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The San Pedro Sun

Tropic Air welcomes another new Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Ex
Tropic Air announced today that it has taken delivery of another new Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX aircraft for its fleet. The aircraft (V3-HIM) arrived at the Philip Goldson International Airport at 3:30pm on Wednesday after a ferry flight from Cessna headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, and comes fully equipped with a G1000 glass cockpit, weather radar and air-conditioning. "This aircraft is the latest example of our commitment to reinvest our earnings in our employees, our terminals and new aircraft to provide the best possible service to our customers," commented Steve Schulte, CEO of Tropic Air.

Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries calls for ban on Gill Nets
"Ban gill nets!" was the cry from the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries as they presented the latest data on the minority of Belizean fishermen using gill nets, and the depredation resulting from illegal users of gill nets - most of who come from across the border. The Coalition presented their findings at a press conference at the Radisson Fort George Hotel on Wednesday morning, May 22.

GOB continues works on Anti-Cyberbullying Legislation
For the past several years, the Government of Belize (GOB) has been working on a piece of legislation to address cyber-bullying in the country. The process to bring this long overdue policy into effect was prompted early this year after nude pictures of females were leaked, including a teenager in school uniform. The images were shared on social media. GOB condemned such actions, sympathized with the victims, and recently suggested that such legislation could allow punishment to those voluntarily involved.

San Pedro Green and Clean launches Educational Campaign on Ambergris Caye
On Thursday, May 2nd San Pedro Green and Clean launched its environmental educational campaign at Holy Cross Anglican School (HCAS) in San Pedro Town. The aim of the campaign is to educate the younger generation in ways to keep their environment clean and healthy and the importance of doing so. HCAS will be the program's pilot school and any necessary changes needed will be made before expanding to other schools on the island.

Stony Coral Tissue Loss disease threatens Belize's Barrier Reef
A new coral disease might be on its way to Belize's Barrier Reef-the largest in the western hemisphere-and could impact the country's tourism industry. The culprit, Stony Coral Tissue Loss disease has already affected reef areas in Florida, USA, the Caribbean and southern-eastern Mexico. The disease, believed to be caused by water-borne pathogens spreads rapidly and affects the slowest-growing and longest-lived reef- building corals such as star corals, pillar corals and brain corals.

Ambergris Today

Belize District Volunteers Attend Damage Assessment & Needs Analysis Workshop
Wednesday, May 22, 2019, volunteers from villages and communities throughout rural Belize District joined NEMO coordinators and assistant coordinators from the area for a workshop on Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (DANA). This is to better prepare them, in the event of a disaster, to make an accurate assessment of the damage caused and the needs of those affected, both immediate and long term, so that the relief provided is adequately and rationally distributed.

Misc Belizean Sources


Road Traffic Accident in Corozal
Just after 10 this morning, a black 4-door passenger car crashed with a Grey SUV at the Northern Highway.

Join us this Sunday in Sarteneja for the official opening of Fisherfolk Month, to coincide with the Belize Tourism Board/Love FM Belize - News and Music Power Kayak Challenge 2019. Check out the activities that are planned and be sure to participate! Let's recognize the men and women of Belize who work hard to ensure that we are all able to eat seafood daily!

ACP Group of States Commends Belize on ICJ Referendum and Calls for Cooperation Mechanisms for the Sarstoon
The 109th Session of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) Council of Ministers meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium from 21-22 May 2019. The ACP group adopted a resolution that reasserts the steadfast commitment of the 79 member states to the territorial integrity, sovereignty and security of Belize in the context of Guatemala's claim. The ACP Ministers commended Belize for successfully conducting its national referendum on May 8, 2019, and welcomed the decision of Belizeans to seek peaceful recourse to the dispute by submitting Guatemala's claim of Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for final resolution.

REDD+ Preparedness Project Launched in Belize
The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration officially launched the REDD+ Preparedness Project in Belize at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel today, Thursday, May 23, 2019. REDD+, which stands for Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation, is a long-term forest-based initiative that seeks to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and increase carbon sequestration from the forest. The "+" is the conservation of forests, the sustainable management of forests, and the enhancement of carbon stocks. This project is the first of three phases of REDD+ implementation and is the preparatory phase for assessing, safeguarding and preparing plans for the next phases of implementation.

BTB Sea Kayak Challenge 2019 San Pedro Stop
Saturday May 25 10am-7pm at the Boca del rio Park. Horse Shoe Tournament, Live Music and more!

FSTV Mango Fest Event

Deadline for Small CARSI Grants proposal is right around the corner!
Apply Now!

to Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance (BVAR) Project
Just in time for the summer field season, you can find our 2018 site report here. Read about our excavations at Baking Pot, Cahal Pech, Lower Dover, and Xunantunich!

Channel 7

Kids March For Kyron
All this week, we've been closely following the story of 11 year-old Kyron Green. He's the child who remains hospitalized and partially paralysed after he was hit by a stray bullet on Friday night while he was buying at the neighborhood store for his mom. The senseless shooting of another child is particularly vexing because he's an innocent child who became collateral damage in a street war between adults. Since his injury, his school, St. Luke's Methodist, has been a pillar of support to his worried family. And this morning, his fellow schoolmates and teachers took to the Belize City streets to demand justice for his shooting, and to call for an end to gun violence.

Anisha' s DNA Test Inconclusive
ASP Cowo also spoke about the DNA results from the suspected remains of Anisha Young.  The 23 year old Belize City resident went missing in December.  And at the end of that month, a small scattering of human remains were found on the old northern highway which were believed to be hers. Those were sent to Jamaica for DNA testing, and last week her family told us the results show that it is not her remains.  Today, police said that's not quite the case.  As Cowo explained, the results are inconclusive:..

Drug Case Drops Through At Court Again
Back in December 2017, it was major news when police arrested and charged 39 year-old Peter Schmidt, and 35 year-old Carlos Lopez for drug trafficking after they were allegedly busted with 5 kilos of cocaine. Well, both men are free again tonight after the sitting Magistrate ruled that police aren't allowed to get a second bite at the cherry, after they fumbled the prosecution of this case in August of last year.    That was the date of the final adjournment, when the arresting officer failed to show up for court. So, at the time, their attorney, Ellis Arnold, submitted that they have no case to answer. Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford upheld that submission and dismissed the charges against them.

Elrington and Eamon, Can They Coexist?
For the past week we've been reporting on the bi-partisan committee which will be liaising between the government, the public, and the ICJ team at the Hague.   It's comprised of four members, two from the government and two from the opposition.  They are: Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney Leslie Mendez and Senior Senator Eamon Courtenay.   Elrington told us today that he has been asked to chair the committee. He says the primary role of the committee will be to update the government and the public about what is happening during the ICJ court proceedings in the Hague.

PUP Reps Blow off Meeting With Ben Juratowich
And, reports tell us that the PUP half of that committee - along with Belize's lead international lawyer, Ben Juratowich from the Freshfields law firm - were supposed to meet with PUP Parliamentarians this afternoon at 2:00.  The meeting was set up for Juratowich to give the Representative and Senators a full briefing on the game plan going forward.  But, 7News has confirmed that only one of the party's 12 elected area representatives showed up to the meeting - and that was leader John Briceno - at whose office the session was held.

Elrington Sides With PM: Seek A Sarstoon Protocol, Not Provisional Measures
And while time will tell if the PUP reps were boycotting or just busy, right now, that's a distraction.   The priority right now is regularizing movements not he Sarstoon.   We also asked Foreign Affairs Minister Elrington about the next step on our southern boundary river. Elrington agrees with the Prime Minister in saying that the best way forward is to talk it out and come to an agreement with the Guatemalans rather than going to the ICJ for provisional measures.

The "Yes" Sweet Sedi
And so while practical matters such as the Sarstoon protocol now dominate Elrington's focus, two weeks after the referendum, the Foreign Minister is still basking in the afterglow of the "yes" vote.   He was like a lightning rod for controversy on this issue, and took many blows from the public and the opposition for his plain spoken, highly controversial characterizations of the Belize - Guatemala dispute. But, in spite of all that, his voters in Pickstock voted decisively in favor of going to the ICJ.   It's a badge of honor for the often embattled foreign minister, but today, he didn't outrightly say "I told you so", but he certainly wasn't surprised by the outcome: 

Peace Movement Picks Up PUP' s Constitutional Challenge to Special Agreement
And while the PUDP machines are now in unison heading full steam to the ICJ, don't look back just yet, but the Belize Peace Movement "noh deh wid they." That group has launched a drive to bring back the case which the PUP just dropped!  That's the constitutional challenge to the Special Agreement.  The movement announced today that it will take up the challenge, quote, "on behalf of the Belizean people."

The Case Against Corruption
Democratic Governance against Corruption": that's the theme of an OAS sponsored seminar held at the Radisson today. The topic is self -explanatory and corruption in particular is a topic all the common folk and government officials talk and complain about a lot. Mostly Belizeans rant about the wide spread corruption and express outright disillusionment with the system and the politicians mostly point fingers, calling each other out for their corrupt behavior. But today's seminar was all about civil society groups working together to find  effective ways to address this issue. Here is more from the event.

Scary Home Invasion For Mother and Daughter in Rural Cayo
A woman and her daughter are traumatized after a home invasion early this morning inside their home in Georgeville, Cayo. Around 1:00, 42 year old Anna Myvette woke up to the sight of a man who had a gun pointed to her head. A feeling of pure terror - more so because she was at home with her 19 year old daughter and - the gunman was only one of two male intruders.  Luckily, they escaped the encounter without injury or assault.  Police told us about this aggravated burglary:

Dissent Again In PG Town Council
The last time we reported on the UDP-held Punta Gorda Town Council, it was because the Deputy Mayor and a Councillor had submitted letters of resignation.  That was in January, but before you could say "bam-brigidim-buf" the UDP Chairman swooped in to clean everything up - and get those letters rescinded. But, it was just a patch up job because the inter-council disputes persist.  Today we saw a facebook post from councillor Kevin Choc publicly griping that the mayor Ashton McKenzie had stripped him of the "youth" portfolio.

Alleged Killer Named Neto Gets Off
22 year-old Ernesto Vasquez, aka "Neto", has been acquitted of murder for the 2015 killing of 29 year-old Herbert Bodden. Bodden, an auto mechanic, was shot and killed in a broad daylight shooting which happened at around 2:15 on February 26th, 2015. Bodden was on Cedar Street, behind Habet and Habet when he was hit by a bullet, which was reportedly intended for another man who was fleeing the area.  When the murder trial against Vasquez began this morning, the main witness testified that before the identification parade was held, police officers showed him a photograph of Vasquez.

The Importance of a She Who Mentors
Becoming an entrepreneur is a bold, risky and pretty scary move for some and that is why tips and advice from successful business owners can make a positive difference in the journey of a new entrepreneur. So Beltraide's SBDC unit organized what is called a SheMENTORS seminar at the Biltmore for female entrepreneurs looking to expand or improve their business. Here is more from the session. We also spoke to two participants about what they learned at the seminar.

Classical Music Back In City
We've told you about the 3 Classical Concerts on 3 Fridays, and tomorrow is the last night. The Embassy of Mexico along with the Belize Virtuosi Orchestra and NICH organized these three events to celebrate the beauty, purity and complexity of classical music and to give the Belizean public and artists a chance to experience it.  Today at rehearsals, we met up again with the lead Austrian musician Peter Illavsky and he told us what to expect at the finale concert tomorrow.

How To Pave Properly
For the past 2 days, members of the Association of Professional Engineers of Belize have been attending a training session at the Inspiration Center called pavement workshop. The problem is that The Ministry of Works has noticed that whenever the Government puts different construction contracts out to tender, very few Belizean engineers apply. That worries them, because the country has to then go to the international community to identify a qualified contracting firm.  The Ministry of Works wants to see more Belizeans awarded contracts, and so, they invited the Association of Professional Engineers to conduct this training in the hopes that the local talent will start to qualify. 

Woman Injured When Golf Cart Crashes
And pavement is just what a golf cart driver ran out of in San Pedro. This accident happened 11 days ago near the new medical centre by Grand Caribe in San Pedro. As you can see the woman in the passenger seat was flung violently from her seat when the golf cart crashed into a cement structure.   We have learned that it was a local, and she received major injuries to both her legs, but is recovering.

Belize Leads REDD+ Effort
The Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation or REDD for short is a major long-term forest-based initiative that's taking place in Belize.  The project was launched today in San Ignacio and we learned how it is tied into the more prudent use of the FOREST resource:

Fatal At The Georgetown Junction
Today, police had updates on two stories we told you about last night.  The first is the fatal accident that happened on the Southern highway - between miles 29 and 30, near the Georgetown junction headed to Independence. On Monday night at around 8:00 31 year old Lascelle Coote and 24 year old Henry Augustine had pulled over on the roadside and were chatting when a tandem truck ran over Augustine, killing him on the spot.   Police say they had parked their Ford Ranger on the side of the road, but not fully on the shoulder of the highway - leaving them open to oncoming traffic:

Machete Man In San Roman Was Also Burglar
And in another incident from South Stann Creek, police say that the man accused of chopping three men in San Roman village earlier this week - had been linked to a string of burglaries.  Here's what ACP Myvette told the press about it today: ACP Joseph Myvette, Head NCIB: "Tzub and Melgar were at home when they were approached by one Hermenio Ical, who was armed with a machete and he inflicted injuries to them. Ical then left the area where he visited the home of Benjamin Hul and also inflicted a chop wound to his left palm. So far, Hul is in a stable condition, whilst Mr. Tzub remains in a critical condition at the KHMH..."

BWEL Burgled
The Belize City Office of Belize Western Energy was burglarized on Tuesday.   Around 3:00 am, burglars tied up the watchman and broke into the office through the backdoor. They stole a number of pieces of office equipment.  Police told us more: ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB: “What we understand is the watchman was inside of the small guard hut, when 3 male persons arrived there and tied him up and they went and broke into the building..."

Channel 5

St. Luke Students Take to the Streets, Despite No Arrest in Shooting of Kyron Green
Twenty-one-year-old Raymond Fuller is at home recuperating from injuries he received during an attempt on his life last Friday.� His injuries were not life-threatening and he was released from the [...]

Several Arrests Made in Weekend Shootings
An altercation at a popular entertainment event last Saturday in Belize City ended with multiple shots being fired during an ambush at the corners of Baymen Avenue and Calle al [...]

Thieves Hit BWEL Office in Early Morning Burglary
An overnight burglary at a fuel depot in Belize City has netted a trio of thieves several electronic items, including a laptop and a cell phone.� According to the security [...]

DNA Test Yields Inconclusive Result, Still No Sign of Annie Young
A family's search for the remains of their loved one who disappeared in December 2018 has hit another dead-end, following the inconclusive results of a DNA test conducted in Jamaica.� [...]

Mother and Daughter Robbed During Home Invasion in Georgeville
A mother and daughter were attacked inside their home in Georgeville sometime after midnight on Wednesday by a pair of thieves.� Ana Myvett was awakened by two masked intruders who [...]

Henry Augustine Perishes in RTA Near Georgetown Junction
Twenty-four-year-old Henry Augustine lost his life on the Southern Highway earlier this week when a vehicle knocked him down near the Georgetown junction.� According to thirty-one-year-old Lascelle Coote, himself and [...]

Santi Backs Out of Caribbean Shores Race
The race for Caribbean Shores has narrowed down to two U.D.P. candidates, as former area representative Santiago Castillo Junior has formally withdrawn from the upcoming convention in that constituency.� His [...]

Peace Movement Wants You to Funds its Legal Challenge of the Special Agreement
In the wake of a resounding "YES" by Belizeans at the May eighth referendum, the People's United Party withdrew its legal challenge to the Special Agreement and the I.C.J. referendum. [...]

O.A.S. Hosts a Seminar on Corruption
A seminar on corruption was held today at the Radisson in Belize City. Organized by the O.A.S., the session is an offshoot of the April 2018 Summit of the Americas [...]

O.A.S. Can Assist through the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption
Back in December 2016, Belize took a historic step when it signed on to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption.� While the government was lauded for taking a step in [...]

A Mentorship Programme to Support Female Entrepreneurs
Empowered for Work and Self was the theme for a mentorship networking session held today by BELTRAIDE at the Biltmore Plaza. Through the Small Business Development Centre, female entrepreneurs were [...]

Primary School Financial Literacy: Spend, Save, Share
The month of May is being celebrated as education month under the theme, "Financial Literacy, a Pathway to a Productive Life." As the month winds down, there are continued activities [...]

REDD+ Launches in Belize
Today, the Ministry of Agriculture officially launched the REDD+ Preparedness Project, a long-term forest-based initiative that seeks to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The project is the first of three phases [...]

A Classical Concert featuring Belizean and International Talent
The Embassy of Mexico in Belize in collaboration with the Belize Virtuosi Orchestra and the National Institute of Culture and History is putting off the third classical concert at the [...]

Healthy Living with the Belize Cancer Center
Over a decade ago, the Belize Cancer Center opened its doors on the first of October 2008. It was the first and still remains the only center providing cancer treatment [...]

The Reporter

Woman Injured In Golf-Cart Incident On San Pedro
A woman was injured in a golf cart accident in San Pedro Town, sources have claimed that the woman was seriously injured. The accident occurred near what will be a hospital near the Grand Caribe Resort, the accident victim is a tourists.

Home Invasion In The WEE Hours, In Georgeville
The Reporter has confirmed that there was a home invasion in Georgeville around 1:30am this morning. A woman reported to Police that she was at home when she woke up to find a man in her room.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

BWS makes "historic" $35 million investment on Ambergris Caye
Since its acquisition of Consolidated Water Belize Limited in February, Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) has set about fulfilling the needs of one of its largest customer bases countrywide. [�]

Fledgling national rugby union team making strides
It all started with a ball and curiosity, says Tony Gillings. The rugby union enthusiast, [�]

African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States commends Belize on ICJ Referendum; Calls for cooperation mechanism for Sarstoon
The 109th Session of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) Council of Ministers meeting was [�]

Belize District Volunteers attend Damage Assessment & Needs Analysis Workshop
Yesterday, volunteers from villages and communities throughout rural Belize District joined NEMO coordinators and assistant [�]

Chopping incident leaves 3 hospitalized
One man is detained by police while three other men are hospitalized after a chopping [�]

Men enter home and rob homeowner
A woman and her children are lucky to be alive after two armed assailants entered [�]

One man dead, two served with notice of intended prosecution in fatal road traffic accident
One man is dead and two have been issued notices of intended prosecution (NIP) after [�]

Kendale Green charged for Sunday shooting
Belize City police have charged Kendal Green, 25, with the shooting of Ronald Michael. [�]

Man charged for double shooting
Belize City police have charged Tarique Smith in connection with the shooting of Jamal Palacio [�]

Thieves target Belize Western Energy Ltd.
Belize City police are seeking three men in connection with a crime at Belize Western [�]

Belizean graduates from Yale with Masters Degree in Forestry
On Monday, May 20 Belizean Ki'ila Salas graduated from Yale School of Forestry and Environmental [�]

Home Invasion reported in Georgeville, Cayo
A woman and her daughter in Georgeville, Cayo were the victims of a home invasion [�]

Tropic Air welcomes another new Cessna 208 B Grand caravan Ex
Tropic Air announced today that it has taken delivery of another new Cessna 208B Grand [�]

BELTRAIDE hosts 1st SHEMentors Networking Event
The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) through support from the Regional Center of [�]


Students take to the streets for a Justice March for Kyron Green
On Friday, Kyron Green was running an errand for his mother, like he usually does, when was caught in the line of fire after a gunman fired shots inside One Plus One Supermarket. Today, a friendly, caring young boy is fighting for his life at the KHMH. To support him, and all other children who �

Minister of Trade speaks on expansion of Freezone
The Corozal Freezone has not really been the "talk of the town," and, in fact, is in dire need of some TLC. The Freezone has not been forgotten, however, as there are big plans in the making to not only expand but also to revamp it. Minister of Trade, Tracy Taegar-Panton, met with the Freezone's �

"Democratic Governance against Corruption"
Reports have shown that at the global level, corruption costs over three trillion dollars and while there isn't any data on the cost for Belize, we know that its negative effects are vast and far reaching. The Organization of American States, OAS, have undertaken a huge mandate to curb corruption. In this regard, OAS and �

Home Invasion in Georgeville
A resident of Georgeville Village in the Cayo District was the victim of a home invasion which occurred in the still of the night. It was about one o'clock this morning when 42 year-old Anna Myvette woke up and found a stranger in her bedroom. The intruder's head was covered with a white shirt and �

DNA tests inconclusive on Remains
A reward of thirty thousand dollars was offered for the return of twenty three year old Anisha Young in December, 2018. Young went missing after a party and a social outing along Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City. Her coworkers and her boyfriend were questioned by the police about her whereabouts. The trail eventually grew �

UDP Caribbean Shores Candidate bows out again
No one was expected to be harmed during the three way race that was expected to occur in the United Democratic Party (UDP) Caribbean Shores constituency. But the race which would have had three, had now whittled to two. Santino Castillo Junior has withdrawn from the Caribbean Shores race. Last week Castillo had granted us �

International Sourcesizz

These tiny, mysterious fish may be key to solving coral reef 'paradox'
If a snorkeler or scuba diver is lucky enough to spy a cryptobenthic fish-named for its elusive nature-all they may glimpse is a brief flash of color. But these tiny swimmers may be a cornerstone of coral reefs, making it possible for bigger, more charismatic fish and many invertebrates to thrive, according to a new study. And they could help solve a mystery that stumped even the father of evolution, Charles Darwin. "By not dealing with these little guys, we were missing a big part of what's happening on reefs and the food web," says Nancy Knowlton, a coral reef biologist at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., who was not involved in the work.

IRS Tax Webinar Series!
In June 2019, the IRS will be hosting a series of webinars to assist Americans living abroad with their tax filing requirements. Details for the upcoming webinars can be found through accessing the IRS website below. Please consider messaging your registrants about these upcoming IRS webinars.

Why Belize Is Likely to Prevail in Its Territorial Dispute With Guatemala
Since gaining independence in 1821, Guatemala has refused to recognize all or part of Belize, its small English-speaking neighbor. But under the terms of a 2008 agreement, this long-running territorial dispute will soon head to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. That agreement required each country to hold a referendum on going to the ICJ, which Belizeans approved earlier this month; Guatemalans did so in April 2018. In an email interview with WPR, Victor Bulmer-Thomas, an honorary professor at University College London's Institute of the Americas, explains the historical roots of the dispute and why Belize will have the stronger case at the ICJ.

NOAA: Expect a Near-Average 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season
Residents of Hurricane Alley can anticipate a near-normal Atlantic hurricane season in 2019, said NOAA's Climate Prediction Center on Thursday. In their first seasonal forecast for 2019, NOAA predicted a 40% chance for a near-normal Atlantic hurricane season, a 30% chance for an above-normal season and a 30% chance for a below-normal season. NOAA gave a 70% likelihood of 9 - 15 named storms, 4 - 8 hurricanes, 2 - 4 major hurricanes (Category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale) and an Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) 65% - 140% of the median. If we take the midpoint of these ranges, NOAA called for 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes. This is the same as the 1981-2010 seasonal averages of 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes.

Drier, hotter wet season forecast for Caribbean
The dry conditions affecting the Caribbean over the last few months are expected to continue into September for most of the region, forecasters said today. "For the June to August, we are expecting it to be drier than usual or close to normal. So we are already dry and we are expecting the next three months to be dry," Sheryl Etienne-LeBlanc of the St Maarten Metrological Department said on Wednesday. Speaking at the opening day of the Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum (CartiCOF) she said that for September to November, forecasters are expecting above normal conditions in the Greater Antilles, the Leeward Islands, The Bahamas, and Belize.


  • Belize Body Building & Fitness Federation - 8th Central American Physique Cup, 28min. The Belize Body Building & Fitness Federation (BBBFF) is hosting the 8th Central American Female Championship & Men's Physique Cup. Our guests talked with us about the competition and how they are working to prepare the Belizean athletes to take home the gold. The event takes place at the Belize Civic Center on Sunday.

  • Grace - Flava With A Beat - Salt Fish & Fungi from Antigua, 18min. Grace Flava With A Beat shared a recipe for Salt Fish & Fingi from Antigua & Barbuda. Duane Lizama - Resident Chef. Alex Gordan - Marketing Officer, Grace Kennedy Belize Ltd.

  • Lerisi Garifuna Restaurant is having a Mother's Day Concert - Wayne Wonder, 18min. Lerisi Garifuna Restaurant is having a Mother's Day Concert this weekend. Wayne Wonder is headlining the concert. He stopped by our show to talk about his music and what you can expect for the event.

  • Female Entrepreneurship - SHEMentors program, 31min. SBDC Belize is supporting female entrepreneurship through the SHEMentors program. The SHEMentors program provides a platform for women entrepreneurs, leaders, stakeholders and executives who champion for inclusion to dialogue. Participants contribute in discussion with likeminded women, access tools and create a network that will focus on supporting their business. A networking event will be held on Wednesday May 23rd at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza. We spoke with representatives of the program about the significance of female entrepreneurs and what's planned for the event.

  • Gill Nets, 31min. The Government of Belize has extended its submission period for the public to present information relating to gillnets. We spoke with representatives of Oceana Belize and MarAlliance about the data collection exercise and what they have been learning thus far. On set: Janelle Chanona - Vice-President, Oceana in Belize, Dr. Rachael Graham- Executive Director, MarAlliance.

  • Maritime Areas Act (Amendment) Bill during a special Sitting of the House of Representatives, 35min. Today the Government of Belize will introduce the Maritime Areas Act (Amendment) Bill during a special Sitting of the House of Representatives. In the amendment, the government will claim all of Belize's territorial waters. Kareem Musa , Attorney-at-law, gave us an introduction to the Act and the proposed amendments.

  • This morning's video shows clearly mamma parrot regurgitating as she feeds her babies, 1/2min.

  • March for 11 year old Kyron who was a victim of gun violence, 3.5min.

  • Belize has dubbed May Music Month, 2min. The month of May has been dubbed Music Month by the Office of the Music Ambassador. It was a month filled with music-centered activities and will end with a Music Festival this weekend.

  • Financial Literacy Challenge May 23, 2019 St. Martin de Porres Belize City, 5.5min.

  • Riding Golf Cart in San Pedro Belize, 1min.

  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.

  • Di Alright Show episode 2, 15min. on PGTV

  • Live Coverage of the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge, 3hr10min.

  • Wildlife Conservation Society Update, 25min. Wildlife Conservation Society updated us about the upgrades to the OurFish App and Fish Right Eat Right initiative.

  • Tecuani and the Duende - The Voice of the Jaguar Belize's first animated movie, 22min. Tecuani and the Duende - The Voice of the Jaguar has the honor of being Belize's first animated movie! We spoke to the production team about the inspiration for the movie and the work they are doing to bring it to completion. Our guests explained that is a tool to teach conservation using our local culture. On set:

  • Venezuela current crisis Update, 36min. Ambassador Gerardo Antonio Argote, Venezuelan Ambassador to Belize, gave us an update on the current crisis in Venezuela.

  • The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) - 13th Chocolate Festival from 24th-26th, 23min. The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) Toledo Chapter plans to make your long weekend full of decadent chocolate treats! They are hosting the 13th Chocolate Festival from 24th-26th May. Representatives of the BTIA Toledo shared all the details of the event and why you should make the trip down south to indulge in the chocolate celebration.

  • Cancer Awareness Month - Belize Cancer Center in Dangriga Update, 33min. May is celebrated as Cancer Awareness Month. The Belize Cancer Center in Dangriga continues to offer its services to citizens. We spoke with Founder, Dr. Ellsworth Grant, about his work to make affordable treatments accessible to families. He explained that breast and cervical cancer continues to be the most prevalent and that his focus is on securing sustainability to keep the services available.

  • Vistro new mobile application, 18min. Vistro is a new mobile application that allows you to order your food from various restaurants and have it delivered to the comfort of your home. Our guests talked to us about the inspiration for this new service and how you can tap into this convenience for all your food cravings.

  • The Department of Environment and NEMO and BECOL Emergency Preparedness Update, 34min.How prepared are we in the event of an emergency? The Department of Environment and NEMO and BECOL officials talked with us about the overall policy and institutional issues related to the Emergency Preparedness Plan for BECOL and the roles and responsibilities of each entity in the overall process.

  • The 3rd Annual Sun Splash Beach Volleyball, 21min. The 3rd Annual Sun Splash Beach Volleyball Open Tournament takes place this weekend at the Lazy Lizard in Caye Caulker. Representatives of the Belize Volleyball Association shared the details of the tournament.

  • High Commissioner of Jamaica to Belize, 23min. H.E. Jason Hall is the newly appointed High Commissioner of Jamaica to Belize. He presented his letter of credence to the Governor General of Belize on Monday. We spoke with him today about the vision for diplomatic relations between Belize and Jamaica.

  • The Public Service Union will hold its 97th Annual General Meeting, 18min. The Public Service Union will hold its 97th Annual General Meeting on Friday May 31st, 2019. This year's theme is: "Organized for Public Officers Empowerment, Employment Security and Increased Public Services." There will also be elections for the post of President, 2nd Vice President and Secretary General and Councilors. Our guests talked about the agenda for the AGM and their prospects for re-election.

  • Directors of the Sugar Association of the Caribbean (SAC) - CARICOM Sugar Producers, 41min. Directors of the Sugar Association of the Caribbean (SAC) are in country to discuss the future of CARICOM Sugar Producers. The region is at critical juncture and face serious threats from extra-regional sugar producers like Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia with low global prices. Our guests talked with us about how they are planning to address these concerns.

  • Corozal Free Zone Meeting, 14min. Take note Corozal business stakeholders! Feedback on Minister Tracy Taegar-Panton's consultation with stakeholders of the Corozal Free Zone on the revitalization and repurposing of the zone.

  • ARF Bird Fur Shrimp - Belize Series #2, 5.5Welcome to PEAK Fishing's Belize Series! This multiple episode fly tying series covers a number of saltwater flies you can tie. In this episode, learn to tie the ARF Bird Fur Shrimp with Al Ritt. min.

  • Victoria Tunnel Belize, 14min. Shark swim along in Belize.