Lee Mark Chang is no longer the President of the Senate. Chang resigned today in pursuit of his political ambitions to represent the Caribbean Shores constituency under the U.D.P. banner. But before he gets to that stage, he'll need to defeat Leila Peyrefitte and Santiago Castillo Junior - considered to be two formidable opponents. After announcing his resignation, Chang took questions from the media.

Lee Mark Chang, U.D.P. Standard Bearer Aspirant

"This is likely to be my last occasion as President of the Senate, a post I held since 2015. Without a doubt my time in the Senate has been instrumental in furthering my commitment to the people of Belize and I now feel that I can best accomplish this by serving the people of Caribbean directly as a Standard Bearer for the United Democratic Party and in the future, possible, the area representative. So there has been preparations over the last two months when Darrell Bradley decided to, the seat was vacant that is when I officially started my campaigning and hence the reason why I have given my resignation today. I think since Saturday when the seat was available, I have received numerous calls and messages for support for campaign, for giving advice, streets captains. I have overwhelming support and I am very confident that we can bring Caribbean Shores to our favor."


"Are you concern that the Party's choice maybe Leila Peyrefitte? She has certain powerful people who are her very close allies."

Lee Mark Chang

"Yes, we all have allies. The thing is that the people are the most important factor. The people of Caribbean Shores will pick who they feel best fits their needs to take us in the next general elections."

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