Guy rescues dog on remote island

Destiny brought this guy and a starving puppy together on the most remote island

Bozeman man rescues dog from Central America

A southwest Montana man traveled thousands of miles for a job last December and brought back an unexpected friend.

Bozeman photographer Wesley White traveled to Central America for a gig and had an unexpected turn of events days before leaving.

"I was working on a small island off the coast of Belize called Thatch Caye," White said. "I was just eating some food, drinking water, kind of looking out across the flat water looking for fish movement, and I saw his tail wagging in the mangroves, and I thought, 'Oh, it's another island dog,' because they're everywhere down there. And when I turned around and saw the state he was in -- he had no hair, he had mites. That's when I realized like, OK, he was probably abandoned."

White said his new friend, Winston, weighed 12 pounds when he found him.

"I wrapped him up, put him back on the kayak," White added. "For my family, it was kind of like an 'of course' moment, that I really can't go anywhere without rescuing something."

White told NBC Montana he spent thousands bringing Winston back to the states.

"From the minute I found him, felt like I knew that living in the United States, there were so many resources, so friends that can help get us back to Bozeman."

Now Winston weighs 35 pounds.

White chronicled Winston's story and it blew up on social media.

White said his wife isn't thrilled about having a trio of dogs in the house now, but the love that Winston adds is priceless.

NBC Montana