No Pasa Sin Pasaporte

If you were in Chetumal, or Playa, or Cancun for the Easter weekend, you would have noticed that the lines at the border were not as long and snaking as it normally is during this time of year. And even on the Mexican sidewalks, roads and highways, there weren't as many Belizeans around.

That is because thousands of Belizeans were turned back because they only had a temporary pass - not a passport. Now there was a report circulating on facebook that stated that during the Easter, Belizeans would be allowed to cross the border without a passport. Well that report was bogus - and in fact the opposite was true - the Mexican side no longer accepts temporary passes. But apparently, very many Belizeans did not get the memo. Here is what the Honorary Consul of Belize in Mexico had to say about the situation at the border this weekend.

Dr. Luis Montero Maldonado, Honorary Consul of Belize in Mexico
"It is important to know that since there is a change in federal government there has been a change of officers in the immigration department. The immigration department is a Federal institution in Mexico so they have different idea on how to handle the border. At least up to now permits are not accepted since the 6th of April."

"In the weekend I would say about 5,000 more or less because very few buses came in when you know that normally we have excursions from all the country coming to Chetumal and surroundings right also many many private cars could not go through because they did not have a passport nor a border pass."

"It is important for you to know that there is nothing the consulate can do because it is not in the law. I can't ask the Mexican immigration to accept Belizeans without passports or a card because it is not in the law to accept someone with a permit only."

So as you heard, you now have to have a valid passport or a Mexican border card to cross the border.

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