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The San Pedro Sun

New Architectural details unveiled for Marriott Hotel, Ambergris Caye
According to ECI Development and RAD Architecture, one of the challenges in planning the construction of the resort is the aggressively salty and humid air conditions. The proper materials had to be selected that would only require regular maintenance over time, would not drastically deteriorate, and would be able to withstand hurricanes. Another challenge involves the insufficient workforce for building a mega project of this scope on a tropical island in such a short amount of time. The developers, therefore, needed to decide to work with light gauge steel construction and in turn, protect that steel from the weather. This process will allow the builders to have a lighter structure that will be much faster to build by using dry materials such as screws and bonding agents rather than materials that would require a longer process and that would have to be cured or dried.

Triple R Emergency Response Team to the rescue!
The Rickilee Response and Rescue Team (Triple R) continues to respond to emergency calls on Ambergris Caye, assisting accident victims throughout the island. The most recent cases involved a near drowning and two traffic accidents. The most severe of these accidents include a young tourist, who suffered massive head injuries and was eventually airlifted to the USA. On Sunday, May 5th, the team from Triple R was called to the Secret Beach area, where on arrival, they observed 46-year-old Belizean construction Lisandro Gonzalez face down in the water. Triple R’s auxiliary Philip ‘Billy’ Leslie responded swiftly and transported the victim to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II for treatment.

Investigation continues into fatal passenger boat explosion
The Belize Port Authority continues to investigate an explosion that occurred on Sunday, May 5th on a boat docked at the Ocean Ferry Water Taxi Boat Terminal in Belize City. The explosion took the lives of two young girls, eight-year-old Kimberly Melissa Guy, and ten-year-old Yamiri Yasmin Guy and injured several other persons. A gas leak has been reported to be the cause of the tragic incident which occurred when the boat captain throttled the engine. Also injured were the girls’ stepfather, Caye Caulker resident, 31-year-old Jaime Interiano, their mother Roseli Catch along with other passengers, including tourists.

Ambergris Today

Belize Votes “Yes” To ICJ
The Nation of Belize made history on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 as Belizeans made their way to the polling stations to cast their vote as part of the Territorial Dispute Referendum on whether to take the Guatemalan claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Polling stations throughout the country closed at 6PM and a few hours later the YES vote slowly started to win. In the Belize Rural South Area (San Pedro and Caye Caulker) a total of 4,230 votes were cast where the YES votes won with a total of 2,373 over the NO votes with a total of 1857. Overall Belize voted YES to going to the International Court of Justice to put an end to the territorial dispute with Guatemala.

Misc Belizean Sources


Vote totals by division

San Pedro Mother's Day Extravaganza
Don't forget that this Sunday is the Mother's Day Extravaganza! We have grand surprises and PRIZES! Buy your tickets now!

The People’s United Party (PUP) thanks all Belizeans for participating in yesterday’s Referendum. The peaceful exercise of democracy must always be applauded. Now that the people have spoken, it is our responsibility to hold this government, as well as the next government, to task to ensure that the process leading to the ICJ, is done according to the rule of law. With the Referendum behind us, we call on the government to place as much importance as they did on the Referendum, to other important national issues such as the high cost of living, rising gas prices, a failed healthcare system and the increase in crime and poverty. The current social and economic hardships on the Belizean people demand nothing less.

Crocodile Research Coalition Research & Training
CRC spent the night in Crooked Tree working alongside with Belize Audobon Society to conduct some training and obtain data of the crocodile population within the wildlife sanctuary. Great start in initiating a possible long-term monitoring program of the crocodiles in this area!

Corozal Municipal Bazaar
Friday, May 31st. Friday May 31, Corozal Central Park, 8am-5pm. The Municipal Bazaar is on, more deals and discounts. Come and take advantage of the super sale discounts!!!!!

BEL Authorized Collection Agents 2019

Rotaract XXIV Bi-District Conference 2019
BTB & The Community: Thank you Rotaract Club of Belize City for letting us be a part of the Rotaract XXIV Bi-District Conference 2019 through our sponsorship.

Ocean Academy just won first place in the Innovation Challenge!
Third first place in five years! They won first competing against 15 other high schools in Belize District!!! First place for both the challenge and the infomercial. They worked hard and with incredible teamwork and dedication.

Increase in Pump Price of Diesel Oil
The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on May 10, 2019, the pump price for diesel oil will increase by 17 cents from $10.26 to $10.43 per gallon. This price change reflects current demand and supply conditions which are influenced by a number of factors, most notably: • Geopolitical events which have significantly stymied the production of crude oil in Venezuela and the recent US announcement that it will terminate sanction waivers to countries that import oil from Iran is expected to limit oil availability by a million barrels daily.

CFA Finals Saturday
Corozal Football Association Under 15 and Under 17 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME FINALS this Saturday, May 11th at our popular Ricalde Stadium. It is going to be sizzling football action. Let's support these super talented football warriors. Awards and medals will be handed at 3:00 p.m.

Cayo Mother's Day Extravaganza 2019
The SISE Town Council is having a Mother's Day Extravaganza this Saturday at the Cayo Welcome Center. The Golden Pawz Band will be performing. They'll have gifts for moms along with food and drinks. The fun starts at 6:30pm.

CARSI Small Grants FB Q&A Session Hosted by U.S. Embassy Belize
Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 1:30 PM – 3 PM. Session will address: - Grant objectives and outcomes - Criteria used to evaluate grant proposals - Budget requirements - DUNS number application & registration information - any other questions regarding the grants process

Channel 7

Historic Referendum: Voters Say Yes to The ICJ
Belize is going to the ICJ to settle its territorial dispute with Guatemala. Voters spoke resoundingly yesterday in a historic first stand-alone national referendum: 55.3% said yes to the ICJ, and 44.7% said no. A decisive outcome, and a strong turnout: 65% of the registered voters - or, 96,417 voters cast their ballot. Percentage-wise, that's more than twice the 26% that voted in Guatemala's referendum 13 months ago. So, tonight, Belizean voters can be proud that they exercised their right, and relieved to know that this subject of such prolonged national anxiety is now finally behind all of us. Of course, what's in front of us now is far bigger, because saying yes to the ICJ is one thing, but getting there, and getting a clean win for Belize with all its territory intact is the most important undertaking in this nation's history.

PM Says Unity After Divisive Campaign
And "one united Belize" means no chest beating about the political implications of yesterday's referendum results. Many in the UDP see the comfortable majority of a "yes" vote as a political victory - but the Prime Minister stressed that it cannot be interpreted as that:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "The YES vote is not a victory for the United Democratic Party and the failure of the NO campaign is not a lost for the People's United Party. In the end of course politics had to get involved and that was inevitable. Ultimately if you're going to talk about mobilization so that no effort will be spared to have people turn out, to get out the vote to move people to the polls, it is only the political parties that are capable of that kind of mass mobilization..."

PUP Accepts Referendum Result
So, the PM was hitting all the right notes and mostly staying away from political divisiveness or triumphalism - but what tone would the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno take? His party - with a few notable exceptions - went all out for the "no" vote - and failed to convince a majority of voters. But, today his party sent out a statement accepting the will of the voters. It says, quote, "Now that the people have spoken, it is our responsibility to hold this government, as well as the next government, to task to ensure that the process leading to the ICJ, is done according to the rule of law." That sounds also like a conciliatory note, and Briceno underscored it in a statement today - which airs as an ad later on in this newscast:...

PM Says Constitutional Challenge To Special Agreement Now Irrelevant
But, what the PUP has not said is that it will abandon its constitutional challenge of the Special Agreement which is currently before the courts. So what if the opposition maintains this challenge - will the government keep that olive branch extended? The Prime Minister today said that - in his judgement - that ship has sailed :... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Belize will proceed and we need to proceed in unity. That wouldn't exactly mark a unified beginning would it if the opposition as it had indicated before the vote decides to proceed with challenging the referendum..."

PM Commits to Full, Unstinting Opposition Involvement In ICJ Process
So, assuming that legal challenge doesn't get in the way of the PUDP ICJ "hug-up", what level of real involvement will the opposition have? The rules of political tribalism dictate that bi-partisanship is rarely a genuine undertaking - and these arrangements have a way of "going crossway" - as you might say in creole. But, the PM today made a verbal commitment to full opposition involvement:... Reporter: "How much input will they be allowed to give, especially considering the fact that in the next election they may inherit the process?" Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "All the input in the world. I was a little bit surprised, I saw the statement issued by the Leader of the Opposition and I thank Belizeans..."

Gov't Will Repeal Maritime Areas, Expects Bi-partisan Support
And the Prime Minister hopes that bi partisan spirit will be on prominent display in a few weeks' time when they take the Maritime Areas Act to the House of Representatives to be repealed. That will set the filing of the case before the ICJ in motion and the PM gave a timeline today:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "There is a draft already of the amendment. We just need to dust that off and take it to cabinet..."

Will GOB Ask ICJ For Provisional Measures To Keep Guat In Check?
And once the case is filed - it would seem that one of the most urgent matters is to apply to the ICJ for what are called "provisional measures" to get some protection from the Guatemalan military on the Sarstoon. This is a kind of interim relief from aggression by another sovereign that Judge Stephen Schwebel advised the Prime Minister to do recently. He said that if we vote yes in the referendum, quote, " would be open to Belize to apply to the Court for its issuance of provisional measures to direct Guatemala to cease and desist from its actions on the Sarstoon and .....respect the terms of the 1859 Treaty and Guatemala's own acceptance of the Sarstoon boundary by word and deed for some 150 years..." Today, the Prime Minister said that is an option, but with the "yes" vote, it might not even be necessary:..

US Southcom Commander Visits: Moderating Influence On Guat Military?
And if the PM seemed like he had some kind of back-up, maybe it's because the highest ranking US military officer south of Texas and Miami is in Belize. It was announced yesterday by the US embassy that the Commander of U.S. Southern Command is visiting Belize May 8-10 and, quote "meeting with civilian and military leaders in order to discuss bilateral security cooperation with Belizean counterparts in support of regional peace and Western Hemisphere stability." The PM stressed that Southcom has always had some influence with Belize - Guatemala military relations:,.,,

Commonwealth Observers Approve Of Referendum Vote
Everyone has accepted the outcome of yesterday's referendum - and there's no dispute about the final figures or what is the clear will of a majority of the voters. And today, the referendum outcome was given the stamp of approval by a team of Commonwealth Observers. The team of observers is headed by former three term Prime Minister of Bahamas Hubert Ingraham. Today at a press conference right after the one held by the Prime Minister he delivered the group's interim statement. Here are the main conclusions:..,

PM Says Electorate Showed Maturity
Prime Minister Dean Barrow also congratulated Belizeans and the hundreds of public officers who ran the election machine on the conduct of the referendum:.,. Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "The fact is the people of this country ensured that that referendum took place yesterday in a manner that was orderly..."

Head of Commonwealth Missions Says B'zeans Faith In Electoral Process Extraordinary
Head of Mission Ingraham extended on that observation with a very insightful conclusion. He said that Belizean voters displayed extraordinary confidence in the election machinery - and he also noted that the decisive "yes" vote was very unusual in the Caribbean:... Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, Head of Commonwealth Observer Team: "I have been the lead observer in 2 election observer missions for the Commonwealth and I chaired the group that help to revised the rules about what observer should do and what should not do..."

800 Cops Deployed, Referendum Wednesday Mostly Violence Free
And, referendum Wednesday was also mostly violence free. With the exception of a city murder we will tell you about later in the news, there wasn't any report of violence in other parts of the country. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams today gave us the breakdown of the overall referendum policing strategy.

The No's Were Emphatic
And while calm prevailed outside the polling stations, inside that voting booth, those "no" voters were stomping down their votes. Head of the observer mission, Ingraham said he noted that the "X's" on the no votes were emphatic. Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, Head of Commonwealth Observer Team: "Many of the NO's that I observed fill the entire box with their X and that was very distinguishable as compared to the YES."

No Irregularities Observed with Voters' Disenfranchised
And we heard that same "hell, no!" from a few voters who showed up to vote only to find that even though they had an ID card, their names were not on the list. We got reports of a number of these cases from quite a few polling stations. It's a most unfortunate result of kinks in the re-registration process. But, the Commonwealth observers said they didn't encounter this:.. Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, Head of Commonwealth Observer Team: "What we observed at the polling stations, there were large number of persons who did not have their cards, who had registered..."

Referendum Recap Out West
And so while all that happened today, here's some of what happened yesterday - on Belize historic Referendum Wednesday. For those of you who tuned in to our 'Run the Referendum Coverage', you know how it looked on the ground throughout the day but to re-cap the events of the day, we start off with Courtney Weatherburne's coverage out west. Here is a snapshot of Belmopan, Cayo and Benque.

Referendum Recap Down South & San Pedro
And while Courtney was out west, Daniel Ortiz and cameraman Angel Noble went to Dangriga, and then to San Pedro - which is Belize Rural South, and here's what the polling areas looked like in those 2 divisions: Daniel Ortiz reporting: Yesterday morning in Dangriga, we found voters keen on deciding what they believe was the best for Belize. Among those brave enough to talk about their views on the ICJ, we found confusion and conviction in both a yes and a no vote for various reasons. Reporter: "So, you have absolutely no idea why you are voting."

City Murder Was Calculated & Cold
Last night's city murder shook residents and broke the referendum momentum in the Lake I. 38 year old Karl Lamb was executed at the corner of Park Street and La Croix Boulevard. Lamb - who you may know as the man that used to sell newspapers on the median between Farmers Market and Save-U was speaking to someone when a gunman came up from behind and shot him several times. Police say it is another calculated, gang fueled murder.

Nephew Chopped Uncle
A man chopped his uncle in Punta Gorda. It happened on Tuesday night around 7:00. The victim is Elvis Coleman. Police told us they are not sure what fuelled this attack.

Pair of Prisoners Escapes Police, One Caught
One of two prisoners is on the loose tonight after the pair escaped from Independence police custody. On Tuesday night, Gregory Flowers and Clinton Coleman damaged the cell block lock and darted off. Police told us late this evening that they recaptured Flowers this afternoon at 1:30. Here is what police told us earlier in the day...

Kolbe Prisoner Still At Large
While police are the lookout for those two Independence escapees, they also have to be on the alert for the last of three prisoners who escaped the Belize Central Prison on Tuesday. Today police gave a basic recount of the incident.

Guatemala Commends Belize For Referendum
Back now to more from yesterday's historic referendum. The Government of Guatemala welcoming the "Yes" vote. It says, quote, "The Government of the Republic of Guatemala welcomes the positive result of the referendum carried out in Belize on May 8th, 2019, through which the Belizean people have decided to submit the territorial, insular and maritime dispute to the International Court of Justice for their ruling. The definitive resolution of the dispute will allow for the expansion and deepening of the good relations that exist between Guatemala and Belize, as well as greater fraternity between both people and governments.

City Political Machines Humming On Referendum Day
Earlier in the news we showed you what our teams saw yesterday in the Districts. We also had roaming teams deployed in Belize City, visiting the 10 electoral divisions to get a heat check. Sahar Vasquez stopped by the polling stations in the Caribbean Shores area, where both sides told her that they were not there to politicize the referendum and put pressure on the voters. They said, that they were simply there to provide assistance:

The Campaign in Collet
On one of our trips around the City, we found Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber doing pretty much the same as our news teams. He was visiting the polling areas for the different divisions in Belize City, and he spoke to Sahar about the slow start to the voting - which we now know ended up as a strong turnout in the Belize District. The Deputy PM said that he is hoping that Belizeans would vote yes:

UDP Flex In Freetown
Our team also went into the Freetown area to observe voter turnout in that division, and again, we came upon UDP operatives - who, generally, were more visible during while the polls were open. Again, they said they were providing assistance not influence::

Sedi Held Strong In Pickstock
And while we were doing our rounds on the election trail in the Pickstock Division, we caught up with Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington on the move as well. As viewers are well aware, the Foreign Minister was a strong proponent for the yes vote, and yesterday, he said that he personally considered May 8th, as an important day:

PUP Fort George Confusion
And in the Fort George Division where Former Prime Minister Said Musa, and his son, PUP Chairman Henry Charles Usher, were out working - but, it seemed, at cross - purposes: one pushing for a yes vote, the other for a "no." As is well known, Said Musa broke the party line and was the only elected PUP representative to say "yes" to the ICJ.

Referendum Numbers Lead A Dance
So, that's some of what our teams saw yesterday. And at the end, as we told you earlier, 55.3% of the voters said yes to the ICJ, and 44.7% said no. It was a solid turnout: 65% of the registered voters - or, 96,417 voters cast their ballot. It was a national voting process, the first with the new list, and there's a lot to glean from the numbers. First off, a majority of voters in 22 constituencies voted yes, while 9 constituencies voted no. Starting in the south, there was a "no" vote in both Toledo West and East - which border Guatemala. In Toledo West, 54% of the voters said no, and 45% said yes, while in the East, 47% said yes and 52% said no.

Channel 5

Belize Votes a Historic YES to take Territorial Claim to the I.C.J.
It’s a historic YES. Early on Wednesday night, a clear picture began emerging that Belizeans had decided in favour of taking the Guatemalan territorial claim to the International Court of [...]

PM Thanks Belizeans for Voting in I.C.J. Referendum
Prime Minister Dean Barrow was in high spirits this afternoon when he addressed the nation, following the results of a historic referendum held on Wednesday.  While the territorial dispute between [...]

An Olive Branch or an Extended Hand of Friendship?
In admitting that both campaigns have divided the people, PM Barrow has reached out to the Opposition as a show of unity.  This is despite the fact that he is [...]

Maritime Areas Act to be Amended Pronto!
The Maritime Areas Act, once a divisive piece of legislation that caused a rift within the United Democratic Party almost three decades ago, will be revised in the days ahead.  [...]

Will Guatemala’s Disclosure be Made Public to Belize?
Will Guatemala’s disclosure relating to its claim over Belize be made public?  It’s a question that is at the forefront of the minds of many.  After all, Belizeans need to [...]

Successful I.C.J. Referendum Results is an Overwhelming YES Vote for Belize
Belize City comprises ten constituencies with the south side being a traditional stronghold for the U.D.P. and north side normally polling in for the P.U.P. at General Elections.  The battle [...]

Opposition Leader Speaks on Referendum Results
Leader of the Opposition, John Briceño released a pre-recorded statement today, following the outcome of Wednesday’s referendum. In a separate press release, Briceño first thanked Belizeans for being part of [...]

Guatemalan President Celebrates Belize’s Referendum Decision
This afternoon, the Guatemalan Government issued a recorded statement by President Jimmy Morales alongside his Foreign Minister Sandra Jovel. Morales celebrated Belize’s decision to take the territorial dispute to the [...]

Commonwealth Observer Group: Referendum was “Credible, Transparent and Inclusive’
The Commonwealth Observer Group is winding down its visit to Belize. The group was formed by the Commonwealth Secretary-General, Patricia Scotland following an invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [...]

Names Not on the Voters’ List Was an Issue for Referendum Day
There were several issues raised with the Observer Group as matters of concern. Some potential voters were reportedly being denied the franchise as a result of the inability to produce [...]

Kerosene Goes Up at the Pumps
Fuel prices see another hike as diesel goes up by seventeen cents at midnight tonight. The new pump price increases from ten dollars and twenty-six cents to ten dollars forty-three [...]

Popular Newspaper Vendor is Executed in Belize City
As the counting of ballots was underway in the City, a newspaper vendor was ambushed and executed on Lacroix Boulevard. Thirty-eight-year-old Karl Lamb was speaking to an individual when he [...]

How Did 2 Detainees Escape from Independence Police Custody?
An internal investigation by the Professional Standards Branch is ongoing in southern Belize after two persons in police custody were able to escape from the cellblock inside the police station [...]

1 of 3 Escaped Prisoners Still on the Lam
Meanwhile two of three prisoners who escaped from the Central Prison are back behind bars in Hattieville. Christian Neal, Rafael Mencias and Wilser Echevarria were incarcerated for different crimes from [...]

Nephew Chops Uncle in PG, but is Stabbed in the Process
An elderly man from southern Belize remains hospitalized after he was chopped multiple times by his nephew on Tuesday night sometime around seven o’clock.  Sixty-five-year-old Elias Coleman was in the [...]

Still No Suspect in Lakeview Street Shooting
On Monday night, a Lakeview Street resident was targeted by a gunman in the Old Capital. Osbert Gentle was shot in the neck during a brazen attack in front of [...]

Thomas Requeña is Charged for Stabbing his Common-law Wife
Thomas Requeña, who was wanted by Belmopan police for the stabbing of his common-law wife, Katherine Anthony, is tonight in police custody pending charges for the crime. Anthony was attacked [...]

Orange Walk District Votes YES to the I.C.J.
Back to the referendum….In the Orange Walk District, two of the four constituencies voted in favour to submit the claim to the I.C.J.   Orange Walk South and East voted YES [...]

Corozal District Goes 2 for 2 in I.C.J. Referendum
Further up north in Corozal, the results were similar to those in Orange Walk. The south east constituency went NO where the P.U.P. has been strong for years. The difference [...]

A Resounding NO in Belize Rural South
Our reporters and correspondents were deployed across the country, including La Isla Bonita. The message in the Belize Rural South constituency was YES to the I.C.J.  Admittedly, both the Area [...]

A Split Bag of Results in Toledo Divisions
From north to south….Toledo voters said NO to the I.C.J., but residents in Dangriga, including Sarawee and Hope Creek, voted a resounding YES.  The voter turnout in southern Belize surpassed [...]

Dangriga is for the I.C.J.
Looking at Dangriga, which includes Sarawee and Hope Creek, there are four thousand four hundred newly registered voters; sixty-one percent cast their votes. Unlike Toledo, fifty-nine percent of the voters [...]

Cayo District Votes YES to the I.C.J.
There were surprises in the Cayo District. Cayo South constituency, which is represented by the P.U.P.’s Julius Espat who is a staunch NO supporter, voted YES.  If that was unexpected, [...]

The Reporter

Statistics Of ICJ Referendum Voting
Of the 148,500 registered voters in Belize 96,417 voters cast ballots, or 2/3 of voters, 65% (64.93%) voted in the May 8th. ICJ Referendum and 55.38% of those who voted are in favor of going to the ICJ.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

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Belize Peace Movement calls for unity in referendum aftermath
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Belizeans came out in record numbers to say Yes to the ICJ
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

Prime Minister Dean Barrow outlines way forward after referendum vote
What’s next? That’s what we asked Prime Minister Dean Barrow this afternoon during his post-referendum […]

Price of diesel increases at midnight
The Belize Bureau of Standards issued new fuel prices effective midnight tonight. Pump prices for […]

BNTU holds 49th Annual Convention
Members from all ten branches of the Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU) gathered in Corozal […]

PUP thanks all Belizeans that voted in referendum
The Opposition, People’s United Party (PUP) issued a statement today thanking all Belizeans for participating […]

Guatemala congratulates Belize on voting Yes to ICJ
As more countries applaud Belize on the successful referendum, the Government of Guatemala has come […]

United Kingdom welcomes referendum results
The United Kingdom has congratulated Belize on holding a successful referendum and the decision to […]

Admiral Faller, Commander of U.S. Southern Command, Visits Belize
Pictures: US Southcom U.S. Southern Command (SouthCom) Commander Admiral (Adm.) Craig Faller, United States Navy, […]

PM Barrow to host ‘Post ICJ Referendum’ press conference tomorrow
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is scheduled to host a press conference today following the results […]

Said Musa says no celebration until PUP wins in 2020
The results of the referendum are out and the majority of voters have opted to […]

USA congratulates Belize on successful referendum
The United States of America (USA) issued a statement this morning congratulating the people of […]


Commonwealth Observation Mission Reports Referendum was fair and transparent
The Commonwealth is a voluntary association of 53 independent and equal sovereign states and it has observed more than 140 elections in 37 countries. The observer group to Belize included nationals of: Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Kenya, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda and the United Kingdom. The Chairman of the Commonwealth Observer Group, …

Ocean Academy wins 2019 Youth Innovation Challenge
On Tuesday, we showed you the first half of the 2019 Youth Innovative Challenge, which is an initiative to teach young students financial literacy. 15 schools competed in this challenge, and Love News caught up with one of the judges to find out how the winner would be chosen. Mark Menzies, HR Manager at …

Police investigating chopping incident in Yemeri Grove Village
On Tuesday, a disagreement between an uncle, 65-year-old Elvis Coleman and his nephew, 37-year-old Mark Cadle escalated into a chopping incident in southern Belize. As a result of the incident, Coleman was hospitalized. ACP Joseph Myvett, the Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch told the media that the incident occurred shortly after seven on Tuesday …

The Rt Hon Hubert A Ingraham gives personal observations during the Referendum
The Commonwealth countries, including Bellize, are supported by an active network of more than 80 intergovernmental, civil society, cultural and professional organizations. The Rt Hon Hubert A Ingraham, also gave feedback on his observations at the polling stations he observed. Rt. Hon. Hubert A Ingraham – Chairman, Commonwealth Observer Group: “From what we observed at …

Two prisoners escaped from Independence Police
Earlier this week, we told you that three prisoners, 31-year-old, Rafael Mencias; 23-year-old, Wilser Echeverria and 28-year-old, Christian Neal had escaped from the block factory site on the prison compound. Since then two have been captured, but Christian Neal remains at large. There were two more prisoners that escaped, this time, it was not from …

Drivers will see another increase at the pump
Effective midnight, the price of a gallon of diesel will increase by seventeen cents. The new price will be ten dollars and forty-three cents up from ten dollars and twenty-six cents. Premium remains at eleven dollars and thirty cents, regular at ten dollars and eighty-seven cents and kerosene at seven dollars and eighty-one cents a …


New Caye Caulker Airport Is Under Construction
It was a given that with the new runway, that a new Caye Caulker Airport building was to follow. I had no idea what to expect, as a replacement for the previous small wood building that Tropic occupied. As you can see from the featured image above, the new design is quite modern and stylish but still modest. The new terminal was designed by Nude Architecture’s Javier Alamilla, and Medina’s Construction the build.

International Sourcesizz

Mexico's prized beaches threatened by smelly algae invasion
Tourists looking for sun and sand in Mexican resorts like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum have been disgusted by foul-smelling mounds of sargassum — a seaweed-like algae — piling up on beaches and turning turquoise waters brown, and experts are warning that it may be the new normal. Mexico's Riviera Maya Caribbean coast provides half the country's tourism revenues and very little sargassum reached it prior to 2014. But a possible combination of climate change, pollution from fertilizers and ocean flows and currents carrying the algae mats to the Caribbean has caused the problem to explode. While it may not have the global impact of melting of polar ice, the vast mats of sargassum filling the Caribbean could be one of the more visible climate-change events because of the sheer number of people who visit the region's popular tourist beaches, some officials say.

BELIZE: The people have spoken, politicians should respect them
By Sir Ronald Sanders. As territorial claims go, Guatemala's claim to all - every square inch - of Belize is, perhaps, the most outrageous. The only thing that is more outrageous than the scale of the claim is the argument on which it is based. In this context, it would have been right to expect the Belizean electorate, at a referendum held on May 8, to vote a resounding 'yes' to the question: "Do you agree that any legal claim of Guatemala against Belize relating to land and insular territories and to any maritime areas pertaining to these territories should be submitted to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for final settlement and that it determine finally the boundaries of the respective territories and areas of the Partiesr

Guatemala hopes for better relations with Belize after vote on territorial dispute
Guatemala's government on Thursday applauded a referendum vote in Belize in favour of sending the countries' long-running territorial dispute to a top U.N. court, saying the move will help deepen bilateral relations between the two neighbours. The Guatemalan foreign ministry said in a statement that it would immediately contact the foreign ministry of Belize to agree on the next steps in efforts to resolve the dispute, which dates back to the colonial era.


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  • Belize 2018, 7min. Diving Belize with Davina.

  • CARNIVAL 'MIRACLE' CRUISE PART 2 | BELIZE (CAVE TUBING), min. On part two I share with you guys the second stop of our cruise which was BELIZE. It was bittersweet because while the caves were amazing.

  • Signature Belize Weddings, Behind the Scenes, 8min. Have you ever wondered what happens 'behind the scenes' at a destination wedding? The final product is enchanting, but the journey is part of the fun! When you love what you shows. Join us on our journey, meet our team, check out the venues, and enjoy the madness as you see several weddings unfold before your eyes.

  • Placencia Belize, Adventures at "The Placencia Resort", 3min. Chris and Reg get with the beach vibes of Placencia and enjoy the picturesque property & impeccable service at the Placencia Resort.