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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe's Woofer: Jumping the Line
"No one in this country sells ordinary table lamps," Sherry said. "There's a new department store in Belize City that's having a grand opening tomorrow. They show lamps in their advertisement and I want two of them." I caught a seven o'clock flight to try to beat the crowds to the grand opening. And there was a crowd. Forty people, mostly women, were in line in front of me by eight waiting for the doors to open. A young lady walked up to another standing ten spaces back from the front of the line.

Doctor Love: Using Protection
Dear Doctor Love, My boyfriend and I have not had sex because he doesn't want to wear a condom. I've only had one other boyfriend and when we didn't use one, I was scared after because I might get pregnant. My guy now says it takes the fun out of it and he doesn't get the same feeling as when he doesn't wear one. He says he doesn't have AIDS and that condoms don't do any good anyway because they break all the time. We always end up in a fight about it and he leaves and he's mad at me for days. I really love him and we are going to get married and I'm beginning to think he may be right and we should just do it. /s/Name Withheld

Misc Belizean Sources


Ocean Academy at the Global Robotics International Olympic Competition 2019
Belize High School joined forces with Ocean Academy to put together "Team Belize" to go to the First Global Robotics International Olympic Competition 2019 in Dubai. Our country is filled with talented and smart people. Both schools are working Hand in hand to come up with the best candidates to represent "Team Belize".

Following a string of robberies, the police Department has sent a press release Sunday morning to address crime
The Belize Police Department, warns the general public about a spike in robberies countrywide and particularly where business places are being targeted. We wish to inform the general public that the police is doing what we can to mitigate this situation; however, we ask that you also employ your own precautionary measures such as, never keep more money than is necessary in your stores, do not allow hanging out/loitering, or public drinking in front of your place of business, call and report every suspicious activity to the police, do not open beyond your opening hours, cause a background check to be done on all prospective employees and limit the number of persons who have knowledge of where cash in larger quantity is been kept.

Orange Walk Town Council and JICA collaboration of the decorated trash bin project
The Garbage Bin Design Contest was held on the 31st of May at Technical High School with Masaki Kimura, JICA volunteer. 34 students from 7 schools participated in the competition and after 5 hours of dedicated work, produced creatively designed garbage bins. Now it is voting time! We would like to ask Orangewalke�os to be judges and vote for the most attractive design. There will be a ceremony on the 7th of June at the central park to announce the winner. The picture which gets the most likes by that date will win. We would like to ask everyone for their kind cooperation!

Power outage Wednesday, Placencia and Toledo
Power outage scheduled for Wednesday, June 5 from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to affect entire Toledo District and a portion of the Stann Creek District including the entire Placencia Peninsula, Independence, Maya King, Santa Cruz, Georgetown, San Pablo, San Roman, Santa Rosa, Maya Mopan, Red Bank, Cow Pen and surrounding areas. BEL to replace poles carrying transmission lines, upgrade transformers and conduct maintenance of equipment at the Independence Substation to meet the growing demand for power supply in Placencia.

El Pilar Forest Garden Exhibit
The Benque Viejo Public Library is launching their El Pilar and the Forest Garden exhibit on Tuesday, June 11th, at 10:30am. If you want to know more about El Pilar, and its significance in the Maya realm, this exhibit is for you.

Another Day In San Antonio 2019
The 2019 Another Beautiful Day in San Antonio event is just 2 weeks away. ABDISA is a cultural celebration, and they'll have many cultural presentations and events for the entire family. The Don Elijio Panti Cycling Race will kick the day off. Fun for the entire family. "Join us on June 16th 2019 as we celebrate our community, San Antonio, Cayo! San Antonio is a vibrant Maya agricultural community that is striving to maintain its identity. Over the years, the people's connectedness to specific long-standing lifestyle, language, and agricultural subsistence practices has waned. 'Another Beautiful Day In San Antonio' (ABDISA) seeks to celebrate our identity to ensure that it is passed on to our children. ABDISA seeks to build on the success of last year's event, which brought hundreds of villagers and visitors to the village to experience a day filled with Maya traditions, food, dances, art and craft, games, educational booths, a football marathon, and a bicycle race (The Don Elijio Panti Cycling Race).

The cross is a symbol that has been present in the Maya culture since the Prehispanic times . Upon arrival, the Spaniards were surprised to find crosses between the Maya . so when the Franciscan missionaries and religious began to evangelize the Yucatan peninsula in 1546 it was made simple for the indigenous Maya to identify with this religious symbol of Christianity. Through torture many Maya where converted to Christianity but many tried their best to hide their Maya spirituality inside the spaniards religion. The Maya Cross does not have elements of the body of Christ or the Passion as the traditional Christian crosses .

Channel 5

Police Arrest Two Suspects for Dangriga Robbery
Police Commissioner Chester Williams have confirmed that two persons have been arrested in relation to an armed robbery which occurred in Dangriga Town last night. According to Williams, police have "detained two of the suspects and have recovered (1) 9mm pistol and (1) 12 gauge sawed off shotgun both believed to have been used in the robbery."

Police Release Details of Dangriga Robbery
According to police, at around 8:35 p.m. last night information was received of an armed robbery at Family City Imports located on George Price Drive, Dangriga Town. The store owner, 33-year-old Ting Jiu Liu reported to police that four men with their faces covered barged into the store. One of the men was armed with a shotgun. Two of the robbers were armed with handguns. The thieves demanded money. They made off with monies from the Boledo sale. Police are investigating.

Eastern Police Division Youth Basketball Cup Tournament 2019
Eastern Police Division Youth Basketball Cup Tournament 2019 entered its 3rd week of competition which began yesterday at the Belama Riverside Basketball Court. Participating are 80 young men who have pledged to 'shoot hoops, not guns'.

The Reporter

Alvin Javon Cumberbatch. 'Big Ben' Killed
A man who was affectionately known as Big Ben was killed this morning just after 9:00 in Pregnant Alley off Cemetery Road in Belize City. At 9:35 Police were called out to the KHMH where they saw the lifeless body of a man identified as Alvin Jevon Cumberbatch, 36, with gunshot wounds to his face and back.

Robbery At Dangriga Supermarket Caught On Video
The Reporter has received footage of a robbery at the Family Shopping Center in Dangriga yesterday ( Saturday, June 1st.). The entire ordeal was caught on security camera video, Shown Below.

Compol Warns Of Recent Spike In Robberies
Following a brazen robbery at the Family Shopping Center in Dangriga on Saturday and a robbery at the Sunnyside Bakery in the city, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has issued an alert to residents, particularly business owners, warning them to be much more vigilant.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Taiwan: 'The beautiful island'
By Zoila Palma-Gonzalez: Taiwan, formerly called " La Ilha Formosa", meaning the beautiful island is home to Taipei [�]

Men accused of murder conspiracy of Lindsford Baldwin freed for lack of evidence
Three men accused of conspiracy to murder Lindsford Baldwin saw charges dropped in court on [�]

Man chopped by relative for wifi password
BBN has confirmed with our police sources that a man is being sought for chopping [�]

Woman found dead in Belize City has been identified
BBN had previously reported that a woman was found dead in downtown Belize City. We [�]

Body found in Belize City
Police are said to be on the scene near Rene's Store on Cemetery Road in [�]

Compol Williams: Two Dangriga robbers detained, weapons recovered
Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, is vigorously investigating the robbery of Family City Imports in Dangriga. [�]

Measles case in Mexico triggers alert in Belize
Authorities in Belize are on high alert after an outbreak of measles in Mexico. The Office [�]

PSU elects a new president and executive
The Public Service Union(PSU) elected a new president in elections held yesterday. In the race [�]

Anthony Joshua knocked out by Jarrell Miller's replacement for heavyweight titles
Could Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller have done to Anthony Joshua on Saturday night what Andy [�]

Murder in Belize City
Minutes ago there was a murder on Belize City's southside. It reportedly occurred downtown near Taylor's [�]


Beer in Belize: "No working during drinking hours"
A motley crew of pirates and buccaneers supposedly built Belize City on a foundation of emptied bottles of rum. Consequently, rum-punch is still a firm favourite of the contemporary inhabitants of this strip of land by the Caribbean Sea. It's not hard to understand why. Simply look at that horizon of blue sky that merges with a turquoise sea, look at the coral beaches, the waving palm trees and try not to drool when someone puts a shot of coconut rum mixed with pineapple juice in front of your face. That cocktail is locally nicknamed a Panti Rippa (Panty Ripper), because� Well, you understand why. Nevertheless, Belizeans also love to drink beer. Their biggest pride is Belikin. That's the name of the beers brewed by Belize Brewing Company, a brewery with a semi-monopoly over the beer market in Belize. In that light, a slogan like The Only Beer Worth Drinking gets another dimension.

Belizean Melody Opens A Studio and Shop North: You Can Make Art!
Belizean Melody's empire expands! Earlier this week, San Pedrana, artist, wedding planner and fabulous entrepreneur opened a small shop on the north side of Ambergris Caye. Let's call it Belizean Melody Norte. A pastel building across from Belizean Shores Resort and Coco-Beach where you can buy some beautiful Belizean made gifts but, best of all�make your own! It's about 3 miles north Ambergris Caye.

Finding Culture & Adventure Fit for a Teen
Great article highlighting a few of the many local cultural attractions that are great experiences for teenagers. Well written, and Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, and the sites in MPR(Rio Frio Cave is pictured above), are all in there. They loved their stay at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, and enjoyed the Green Iguana Conservation Project. "Our week in San Ignacio barely scratched the surface of the outdoor and cultural excursions offered here.. We wanted to make sure we learned as much as we could about our hometown for the week, so we dedicated a full morning to San Ignacio itself. We toured through the fruit and vegetable market (busiest on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays) and also really enjoyed learning about the history and process of cacao and drinking chocolate in the Mayan tradition at AJAW Chocolate and Crafts. Additional tours offer cooking classes and lessons on corn processing and tortilla-making at a Mayan women's co-op...

International Sourcesizz

Head of tourism clarifies sargasso not on all Cancun, Riviera Maya beaches
While the topic of sargasso continues to make news around the globe, the head of tourism for the state says it is false that the seaweed is on all beaches. Marisol Vanegas P�rez, Secretaria de Turismo Quintana Roo says that news circulating that sargasso has infested every beach in the state is simply not so. She clarifies that the arrival of sargasso is not widespread on all coasts of the Mexican Caribbean as is often reported. Although many beaches around Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Mahahual and Puerto Morelos are seeing the seaweed accumulate along its shores, crews are out doing their best to remove and dispose of what does make it to shore, while navy efforts continue offshore. According to Nereus Program, sargasso blooms have reportedly fouled more than 700 beaches, not only around parts of Mexico, but also in other popular beach hotspots including Belize, Cuba and the United States.

Did the Maya Really Sacrifice Their Ballgame Players
Imagine a crowd roaring as royalty take to the ball court, rubber ball in hand in a sport so spectacular, it symbolized good versus evil. The ballgame played by the Maya, Aztec and neighboring cultures is famous for its ubiquity in Mesoamerica before interloping Europeans shut it down. But many mysteries and misconceptions continue to dog people's understanding of the game. For instance, did the game's winners or losers get sacrificed at the end of the game? And were the hoops on the ball courts treated like modern-day basketball nets? The answer to both questions is no; the players were most likely not sacrificed, and the ball wasn't meant to go through the hoop, although it likely happened from time to time, said Christophe Helmke, an associate professor at the Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at the University of Copenhagen.


  • Robbery in Dangriga on Saturday night, .5min. Following a string of robberies, the police Department has sent a press release on Sunday morning to address crime. The Belize Police Department, warns the general public about a spike in robberies countrywide and particularly where business places are being targeted.

  • 2019 Another Beautiful Day in San Antonio, 1min. Join us on June 16th 2019 as we celebrate our community, San Antonio, Cayo!

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  • Visiting Caracol Mayan Ruins in Belize, 4min. Getting to this site is a bit of a challenge with the rough road conditions and 2 plus hours it takes to get there. But the payoff is totally worth it! If you like to explore and visit ancient cities, ruins, and temples, Caracol is well worth the trip.

  • BELIZE KAYAK and SNORKEL, 12min. Island Expeditions provided an extraordinary experience on a remote Caye off the coast of Belize.

  • Organic products from San Pedro Columbia @ Made in Belize Expo 2019, 2min. This young lady describes all the organic products that her farm produces and the finished products they have for the local market.

  • Wood designer and engraver @ Made in Belize Expo 2019, 1.5min. Wood engraver at the Made In Belize Expo 2019 tells of the various wood works she does.

  • Tehu Kax'Oxo Ph.D. of the Tropical Rainforest Institute of Belize, 1min. Dr. Kax'Oxo, Chief Executive Director of the Tropical Rain-Forest Institute of Belize explains the work of BioNomix at the Made in Belize Expo 2019

  • Bus Ride: Chetumal, Mexico to Belize City, Belize, 3min.

  • Ahmadiyya Basketball Finals 2019 | Live at Swift Hall, Belize City,, 4.5hr.