El Pilar Itinerant Photo Exhibit Arrives At Leo Bradley Library

The El Pilar Itinerant Photo Exhibit is on display at the Leo Bradley Library in Belize City. The exhibition features photos, literature, and ethnobotany celebrating the El Pilar Archaeological Reserve for Maya Flora and Fauna and the Maya Forest Gardeners. Unique panoramic photographs by international photographer Macduff Everton are featured in the exhibit which connects traditional farming with the ancient Maya monuments. According to acting Chief Librarian Lusiola Castillo, the purpose of the exhibit is to inform and educate the public about El Pilar and to encourage the development of Forest Gardens. 

Lusiola Castillo, Acting Chief Librarian

“We are doing this photographic exhibition o showcase the plants that we have at El Pilar and also to ensure that people are aware that plants contribute to our economy, social, cultural and historical development. So we are looking at plants and El Pilar so that libraries can showcase how information is shared, how people can acquire knowledge and how children can know what is around us and what benefits it has for us.”

The exhibit will be on display in Belize City for a month after which it will be moved to Benque Viejo del Carmen Town.

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