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Ambergris Today

Belize Ministry Of Education Launches Digital Education Program
The Belize Ministry Of Education is pleased to be a part of an exciting new venture for education in Belize! Digi Belize (Belize Telemedia Limited) in collaboration with Microsoft & the Ministry Of Education have deployed devices to selected secondary schools as a part of a pilot project geared towards creating a digital learning platform to schools in Belize. Deployment of devices included EP Yorke, Pallotti and Belize High School, Anglican Cathedral College, Saint Catherine's Academy, Ladyville Tech, San Pedro High School, Corozal Community College and Muffles College.

Fisheries Regulations To Remove “Permanent Residents” From Eligibility To Get Fishing License
Amendment of Fisheries Regulations Regarding Eligibility of Permanent Residents for Fishing Licenses Belmopan. April 29, 2019. The public is advised that on April 16, 2019, Cabinet approved an amendment to the Fisheries Regulations to remove the category of “permanent residents” from those persons eligible to obtain a fishing license in Belize’s territorial waters. All active licenses as of this date will be permitted to run their course and expire.

Elections And Boundaries Set New Cut-Off Date For Registration
The Elections and Boundaries Department hereby notifies the public that the cut-off date for registration as electors for persons wishing to vote in the May 8, 2019 Territorial Dispute Referendum was April 10, 2019. The cut-off date which is a Cycle for Registration is for the purpose of the Registering Officers conducting their ‘due diligence’ for all applications for registration received.

Misc Belizean Sources


Roundtable Discussion on Open Data
The Trust for the Americas and the The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) hosted a 2nd Roundtable Discussion on the potential of Open Data as a source for improvement of public services and economic revenue. This event took place as part of the project “Promoting an Open Government Ecosystem in Belize,” and is funded by the Embassy of the United States in Belize.

Pilot Project for Creating Digital Learning Platform
The MOE is pleased to be a part of an exciting new venture for education in Belize! BTL in collaboration with Microsoft & the MOE today deployed devices to selected secondary schools as a part of a pilot project geared towards creating a digital learning platform to schools in Belize. Today's deployment of devices included EPYorke, Pallotti and Belize High School. Other schools include Anglican Cathedral College, Saint Catherine's Academy, Ladyville Tech, San Pedro High, Corozal Community College and Muffles College. The Microsoft Education Project, will allow our country’s education system to thrive, keeping up with global advancement. Teachers from participating schools were all trained in using the laptops and will conduct in house training for their students.

Amendment of Fisheries Regulations Regarding Eligibility of Permanent Residents for Fishing Licenses
The public is advised that on April 16, 2019, Cabinet approved an amendment to the Fisheries Regulations to remove the category of “permanent residents” from those persons eligible to obtain a fishing license in Belize’s territorial waters. All active licenses as of this date will be permitted to run their course and expire. This amendment is aimed at further promoting local fisherfolk stewardship of our fishery resources in the framework of managed access. It is also aimed at improving the efficacy of law enforcement in our territorial waters in collaboration with the security forces.

Amending the Trade Licensing Act
The San Pedro Town Council in collaboration with the Government of Belize and the Belize Mayor’s Association through the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development hereby notifies the general public and in particular the business sector, that it is embarking on an exercise aimed at amending the Trade Licensing Act, effective licensing period beginning January 1st, 2020. In this regard, the San Pedro Town Council will be conducting an exercise to collect data on businesses to inform the methodology to determine Trade License Fees for businesses operating from established premises.

Corozal Trade License Reform
Notice to all business owners and those conducting any trade.

Love Belize Sea Challenge
The BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge is coming up: May 22-27, 2019. A grueling kayak race for those who dare. Interested participants can contact Julia at 621-1955.

Channel 7

Car Plunges off Bridge - Three Die
Three young men are dead - after the car they were in plunged off a one lane bridge on the San Antonio Road in Orange Walk. It happened on Saturday night at around 8:00. 27 year old driver Oscar Portillo, and passengers, 28 year old Kelvin Augustine and 21 year old Efrain Martinez were headed to Botes, Mexico. That meant taking the San Antonio Road all the way to Santa Cruz, which is the last village on the banks of the Rio Hondo. From there they would have crossed over to Botes, presumably for a night of partying. But they never made it - instead they wound up submerged in the river - dead either from drowning or the massive impact. Villagers pulled their bodies from the wreckage and tried to perform CPR but it was too late.

Mother Says She Never Knew Son Was Going To Botes
The mother of the youngest passenger, 21 year old Efrain Martinez says she didn't know if her son had been drinking - but she did learn that he was headed to Botes. She spoke off camera to CTV-3 in Orange Walk today when she went to get her son's body. Voice of: Paula Martinez: "They haven't told us anything, we haven't heard anything, only that they lost control and went into the river." "I will carry him in my heart. He is my son and I gave him birth. I will never forget him." Both women - girlfriend and mother - say it was the first time they knew their loved one to be headed to Botes.

Cops Won't Speculate On Where They Were Headed
And at today's press briefing, police say they don't know for sure exactly where they were headed of what caused this triple tragedy. The Commander of Operations Marco Vidal told us more at headquarters in Belmopan: ACP Marco Vidal- Commander of Operations: "On Saturday the first incident was at 8pm, where police responded to the village of San Antonio and a blue Toyota car was seen submerged in the water with its 4 wheels upwards. The 3 occupants of the car was extracted from the vehicle, they are Kelvin Augustine, 28 years of 8 Miles George Price Highway; Efrain Martinez, 21 years of Belize District and then Oscar Portillo. We suspect that they may have drown. We have yet to get the post-mortem. They were extracted from the vehicle and they were motionless. The vehicle was travelling from Santa Antonio to the direction of Yo Creek when it ran off the left hand side of the bridge."

Police Vs. The People At Agric?
Most of you have probably already seen the video of a band of Special Patrol Unit officers pepper spraying and subduing a few men at the Agriculture and Trade Show on Sunday. The crowd went wild when the officers swooped in to collect the men. And of course other Agric goers got caught in the chaos as well. In the video, it looks pretty bad but today Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says it could have been worse if the officers did not intervene to break up a fight. Williams says he supports his officers in the way they handled the situation. Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "From what we were told the person believe that the other guy behind him was trying to steal his wallet and he turn around and punch the individual, when in fact it was not that individual who may have been trying to do him something and that was what caused the scuffle. Police had to intervene..."

Babylon's Brutes: MIT Assaults 7News Camera-man
And there was also another incident with police at the National Agriculture Trade Show. And we know about this one because our 7News camera-man Angel Noble was targeted by the Police Mobile Interdiction Team, known as the MIT. Noble was there on his personal time - but saw the MIT roughing up a detainee - and so - like many others - he pulled out his camera phone to capture it - exercising his, and their rights as citizens - to photograph police conducting their duties in public. But, the MIT didn't like it one bit - and Angel tells us what they did about it:

Roaring Creek Barber Caught In Cross Fire
A well-known Roaring Creek barber is fortunate to be alive after he was caught in a cross fire. 37 year old Mervin Young Jr. was grazed above his eye. Last night at around 9:30, he and his friend, who was driving, went to drop off his cousin at his Hattiville area home in Roaring Creek. Then, they were going to buy some drinks to take back to their family function but they didn't even make it to the store because a gun man opened fire and hit Young. The family says Young was not the target and the assailant was out to get someone else. We spoke to Young's father this afternoon. He and the family are just grateful Young is alive. Mervin Young Sr., Father: "They had a beef going on here. From earlier they had their drinks stacked up. They had their barbeque and they ran low in drinks, so they decide to go and get another amount..."

Going Back Before The CJ after April 10th Referendum Fail
You should be preparing for next week Wednesday, when all registered Belizean voters will be able to vote Yes Or No to the ICJ. But, while you get ready to cast your vote, the attorneys for the Government and the Opposition Party are still locked in a legal battle before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin over the 2008 Special Agreement. The PUP aren't backing down on their lawsuit just because the government has passed a new law which enables them to have a referendum next week. That case went back before the Chief Justice today for a case management hearing, and it was expected that Government attorney Lisa Shoman would follow through with her application to lift the injunction granted to the PUP at the beginning of April. That's the injunction which forced the Barrow Administration to postpone the referendum which was scheduled for April 10th.

GOB Waffles On Application To Lift Injunction
The court briefly adjourned for a few hours to give the attorneys for both sides an opportunity to consult with their clients on this application. When they returned before the Chief Justice this afternoon, Lisa Shoman announced that the Government had decided to withdraw its application to lift the injunction. From the government's perspective, it cannot interfere with next week Wednesday's referendum, and so it's an academic fight to engage in. The PUP claimants see it differently, and when they exited court, we asked both sides to discuss the Government's 180 degree turnaround.

Did GOB Legislate Around Injunction?
So, did the Government outmaneuver the Opposition and legislate around their injunction? That's what we were trying to find from the Opposition this evening. As we showed you 2 weeks ago, the Barrow Government passed the 2019 Belize Territorial Referendum Dispute Act in parliament. They used their majority in both the House and the Senate to get the bill passed into law, and from there, it got a rapidito assent from the GG. Shortly after that, the Prime Minister requested a new writ of referendum using the new law, and it has been granted for May 8th. The PUP sort of conceded last week that they couldn't stop the Government, and so, they will instead go to the voters and try to convince them to vote no in the next week Wednesday's referendum.

PUP Leader Challenges Billion Dollar Budgetary Supplementaries In Court
So, while the PUP parliamentarians want to challenge the Government on the Special Agreement, Opposition Leader John Briceño and Julius Espat, the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee have brought a separate lawsuit against GOB. They are challenging the supplementary appropriations bills that the Barrow Administration has been passing in parliament during its 3 terms in elected office. You'll remember those supplementary appropriation bills as the ones where the Government spends taxpayers dollars from the consolidated revenue fund on whatever government business they deem a priority. The problem is that those expenditures are not budgeted for, and so, these bills are passed to seek parliamentary approval long after those monies were spent.

AG Says GOB Is Within Legal Bounds With Supplementaries
We also got a chance to speak with Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte about the PUP's lawsuit against the Government for these appropriations bills. He told us that from his perspective as a the Government's lead attorney, the Government is constitutionally permitted to do as it has been doing with these unforeseen expenses: Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General: "The court will determine whether or not the government was correct in doing that. That is a matter for the court and I don't want to delve into what my considerations would be.."

Alleged Child Killer Gets Off
He's been on remand at the Belize Central Prison for 2 years and 5 months, but tonight 22 year-old Jayear Flores, the man who was accused of the double murders of 7 year-old Tyler Savery, and his 22 year-old cousin Porshan Pipersburgh, is free. That's after he was acquitted today in front of Justice Colin Williams. You'll remember the case from November 2016. Tyler and his cousin, Porshan, were on their way to Moon Clusters Cafe on Daly Street in Belize City. They were near the entrance of the cafe when a white car drove up, and one of the occupants opened fire on them. Tyler died from a gunshot to the chest, and eventually, Porshan Pipersburgh also succumbed to the 2 gunshot injuries he suffered to the chest. Several days later, police arrested and charged Flores with their double murder.

Belizean PG Native Executed in Mexico
27 year old Belizean Hakeem Arzu was executed in Mexico this weekend. It happened in the state of Quintana Too - not far from Playa Del Carmen where Hakeem - who is from PG - had gone to make a new life with a foreign woman some time ago. He was murdered along with another man in an apparent execution - in an area of Playa known as the Balam Tum subdivision. Arzu's body was found along with another dark skinned male - and left face down in the bushes. At the time of the murder - both bodies were unidentified - but, yesterday, his family in Hopkins got a call that he was dead. We spoke to his grand-aunt - who said her niece got a call from the US giving her the bad news:..

Police Know Nothing About Hakeem's Killing
The family is now working out the financial details of scraping up almost four thousand dollars to get his body back to Punta Gorda for burial. But, when we asked Commissioner Chester Williams about Arzu's killing in Mexico he says he hasn't gotten any official report on it and really, there isn't anything he can do in this case.

Family Furious With Police
And that dismissive approach incensed grand-aunt Therese Roches when we told her about it today. She says that he is a citizen - and they need answers about his death:.,. Anyone wanting to help the family with burial expenses can call Roches at 662-8893.

Armenia Villager Dies in Strange Circumstance, No Signs of Violence
A Guatemalan Santander worker turned up dead this morning around 6:45 in Armenia village. He was identified as 48 year old Riding Pedro. Th cause of death is unknown at this time. His body was found in an empty lot across from his apartment. The media spoke to Pedro's landlord about his whereabouts this weekend and how she found his body thrown in the lawn.

Police Have No Clues On Sudden Death
Now as we told you, the cause of death is unclear so police have to rely on the post mortem to know how to proceed with this case. The police say they didn't see any signs of violence on the body. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch: "Belmopan police were called to Armenia Village where they discovered the apparent lifeless body of a hispanic male in an open lot. He was later identified as Riding Rodas Pedro, 47 years old Guatemalan and an employee of Santander. Our investigations have shown that he is a roommate of another Santander employee who last saw him alive yesterday morning before going to work. So far, the police have not observed any visible injuries. The body was removed after the scene was processed and we are still doing our investigation into this matter."

Mennonite Driver Ran Into Canal
At the top of the news, we told you about the triple fatality on the San Antonio road. Well, there was another fatal accident in the Orange Walk District - this one near Blue Creek village. It claimed the life of a Mennonite man, Heinrich Reimer. This accident happened early Sunday morning and in this case, his vehicle also plunged into a canal in that area. Here is what police had to say. ACP Marco Vidal, Commander of Operations: "Henrich Reimer, 35 years old mechanic of Blue Creek was driving his red in colour Toyota pickup from the direction of San Felipe heading towards Blue Creek Village when he lost control and ended inside a canal with his four wheels up again..."

Weed By Air
On Saturday, police confiscated 5 pounds of weed as it arrived on a plane at the municipal airstrip. Police told us more about their investigation so far and about how they handle these situations. ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "San Pedro police were conducting their routine checkpoints at the municipal airstrip in San Pedro; they came across the cargo section of Tropic Air of a box containing twenty-two small parcels of suspected cannabis. As a result police opened the box and when it was weighed, it weighed a total of two thousands three hundred and fifty-six grams of cannabis. No one was found with the box so it was labelled as found property."

Vital Stats Peers Up Proudly From Under Rubble of Public Criticism
During re-registration, the Vital Statistics Unit has been more criticized in the public than any other government department., And that's because of the pressure to produce birth and other documents and the difficulties associated with that - especially when a population of hundreds of thousands is making demands from a staff of less than three dozen. Today, their Minister,. Attorney General Mike Peyrefitte held a press conference to say take it easy on Vital Stats - they're not nearly as bad as some would make them out to be:...

Tourist Drowns While Snorkeling
A snorkeling trip turned deadly for a 67 year old American national. Laura Peterson drowned in San Pedro yesterday morning. Police told us more.

How Real Is a Tsunami Threat in Belize?
Back in 2018, we had a tsunami scare in Belize - which caused a partial execution of Belize City. That led many to scoff at the idea that a tsunami would hit Belize when there hasn't been one in our recorded history. Well, now the experts are making a determination at a Tsunami Inundation Modelling and Evacuation Maps Workshop held at the Radisson today. It is led by an Oceanographer from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the US. They send out the tsunami warnings - and the expert told us what Belize can realistically expect:

Lucio Walks Free
Lucio Salazar, the man who was charged with murder for 25 year-old Jeremy Baptist, is free tonight. Baptist went missing 6 years ago, and at this time, his body has not been found. So, with no body, and no proof that Baptist is dead, the crown counsel had to discontinue their case against Salazar, who was charged with murder. The case was heard today before Justice Marilyn Williams. The victim's wife told police that on Sunday, May 17th, 2013, he was at home, and he wasn't feeling well, but a friend invited him to family event. His wife said that she accompanied her along with their 1-year-old baby to the event on the island. While he was at the event, he allegedly got into an altercation with Lucio Salazar.

Channel 5

G.O.B. Withdraws Application to Lift I.C.J. Injunction
Three cases relating to the referendum have been unsuccessful for the government, but tonight, the referendum proceeds. The legalities started on April first when the Chief Justice ordered an interim [...]

Special Agreement Issue is ‘Very Much Alive’
Both parties are expected back before the Chief Justice until the end of June on the substantive matter which is on the legality of the Compromis. As you know, the [...]

Cordel Hyde Tells G.O.B. to Take a Chill Pill
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has made it quite clear that the I.C.J. referendum will be held on May eighth. Now, on April twenty-sixth, the Elections and Boundaries Department notified the [...]

Minister Elrington Speaks on Latest Sarstoon Incident
On Friday, the Ministry of National Security rejected claims made by Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial Volunteers that three Guatemalan gunboats blocked citizens of Belize from entering the Sarstoon [...]

A Trio of Friends Perish in Submerged Vehicle During an RTA in the North
A total of four persons perished in traffic fatalities over the weekend.  In the first incident, three friends tragically lost their lives in the Orange Walk District when they drove [...]

A Mennonite Mechanic Perishes in Blue Creek RTA
The fourth fatality occurred in Blue Creek Village, Orange Walk. On Sunday morning, just before six o’clock, Henrich Reimer lost control of his vehicle and overturned several times on the [...]

A Belizean is One of Four Men Murdered in Mexico
Twenty-seven-year-old Hakeem Arzu, a Belizean who relocated to Mexico with his wife, was one of four men who were tortured and killed in Playa del Carmen over the weekend.  Arzu, [...]

Brawl at Agric Ends with Men and Women being Pepper Sprayed
The annual agricultural show is a mass public gathering that attracts huge crowds. This year, it got off to a good start, but on Sunday, police moved in to quell [...]

Body of Guatemalan National Found in Armenia
Just before seven this morning, the body of a Santander employee was discovered in an open lot in Armenia Village on the Hummingbird Highway. It has since been identified as [...]

U.S. National Dies during Snorkelling Trip
A U.S. national also lost her life over the weekend on Ambergris Caye. Lora Brook Peterson was visiting the island and was out on a snorkelling trip at Mexican Rocks [...]

Jayear Flores is Freed of Double Murder of Tyler Savery and Porshan Pipersburgh
Two murder trials fell apart in the Supreme Court today. In the shocking double murders of Porshan Pipersburgh and seven-year-old school boy, Tyler Savery, the accused murderer, twenty-one-year-old Jayear Flores [...]

Lucio Salazar is Freed of 2013 Murder
A man went to a party on May nineteenth, 2013 at Miguel’s Shop in San Pedro where he got into an altercation and never made it back home. In court [...]

7 Female Police Officers Charged for Hairstyles
Seven police female officers have received charge sheets and are to appear before the disciplinary tribunal of the Police Department. They are Aleea Wade, Shantel Berry, Vanessa Kerr, Crystal Morales, [...]

Wasani Castro Fined and Disqualified
Cyclist Wasani Castro has been disqualified from the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic following a meeting of race commissaires on Friday. Castro was recorded holding on to his team’s [...]

A Sneak Peak at the Horrible Practices of Lion Farming in South Africa
Following a one-year investigation, a documentary has been released on what is called the horrific captive-bred lion farming carried out in South Africa. Lord Michael Ashcroft commissioned investigators to look [...]

Minister Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington Ready for May 8th
May eighth will be a historic day for the country when voters will make a monumental determination on whether or not the territorial claim will be taken to the International [...]

Minister Elrington: “No Hesitance in Spending the Resources that I Have”
And to bring out every single voter will take some serious resources, especially money. Reports are emerging that U.D.P. standard bearers and area representatives are expected to received tens of [...]

AG Breaks Down Rejected Applications at Vital Stats Unit
While attorneys were at court on the interim injunction, Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, who has oversight of the Vital Statistics Unit, was holding a press conference at the Biltmore Plaza.  [...]

No More Easy Access to Records Vault at Vital Stats
According to AG Peyrefitte, several persons, including accused murderer William ‘Danny’ Mason may have been able to acquire birth certificates illegally when other employees of the Vital Statistics Unit had [...]

Another Drug Bust at Local Airline
There is yet another report of local airlines being used to transport drugs across the country. The most recent incident occurred on Saturday in San Pedro Town. Around four p.m., [...]

Roaring Creek Resident Injured in Crossfire
A Roaring Creek resident remains in a stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital recovering from a gunshot wound to the head. Thirty-seven-year-old Mervin Young was shot just above [...]

The Weekend Sporting Stats with James Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports....]

The Belize Zoo observed National Tapir Day on Saturday
The day featured tapir games, face painting, arts and craft and prizes for the kids! Visitors to the zoo also got the opportunity to meet the tapirs and interact with them. Key Facts about the Tapir: Size Length: 6 feet Weight: 300 - 500 lbs. Breeding Reach Maturity: 3 Years Mating: Non-seasonal Gestation: 13 months No. of Young:1

The Reporter

Police Officer Found Dead By His Mother
The body of Police officer Patrick O’Brien, 36, was found in his mother’s home in Independence village around 11:30 this morning. The officer’s mother told Police she went into his room and found him motionless on the bed.

A Tangled Mess Of Legal Maneuvers and The Authority Of The Executive
This Morning, April 29th. The Government of Belize made an application to the Supreme Court to have the interim injunction granted to the PUP lifted. Attorney Lisa Shoman explained this morning that while the Government is convinced that the injunction, issued with regard to a previous writ of Referendum, does not affect the Referendum scheduled for May 8, they thought it necessary simply as a matter of formality to apply to have it lifted.

Body Of Santander Employee Found In Armenia, Near Home
The body of a man identified as Rodas Pedro Rufeno, 48, was discovered in an open lot in Armenia around 6:30 this morning (April 29th.). No visible signs of injury were observed on the body.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Government withdraws application against referendum injunction at Supreme Court
With 10 days to go before the May 8 referendum on settling the Belize-Guatemala claim […]

Accused killer will not answer for murders of Tyler Savery and Porshan Pipersburgh
In November of 2016, Northside Belize City was rocked by the sudden deaths of 21-year-old […]

Belize breaks silence on Venezuela’s crisis
Belize has joined together with eight other Caribbean nations to say that the Organization of […]

Belmopan and Taipei now sister cities
Belmopan City and the City of Taipei in the Republic of China (Taiwan) established sister […]

Man, 48, found dead in Armenia Village
The body of a forty-eight-year-old man was found in an open lot in Armenia Village, […]

Police officer found dead at home in Independence
This morning, authorities were called to a home in Independence Village, Southern Belize where they […]

Government seeks to remove referendum injunction at Supreme Court
This morning at the Supreme Court, the Government of Belize sought to discharge the interim […]

Detainee stabbed inside cell at Belmopan Police Station
Belmopan resident, Elvis Najarro was detained by Belmopan Police on Saturday. According to reports, Najarro […]

Prosecutors drop charge in missing person case
Jeremy Baptist never came home from an event on the island of Ambergris Caye six […]

Narcotics and the Human Trafficking Problem in Belize
By Dr. Jarrod Sadulski, Faculty Member, Criminal Justice, American Military University and Kendra Hoyt, Faculty Member, Criminal Justice, and Life Coach […]

Mexican Embassy in Belize to host 3 classical concerts
The Embassy of Mexico, in Belize in collaboration with the Belize Virtuosi Orchestra and the […]

Attorney General to host press conference on Vital Statistics Unit
The Vital Statistics Unit has been at the center of the public’s eye with Belizeans […]

Warm weather to continue
Mainly fair and warm weather is expected to continue today. Skies are expected to be […]

Yes or No to the ICJ?
On May 8, 2019, Belizeans will participate in a historic national referendum and decide whether […]

Legacy Global Development Announces Phase 2 Expansion of Orchid Bay, Belize Beachfront Condos
Tower-C Construction to Feature 6 Units with Luxury Architecture and Interior Design by Zurcher Arquitectos and Zurcher Interiors […]


PUP: there are flaws in Referendum Bill
When the Senate debate took place on April 15, the lead opposition Senator, Eamon Courtenay, cited several flaws in the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill 2019. The Bill went through all its stages and was subsequently enacted. There was curiosity by many parties as to whether the People’s United Party would attempt to block the …

PUP wants to put an end to GOB’s supplementary allocations
The People’s United Party (PUP) is seeking to put an end to the frequent presentations of supplementary allocations to the national budget, by the Barrow administration. The matter has been lodged in the courts since early March and today, it saw its second adjournment. Attorney Andrew Marshalleck spoke of the case and what spurred the …

4 die from 2 Vehicle Accidents
There were four people who died in traffic accidents over the weekend. Assistant Commissioner of Police and Commander of Operations, Marco Vidal said both incidents occurred in the Orange Walk District. While Heinrich Reimer crashed and died alone, Kelvin Augustine, Efrain Martinez and Oscar Portillo drowned when their vehicle plunged into the river. Commissioner of …

Roaring Creek Villager Shot
While there were no shooting incidents in the Belize District, there was one recorded in the west. The victim, had gone out to get party supplies when the vehicle that he was travelling in, drove into a gun battle. Love News spoke to the father of Mervin Young who said when he heard the shots …

Woman Brutally Stabbed by Common-Law Husband
Domestic violence is a crime that occurs in the home and often goes unreported. But in Belmopan, the parents of a three month old child were involved in a public altercation . Love News travelled to Maya Mopan Village and spoke to the eyewitnesses, one who had to break a chair over the head of …

Armenia Villager Found Dead Near Home
Murder or natural causes? That is what the police is hoping a postmortem examination will determine concerning the death of 48 year old Rufino Rhodas Pedro. On April 1, the body of BDF volunteer Hermelindo Ical was found at 6:30 am in Armenia Village and almost one month later, on April 29, the body of …

Jayear Flores walks free from double murder
21-year-old, Jayear Flores of a Curassow Street address in Belize City, was freed by the court today. His trial in the Supreme Court started today after he was charged with the double murder of 7-year-old, Tyler Savery and Porshan Pipersburgh. The trial was short-lived when Justice Colin Williams refused to accept the dock identification given …

Lucio Salazar walks from murder charge
Lucio Salazar is a free man tonight after having a murder charge hanging over his head for six years. The Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, entered a case of nolle prosequi (will not prosecute) today in the Belize Supreme Court. Salazar appeared with his attorney, Senior Counsel Simeon Sampson, before Justice Marilyn Williams while the …

Vehicle catches fire dangerously close to fuel pumps in Belize City
Fire engulfed a white Ford Ranger pickup truck shortly after five o’clock yesterday evening and while no one was hurt, first responders and fire personnel averted what could have been a disastrous incident; that is because the fire happened at the Shell Gas Station at the corner of Cemetery Road and Central American Boulevard. 37-year-old, …


Cruising Corozal Town
Corozal Town is the northernmost town in Belize, located only nine miles from its neighboring Mexican border and situated alongside the beautiful Corozal Bay. The warm seaside community has a population of over 9,800 people and boasts several seaside parks, local markets, and The Corozal History Museum, along with various sugar cane farms. Corozal was a private estate before becoming a town in the 1840s, mostly settled by Maya Mestizo refugees from the Caste War of Yucatán. Much of the town was built over an ancient Maya city, sometimes known as Santa Rita; this may have been the original Pre-Columbian town called Chetumal. Corozal Town was badly damaged by Hurricane Janet in 1955 and was substantially rebuilt afterward.

Eat like a local in San Pedro - Belize Food Tour is highly recommended!
When you are in San Pedro, there are a LOT of choices of places to eat - and a lot of them are tucked away or may not even have a clear sign out front, so you won't know what you are missing! I took the Belize Food Tour last week, the Savor Tour which is in the evening from 6-9pm. This was $72usd per person and was amazingly worth it!! I was so impressed by the comprehensive number of stops, the generous amount of food (and beers/drinks!!) that were provided - it was WELL worth the time and money and everyone on our tour had a great time. You get a walking tour with lots of stops in the town, and you get to taste a wide array of unique, great local food - and you get a nice history of the town while you are at it. We were stuffed (and buzzed!) by the end and it was a highlight of a friend's visit while here.

An example of typical eating and grocery shopping habits while living in Belize!
I have had a lot of questions recently about exactly how expensive it is to shop in Belize - especially in San Pedro, because it is an island. There is no doubt that imported foods are very expensive in Belize - but as you figure out what is a good value and what you can live without, it becomes a lot more reasonable! You do have to change your cooking and eating habits somewhat in living here, and if you are only here for a short visit, and looking for some US foods, you might think it is very expensive. For a short visit, you don't have to commit to changes in your eating, for great value - just enjoy the vast array of amazing street food options and local foods that are very reasonably priced - chicken, rice and beans, and burritos and tacos of all sorts can be found for $5us or less. Most restaurants have great specials and/or a few local dishes on the menu that are much lower priced.

7 Astonishing Belize Caves You Should Explore!
Caves tell the history of Belize, having been an intricate part of the Maya religion and culture. The Maya used caves as ceremonial sites and evidence of these activities can be found inside these caves. Relics, principally in the form of shards of pottery, are very common.

My Top 5 Diving Spots In Belize
Belize, one of the smallest countries in Central America, has the second biggest barrier reef in the world, only after Australia’s. Its countless miles of reefs make this destination a haven for diving enthusiasts who are looking to dive in the turquoise Caribbean waters to find the colorful beauties that lay under the sea. During my time in Belize, I’ve done over 15 dives all over the length of the Barrier reef. They have all been unique and a great dive experience. Not only the place is important to have a great dive but also whom you dive with has an effect on your diving experience. So, here are my top 5 dive spots, including the companies I used.

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Nine Caribbean countries accuse OAS of acting ultra vires over Venezuela
Last Tuesday, eight Caribbean members of the Organization of American States (OAS): Antigua-Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, St Kitts-Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, and Trinidad-Tobago, joined two days later by Grenada, delivered a formal Note to the chair of the Permanent Council of the OAS in relation to actions that were said to be ultra vires the rules and procedures of the OAS Permanent Council, the OAS Charter and international law.

Here are the top news making headlines from the Caribbean and its Diasporas for this Tuesday morning, April 30, 2019:

Did the Maya civilization really use chocolate as currency? New study suggests so
Talk about black gold — chocolate was used as coin by the Maya people, and that may have a lot to do with the civilization’s decline. At the height for their achievements, the Maya developed in an area that encompasses southeastern Mexico, all of Guatemala and Belize, and the western portions of Honduras and El Salvador. The culture is known for art, architecture, mathematics, calendar, and astronomical system, as well as its hieroglyphic script — the only known fully developed writing system of the pre-Columbian Americas. But we also owe something else to the Maya, something much more important in our day to day lives: chocolate. The Maya elite prized chocolate, which they served as an unsweetened beverage. Spanish colonial accounts from the 16h century even mention that the Maya sometimes used cocoa beans — the basis for chocolate — as currency. But was this really the case?

Belize Coast Guard and SOUTHCOM Share Solid Partnership
The Belize Coast Guard is responsible for maritime law enforcement, search and rescue, hurricane response preparation, and disaster relief, among other duties. The Coast Guard was part of the Belize Defence Force, but in 2005 became part of one of the three branches of Belize’s national security structures. Rear Admiral John Borland, commandant of the Belize Coast Guard, assumed command in 2009, focusing on modernizing the institution. Diálogo spoke to the officer during a visit to the Coast Guard’s headquarters in Belize City, where he talked about their new capabilities and interagency work, among other topics.


  • Scuba Diving a Cenote in Little Belize, 7min. After a failed attempt to dive this cenote last year, we finally had success. And for some reason our drive was stopped by the annual bicycle race. But all turned out well in the end.

  • Scuba Diving with Sea Turtles (Belize), 9min. In this diving adventure we go on the search for sea turtles. Some locations include: near Hol Chan and Shark & Ray Alley off the coast of Ambergris Caye and San Pedro Belize.

  • Cave Tubing Belize, 3min.

  • How I Eat Healthy While Traveling: Belize, 12min. In this video I'm in Belize (and shortly in Guatemala too) and I'm sharing my healthy eats along the way. Everything from what food/snacks I bring with me, to what I eat in restaurants, and how I shop at markets.

  • Cliff Jumping at Big Rock Falls, Mountain Pine Ridge | Belize!!, 4min. Just a group of awesome people sending it at big rock falls in Mountain Pine Ridge!

  • Mountain Pine Ridge - Belize Adventures, 5min. My first trip to Mountain Pine Ridge. (Driving + Gopro) We cover the Thousand Foot Fall, Rio on Pools, Rio Frio Caves...

  • Press Conference on Vital Statistic, April 29th, 2019, 54min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - KELVIN AUGUSTINE JR., 2min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - ERNAN VALENTINE PELAYO, 2min.

  • Belize Indian Community Holi Festival of Colors 2019, 2.5min. Celebrating Holi Festival of Colors 2019 in Belize organized by the Belize Indian Community.