Consumers should get their Money's Worth of Gas with New Retail Price Listing

The controlled price of LPG Gas or butane, as it is called is measured in pounds, specifically, the price per hundred pound cylinder - which is set at 114 dollars in the city right now. But, Butane companies don't sell in pounds or use a scale - even though the law requires it. They fill up your tank by the gallon - creating a gray area where consumers could be taken advantage of.

So, now - for the first time - the Belize Bureau of Standards has put out the price per pound of butane, and the price per gallon.

With this now, whether you buy per pound or gallon, for motor vehicles, restaurants or residential properties, the price is clear and it is set. This should make it so that it is harder for butane before to use that great area between pounds and gallons to take advantage of consumers.

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