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The San Pedro Sun

Camrin Rhaburn wins 14th Annual Reef Fest Trivia Competition
The Hol Chan Marine Reserve 2019 Reef Fest culminated with their 14th Annual Trivia Competition with the participation of various students from San Pedro Town and Caye Caulker. The competition was held at the Lions Den in San Pedro Town on Tuesday, May 14th. San Pedro Roman Catholic School student Camrin Rhaburn proved that she had the most knowledge of the marine ecosystem, taking the coveted first place title. Contestants were questioned about protected areas, coral reefs, the role of the mangroves in the ecosystem, protected marine species, and even about the laws about the opening and closing season for lobster and conch and the importance of doing so. Students seemed to be well-prepared, answering the questions to the best of their abilities. Judging the contest were Alicia Eck- Nu�ez, Mario Reque�a, and Kirah Forman-Castillo.

San Juan Roundabout fountain inaugurated during Reef Fest 2019
Mayor Guerrero stepped on the podium to share a few words. "This new roundabout highlights some of the most important species of our marine life. Over the past 30 years, San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye has evolved from a fishing community to the country's tourism Mecca. The island's economy has always been dependent in the Barrier Reef, first for its rich fisheries product and now for prime dive and snorkeling sites and other tourism-related activities. Over 70 % of our national tourism overnight arrivals want to experience the reef and see it. While this may cause pressure on our reef and ecosystem, it has also created the demand for more accommodations..."

Second Little Free Library installed in San Pedro Town
Another Little Free library was installed in the San Mateo Area in San Pedro Town on Saturday, May 11th. The aim of the Little Free Libraries around town is to promote reading to island children, who can, in turn, share their favorite books with their community. It operates under the honor system that you take a book and leave a book, so the content of the library boxes constantly changes. The second Little Free Library was built by local Belizean carpenters Jacob and Romaldo and was commissioned by David Threets with support from his friend Jennie Schetnan.

Ambergris Today

Taiwan Supports The Belize Music Month
The Government of Belize, through the Office of the Music Ambassador, is pleased to announce that the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) will be one of the proud sponsors of the 4th Annual Belize Music Month. The Office of the Music Ambassador is the government entity whose sole function is to grow the Music industry. In partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and other friends, the Office of the Music Ambassador plans to expand the scale of this year's Music Month, in order to continue to celebrate the immeasurable contributions Belizean musicians and artists make to Belize's economy and social development.

Camrin Rhaburn of SPRCS Wins Reef Week Trivia Competition
Reef Week's Trivia Competition tested the wits of elementary school children based on our precious marine ecosystem. Students of Caye Caulker joined those from San Pedro at the San Pedro Lions Den for the fun and educational competition that took place on Tuesday, May 14, 2018. Coming out on top after three rounds was Camrin Rhaburn of San Pedro RC School. Rounding up the top three spots were Camilla Domergue from La Isla Carinosa in third place who won a Samsung J4 Phone, trophy and $200 Cash prize and Jasmin Ramos of Holy Cross Anglican School in second place who won a Samsung J8, trophy and $300 Cash Prize.

Fountain Inaugurated During Reef Fest At San Juan Roundabout
A new water fountain was constructed around the San Juan statue roundabout and inaugurated during Reef Fest in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize. The fountain commemorates our barrier reef as it depicts sea creatures that are of vital importance to the survival of the reef. A short ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Monday, May, 13, 2019. Local Belizean artist Anton Leslie of Placencia Village was commissioned to create the sea creature sculptures that include a Nurse Shark, Sting Ray, Sea Turtle and Spotted Eagle Ray. More fish and coral reef will be added to the fountain to complete its final design.

Misc Belizean Sources


Programme for Belize Monitoring Activities Report Summary 2017-2018

8th Annual East Indian Heritage Fair
Happening this Sunday, May 19th at 9:30 a.m. at the Round House Area, Miami Beach. Emcee: Willian Neal. Theme "Orchestrating Cultural Partnership". Official Ceremony - Various cultural dances and presentations throughout the festival - Traditional Cocont Grating Contest - Photo Opps throughout the day - Mehendi/Henna Painting all day - Various cultural demonstrations at intervals during the day - Cultural Exhibitions - Info Booths - Interactive Games & Activities for the entire family. Come out and support our East Indian heritage and Culture.

Extension for Public Comments on Gillnets
The Government of Belize has extended its submission period for the public to present information relating to gillnets. You have until May 31st to use your voice and make a difference! There is power in speaking up and the destructive nature of gillnets is an issue we cannot ignore. If we fish sustainably, we can always fish!

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint "Ride The Wave"!

SBDCBelize in partnership with Unicomer completes Business Development Training
The Small Business Development Centre Belize (SBDCBelize), a unit of BELTRAIDE in partnership with Unicomer has successfully completed its business development training. The six day curriculum provided participants with the basic business skills needed in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Start Up Essentials, Budgeting, Marketing and Financial Management. These tools will assist participants to make sound decisions in relation to budget and investment for their business.

CLOTHING SALE! Belize Red Cross, Corozal Branch
Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Only $5 per bag. All proceeds go towards helping our Corozal Community. Venue: Red Cross Corozal Headquarters in Santa Rita. Come up on 7th Avenue and proceed around the Santa Rita roundabout monument and keep going straight, then take your first right. Red Cross will be to your right.

2019 Children's Poster Competition
Do you know a talented, artistic student? Let them know there's still time to submit for the Poster Competition! Enter for a chance to win thousands of dollars while advocating for the environment.

International Costa Maya Festival Office Opens
Our office is now OPEN! We are located on Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town, inside the Oh Danny Boy office. You can also call us at 226-2180. Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Channel 7

Stabbed Ana Through The Heart, Zena Charged For Manslaughter
She stabbed 19 year old Anna Villanueva right through the heart - but Corozal resident Zena Armstrong has not been charged for murder. The DPP has told police to charge her for manslaughter for the Sunday night street fight which ended with Villanueva being stabbed in the chest. Today 20 year old Zena Armstrong was arraigned at the Orange Walk Magistrate's court for manslaughter. She was granted bail of $8,000 and returnd to court on June 17th. As we told you on Monday, Villanueva and another girl were hanging out in front of the friend's house, when Zena Armstrong allegedly rode by on a bicycle and started to threaten and tantalize the girls.

Mo Charge Yet For Man Who Killed Wife
Police took a few days to finalize charges in that case - and are also taking advice on how to charge Andrew Caliz. He is the 48 year old resort owner from Big Falls Toledo who shot his 32 year old wife Noehmy Duarte in the neck before dawn yesterday - causing her to die from her injuries. Hew told police it was an accident - which happened as he was putting his licensed, loaded and cranked 380 pistol on his waist.

Did Combustible Water Ferry Overfill The Gas Tank?
They overfilled the gas tanks - that's what tourism minister Manuel Juniour Heredia says caused the explosion that killed two little girls on The Water Jets water taxi 10 days ago. 10 year-old Yamiri Guy, and her sister, 8 year-old Kimberly Guy were killed as they sat at the back of the vessel with their parents who were both injured. The tragic deaths have highlighted the lack of regulatory oversight in a fast growing water taxi industry. Today, the Ministers of Transport and Tourism said that oversight and requirements will be enhanced:...

Bus Operators Seeking Reciprocity
We met the Ministers of Tourism and Transport this morning at an impromptu press conference held at the Belize Tourism Board conference room. The media basically cornered them after a meeting with the Belize Bus Association. The meeting is a follow up to one held 15 days ago with Minister of Transport, Castro. He told them that the guy they needed to speak to was his colleague Tourism Minister Heredia. And that's because many of their grievances arise form the fact that Guatemalan and Mexican buses can drive all through Belize, while they can't do the same - especially in Guatemala. Very contentious issues - with resentment roiling for two decades - but, surprisingly, at the end of the meeting - everyone seemed to be optimistic and on the same page.

The Sargassum Situation
We have featured stories on the sargassum plague countless times on this newscast. In the beginning of this year, we told you about CRFM's fact finding study to find out how and why it is affecting the Caribbean. Well, while that study is being conducted, residents on the ground in Belize especially on the islands and coastal communities have to deal with the unsightly heaps and unbearable stench of the sargassum as it accumulates and decays on the beach. As you can imagine, it's having a direct effect on the tourism product and properties. We spoke to the Reservations Manager at The Palms Ocean Front Property on San Pedro and she told us that it is getting harder to control and it is jeopardizing their business.

Ministers Seeking The Sargassum Solution
Area representative for Belize Rural South, Manuel Juniour Heredia has to deal with this issue on the ground and at the policy level. He says it's only going to get worse on the ground, and that's why regional tourism ministers are meeting urgently at the end of this month to discuss solutions: Mexico's Riviera Maya along the Yucatan Peninsula is also reporting a major influx of Sargassum.

No More Prison Bus! Court By Teleconference At Kolbe
Regularly on this newscast, we take you to the Supreme Court and the Magistrate's Court for coverage of high-profile criminal cases. But after those high profile arraignments, the accused go through a series of routine adjournments until either the police, or the prosecution is ready proceed to trial. For persons on remand at the Belize Central Prison, these adjournments play out over the course of several weeks, months, and even years, where they are taken from the prison to the court for a few hours before they are inevitably told by the Magistrate or the Supreme Court judge that another adjournment is being granted because the state isn't ready to proceed to trial against them just yet.

Integrity Commission Sworn In For Another Term
In late 2016, when the teachers union went on strike demanding greater transparency from government, the re-activation of the long dormant integrity commission was one of their key demands. And, it was re-activated, to fair effect: we are reliably informed that several elected politicians were extremely late last year in submitting their financial records to the Commission. Because of the late filings, they have racked up many thousands of dollars in penalties. Their names have been handed over to the DPP for prosecution - we are told. That's the good news - but the bad news is that - without anyone noticing - the Commission slipped into inactivity earlier this year.

Taiwan Donates To UDP Albert Rep's Committee
When we hear about donations from the Taiwanese Embassy - and there are many - usually it's to a ministry of government department. But, this morning, they donated to the Albert Action Committee, Minister Tracy Taegar-Panton's divisional group. The Taiwanese donated 30 thousand dollars towards the development of an Albert CARE Centre. We found out what's the plan for the centre - located above Taegar's constituency office on Regent Street:... Hon. Tracy Taegar Panton, Albert Area Rep.: "We felt based on our work in the division that there was a need for a safe space where our students both at the primary school level and the secondary school level to come and do homework, research, get some tutoring if it was necessary, mentorship, counselling services."

Why Albert Said Yes
Today's donation can be seen as Taegar-Panton consolidating her political standing after the Albert division came out decisively in favor of a yes. With 81% voter turnout, 71% of those voters said "Yes" to the ICJ. That is the position that Panton campaigned for - and she said that throughout her information campaign - she felt strong support fro a "yes" in the Albert:... Hon. Tracy Taegar Panton, Albert Area Rep.: "I think that the committee and the team and myself along with the referendum unit had organize a number of educational forums for the people in the constituency and at all these forums there was a quite a bit of engagements by the residents, they were very well attended, we had robust debates at these forums and I believe that the people were sufficiently engage in this very important issue."

Tracey, The Third Way For UDP?
So, with what can be called a "referendum - bump" - how does that position Taegar-Panton in the fast changing UDP power paradigm? She has been known to be an ally of John Saldivar - but might there be a third way forward? We asked her today:.. Reporter: "We've seen it, Mr. Saldivar taken to Facebook. I'm saying he is ready for it, he and Mr. Faber are the 2 persons that we know have made it clear that they want the leadership. Any support for any of these candidates?"

Who Are You Supporting In Shores?
And while she was cagey on that one - she was studiously vague on the other big issue right now in the UDP. That is, who does she support in the shores:... Reporter: "How do you find yourself amongst the 3 aspirants we are told: Leilah Peyrefitte, Santino Castillo and Lee Mark Chang?" Hon. Tracy Taegar Panton: "I think they are three formidable candidates and I think that whichever of the three emerges as the standard bearer for the constituency will lead the party to victory. I believe they all have something to offer and the people of Caribbean Shores will make that determination."

Lee Mark's Master Plan For The Shores
Today we spoke to the one candidate we didn't mention in last night's story about the shores. And that's Lee Mark Chang. And we didn't mention him because our information said that he was asked to step aside. But today he told us her is very much in the race. We went to Chon Saan - which his family owns - and asked the former Freetown candidate why:... Jules Vasquez- Reporter: "My first reaction was incredulity because I thought you retired from politics. How is it that we are now hearing your name for Caribbean Shores?"

Alleged Arsonist Gets Off For Allegedly Burning Down Aunt's House
31 year-old Darrell Alvarez, who was accused of arson by his aunt, has been acquitted by a jury of 9 in a Supreme Court trial. You may remember the story from August 26th, 2014, which happened on Holy Emmanuel Street. Sonia Harris, a Belizean who resides partly in both the US and Belize, reported to police that at around 12:45 p.m., someone lit her wooden house on fire. The blaze destroyed the house completely, costing her approximately $75,000 in losses.

Woman Pleads Guilty To Sexual Assault Of Girl, Judge Tells Her Sin no More
32 year-old Stacey Leslie, a single mother of a 1 year-old child, walked out of the courtroom of Justice Colin Williams with the news that she will not be sent to prison after she pleaded guilty to common assault of a sexual nature on a female minor, who was only 14 years-old at the time. She was facing the more serious charge of abetment to commit carnal knowledge. The incident occurred on September 17th, 2013. According to the allegation, she had aided and abetted her boyfriend John Williams to have sexual intercourse with the girl...

Courts Training Capitalists
15 entrepreneurs from across the country graduated from a 6 week business training. Courts and Beltrade's SBDC unit collaborated to provide this training through Courts' Broadening Horizon's Program. We attended the ceremony this morning and found out how these newly acquired skills can help these entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

Escapee Christian Neal Still Running
Earlier on we showed you an event at the prison. That gave the press the opportunity to ask CEO Virgilio Murrillo for an update on the last of the 3 prisoners who escaped last week Tuesday. As we told you, 2 of them have since been recaptured, but the third, Christian Neal, is still on the run. The CEO told us that they are on his trail, and he made a plea to the public not to harbor this prison escapee. Here are those comments:

Will PUP Vote Yes To MAA Repeal?
Monday will be a historic day in the House of Representatives - as the government moves to repeal sections of the 1992 Maritime Areas Act - which is the last step before filing Belize's case at the ICJ. But, it will also be a politically interesting time - because the government side says it is expecting unanimous bi-partisan support. That puts the opposition in a cute position because we'd expect that some anti-ICJ hardliners on that side may find it hard to vote "yes" to anything introduced by the government. Same goes for the senate - which has its own opposition hardliners.

A former senior accountant at Belize Diesel and Equipment Ltd. was arraigned today for obtaining property by deception and claiming upon a forged document. This is after 48 year old Gustavo Cardenas allegedly forged and cashed 3 Atlantic Bank cheques amounting to $2,107 - without having the required signatures. Cardenas appeared before Magistrate Emerson Banner on Monday, May 13th where he pleaded not guilty. He was released on a bail of $5,000 and his case was adjourned until June 15th.

Channel 5

A Teenager is Arraigned for the Manslaughter of Ana Villanueva
Nineteen-year-old Zena Armstrong is out on bail tonight, following the stabbing death of Ana Villanueva in Corozal Town over the weekend. Armstrong was arraigned for one count of manslaughter, for [...]

A Watchman is Injured During an Aggravated Burglary at a Farm Outside of Belmopan
A watchman from San Ignacio is at home recovering from injuries he sustained during an aggravated burglary at his place of work just outside of Belmopan. On Tuesday morning, Juan [...]

No Charges Against Andrew Caliz in Death of Francisca Duarte
An investigation into the shooting death of thirty-one-year-old Francisca Caceres Duarte, a Honduran national who was killed in the predawn hours of Tuesday, remains open.� Punta Gorda police are yet [...]

Tourism Minister Says Boat Explosion Caused by Overfilled Gas Tanks
An explosion on Sunday, May fifth at the Ocean Ferry Water Taxi terminal in Belize City claimed the lives of eight-year-old Kimberly Melisa Guy and ten-year-old Jamiri Yasmin Guy. The [...]

Tourist Injured in Belize Flown Out for Life Saving Surgery
Belize is getting a bad reputation on the international stage for not having adequate medical equipment to save a tourist's life. A little over a week ago, U.S. tourist nineteen-year-old [...]

Kolbe C.E.O. Says Trend of Prison Escapes Broken
On April thirtieth, an inmate lost his life while trying to escape from the Belize Central Prison.� Nineteen-year-old Kevin Moore, a resident of Punta Gorda was shot and killed by [...]

Prison Escapee Christian Neal Remains at Large
Christian Neal is one of three inmates at the Belize Central Prison who managed to escape from detention last Tuesday.� Neal, a resident of San Ignacio, was serving time for [...]

Is Albert Area Rep Tracy Panton Weighing Her Chances at the U.D.P. Leadership?
During the weekly cabinet meeting on Tuesday, it was expected that politics would have been at the centre of the discussions. That presumption came on the heels of several social [...]

Who Will Tracy Panton Support as Caribbean Shores U.D.P. Standard Bearer?
As we've reported, three candidates have thrown their hats into the ring to represent the United Democratic Party in the upcoming general elections. Leila Peyrefitte, Lee Mark Chang and Santiago [...]

G.O.B. Approves PSA for Canadian Company to Explore for Oil in Northwest Belize
An online report is announcing that the Government of Belize, through the Ministry of Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce has approved a production sharing agreement with Fire Creek [...]

A Prison Courthouse to Connect Inmates to the Judiciary
A new courthouse was inaugurated this morning at the Belize Central Prison where inmates will now be able to connect directly with the Supreme Court and the magistrate's court from [...]

Local Bus and Taxi Operators Meet with Cabinet Ministers
Local taxi and bus operators met today with Minister of Transport Edmond Castro and his cabinet colleague, Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia Junior in Belize City. Minister Castro first met [...]

Minister Castro Explains Granting of Licenses to Guatemalan Bus Companies
In March, Minister of Transport Edmond Castro issued licenses to two Guatemalan-registered companies, Linea Dorado and Fuente del Norte, to transport passengers to and from Guatemala and Belize City.� This [...]

Bus, Taxi Operators Hopeful That Issues Will be Addressed
Speaking of behalf of operators was Chairman of the Bus Terminal Market Square Taxi Cooperative Mark Humes and President of the Belize Bus Association Thomas Shaw. Both men said that [...]

Belize, Caribbean in Danger as Sargassum Invasion will be Much Worse
In 2018, News Five took a look at the crippling effects of sargassum, a brown, foul and invasive microalga. In October of last year, the Ministry of Tourism and the [...]

UNICOMER Belize's First Broadening Horizons Graduating Class
The first cohort of UNICOMER's Broadening Horizons program received certificates today for successfully completing six weeks of business skills training. Broadening Horizons is an entrepreneurship program that seeks to help [...]

Taiwanese Embassy Lends Financial Support to Albert CARE Centre
The Republic of China (Taiwan) made a donation of thirty thousand dollars today to the Albert Division, specifically its Action Committee for the development of a CARE Centre on the [...]

Belize Observes International Day of Families
Belize joined the rest of the world today to observe International Day of Families. The day is used to shine light on the importance of families and their role in [...]

El Pilar Itinerant Photo Exhibit Arrives At Leo Bradley Library
The El Pilar Itinerant Photo Exhibit is on display at the Leo Bradley Library in Belize City. The exhibition features photos, literature, and ethnobotany celebrating the El Pilar Archaeological Reserve [...]

The Reporter

Zena Armstrong Charged For The Death Of Ana Villanueva
This afternoon Zena Armstrong, 20, appeared in the Orange Walk Magistrate's Court where she was read a charge of Manslaughter for the death of Ana Villanueva, 19, on Sunday, Mother's Day.

Husband Shoots Wife In Big Falls, Claim It Was Accident
A man from Big Falls in the Toledo district has been detained after he shot and killed his common-law-wife early this morning, claiming it was an accident.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize's Ambassador to the US thanks all Belizeans for participating in national referendum
On May 10, 2019, Belize's Ambassador to the United States of America & Permanent Representative [�]

Zena Armstrong charged for manslaughter; released on bail
Zena Armstrong, 20, of Corozal is out on bail after answering to a single count [�]

Surviving A Climate Apocalypse in Belize Lee McLoughlin Wildlife Conservation Society
y Lee McLoughlin: "The greatest threat to future generations" (Barack Obama) "The greatest threat that humanity has faced in a thousand years" (Sir David Attenborough) "The biggest global health threat of the century" (World Health Organization) [�]

Four alleged gangsters behind bars
Four men accused of belonging to rival gang groups, one of whom was out on [�]

Charges reduced in Blue Creek 'drug plane landing' case
Former commanding officer of the Orange Walk Police Formation, Superintendent David Chi; constable Norman Anthony; [�]

The Journey to the International Court of Justice - What Belizeans Need To Know
On May 8, 2019, Belizeans went to the polls and voted in favor of taking [�]

Leading Guatemalan presidential candidates could face expulsion from race
Pic courtesy Getty Images/BBC. Guatemala's presidential election on June 16 may be marred by court decisions. [�]

Digi mobile data service is temporarily down
Digicell issued an advisory to PostPaid customers minutes ago informing that they may be experiencing [�]

Elite Sports Leagues reach climax this weekend
The Belize District, or more accurately Ambergris Caye, will be the epicenter of all things [�]

Taiwan Supports the Belize Digi Music Month Fest
The Government of Belize, through the Office of the Music Ambassador, is pleased to announce [�]

Government of Taiwan makes donation for youth center in Albert Division
Today, the Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize H.E. Remus Chen, handed [�]

The People Have Spoken, Politicians Should Respect Them | Sir Ronald Sanders
As territorial claims go, Guatemala's claim to all - every square inch - of Belize is, perhaps, the most outrageous. The only thing that is more outrageous than the scale of the claim is the argument on which it is based [�]

GOB retains three law firms for ICJ challenge
"A tidy sum" will be going to three international law firms who will represent Belize [�]

Mason's Guyanese lawyer called to the Belize Bar
Dexter Todd, the attorney brought in from Guyana to represent accused murderer William "Danny" Mason [�]

Masked men tie, beat, and rob security officer near Mile 44
Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred yesterday morning at a farm near Mile [�]


Taiwan donates $30,000 to youth center in Albert Division
Many students struggle with having access to resources that are necessary to aid them in their schoolwork. Soon, however, the students in the Albert Division in Belize City will be provided with a care Center, where they will be able to get the help they need. This division has 7 schools, but even students that �

At deadline, only Darrell Bradley's Name was submitted for UDP Caribbean Shores
Caribbean Shores is one of the hot properties that will help to provide delegates to support either Patrick Faber or John Saldivar in the next leadership convention. So whomever wins, whether it's Senate President Lee Mark Chang, former Area Representative Santi Castillo who relinquished the area to former Mayor Darrell Bradley or businesswoman Leila Peyrefitte. �

The mini court inside the Prison links to Courthouse
The Prison Video Link Project launch was held today behind the walls of the Belize Central Prison in Hattieville. The U.S. Embassy donated the building and equipment for the brand new Prison Courthouse and the Video Link System. Love News attended the unveiling of the project which was designed to modernize the operation of the �

The UDP Leadership: Saldivar or Faber?
Three terms are the time limit given for any individual to serve as Prime Minister of Belize. Dean Barrow is at the end of that three term limit and that knowledge has doused the ambitions of Minister of Education Patrick Faber and Minister of National Security John Saldivar to pursue the penultimate leadership role next �

Prison CEO says no more Tuesday Escapes
While Moore's dash to freedom cut his life short, there were three individuals whose sprint lasted a few hours. Rafael Mencias was convicted of manslaughter and accused in a beheading case and Wilser Echeverria who was convicted of killing Panamanian diplomat Jose Rodrigo De la Rosa were both caught hours after their escape on May �

Lessons from Kevin Moore's fatal dash to freedom from Prison
When we spoke to Kolbe CEO Virgilio Murillo earlier today we had an opportunity to ask him about the recent death at the prison. 19 year old Kevin Moore, a man suffering from schizophrenia was shot in the foot after he scaled the exterior fence of the Belize Central Prison on April 30. Murillo spoke �

El Pilar: Wealth Untold
Belize and Guatemala share a common Mayan site known as El Pilar, which spans the territories of both countries. This ancient Mayan Site still holds great value even today since plants of all sorts can be found at the site. El Pilar Maya Forest Gardeners Network has been on a campaign to share with others �


Free Food? Count me in - Taste of the Caye Food Festival
I absolutely love that we get to do many events early on Ambergris. The fact that the food festival ran from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm was right up my alley. Of course, free food did not hurt to get my attention either. The fact that I scored a ride in a hot rod to and from the event was also icing on the cake. So was the fact that I ended up with a sweet iced roll to go. Now back to the beginning. The weather was perfect, nicely overcast with no real threat of rain. My friend Denice and I along with a good-sized crowd were treated to an hour and a half of sampling delicious cuisine from several local Ambergris Caye restaurants.

International Sourcesizz

In the Caribbean Community family of 15 nations, there are two major simmering border rows dating back centuries to the days of British and Spanish colonialism. One involves Venezuela's claim to almost two thirds of Guyana and large tracts of its sea space where American supermajor ExxonMobil has found more than six billion barrels of light, sweet, crude oil. The other has to do with Guatemala laying claim to half of the territory of Belize so it could easily gain road access to the Caribbean coast through Belize for its imports and exports. In the past, Guyana has filed papers with The Netherlands-based International Court of Justice (ICJ) to get rid of what authorities deem as Venezuela's spurious claim to Guyana's territory. Officials there think the country has such a strong case that the World Court will eventually dismiss the Venezuelan effort and settle the decades-old dispute once and for all.

Reef restored: How Belize saved its beloved coral
A choppy half-hour boat ride from the mainland lies a narrow, ribbon-like island ringed with granular coral sand beaches. In the distance, the azure sky seems to meld with the cobalt waters. Along the beach, the gently lapping waves and shallows are tinged brown with native seagrass. It's an idyllic setting. But the island's real draw lies hidden beneath the waves. Under the clear, calm water, large outcroppings of chocolate-colored elkhorn and staghorn coral are entangled in a pastel wash of coral fans and sponges. Queen triggerfish, with tails like neon-blue sickles and pointed, skeptical faces, mingle with schools of yellow-tailed, horse-eye jacks. Occasionally a marine giant such as a spotted eagle ray or loggerhead turtle swims by. It's a tranquil, otherworldly scene, like an Impressionist painting brought to life.

Expedition Unknown exclusive: Josh Gates finds Crystal Skull cave and artifacts
Deep in the jungles of Honduras, there is a special place where an explorer reportedly found an amazing pre-Mayan culture crystal skull. Expedition Unknown is on the hunt to verify that the cave exists and what is inside that would validate these claims. Fans of Indiana Jones will love this episode as Josh Gates heads into a subterranean cave filled with crystals, and finds an untouched ancient piece of pottery in the process. This exploration is based on the last century discovery by Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges, an English adventurer whose explorations of the very same areas netted what is now called the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull that he found with his daughter Anna Mitchell-Hedges in Lubaantun, British Honduras (now called Belize) back in 1924.

State takes over security in Playa del Carmen after weekend shoot-out
We are not aware of any travel advisory warning to Belizeans from our Government but here is a NOTE to Belizeans traveling to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The popular Belizean tourist destination remains on high security RED ALERT as a result of this weekend's massacre and shoot out at the Chapultepec Bar. The army which arrived this Tuesday night to join state police, local police and other authorities under a single state command are conducting various security operatives and check points. Tourists and visitors have been warned to stay away, for the moment, from certain areas of Playa Del Carmen, particularly Avenida Constituyentes. Mexican authorities strongly advise everyone to avoid this area.


  • 'My Body is Precious" in Spanish, 4min. The Office of Special Envoy Belize has launched the animation 'My Body is Precious" in Spanish! It provides a basic and child friendly means of educating young kids about dealing with the dangers and unwanted advances they may receive as they become adults. The animation has already been launched in English, Garifuna, and Mayan.

  • Sea Challenge 2019, 2min. It's Race Time again! The BTB Love Belize Sea Kayak Challenge is days away; are you ready to cheer on your kayakers as they paddle over 200 miles in Belize's waters?

  • Why I Love Living in Belize, 4min. With over 200 pristine cayes (islands) scattered along Belize's coastline-each surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise seawater that teems with brilliant fish, coral, and sponges.A favorite pastime on the cayes is to relax in a hammock, under a gently swaying coconut palm, while sipping an icy Belikin beer, or a pina colada.

  • Sunset at Secret Beach Belize, 1min. May 2019

  • Faces and Place of Belize tour, 4.5min. Take a journey with Cyril Uruwei as he and his team tour the different districts and cayes/islands of Belize, highlighting FACES and PLACES of the Jewel.

  • Handover Ceremony for Courtroom to Prison Video link Project, 12min. Remarks by Chief Justice of Belize Kenneth Benjamin.

  • The International Court of Justice ... Belize's Next Steps, 2.5min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - Frank Gilette Jr., .5min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - Evan P. "Buzz" Bradley Jr., 1.5min.

  • DOLPHINS on yesterday's dive!!!!, .5min. Turn the sound on! You can hear their cute squeaks at the end!

  • SWIM WITH SHARKS IN BELIZE: Shark Ray Alley, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, 9min. I swam with Nurse sharks and Sting Rays at Shark Ray Alley in the Hot Chan Marine Reserve. This little gem is located in Belize, where they have the second largest coral reef in the world. There is so much marine life that you can see including barracuda, tropical fish, squid and so much more! We snorkeled a ship wreck, swam with sharks and came face to face with sting rays!

  • Belize Snorkeling April 2019, 7min.

  • This amazing man called father helping this sloth that was in Rio Santos, 1min. The look of appreciation given to us by wildlife...