We feel that it is important to advise you of our concerns regarding Mr. Abner Bacab, specifically his actions since leaving the Belize Chamber Project.

During his time with BCP, his behavior became increasingly demanding, erratic and unacceptable, leading to his own resignation. Since then, Mr. Bacab has on numerous occasions, resorted to social media to defame and malign BCPL's management. colleagues, and reputation just so to promote his own self-worth. In doing so, he has professed to have great knowledge of the medical aspects of diving accidents and injuries when nothing could be further from the truth. This dangerous boasting almost contributed to a tragedy for a recent visiting diver.

Many of you already know that Mr. Bacab has been attempting to commercialize the medical care of injured divers. He is offering significant financial payments on behalf of his new employer to dive operators and others who agree to preferentially refer divers to 'his' chamber. Mr. Bacab also receives a large financial *finder's fee" payment when he is successful. Please note that paying, to encourage medical referrals is unethical and against the law in many countries. This payment to refer and associated poor medical decision-making almost cost the life of the diver mentioned above.

BCP has long chosen to remain professional, abstain from making unnecessary comments or "name-calling", and continue to ignore what we see as inappropriate conduct of a disgruntled ex-employee. However, it would be irresponsible of us to continue to ignore the type of behavior that puts the safety and well-being of patients at great risk and also threatens the reputation of Belize as a safe diving destination Visiting and local divers must be confident that when accidents occur appropriately trained and knowledgeable health care professionals will be available to manage them. Divers must also know that their medical care will not be jeopardized by attempts to inappropriately profit from their injuries.

Thank you for this opportunity to present the position of BCP regarding this unfortunate situation.

Daniel Gonzalez, MD
Medical Director
Belize Chamber Project