship arrivals to Belize predicting yet another bumper-crop year for the tourism industry.

Alaia Charity Foundation hosts first ever Half Marathon and 10K run
On Saturday, April 6th, the Alaia Charity Foundation hosted the first Ambergris Caye Half Marathon and 10- kilometre sporting event. Thirty-four runners participated in the event, hailing from Ambergris Caye, United States of America, the mainland and some as far as Placencia. The purpose of the event was to raise funds to provide financial, educational, medical and environmental support to disenfranchised island families. At the end of the race, runners in the several age-range categories, including under 20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50 up, were awarded trophies and medals.

Ambergris Today

Cart goes into the window!
Oops! Not a good day for this tourist who seemed a little too eager to step into Super Buy. Glass did not shatter and no one got hurt.

Pic Of The Week - Marquesitas Vargas
An all time favorite treat for island residents has finally made it San Pedro - delicious Marquesitas by Marquesitas Vargas! Owner Alexis Vargas officially opened his business on Thursday, April 11, 2019 and we can say it was a total success! People lined up to get their delicious treat! At Marquesitas Vargas you can enjoy marqueistas, choripapas (fried hot dogs with fries), churros and even machacadas (shaved ice with condensed milk and diced fruit). Marquesitas Vargas is located on Pescador Drive across the St. Francis Xavier Credit Union!

Misc Belizean Sources


Caves Branch Wildlife
Just checked our motion sensor cameras around the Caves Branch Lodge .. just 100 feet from our guest cabanas .. Yes, we are in the jungle !

Annual Open Day on the CEMJC campus
With many booths on display. It will commenc at 9am.Come to learn, experiment, and enjoy. Theme: “Conquering Challenges and Celebrating Achievements on the Path to Success.

Corozal Flea Market Saturday
Come out and get the best deals at our Flea Market this Saturday, April 13th. Household items, clothing and much more on sale. Location is the Finca Solana Corozal Farmers' Market.

Learn to Read and Write Maya Heiroglyphics! INNO’ON – LA OH Epigraphy Workshop 2019
Thursday, April 25 and Friday, April 26, 2019. Registration Fee: $5 BZE. Lunch and snacks will be provided. Limited Places Available! Register Today! We are privileged to host the hieroglyphic training/workshop with the assistance from (MAM) Maya for Ancient Maya.

No Liquor to be Sold On Good Friday, April 19
(from Friday 12:00 a.m. to Saturday 12:15 a.m.) Any establishment caught selling alcoholic beverages/liquor products will be faced with the cancellation of its Liquor License, have its liquor inventory confiscated and will be summoned to court by the Police Department. Stores that have liquor bottles on display should either bring down the bottles or cover the items, as well as alcoholic beverages in coolers. Restaurants that have liquor bottles on display should also cover the said items. Restaurant License Holders can only sell liquor to customers that are consuming food. Hotel License Holders can only sell liquor to bonafide guests only. We ask for your cooperation and understanding. Have a happy and safe Easter!

San Pedro Town Council Easter Opening Hours
Please take note on our Easter Opening Hours! Please take note of our opening Easter hours. Kindly have documents in order, permits, insurance, valid driver's license.

Training and swear in of 78 alcaldes from the 39 Maya villages
Today, April 12th, the Attorney General's Ministry conducted an Alcalde Training and Swearing-In in the Toledo District. The objective of the training is to review the roles and responsibilities of Alcaldes on the Legislation and Judicial System in Belize.

Consejo Road Cleanup
Are you tired of seeing trash on the Consejo Road? Let’s be part of the solution and clean it up! If you can't do it, maybe you could provide a worker. Place: Consejo Road from Consejo to Corozal Dates: Any day from Sunday April 28th thru Saturday May 4. Time: 7-9 a.m. Wear: Hat, long sleeved shirt and pants to protect against poisonwood. Bring: Rake, trash bags, gloves, water, hat, colored ribbon As of April 18th, we will have a recycling center across from Tortuga. Please put recyclables (cans, bottles, plastic) and tie them with a colored ribbon.

Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX) Road show 2019
Belize Tourism Board official Partner of the Belize Tourism Expo (BETEX) Road show 2019 coming to Placencia, Cayo and San Pedro May 8th- 13th! Want to be part of the event feel free to contact us at [email protected] to register!

Corozal Municipal Spring Bazaar - Easter Edition
Monday, April 15th at Central Park. 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Win Raffle Prizes. Special discounts.

Corozal ArT In ThE ParK - Saturday, April 13th

Super Furia Playing SHC Gala
The Super Furia band will be playing at Sacred Heart College's Mother's Day Gala. Tickets are on sale now.

Call for Animators
Calling all animators and those who want to be animators. Belize is full of talented people flying below the radar. Please contact us so we can reach out to you as we work towards incubating an animation industry for Belize.

Schools visit the Chiquibul Forest
This week 128 students, 8 teachers and 28 parents visited the Chiquibul Forest. Accompanied by FCD’s educator, the guests from Howard Smith Nazarene School and Hope Creek Methodist Primary learnt about the biodiversity and beauty of the Chiquibul. FCD thanks the Ministry of Education for their support.

Channel 7

PUP's Rt. Hon. Musa Makes History, Earns "Standing O"ť From UDP
Said Musa served 8 terms in the House of Representatives, but today he made history when he bucked his party on the Belize Territorial Referendum Bill - and earned a standing ovation from the other side of the house - including his most scathing critics, Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his Deputy Patrick Faber.   The cheered Musa's bold presentation on why he supports the UDP bill but must abstain to hold the party line.  He started out a 20 minute presentation by discussing the differences on the bill, but ended by asking how to move forward:.. Rt. Hon. Said Musa - PUP, Fort George, Former PM: "So Madam Speaker the question today is, whether this new referendum bill does pass muster, to use the language of lawyers. Whether it's in order for the referendum to take place. I would say this, the whole process may not be perfect in the political sense and we have been very critical about that..."

J. Espat's Stinging Rebuke To Senior Member
Yup, you saw right - the government side gave a standing ovation to the man they have spent years piling every kind of criticism on.  They had also banged on their desks at various points during his 33 minute presentation. And that seems to have outraged one of the party's most hard-line hawks, Cayo South's Julius Espat.  He had some cutting words for Musa when he spoke shortly after - this video courtesy the National Channel: Hon. Julius Espat - PUP Cayo South: "He made a couple quotes about what George Price had said in the past. Well, I would like to remind the honourable member from Fort George of another quote that George Price made and it says, 'Be careful when you hear your enemy praise you, because you must immediately ask yourself, what wrong have I done that my enemies praise me'..."

Opposition Opened Debate With A Challenge
And, again, you heard right, he blamed Dean Barrow AND Said Musa for what he said is the state of the country.  Those are some rough, rough blows in a day that was definitely very contentious in the House of Representatives. Like we said they were there to debate the Belize Territorial Referendum Bill - which seeks to put the ICJ referendum back on track after the PUP got a Supreme Court injunction to delay it.  The new bill seeks, to some extent, to short circuit that process and insulate it from further challenge.   The debate started at about 10:30 and is still going at this hour - with the Prime Minister now winding up the debate.  It started with some light sparring as the opposition asked - at the very outset - why the government wants to push it through:.

The Bill Introduced
After that initial skirmish, the Prime Minister explained why his government was bringing the bill:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "Now, we already know from what the leader of the opposition said publicly last night, and what happened in committee, that the principal objection to this bill with which they will come revolves around section 3. This section 3, is absolutely central to the bill and makes clear that we are to go to a referendum as we agreed and as is required and as we're obliged to do under the special agreement. I am charging them centrally today with wanting not just to delay the referendum but to deny the referendum. They want to achieve their no vote, not by persuading people at the polls to vote no but by depriving people of the opportunity to go to referendum because that's the surest way to get to a no position..."

PUP Have Substantial Objections
Next up was the leader of the opposition- who explained why the opposition cannot support  the bill: Hon. John Briceno - Leader of the Opposition: "The Prime Minister is spinning his hopes on getting a yes vote for the referendum, simply because he believes that if we get a yes vote that will allow them to win the next general elections. Once again, we come to the National Assembly to debate a bill that we got less than 24 hours ago - a bill that the government is insisting in pushing it through all 3 stages in one sitting. As I said earlier, we place our strongest objection to this. This could be one of the most important piece of legislation that this government is presenting today Madam Speaker and they are proposing to just ram it through the house today..."

Cordel Tells GOB To Take a Chill Pill
PUP Deputy leader Cordel Hyde underscored much of what his leader said, with an emphasis on what the opposition perceives as unseemly haste to pass the law:.. Hon. Cordel Hyde - Lake Independence, PUP: "They gone to the Court of Appeals and the Court of Appeals say hold on busta, you can't got nothing April the 10th, hold on. Man up in arms, hold on, you can't expedite your appeal for something we won't grant, so you have to wait. The question that we ask fi we selves is, why the rush? Why the haste? Because that unno talk to - Me and you are friends, watch yourself member of Port Loyola, rest yourself. The people whe deh talk to, parrot the propaganda lines to them. Say oh, we only hurt because PUP deny we the right to vote in this referendum. The people that I talk to, that confused about this issue, whe mi stress about this issue, whe never know what to do about this issue; they were relieved that this thing was put off..."

Rt., Hon. Musa Accepts Bill Will Pass
But former PUP Party LEader Said Musa had a much more moderate view than the party's current leader and deputy.  He clearly did not endorse the constitutional questions about the bill raised by his leader John Briceno:.. Rt. Hon. Said Musa - PUP, Fort George, Former PM: "If indeed this bill has been fixed, has fixed the problem which caused the learned Chief Justice to order an injunction against the government, then it seems to me that there will soon be a referendum and the voters of Belize will have an opportunity to decide whether or not we go to the ICJ..."

Musa Says Vital Work Needs To Be Done At Vital Stats
But Musa did not have much praise for how the UDP government has run the public information campaign and the backlog of voters bring processed at the Vital Stats Unit: Rt. Hon. Said Musa - PUP, Fort George, Former PM: "In view of the unsatisfactory state of the records at the Vital Statistics office, where it is said that over 2500 persons have been disqualified because they are unable to produce their birth certificates, which cannot be found, lost or destroyed. Something Mr. Prime Minister should urgently be done to allow as many as these people as possible and who are still interested in becoming registered to be allowed to register and instead of being disenfranchised before this referendum. And I would hope this government would act on it."

City Shooting Turns Into Murder
North Creek Street resident Joshua Gallego died last night around 7:43. He was shot yesterday afternoon at around 2:40. The report is that Gallego dropped off  his common-law wife and their kids at their home on North Creek Street. He was attempting to leave, and as soon as he reversed the vehicle, three gunmen approached and opened fire on the driver's side door and ran off. Gallego was fighting to stay alive at the KHMH but he didn't make it. We spoke to Gallego's grandmother off camera about his murder.

Alcaldes As Adjudicators
The Alcaldes of the 38 Mayan Villages in the Toledo District are elected leaders in their communities. But, they also have the authority as magistrates to adjudicate minor disputes between residents of their community.  The Attorney General's Ministry wants them to be properly equipped to perform that function, and so, they conduct regular training sessions with the alcaldes, who aren't necessarily experts in the law. Today in Punta Gorda, Solicitor General Elisa Montalvo and her team held one such training session with all the alcaldes and deputy alcaldes today in Punta Gorda Town. 7News stopped by to find out a little more about the topics they were discussing. Here's what the Sol Gen told us:

Police Sign Transport Agreement For To Help Stranded Officers
On Wednesday's news, we told you about how Police Commissioner Chester Williams relaxed his hardline somewhat on providing transportation for police officers who live in the north, but have to hitchhike to get home late at night, when their tour of duty ends. The commissioner was adamant that the Department has no obligation to do this, but he was simply seeking to look after their welfare.  Well, we've seen a copy of an internal memorandum from the Commissioner's desk which informs officers that the department has re-engaged in a business relationship with the bus company, Belize Transit System.

Plug Pulled On Atlantic International
Atlantic International Bank Ltd. is taking its last gasps as the Central Bank stripped them of their banking license.  Now for context, since late last year, we have been following the evolving situation with Atlantic International Bank Ltd. and its demise. This is after the Federal Trade Commission in the US named the bank among other groups in a civil complaint. The complaint names Sanctuary Belize as a massive real estate investment scam - which has defrauded hundreds of US investors. The FTC says Atlantic International, assisted and facilitated in the Telemarketing Sales Rules violations (for Sanctuary Belize)and that the offshore bank knew, or reasonably should have known what was happening.  While the bank denies any involvement in any wrongdoing, it wasn't enough to gain any sympathy from the FTC. So the bank turned to the Central Bank for protection as it has been winding down operations. Well the Central Bank has pulled the plug on the bank by revoking the it's banking license. Here is how the Governor of the Central Bank Joy Grant put it.

UDP Protestors Reject Rent A Crowd Characterization
Earlier you saw some images of the UDP's supporters out at Independence Hill in Belmopan today.  They were warmly greeted by a number of UDP's including the Prime Minister and Party Leader.   Indeed. while the Belize Peace Movement was calling for some kind of protest and the PUP had major skin in the game - it's the UDP which showed its muscle and brought out over a thousand protestors.  They filled the stairs o the National Assembly Building, and on this hot day a few hundred retreated into the shade. We spoke to the ones on the front line:..

UDP Cheers: Referendum Bill Passes 18 - 11 - 1
And while that was the scene outside this morning, inside the House, the business just finished about 15 minutes ago.  After an 8 hour debate on the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill - the Prime Minister wrapped it up - and then called for a division on the vote - meaning each member had to say "yea or ney" individually.  Courtesy of LOVE TV we cut to the voting from the PUP side - and the wrap up by the speaker: That one abstention by Musa is considered a victory for the UDP. They take that into Monday's meeting of the Senate when they hope that they can get the same from Senator Valerie Woods, who is - like Musa - publicly in favour of yes to the ICJ. We'll have coverage of that on Monday.

Channel 5

PM Barrow Introduces New Referendum Bill
A new referendum bill was introduced and taken through all its three stages in the House of Representatives.  The special sitting started after ten this morning and continued well into [...]

Parliamentarians Debate Barrow’s New Super Referendum Bill
The Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill, 2019 was described as a kneejerk reaction by the Opposition to two separate court rulings in a week. The P.U.P. pointed out that the [...]

The Issue of Section Three; Briceńo and Barrow Weigh In
One of the main concerns expressed by the Opposition Party is Section Three of the referendum bill.  That section states that “a referendum shall be held to enable electors to [...]

P.U.P.’s Cordel Hyde Breaks it Down for the People
Also weighing in on the heated debated today was the very vocal Lake Independence Area Representative, Cordel Hyde. Hyde, in responding to the tabling of the bill, broke down the [...]

Suit against G.O.B. Remains Before the Supreme Court
The claim that has been brought before the Supreme Court by the People’s United Party persists, despite the passage of a new piece of law which will allow government to [...]

Said Musa Abstains Vote; Praised by the U.D.P. for YES Position
The House debate today provided a rare moment. Former Prime Minister Said Musa, who has been described as a ‘malignant tumor’ by the current government time and again in the [...]

P.U.P. Bashes Joint Statement from Friends of Belize Group
On Thursday the European Union, the United States of America and the United Kingdom fired off a joint press release in which it voiced its support of holding a referendum. [...]

Outside the House: Supporters Say They Want to Vote YES and NOW!
As the debate raged inside the National Assembly, supporters of the yes vote stood at Independence Hill where speakers were placed and police were out in numbers. They were there [...]

Joshua Gallego is Gunned Down on North Creek
Twenty-six-year-old Joshua Gallego was shot on Thursday afternoon; hours later, he succumbed at the K.H.M.H.  While the matter was under investigation, the question is if Gallego’s past had caught up [...]

Murder Trial of Patrick Castillo Concludes
The murder trial of Patrick Castillo, who was charged with the murder of his stepson Yontan Maderos, ended today in the court of Justice Colin Williams. Castillo now awaits a [...]

Common-law Wife Drops Wounding Charges against B.D.F. Leroy Clare
A B.D.F. soldier was before the court today on a charge of wounding, but his common-law wife later requested no further court action against him. But twenty-six-year-old soldier, Leroy Clare [...]

Frederick Lammey Mysteriously Disappears at Sea
There’s a fishy story coming out of Dangriga where a sixteen-year-old minor went missing at sea during a trip to South Water Caye on Monday.  According to Jael Sjogren, a [...]

AIBL’s Banking License is Officially Canceled
Amid the ongoing saga of Atlantic International Bank Limited and the winding down of its operations in Belize, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, on the advice of the Central Bank, has [...]

PACT Grants $2.7 Million for Protected Areas Work
Back in December, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust awarded six point seven million dollars to support improved management of thirteen protected areas across the Belize National Protected Areas System. Earlier [...]

78 Alcaldes are Sworn Into Office in the South
Seventy-eight alcaldes from across thirty-nine Maya villages participated in a training workshop spearheaded by the Attorney General’s Office today.  The session served to inform them of their roles and responsibilities [...]

Belize International Film Festival Calls for Submissions
The Belize International Film Festival will be held in November of this year and this week they opened the call for film makers to submit their film to participate in [...]

Casting Call for Miss Universe Belize 2019
The Miss Universe Belize Organization is looking for the next beauty ambassador to represent the Jewel on the international stage. Last December, twenty-seven-year-old Jenelli Frazer graced the stage in Bangkok, [...]


Barrow to unleash new referendum law Friday
Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who has been named as the first defendant in a constitutional claim before the Supreme Court, has resorted to his parliamentary lawmaking powers to avoid obeying an interim injunction issued by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin that stops the government from proceeding with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) referendum until after the court concludes the hearing of the substantive claim. The claimants in the case are members of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP), five of whom are elected parliamentarians and one a standard bearer.

Guat Pres. Morales teaches school children to include Belize in Guatemalan map
A video out of Guatemala from Soy502 shows its President, Jimmy Morales, visiting a school in Mariscos, a village in Isabel, Guatemala, and demonstrating to students how to draw a map of Guatemala to include the entire country of Belize. Morales, after personally drawing the map on the school’s blackboard, reportedly told the teachers that they should practice drawing the map that way “because that is a territory that we are reclaiming” and, referring to the International Court of Justice, Morales told the students, “We are always going to get used to drawing Belize. Why? Because we are in an important process, we are reclaiming this territory; after the popular consultations, we are going to go to an International Court of Justice to define the territory.”

Mother and son allege police brutality at the Mahogany Street Precinct
Complaints of police brutality have become almost routine on the weekly news, but a mother who said that she has had just about enough of it spoke out today at the compound of AMANDALA and KREM after her son, Tyrick Francis, 19, was allegedly brutalized by police at the Mahogany Street Police Station while he was making a report about a cell phone that was stolen from their house in the Gungulung area of Lake Independence at about 10:30 Friday night. Little information has been disclosed regarding the beat-down, and no police report has been released on the matter.

EU, UK and USA issue joint statement about ICJ Referendum
In the midst of all the tension and unanswered questions surrounding the postponement of the April 10 ICJ Referendum, a new incident has arisen to provoke a sense of urgency in getting the matter resolved. The European Union (EU), United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA) have issued a statement affirming their support of the referendum and their hope that it can “take place as soon as possible”. Apart from these wishes for progression, the statement further expressed the nations’ hopes of the matter being resolved “in accordance with Belize’s legal procedures.”

Government announces 39-cent spike in price of regular gasoline
At midnight tonight, Belizean consumers will be hit with another rise in fuel prices. Government announced the new prices yesterday, Wednesday. The price of regular gasoline spiked from $10.21 per gallon to $10.61, representing an increase of 39 cents. Diesel fuel prices underwent a modest decrease of 3 cents per gallon from $10.29 to $10.26.

Charles “Paco” Lewis!
Charles “Paco” Lewis is a highly celebrated and legendary Belizean football player today. His beloved teammates and friends of the legendary Belizean football team of the 1970s, Chito’s Rangers – Gregsie Jones and Wellington Ramos, will feel proud to know that he has been honored on Belizean Legends. As a matter of fact, Jones has hailed his football teammate as one of Belize’s most astute and athletic football players of the all time. Today Paco Lewis, as he is mostly referred to by his Belizean football colleagues and fans, is not well and is need of financial support for urgent medical care to receive treatment for a heart problem. His friend and comrade in struggle, Jesus Castillo, has been standing strong on Paco’s side in Belize, and has reached out to his friends and teammates to support their brother and soldier on the Belizean football field.

Eric Trapp – Champion; Derrick Chavarria 2nd; Mairon Muńoz 3rd in 20th Annual Junior Cross Country Race
Cross Country fever is in the air as Easter approaches, and the first leg of the Cycling Federation of Belize (CFB) three-race package, the 20th Annual Junior Cross Country Race took off on Sunday morning, April 7, from the Succotz Ferry and travelled through San Ignacio on the George Price (Western) Highway to Belize City, crossing the Belcan Bridge and travelling up the Philip Goldson (Northern) Highway to the BEL corporate headquarters around Mile 2, making one lap around the Buttonwood Bay Boulevard and NAPA roundabouts, and then finishing in front of BEL, the chief race sponsors.

Mayor Belize City Dominoes Tournament Week 4 results
Week 4 games in the Mayor Belize City Dominoes Tournament were held on Sunday, April 7, at Journey’s Cool Spot. A total of nine teams participated, and all games played with the winners reaching 3000 points. The results were as follows: Port #1 (3006) over Mopan Street (2718); Mango Tree (3035) over Another World (2294); Grabs (3010) over Dirty Rebels (2250); and Ground Fighters (3003) over Third World (2917). House Battam won by default over Port Stars.

Cricket Corner – Wicked 11 stops BDF
A pleasant time of the day to all! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Harrison Parks 2019 Cricket Competition continued over the weekend. Thanks for the sponsorship of Bowen and Bowen. A few games were really hot. In the second half, I’ve noticed that most games are being played with much focus on the games. And then, throughout the first half, players are feeling out their playing colleagues, so they are playing much better.

City Boys Grassroots Football semifinals results; championship final this Saturday at Cumberbatch Field
Good afternoon, Football Family! The 3rd Annual City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots Football Tournament 2019 semifinals were held this past Saturday, April 6, at the Cumberbatch Field; and if you missed those exciting semifinals, you don’t want to miss the championship final this coming Saturday, April 13. In the first semifinal on Saturday, City Boys Jr. clipped Poor & Famous, 2-0, with Esmond Sanker, Jr. scoring both goals for City Boys.

Two debates the House has to have
The Prime Minister and his government had every opportunity to postpone the referendum, and it was necessary that that was done because there were just too many things that were wrong about April 10, for it to proceed at that time. It is not impossible that the only legal reason for the delay is a procedural error. But there were a number of things that were just not right. The Prime Minister has argued that a part of the urgency for holding the referendum on April 10 had to do with the funding of the OAS Office at the Adjacency Zone. We were made to understand that this vital office, which serves to mediate disputes on our western border, is not funded by a blank check, so it is suggested that we should not be forever about solving this dispute with our neighbor.

People want the Referendum to be put on hold
Dear Editor, I have not heard any Belizean say that he or she does not want the ICJ Referendum to be held. Anyone saying otherwise is telling a lie. What I have heard people saying is that they want the Referendum to be put on hold until both those responsible for birth certificates and the Elections and Boundaries Department can get their act together to prevent the disenfranchisement of Belizeans citizens, and measures are taken to get Belizeans living in the Diaspora to participate in the Referendum. Is this too much to ask for? How can this be partisan politics?

About Referendum legalities and the Rule of Law
The issue of the holding of a Referendum on the 10th day of April, 2019 is one of much debate and one that sparked a debate at a very late stage in the process, all because there was not a timely educational campaign. Sadly, we now know that from before 2008 our government, and its team, had already been gearing towards reaching a Special Agreement, when all negotiations failed under both political parties. Yes, they failed! Otherwise we would not be going to referendum and we would be signing-off a settlement instead. Unfortunately, it was not until about 2016 that the Belizean people even knew about the contents of this special agreement, which was never presented to the House of Representatives.

The road ahead
Since the pause button has been pressed on the April 10th referendum, we now have been afforded a little more time to contemplate the road ahead. We should therefore carefully consider each of the three distinct paths we may follow. The first is to change the referendum law as the government contemplates, as well as whatever else they may be considering as necessary to have the referendum as soon as possible. Many have understandably questioned the reason for Government’s frenzied urgency to have this referendum now.

Sospishan and the ICJ
Has anyone ever made you an offer that was too good to refuse, yet you refused it because, yes, it was too good to be true? If the government made the announcement that it would give $100 to every man, woman and child in every household in Belize, would we immediately think that the general election is right around the bend? Ouch, we must be the most sospishos people on the planet. Okay, on the second one, I have to give in. Yes, an election would be right around the corner. Don’t let anyone shame you away from calling an iron safe with a double padlock, ironclad. Everything man-made in this world is fleeting.

A perspective of Garifuna history and values in the context of Guatemala’s claim
There is a kind of profoundly deep and unique pride that the Garinagu, especially their elders, tended to quietly nurture about their special attachment to southern Belize. It is a pride born from their own sparsely written history that has been largely evaded (as is much of Belize’s history) at all levels of Belize’s school system, including junior colleges, UB and Galen. In the beginning of the 1800s when the British timber merchants in the early settlement of Belize wanted to expand their harvesting of mahogany south of the Sibun River treaty limit, they had no choice but to seek and import Garifuna laborers from Roatan.

3 busted with 5 lbs. cocaine in Silk Grass
Three men — Joseph Nolberto, 60, a laborer of Silk Grass; John Mendez, 44, an electrician of Dangriga; and Matthew Williams, 66, a businessman of Orange Walk Town who is originally from Dangriga — were busted with 5 pounds of cocaine during a drug transaction that was being conducted in a house in Silk Grass at about 12:20 yesterday afternoon. Police said today that Williams and Nolberto have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking, and Mendez has been released. Williams and Nolberto await arraignment at the Dangriga Magistrate’s Court.

San Ignacio man, 29, shot to death in his home
Loyden Bejerano, 29, a laborer of Oscar Sabido Layout, was found dead in his house at about 11:30 Saturday night by his girlfriend, who had gone to his house and, after finding the door unlocked, walked in and found him sitting on his sofa with apparent gunshot wounds in his head and body. A neighbor told police that at about 11:20 that night, he saw three men enter Bejerano’s house and shortly after there were about four gunshots. The neighbor said he did not see the men again. Police were alerted shortly after.

Politicizing the constitutional challenge to the Special Agreement
Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in his public comments about the Chief Justice’s decision to grant an interim injunction in order to address the Opposition People’s United Party’s constitutional challenge to the Special Agreement, did not appear to show sufficient regard for the judicial process in which he is also named as the first defendant in the case. As the leader of government, the Prime Minister’s remarks on the court proceedings were unhelpful and appeared to be aimed at appealing to his political support base, as if his remarks were being made in the context of looming general or municipal elections, rather than in the face of an issue with implications that transcend party politics, race, and social status.

Macario Tzib, 48, found murdered at home
A retired park ranger, Macario Tzib, 48, who was employed as a security guard and lived alone in a one-flat timber house on Thornley Street, San Ignacio, was found dead in his home. A stench in the neighborhood that seemed to be coming from the direction of Tzib’s house prompted a neighbor of Tzib to call his landlord, and they went to the house, where they found Tzib lying face-up on his bed in a state of decomposition. He was seen with stab wounds in his chest and abdomen, and his throat had been slashed.

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ICJ Referendum Bill Pass In House Of Representatives
After several passionate arguments and long speeches by members of the House Of Representatives, at approximately 7.15pm this evening the Belize House Of Representatives passed the Bill that will empower the government of Belize to proceed with the ICJ Rferendum.

Musa Sticks To His Creed
Former Prime Minister and PUP Area Representative, Said Musa indicated in the House this afternoon that he will abstain from today’s vote on the ICJ Referendum Bill that Prime Minister Dean Barrow introduced this morning for debate.

Editorial – April 12th. 2019
By Mr. Henry Lawrence – enry Lawrence – Plan B, the Prime Minister’s effort to rescue the April 10 referendum through the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals has failed, and the next step seems uncertain. The Prime Minister could appeal to the Caribbean Court of Justice, where the matter would be sure to get a speedy hearing. But there would be no assurance of success there in overturning the CJ’s injunction.

National Assembly Poised To Override All Efforts To Stop ICJ Referendum
All efforts to delay the ICJ Referendum for the people of Belize to vote will be challenged today, as the National House Of Assembly is set to meet this morning to make several motions and laws that will allow the government to proceed with the ICJ Referendum.

Man Shot Multiple Times; Dies Hours Later
Joshua Gallego died sometime before 8:00 last night, about six hours after he was shot multiple times on North Creek in Belize City. Gallego had just dropped off his common law wife, Sedajah Hernandez, 20, and her children at 7098 North Creek around 2:30 yesterday afternoon, and had driven off only about 100 feet.

EU – UK & USA Issue Joint Press Release About ICJ Referendum
The European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States have issued a joint press release expressing hope that Belize holds the ICJ Referendum as early as possible. The release reminds that the “Referendum process is the route towards a peaceful dispute resolution agreed upon jointly by Belize and Guatemala.”

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Taiwan celebrates 40th Anniversary of Relations Act
On April 9, 2019, President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing Wen attended a video conference with […]

Loaded gun found in Esperanza
Authorities in Cayo were conducting an operation last night in Esperanza Village and found 1 .22 […]

Roger Bradley again! This time it’s burglary
For the third time in two weeks, 44-year-old Roger Bradley has appeared in court on […]

Woman drops court action against soldier accused of wounding her
For the second time in as many days, a soldier of the Belize Defence Force was […] For the second time in as many days, a soldier of the Belize Defence Force […]

Former Prime Minister Said Musa to abstain on referendum bill; maintains yes vote
While voicing some criticism of how the Government has handled Belize-Guatemala relations and the current referendum […]

House begins debate of referendum bill, charges, and counter-charges back and forth
Charges and counter-charges flew back and forth in the opening moments of the highly charged […]

Protests underway outside House in Belmopan
While the House of Representatives meets to debate the Belize (Territorial Referendum) Dispute Bill, 2019, those both supportive and opposed to it have massed for counter-protests on the steps of the National Assembly.

Heavyweight showdown begins in House over new Referendum Bill
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has introduced the Belize (Territorial Referendum) Dispute Bill, 2019 in the […]

Warm weather to continue
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is reporting that mostly warm and dry weather will […]

Roger Bradley in court on another theft charge
Two weeks ago, 44 year old Roger Bradley, no stranger to the law or the […]

Terrors of Burrell Boom charged in burglary spree
The peaceful village of Burrell Boom, Belize District, has experienced a recent spike in burglaries. […]

Ruling reserved in murder case of Patrick Castillo
Supreme Court Justice Collin Williams is to decide whether Patrick Castillo’s story of self-defense when […]


Referendum bill debated in the house
The exchange in today’s sitting got started with the two leaders battling it out for a few minutes; then came the rest of parliamentarians throwing shade across the floor and hurling some not so nice innuendos, now and again. Here is a recap of the highlights. Jose Sanchez: “The order of the day had only …

UDP Supporters show up to back Referendum bill
And while there was some heated moments inside the National Assembly, outside its walls the heat was on as a large crowd of supporters of the United Democratic Party gathered at the steps of the National Assembly in support of the Referendum Bill. The crowd chanted and cheered on the government but the morning. We …

Discussions have been had on many levels on compromis, special agreements, injunctions, referendums, representatives, traitors, 1859 treaty and treatises. Perhaps while many have been convinced by their party affiliations towards a yes or no, one voice rang-out above the fray in the House. Former Prime Minister Said Musa was not challenged by his Party for …

Police News: Man robbed, cops find weapon
A taxi man was robbed this week. 25 year old Darnell Puerto, a resident of Belize City said he decided to take a walk on Mopan Street and at 7:45 p.m., he was accosted by two men who were carrying firearms. The men approached him and proceeded to rob him of his car key, a …


Caliente is perfect for a seaside retreat!
Caliente has always been synonymous with tacos and margaritas to me. Over the years, I haven’t deviated much from my order. When I do get something else, I’ve always enjoyed it and wondered why I didn’t do it sooner! But, soon enough, there I am, ordering tacos the next time I visit. It’s easy to see why though – from the moment you step onto their outdoor deck, that sea breeze hits you, and when you take in the gorgeous views from their front steps nothing sounds better than a margarita and some tacos to make you feel like you’re truly on vacation!

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CARICOM again divided on Venezuela at OAS
Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries continue to adopt competing narratives and different visions of instructional authority that divide the region on supporting opposition leader Juan Guaidó, as the self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela, this time on the acceptance of his permanent representative at the Organisation of American States (OAS). CARICOM has adopted a position of non-interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela and said they were prepared to mediate in the process to bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

The Best Destinations To Visit In May, According To Travel Influencers
As a working adult, chances are you missed out on the opportunity to take a traditional spring break trip last month. But guess what? Spring isn't over. "I recommend visiting Belize because high season will be coming to a close, which means places that were once swamped with hoards of tourists will be a lot emptier, allowing visitors to enjoy a crowd-free experience. Hotels also tend to be cheaper outside of high season. It will also be dry season, so you can take advantage of outdoor activities like cave tubing, snorkelling, and hiking the Mayan Ruins without rain ruining your plans.


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