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The San Pedro Sun

Murder charges against Christian Espat, Nigel Williams and minor dismissed due to lack of evidence
Island residents Christian Espat, Nigel Williams and a minor, were acquitted of murder charges in the shooting death of retired American National Cliff Kirk on Wednesday, April 24th at the San Pedro Magistrate Court. After almost a year of court trials, the defence convinced the San Pedro Magistrate Court that there was no concrete evidence against the accused and thus, they were set free. Magistrate Deborah Rogers, however, warned the trio that even though she discharged them, the Director of Public Prosecutions can still override her decision and take the matter to the Supreme Court in Belize City. The Magistrate told them that she could not predict when and if this could happen.

Police looking for driver of hit and run traffic accident
San Pedro Police are looking for the driver responsible for crashing into a six-seat golf cart parked in front of Trust Hardware on Coconut Drive. The incident is believed to have taken place on Sunday, April 21st, and left the cart severely damaged. The driver allegedly fled the scene after hitting the cart, but not without leaving behind his vehicle's bumper and license plate. Police told The San Pedro Sun that they have an idea who the driver is, but that they found that the person had left the island after the accident.

Misc Belizean Sources


March 2019 External Trade & Consumer Price Index
For the month of March 2019, results from the Statistical Institute of Belize's monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) survey show that the All-items CPI stood at 104.8, an increase of 0.3 percent from 104.5 in March 2018 (see Figure 1). This indicates that, on average, Belizean households experienced an increase of 0.3 percent in the prices of regularly purchased goods and services in the month of March 2019 when compared to the same month in 2018. During the month of March 2019, Belize's imported goods were valued at $147.2 million, down 1.2 percent or $1.7 million from the $148.9 million imported in March of 2018. The total value of Belize's domestic exports for the month of March 2019 was $25.8 million, down significantly by 54.4 percent or $30.8 million from the $56.6 million recorded for March of 2018.

Greening Across Belize
It's that time again to join us in promoting a Green Belize With your help, "Greening Across Belize" can be bigger and better. Pick-up a tree, plant a tree and teach others to go green! For more information, please contact [email protected].

Boxing in Orange Walk on Saturday
Looking for an action-packed Saturday night? Why not head to OW and cheer for our island contender Bryce Peterson?! 16 Round Trip VIP Tickets Left to PRO FC presents: Shuga City Fight Night THIS SATURDAY IN ORANGE WALK! $175 BZD. Includes Transportation to and from event from San Pedro and Cage Side Seats! MMA Event 6pm - 10pm The Limo will head back to the city following the event, which will then be followed by a boat ride back to San Pedro by Pan D Joyride.

The Government of Belize (GOB) has received a Grant from the CARICOM Development Fund (CDF) to assist the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) and the Ministry with responsibility for Investment, Trade and Commerce, to develop Belize's National Investment Policy and Strategy (NIPS).

Verdes Start Playoffs with Hurricanes
The Verdes are the number 1 seed in the NEBL, so they get the home court advantage as they host the Hurricanes this Friday. It's going to be a big game, with plenty of entertainment. This year, it's the best of 3 games. Go Verdes! "Are you READYYYYY? It's Game 1 of the NEBL Playoffs. See you on Friday night inside the SHC auditorium at 9 pm."

A week that started with challenging conditions finished with nice weather and light winds. Bonefish were biting well and some larger ones were landed. Nice permit were landed on both fly and spin.

BWS Opening for temporary Heavy Duty Equipment Operator
Belize Water Services (BWS) has a vacancy for a temporary Heavy Duty Equipment Operator at the Punta Gorda Branch. Position: The HDEO is responsible for operating heavy equipment in a safe and appropriate manner. Heavy equipment may include six-wheel trucks, front-end loaders, dozers, graders, compactors, backhoes, excavator, tow head with trailer and other pieces of equipment .

Calling All Female Artists: The Future is Female Vol. 2
Once again, the Museum of Belize is calling for all our talented female artists to submit their artwork as a part of our second installment of 'The Future is Female' Art Exhibit. Deadline for submissions is Wed.May 15th, 2019,for more information contact 223-4524 or send an email to [email protected].

Dr. Elijio Panti Conquer the Hills Cycling Challenge
The much anticipated 2019 "Dr. Elijio Panti Conquer the Hills Cycling Challenge" is finally here! Be part of "Another Beautiful Day in San Antonio", an exciting family oriented fun day filled event held annually at San Antonio Village Cayo promoting Nature, Sports & Agriculture. Who will be this year's "King of the Mountains" Champion? On June 16 if you're not here, you are nowhere my friend!

Cinco De Wayo, Anniversary Celebration
Join us for the anniversary of our over the water Grand Opening Party! This year is going to be a blast! We've got over 20 Sponsors helping us make this a party to remember!

SBDC Workshop: Internal Control & Inventory Management
Presented by: Mr. Jorge Gentle, Business Adviser, SBDCBelize, Beltraide. Location: Beltraide Conference Room, 14 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan. Workshop Date: May 2nd, 2019. Time: 9am to 12 noon. Growing your business will require establishing a solid foundation of internal controls including accounting, auditing, purchasing and damage control planning. This session will give you an overview of what you need to prepare for. This workshop equips participants with the essential internal and inventory management knowledge, tools, concept for developing a practical, and result

Launch of the Pesticides Control Board's GROW SAFE-Belize Campaign
The Pesticides Control Board is pleased to announce the launching of its GROW SAFE-Belize Campaign at this year's National Agriculture and Trade Show in Belmopan on 27 and 28 April 2019. The GROW SAFE-Belize campaign will be promoting best practices in pest and pesticide management, in an effort to address the unintended use of pesticides, commonly referred to as pesticide misuse and abuse, thereby contributing to increased food safety. More specifically, the campaign aims to stimulate a wider adoption of INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM), a broad-based approach that applies the practices of prevention, monitoring and control to suppress pests below the economic injury level.

Mr. Ezekel Tun Passes Away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Tun family and friends on the passing of Mr. Ezekel Tun. May his soul rest in peace.

Benque Viejo Police Conduct Meet and Greet
On Wednesday April 24th, 2019, Police Officers from the Benque Viejo Police Formation, Conducted, their weekly Meet and Greet in the area of New Border Road and the surrounding areas. Persons where issued with invitation to attend a Neighborhood Watch Meeting to be held on Friday April 26th, 2019.

Power outage scheduled from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 28 to affect the entire Orange Walk District
This scheduled power outage is necessary for BEL to conduct maintenance of the power supply system including replacement of poles, transformers and equipment.

Sawdust Tapestries of Benque 2019
Great pictures of the Sawdust Tapestries created in Benque this Easter, from Aurelio Guerra. "Saluting the devoted Community members and their high spirits that have grown into the development and elaboration of the Sawdust Tapestries in Benque Viejo these adorn the route for the Santo Entierro/Funeral Procession! Awesome Job Youths,Children and Families! Thanks to Photographer Aurelio Guerra for sharing his collection 2019!"

Ya'axch� Conservation Trust needs Administrative Assistant
We are securing the services of an Administrative Assistant - join our team! The Administrative Assistant's main role is to sustain the office administrative responsibilities, which includes office management, pay roll, electronic and hard copy filing, answering calls and emails; and, assist the Finance Manager on a daily basis at Ya'axch�. Deadline to submit application is Friday, 24th of May 2019. Visit our website for more information.

Belize Ko'one'ex Kanik Maaya T'�an
In celebration of International Museum Day, the House of Culture in collaboration with To'one Masehualoon, will offer free Yucatec Maya language lessons on May 17. We invite the community to participate in our introductory language sessions running 9am - 3pm! Yucatec Maya is one of the indigenous languages spoken in the Corozal,Orange walk and Cayo district.

Reef Week in San Pedro Dates Changed
Due to the upcoming referendum we have moved our Reef Fest dates slightly, therefore Reef Fest 2019 kicks off on Friday May 10th to Tuesday May 14th!!!!

Channel 7

No More Opposition Obstruction? PUP Leader Tells Troops To Get Ready For Referendum
Government has set the ICJ referendum date for May 08th, and, now, it seems the PUP will no longer stand in the way; the opposition is getting ready for a referendum. There was speculation that the PUP would go back to the courts to block the referendum again, but, it appears that the Blue's will instead go to the court of public opinion and urge voters to say no to the ICJ. We've seen a letter dated yesterday that leader John Briceno wrote to all his standard bearers.

Finnegan Calls Out PUP, Or Is It "Pot Calling Kettle"�?
So now, the ICJ referendum has become just another polarized and politicized election. And while UDP is pushing a "yes" hardline and the PUP is pushing "no" - UDP Minister Michael Finnegan today told us the PUP was being duplicitous about it. We challenged him on that. Hon. Michael Finnegan, UDP - Mesopotamia: "They are tired now of using the court to advance their political agenda. Now they will come raw and naked to the Belizean people and show their colors by turning the ICJ situation into a total political fiasco."

The Alleged Cliff Kirk Killers Get Free
They were accused of the cold blooded killing of a US citizen on the north end of Ambergris Caye - but, tonight, two San Pedro men and a minor are free after their attorney convinced the magistrate that they had no case to answer. According to the San Pedro Sun, Christian Espat, Nigel Williams and the minor, were set free in San Pedro Magistrate's Court today - and went into the arms of their loved ones who were waiting in the courtroom. The trio was accused of killing retired American National Cliff Kirk in July of 2018. The US Army Veteran was shot in the head at his home on Northern Ambergris Caye on Thursday morning by four men who stole firearms, a briefcase and a jet ski.

BNTU Ready To Re-Elect Elena
The Belize National Teachers Union held its annual general meeting today at the Corozal Community College. It's a 2-day event where the most important housekeeping business of the teachers union are taken care of, and one of the more important items on the itinerary is the election of national officers. That meant that the presidency is up for grabs, and whenever the mighty teacher union's leadership is in transition, everyone takes notices to see who the teachers choose. After all, they often take on the role of an activist union not only concerned with the the welfare of their members, but also with urgent national issues affecting the country.

Why NUTCB Said No To Referendum Bill
Today's conversation with the president also gave the press an opportunity to ask her about her no-vote last week Tuesday in the Senate for the Government's new Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Law. That bill went to the Senate last week where it passed with the support of 6 UDP Senators, plus the Church and the NGO Senators. Labour Senator, Smith, as well as the Business Senator and 2 out of the 3 PUP Senators opposed. Our colleagues asked Senator Smith why she voted no, and she said that was her instruction, taken from the majority position of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize. Here's how she explained that process:

Fingers Point After Farm Fire Down South
Tonight, a group of Spanish-speaking Belizeans from the village of San Pablo in the Stann Creek District, are crying foul after they claim someone set their farm on fire. Now to be clear, these 7 families are squatters, who were occupying land that was recently acquired by a company. That immediately caused a dispute between the two sides because the company owners have a legitimate expectation that they would be able to use the land they purchased for their own purposes. On the other hand, these poor farmers say that they've been living on this land and using it for almost 20 years now.

Dog Owner Cleared of Charges For Dog That Mauled Child
His dog mauled a small child, but, today in court, a senior citizen was acquitted of the charge of kept unmuzzled, ferocious dog at large. 72 year old Mario Sandoval was freed of the charge when he appeared before Magistrate Emmerson Banner. Based on the evidence, Sandoval showed no intent to harm and it is unclear who opened the gate at his house to let the dog out in the first place. So he walked free of the charge. The incident happened in April 2018. Sandoval's dog attacked an 11 year old girl and her pet poodle as they were walking along Albert Hoy Street in the Belama area. The dog attacked the poodle first and as the girl was trying to rescue her pet, the dog bit her hand and dragged her on the street. A passerby stopped by to save the child. The dog was put down after the attack.

Weed in Bush
Yesterday evening, police found a big stash of weed outside Belmopan. The cops must have had excellent intelligence because they knew just where to look - even in the bush! They found 20 plastic bags containing 56.5 pounds of weed buried about 50 feet off the highway at Mile 52 on the Hummingbird Highway. The drugs were labeled and deposited as found property.

Military Style Rifle In Corozal
Police also found a military style rifle, this time in the Dominquez Layout area in Corozal. It had some markings on it, and one 7.62 live round inside the chamber. It was deposited as found property.

Compol Comes Down On Corporal
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams isn't playing with Police Corporal Eldon Arzu - who is the President of the Police Association. In January, Williams signed a statutory instrument saying that no officer can serve more than two terms as the association president. Arzu had just been elected to his sixth. Arzu took the Commissioner's S.I. to the Supreme Court for judicial review. While that matter is before the court, the Commissioner has escalated. We have received a Police message to all formations from the Commissioner dated yesterday which says, quote, "Corporal Eldon Arzu is not authorized and should not be allowed to conduct any business on behalf of the Police Association, including holding meeting with personnel's from the Belize Police Department.

Honduran Fishers in Belizean Waters
The Southern Environmental Association caught 3 Hondurans illegally fishing inside the Gladden Spit and Silk Caye Marine Reserve, one of the 3 reserves they co-manage for the Government. SEA reports that on Sunday, April 20th, a joint patrol SEA rangers and the Belize Coast Guard visited an area within the Spawning Aggregation Zone of the reserve. That's a no-take area, but they found the vessel, "Angelica", anchored there. The Belizean law enforcement team found 3 Hondurans, Ewin Geovanny Carcamo Banegas, Hector Arnaldo Rodriguez Martinez, and Wilford Machado. Onboard their vessel, the Belizeans found a large storage containers which contained several mutton snappers.

Cycling Federation Says Justin Williams Is An American
Justin Williams - he's a two time Cross Country Champion - and we've proudly claimed him and his brother, fellow cyclist Corey as Belizeans - even though they're Belizean Americans, US citizens born to Belizean parents in California. And this weekend, after a disappointing Cross Country finish, Justin Williams took to social media to blast the Belize Cycling Federation for failing to deliver on prizes as promised, and for not letting he and his brother bring a team of riders from the states - because they are Belizean cyclists, while at the same time not letting them get the station prizes reserved for Belizean cyclists - because they are American registered riders.

Ascenthium Needs Your Support
Last night, we took you to the airport for the departure of the Belizean rock band Ascenthium to Panama. Right now, they are in that country making final preparations to compete in the international primaries for the Wacken Open Air Festival. Ascenthium will hit stage on Saturday, April 27th, where they will perform and be judged by the officials of the festival. But, they also need your help, because there's also a sort of popularity contest element to the competition. Currently, there is a poll on the official Wacken Facebook page, and the bands competing in this first round for Central America are under the scrutiny of their fans and the general public. Ascenthium is currently in the lead for this poll, but in order to stay there, they need the help of Belizean fans to show support and vote for them.

No Pasa Sin Pasaporte
If you were in Chetumal, or Playa, or Cancun for the Easter weekend, you would have noticed that the lines at the border were not as long and snaking as it normally is during this time of year. And even on the Mexican sidewalks, roads and highways, there weren't as many Belizeans around. That is because thousands of Belizeans were turned back because they only had a temporary pass - not a passport. Now there was a report circulating on facebook that stated that during the Easter, Belizeans would be allowed to cross the border without a passport. Well that report was bogus - and in fact the opposite was true - the Mexican side no longer accepts temporary passes. But apparently, very many Belizeans did not get the memo. Here is what the Honorary Consul of Belize in Mexico had to say about the situation at the border this weekend.

Sugar Exports Down, Bananas Up
The Statistical Institute of Belize is reporting that in March Belize's imports were down 1.2 percent, while domestic exports were down significantly by 54.4 percent from March of 2018. The SIB reports that this substantial decline in export earnings "was due for the most part to significant reductions in exported quantities of sugar, owing to varying schedules for the shipment of bulk sugar from one year to the next." The month saw improved earnings from both bananas and marine products. In fact, for the first three months of the year, Earnings from bananas went up by 26 percent while better sales across all marine products, but conch in particular, led to a $2.7 million increase in revenues from marine exports, rising from $7.6 million to $10.3 million.

Channel 5

Much Ado About Nothing Says the P.U.P. About a Letter to Standard Bearers
A letter to standard bearers by P.U.P. leader John Brice�o has been getting maximum publicity on social media and other sectors. In the letter, following the Easter holidays, Brice�o states [...]

Indian National is Sentenced to 5 Years for Using Belize as Human Trafficking Route
A final report is still not ready in the inquiry by the Senate Special Select Committee which held hearings between 2016 and 2017 on the findings of the Auditor General's [...]

72-Year-Old Freed of Charge Involving Unmuzzled Dog Attack on Minor
A seventy-two-year-old retired Belizean was freed today of a charge involving an unmuzzled ferocious dog that attacked a young school girl. Mario Sandoval was charged in April 2018 after his [...]

Fire in San Pablo, Amid Land Dispute, Destroys Acres of Cornfield
There is a land dispute brewing in San Pablo Village, Toledo District where residents of that southern community are at odds with the principals of A&E Trading Company.� Earlier today, [...]

Police Association President's Salary is Frozen
Where is Corporal Eldon Arzu and why hasn't he shown up to assume his new post at the police headquarters in Belmopan?� It's the latest twist in the saga of [...]

ComPol Williams Explains Association President's Transfer
According to ComPol Williams, the reason for Corporal Arzu's transfer to that area of the department is because he displays an interest in the wellbeing of officers on the job.� [...]

49th Annual Convention for B.N.T.U. Held in Corozal
The militant Belize National Teachers Union has taken pause from its advocacy to clean house. The last time they met was in Belmopan where they held a rally on the [...]

Union Senator Explains her No Vote
Last Monday, Union Senator Elena Smith voted against the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill.� She did so at the request of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize who took [...]

The Call for Nominations for Outstanding Public Officers is Coming to a Close
Public officers from across the country who have been exemplary workers and have gone beyond the call of duty will be acknowledged by the government at a gala event to [...]

Long Service Awardees Also Recognized on Public Service Day
The selection committee is made up of senior public officers, the private sector, B.T.B. and the chair of the Public Service Commission. While there are eight categories, there are many [...]

Trio Freed of the San Pedro Murder of Retired American Cliff Kirk
There was a decision handed down today in the San Pedro Magistrate's Court of Deborah Rogers where Christian Espat, Nigel Williams and a minor, were acquitted of murder charges in [...]

55 Pounds of Weed Found on Hummingbird Hwy
Police found over fifty pounds of weed along the Hummingbird Highway. On Tuesday evening sometime around five in the evening, police conducted a search of some bushes about fifty feet [...]

Man Charged for .1 Gram of Cocaine
Today, thirty-one-year-old Justin Stuart appeared in court before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson where he pleaded guilty to possession of point one gram of cocaine. Last Thursday, Stuart walked in front [...]

Meet Dan Lopez, the Male Farmer of the Year
The male farmer of the year is Dan Isai Lopez of San Antonio village in the Cayo District. Lopez says he comes from a family of farmers and ever since [...]

The Latest Figures of the Economy
A hundred and forty-seven million dollars worth of goods were imported into the country, while exports were down to twenty-five point four million dollars, a fifty-four percent less than the [...]

More Winners of Scratch & Win Game
Scratch and Win is a relatively new game but it is already producing winners.� There are two more grand prize winners who collectively have cashed in at least twenty thousand [...]

Who Will Be Miss African Queen 2019?
A pageant with a different mission returns this coming weekend after a three-year hiatus. Miss African Queen will be back at the Bliss where six young ladies will be competing [...]

A Look Back at the Santa Rosa Community Once Settled by Guatemalan Nationals
With a new date for the I.C.J. referendum set for May eighth, we revisit an old story in which former News Five reporter Janelle Chanona journeyed south to the illegal [...]

The Reporter

Police Officer Walks Away From Mangled Vehicle
Call him Mr. Lucky, because, after being involved in several car/motorcycle crashes in the past few years this PC is OK, and we are happy to report that he was not seriously injured in this recent incident. The Reporter has confirmed that Police Constable Edgar Coh received only minor injuries after an accident this evening (April 24th.) between San Ignacio and Benque which could easily have ended his life.

Off Duty WPC- Stabbed In Placencia
A WPC attached to Precinct 4 in Belize City was stabbed on Sunday in Placencia. Shameika McFadzean, 23, was off duty when she and her friends were allegedly approached by a woman from Belize City who started fighting with her friends.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Ministry of Health enforcing morgue use policy to avoid any more problems at Southern Regional Hospital
The Ministry of Health is ensuring that the staff of the Southern Regional Hospital (SRH) comply [�]

Police officer involved in traffic accident
Reports to our newsroom indicate that a police officer was involved in a traffic accident [�]

Court says dog's owner has no case to answer in attack on 11 year old in Belama
A 72-year-old retired Belizean citizen, who back in April of 2018 was charged with keeping an [�]

Justin Stuart fined for cocaine possession
With clarity not present when he was first arraigned in court, 31-year-old Justin Stuart today [�]

Woman police officer stabbed in Placencia
On Saturday, April 20, 2019, a woman police officer was stabbed while trying to stop [�]

Veronica Elizabeth Montejo, dead at 64
Breaking Belize News notes the passing of the widow of late Government Minister and former [�]

Bureau of Standards working doing their part in the fight against single-use plastics
As Belize prepares to phase out the use of single-use plastics and Styrofoam utensils, the [�]

Bar destroyed by fire in Toledo
A bar in San Jose village, Toledo was completely destroyed by fire last night. Margarita [�]

Corozal police find rifle and live round
Yesterday, police in Corozal conducted searched in the area of Dominquez Layout where they found [�]

Fire department confirms vehicle was intentionally set on fire
Authorities are investigating a vehicle fire that occurred around 5:30 p.m. yesterday in Belize city. [�]

PUP Party Leader urges supporters to engage in 'NO to ICJ' campaign
A letter sent by PUP party Leader, John Briceno to his standard bearers was leaked [�]

"Belize and Taiwan relations moving from strength to strength," says Taiwanese President
President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) President Tsai Ing-wen, said that Belize and Taiwan [�]

Guydis Canoes takes Easter Monday canoe race in Sittee River
Team Guydis Canoes took first place in the annual Easter Monday Canoe Race, hosted by [�]

Man, 46, missing in Sandhill Village
Nelson Lockwood,46, of Sandhill Village has been reported missing by his family. Lockwood is also [�]

Corozal businessman brutally attacked at his home; In a critical condition at the hospital
On Thursday, April 18, 2019, Corozal Police were called to Maya World Guest house where [�]

Ascenthium represents Belize in Wacken's Central American Metal Battle
Yesterday, Ascenthium, the Belizean Rock Band traveled to Panama City to compete in the preliminaries of [�]

Why I say: Yes to a Referendum Now
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize [�]

Police find over 50lbs of weed on Hummingbird Highway
Cops in Belmopan conducted a search yesterday afternoon in an area off mile 52 on [�]

Man who smuggled people through Belize jailed in the US
A 61-year-old Indian man has been jailed in the United States today, after pleading guilty [�]

Driver escapes unharmed in a traffic accident in San Joaquin, Corozal
Photo: Courtesy of BBN reader A driver escaped a traffic accident unharmed last night on the [�]

Police investigating aggravated burglary in Bradley's Bank
Police are actively investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred on Friday, April 19 in [�]

Vehicle crashes into Lord Ridge cemetery leaving casket exposed
On Monday, April 22, there was a road traffic accident at the lord Ridge [�]

Armenia villager killed by lightning
Armenia villager Carlos Alvarado lost his life on Friday, April 19, when he was struck [�]


Asenthium Rock Band in Panama for Wacken Open Air Metal battle
Asenthium has flown out to Panama for their very first international appearance. They are taking part in the Wacken Open Air metal battle in Panama this coming Saturday. It's an opportunity that the band defines as "career-defining". The rock group left the country yesterday but not before talking with the media. Ascentium Member: "We are �

Family claims they are being forcefully evicted from land; Proprietor says they have tried to be reasonable
Land disputes have been reported numerous times on the news and tonight there is one more to add to the list. The allegation is that at least seven families in San Pablo Village, Toledo District are reportedly being evicted from land that they have been on for over ten years. The media received footage of �


Nocturnal Bioluminescence River Tour
Just when I thought magic didn't exist! Well, not "magic" per se, but just the beauty of nature. Who would have thought that little Belize would be home to so much natural beauty and wonders - truly a gem! From the jaw dropping landscapes to the marvelous marine reserves, Belize just stepped up its game with a bioluminescent lagoon. Yes, a BIOLUMINESCENT lagoon! Just like the glowing sea in Australia, there's a mini, tamer version in Belize called Anderson Lagoon. This was the first time seeing this natural marvel in Belize - and the only comparison I could make was with an aurora. As soon as I dipped my hand into the lagoon, a neon blue shadow appeared where my hand disturbed the water�it was simply beautiful!

Ascenthium Travels to Panama to Represent Belize in Wacken's Central American Metal Battle
Ascenthium travelled to Panama City, Panama on April 23rd to compete in the preliminaries of Wacken's International Metal Battle to be held at the Hangar 18 Bar on Saturday, April 27th, 2019. The winner of this regional qualifier of the competition will progress to compete against the best Metal bands from various countries of the world at Wacken Open Air in Germany this summer. Before they left for Panama, Ascenthium held a rocking concert for fans at the Belize City Civic Center on April 12th, performing alongside Jet Jaguar from Cancun, Mexico - winners of the 2017 Metal Battle. Complete with freak show/suspension by Carlos Lopez, fire and bike show, the event was a fantastic send-off for the band!

Easter Weekend on Ambergris Caye and the Secret Beach Traffic Jam
Easter weekend has always been a popular time for travelers to visit and not only from abroad but in the country too. Many Belizeans countrywide come to Ambergris Caye for some fun in the sun. This year was no exception. Friday was a bit of a ghost town, many places closed and few carts on the road. As for the rest of the weekend, lots of people were out and about enjoying it. According to from my friend Juanece, Messervy's Sunday traffic report the road was backed up for 15 - 20 minutes by a Secret Beach Traffic Jam. Very rare but not surprising for Easter Weekend on Ambergris Caye. I pulled a couple of still shots from her videos to show you just how long the line was. As for the reason, they were doing a checkpoint and ticketing people for expired vehicle registrations and too many people on carts. The most she counted on a 4 seater golf cart was 12 - ouch.

A Wednesday Morning View In Corozal
This morning, was very windy when I went to take pictures of Corozal. And, was very interesting to see new things poping up around town. Today, it was a little different. Corozal has quite a scenery in. If you find the right places you will enjoy the magnificient view. Here is a scoop about what I took this morning in Corozal.

International Sourcesizz

Letter: The Sarstoon River and Island
by Nefretery Nancy Marin - The Sarstoon River and Island are very important and strategic military points for our Country. Given the present global, regional and local political environments it is imperative that citizens hold their governments to complete transparency and dialogue. Belizeans have a right to know what could be the reasoning behind the GAF position to keep intercepting and blocking the access to Sarstoon Island at points well inside our borders. Anyone who has visited the area on any occasion knows that it is never smooth sailing. The last time I went, one of the commanding GAF officers told us we need to follow " established protocol" in Spanish "hay que sequir el protocolo." When questioned, our politicians in Belize deny having established any protocol� but yet for our safety, we must now report to the coast guard and have them escort us.

Belize, Guatemala-Based BPOs Dispute Latest US State Department Warnings
BPO companies on the ground in the two Central American countries pay little heed to travel advisories, instead focusing on the other obstacles they face when setting up shop there. The US recently raised its travel advisory alerts for Belize and Guatemala to Level 2: 'Exercise Extreme Caution', but BPO companies active in the Central American countries say the reality is very different on the ground. Such warnings, issued sporadically by the US State Department, are not based on clear criteria, but rather a reaction to a spike in violent crime, but with no clear methodology on how one is issued.


  • Barton Creek Cave, 2min. Canoeing and playing in Barton Creek Cave in Belize, very fun!

  • Rio On Pools, 1min. Playing at and in the Rio On Pools in Belize.

  • BELIZE VACATION (PLACENCIA), 14min. Easter in Placencia Belize is defintely beautiful! There are several activites to do along the famous placenica side walk from beach parties to delicious restaurants. You can also take a day and visit some cayes off the coast of the peninsula for a taste of additional pearl white sandy beaches and refreshing salt water.

  • Paddleboarding in Belize, 1min.

  • BPM's position and concern for the rush to hold a referendum, 35min. May 8th has been set as the new date for the Referendum on whether to take the Belize Guatemala dispute to the ICJ. George Myvette, of the Belize Peace Movement, reiterated their arguments for a no vote in the referendum. He explained the BPM's position and concern for the rush to hold a referendum amidst public confusion and apathy.

  • University of Oxford, Justin Holder, 18min. What is the purpose of suffering? What does it add to the human experience and can it be avoided? Visiting philosopher and doctoral student at the University of Oxford, Justin Holder, wants to help you find the answer to those questions. He will be hosting a seminar on Wednesday April 24th to share what he calls integrated wisdom in hopes of calming the suffering in our everyday lives. We spoke with him about his perspective and how it can help change your life.

  • Winner of the 30th Cross Country Women's Classic, 24min. Kaya Cattouse is the winner of the 30th Cross Country Women's Classic. She spoke to us about her victory and shared her insights on some of the challenges and how to improve the sport of cycling in Belize.

  • Smart Belize - booth at the National Agriculture and Trade Show Deals 2019, 20min. Smart Belize will be at the Agriculture Trade Show this weekend. We got a preview of the great deals that will available for customers. On set: Justin Kuylen - Marketing Officer, SMART Belize. Josue Carballo- Product Development Manager, SMART Belize.

  • Public Service Union - Outstanding Awards, 38min. There are approximately 12,000 public servants in Belize. The Ministry of Public Service hopes to encourage and boost morale by recognizing persons who are exemplary workers in their field. This year's Public Service Outstanding Awards will recognize persons in 8 categories covering leadership, innovation and heroism. If you would like to submit a nomination visit their website for more information. The deadline for submissions is this Friday.

  • Lab Technician Week, 42min. Lab Technicians are crucial to providing you with quality health care as they work in complement to nurses and doctors. This week is being celebrated as Med Lab Week to acknowledge the significance of their work. Our guests talked with us about the advancements in the profession. These include upgrades to both the equipment and infrastructure as well as the expertise to train new technicians. There will be an Health Fair held in the parking lot of the KHMH to educate the public and provide free testing services.

  • Domestic Violence in Belize, 3min. by Tyanna Smsith

  • Xunantunich Belize December 2016, 5min. Visiting Xunantunich on day 2 of a 30 day exploration of Belize. We are with Carla Juan of St. Leonard's Tours.

  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.