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The San Pedro Sun

Fire at Poco Locos Food Court
San Pedro Fire Department have contained a fire that took place this evening at one of the kitchens inside Poco Locos Food Court on Barrier Reef Drive. No major damages are reported and no one was injured.

Surviving A Climate Apocalypse in Belize
They are talking about climate change, and today, these words are echoed by most world leaders, civil society activists and indigenous leaders. In 2016, Belize's own Minister for Economic Development, Petroleum, Investment, Trade and Commerce, Hon. Erwin Contreras, highlighted the need to "bring economic, social, and environmental policies into synergistic balance, to increase resilience in the face of a volatile global economy and a changing global climate". These words remain strong and for good reason - climate change will continue to hit home hard, we will continue to suffer hotter temperatures, longer droughts, less rainfall, more destructive and more frequent tropical storms, and we will continue to see rising sea levels inundating coastal urban areas.

Belizean athletes participate in volleyball tournament in Cuba
Island athlete Gabriel 'Gaby' Nu�ez alongside teammate Bryton Codd of Belize City, has returned to Belize after representing Belize in the 2019 male North, Central America, and the Caribbean (NORCECA) Beach Volleyball Tournament in Varadero, Cuba. The tournament was held from May 9th to the 12th and included teams from Cuba, Belize, Canada, Guatemala, Nicaragua, United States of America (USA), Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Panama, and the Virgin Islands.

U.S. Government Hands Over Prison Courthouse and Video Link Equipment to the Government of Belize
On May 15, 2019, the U.S. Embassy handed over a building for legal use and a video link system to the Government of Belize. Charg� d'Affaires, a.i. Keith Gilges, Chief Justice of Belize Kenneth Benjamin, and Chief Executive Officer of Kolbe Foundation Virgilio Murillo signed the official handover documents at the Belize Central Prison in Hattieville. The project is valued over U.S. $387,000.

Ambergris Caye Camp Starfish 2019 is coming up, sign up to volunteer
As summer approaches, there are several summer camps taking place across the island, among them is the highly anticipated, extra-special Ambergris Caye Camp Starfish! This year's Ambergris Caye Camp Starfish 2019 takes place from Monday, July 8th to Saturday, July 13th at the Lions Den in San Pedro Town. This will be the sixth consecutive year the camp has been spreading awareness of various types of learning/physical disabilities while working with children who have special needs.

Ambergris Today

Fire contained at Poco Loco's
The San Pedro Fire Department is at the scene on Front Street looking into the cause of a fire that broke out at one of the kitchens at the Poco Loco's food court. More information as it becomes available.

Selena Urias To Represent Belize In Miss International 2019
Belize is all set to make a comeback in Miss International as Selena Urias was recently appointed Miss International Belize 2019 by Mr. Enrique De Leon, the national director of Belize for Miss International. She will now represent her country in Miss International 2019 to be held on 12th November 2019. A native of Belize city, Selena Urias is a fitness and travel enthusiast. Selena holds a degree in Business Administration. She is no stranger to the pageantry as she was a part of Miss Universe Belize 2018 and ended up being the fourth runner-up. Later, she represented Belize at Reina Hispanomericana 2018 in Bolivia and also at Reina del Tropico 2018 in Honduras.

Misc Belizean Sources


School Bus Overturns
Preliminary reports coming to our news blog is that a bus carrying students on a school trip from Santa Clara and San Roman R.C. schools in the Corozal District overturned in the Burrel Boom cut off in-front of the Transfer Facility. We are unable to say if there have been any injuries. We hope everyone is okay. We will be following this report.

Decorated trash bins in Orange Walk
We are more than happy to have assisted Masaki Kimura in Corozal to kickoff his pilot project of decorated trash bins in Orange Walk and involving the school children in that municipality. This is a Blessing. So far we have assisted Corozal Town, Sarteneja, Consejo Village and Orange Walk. Way to go! Here is the press release from the Orange Walk Town Council. "Presently, the Orange Walk Town Council is launching the environmental educational project with Masaki Kimura, who is a JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) volunteer and has been working in the town council for one year and three months..."

The CEO Caucus Cancer Ride is an event hosted yearly by the Government of Belize's Chief Executive Officers. In its fourth year, the CEO Caucus is once again pledging to raise $50,000.00 to support national efforts to combat cancer. This year's ride will be held on Saturday, May 18th, 2019, hosted under the theme, "Stronger Together!" The ride will commence with an opening ceremony at 6:00 a.m. at the entrance of the Solid Waste Management Landfill, Mile 24 on the George Price Highway. The ride will start immediately after the opening ceremony and will continue to the National Agriculture and Trade Show grounds in Belmopan where the ride will conclude with a closing ceremony.

Increase in Pump Price of Diesel Oil
The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight tonight the pump price for Diesel Oil will increase by 3 cents from $10.43 to $10.46 per gallon.

Caye Caulker Mother's Day Dance
Saturday May 25, 6pm-2am, Caye Caulker Central Park.

�Go Green� activity in Corozal
The Corozal Town Council alongside JICA ( Japanese International Corporation Agency) will be conducting a �Go Green� activity to commemorate World Environment Day on 5th June, 2019 Join us as we make a pledge to protect our environment". This media blog pledges to curtail the use of plastic bags. What will be your pledge to help clean our Corozal Community?

2019 Children's Essay Competition
Talented Students make the world a better place. If you know any, encourage them to submit to the Children's Essay Competition. Their words can make a difference, while also giving them the chance to win thousands of dollars! "Talented Students make the world a better place. If you know any, encourage them to submit to the Children's Essay Competition. Their words can make a difference, while also giving them the chance to win thousands of dollars!"

Representatives from the Business Development, Registrar of Hotels & Timeshares, Destination Planning & Cruise departments met with the San Pedro Tour Operator Association
Last night at the Sunbreeze Hotel.

PGIA & FSTV Chocolate Events

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Greta, The Professor, Batman VS. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Hole in the Ground. **It's the final episode of Game of Thrones ever.. Last episode was stressful .. Who will take the throne? Our questions will be answered sunday.. 7 and 9:30

Am amazing International Museum Day celebration engaging with students and the community
We all learned Yucatec Maya thanks to the incredible people of To'one Masehualoon. Miss Adela Pederson, Adan Palomo, Faustino Yam and Roy Rodriguez comprise this NGO who work tirelessly to promote and preserve the Yucatec Maya culture. Today we had 8 primary school classes in attendance as well as interested community members. Thank you to each and everyone who attended the language sessions. Ma'alob K'in!!

BTB Meets with San Pedro Tour Operators Association
The San Pedro Tour Operators Association would like to thank the team from,The Belize Tourism Board for their attendance in our general meeting. It was a fruitful meeting. The members got the opportunity to voice their concerns and suggestions in regards to 3 main points. 1. Law enforcement and violators prosecution 2. Licenses delay and education on renewal procedures 3. Assistance on local destination projects On this same note... We are advising businesses and tour guides to get inform on the law for tour operation in Belize. You can contact any BTB office or The San Pedro Tour Operators Association. We are more than welcome to assist you.

Channel 7

Well Known Criminal Attorney Detained in Murder Conspiracy, Turns Out To Be Bogus
This morning police stopped, searched and detained a well known criminal attorney. They were investigating him for possible involvement in a murder conspiracy. That's right - a male attorney who allegedly took out a hit on a women. Police even had an alleged recording which was provided to them, of this attorney allegedly hiring a gangster to carry out the hit. It's a sensational and unprecedented allegation against an officer of the court - but it may have been a little too well packaged for the police - and we'll tell you why later.

He Claimed It Was An Accident, But Man Charged for Wife's Murder
And while that attorney will not be charged - a man has been charged for murdering his common law wife. Big Falls resident, 48 year old Andrew Caliz claims he accidentally shot his 32 year old wife Noehmy Duarte Caceres before dawn on Tuesday. But, the evidence didn't match the story - and the DPP told the cops to charge for murder; she concluded it was no accident. The head of national crimes investigation told us why today:...

Primary School Excursion Derailed in Dangerous Accident
This morning, about 54 passengers aboard a Tillett bus had a terrifying experience when it ran off the Boom-Hattieville road and ended up overturned on its right side, in a deep ditch running along the highway. It happened just before 6:00 near the dump site. The bus was a charter for a school trip from the Santa Clara/San Roman RC in the Corozal district, along with their teachers and their parents. The children were headed to Xunantunich, but their ill fated trip ended many miles way on the Boom road.

Police Say School Trip Was Lucky
Here's the police account of what happened:... ASP Alejandro Cowo, O.C., C.I.B., Belize City: "This morning at about six-twenty, police responded to a traffic accident on the Boom Road where upon arrival by the dump site area, they observed a Tillett Bus on the right hand side of the road leaning up on one side. They also observed several students suffering from various degrees of injuries. What we know is that the bus was traveling from Corozal enrooted to Xunantunich. It was a group of students from Santa Clara RC School that were on an educational trip to Xunantunich, when apparently the bus driver began to feel dizzy and all of a sudden he lost control and ended up on that side of the road..."

Assad Shoman Says Yes Vote Was victory For Belize
Assad Shoman has been named Belize's Agent at the International Court of Justice in the Hague. The word "agent" seems vague, but it's the official name for a critical post. The Agent is the team captain for the ICJ effort, coordinating all the legal, diplomatic, and organizational elements in the ICJ case. Tonight, in an exclusive interview, he speaks about what his top priorities are in that role. But, first, we asked him to reflect on a tough campaign to get Belizean to vote "yes" to the ICJ. He said it is a people's victory:...

Assad, The Agent
And so, while Shoman feels supremely confident about the path to the ICJ - organizationally, it's not a cakewalk. As the Agent, he has a list of 10 major priorities which we'll tell you all about tomorrow. But we can tell you tonight what's the top three. Number one is repealing the Maritime Areas Act - and that's happening on Monday; number two is writing to the registrar of the ICJ by 9th June to lodge the case. And number three is submitting an application to the Court for what are known as "provisional measures." As we told you those measures would ask the court to intervene and stop the Guatemalans from employing aggressive militaristic behaviors on our the Sarstoon - which is our southern boundary. Shoman told us why the Sarstoon is a top priority:..,.

Belize Ahead of Guatemala in ICJ Preparations
And, so, while Shoman has his priorities planned out as the agent, along with co-agent Alexis Rosado - it seems that Belize is one, or a few steps ahead of the Guatemalans. He told us what he knows about where the Guatemalans are in their drive to the ICJ:... Jules Vasquez- Reporter: "Are there any indications from their camp about when they intend to go and how soon will we know what they claim, any and all?" H.E. Assad Shoman- Named Belize's Agent at ICJ: "Well, we won't know that until they put in their memorial probably within a year. But besides that; it is strange. Do you remember during the campaign you had some people from all over the place making categorical statements that Guatemala already has the best team of lawyers in the world...'"

Appeal Court Overturns Lower Court Decision on House Meeting Upheaval
For sure, you remember that historic House Meeting of August 26th, 2016. That's the day when the House of Representatives devolved into a chaotic mess. Who can forget that scene when the PUP's Julius Espat, was named by former House Speaker Michael Peyrefitte, and he was forcibly dragged out of the House by members of the security forces. He was suspended from the House, and stripped of his salary as an elected parliamentarian, after his outburst to former Speaker Peyrefitte, who refused to entertain him on the topic of corruption in public life.

Hon. J. Espat Vindicated
This afternoon, Espat granted the press an interview to discuss his successful appeal, and why he thinks that he's on the way to proving that the standing orders were not properly followed, making his suspension from the House unlawful. He said that he has personal reasons for pursuing this case, but he also wants a precedent to be established on how these types of suspensions are supposed to be done:

Why Did Cayo South Not Say No For Julius?
Today's encounter with Espat gave the press an opportunity to ask him about the surprising outcome of the ICJ referendum in his Cayo South constituency. Seasoned political observers did not expect that constituency to vote Yes, given that Espat was a militant "no". He told the press today that he did not try to strong-arm the voters of Cayo South to vote for what he believes is best: Hon. Julius Espat: "My position was clear as to I believe that I have doubts of going to the ICJ and I believe that the risk is too high. That is on record. But we didn't go into Cayo South to be able to instruct our people as to what to do..."

PUP Will Abort Supreme Court Challenge of Special Agreement
Immediately after the referendum results were announced, reports started emerging out of the Opposition that they were abandoning their court claim against the 2008 Special Agreement. You'll remember that as the case that produced the injunction which prevented the Barrow Government from holding the referendum on April 10th. Before the May 8th referendum was held, the PUP said that they intended to pursue this case as far as they needed to, in their quest to prove that the Special Agreement is unlawful.

Hardliner Espat Inclined to Vote Yes to MAA Repeal
So, while that's his stance on the Special Agreement case, we wondered what his vote will be at next week Monday's House Meeting. That's when the Barrow Government will table an amendment to the Maritime Areas Act, so that Belize can claim all its territorial waters from the Mouth of the Sarstoon and Ranguana Cayes. Belizeans, including members of his party, have been clamoring for this change for years now, and so, the press asked if he will support the amendment. He said that as long as it is drafted to benefit the country, he will:

UDP Carishores Convention Contention
Political tension is thick amends the UDP's movers and shakers in the Caribbean Shores divisions. As we've been reporting, Santino Castillo, Leila Peyrefitte and Lee Mark Chang have all expressed an interest in an area that is not even vacant! Duly endorsed standard bearer Darrell Bradley has NOT indicated that he will step down and he is expected to have a meeting with the Prime Minister tomorrow to discuss this. But, big wheels in the political machine are turning and the UDP is having a party council meeting on Saturday to decide on the Carishores convention. We are told that the best Bradley may be offered is to contest the convention. And, it would be a quick one. Reports say the party wants to push to convention for as early as next month. That would seem to put Leila Peyrefitte at an advantage - since she has been working in the area in the referendum campaign.

Peyrefitte Too Busy To Study The Shores
And one name that used to be mentioned along with those two is Mike Peyrefitte - who was being seen as a possible candidate for leader. But that political gambit failed - and today he told us he has too much on his plate to be focusing on politics. Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General: "I am absolutely consumed with the AG's ministry, with Vital Stats with companies, with UNCAC, good for them, good for them and so I wish whoever represents the UDP in that area is the best person to go up against the current representative for the PUP and I will just watch and observe and support whoever is the candidate."

Diverse Abilities on Display
The National Resource Center for Inclusive Education (NARCIE) hosted its 6th annual National Exceptional Confidence Talent Show. Students from all over the country with varying forms of diverse abilities gathered at the Swift Hall in Belize City to perform. We spoke to the manager of NARCIE who explained how important a show case like this is to these children and why the public should change their perception of kids with diverse abilities.

Police Justify Charging Zena For Manslaughter
As we told you last night 20 year old Zena Armstrong was charged with manslaughter for stabbing 19 year old Anna Villanueva through the heart. Now many have taken to social media to express outrage that Armstrong wasn't charged with murder. Today at the police press briefing Head of the Crimes Investigation Branch ACP Joseph Myvette says he can't go into much detail on this case but that the police nor the DPP can base their decision on emotions or optics, they have to look at what the evidence and the outcome of their investigation show.

The Beef That Killed Baldwin
And the head of Eastern Division CIB, ASP Alejandro Cowo also commented on the murder of 22 year old Lyndon Baldwin. He was killed in an Ebony Street yard on Monday night - but not found until the following morning. So what led to his death? Well, police say this area has seen a number of shooting recently and Cowo told us what's at the bottom of the rivals and gun violence:..

Baldwin Brother Arrested With Gun
Notably, a short time ago, a sibling of Lyndon Baldwin's - who was allegedly the target on Monday night - was arrested by police with a fully loaded nine millimeter Smith and Wesson pistol. He is expected to be charged tomorrow.

Talking Tvet's
There are some who may not appreciate plumbing, electrical and mechanical work as top career choices but we depend on these professionals daily. They also need to be celebrated for contributing to the work force. Today the Ministry of Education along with its partners celebrated them at their 3rd National Technical Vocational Education Training Conference at the Biltmore. Educators from TVET's countrywide along with representatives from the public and private sectors were present.

Hon. Espat Keeps An Eye On Court
Earlier in the news, we showed you our interview with Cayo South Area Representative Julius Espat, in which he discussed several different topics. Among those are 2 cases before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin that he has interest in. The first is that case we told you about last month that Espat as the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, and Opposition Leader John Briceno has brought against Prime Minister Barrow.

Making Birth Registration Simpler, Faster
The Attorney General's Ministry, UNICEF, UNHCR along with other partners hosted a national birth registration consultation at the Radisson today. Now almost every Belizean has a horror story about waiting months, sometimes much longer for a copy of their birth paper only to get it back with errors from the Vital Stats office or trying to fix an error you made on your child's birth paper years agoand the list goes on. Well, AG Michael Peyrefitte is trying to address these concerns by identifying the issues and setbacks within the vital stats office, figuring out what's causing them and finding an effective way forward.

AG Urges PUP to Abandon
Speaking on the road ahead to the ICJ - and the current legal issues in domestic courts, AG Peyrefitte also backed up what his one-time adversary Julius Espat said the PUP will do - and that is abandon their challenge to the special agreement: Hon. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General: "I think it would be in the best interest of the PUP now to discontinue and withdraw those cases from the court, that would be my suggestion we talk about cooperation with the opposition, I think that is a way the opposition can start to cooperate. They need to take the guns out of their hands and say listen the people have spoken and now we must work together moving forward to ensure we get the best representation in the ICJ for the people of Belize."

The Mile 44 Mystery Robbery
Police have arrested and charged two men and are looking for two others after a holdup at a farm in the Cayo district. It happened two days ago at mile 44 on the George Price Highway where four masked men carrying a gun and knives tied up watchman, Juan Garcia in the security booth. They beat him up and stole his money. But a passerby intervened and that led to the arrest of two of the men. Police told us more:

Roaring Weapons
In other news from out west a search yesterday at 11:15 am in Roaring Creek in a house across from the cemetery, police found a 16 gauge double barrel sawed off shotgun - and a 9mm Glock pistol. Shelly Scott has been CHARGED for kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license

Pleads Guilty To Bank Scam
At the beginning of this year, news broke that 3 South Americans were charged by police with the offense of preparation for a crime. That's after the cops allegedly caught them with sophisticated equipment which could be used to steal money from ATMs. 2 of the 3 got off that charge, and tonight, the news is that the third, Chilean Juan Espinosa, has pleaded guilty to the crime. Espinosa appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer this morning, and he indicated to the court that he wanted to accept guilt for the offense. When he and the other South Americans were initially arraigned he pleaded not guilty.

The Many Wonders of Wayne
He's a reggae dancehall star with true staying power and Wayne Wonder is performing in Belize tomorrow night at the Lerisi Garifuna restaurant. He arrived today and we found out more about the show: Lerisi is across from celebrity Restaurant. There will also be performances by Sweet Pain and Mile 41 band.

Channel 5

House of Representatives Sits on Monday to Amend Maritime Areas Act
Parliamentarians will meet on Monday for a Special Sitting of the House of Representatives. The special sitting will be to primarily amend the Maritime Areas Act. While this step was [...]

Julius Espat Discusses Referendum Loss and Maritime Areas Act
The People's United Party is meeting on Friday to determine a position ahead of a collective vote on the proposed amendment to the Maritime Areas Act.� The House of Representatives [...]

Court of Appeal Orders Julius Espat's Claim to be Heard
It made headlines back in August 2016 when opposition parliamentarian Julius Espat was physically removed from the House of Representatives on the instruction of former House Speaker Michael Peyrefitte.� The [...]

Espat's Unlawful Ejection to be Heard Before the Supreme Court
This afternoon, we spoke with Espat who explained that there is merit to the claim that his constitutional rights were indeed violated when he was forcefully kicked out of the [...]

Julius Espat Sues for Damages Two and a Half Years Later
According to Espat, he is seeking redress in the form of compensation for the length of time that he was suspended from the House without pay. Primarily, he wants it [...]

Patrick Faber on U.D.P. Leadership Convention
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is nearing the end of his term as leader of the United Democratic Party. The U.D.P.'s leadership convention is expected to be held sometime before February [...]

Michael Peyrefitte Not Interested in U.D.P. Leadership, at this Time
Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte lost his bid to represent Port Loyola for the U.D.P. in the upcoming general elections. Peyrefitte was defeated by former Belize City councilor Philip Willoughby. Prime [...]

U.D.P.'s National Party Council to Discuss Caribbean Shores Convention, Candidates
We also asked the U.D.P.'s Deputy Leader Patrick Faber about the three-way race in the Caribbean Shores constituency. As we reported, Santiago Castillo Junior, who once represented the division, is [...]

A Harrowing Class Trip When a Chartered Bus Overturns on the Boom Road
Twenty persons, including eight students, as well as parents and teachers were injured and had to be rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital this morning after the passenger bus [...]

Andrew Caliz is Arraigned for the Murder of His Common-Law Wife
A tour operator in southern Belize has been charged for the murder of his common-law wife on Tuesday morning.� Forty-eight-year-old Andrew Caliz shot and killed Francisca Caceres Duarte�inside their home [...]

Bail for Stabbing Death of Ana Villanueva Incenses Corozale�os
Twenty-year-old Zena Armstrong is out on bail after being charged with manslaughter.� The incident involved the fatal stabbing of Ana Villanueva in Corozal on Monday night.� The young ladies had [...]

5 Suspects Being Sought for Murder of Lindon Baldwin
Belize City police are looking for five persons in connection with the murder of Lindon Baldwin who was shot and killed on Monday night on Ebony Street.� According to investigators [...]

Chilean National Pleads Guilty to Attempted ATM Scam
Chilean national Juan Espinosa SaaVerdra pleaded guilty to charges stemming from an ATM scam in Dangriga and Belize City; he was fined a total of six thousand dollars, which he [...]

2 Charged for Aggravated Burglary at Farm
On Wednesday, police formally arrested and charged two of four persons believed to have been involved in an aggravated burglary at a farm near mile forty-four on the George Price [...]

The Third National TVET Conference
The third national Technical and Vocational Education and Training Conference is being held in Belize City. The conference began today with a packed agenda where professionals of different backgrounds spoke [...]

EU Wraps Up Banana Project in the South
The European Union wrapped up its two million Euros project in the south today. The project started a year and a half ago with the goal to teach banana farmers [...]

Kolbe Foundation Promotes Health and Rehabilitation behind Prison Walls
The third annual health fair was held today at the central prison. It was held under the theme, "Kolbe Foundation, promoting health and rehabilitation: Healthier Citizens for a more productive [...]

Leo Bradley Library Host 7th Annual Health Fair
A health fair was also held today in Belize City. The seventh annual Leo Bradley Library health fair took place at the library's compound where a number of informational booths [...]

National Birth Registration Consultation Held
A national birth registration consultation was held today in Belize City. Agencies such as UNICEF, UNHCR and the British High Commission partnered with the government to bring together all stakeholders [...]

Finding the Time to Get in Shape with Healthy Living
For people trying to get in shape, one of the most common challenges they encounter is finding the time. Veteran health and fitness coach Ed Williams has a solution to [...]

Late night accident
A van transporting members of the mennonite community reportedly crashed into a silver car earlier tonight. It happened a few miles out of Orange Walk Town. The van was heading in the direction of Corozal. We understand that at least one person received medical attention.

The Reporter

Bus Overturns On Boom Road, Passengers Are Students On School Trip
A Tillett Bus has overturned on the Boom road near the dump. The bus was reportedly carrying students on a school trip.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Andrew Caliz charged for murder
Businessman and Toledo resident, Andrew Caliz, 48, was charged today for the crime of 'murder' [�]

Young man reported missing in Trial Farm
The family of Isais Sosa, 19, student of Trial Farm, Orange Walk is seeking the [�]

Diesel raised by 3 cents
The Ministry of Finance informs that at midnight tonight, the pump price for Diesel Oil [�]

Police charge two men for burglary; seeking two more
Police have formally arrested and charged two men believed to be the thieves that entered [�]

Cayo's People's Coalition Committee elects new executive
The People's Coalition Committee (PCC) of San Ignacio yesterday elected a new executive committee to [�]

Police address public outrage over manslaughter charge
Following massive public outcry on the decision to charge Zena Armstrong with manslaughter in respect [�]

Beach Jaguars crash out of CONCACAF championship
Belize's Beach Jaguars beach soccer team were unable to register a win at the CONCACAF [�]

Christian Festival coming to Santa Elena, Cayo
A first of its kind Christian Festival will be held in Santa Elena, Cayo on [�]

BNTU salutes their teachers during education week
As a token of appreciation for the hard works teachers around the country put out [�]


Third national TVET Conference held at Biltmore
Today, the Ministry of Education held its third national TVET Conference at the Biltmore Plaza. The focus of the conference is to highlight and promote technical and vocational education and training. It is aimed towards all stakeholders in vocational education, from the trainees to the employers. Love News found out more today from the Minister �

Several people hospitalized after bus carrying students overturns
A chartered bus carrying students from Santa Clara/San Roman RC School, Corozal District, overturned this morning at around seven o'clock. The students, along with their parents and teachers, were on a class trip when the accident occurred due to the driver reportedly experiencing health issues. The passengers were shaken up and about 20 of them �

Prisoners Interactive Health Fair
On Wednesday we told you about the quarter million dollar investment in the first prison court. The building and videoconferencing equipment, complete with a server room, bathrooms, attorney/client meeting rooms and with a live prison to court video feed came courtesy of the US Embassy via the Central American Regional Security Initiative. Today the health �

"National Birth Registration Consultation"
The Vital Statistics Unit was the subject of much controversy in recent months. Prior to the referendum, many persons who attempted to get their birth paper in order to re-register in time to vote in the referendum had problems obtaining their birth paper. Some persons discovered that they were never registered at all or the �

Minister Faber says unity is the most important thing for the UDP
Matters within the United Democratic Party (UDP) are currently heating up as it, as well as the rest of the country, is anxiously awaiting the next leadership convention to decide who will take over the role of party leader from Prime Minister Dean Barrow. So far, there are two names in the running: Deputy �

Education Minister says it's important to cherish teachers
Every year, during the month of May, we celebrate some of the hardest working individuals in the world - teachers. Teachers are responsible for shaping the minds of every student, so that they can eventually go on to become successful in whatever field of career they choose. That is no easy task, and so tomorrow, �

"Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Life"
In keeping with its mission of informing the society, today Leo Bradley Library held its seventh annual health fair, which was visited by students and the public. The fair was held under the theme "Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy life". Love news spoke with Shaunna Vaccaro, Senior Library Assistant, who said that when it comes �

Derrick Gabb will stand trail for rape
47-year-old Derrick Gabb, also known as Wiz, has been committed to stand trial in the October session of the Supreme Court. Gabb was accused of raping a Canadian woman during a social. Today, Gabb appeared without his attorney before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford for a preliminary inquiry. During the PI, Sergeant Macedonio Sanchez tendered into �


The Corozal House of Culture Is Celebrating International Museum Day
International Museum Day 2019. The worldwide community of museums will celebrate International Museum Day on and around 18 May 2019. Participation in International Museum Day is growing among museums all over the world. May 16, 2019, The Corozal House of Culture Celebrated its International Museum Day Today Thursday in Corozal. Yucatec Maya Language Lessons To'one Masehualoon Mayan Language Lesson By Ms. Adela Pederson is at the Corozal House of Culture giving Mayan Langauge to the Schools around Corozal. This is event is to teach the younger generation the Language Skills about the Maya's in Belize. This Maya History is a very important Culture to learn. If you want to learn more about this event, there will be a class at 1pm and it will conclude at 3pm today.

International Sourcesizz

Banana Leaves Have Replaced Plastic Packaging In Asian Supermarkets
Rimping Supermarket in Chiang Mai, Thailand, recently decided to swap out their single-use plastic wrappers for banana leaves. The banana leaves are now used to keep bunches of cucumbers, peppers, and beans together. On each of the banana leaves is a sticker with the barcode, product, and notice that the leaves and food are pesticide free. While the stickers are still single-use plastic, getting rid of plastic packaging is a step forward for grocery stores.

South Florida's premier Caribbean culinary and cultural celebration, Caribbean305, returns to Miami on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at Mana Wynwood , a new location for the annual event. Featuring flavors from more than a dozen countries and territories, Caribbean305 spotlights award-winning chefs and mixologists from 14 destinations, such as the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cura�ao, Grenada, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and Turks and Caicos. The event will also feature cultural influences from Antigua and Barbuda, and the Dominican Republic. The guests, who will be welcomed by moko jumbie stilt walkers and carnival dancers in full-feathered regalia, will also enjoy live Caribbean entertainment, including reggae, soca, salsa and zouk.

Sargassum killing Mexico and Caribbean beaches and tourism industry
Tourists looking for sun and sand in Mexican resorts like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum have been disgusted by foul-smelling mounds of sargassum - a seaweed-like algae - piling up on beaches and turning turquoise waters brown, and experts are warning that it may be the new normal. Mexico's Riviera Maya Caribbean coast provides half the country's tourism revenues, and very little sargassum reached it prior to 2014. But a possible combination of climate change, pollution from fertilizers and ocean flows and currents carrying the algae mats to the Caribbean has caused the problem to explode. While it may not have the global impact of melting of polar ice, the vast mats of sargassum filling the Caribbean could be one of the more visible climate-change events because of the sheer number of people who visit the region's popular tourist beaches, some officials say.

Guyana in consolation beach football win over Belize
Guyana ended their CONCACAF Beach Football World Cup qualifiers on a winning note, overcoming Belize 3-2 yesterday at the Puerto Vallarta facility in Mexico. Faced with a 2-0 deficit following goals from Wayne Ford and Marlon Meza in the third and fifth minute respectively, Guyana stormed back to clinch the result compliments of three unanswered goals.

Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival begins its 8th anniversary May 23-26
The Garifuna International Indigenous Film Festival (GIIFF) will celebrate its 8th anniversary, with an emphasis on screenings and programming about social and cultural issues, currently making headline news. The four-day festival runs from May 23-26, 2019 at the Electric Lodge, located at 1416 Electric Ave. in Venice, Calif. Opening night festivities will kick off with the Los Angeles premiere of Dak'Tok� Ta�no (I Am Taino) at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at the Electric Lodge Theatre.

U.S. Strategy for Engagement in the Caribbean
The Caribbean region is the United States' "third border," characterized by common interests and societal ties that yield daily, tangible benefits for U.S. citizens. The United States is the primary trading partner for the Caribbean, representing a vibrant economic partnership that in 2016 saw a $4.6 billion trade surplus for the United States, 14 million U.S. tourist visits, and 11,042 Caribbean students studying in the United States. We also face many common threats across the region. Small, but significant, numbers of violent extremists from the region have joined ISIS. Caribbean countries have some of the highest murder rates in the world. Rising crime and endemic corruption threaten governments' ability to provide security and good governance.


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