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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Ministry of Health hands over fitness equipment to San Pedro Town
San Pedro Town is one of the municipalities across the country that was the recipient of exercise equipment from the Ministry of Health. The donation was a joint effort with the Embassy of Taiwan in Belize to promote a healthy lifestyle. The equipment will be installed in a public area and made available to island residents at no cost. The designated area has yet to be revealed.

ACES students participate in Financial Literacy Challenge
Under the title "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned" Standard six students at Ambergris Caye Elementary School prepared a presentation for the Financial Literacy Challenge on Friday, May 23rd. The challenge focused on three things: spend, save, share, and was assigned as a way for students to understand the value of money and hopefully learn to set up financially responsible habits for their future. Using the three S's guidelines, ACES students demonstrated their understanding of responsible spending, saving with a purpose, and sharing (which can eventually turn into investing). ACES was one of four schools in the Belize District that participated and was observed by a representative of the Belize District Education Center and three other judges.

Costa Maya Reignited presents Miss Guatemala and Miss Costa Rica for Miss Costa Maya International 2019
With a newly motivated committee in place, the annual International Costa Maya Festival - Reignited is working on an exciting array of events, including the highly anticipated Reina de la Costa Maya pageant. The 2019 International Costa Maya Festival pageant is set to take place on Friday, July 26th at the Honorable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex in San Pedro Town. Honduras' Mary Cruz Cardona Galindo is the proud 2018 titleholder, and she will be handing over the crown to one of eight beauties hailing from Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama.

Our Forest is Our Future - Belize's forests worth USD$35 Million to REDD+
Belize's forests have provided jobs for Belizeans from the birth of our nation; logwood and mahogany were our first exports, but now keeping our forests alive an uncut can be worth US$35 million. Our forests contain 7 million tons of carbon dioxide, which at current market prices of US$5 per tons of carbon on international markets for carbon credits, adds up to USD$35 million to Belize. Just as catch-and-release game fish have been estimated to be worth US$10,000 per pound as living fish swimming in the sea, so too, our forests are worth far more as a living, breathing ecosystem, than as cut lumber for furniture, housing or firewood.

Misc Belizean Sources


Ministry of Agriculture Hosts Training Workshop on Nutrition and Breeding Management of Sheep
The Ministry of Agriculture Livestock Unit, through the Genetic Improvement in Sheep and Goat Project, hosted on Thursday, May 30th, a one-day theoretical and practical training on Nutrition and Breeding Management of sheep. The training was held at Yo Creek Agriculture Station in the Orange Walk District. The workshop covered topics on supplemental feeding and nutrition, pasture establishment and management, forage utilization, and vaccination methods. A total of 25 farmers from the districts of Corozal, Orange Walk and Cayo attended the training.

Postmaster General new phone numbers
The Postmaster General wishes to inform all Government Ministries, Departments and the general public of its new office new telephone numbers as a result of recent relocation, of the Administration, Parcels and Counter Section. The new telephone numbers are as follows; � 223-7381 � 203-7382 � 203-7380 � 227-2330 � 223-0996 (Fax) We apologize for any inconvenience caused from this change.

Belize need to file a complaint against Guatemala at the UN Security Council for its action in the Sarstoon
By Wellington C. Ramos - As a Belizean citizen, I am tired of hearing about the Guatemalan military's attitude towards our citizens as it relates to the Sarstoon. Part of the Sarstoon is for Guatemala and the other part is for Belize. This is based on the approved boundaries of the two countries that were agreed upon between Britain and Guatemala in 1859. Guatemala has no right to trespass on our territory. Likewise, we do not have any right to trespass on theirs. The United Nations was founded for member nations, to foster a climate of peace and harmony among themselves. Also, to respect for each other's borders, boundaries, territorial integrity and sovereignty. If any of these countries are having a problem with another country on these matters, they have the right to bring their complaint or complaints to the UN Security Council to seek assistance.

BTIA: Paving the Road to Sustainable Tourism in Belize Symposium
at Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza

Father's Day Concert 2019
The San Ignacio Santa Elena House of Culture and The National Institute of Culture and History in Collaboration with San Ignacio & Santa Elena Town Council Presents: LATINOS NIGHT FATHERS DAY SPECIAL! This June 15th bring out the family, from 7:00 pm to 12:00 pm at Cayo Welcome Center! Dont Miss it!"

Let's Talk About Corruption!
Fifty Five students from Independence High School attended a session on the UNCAC, anti-corruption and ethics. UNDP Belize is carrying out a series of school visits in southern Belize to sensitize youth about the impacts of corruption and the role every individual has to play in forming a transparent society. This activity is part of UNDP's ongoing CARSI ESF grant funded by the U.S. Embassy.

Charg� d'Affaires at the Chiefs of Mission Conference
Charg� d'Affaires, a.i. Keith Gilges participated in the annual Chiefs of Mission Conference hosted by U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) this week. Senior U.S. diplomats representing nations across the Western Hemisphere discussed #SOUTHCOM's support to U.S. foreign policy and diplomatic efforts in South America, Central America and the Caribbean, as well as collaboration to counter threats and strengthen partnerships in the region.

Opening of 2019 Hurricane Season
Saturday 1st June marks the beginning of the 2019 hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin. The season runs from 1st June to 30th November 2019. However the formation of tropical cyclones is possible at any time of the year, as shown by the formation of Subtropical Storm Andrea on May 20, which upon its formation marked the fifth consecutive year a storm developed before the official start of the season. The 2019 forecast is suggesting that tropical cyclone activity will be for near normal in the Atlantic Basin (North AtlanticOcean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico) this year.

Prime Minister Barrow Sends Condolence Letter to Jamaica
Your Excellency, I express my profound sadness upon hearing of the passing of former Prime Minister of Jamaica, Most Hon. Edward Seaga. On behalf of the Government and people of Belize, I offer my heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Most Hon. Edward Seaga and the Government and people of Jamaica as they mourn the loss of an esteemed leader...

Enlisted BDF Soldiers Benefit from Adjustment in Pay
The Ministry of National Security (MNS) is pleased to announce that an exercise is now completed which addresses an anomaly in the yearly salary increments for all serving enlisted men and women in the Belize Defence Force (BDF), Regular and Volunteer elements. The adjustment in salary will result in a small pay raise for all Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Privates of the BDF and takes effect on June 1st, 2019. After extensive revision exercises and consultations with the Ministries of Finance and the Public Service, this long overdue and very important exercise which ensures that enlisted soldiers receive respective emoluments on par with members of other security forces such as the Belize Police Department and the Belize Coast Guard, is now complete.

Belize Signs Framework Agreement with PARLACEN
The National Assembly of Belize has signed a Framework Agreement for Interinstitutional Cooperation with the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN). The Framework Agreement was signed during the Plenary Assembly of PARLACEN in Guatemala City by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Honourable Laura Tucker Longsworth, and, on behalf of PARLACEN, by Honourable Irma Amaya. The purpose of the Framework Agreement is to establish the basis for relations that will allow academic-interinstitutional cooperation between PARLACEN and the National Assembly of Belize.

Designated Processing Areas (DPA) Training/Informative Session
oday, the Investment, Policy and Compliance Unit (IPCU) of the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce met with about thirty (30) companies in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts that fall under the Designated Processing Area (DPA) Programme. The DPA Act which was passed in December, 2018 ensures that companies in Belize are compliant with exporting regulations and standards set forth by the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF), the EU Code of Conduct on Harmful Tax Practices, and other regulatory bodies.

BDF platoon heads for Tradewinds 2019
A BDF platoon of 37 BDF & 01 BCG departed yesterday from the Phillip Goldson International Airport to participate in the first phase of Tradewinds 2019, a multinational maritime security and disaster response exercise in the Caribbean, begun in Dominica Republic on May 30 to June 8 with 21 partner nations scheduled to participate. Tradewinds 2019 is sponsored by SOUTHCOM which is one of 10 unified commands in the United States Department of Defense. It is responsible for U.S. military operations and security cooperation with partner nations in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

The U.S. Embassy is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Senior Foreign Service National Security Investigator
To view and apply for this vacancy announcement, please visit the ERA site at:�/vacancysear�/searchVacancies.hms For instructions on how to apply via the ERA system, please visit the U.S. Embassy's website at:

It's the end of an era, the stage is gone at Fido's Beach Bar

Channel 7

Shyne Says He's The Victim
Shyne Barrow is an aspiring UDP politician - but right now he's gone viral on facebook, not for the political work he's doing in Mesopotamia, but for his now very public beef with Bradley Roe, a member of one of Belize's leading families. Their beef started three weeks ago at "Maxie's" - a trendy restaurant and lounge on the Phillip Goldson Highway - when the two had words. The 39 year old Barrow and the 29 year old Roe took it into the parking lot - and for the first time anywhere, tonight - you'll see what happened next. Jules Vasquez has the story:...

Commissioner Confused About Strange Lawyer Letter
And where does Commissioner of Police Chester Williams stand on all this? Neal wrote a letter to him on May 30th saying, quote, "the purpose of this letter is to seek the intervention of your police department to stop Mr. Barrow from continued criminal behavior so that my client can move and socialize without fear of harassment and/or physical injury." Now, we've seen lots of lawyer letters, but this one - basically asking for preemptive relief from something that is not clearly established - is a first for us. Today the Commissioner told us he doesn't know what to make of it:...

From Remand To Release
For the past 4 years and 7 months, 21 year-old Charles August has stood accused of the 2014 murder of 33 year-old Salvadoran national, Jose Luis Umana. Well tonight, he's free after he was acquitted in a trial without jury before Justice Colin Williams. In October of 2014, Umana was at the corner of New Road and Hydes Lane when a gunman killed him with a fatal shot in the center of the forehead. Police arrested and charged August, who was only 16 years-old at the time, with the crime of murder. Since then, he had been on remand, until August 2018, when he became one of the few defendants accused with murder to be granted Supreme Court bail. He ended up violating the terms of that bail, because he was out his house during designated curfew hours ordered by the court. That bail was confiscated, and he was sent back to jail until his trial which began this month.

Shambella Stuck On the Reef
Last night the Coast Guard moved quickly to rescue a vessel that had ran aground on the reef and was going down. It happened in in the Sapodilla Caye Marine Reserve where the Coast Guard got a distress signal from the Shambella, a 40 foot sailboat. The Coast Guard deployed a Search and Rescue Unit from the Forward Operating Base at Hunting Caye and found two Americans on board. They were rescued and the Coast Guard towed the vessel off the reef in order to prevent further damage to it. The Coast Guard says the captain of the vessel is currently detained at Hunting Caye until an in-depth assessment of the extent of the damage to the reef is concluded.

Robbed And Dragged Into Cemetery
A woman had a terrifying encounter near the Lord Ridge cemetery last night. At around 8:00, 30 year old Rachel Wallace was riding a bicycle on the George Price highway, and as she was passing near to the cemetery, two men dragged her off her bicycle. One of them was armed with a pistol and they dragged her into the cemetery where they robbed her of $600.00, as well as her passport and social security card along with her apartment key. The men then ran off on foot through the cemetery towards Pitter street.

Minor Sexually Assaulted A Tourist, But Faced No Charge
Police are putting together a file on another case of criminal action that is not so clear cut. On Tuesday, a female tourist staying at a resort own the Placencia Peninsula was taking a jog through Seine Byte village when she was assaulted by a young man who she claims tried to rape her. He grabbed her private parts and threw her in the bushes, but she fought him off, and got back to safety. She was traumatized and also had scratches. Still, she kept with her plan to return home. But, before she left, she did she gave a statement and identified a photo of the main suspect. But, despite having the statement - and having gotten a confession and the victim's cell phone from the young perpetrator - police still released him without charges.

Inside the Shadow Of Narcissistic Abuse
It is rare that abuse survivors speak out and tell their stories. Many survivors are too scared, too ashamed and others too caught up in the cycle of pain and trauma to break the silence. But Roaring Creek resident Jemma Williams found her voice and wants to raise awareness on a form of emotional abuse known as narcissistic abuse. In fact, tomorrow, June 1st is recognized as World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day. I spoke with Williams last week and here is her story. 30 year old Jemma Williams might seem happy and care free with her big smile and friendly personality. But she wasn't always this way - she was abused throughout her childhood and her adult life and a part of her healing process is speaking out.

Counsellor Says Emotional Abuse Is Real
We also spoke to professional counselor Aimee Jex at the Belize Medical Associates. Jex says there aren't a lot of studies and research done on narcissistic abuse but it is recognized as a form of emotional abuse. Jex also goes into what is narcissism and what signs to look out for. Aimee Jex, Professional Counselor, Belize Medical Associates: "It is a phenomenon that people have been noticing and it has been having a ground swelling over the past 6 years there is a celebration of it by a committee, it is worldwide kind of thing that is being started and it is celebrated on June 1st..."

San Pedro Stunned, DOE Wins Cayo Rosario Case
Last year, it was big news out of San Pedro Town when a group of conservation-minded residents formed a group called the Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development. They started bringing public pressure on the government for the Department of Environment's approval of a proposed development on Cayo Rosario. This is a 10-acre island off the northwest coast of San Pedro, beloved to island residents due to its importance as a rich natural habitat for marine and terrestrial wildlife. Well, that island is owned by the private company, Cayo Rosario Development Limited, and they want to build a resort there. The infrastructure was initially proposed with more than 80 over-the-water structures.

Alleged Shooters Arrested
Last night, we told you about a shooting on Tuesday night which left 20 year-old Edin Perez, a resident of Armenia Village, injured with multiple gunshots. Police said that they were looking for 4 suspects, and they are reporting tonight that they've already charged 2 men. They are 22 year-old Daniel Osequeda, and 21 year-old Alex Bah, who are both labourers from the same village of Armenia. They have been arrested and charged with the offenses of attempted murder, aggravated assault, and use of deadly means of harm.

Another Freightliner Crash On PG Hwy
There was another accident involving a freightliner cargo truck on the Phillip Goldson Highway today and two men are lucky to be alive. It happened near Carmelita Village around 3:00. A cargo truck was travelling from Orange Walk to Belize City near the Santa Martha cut off when it attempted to overtake a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck travelling in the same direction. As it was overtaking, the cargo truck hit the back of the pickup causing both vehicles to run off the opposite side of the road.

Tourism And Sustainable Development, The Way Forward
By the year 2022, the Belize Tourism Industry Association is hoping that all its members will have transitioned to become more eco-friendly in the way they do business. The Association is encouraging all tourism stakeholders to cut back on business practices that harm the environment, especially Belize's marine ecosystem. That can include adopting more eco-friendly ways to get rid of waste, conserving on water usage, and adopting renewable sources of energy to power their resorts, hotels, and business places: all in an effort to reduce the industry's carbon footprint.

Cops As Role Models
Every night on the news we report on the police and all they're doing - or not doing - with crime. But, it can't be all about crime - and the cops have to - in a sense - be all things to all people. And for the young population of Belize City, that also means acting as role models. Over 160 of them are part of 3rd Annual Police Youth Mentorship Program - which launched today at the Radisson. The commissioner told us why its one of his department's flagship projects:..,

The Season of Anxiety Begins
As we reminded you last night - the most dreaded time of the year - hurricane season starts tomorrow, and NEMO is hoping that all of you will remain alert for the entire five months. A Government press release notes, quote, "The 2019 forecast is suggesting that tropical cyclone activity will be for near normal in the Atlantic Basin this year. The prediction is for there to be twelve to fourteen named storms, of those five to seven are expected to become hurricanes and two are expected to become major hurricanes. An average season in the Atlantic Basin consists of twelve named storms, six hurricanes and two major hurricanes." End quote.

Cancer Society's Conveyance Deed
The Belize Cancer Society today handed over the conveyance deed for 1 acre of land to Ministry of Labour CEO Sharon Young. Young is the Society's raffle winner - and, it's worth mentioning - is also the former CEO for the Ministry of Natural Resources, or the Lands Department. The treasurer gifted her land to the Cancer society for the raffle to raise funds. Here is more from the handing over

The Ahmadiyya Basketball League will be having its finals on Sunday at Swift Hall. It's a huge tournament that has grown exponentially in interest and number since it first started a five years ago. The local representative told us more:

Channel 5

A Tiff between Shyne and Bradley Roe Lands on the ComPol's Desk
Tonight, businessman Bradley Roe and Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow are making headlines, following an incident on the night of May eleventh during which Shyne was physically assaulted by the Ladyville [...]

Sailboat "Shambella" Grounded on the Belize Barrier Reef
Two U.S. nationals were rescued on Thursday night after their forty foot sailboat "Shambella" grounded on the Belize Barrier Reef. At around eighty thirty pm, the Belize Coast Guard received [...]

2 U.S. Nationals Rescued by Coast Guard Officers
According to Lieutenant Soberanis, the couple was making their way from Cuba to Rio Dulce in Guatemala. Soberanis says that the captain of the vessel is currently detained at Hunting [...]

Belize City Woman Attacked, Robbed at Gunpoint by 2 Men
A Belize City woman was robbed at gunpoint at around eight o'clock on Thursday night. Thirty-year-old Rachel Wallace was riding her bicycle near the Lord Ridge Cemetery when she was [...]

U.S. Tourist Becomes Victim of Attempted Rape, Suspect is Released
A female tourist was robbed and sexually assaulted while in the Village of Seine Bight in Southern Belize. Reports are that the tourist was jogging when she came under attack [...]

3 Men Walk Free from Conspiracy to Commit Murder Charge
A seventeen-year-old minor and two adults have been freed of conspiracy to commit murder in the shooting death of Lynford Baldwin. The trio appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser and [...]

2 Men Charged for the Shooting of Guatemalan Edin Perez
A brazen attempt was made on the life of Guatemalan national Edin Perez on Tuesday night in Armenia Village.� The twenty-year-old was shot multiple times when a group of men [...]

B.T.I.A. Takes a Serious Look at Sustainable Tourism
The B.T.I.A. unveiled to its stakeholders and partner agencies a three-year plan for sustainable tourism in Belize. The objective of the symposium was to share details on how the association [...]

National Oceanography Centre & UB Sign M.O.U.
The University of Belize and the National Oceanography Centre in the U.K. signed a memorandum of understanding on Thursday to advance marine science research in Belize. Both entities recognize the [...]

Hurricane Season: June to November
The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season begins on Saturday and will run through to November thirtieth.� The forecast for this year suggests that tropical cyclone activity will be near normal in [...]

Belize Coast Guard Prepares for 2019 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season
Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis of the Belize Coast Guard led an informational session to discuss the Coast Guard's state of readiness for the 2019 Atlantic Basin hurricane season.   Lt. Gregory [...]

3rd Annual Police Youth Mentorship Program Launched
One hundred and sixty-eight boys and girls are forming this year's intake for the third annual Police Youth Mentorship Programme. The program which starts tomorrow and concludes in the next [...]

Ramadan has Ended
The month of Ramadan has come to an end.� It is a month-long period of fasting for persons of Islamic faith.� To celebrate the passing of Ramadan, the Ahmadiyah Muslim [...]

Ahmadiyah Basketball League Hosts Tournament this Weekend
And on Sunday, the Ahmadiyah Basketball League concludes a season of basketball tournaments with a marathon at the Swift Hall where teams from across Belize City and as far away [...]

Certifying Belizean Chefs in Food Safety
Chefs from across the country took part in sixteen hours of intense training spread across four days this week, to learn professional standards of food handling, as well as the [...]


Husband and wife, both 74, killed in vehicle accident
A fatal road collision in San Narciso at about 2:00 yesterday afternoon, between Miles 72 and 73 on the Philip Goldson Highway, claimed the lives of Audomaro Chan, 74, and his wife Ramona, 74, both of San Narciso. Audomaro was driving his pickup from San Luis to Corozal Town when he collided with a 40-foot tanker truck that was traveling from Corozal Town to Orange Walk. The injuries of the driver of the tanker truck, Eric Ermoff, 35, of Orange Walk Town, were described as not life-threatening.

$16,000 reward for jaguar killer
A jaguar was found decapitated in the Dump area of Toledo at about 9:30 last night. The headless carcass of the majestic animal was found by a man who was walking on the road in the area and he immediately called police and forest rangers of the Toledo Forest Department. The remains of the animal were then retrieved and buried by the rangers. An investigation has begun to find the person who killed the jaguar.

Public advisory on illegal peddling of medicines
This afternoon, we received a press release from the Ministry of Health concerning the identification of products "that are being sold as medicines but not officially recognized and registered by the Ministry of Health." The release says that during two recent inspections, the medicines were confiscated from "peddlers/street vendors." The release says that, apart from being illegal, the medicines pose a health risk, as they may be "falsified and substandard." We wanted to find out if the ministry had any idea from where the peddlers got the medicine, whether the medicines were expired, and whether the peddlers were charged with any crime according to our medical laws.

The Trump Administration vs Huawei
In the telecommunication world, talk has been stirring over the recent ban by the US government on the Chinese tech giant, Huawei. The franchise had been accused by United States president Donald Trump of several security breaches and the violation of US sanctions against Iran, leading to the banning of all Huawei devices in America. Huawei has been a longtime partner of Belize Telecommunications Limited, which entered into a 40-million-dollar deal with them in 2016 to roll out the 4G LTE mobile network that serves all Digi users countrywide. Considering the direct link between Huawei and BTL, many are wondering what these US restrictions will mean for Belizeans who are currently subscribed to Digi's mobile service, especially in regards to the removal of all Google apps from Huawei's mobile devices.

CEMO is ready for Hurricane Season 2019
The Belize City Council's emergency management arm (CEMO) held a press conference today to disseminate vital information to the public with regards to this year's disaster preparedness plan for Hurricane Season 2019. As we know, June 1 marks a crucial time for Belizeans, as we must remain on the alert for any impending storms and excessive rainfall until November 30. Today, Mayor Bernard Wagner, Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold and Councilor of Sanitation, CEMO, Security Flood Mitigation and Climate Change Michael Norales, addressed the media concerning the preparations that have been made to safeguard city residents during this vulnerable time of the year.

The Belize Cancer Society building awareness one cancer walk at a time
This past Saturday, the Belize Cancer Society held another of its Cancer Walks in which thousands of Belizeans walked from the starting point in Ladyville, in front of Celina's Bar, to the headquarters of the Belize Cancer Society on Mercy Lane, in Belize City, a nine-mile journey to spread awareness of the deadly disease. Heather Reneau, the senior administrator for the Belize Cancer Society, told Amandala this afternoon that the Cancer Walk is one of the biggest activities that the society does annually to build awareness of the burden of cancer.

NEBL Finals heads to crucial game 4 on Friday night; Tiger Sharks has 2-1 series lead
The playoffs bounced along this past weekend in the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL), as game 2 was played at the Civic Center in Belize City on Friday night, and game 3 sailed out to the island on Saturday night in its best-of-five final. After a disappointing game 1 loss in San Pedro, Mirage/Smart Belize Hurricanes regrouped and strategized in preparation for game 2 on their home court at the Civic Centre. From the tip, Hurricanes opened up aggressively with their suffocating defence, but San Pedro Tiger Sharks was able to match their intensity.

Abner Lopez records another regatta win at the 7th Annual Placencia Youth Sailing Regatta
May is the sailing month for Placencia, and sailing enthusiasts descended on the "Point" for 2 days of perfect sailing conditions, with steady winds and clear skies. Hosting its 7th Annual Placencia Youth Sailing Regatta last weekend, May 25 and 26, the Placencia Sailing Club organized another successful event with over 20 participants. The Optimist class races started at 12:00 noon with 12 Optimists on the start line on Saturday. Only 4 races were planned for the first day, and winds started to pick up around 3:00 p.m. to about 15 knots. With perfect conditions prevailing, the racing committee decided to do the 5th race, considering that the weather forecasts suggested that some rain was expected on Sunday.

Rural North Football Week 6 results from Sandhill
Sandhill Village was the venue for Week 6 games on Sunday, May 26, in the Belize Rural North Football Tournament for the Edmond "Clear the Land" Castro Cup 2019. In game 1, (U-17) Kings College Strikers drew with Sandhill Youths, 3-3. Netting a goal each for Kings College were Jordi Reyes (4'), Jordhy Riva (54') and Carlos Gutierrez (59'); while Sandhill goals were by Deandre Dawson (62' & 66') and Leonardo Higinio (17').

BBSF Classic & U-19 8-Ball Tournaments in Belmopan
BBSF Classic (In memory of Angel "Chips Man" Vargas) A total of 47 players from throughout the country participated in the single-man, race to 3, 8-ball Classic. The champ is Larry Lisbey of Belize City (prize: $1,200 + trophy), while Luis Valdez of Corozal (prize: $600.00 + trophy) was the sub-champ. Larry was undefeated going into the final, so Luis had to beat him twice to be the champ. It was a tall order, but Luis gave it an enormous effort, as he won Larry in the first set; but Larry was successful in the second set and was declared the champ. Ranking 3rd place was Nain Rosado (prize: $300.00), and 4th place was Johnny Betancourt (prize: $100.00).

Editorial: Our governments made the climate for Sanctuary Bay
There is a story out there that the Americans are trying to put a hook in the Government of Belize, us, for a project that has reportedly bilked mostly American citizens out of over US 100 million dollars. In other sections of the media, and in the Amandala, there have been detailed reports of the ongoing saga at Sanctuary Bay, located near Sittee River in the Stann Creek District. A number of hooks have been placed in our mouth these past two decades, so maybe we cannot be blamed if we start believing that we are some kind of fish. We have been reeled in so, so many times, and have had to give up so, so many pounds of flesh, we are nearing bankruptcy. Our leaders really must stop opening our mouth for foreigners to put hooks inside it. Enough, our jaw is sore to the point of breaking.

From the Publisher
For many, many months, years in fact, a situation has been developing at the extreme southwestern corner of an empty lot at #3 West Canal Street on Southside Belize City. There is a very tall, dead coconut tree trunk which has been eaten away by termites until it is in imminent danger of falling, whereupon it would bring down the electric wires which bring current to two or three homes which sit at the end of an alley which runs off West Canal parallel to the empty lot. If and when the dead coconut tree trunk falls and hauls down the wires, there would be the danger of fire, in the first instance. The neighbours have complained to me that the people at the electricity company claim they can't do anything about the tree trunk unless a complaint is made by the owner of the yard where the trunk is located. Well, the yard at #3 West Canal is, to repeat, an empty lot, owned by the estate of Chrystel Lynwood Straughan, nee Hyde, whose two children have lived in Atlanta, Georgia, for quite a few years.

Compton discusses the UDP's expulsion of B. Q., Hubert, and Derek in 1992!
Compton discusses the UDP's expulsion of B. Q., Hubert, and Derek in 1992! To the Editor, There is only one week remaining for Belize to submit documents to the ICJ for the Court to consider the Compromis. At this time, Guatemala has not revealed the name of their "Agents" and they are also resisting the inclusion of our Maritime AreasAct of 1992. Twenty seven years ago, at that time the late Edward A. Laing Jr., the Hon. Philip Goldson and I had extensive discussions on the passage of this Act. For the benefit of our younger citizens I have retrieved from the Freedom Committee archives an explanation and discussion on the issue.

Only God can make a tree
Dear Editor, It is with sadness that I read of the fallen flamboyant at Mile 50. Belize is blessed with many varieties of beautiful tropical trees. If we would only nurture and care for them, we would become a special attraction for the world. The colonial masters raped our forests of our mighty giants and did not think of planting them back. We got rid of the chains of colonialism and then we finished off the forest. During the Second World War, the British, who knew that our men hunted and fell giants in British Honduras, took them overseas and named them the forestry unit.

The UDP grab for seats and positions!
It's interesting to note that anyone in Belize can be a politician. There is no requirement for any educational qualification, nor any level of economic stability, nor any history of public service, nor any professional experience, and, worse yet, there is no requirement for disclosure of campaign financing. As a matter of fact, ex-felons convicted in other jurisdictions, who have fled to Belize or been deported, have run and are running for office. There is no requirement for specific qualifications or some level of skills or proficiency in the Ministry that they will head, except for the Ministry of the Attorney General, where an attorney is required! So we have had people with no clue about agriculture heading that Ministry, or no clue about medicine heading that Ministry, or no clue about construction heading the Ministry of Housing, and the list goes on� you get me! As a matter of fact, there is a strange trend in our history that it seems that those qualified and skilled in a particular field are being intentionally kept out of that field.

When citrus is king again, will small growers be a part of it?
The citrus industry in Belize, which, records show, began in 1913, has had its ups and downs over the years, but the present down, which began about five years ago and continues up to today, May 2019, is the worst the industry has ever seen. The citrus industry will rebound. Citrus growers are largely a hardy, hopeful group, so the question is just when the good days will be back again. says the industry "started in 1913 when three investors - Dr. S. O. Browne, Mr. A. E. Vine and Mr. W. A. J. Bowman imported nine hundred budded grapefruit trees from Florida. These were planted in the Stann Creek Valley. The industry grew and by 1954, it reached the million dollar exports mark�. Income from the citrus industry has increased from over $33 million in 2002 to $95 million in 2011."

Musings by the Curious Non-Conformist
I've always been a sexual and reproductive health rights advocate. In fact, it is on 2621 Mercy Lane in Belize City that my organized leadership capacity was honed. It was at the Belize Family Life Association's Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM) that I was introduced to human rights, comprehensive sexuality education, and governance in a safe space that allowed me to question every and anything. I want to give special thanks to Arthur Usher, Ana Carillo and more recently Sheena Gentle for allowing me those freedoms. It was the place that I saw religious views come in direct conflict with human rights. Well, outside of the Christopher Columbus story of him 'discovering the Americas' and spreading Catholicism by any means necessary, including genocide. An elderly woman would kneel with bare knees in the afternoon heat on loose gravel to pray for the deliverance of the people who work inside the building. "Weird flex but okay."

I don't care for that woman's mind
I'm a fan of old movies, Turner Classic Movies, and a part of that must come from the fact that I didn't go to many movies when I was a youth, so a lot passed me by. There are run-of-the-mill things about me that some people would find discouraging. As a boy I had little respect for the people behind movies, books, songs and people who liked to take pictures. I liked all of those things well enough, but the people behind those things were of no interest in my world. There are oh so many dots that I didn't connect. I think the worst is that I didn't see the danger in people who study books. When I was a boy I saw the world all Tom Sawyer: who can lick who. The world belongs to wimps! What a sickening realization, that power doesn't come from the might in a fist or out of the barrel of a gun: it comes from the people who promote people to fight with fists and the people who send the strong to shoot down one another in wars.

John Chessman pleads guilty to manslaughter in the shooting death Chinese grocer
oday, after she heard a plea for mitigation from John Chessman, Jr., 28, who was charged with murder but had pleaded guilty to manslaughter, Madam Justice Marilyn Williams set July 22 as the date for sentencing. There were no character witnesses, and only Chessman spoke on his behalf. He said the he was sorry for what he did. Chessman was charged with the murder of Chinese businessman Jiantao Yang, who was shot in the back of the head about 5 p.m. on August 9, 2012. Yang was at his business establishment, E-Bay Supermarket, located at 116 Crab Catcher Street in Ladyville, when Chessman and another man entered. The men held up Yang at gunpoint and they demanded money. They made their way behind the counter and while Yang was opening the cash register, one of them shot Yang.

Carlos Reyes, 18, drowns in Valley of Peace
Carlos Reyes, 18, a laborer of Valley of Peace, drowned while swimming in the Belize River in an area known as "the Reservoir" in the village. His body was recovered by his friends, who were along with him. He was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival. The tragedy occurred at about 2:30 Sunday afternoon. Reliable information to us is that Reyes and his four friends were socializing at the riverside when they saw him go into the water. After he had gone into the water, he went under the river's surface, and they became concerned when he did not resurface.

Jessica Heusner, 35, dies tragically in road accident
A fatal road collision claimed the life of Jessica Heusner, 35, an Immigration officer of Belmopan, who was a mother of two children, ages 12 and 8. She died immediately in a head-on collision with a tandem truck that was coming from the opposite direction, behind another tandem truck, which she had hit. Heusner was traveling from Belize City to Belmopan in her SUV and the truck was heading to Belize City and due to the impact of the collision, her vehicle exploded and erupted into flames, causing her to be burnt to death. After the flames engulfing the wrecked vehicle were put out by firemen, the remains of her body were recovered from the vehicle and taken to the morgue. She was identified by means of her drivers' license that was found in the wreckage.

Joseph Budna, 38, escapes from hospital in San Benito, Guatemala
Joseph Ryan Budna, 38, who has been serving a 30-year jail sentence for kidnapping and other crimes in neighboring Guatemala, escaped this morning from a hospital in San Benito, Guatemala. Police said that after he requested to see a doctor because he was ill, Budna was taken to the hospital for medical attention, but he escaped from the facility, although the details of how he was able to do so are not yet known. Prensa Libre, Guatemala's leading newspaper, reported that he took advantage of the minimum security at the hospital.

The Reporter

Sunnyside Bakery Robbed By 2 Men, In Crude Disguise
The Sunnyside Bakery on Racecourse Street was robbed earlier tonight; the details of the incident are that the owner and his wife were robbed at approximately 7:00pm when two men entered the establishment, one of the robbers had a cap over his face and the other's face was covered with a shirt.

Editorial - May 31st. 2019
The Police Department and its Commissioner should be supported and commended for their efforts to make it more difficult for young people to buy liquor, including beer.

It Has Come Down To This !
By: Mike Rudon Jr. This isn't one of the columns I want to write. In fact, I am dreading the writing of it. But I have to. I just have to, maybe for the preservation of my own sanity. This weekend, two persons I love dearly called me a failure. Because despite all my talk about staying sober and being strong and positive, I fell. And when I fall, I fall spectacularly.

From Gangs to Tattoos
The price for living the gang life can sometimes be very high, and for Belize City resident and well-known tattoo artist Roque Rodriguez, 39, his disability is a reminder of just how important it is for him to prevent other youth, friends and family members from taking the same path he did in his teenage years.

2 U.S. Nationals Rescued At Sapodilla Caye Reserve
The Belize Coast Guard has reported that they rescued two US Nationals from a 40 foot vessel, the Shambella, which ran aground on the reef in the Sapodilla Caye Marine Reserve. According to the BCG, they received a distress call at 8:30 Thursday night and deployed a vessel from Hunting Caye.

Regional Police Associations Battle Over Local Police Politics
The ACCP release says: "The ACCP wishes to advise that this body [the CFPWA] has no jurisdiction over such matters and further that the matter being sub justice, it would be improper for this body to comment or to intervene."

Roe to Shyne: BACK OFF or I Will Defend Myself
Late this evening the Reporter received copies of a letter written by attorney Bryan Neal and addressed to Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, asking the intervention of the Police Department to stop Shyne Barrow's 'continued criminal behaviour so that my client can move and socialize without fear of harassment and/or physical injury."

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Transport sector gets climate change training
Various public and private sector entities gathered at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza this [�]

Are electric cars feasible for Belize?
Would bringing electric cars into Belize to reduce the country's carbon emissions work out? That [�]

Fifty Years and counting, the story of Belize Brewing company
This week, the Belize Brewing Company celebrated a major milestone, marking its 50th anniversary of [�]

CONCACAF League: Belmopan Bandits face off with Costa Rican giants Saprissa
There are no easy matchups in football, and national champions the Belmopan Bandits have been assigned [�]

Government CEO wins Ladyville property from Cancer Society
Cancer survivor, activist and current CEO in the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural [�]

Leonardo DiCaprio's Blackadore Caye eco-resort to open in 2020
Actor and noted environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio is planning a 2020 opening of his eco-resort on [�]

Corozal police confiscate gun and ammo
A police search this morning removed some deadly items from the reach of criminals. Those [�]

PM Barrow extends condolences to Jamaica on passing of former Prime Minister
Prime Minister Dean Barrow today sent a letter expressing condolences to Jamaica on the passing [�]

Enlisted BDF Officers Benefit From Pay Adjustment
The Ministry of National Security (MNS) announced that an exercise is now completed which addresses [�]

Hair stylist robbed of cash and valuables
Authorities are investigating a report of a robbery that occurred last night on the George [�]

Ministry of Agriculture hosts training on Nutrition and Breeding Management of sheep
Yesterday, the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock Unit, through the Genetic Improvement in Sheep and Goat [�]

American research students meet with farmers in Vaca Forest Reserve
On May 30, farmers in the Vaca Forest Reserve area met with research students from [�]

Bee-Keeping flourishing in Vaca Forest Reserve
During a tour hosted by Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) yesterday, we met one [�]

Postmaster General informs of new telephone numbers
The Postmaster General informs all Government Ministries, Departments and the general public of its new [�]

Prepare for Hurricane Season 2019
Tomorrow, June 1st marks the official start of the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Hurricane season runs [�]


St. Martin De Porres hopes to put an end to bullying
The management of St. Martin De Porres Primary School in Belize City saw that bullying was affecting their children and as a result the school was no longer a safe place for these students. Therefore, the management and teachers went to great lengths to instill in the young minds that bullying is not acceptable. Love �

NEMO prepares for Hurricane Season
How have you been preparing for this year's hurricane season? Most people tend to start stocking up on canned foods as well as figuring out whether they will stay at home or find shelter elsewhere. Ronald Gordon, Climatologist at the National MET Service, told us that this season may prove to be an average one. �

Belize Coastguard Prepares for 2019 Hurricane Season
The hurricane season is upon us and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration revealed 21 potential storm names on Wednesday ahead of 2019's season, set to begin June 1. AccuWeather's predictions were released midweek, and 2019 is expected to be more active than a typical season, but not as dynamic as the last two seasons. �

June 1 marks the beginning of the Hurricane Season
As we've said earlier in our newscast, the hurricane season begins tomorrow, which means that households should have already started to prepare in order to avoid lost of property or lives. However, we wondered if persons have taken action as yet, so we took to the streets to find out. Citizen: "Well no not yet, we �

US Nationals rescued after Grounding on Reef
Two US nationals were brought into safe harbour by members of the Belize Coast Guard (BCG) last night. The duo was in the Sapodilla Caye Marine Reserve at around eight thirty last night when they sent out a distress signal. According to Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis, Fleet Commander for the BCG, a vessel from the Hunting �

CEO lands cancer prize
Sharon Young is the winner of a piece of land, raffled by the Belize Cancer Society in an effort to raise funds to continue assisting cancer patients. Of course, Young is well-known since she is the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Labour. Young is not only a staunch supporter of cancer organizations, but also �


Three Festivals to celebrate the Spiny Lobster - which will YOU attend?!
Since the closing of the Lobster Fishing Season on February 14th, seafood lovers anxiously await the opening season on June 15th. It's not just about loading our plates with this crustacean delight, but rather, the three fun festivals that Belize hosts for the opening of the Lobster Fishing Season. Held in three different locations and on different dates, the Lobster Festivals have become a must-attend event! Plans upon plans are made to ensure we get to enjoy and celebrate the Spiny Lobster in all its glory. While all three festivals share the same name, each is equally unique to their destination and cultural atmosphere!

International Sourcesizz

Southwest Airlines extends its flight schedule through the end of 2019
I know many will be happy to see Belize on their list again...

Leonardo DiCaprio will open revolutionary eco-resort in Belize in 202
Back in 2015, DiCaprio decided to take the plunge and purchase an island in Belize to build his very own eco-resort, set to be "ground-breaking in the environmental movement." The island in question, Blackadore Caye, was sold for $1.75 million to DiCaprio and his business partner, who have been working ever since to create an eco-haven of restorative paradise in Central America, to open in 2020. The eco-resort was supposed to open in 2018, but the team announced that the opening was to be delayed until late 2019 as it was still incomplete. This year, it was declared that the new opening was to be in 2020, as and when the finishing touches have been applied with a fine tooth comb.

Tropical threat may brew in Gulf of Mexico as Atlantic hurricane season officially begins
The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season is officially underway and the southern Gulf of Mexico is being monitored for potential tropical activity into early week. A broad area of unsettled weather located near the west coast of the Yucatan Peninsula will move west-northwestward over the Bay of Campeche this weekend. "Given sufficiently warm water, this low pressure area could evolve into an organized tropical system" Kottlowski said. There is also relatively low wind shear, or changing of wind speed and/or direction with altitude, over the Bay of Campeche, which provides a conducive environment for tropical features to organize.

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  • Belize Now: May 31, 2019, 27min. In tonight's headlines: GOB Launches its first MSME Enhancement Program, NEMO discusses Hurricane Preparedness and we learn about the Real Estate Industry in Belize. These stories and more on this week's edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, May 31st, 2019.

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