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The San Pedro Sun

Ambergris Caye and the region once again threatened by Sargassum bloom
On Ambergris Caye, one of the areas frequented by tourist is the Boca del Rio strip and has become inundated with Sargassum making it unattractive and affecting all business establishments located on this stretch of beach. The mounds of decaying seaweed are causing a dent in the economy for the restaurants and bars along the beach. The stench of the Sargassum has led many visitors away from the eastern beaches of the island, where the problem grows every day with fresh seaweed arriving every night.

Caye Caulker’s Ocean Academy students win 2019 MOE Youth Innovative Challenge
Caye Caulker’s Ocean Academy (OA) won the 2019 Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Youth Innovation Challenge competition on Thursday, May 9th in Belize City. OA’s students Preston Smith, Lupita Aldana, Daniela Novelo, Alejandro Arias-Perez, and Vincent Sotz, along with their mentor Janel Cayetano, competed against 14 other high schools from around the country at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex, placing first at the end of the competition with their financial literacy mobile application.

SPHS students participate in educational workshop with Our World Project
Long-time island visitors Larry and Debbie Heimgartner hosted a workshop to discuss social issues affecting the island community on Wednesday, May 15th at the San Pedro High School (SPHS). The workshop is part of their Our World Project, and a group of students from first form participated in the activity that included two plays portraying real-time events that can be associated with life on Ambergris Caye. Assisting the Heimgartners were SPHS counselor Alexis Guerrero, English actress Sarah Mackenzie, and island resident Natasha Stuart.

Belize appoints Agents for ICJ and amends 1992 Maritime Areas Act
After a majority of Belizeans authorized the Government of Belize (GOB) to submit the Guatemalan territorial claim to Belize at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by voting ‘Yes’ at the May 8th territorial referendum, two Belizean Agents have been selected to represent the country at this world court. Former Ambassador and Minister of Foreign Affairs Assad Shoman has been assigned as the Agent, while current Ambassador to Guatemala His Excellency Alexis Rosado will be the Co-Agent.

Ambergris Today

Prices For Costa Maya Tickets Announced
The San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival committee is working arduously to bring to its audience an exuberant three-day event as it is celebrating its 27th anniversary from July 26 to July 28. After its grand announcement for international night featuring international artists Becky G, people have gone wild wanting to know more about this year’s festival. Mr. Horacio Guerrero was on Reef TV on Friday, May 17, 2019 and had some updates on the festival and pricing of tickets.

Misc Belizean Sources


Happy Teachers' Day
Courtesy of Retired School Teacher "Maestro" David Acosta of Corozal - " Happy Teachers' Day to all my friends and by extension to all Teachers. The first Teachers' Day was celebrated in Corozal by the Corozal Rural Branch of the BNTU in Libertad on 15th May, 1982 at a General Meeting of the Branch for that purpose. BNTU Corozal Rural was born in 1980 - 1981, when it broke away from the Corozal Branch. Now we have Corozal Town Branch and Corozal Rural Branch. Not all Rural Schools in Corozal belong to the Corozal Rural Branch because at the time, they chose to remain with the Corozal Town Branch. Rural's first Branch President was Asterio Ortega who, in 1984, stepped down when he entered politics.

International Museum Day Celebration
Am amazing International Museum Day celebration engaging with students and the community. We all learned Yucatec Maya thanks to the incredible people of To'one Masehualoon. Miss Adela Pederson, Adan Palomo, Faustino Yam and Roy Rodriguez comprise this NGO who work tirelessly to promote and preserve the Yucatec Maya culture. Today we had 8 primary school classes in attendance as well as interested community members. Thank you to each and everyone who attended the language sessions. Ma'alob K'in!!

SBDC Workshop: Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting (Part 1 of Accounting Series)
The aim of the workshop is to provide tools that enhance participants' knowledge on basic accounting. Through this workshop participants better understand how to use their numeracy skills in and prior book keeping information, how to improve their businesses by using simple business management techniques and how to develop financial statements. Presented by: Mr. Jorge Gentle, Business Adviser, SBDCBelize, Beltraide. Location: Punta Gorda Town Council. Workshop Date: May 23rd, 2019. Time: 9am to 3pm. Cost: $60.00, Includes lunch and refreshments.

New Toolkit to Access the Green Climate Fund in Belize to be Launched in June
A “Toolkit for the Green Climate Fund’s National Designated Authority in Belize” will be launched by the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum (MEDP) in late June 2019. The toolkit was designed to help organisations in Belize understand and access “climate finance”. The toolkit will also provide guidance to the Ministry in the undertaking of its roles and responsibilities as the country’s National Designated Authority (NDA) to the Green Climate Fund (GCF). The NDA will be supported by the Belize National Climate Change Committee (BNCCC). Additionally, the toolkit will be used as a general awareness-raising tool that covers the GCF operational modalities amongst key national stakeholders.

Sarteneja Fisher Fair 2019
SACD is once more very happy to invite the general public to the "Sarteneja Fisher Fair 2019" which will also mark the inauguration of the 2019 Fisher Month that is nationally celebrated every year in June. This year we are partnering with the Sarteneja Regatta Working Crew to host the arrival of the "BTB Love Sea Challenge" in Sarteneja. SACD takes pride in recognizing the traditional fishers of CBWS and their efforts to adopt sustainable mechanisms for their fishery resources. when? Sunday, May 26, 2019! where? Sarteneja Village Almendro Park! Time? Starting at 10am.... DON'T MISS OUT!

CRC Crocodile Rick patch
The CRC Croc Ambassador Rick got his name from the popular TV show Rick and Morty. Recently some friends helped us immortalize him by the creation of this awesome patch! This CRC Crocodile Rick patch, as well as some other apparel, will soon be available to purchase to raise funds to support crocodile conservation projects in Belize. So stay tuned for updates on their release for purchase! *Anybody see the resemblance?"

FCD gets BATSUB Donations
Today, BATSUB and the British High Commission in Belize presented FCD with ranger gears and equipment, essential to operate in Chiquibul. We highly appreciate the support.

Channel 7

Attorney Found with Unlicensed Ammo, COMPOL Says He Was Set Up
Yesterday we showed you the dramatic scene on the Faber's Road when 6 police vehicles sprang into action to block the road - and stop a well known attorney's vehicle in its tracks.  They held it there for an hour as they painstakingly searched the vehicle.  We have since learned that they found 5 rounds of 9MM ammunition - but the attorney has not and will not be charged. The commissioner told us why: Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "Basically the police had received information and we acted on information and it goes to show that for us, it does not matter against who the information is, once we have information that we believe is credible, we are going to act..."

PUP Will Vote For Maritime Areas Act Repeal
Yesterday, we showed you our interview with PUP's Julius Espat, who said that in next Monday's House Meeting, he was prepared to support the Government Maritime Areas Amendment Bill. It's on the checklist of priority objectives to complete before Belize's goes to the ICJ to challenge Guatemala's territorial claim. Espat explained that the electorate has spoken in last week Wednesday's referendum, and that as a servant of the people, he must respect their wishes. So, we wondered what his fellow PUP parliamentarians intended to do when this bill was tabled. The Opposition had a parliamentary caucus meeting to discuss just that today, and after a 2-hour session, Leader John Briceno took a few questions from the waiting press on the consensus they've reached. He said that his party will support the amendment, especially they were already pushing for it:

PUP Agrees to Bi-Partisan Committee on ICJ
And according to Briceno, the UDP government and the Opposition have already agreed to start work together in preparation for the ICJ.  He said that the Prime Minister is proposing to put together a bipartisan committee of 4, which will work closely with Assad Shoman, who was named as Belize's Agent at the International Court of Justice. He explained what this committee's purpose will be, and who he is nominating to represent the PUP on the Committee: Hon. John Briceno - Leader of Opposition: "Well, the Prime Minister has proposed a bipartisan committee of 4, where the government is appoint 2 members, as you all know the foreign minister is the chairman of the committee, along with the attorney general.."

"Agent"ť Shoman Calls For Full Opposition Involvement
And on the government side of that expression of bipartisanship, yesterday, the Assad Shoman told us very clearly that the process must fully involve the opposition: H.E. Assan Shoman - Belize's Agent at ICJ: "The video that the leader of the opposition put out the following day, that was a wonderful gesture. Like he said, the people have spoken, so I think that gives the Em Privado if you like of the major opposition party at this time, a major party in the history of Belize..."

Family Distraught, DNA Samples Don't Match Anisha
No match: that's what the results of Anisha Young's DNA test showed â€" and it is shocking to say the least.  Everything had been on a standstill since December after the samples from her grandmother, along with skin tissue and hair that were found on a feeder road in Maskall village were all sent for testing.  Well - according to the family - it turns out they weren't.  Tonight, the family is confused and in disbelief.  If this is, in fact, accurate, the investigation has now been turned upside down and there are way more questions than at the start of the apparent murder mystery.

Espinosa Attorney Speaks
Last night, we told you about Juan Espinosa, the Chilean national who pleaded guilty to preparation for a crime. Police say that he was attempting to steal the banking information of customers of Scotia Bank in at their Belize City and Dangriga ATM branches, which he would have then used to scam money from the bank and those customers. As we told you, police say that they caught him and 2 other South Americans with pieces of equipment that could be used capture the personal information of customers using the bank's ATMs, and its purpose was to steal money. Those 2 others got off that charge, but Espinosa decided after months of fighting it in the Magistrate's Court, that he would accept guilt.

Bejerano Recaptured After Years On the Run
Lincoln Bejerano's 3 years of life on the run ended this morning. The 28 year old escaped from Belmopan police custody in November 2016.  Based on intelligence, police finally caught him this morning at the Benque border. Police believe he had been hiding out in Guatemala all this time. Bejerano will be charged with escape. Now Bejerano is considered a dangerous criminal. He was charged for the 2016 murder of Belmopan taxi man Isidro Suar among other charges. In April 2017, he was also listed as one of 6 Belizeans on Interpol's most wanted list.

COMPOL Speaks on Zayna Charge
Ever since Corozal resident Zayna Armstrong was charged for manslaughter and not murder, there's has been an outcry on social media from her family and friends.  The 20 year old killed 19 year old Ana Villanueva last Sunday night - by stabbing her with a three inch knife right into the heart.   Commissioner Chester Williams is very attuned to that kind of Facebook chatter - and his office issued a statement yesterday.  Today, he explained why the manslaughter charge was laid, and how it could change:

Cop Re-Enlisted
And while that is a public matter that is causing controversy right now - there's another which has gotten far less attention.  That is the re-enlistment of a cop who was accused of killing a youth back in 2005.  It was a huge controversy at the time when 21 year old student Leslie Rogers Jr was gunned down on Euphrates Avenue by Constable Aldo Ayuso. Ayuso was charged for manslaughter a year later, but never went on trial because the charge was withdrawn.  He was re-instated to the police department and then dismissed in 2011. Well, Ayuso is now back in the department and has been for some months now.  And it's raised some grumblings within the rank and file - because he is a cop who killed a civilian - and also because he worked with now Compol Williams in the CIU.  That was a short-lived, but hard charging unit where Williams was the OC.  Today we asked Williams about Ayuso's re-enlistment.  

Asian Family Terrorized By Home Invaders
Imagine coming home to 3 masked armed men on your verandah. That's exactly what happened to a Chinese family early this morning after midnight. Jian Hong Wu, her husband You Qiu Chen and their 13 year old son Jayden Chen had just arrived at their home in the King's Park Area. They were coming from the family restaurant Wong Gock Restaurant. When they got home, the men ordered them inside, tied them up and assaulted all three of them.  Today, the Commissioner told us more: Chester Williams- Commissioner of Police: "Two Asian descent persons were assaulted and one 9mm pistol was stolen and an undisclosed amount of money. Police have been investigating that matter and we have identified a suspect who we are currently looking for..."

Brother of Murder Victim Busted With Gun
Last night we told you about the arrest of a man whose brother had been killed earlier in the week.   Well tonight, 28 year-old Lindsford Baldwin, a welder of Ebony Street in Belize City known as "MOLE", is at the Belize Central Prison after being taken to court for possession of an unlicensed firearm. At around 6:00 yesterday evening, police saw Baldwin standing on the corner of Ebony Street and Magazine Road, and when Baldwin spotted them, he ran. The cops followed him, and they allegedly saw when he took the gun threw it into an empty lot.

More Than A Game
The eastern Division Youth Basketball Cup tipped off this evening at the Yabra basketball court.  It's a major peace building initiative from the police department featuring 16 neighborhood teams playing for a cash prize over a 6 month season.  Basketball is the game, but it's really about breaking down turf  barriers between rival neighborhoods.  Today, the police commissioner told us more:

Police Will Re-Commit To Youth Cadets
But while police are putting their all into this major effort - we wondered about a less known but equally important community policing initiative:

Brits, Friends of Friends
The British High Commission today donated $25,000 worth of clothing and equipment to Friends for Conservation (FCD). The British High Commissioner Claire Evans invited FCD and the British Army Training Support Unit (BATSUB) to their office in Belmopan for the hand over. This donation will further assist FCD rangers to conduct their patrols and related work in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. In a statement on the British High Commission facebook page it states, QUOTE " The donationcomplementsongoing projectswhich include Protecting the Bio-cultural Landscape and Mitigating Illegal Wildlife Tracking in the Chiquibul."

Assad, The Agent's Mission
As we've been reporting this week, and earlier in this newscast - Assad Shoman has been named the Agent, basically the team captain leading Belize's legal and diplomatic team going to the ICJ.  He's the leading authority on all matters having to do with the claim, and, in an interview yesterday, he outlined his responsibilities as agent:  H.E. Assan Shoman - Belize's Agent at ICJ: "What we have to do is to really manage the case, lead the delegation, deal with the lawyers, brief the lawyers, be briefed by the laws, organize the research..."

Working on An ICJ Timeline
And the first quick move is to notify the ICJ that Belize is submitting to the court, as per the special agreement.  The Registrar of the ICJ has already told Belize - basically - we're just waiting on you. H.E. Assan Shoman - Belize's Agent at ICJ: "This is a note that was sent to us to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from ICJ registrar saying that Guatemala, I believe it was sometime in August if last year. Notified the court that their referendum process has gone and that in effect that their submission of the case. So we have to do that within a month."

Who's On Belize's Legal Team?
And, simultaneously, within that month, Shoman also has to start steering Belize's legal team.  There's been a lot of public speculation about the quality of this team.  Well, it is being led by a firm called Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, one of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the world.  Shoman told us the names of all who will be on the team: H. E. Assad Shoman-Named Belize's Agent at ICJ: "We took on Freshfields. At the moment the person who is representing Freshfields is Ben Juratowitch QC. He is an Australian, he is the head of the public international law practice at Freshfields..."

The Difference Between Independence and the ICJ
But back in the 70's when Belize was trying to gain independence - there was no top international law firm advising Belize.  It was a homegrown effort led by the PUP government - and Shoman was pivotal figure in what become known as the internationalization of the Belize question.  Belize won her independence without ceding any territory to Guatemala - as the British would have wanted us to do. We asked him to compare the difficult international campaign for Belize's independence and the bitter domestic campaign for a yes to the ICJ:..

How Belize Got From No To Go
And so while he says the ICJ campaign was far easier, for a while there it seemed very unlikely that Belize would get that "yes" to the ICJ.  Shoman gave us his assessment of what he fells tipped the scales of public opinion and voter sentiment in favor of a "Yes": H.E. Assan Shoman - Belize's Agent at ICJ: "When I first came into the picture a few months ago, I saw that on the grounds the No was overpowered and many shared that opinion as well but I also felt that once people know the reality, they will make up their minds the way wisdom takes them. Remember, that that that time there was nobody saying yes. The government was conducting a very sterile campaign not saying yes or no, present the facts, be informed and so on..."

The ICJ, Assad's Final Mission?
So, now that he's gotten a yes - and feels strongly that the case will be successful - will this be Shoman's last mission?  Well, it's complicated: Shoman says that as Agent for the ICJ case, he will not take up a permanent office at the seat of the court in the Hague.  He said he doesn't feel it is necessary.  We note that Guatemala has a full Embassy at the Hague - which is the administrative capital of the Netherlanbds.

Making Sure There's No Oil Spilled
If you follow international news, you have seen how oil spills have devastated countries like neighboring Mexico. The April 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is considered the largest accidental spill in history. This is just one of countless examples around the world. Belize is fortunate to have not experienced an oil spill and has taken measures through bans and moratoriums to avoid one. But still, the Department of the Environment wants to be prepared just in case. So Belize is hosting a regional workshop on oil spill exercise programs and designs. We stopped by to find out more.

Minister's Message To Teachers
Students all over the country enjoyed a break from school today because it's teachers day, but we would certainly want to think that the teachers had way more fun.  And it would seem that they did based on some of the teacher's facebook posts â€" some teachers went to San Pedro, others went to Hopkins and Placencia to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach away from the stress and demands of the classroom. We spoke to Minister of Education Patrick Faber yesterday and here is what he had to say to all the teachers. vents and activities this month to celebrate education. 

Two Shot, Including 11 Year Old
And we end tonight with bad news.   There was a shooting a few minutes on Central American Boulevard in front of #1 store, which is next to the corner of North Creek.   Reliable reports say that a 21 year old male was short multiple times, in the mid section and legs.  He was rushed to the KHMH, and is reportedly in a critical condition.  And reports also say that an 11 year old boy was also shot tonight - late reports say he was hit in the face.   We'll have more on this on Monday.

Channel 5

Shooting in Belize City
A shooting incident tonight left two persons injured. It happened at around 7 o’clock on Central American Boulevard in Belize City. Reports are that a man and a minor were injured. They were rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

DNA Results Are In
DNA samples sent for testing are in. News Five has been informed that the family of 23-year-old Anisha Young has been notified that the results did not match that of Young. The young woman has not been seen or heard from since the morning of December eighth when she vanished after socializing with her boyfriend at a night club. Suspects have been questioned and released. Pieces of hair extensions and skin were found in a shallow grave off the Old Northern Highway in a search conducted by Young’s family.

ComPol Williams Explains Instructions to Release Attorney Without Ammunition Charge
A well-known attorney was pulled over by the Gang Suppression Unit on Faber’s Road on Thursday morning and a search of his vehicle yielded several rounds of unlicensed ammunition.  Ordinarily, [...]

Will Zena Armstrong Face a Murder Charge for the Stabbing Death of Ana Villanueva?
Charges may be upgraded for Zena Armstrong, who was charged earlier this week for the manslaughter of a Corozal teen. In the wake of Sunday’s stabbing death of nineteen-year-old Ana [...]

Home Invasion in King’s Park, Belize City
There was an aggravated burglary in Kings Park in the early hours of this morning. Police were called out to Leslie Street in Belize City where businesswoman Jian Hong Wu [...]

P.U.P. to Support G.O.B.’s Amendments to Maritime Areas Act
On Monday, government will introduce the Maritime Areas Act (Amendment) Bill during a special Sitting of the House of Representatives. In the amendment, the government will claim all of Belize’s [...]

A Bi-Partisan Approach to the I.C.J., Finally
P.U.P. Leader John Briceńo confirmed today that the Prime Minister has proposed to appoint a four-member committee as the country moves forward with taking the dispute to the International Court [...]

John Briceńo Says P.U.P. Ready for Early Elections
Last Wednesday, the people of Belize voted in favor of taking Guatemala’s unfounded claim to the International Court of Justice. For political observers, it’s a nod of approval for the [...]

Julius Espat Says Two More Suits Against GOB are Languishing Before the Courts
Cayo South Area Representative Julius Espat has filed separate claims before the Supreme Court against the Government of Belize.  Those lawsuits are in addition to pending litigation in the high [...]

Ministry of Education has Zero Tolerance for Corporal Punishment
Last week, forty-five-year-old teacher Judith Cacho was arraigned for allegedly harming an eight-year-old student. The student, Anthony Adolphus, is accusing Cacho of hitting him in the eye with a ruler [...]

Machakilha Road Being Cleared
Earlier in the month, News Five took you to Machakilha Village, a remote community in Toledo District. The story focused on the hardships of students who have to trek for [...]

BSAG Storms the Old Petrojam Building in Libertad
The Belize Defence Force is in the process of culminating its Belize Special Assignment Group special operator course and today, one of several exercises was carried out by a cohort [...]

EU to Invest 27 Million Euros in Health and Energy in Belize
On Thursday, we reported on the closing of the European Union’s two million Euros funded project in the banana belt. It is one of the many projects that the EU [...]

Diesel Goes Up by Three Cents
If you went to the gas stations today you may have noticed a slight increase in the cost of diesel oil. That increase is because the price for diesel went [...]

Happy Teachers’ Day
Educators across the country are today celebrating Teachers’ Day. In Belize, the day is set aside every year in May to honor and celebrate the contributions of educators at all [...]

Looking at ALL Angles of Cyber Bullying
The Attorney General’s Ministry is working on a piece of legislation that would address cyber-bullying. The government has long since been working on the legislation but it was recently this [...]

C.E.O.s Ride to Fight Cancer
The C.E.O. Caucus Ride is in its fourth year and over one hundred persons have registered for the charity event on Saturday. Since 2016, C.E.O.s in various government ministries have [...]

Eastern Division Youth Basketball Cup 2019 is Launched
Today the Police Department officially launched its Eastern Division Youth Basketball Cup 2019 at the Yarborough Green Basketball Court on south side Belize City. The sports tournament is a community [...]


Outrage over Zena’s manslaughter charge
The mother of a 4-year-old child, Zena Armstrong, 19, of Corozal Town, has been charged with manslaughter for the stabbing death of 19-year-old Ana Villanueva, also of Corozal Town. Armstrong was taken to the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court yesterday, where she was arraigned before Magistrate Patricia Arana. Reliable information to us is that when the court asked her why she should be granted bail, she replied that she was the mother of a young child and that this was her first offense.

Andrew Caliz, 47, charged with murder
Andrew Caliz, 47, a businessman of Big Falls, Toledo District, has been arrested and charged with murder for the shooting death of his common-law wife, Francisca Noehemy Duarte Caceres, 31, a domestic of Big Falls. Caliz was also charged for keeping four .380 live rounds for which he did not have a license. He is presently detained and awaits arraignment at the Punta Gorda Magistrate’s Court as soon as a magistrate is available.

Trigger-happy cop shoots man “for nothing”
A Belize City man who is employed by the Government of Belize visited our newsroom and told us that a police officer shot him in the area of his groin for no reason. The shooting occurred inside his Far West Street home on Sunday, May 12. Vince Martinez was carrying the bloody pair of pants he was wearing when the incident occurred, as well as a police/medico legal form that was filled out by a doctor who classified his injury as harm.

Bus overturns on the Boom Hattieville Road
At about 6:20 this morning, a passenger bus of the Tillett Bus Company of Orange Walk District, which was carrying students, teachers and parents on a tour from Corozal to the Xunantunich Maya Ruin in Cayo District, overturned at the Dumpsite on the Boom Hattieville Road, and as a result several of the passengers suffered varying degrees of injury, which were not considered serious or life-threatening. ASP Alejandro Cowo told us that the bus was traveling from Santa Clara, Corozal District, to Cayo, and while driving through the Boom to Hattieville Road, the driver of the bus began to feel ill, and pulled to the roadside to stop the bus, but he lost control, causing the bus to overturn.

The courtroom-to-prison video live link
Today, the Kolbe Foundation announced a breakthrough they’ve made in handling court adjournments for prisoners on remand. For years, individuals awaiting sentencing for criminal acts have had to be transported to the Magistrate and Supreme courts, only for the cases to be adjourned and the inmates returned to prison by the magistrates and judges because the state is not prepared to proceed with trial. In the case of many, these adjournments occur frequently over the course of several years, much to the inconvenience of the prison, the police and especially the government, who have to provide transportation and security every time an inmate is due in court.

Cabinet approves Maritime Areas Act amendment and appoints Assad Shoman to be Belize’s ICJ agent
On Wednesday, May 8, the majority of Belizeans voted yes in a referendum regarding whether Guatemala’s claim to Belize’s territory should be taken to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for a final, binding settlement as part of a process that was triggered by a Special Agreement signed by the leaders of Belize and Guatemala. Last Thursday, following the referendum result, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that the government will begin to take the necessary steps for lodging Belize’s case at the ICJ. Amending the Maritime Areas Act, which was employed as a negotiating strategy between Belize and Guatemala in 1992, was among the steps government had planned to implement before Belize files its papers at the ICJ. Yesterday, the Belize cabinet gave its stamp of approval for amending the Maritime Areas Act, which should take place at a special sitting of the House of Representatives on Monday, May 20.

Corozal F.A. crown U15 and U17 champions; U10, U13 and U19 Finals this Sunday at Ricalde Stadium
It is an honor to inform all Corozalenos and fans countrywide of the successful youth tournament held by the Corozal Football Association (CFA) under the auspices of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB). Through these past twelve weeks, we have seen the development in each of the players, starting from as early as for the U10 to the U19 category. Many thanks to all the persons that “Believed in the Process;” it is because of you and your contribution, these past weeks have been the best.

Cricket Corner – Easy Does It vs Summer Fever, a Match of the Season
Once again, pleasant time of the day to all! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Harrison Parks 2019 National Cricket Competition continued over the weekend. Thanks to this season’s sponsor, Bowen and Bowen. Saturday morning I got up, wondering which would be the most exciting games to go watch. I perused the schedule and immediately made up my mind to go and enjoy the game featuring Summer Fever vs Easy Does It at Landing.

BBSF Classic & U19 8-Ball Tournament in Belmopan, May 25-26
The Belize Billiards Sport Federation (BBSF) is pleased to announce that it’s having two exciting tournaments simultaneously on Saturday and Sunday, May 25 and 26, at Mike’s Cue Club in Belmopan, starting at 9:00 a.m. Tournament #1: BBSF Classic (single player) – in memory of Angel “Chips Man” Vargas. Open to players who are eligible to play in the Belikin Tournament – countrywide. Registration fee: $50.00. Prizes: 1st – $1,200.00 + trophy; 2nd – $600.00 + trophy; 3rd – $300.00; 4th – $100.00.

Smart Mundialito games continue at the MCC
The Smart 13 & Under, Mundialito 2019 tournament continued on Saturday, May 11, with 6 games played at the MCC Grounds. Below are the results: Game 1 – City Boys bombed Ladyville Warriors, 6-0, with 4 goals from Tom Moguel and 1 each from Raymond Gentle and Calvin Thurton. Game 2 – Jason Orozco and Tyler Dominguez scored to give Warriors FC the 2-0 win over Atletico Minero.

Editorial: Parliamentary dictatorship must end
When he saw the Special Agreement (the Compromis) that Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington had signed with Guatemala, former Prime Minister, Honorable Said Musa, wrote in his book, “With malice toward none”, that Prime Minister Barrow’s 2008-2012 government had “got off to an inauspicious start…” As we all know, Musa would later appear on stage in support of the Special Agreement. Senator Eamon Courtenay, who was reportedly present when the agreement was being formulated, said the party he represented, the PUP, insisted that the agreement be brought to the table in Belize before the Foreign Minister signed it in Washington. He has produced documentation from the OAS website that shows that on December 3, 2008, five days before the Special Agreement was signed in Washington, on December 8, 2008, his party “expressed the view that even before the document is signed at the OAS it must go to the National Assembly…”

From The Publisher
While travelling with Rufus X in late February of 1979 in New Orleans, I came up with the idea of a small radio station which could cover Belize’s population center – Belize City. I was not ambitious enough, presumptuous enough, to believe that Belize’s power structure, featuring the Barry Bowen family, would tolerate the idea of a national radio station controlled by yours truly. Amandala, though not yet the leading newspaper in Belize, was already giving enough trouble to the Bowen family, because of our call, beginning around 1975, for our roots athletes to be paid some kind of remuneration for their services. Remember, in 1979 amateur sports like football and basketball generated gigantic gate and refreshment revenues in Belize City. And, Belizean boxers were being paid, had been paid for decades. In other words, the professional precedent was there.

Belize, this is not the time to lie down and play dead while we await the verdict of the ICJ
Dear Editor, Now that Belizeans have said we will put the unfounded claim in the hands of the ICJ, it signals the beginning of a new era of struggle. All Belizeans are now on the same side and in the same boat. Those who voted YES and those who voted NO and those who didn’t vote must now unite and take this struggle to the world. We must now revive the spirit of nationalism and patriotism that we expressed in the 1950’s and 60’s on our road to independence. Let us start treating our western and southern borders with the respect that they deserve.

How did we get here, Belize?
I’ve written many things about Belize based on my own knowledge/information, and of course I carry my own perspective based on my lived experiences and my inner sense of self, my belief of right and wrong, and my instilled values and principles. It will soon be half a century since I have been on this earth and of these, thirty years I have spent at the frontline and in the trenches, always as an independent-minded person who learnt the very hard way what it is to stand alone once my conscience says my positon is right.

If anyone says – aught
The exchange between Reverend Serene Jones, who said that she doesn’t believe in all dem miracles, that the virgin birth is a bizarre claim, and Reverend Morgan Guyton, who responded that “the thought that God is not allowed to violate the laws of science (and offend the sensibilities of liberal intellectuals) infuriates me”, made me read my passages just a little more slowly, for increased understanding and appreciation. It is good to read the thoughts of others because, if you are receptive, it makes your truth more whole.

Notes on Election Stealing
Election stealing or rigging involves the act of dishonestly organising an election in order to achieve a specific and desired result. It represents electoral fraud at the most optimum level because it involves procedures and practices that are improper, as well as pernicious, and aimed solely to influence the final election results. A poorly informed and essentially naive electorate, in addition to weak democratic institutions such as an executive-dominated legislature, political parties that are constituted in the main with jobbers, and a non-independent election umpire, not free from government influence and interference, are unable to prevent rigged elections by a predatory government.

Spectacular George Price Highway flamboyant falls
Thousands of Belizeans and visitors to Belize who pass by Mile 50 in Camalote in the month of May have been captivated by the beauty of two stunning flamboyant trees growing side by side on the side of the highway, on the Pommels’ property. Hundreds of tourists have stopped to take photographs of the two spectacular flamboyant trees, which have been there well over thirty years. The flamboyant tree is a soft wood, which makes it not too wind tolerant. The tree came down without any warning. There was a cracking sound, a thud, and people looked out and the tree wasn’t there. The trunk fractured near the base, and the tree split apart. A close observation of the trunk revealed that a palm tree had rooted in one side of it, and this led to cracks which let in water that caused the trunk to rot. One tree still stands, so the roadside at Mile 50 hasn’t lost all of its beauty. What a wonderful thing it would be if all along our highways there were beautiful trees showing off their splendor in March, and April, and May. The flamboyant tree is a quick grower, so they can become delightful additions to the landscape very quickly.

Taiwan further supports Belizean endeavors
The newly appointed Taiwanese Ambassador to Belize made his public speaking debut at the Presidential Series Lecture hosted by the University of Belize on Friday, May 3. Under the theme “Friendship of 30 Years and Beyond,” H.E. Ambassador Remus Chen presented an extensive recollection of the bi-lateral relationship existing between Belize and Taiwan, as well as Taiwan’s commitment to continue to support the future development of Belize.

Lindon Baldwin, 23, executed on Ebony Street
Lindon Baldwin, 23, a laborer of Ebony Street, Belize City, was found lying face-up in a drain near a fence in some bushes at the corner of Ebony Street and Youth for the Future Drive. He had been shot in the neck and he was already dead. Baldwin was found by a friend of his who had followed a trail of blood that led to him, at about 6:00 yesterday morning. Police were called and Baldwin’s body was taken to the morgue after the scene where he was found had been processed.

Guatemala will spend Q100 million to settle claim at ICJ, Prensa Libre reports
Taking a case to the International Court of Justice is a very expensive proposition. A report in the Guatemalan newspaper Prensa Libre says that Guatemala will spend more than Q100 million (over $26 million BZ) for settling the territorial dispute with Belize at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) during the first 5 years, according to diplomatic sources, the paper said. The ICJ process could take between 5 to 10 years, Prensa Libre quoted the Guatemalan Ministry of Foreign Affairs sources as saying.

Attorney Norman Rodriguez’s rape case set for mention in June Session of Southern District
Former Magistrate Norman Rodriguez, who was arraigned on a charge of rape in early May 2017, has not had his day in court since a preliminary inquiry committed him to a trial in the Southern Session of the Supreme Court. Today, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions confirmed that Rodriguez’s case will come up for mention on June 6 when the Southern Session of the court convenes. At that time, a date will be set for the court to proceed with the trial, Amandala was told.

The Reporter

Shooting In North Creek Area – 1 Man & A Minor Critical
A shooting in the North Creek area of the boulevard has left 1 man and a minor in critical condition at the KHMH. According to police, one of the victims was shot twice in the abdomen and left thigh and the minor was shot in the cheek.

Anisha ‘Anny’ Young’s Family Gets DNA Results
The family of Anisha Young, who has been missing since December 9th 2018, has confirmed with The Reporter that the results of the DNA samples extracted from human remains found in a shallow grave near Maskall Village are in. The results indicate that the samples do no match with those of Anisha.

Cancer Ride Aims To Raise $$ To Help Many Belizeans
On Saturday May 18th. there will be a huge non-race cycle ride from mile 24 to Belmopan. The annual event aims to raise money and awareness about cancer in Belize.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man shot dead at his home in Teakettle Village
A 34-year-old man was shot dead just after midnight in Teakettle Village in the Cayo […]

Tribute to my Teachers!
The life of an educator is inspiring but also very exhausting. My love for learning […]

Happy Teacher’s Day!
Educators across Belize are today celebrating National Teacher’s Day. Saint Ignatius High School in Santa […]

Businesswoman held up at gunpoint in Belize City
Authorities are investigating an aggravated burglary that occurred early this morning in Belize City. Businesswoman […]

Commissioner of Police visits Security Forces training program at Delille Academy
On Thursday, May 16, Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams visited the Security Forces Program at […]

Beauty ambassador, Selena Urias to represent Belize at Miss International
Beauty ambassador, Selena Urias, is scheduled to represent Belize at the 2019 Miss International pageant. […]

CARICOM and Colombia relations get a boost
On Thursday, May 16, 2019, the revival of the relationship between the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) […]

Belize votes YES to the ICJ but the results say much about partisan politics in Belize
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

British High Commission donates equipment to FCD
Today, the British High Commission in Belize and the British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB) hosted […]

Nine students from John Paul JC awarded for National Latin Exam honors
John Paul II Junior College (JPIIJC) awarded prizes for the National Latin Exam (NLE) at […]

Special Agreement planning meeting postponed
Due to scheduling issues, a planning meeting between the governments of Guatemala and Belize, which […]

Five students from John Paul JC awarded for National Latin Exam honors
John Paul II Junior College (JPIIJC) awarded prizes for the National Latin Exam (NLE) at […]

Special Agreement planning meeting postponed
Due to scheduling issues, a planning meeting between the governments of Guatemala and Belize, which […]


“Bridging the Standardization Gap”
Today is World Telecommunications Day. Reporter Johnelle McKenzie has the story. Johnelle Mckenzie – Reporter: “The way we communicate has evolved over time and in today’s world technology has made the way we communicate easier and more convenient. As we observe World Telecommunications Day we want to look at how technology has changed the way …

Attorney General discusses cyber bullying bill
In the wake of persons private images being publicized on social media earlier this year, there was a public outcry for legislation to be put in place to deter this from occurring again. As a result, the Attorney General’s Ministry agreed to draft a bill to address the matter. Today, Love news asked the Attorney …

DNA sample is not from Missing Woman
Family Member: “Yes, we got the result for that today.” Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Can you share with us what they were? Family Member: “The results came back that it was not a match for Anisha Young.” Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “I know that must be hard, so what does the family do now that …

PUP ready for election in spite of Referendum Outcome
While we had the Party leader at our disposal following the caucus meeting, the media asked him about his reflections on the May 8 referendum since his only remarks were given via a pre-recorded video statement. Briceno indicated that he did not believe that the Party lost any momentum with the results of the referendum …

2019 Youth Basketball Cup kicks off
The fourth annual Eastern Division Youth Basketball Cup, which is the brainchild of the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, kicked off today with an opening ceremony held at the Yarborough Green Basketball Court. The tournament, which lasts for 6 months, will involve 14 teams this year. Love News spoke to the ComPol as he told …

PUP agrees to Unified fight to the ICJ
Last week Tuesday, the Cabinet also approved the appointment of two agents to represent Belize at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Ambassador Assad Shoman will take the role of agent and Ambassador Alexis Rosado as his Co-Agent. The official role of the Agent is to represent Belize at the (ICJ) and to monitor and …

NARCIE encourages children with disabilities
Yesterday, the National Resource Center for Inclusive Education (NARCIE) hosted its sixth annual National Exceptional Confidence Talent Show. The show highlighted the talents by children with disabilities. Love news spoke with Erlett Thomas, the Manager of NARCIE, who said that the show helps to build these children’s self-esteem. Erlett Thomas, Manager, NARCIE: “We had students …

Classical concert held at the Mexican Institute
“From Bach to Belize” is a series of concerts and art installations held at the Mexican Cultural Institute. The second concert and installation is being held tonight at 7 p.m., and there is no entrance fee. To get a better idea of the show, we spoke to the visual artists, Yaoling Lee. Yaoling Lee, Visual …


The heartbeat of San Pedro – Palapa Bar & Grill
Located on the very popular Boca del Rio Beach, this island mainstay has been entertaining, feeding and watering guests and residents for decades. More than twenty years ago it was originally located on the beach north of San Pedro Town, then at a beautiful over-the-water structure in the same area. In December 2015 the island icon moved to the Wet Willy’s dock closer to town, and here she settled into her reputation as an outstanding place to enjoy great service, beautiful water and swimming area, tasty food, cool libations, and island fun.

Belize, a Curious Place. A remarkable country
Airline WestJet has featured Belize and all its treasures in its blog... This small (only 8867 square miles) country is packed with endless vacation opportunities that are sure to satisfy the thrill-seeking adventurer, the laid-back beach bum, the culture and history explorer and more. Belize is a tropical destination that is; Caribbean and Central American, reef and rainforest; ancient and new; adventurous and relaxing, exotic animals and friendly people, and much more.

5 Reasons To Love Chocolate Festival of Belize
The Chocolate Festival of Belize gives you the opportunity to explore southern Belize while you indulge in the sweet food of the Maya Gods – CHOCOLATE. Who does not like chocolate: it’s hard to imagine people who don’t. For those who do (like us), the Chocolate Festival of Belize is a perfect event to indulge in various chocolate delicacies, learn how to make chocolate from scratch, purchase local health/beauty products made from the cacao bean and immerse in a one-of-a-kind cultural experience .

International Sourcesizz

Nominations Rolling in for 2019 DIVE Travel Awards
So far, a total of 50 different destinations have been nominated, together with more than 170 individual dive centres or resorts and over 100 liveaboards – and there are still six weeks left to go! Only the Top 25 in each category will go through to the final vote, however, and there is a lot of room for change. Listed below are the Top 25 nominees in each category, in alphabetical order. Note that there are more than 25 in the liveaboards and resort categories - it's early days and a lot of nominees are tied for position.


  • Shooting the Belizean Cuisine Issue at Copal Tree Lodge, 2.5min. With agritourism growing, many resorts around Belize are opening their doors and taking guests on a culinary adventure. As we celebrate the universal love for food and the upcoming celebration of Belize’s Annual Chocolate Festival held in the South, the Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle Team headed to Copal Tree Lodge to shoot the cover of this issue. The remarkable cover was shot by the impressive photographer, Leonardo Melendez, during a Bean-to Bar tour given by Elon Ranguy and Maynard Jacobs.

  • BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge & our Poster and Essay Competitions, Starting at 1:25:30

  • Clean Up Campaign, 1.5min. Keeping Belize clean takes not only the efforts of The Belize City Council but also the efforts of our residents.

  • Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, 1.5min. Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve, 5/15/19. Swimming with this magnificint pod of Atlantic Spotted Dolphin was definatly a highlight that we could share together!

  • Tour of Sunset Point in Placencia, 4.5min.

  • Belize September Fest 2017 pt 1, 60min. Starring Melvan Majelly McGregor, Bootsy Ranking in Los Angeles Ca.

  • International Day against Homophobia, .5min. For the LGBT community, the annual observance of International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia has created significant awareness on the human rights issues that they continue to face. Living a life that does not conform to mainstream ideals is not a valid reason to throw equality out the window!