Tonight, Dangriga Town has lost a landmark after the legendary Wadani shed burnt down at 1:00 this morning.  It's just a thatch roof structure on St, Vincent Street, but it's one of the leading night spots in town where many a game of dominoes, cards and dice is played.  And on the 19th it rises to even greater prominence when it becomes the venue where all the drumming takes place.  

But, early this morning, the fire started mysteriously and spread quickly, devouring the very vulnerable building in less than 20 minutes.  The Fire Department hasn't yet gotten a report on what caused the fire.  Many in the town feel it might be a case of arson - but at this time there is no confirmation of that.  

Wadani shed also has some notoriety - in 2016, George Street Boss, Gerald Shiny Tillett was killed there.

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