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The San Pedro Sun

ACES organize Earth Day lagoon clean-up
To commemorate Earth Day, American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) organized a lagoon clean-up activity in San Pedro Town on Monday, April 22nd. The clean-up started around 9AM outside the San Pedrito canal on the mangroves side, opposite from Captain Iguanas. Garbage collected included a lot of glass and plastic bottles, old sofa's, a rusted fridge, plastic bags, hangers, shoes, lots of household garbage. Chris Summers of ACES told The San Pedro Sun they decided to focus their attention on the underappreciated part of the island, the mangroves on the lagoon side. "With climate change threatening ecosystems worldwide, it is now more important than ever to preserve these trees that play so many critical roles in maintaining the health of the lagoon and ecosystem. We didn't make it far as we were hoping, only about 50 feet, because there was so much garbage stuck inside the mangroves," he said.

Despite a 2-4 loss to Belmopan Bandits, San Pedro Pirates F.C advance to semifinals as #1 seed
For the last match in the regular series of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) 2019 Closing Season, the San Pedro Pirates traveled to Belmopan City, Cayo District to go up against Belmopan Bandits on Thursday, April 18th. Despite the 2-4 loss against Belmopan Bandits, the island team is headed to the PLB Semifinals as the #1 team with 26 points overall.

Island Children enjoy annual Lions Pancake Brunch with the Easter Bunny
Island children enjoyed the San Pedro Lions Club's (SPLC) 8th Annual Pancake Brunch with the Easter Bunny, held at the Lions Den on Saturday, April 20th. The fundraiser saw parents bringing their children to enjoy a morning full of activities and delicious pancakes. At 8AM, families began arriving at the Lions Den to enjoy delicious pancakes for breakfast served with sausage links and a cup of orange juice. Attendees got to top their pancakes with some of the many offerings on the toppings table including syrup, jam, sliced bananas, oranges, shredded cheese, marshmallows and even chocolate syrup.

Marcos Huitz wins The San Pedro Sun 2019 Easter Egg Hunt
The fun annual Easter egg hunt in The San Pedro Sun sure had people searching for eggs throughout the April 18th publication. Hoping to win the coveted Rapidito Loans gift certificate, Marcos Huitz set about looking for all 13 eggs hidden throughout the stories in the paper and quickly called it in to the office. He was the lucky winner, as other callers seemed to have a hard time this year locating all the eggs! Huitz' eagle eyes won him a $100 gift certificate from Rapidito Loans.

Roman Catholics celebrate Easter week on Ambergris Caye
The Roman Catholic community honored Easter on the island with special observances that ranged from creating sawdust tapestries to religious processions. The occasion is a remarkable event that celebrates the last week of Lent, and it is a time when Christians pay tribute to Jesus Christ's crucifixion and resurrection. The religious activities began on Thursday, April 18th with a 7PM Mass, followed by a Eucharistic Procession and Silent Adoration session until midnight. The following day, Good Friday, Guillermo 'Mito' Paz from the San Pedro House of Culture (SPHC) along with volunteers created a colorful sawdust carpet in front of the Catholic Church. This is the third year that the SPHC has organized this creative venture which attracts the attention of residents and visitors alike.

Ambergris Today

2.5 Kilos Of Cannabis Found At San Pedro Cemetery
On Thursday, April 25, 2019, San Pedro Police responded to a call about a suspicious parcel in the old San Pedro Cemetery. San Pedro Police visited the area shortly after 9 am where they found a rectangular parcel with suspected cannabis. The package was taken to the police stationed and weight 2.5 Kilos. No one was in the area at the time, hence no one was arrested.

Misc Belizean Sources


Avian Health in the Placencia Lagoon
Published paper about the avian health investigation CRC conducted with 2 avian experts in regards to the epidemic mortalities of birds around the Placencia Lagoon. CRC begins observing epidemic mortality of wadding birds, ibis, and pelicans every 3-4 months around the Placencia Lagoon during our biodiversity and crocodile population surveys, in addition to capturing birds that were lifeless and sending them off to rehabilitation at the Belize Bird Rescue (BBR).

Great pink Flamingo, Fowler's flat, north of Ladyville
Let's stay orderly. I don't want to cause a mass exodus of Ambergris Caye but...but...A FLAMINGO has been spotted on the mainland! Sure they winter north of us...but I don't think any know of a flamingo in Belize!!!!

Cuba Medical Scholarships
It's that time of the year! Visit for full application package.

The Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare condemns the ComPol's actions taken against the Belize Police Welfare Association Chairman Eldon Arzu
The CFPWA writes, "We consider the actions of the Commissioner of Police to be a personal attack on Corporal Eldon Arzu and we are calling on the Government to respond to this situation which is an abuse of power and an attack on a Police Officer who has committed himself to serve his country. It requires the intervention of organizations such as the CFPWA who cannot allow such an atrocity to pass unnoticed. The CFPWA without reservation condemns the actions of the Police Commissioner and calls also on the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) to have this matter promptly addressed at their next Annual General Meeting with a view to ensuring Commissioners of Police practices professionalism and good governance in their leadership roles."

The Alan Baker British Honduras / Belize Stamp Collection
In ten days we will showcase a complete British Honduras stamp collection beginning in 1865 through to 1972. We wish to thank Mr. Alan Baker for sharing this amazing collection with our community. Also on display will be Penny Black stamps, First Day covers and postcards dating back to 1892. We invite you to visit the House of Culture May 3rd and view the collection.

Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship Program
Calling on mid-career professionals working at the policy level and have a record of leadership and a commitment to public service! The Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship Program is now open! Submit your online application at before the deadline at midnight on August 30, 2019. Interested candidates visit our website for more information: or email [email protected]

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
What Men Want, Prodigy, Miss Bala, Happy Death Day 2U. 'BELIZE REVIVAL' Live performance from Bz City 7pm (see poster on page or below for details) *Game of Thrones Series Finale Ep. 3 of 6 Sunday 7 and 9

INNO'ON - LA OH Epigraphy Workshop 2019
We are privileged to host the hieroglyphic training/workshop with the assistance from (MAM) Maya for Ancient Maya. Level 1 of the Epigraphy Workshop was completed today. Certificates were issued today for the completion of Day 1 (level 1). Day 1 (Level 1) - Thursday, April 25, 2019 I. Introduction to Maya Hieroglyph Writing II. Application of Hieroglyph to English and Maya language. III. Writing Using Hieroglyphs

Hol Chan Contributes to Kids in Action
We are very grateful for the continued support from our community partner and are always pleased to hear that Hol Chan Marine Reserve Management is once again participating in this year's summer scuba diving program for the children. The Kids in Action is a program that we feel very proud of because it enables us to inspire a new generation of divers. Today we have several tour guides, sport fishers, dive masters and biologists that were part of our first course offerings. This validates the success of our efforts and encourages us to keep it going every year. Thank you for donation Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

Channel 7

Caribbean Cop Federation Calls Compol A Dictator
Last night he was fighting with the president of the police association, but, tonight, police commissioner Chester Williams has a regional battle on his hands; the Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations headquartered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is calling him out. The Federation sent out a press release this morning strongly criticizing Williams for the way he is handling Corporal Eldon Arzu, the duly elected president of the police association. The Federation's release says, quote, "our concern is in the presence of a leadership style which has made matters worse by imposing a dictatorial style leadership that is transactional and unable toembrace mediation as a method of resolving disputes.We consider the actions of the Commissioner of Police to be a personal attack on Corporal Eldon Arzu and we are calling on the Government to respond to this situation which is an abuse of power and an attack on a Police Officer".

Scary Situation At Shell Gas Station
A pickup burst into flames at Shell One-Stop gas station in Belize City this evening, but, luckily, no one was hurt. It happened shorty after 5pm today and caused quite a scar because of the combustible situation at a gas station. But, a quick response and an available water hose got it under control fairly quickly. A fire engine from the Queen Square station also responded. According to reports, the fire started under the hood. A woman and child were in the passenger seat when smoke started to come out of the hood. The driver was nearby and they all escaped. But the vehicle remained there - with flames shooting from under the hood, right next to the gas pump.

Plane Experiences Blowout on Landing
There was a scare at the Placencia airstrip this afternoon when a Piper Seneca airplane from Guatemala experienced a blowout when it was landing. The single engine aircraft landed at 4:00 pm when the the left tire had a puncture. But, there was no major incident; the aircraft did not run off the airstrip and the five passengers including the pilot were unharmed.

Sattiva Stashed in San Pedro Cemetery
San Pedro police are reporting tonight that they found 5 and a half pounds of marijuana stashed in the island cemetery. This morning, the cops received information that a parcel of weed was hidden somewhere in the old cemetery. They went there and found this beige package which contained 2 and a half kilos of marijuana. At the police press briefing this morning, the cops shared a few more details about the find: ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "Sometime this morning, just after 9 a.m., San Pedro Police were called to the old cemetery in San Pedro, where information was received of a parcel to be in the cemetery.

Rejected On The River Again
Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial Volunteers went back on the Sarstoon River today. This time he took a contingent including Belizean Americans from the diaspora. And what did he find? Really big Guatemalan boats! Here's how he put it:... Wil Maheia - Leader, Belize Territorial Volunteers: "This mooring as we approached the river, there were 3 Guatemalan gun boats; one on the outskirts, the biggest gun boat and 2 smaller ones blocking the channel where you enter the river. So we decided to call off our trip. There was no BDF or Coast Guard in sight. We didn't want to go there just by ourselves."

Compol Chester Goes After Association President
So at the top of the news you heard what Commissioner of Police Chester Williams had to say in response to the Caribbean Federation of Police's release. Well, for background on how this entire situation started, Commissioner Williams says this has been a long standing issue going back to the days of former Commissioner Allen Whylie. Williams says Arzu has failed to present an audit of the finances of the Belize Police Association. Basically Williams says Arzu has not been acting in good faith as the president and has not been working in the best interest of the association nor its members. Here is what he had to say. Chester Williams- Police Commissioner: "This matter with Mr. Arzu did not start with me. It started from the previous commissioner Mr. Whylie. It just so happened that it played out more after I took over as commissioner in January of this year. Like he rightly said in whatever comments he may have made in the past or those who made comments in his behalf..."

Indian National Did Human Smuggling Through Belize, Among Others
61 year old Indian Yadvinder Singh Sandhu has been convicted and sentenced in the US for running a transnational human smuggling operation. And he was smuggling them right through Belize, among other countries. In a guilty plea before a US court, he admitted he personally assisted around 400 aliens to unlawfully enter the United States between 2013 and 2015 as part of the conspiracy. He also oversaw and directed co-conspirators operating out of the Caribbean. He said that he and those conspirators made flight arrangements for aliens to travel from India through other countries.

Protecting Children In Media Exchanges
Very regularly on this newscast we tell you about cases where minors are either the victims or the alleged perpetrators of different types of crime. If the minor is a victim of some heinous crime, such as sexual molestation, the press does not release information that could point to the identity of the child. Also, we don't name juvenile offenders unless and until they are criminally charged with an offense after the age of 18. But, UNICEF thinks that the press can do more to protect kids. So, today, they held a training session with the different government agencies that are responsible for children, and who may have to address the media.

More Arson In Toledo
Cops from Toledo have their hands full investigating more cases of arson. The report now is of 2 suspected cases of arson in village fires. The first one happened at around 12:45 a.m. yesterday in the village of San Jose. 44 year-old Margarita Pop, a business woman who owns the bar, Margarita's Cool Spot, closed up for the end of the workday at around 11:30 p.m. She headed to her house, which is located on the same property, and 1 hour and 15 minutes later, she woke up to her bar burning. It's a bungalow building with a thatched roof, and though she and her neighbors tried, they could not stop the fire from destroying it. The cops told us today that they did manage to save an adjoining building:

Burning in Maya Mopan
So, while the investigators try to identify who would have wanted to destroy the bar in San Jose Village, they have a bit more clarity about the fire which happened less than 10 hours later in the Maya Mopan Village. Homeowner Ophelia Coc told police that she locked her house, a wooden and thatch roofed building, and she left. Half hour later, her neighbors contacted her to tell her that her home was on fire. Police say that in this case, a suspect as been identified to them as the possible culprit in this suspected arson:

A New Look At The Old Directory
Even though phone books these days aren't relied upon that much thanks to the directory in your mobile phone and the internet, the annual launch of the BTL telephone directory is still a big deal for the telecommunications company, and the 2019 edition of the phone book is no different. BTL, now rebranded as Digi, held an unveiling ceremony for this year's version of telephone directory, and the issue they chose to highlight is to be more environmentally friendly.

How Did Cops Find Weed Buried In Bush?
Earlier in the news, we told you about that 5 and a half pounds of marijuana that the cops found this morning in San Pedro. That's discovery follows TUESDAY's big find in an area near mile 52 on the Hummingbird Highway. As we told you the cops found 20 plastic bags, which contained 56.5 pounds of marijuana, buried in the bush, off the highway. The cops shared more details about the case today:

Luke P Wins BNTU VP Again
Luke Palacio has been re-elected as first vice president of the Belize National Teachers Union. In a less than overwhelming mandate, Palacio for 123 votes while his opponent Otilio Munoz for 92 votes. In the end, the few attendees bought into Palacio's pitch of seasoned leadership for dark days ahead and elected him with 123 votes.

Belizean Youth Ballers To USA
Since 2012, we've been telling you about the King James basketball tournament, which has been renamed the Dru Joyce Classic. It's a tournament where young basketballers from all over world travel to Ohio in the US to compete in a tournament under NCAA rules. It's a big opportunity for those ballers to be scouted by college basketball teams looking for talented recruits to offer them athletic scholarships. Team Belize has had great success in the tournament so far, and today, the U-19 Team from the Light & Peace Basketball Foundation left the country to compete in this year's classic.

MM Coming To Sugar City
When you talk about MMA you immediately think of UFC - it is the largest MMA promotion company in the world. Fighters like Ronda Rousey, Amanda Nunez, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier come to mind. Well PRO FC in Belize want to try their hand in professional MMA fighting on a smaller scale of course. PRO FC is hosting a 12 fight MMA event in Orange Walk this Saturday. The president Israel Vasquez along with two experienced MMA fighters came to our studios to talk about this big fight night. Israel Vasquez, President and CEO, PRO FC: "PRO FC is doing Suga City fight night in Orange Walk. It is the first big MMA event in Orange Walk. We have a line up of 12 MMA fights headlined by a championship match between Kristian Usher of Belize and Jonathon Chitan from Guatemala, it is a 145 weight division so the Guatemalan's are coming in, we have 3 Guatemalans coming in, they are headlining the event."

Police Will Investigate Alfonso's Sicario Selfie
WAVE Radio talk show host and editor of the Guardian newspaper Alfonso Noble raised a lot of eyebrows this weekend when he posed shirtless, beer in one hand, and what looks like a dangerous assault rifle in the other hand. He referred to himself - in jest - as a "Sicario" - the Spanish word for a hitman. It was a joke but the piece of hardware in his hand looked like a prohibited weapon. Thew press asked police about ti today - and the head of National Crimes Investigation said that looks can be deceiving:... Reporter: "Does the police department protocol aims that photos of individuals posting with high powered rifles who are Belizeans on social media. Does the department investigate those? Because in this case there is a media personality posted a picture of himself and an assault rifle on social media. Is that being investigated?"

'Fonso Says It Was a BB gun Dressed Up Like A Machine Gun
So - the cops say they will be investigating Alfonso Noble for what looks like an assault rifle that he's cradling in his hand. But is it really? That's what we asked him today:... Noble says he can easily trace down the very fancy BB gun for police if they wish.

Cops Found Real Gun
And while that rifle is a plaything - the one that police found found in Corozal Town on Tuesday night is the real thing. It's a prohibited weapon, but this one was stashed in a bushy lot in the Dominguez Layout area of the Town. Police told us more: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "On Tuesday also, sometime around 7:30 p.m., Corozal Police, acting upon information, visited an area in the Dominguez Layout, where upon visiting a bushy lot, they discovered a single action, 7.62 caliber rifle in some bushes. And at the time, it had one 7.62 round of ammunition in the chamber. The weapon was processed, and then removed. No one was in the area, and so, it was deposited as found property at this time whilst we do further investigation."

UB Builds Culture of Research
Then University of Belize today held its 9th Annual Research Symposium. All over the world, Universities are hubs of research about science, business and social trends. And UB's Faculty of Management and Social Science is trying to foster that same culture at its university.

COMPOL Froze Arzu's Salary
And we go back now to our interview with Commissioner Chester Williams and the measures he's taken against the President of the Police Association, Corporal Eldon Arzu. He's frozen Arzu's salary. Williams says that he transferred Arzu to another office in charge of planning and research but according to Williams's information, Arzu has not shown up to take up his post at that new office. So Williams cut off Arzu's pay. Here is how Williams explained it.

The Trajectory of Jarrel's Demise
Belize American Heavyweight Boxer Jarrell Miller has gone from the cusp of the biggest boxing match of his career to being one of the most denounced athletes of the year - sadly putting him on par with the likes of Lance Armstrong and, yes, Marion Jones. The 30- year old boxer has tested positive for three banned substances in just a few weeks. And, after an initial denial, on Friday he took to Instagram to accept that he'd done wrong. That earned him no points from fight promoter Eddie Hearn, who had put Miller in the heavyweight title fight against Anthony Joshua, Hearn is one of the most powerful figures in boxing presently. Here's the apology and Hearn's reaction:

Channel 5

The GAF Blocks the Mouth of the Belize Side of the Sarstoon
Earlier this month, on April fifteenth, we reported that the Guatemalan Armed Forces attempted to block the Belize Coastguard from travelling on the Sarstoon. Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial [...]

A Vehicle Goes Up in Flames at a Gas Station
A fire was reported this evening at the Shell Gas Station at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Cemetery Road at the entrance of the George Price Highway. A [...]

Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Association blasts ComPol Chester Williams
The situation involving the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams and the President of the Belize Police Association, Corporal Eldon Arzu has attracted the attention of the Caribbean Federation of Police [...]

Former Worker is a Suspect in St Margaret's Shooting
Earlier this week a three-year-old baby boy and his father were injured in a shooting. Jose Navarette and his junior were shot in front of their home in Saint Margaret's [...]

5 Pounds of Weed Found in a Cemetery
Police found two and half kilos or about five and a half pounds of weed in San Pedro. Around nine this morning, they were called out to the cemetery on [...]

Michael Andrews is Remanded for Theft of Boat Engine
A well-known boat owner is the latest victim of the theft of an expensive boat engine that was luckily recovered by police. One of six persons believed to be involved [...]

Pink's Alley Resident Arraigned for Theft of Cell Phone
From an engine thief to a cell phone robber.� Pink's Alley resident, twenty-eight-year-old Michael Usher was before the court today for the theft of a seven hundred-dollar cell phone stolen [...]

Luke Palacio is Re-elected as 1st Vice President of B.N.T.U.
The Belize National Teachers Union is winding up a two-day convention in Corozal Town. The event started on Wednesday and was wrapping up around six o'clock this evening. One of [...]

The Cycling Federation Versus Justin Williams
While the B.N.T.U. is tidying up its house, the Cycling Federation of Belize is being taken to task.� Following the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic, former two-time Cross Country [...]

Female Cross Country Champ: "I Told You So"
Just last year, the executive of the federation was returned after there was a challenge from a slate initially including cyclists Kaya Cattouse and Tariq Cano. Both Cano and Cattouse [...]

Cyclists Fed Up with Federation, Meet to Discuss Way Forward
Earlier you heard the 2019 Female Cross Country Champion, Kaya Cattouse react to the back and forth between Justin Williams and the Cycling Federation of Belize. As the situation continues [...]

Lack of Development is Hurting the Cycling Sport
Cattouse has for years clamoured for the need for investment to develop the sport in Belize and has embarked on her own to train high school students in cycling. �At [...]

Is the Cycling Federation Responsible for Performance by Belizean Athletes?
So do the dismal results of the 2019 Cross Country Cycling Classic rest of the shoulders of the federation? Three Guatemalan nationals, namely: Julio Miranda, Alex Julaju and Jose Conastuj [...]

Fire Destroys Maragarita's Cool Spot in San Jose, Toledo
Turning to crime�A bar in San Jose, Toledo burnt down earlier this week. Police say that Margarita's Cool Spot was completely destroyed by fire around twelve-thirty on Tuesday morning. Today [...]

Home Burns Down in Maya Mopan; was it Arson?
A second fire was reported in the south this week. Sometime around ten-thirty on Wednesday morning, a woman in Maya Mopan Village found her house on fire. Police report that [...]

High Powered Rifle Found in Corozal
Up north in Corozal, a high powered weapon was found on Tuesday of this week. Police say that they conducted a search in the Dominguez Layout area and found the [...]

Not Much Known About the Attack of a Corozal Businessman
Police say that they are still investigating the brutal attack on Corozal businessman Byron Chiu, which happened at his home in Corozal last Thursday morning. The owner of Maya World [...]

Bags of Weed Found on the Outskirts of Belmopan
On Wednesday night, we told you about the large quantity of weed found in some bushes along the Hummingbird Highway. The eighteen parcels weighed in at fifty-six and a half [...]

Ana Morales is the Female Farmer of the Year
To meet the female farmer of the year, we went to Selena village, a small farming community located to the back of Spanish Lookout. There we met fifty-year-old mom and [...]

SBDC Teaches Small Businesses How to Market their Goods and Services
Today, the Small Business Development Center held a one-day workshop with small business-owners to talk about marketing their business. The focus of the session was how to put together a [...]

UB's Research Conference Engages Minds, Empowers Success
A series of papers were presented and discussed today at the annual research conference of the University of Belize. The topics varied encompassing many facets of development of the country [...]

Young Basketball Athletes Attend the Dru Joyce Classic Akron 2019
For another consecutive year, the Light and Peace Basketball Foundation is taking to a group of young basketball athletes to compete in the Dru Joyce Classic Akron being held in [...]

UNICEF Hosts a Media Sensitization Workshop
Today, UNICEF held a workshop to sensitize its staff and partners of different government ministries and agencies on how to effectively engage with the media. A technical expert conducted the [...]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Trio freed of murder charges in San Pedro
Two men and a minor accused of the 2018 murder of American Cliff Kirk in [�]

Ras Indio on a mission to promote Belizean music
Renowned Belizean artist, David "Ras Indio" Obi, is advocating for Belizean music to receive more [�]

Sarstoon blocked by Guatemalan gun boats
This morning, Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) along with a group of [�]

"Commonwealth countries need to be accountable for malaria goals," says Global Health Coalition
A gathering of global health organizations is calling on Commonwealth Countries to be accountable with [�]

Are you ready for Agric 2019?
Thousands of Belizeans across the country are preparing to attend the National Agriculture and [�]

In the Fullness of Time - the Referendum Cometh
By Delroy Cuthkelvin: Is it just me, or did the Easter holidays usher in a period of calm after all the legal and parliamentary pyrotechnics surrounding the imminent-should we say, inevitable-ICJ Referendum? [�]

Caribbean Federation of Police calls out COMPOL for 'personal attack' on Corporal Arzu
The Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations (CFPWA) issued a release today calling out Belize's [�]

Easter or Spring Break?
By Lisa Shoman: I thought long and hard about writing this because the intent is to reflect, not to judge anyone with pointed finger and pursed lip. But it won't be pretty. I'm admittedly of that now middle-aged generation for whom the Easter break was all about family fun, rest and repose [�]

Inland temperatures soar to 98 degrees
The National Meteorological Service of Belize is reporting that seasonably hot and dry conditions will [�]

Teachers gather in Corozal for 49th BNTU convention
Teachers from across the country are currently gathered in Corozal for the 49th annual convention of the Belize [�]

Cycling Federation clarifies status of Justin and Corey Williams
Earlier this week, former Cross Country Cycling Classic champion Justin Williams posted on social media, [�]

Inflation ticks up slightly; higher food and fuel prices to blame
Belizeans are paying slightly more for basic goods and services compared to last year through [�]

King Sugar takes a break as exports fall sharply
Belize's number one export is grinding into high gear for the end of the season [�]


High powered rifle found in Corozal
Police have recovered a high powered firearm and have launched a full investigation into its history. ACP Joseph Myvett says that the department does not issue licenses for the weapon, a 7.62 caliber rifle. He says it was found by Corozal Police on Tuesday night after seven o'clock. ACP Joseph Myvett - Head of National �

MMA Fight in Orange Walk
Mixed Martial Arts is a sport that takes the best of the boxing world, karate and wrestling into one super, energetic sport. It has been growing over the years since it was initially promoted by various schools that practice Shotokan. The Prevail MMA Club emerged from the House of Shotokan and now they have transformed �

U-19 Basketball players head to Dru Joyce Classic 2019 in Akron, Ohio
Young basketball players in the Light & Peace Basketball Foundation's U19 Selection left the country this afternoon and headed to the US. The team will be taking part in the Dru Joyce Classic 2019 in Akron, Ohio. It is a premier US travel basketball tournament series for youth that has been held annually for over �

Med Lab Week is celebrated internationally from April 22 to 26. Belize also observes the tradition and today the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) held its first free fair as part of Med Lab Week activities. Lovefm asked them about the services they offered on the business end of an injection. Jose Sanchez - Reporter: �

BTV not allowed to enter Sarstoon
The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) is a group that predominantly promotes visits to the national border markers with Guatemala and Mexico. However, the volunteers encounter issues on a regular basis with one particular area of difficulty, the Sarstoon. One of the leaders of the BTV, Wil Maheia explained how they were blocked from the river �

UNICEF talks media and communications with partners
UNICEF is hold training sessions with several of its partners on the media. Susan Kasedde, Country Representative for UNICEF in Belize says that the sessions are part of an ongoing series of support offered by the organization to strengthen the effectiveness of its programs in Belize as it pertains to children and children's rights. Susan �

Food prices go up
The cost of food went up in March and so did airfare and butane gas according to the Statistical Institute of Belize. In its most recent report, it states that regularly purchased goods and services are up by 0.3 percent in March when compared to the same month last year. The high prices offset a �

Luke Palacio relected as BNTU VP while Elena Smith remains Unchallenged
The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) held a two day convention in the Corozal District. Teachers from across the country attended the 2 day celebration of the union which also included talks on retirement, years of service, transfers and broken service. In addition to fun activities to promote the interaction between the various institutions in �


International Sourcesizz

Referendum chaos in Belize
Belize is due to hold a referendum in 12 days' time, on May 8. Maybe. The date was previously fixed for April 10, but was held over-with only one week to go and all preparations in place. Will it go ahead this time? We'll see. The referendum question is serious-whether to go to the International Court of Justice of a ruling on Guatemala's long-standing claim to all or most of Belizean territory. That procedure was agreed in principle by both governments back in 2008, subject to referendums in each country.

La. Guard trains Belize Defence Force YCP cadre
The Louisiana National Guard's Youth Challenge Program welcomed cadre from Belize's Youth Challenge Program to attend the Challenge Program Instruction Course at Gillis W. Long Center in Carville, May 31-April 13. The Belize Defence Force recently took over the Belize program for at-risk youth that is similar to the program in Louisiana. For more than 20 years, the LANG and the BDF have trained and worked together as part of the State Partnership Program, which is administered by the National Guard Bureau. Over the years, the two countries have participated in over 250 events and have led to several training opportunities in addition to YCP cross-training.


  • Unveiling of Yello Belize's & Digi Belize newest telephone directory, 16min. We are LIVE at the Digi Park as we officially reveal and launch the cover of the 2019 Digi Directory. Our Madison Edwards is up to something special in Belize City today. Check out the unveiling of Yello Belize's & Digi Belize newest telephone directory.

  • Swim With Nurse Sharks in Caulker Caye Belize, 4.5min. Hands down one of the best excursions I've ever taken! This is also the ONLY excursion, that I know of, that will get you to one of the Cayes in Belize. The nurse sharks don't really come near you - they go to the edge of the boat to get fed. They don't bite anyway. My son was in the water by himself (while I filmed) and the rays and sharks don't bother any of the swimmers. You get rum punch after the snorkeling and swimming.

  • Belize-Guatemala and Maritime issues, 4min. In Australia, Professor Warwick Gullett works along with the University of Wollongong's research center in ocean law and policy. While Gullet believes that the #ICJ would rule in Belize's favor on land, his expertise in maritime law compels him to believe that the country may lose territorial waters because of the concave area shared with Guatemala and Honduras.

  • Meet Dan Lopez, the Male Farmer of the Year, 4min. The male farmer of the year is Dan Isai Lopez of San Antonio village in the Cayo District. Lopez says he comes from a family of farmers and ever since he was a young boy, he wanted to have his own farm. Well, about twelve years ago that dream became a reality. Today, he has cultivated over ten acres of his farm with fruit trees and vegetable crops and has since expanded into the cattle business. Reporter Andrea Polanco went to Lopez's farm to find out more about how he won the Farmer of the Year 2019 title.

  • Leadercast 2019 - Leading Healthy Teams, 38min. Leadercast 2019 is focusing on giving participants the expertise to lead healthy teams. The event takes place on May 10th at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza. This year's speakers are inspiring leaders in various fields who will share their knowledge on how to lead teams in a manner that both increases productivity and success while encouraging personal growth. Our guests talked about why you should make the investment to participate in this life-changing experience.

  • Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) - Coral Reef Restoration Work, 32min. Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) is a growing threat to the coral reef system locally. Our guests wanted to raise awareness and talked with us about what it is and how they are preparing to protect our natural resources from the disease. They also talked with us about how they are working to restore the reef and protect it from other threats.

  • US Embassy in Belize - CARSI ESF Grant NOFO 2019, 34min. The US Embassy in Belize offers funding opportunity through the CARSI ESF Grant to strengthen government through civil society engagement. A total of $750,000 USD will be made available for organizations to access funding to support programmes and projects that meet certain objectives. Our guest spoke to us about how NGOs can access the funding. The deadline for applications is on June 3rd at 11:59 Eastern Time. The Embassy will offer support for those who have questions about the application process. The deadline for questions is May 15th, 2019.

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries - RAYMOND ADOLPHUS ARNOLD SR., 2min.

  • V31KF CQWW CW November 1993 - TDXS group, 20min. A very old video of a TDXS multi-single group operating the 1993 CQWW CW Contest from Ambergrij Caye, Belize. Operators Billy, K5GA, Joe, W5ASP (now SK), Rich, K5WA (now SK), Bob, K5DU (now K5WA), and Don, KI3L (now N5LZ)

  • La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge Team Taiwan​, 2.5min.

  • BELIZE EASTER VACATION, 13min. Belize CaveTubing ZipLining.

  • Snorkelling in Belize 2019, 8min. A mix of footage from Mexico Rocks, South Water Caye and Stingray Alley.

  • Belize in a Blur 2: Desert Islands and Rainforest 2019, 21min. We arranged a trip with Xsite sailing to go camping on the beach at Goff's Caye - a tiny desert island in the ocean. We explored the beautiful Barrier Reef and chilled out on the island. Our trip concluded with a quick trip to Hopkins and the rolling hill jungle around the Bocawina Rainforest resort.