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The San Pedro Sun

Easter 2019 was all about the beach on Ambergris Caye
San Pedro Town saw a different vibe for Easter 2019, with a scale -back in the usual large beach events. Still, thousands of residents and visitors spread across the island to celebrate the festive occasion. The sunny weather coupled with cool nights throughout the Easter weekend provided the perfect environment for revellers to enjoy refreshing drinks, great food and partying on the beach. After Good Friday and the 24-hour alcohol prohibition as per the law, partygoers were seen at different establishments around the island. While many visited the Secret Beach Area, others stayed in downtown San Pedro. From the newly renovated beach area by the Boca del Rio Park to the beachfront area by Holiday Hotel, the holiday season was on.

Child 'kidnapping' case opens questions on child custody laws
Luis Manuel Llanos, who was accused of kidnapping his son Jaysen Manny Lanos, was detained on the island by San Pedro Police Department on Tuesday, April 23rd. According to unofficial reports, the child's mother, who lives in San Jose Succotz, Cayo District allowed the child to go with his father on Wednesday, April 17th, while Llanos was staying with family members in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo District. He was supposed to return the child home to his mother on Monday, April 22nd but did not comply. On, Tuesday, April 23rd the mother made a report to Benque Viejo Police Department asking for police intervention in locating the child.

Martin Dawson wins MMA title in Mexico
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) coach and fighter, Martin Dawson, returned to the island as a champion after emerging victorious in a Jiu-Jitsu super fight in Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. Dawson, who is the founder of Pit Fighters training school in San Pedro Town took part in the Furia de Titanes MMA tournament held on Saturday, April 20th. The event also included kick-boxing, boxing, grappling and martial arts. The event started shortly after 6:30PM and ended around midnight, with fights in different categories. The event was packed to capacity as many MMA fans convened around the cage to support their favorite fighters. There were fighters from different parts of Mexico, and Dawson was the only Belizean fighter.

Misc Belizean Sources


The following is a message from the Commissioner of Police, Chester C. Williams, to all road users who are traveling to the National Agriculture and Trade Show. "Good morning my friends, those of you who will be traveling to National Agricultural and Trade Show in Belmopan, I urge of you to kindly drive with due caution and consideration for other road users. The Police Department will maintain a high presence on the highways to control the traffic and ensure your safety. I ask that you be patient as our efforts may cause you a bit of delay and inconvenience in your journey.

Photos of the First day of Corozal Sailing Club Reggatta Sail

Corozal Sailing Club Reggatta
The action continues Today. Come out and support.

Once all this land at San Pablo (Orange Walk) had many trees and animals . A Maya elder Andres Yama once told me "cuando era chamaco yo miraba los venados atras de mi terreno " . The elders made offerings before entering this bushes and ask for protection to the Nukux Tat(Tata Duende) . The Nukux Tat is a yuumb�alamo'ob a guardian of the Forest and animals . Also his role went to protect the village,yards and milpas from any harm . Growing up we were not afriad of him because we knew he was their to mantain a balance. Today most of the land surrounding San Pablo is being used to plant sugar cane and grow cattle . Except for some pieces of bushes and the savannah known as Xcalak. Most of our native rituals had been destroyed by the new religious cults .

Update on the three projects progressing in Downtown Belize City under the auspices of the Downtown Rejuvenation Project
Here is an updated on the three projects progressing in Downtown Belize City under the auspices of the Downtown Rejuvenation Project, Taiwan ICDF, Ministry of Tourism, and NICH. As you will notice, the installation of the foundation of our new House of Culture is well on its way. The Human Development Building on Albert Street is coming on nicely (second photo). Plastering of the outside has almost been completed. Lastly, our new restaurant and museum at the corner of Regents Street and Cocburn Lane is coming along nicely as well. When completed, it will be a good complement to the newly repaired Anglican Cathedral, the renovated Government House and new House of Culture.

The Reporter

Honduran fishing boats in Gladden Spit
The Reporter has confirmed that a night operation in the Gladden Spit marine reserve in Southern Belize on Friday resulted in the discovery of at least 15 Honduran fishing boats. Sources say that although the patrol team including Coast Guard personnel, Fisheries and Southern Environmental Association (SEA) rangers set chase, the vessels escaped.

Armed Robbery On Belmopan Ring-Road
A woman was robbed in Belmopan on Friday night while walking near the North Ring Road. The woman told Police that around 7:00pm she was approached by a man holding a gun. He demanded her phone and she handed it over, at which point he ran off.

Fuel Price Up Again!
In a span of three weeks, the Government of Belize through the Ministry of Finance has announced a third increase in the prices of fuel at the pumps. The increase, effective April 26th at midnight, means that the cost of regular gasoline went up by 27 cents, taking the cost from $10.60 per gallon to $10.87.

Belizean Student Drowns in Mexico
On Wednesday, April 24th. August Pine Ridge resident and student Willy Mendez, 19, drowned over the long Easter weekend during an outing with friends in the border community of La Union, Quintana Roo near the Rio Hondo River. Reports gathered from Mexican media is that Mendez was found motionless, lying face down in the water in the area of Cocodrilo Dorado Cenote just after 5:00 p.m., on Easter Sunday.

By: Major Lloyd Jones (Ret'd) - It appears that one of the primary strands of the Police's crime fighting strategy is to establish check points all across Belize City. Although not a new strategy it seems to have taken on greater prominence under the leadership of the new Commissioner of Police. To be clear, check points are an important tool in the arsenal of any police department but an over reliance on this tool can be counterproductive.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Three teens killed in tragic Orange Walk accident
Reports to our newsdesk indicate that a tragic traffic accident claimed the life of three teens from Ladyville tonight. The accident occurred around 8:00 p.m. According to reports, the vehicle they were traveling in ran off the San Antonio bridge while they were on their way to Botes. The teenagers were thrown out of the vehicle into the river.

Police: 19 shotgun cartridges found in abandonded property in San Pedro
Authorities in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye conducted searches on an abandoned property in the DFC area and found a plastic bag containing 19 twelve gauge shotgun cartridges.

Fire destroys home in Bella Vista, Toledo
Just after 12 this morning, authorities responded to the scene of a fire in Bella Vista Village, Toledo. Jose Requena,40, told police that his 13-year-old- daughter was cooking inside the house and left the cooking unattended.

Armed thief robs woman of her Samsung S-9 phone in Belmopan
Authorities are investigating a report of an armed robbery that occurred last night in Belmopan. Aleyda Caceres,40, reported that she was walking on North Ring Road when she was held up. The robber demanded her cellular phone.

Armed robbery in Ladyville; Robbers take $50 and 4 cell phones
Police are investigating a report of an armed robbery that occurred at Noa Noa Bar last night in Ladyville, Belize. Bartender Sandra Amaya reported that around 10:20 p.m., she was behind the bar counter when 3 men entered the establishment.

Bill Gates owns private island in Belize
An article published on 'CNBC Make It' reports that Microsoft co-founder and billionaire, Bill Gates, owns a private island in Belize The article, published yesterday, gave a breakdown of Gates' fortune, which CNBC received from a global high net worth intelligence and data company, called Wealth-X. The company said that of the multi-million dollar properties Gates owns, he has a private island in Belize called Grand Bogue Caye, which is valued at about $25 million.

Electors who registered up to April 10 are qualified to vote in national referendum
The Elections and Boundaries Department issued a statement yesterday informing the public that the cut-off date for registration as electors for persons wishing to vote in May 8, 2019, Territorial Dispute Referendum was April 10, 2019.

The Belize Zoo celebrates World Tapir Day!
The tapirs, the largest mammals in the Central American region are celebrated annually on April 27. Today, wildlife lovers and tapir fans will gather at the Belize Zoo to salute the tapirs which are also known as "mountain cows". The tapirs are also Belize's national animal.

Commissioner of Police: Agric Fair to have high Police Presence
Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams issued a statement this morning to all Belizeans traveling to the National Agriculture and Trade Show (Agric Fair) today. Williams urged all motorists to drive with due caution and to have consideration for other road users.

Accused drug trafficker and burglar receives bail
Evander Bennett, a car dealer from Orange Walk Town, has received bail of 10 thousand dollars in respect of charges of drug trafficking after a week in remand. Bennett was charged for possession of 10.25 grams of regular cocaine and 5.4 grams of crack cocaine.


Caramba's, a Unique Restaurant Experience
There are many nummy restaurants on Ambergris Caye, as well as many different types of cuisines. When looking for a unique, fun experience, Caramba's does not disappoint. Caramba's is located on Middle Street in downtown San Pedro, so you can't miss it! The festive vibe and amazing array of fresh fish on ice, located right in front, will attract you as you approach. The fresh seafood is nestled in bins of ice with just a peek of each delicious fresh catch for you to choose from. During lobster season, you can pick your own big spiny Caribbean lobster, or if it is a lion fish you prefer, they are always in abundance. The sea bass look delicious, too. Or maybe you're hankering for some fresh octopus ceviche! Either way, there is no other way to pick out your own fresh dinner, except if you go out and catch it yourself!

International Sourcesizz

Tara Balsinger studies in Belize
Tara Balsinger of Diamond was one of a dozen Youngstown State University students who spent eight days in Ambergris Caye, Belize, as part of a study abroad experience. Balsinger, a Biology Pre Veterinary major, took part in the trip through a new course called "Ecosystems Field Ecology," led by Carl and G. Patricia Johnston. During the experience, Balsinger participated in boat trips to snorkel and explore various reef sites, including a night tour, and snorkeling with sharks and rays. Conducting "hands-on" research, including ocean kayaking, snorkeling, data collection and also a beach cleanup, was also part of the trip.

Experts predict continued rainfall deficits throughout Central America due to El Ni�o
The El Ni�o phenomenon will cause a rainfall deficit in Central America over the next three months, weather experts reported on Friday in San Salvador. According to the members of the Central American Climate Forum (FCAC), the lack of rainfall is a result of El Ni�o gaining strength due to the "coupling between the ocean and the atmosphere". "Experts from all over the region agreed that, since February 2019, the El Ni�o phenomenon has fully developed and that there is a 75% probability that this condition will persist during May, June and July," the FCAC said in a statement.


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