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The San Pedro Sun

Ministry of Labour hosts Workshop on Child Labour Identification, Monitoring and Inspection
On Tuesday, June 10th, 2019, the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development hosted a Child Labour Training Workshop for officers of the Labour Department. The workshop sought to equip the employees with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in identifying and addressing the issue of child labour under a countrywide inspectorate programme within a legal framework. The issue of child labour is one that requires individual as well as national attention. The issue is both a complex and a multifaceted one, which requires specialized training and inputs, and collaboration from all stakeholders.

Belizean culinary ingenuity to spice up this year’s Taste of the Caribbean
Belizean culinary ingenuity and mixology will spice once again this year’s Taste of the Caribbean as Belizean chefs and bartenders go head on against the region’s finest. Taste of the Caribbean is the region’s premier culinary competition, food & beverage educational exchange and Caribbean cultural showcase. It will be held from June 22 – 25 in Miami, Florida. Since 1993, the Caribbean’s best chefs and culinary teams unite at Taste of the Caribbean to compete, demonstrate their skills, learn from each other and offer the general public a scintillating exhibition of the most delectable culinary treats.

The Belize Youth Awards 2019 Call for Nominations
The Department of Youth Services (DYS) in the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, and Culture is now accepting nominations for the Belize Youth Awards 2019. This year’s awards include 16 categories for young people to showcase their diverse talents. The Department is looking for young people aged between 15 and 29 years old, who have demonstrated the importance of youth advocacy and leadership in categories such as The Youth in Entrepreneurship, The Environmental Steward, Youth in Journalism, Social Media Influencer, and Youth Minister’s Award for Leadership and Advocacy.

World Oceans Day 2019 – June 8th, Celebrated under the theme “Gender and the Oceans”
On Saturday June 8th, 2019, the international community celebrated World Oceans Day under the theme“Gender and the Oceans”. This year’s theme focuses on the importance of gender equality, particularly for the effective conservation and sustainable use of marine resources as we strive to build greater ocean and gender literacy, and discover possible ways to promote gender equality in all ocean-related activities. Ocean and marine resources create employment opportunities in marine scientific research, fisheries, hospitality, and labour at sea to name a few.

Ambergris Today

Ministry Of Labour Hosts Workshop On Child Labour Identification
On Monday, June 10th, 2019, the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development hosted a Child Labour Training Workshop for officers of the Labour Department. The workshop sought to equip the employees with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in identifying and addressing the issue of child labour under a countrywide inspectorate programme within a legal framework. The issue of child labour is one that requires individual as well as national attention. The issue is both a complex and a multifaceted one, which requires specialized training and inputs, and collaboration from all stakeholders.

Sherlet Ramclam First Belizean Police To Graduate From The FBI National Academy
Four years ago, Belize Police Department Inspector Sherlet Ramclam’s boss returned from a 10-week law enforcement leadership training program in the United States called the FBI National Academy and shortly thereafter pushed for some changes within the Central American country’s ranks of more than 2,300 officers. Last month, during her own 10-week tour as a student in the National Academy’s 276th class in Quantico, Virginia, Inspector Ramclam was moved to send a message to her boss to thank him for the work he was doing to push for institutional change.

Misc Belizean Sources


Hon. Frank Lizama passes away
The Government of Belize extends its condolences to the family and friends of former Belize City mayor and Collet Area Representative Hon. Frank Lizama. Hon. Lizama was also a well-known woodcarver of Belize City. He was appointed Order of the British Empire in 2013 for his contribution to art, education and politics.

José María Barrera was born in Peto, Yucatán, on a date not yet specified. Like Jacinto Pat and Cecilio Chi, he was a soldier in the Yucatecan army and reached the rank of sergeant first. During the internal struggles between the Yucatecan bourgeoisie he was part of the forces of Colonel José Dolores Cetina and after deserting he joined Don Jacinto Pat. During the algid stage of the Caste War he was well known for his bravery in the combat against the whites and they called him "The terrible tireless enemy".

Work on San Pedro underwater pipeline delayed

BTB at FSTV Lobster Event

Thursday Schedule for San Pedro Lobsterfest
HIGHLIGHT is Lobster Crawl !!!!! 10 day festival celebrating everything Lobster!! MORNING -Yoga Ak'bol Yoga Retreat and Eco Resort 9am, Zen Belize 8:45/10am, Sol Spa 8:45am AFTERNOON -Paint Thursdays at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar Paint N Splash...

The Fight against Child Labour: Highlighting Achievements and Charting the Way to Sustainable Results
Belize joined the international community today, June 12th, in celebrating World Day against Child Labour and highlighted the achievements of the country through the Country Level Engagement and Assistance to Reduce Child Labour II Project (CLEAR II) – an intervention that was designed to support efforts to reduce child labour. On May 22nd, 2018, the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development launched the CLEAR II Project and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with WINROCK International for the execution of the project. WINROCK International is a non-profit organization that is globally recognized as the leader in combatting child labour through its work with governments.

“Promoting an Open Government Ecosystem in Belize: Outcomes and Lessons Learnt Closing Ceremony.”
Mon, June 17, 2019, 5:00 PM – 8:30 PM. Open Government and Open Data have shown practical gains to advance and achieve transparency and development outcomes worldwide. By introducing modern collaborative and participatory methodologies of co-creation; public management is innovating together with civil society and the private sector in the design and delivery of new public services or social and commercial opportunities to productive sectors of the economies and to citizens.

Lionfish Lot Party
June 14, 9am-4pm @ The Commons

I knew Frank from 1950, when I met him at St. John's College. He was always a jovial person. - His attitude drew him many friends. He was one class ahead of me, but we associated mostly at the SCOUT ROOM, at the Parish Hall.. - In fact I was once a member of his TROOP. In later years, I met my old friend Frank, as His Lordship the Mayor of Belize City. - Even though e belonged to different Political Parties our Friendhip remained intact. all I can say that Frank became famous as the " WORKING MAYOR OF BELIZE CITY. - He was always seen inspecting the needs of the people and the plans for tomorrow. My deep Condolences to his family and friends, R.I.P. my friend.

case study report on Ya'axché Conservation Trust work within the Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve
We are very excited to share with you a case study report on our work within the Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve. Since 2014, Ya’axché has been supporting the 31-member Trio Farmers Cacao Growers to grow cacao within the 936 acre agroforestry concession – a first for Belize! "The agroforestry concession is a new pathway forward for protecting natural spaces in Belize. It offers valuable land access to rural households in need, while also creating a regulated, climate-smart zone between PAs and nearby threats such as fire, agrochemicals, cattle and encroachment along boundaries." Thank you Meredith Beaton for putting together this fantastic report!

Jacinto Pat
Jacinto Pat was a batab (Yucatec Maya indigenous intendant) from the town of Tihosuco. He was leader and initiator - along with Cecilio Chi and Manuel Antonio Ay - of the denominated War of Castes (1848-1901). According to the Encyclopedia of Quintana Roo, Pat is an ancient Mayan surname that means "invent", "create", "make things with mud or wax". Before the Spanish invasion, this family ruled the Maya province of Ekab, had great power and presence on the island of Cozumel. Ah Naum Pat was the halach uinic of Cozumel, and when the invaders arrived many inhabitants of that island moved to the Yucatan peninsula, more than 70 families with this surname lived in Cochuah, especially in Tihosuco. In the book The Conspiracy of Xinum, the Yucatan writer Ermilo Abreu Gómez says that the Maya who were in the service of Jacinto Pat called him Tatich and shared with them the products and profits of the land. He was vain but not selfish.

Channel 7

Belizeans Weigh in on SSB Contribution Increase
Last night we showed you the critical state at Social Security. As we've reported, Social Security is currently paying out more money than they are collecting and are operating at a deficit in the millions, so, the reality is that the Social Security Fund is on the brink of collapse. And, really, you, the Belizean workers, are the only solution. At yesterday's press conference the board outlined how much more you will have to pay to sustain the fund. Now, how are people reacting to this ? Well we hit the streets to get feedback from the public and we got mixed responses some are completely against this increase while others see the logic behind it.

Loved ones Say Goodbye to Alarice Andrewin
The funerals for the victims of two high profile cases were held today. The first service, for Alarice Andrewin, was held at 11:00 this morning at the Wesley Methodist Church right next to our studios. Andrewin was the acting principal of Excelsior High and her fellow teachers, as well as some of her students among many others attended her funeral. She was cremated and her ashes were escorted out by her family after the service. In terms of the case, as we reported two men have been charged with murder.

Net Vasquez Jr. : Farewell Spirit Warrior
Nestor Vasquez Jr's funeral service was held this afternoon at 3:00 at the Divine Mercy Catholic Church. As we have reported, Vasquez was brutally beaten to the head by another detainee last week Thursday afternoon at the Queen street police station. Police placed Vasquez, who was mentally ill, in the same cell with Colin Francis who had been charged for attempted murder after stabbing psychiatric nurse Augustina Elijio. Francis is considered a violent mentally ill man. Now as you saw the Vasquez family have spoken out about their loved ones tragic death and are calling for better care and support for persons living with mental illness. The Vasquez family have retained attorney Leslie D. Mendez  and are looking to "pursue any and all legal remedies available in this case." At this moment, Colin Francis is on remand for the attempted murder charge until July 29th.  He is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Letter from The Hague: ICJ Acknowledges Submissions in Belize-Guatemala Case
As a formality, the International Court of Justice in the Hague Netherlands sent a release acknowledging the submission of the 2008 Special Agreement. The release opens by saying "the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, was seised of a dispute between Guatemala and Belize by way of a special agreement. On 8 December 2008, the two States concluded a "Special Agreement . . . to submit Guatemala's territorial, insular and maritime claim to the International Court of Justice", which was subsequently amended by a Protocol concluded on 25 May 2015 (hereinafter "Special Agreement")."

Immigrant Cubans Caught in Orange Walk
Police intercepted a band of Cuban migrants in San Antonio, Orange Walk. Based on the police report, this morning around 4:45, police were on mobile patrol when they saw a maroon Ford van speed by towards Santa Cruz. The police followed the van into San Antonio village where the driver jumped out of the moving van and scrambled off into the bushes, leaving 12 Cuban nationals behind. There were 9 adults and 3 children. They were all detained and taken to the Orange Walk Police Station.

PUC vs. Consolidated Case Back in court: PUC's Appeal Heard
3 weeks ago, we told you how Belize Water Services Limited was making multi-million dollar investments to provide residents of San Pedro Town with a more reliable access to water. Before this plan was put into motion, the island was supplied for years by the company, Consolidated Water Belize Limited. They generated clean, potable water by collecting sea water, and then processing it through their sophisticated reverse osmosis filtration system, which purified it. They then sold that water to BWS, which then distributed it all households and business places on the island. 

It wasn't...Mine! City Resident Claims Innocence in Bullet Bust
He claims that he found a bullet right outside his family's home, but tonight 19 year-old Odilio Hernandez is on remand at the Belize Central Prison after being taken to court for possession of unlicensed ammunition. Police say that at around 3:30 p.m, on Monday, they spotted the Nargusta Street resident at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Mahogany Street. They decided to search him for illegal items, and the officers say that while they were patting him down, a live round of 9 millimeter ammunition fell out of his clothes. They then picked it up, and arrested and charged him for it.

Man Charged for Stealing License Plate Sticker
Another man who's claiming innocence in another unfortunate situation is 26 year-old David Dion Tillett. Police have charged him for being in possession of a stolen vehicle license sticker. According to the cops, On last week Friday, Arturo Gallego, the Assistant Manager of Belize City Council's Works Department, reported that 2 days earlier, he was conducting a vehicle fleet inspection at his job site. That's when he noticed that the international dump truck with the license plate 00032, had its sticker missing.

B&B Employee Jacked on Gabourel Lane
Police are currently investigating the robbery of a Bowen and Bowen sales supervisor. According to reports, Malcolm Mortis was parked alone in his assigned company sales vehicle on Gabourel Lane. Mortis said two men approached the vehicle and one of them pointed a gun at him. Mortis handed over his cell phone and wallet, along with about $1000 in cash that he had collected in sales for that day. The men then fled immediately after, and police are looking for the assailants. 

13 year old Girl Raped by Brother in Law
Police are investigating the rape of a minor today. A 13-year-old Orange Walk resident and her mother reported to police that the girl's brother-in-law forced himself onto her on March 22nd. Police are looking into this case.

3 Men Charged for .38 Revolver in Griga
In Dangrigra, 3 men were charged with keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Yesterday evening police stopped at a gas station and searched a suspicious vehicle as it was refueling. After a quick inspection they found one .38 revolver along with 6 rounds of live ammunition. The driver of the vehicle is Dangriga resident Jebran Wagner. He was accompanied by Jaheem Bradley and Deon Cayetano. None of the men had a gun license, and were all arrested and charged for keeping a firearm and ammunition without a license. 

Police find 2 Pound Weed Stash in Hopkins
Hopkins Police conducted a search on the village's more rural roads yesterday. While inspecting a feeder road the cops came across two parcels of suspected cannabis, totaling about 2 pounds in weight. There was no one in the area at the time so the drug was labeled and deposited as found property. 

Cops Confiscate 'Craftsy' Corozal Gun
Yesterday police in Corozal searched an abandoned house on 5th Avenue in Corozal Town where they discovered a home-made firearm. There was no one in the vicinity at the time of the discovery, so police labeled the weapon and deposited it as found property. 

Leave the Kids to Play
Today the Ministry of Labor and other partners celebrated the closing of the CLEAR II Project. CLEAR II is an initiative aimed at combating child labor in Belize by strengthening the country's legislative framework and improving monitoring and enforcement methods. We attended today's closing ceremony and spoke to a few of the project's key stakeholders about their work... 

Belize Coast Guard Head to Chile for Big Competition
7 members of the Coast Guard Special Operations Group are probably already packed up and ready for their journey to Chile tomorrow. This is the first time the Belize Coast Guard Special Operations Group will be participating in the 15th Annual Fuerzas Commando Competition. In a release it states "these men will be competing against nineteen other Special Operation Forces from across the Western Hemisphere in the most distinguished competition of its kind.

Channel 5

I.C.J. Seized of Belize/Guatemala Territorial Dispute
The International Court of Justice has issued a release informing that it remains in consideration of a matter involving a dispute between Guatemala and Belize via a special agreement which [...]

Transparency and the Road to the I.C.J.
Belize’s notification to the International Court of Justice puts in motion procedures agreed in the 2008 Special Agreement. Within one year, Guatemala will submit its claim after which Belize will [...]

Opposition Leader Says S.S.B. is G.O.B.’s “Piggy Bank”
Effective July first, employers and employees will begin paying a higher contribution to the social security fund.  The new contribution and pension reform, approved by Cabinet, is essentially to save [...]

Does S.S.B. Need a Trigger Mechanism to Keep Fund Afloat?
According to S.S.B.’s Chief Executive Officer, Doctor Colin Young, the new pension and contribution scheme will not impact existing pensioners. As it stands now, the fund is approaching the ‘period [...]

Belize Attends 6th Annual CARICOM-Cuba Ministerial Meeting
Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte headed to Guyana today where he is scheduled to participate in a top-level diplomatic conference between CARICOM foreign ministers and Cuban Minister of Foreign Relations, Bruno [...]

P.U.P. Leader Comments on Crime Situation
There has been an apparent spike in crimes, especially armed robberies, across the country and fatal shootings, mostly in the Old Capital. While the Ministry of National Security reported a [...]

The P.U.P.’s Solution to Crime
There is a level of difficulty when addressing the issue of crime. It is a problem that should be addressed in a multi-faceted, inter-agency approach.  According to Briceño, for crime [...]

P.U.P. Leader Says Andre Vega Should Return the $400K
Last week, Andre Vega, son of former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, appeared in court for a civil trial initiated by the Government of Belize.  The government is attempting to [...]

A Political Spar over Exercise Equipment
The Leader of the Opposition also took on Minister of Health Pablo Marin over exercise equipment.  In May, Minister Marin handed over exercise equipment, which was donated by the Taiwan [...]

Eliminating Child Labour in Belize
In 2002, the International Labour Organization launched the World Day Against Child Labour to raise awareness on the extent of child labour across the world and the actions and efforts [...]

Orange Walk’s Brightest in the P.S.E.
Tonight, we bring you more of the top twenty-five students in the Primary School Exams. A News Five team visited Orange Walk earlier today and met four of the top [...]

Toledo Has Bright Students but Still Lagging behind in P.S.E. Performance
You just heard about the bright students in Orange Walk, but there’s also another bright spot in the south.  In recent years, Toledo has been producing a handful of the [...]

How to Improve P.S.E. Scores
So, how do schools improve moving forward? Longsworth says that it will take a concerted effort to see better grades. He says that an overall improved performance will not come [...]

Red Cross Official Addresses Issue over Delayed Payment
A survey is currently underway within the refugee population in Belize. The survey is being commissioned by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in partnership with the Belize Red Cross. [...]

Manslaughter Case Commences in Death of Hilbert Sotz
The trial of Corporal Leonard Nunez and Police Constable Hallett King, charged for manslaughter in the death of eighteen-year-old Hilbert Sotz, commenced today in the courtroom of Justice Collin Williams.  [...]

Kareem Clarke’s Accused Murderer Has His Day in Court
Twenty-one-year-old Mark Waight is accused of murder in the shooting death of Amandala reporter Kareem Clarke back in July 2015.  Today, he also appeared before Justice Collin Williams where his [...]

OW Police Intercept Vehicle Transporting 12 Cubans
Twelve Cuban nationals are in police custody after they were arrested early this morning. Just before five o’clock, Orange Walk police were on mobile patrol in San Antonio Village when [...]

Fire Destroys Wooden Structure on Old Belize Compound
There was a fire on Tuesday morning at Old Belize located at mile five on the George Price Highway. A wooden structure near the entrance of the compound was partially [...]

The Reporter

PACT & Other Conservation Grp. Saving Silk Caye Marine Reserve
Recently, the Reporter travelled to South Silk Caye, off the coast of Placencia, where erosion has threatened the very existence of a pristine island which is important to the tourism and fisheries industries in the South.

KHMH Workers Union Certified as Sole Bargaining Agent
At a signing ceremony held this morning, Tuesday June 11th. at the Belize City Labour Department, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority Workers’ Union was declared the sole, certified and recognized bargaining agent for the employees of the Hospital.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

UNHCR to open new resource center in Benque
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Help for Progress is opening a […]

Belizean author publishing book in the US pledges to donate to domestic violence survivors
Belizean author, Tricia Logan, is using her life experiences and craft to assist women and […]

Is your Social Security money compromised by government investments? Board says no
Social Security is regarded as the safety net for Belizeans in time of need, whether […]

Teenager held over single bullet on street
Before he could go to the police to turn in a single bullet he found […]

Fish “drown” in Sittee River: DOE explains
Today, the Department of the Environment (DOE) explained that the fish discovered floating dead in […]

Alarice Andrewin laid to rest
Today, the family and friends of Alarice Andrewin bid her their final farewell. Andrewin’s memorial […]

Majestic Alley affiliate and friends busted with gun in Dangriga
A Majestic Alley affiliate and his two associates are well on their way to the […]

Tirone Martinez charged with attempted murder
Tirone Jason John Martinez, 18, will spend the next few months of his life on […]

Police find home-made firearm in Corozal
Corozal police conducted a search inside an abandoned house on 5th avenue in Corozal and […]

Police make drug bust in Hopkins, Stann Creek
A police operation in Hopkins, Stann Creek has removed a substantial amount of cannabis from […]

Orange Walk man accused of raping underage sister-in-law
Authorities are investigating a report of rape in Orange Walk. A 13-year-old minor, accompanied by […]

Former Belize City mayor passes
Former Mayor of Belize City, Frank Lizama, passed away last night. The Government of Belize […]

Belize Ocean Club presents Lobster Boil!
Belize Ocean Club is hosting its first ever Lobster Full Moon Party. The event kicks […]

Southeastern Watershed Alliance meets to discuss water quality
Members of the Southeastern Watershed Alliance Group and stakeholders gathered for a meeting on the […]

A dozen illegal Cuban immigrants busted in van on San Antonio Road
Twelve Cuban nationals, believed to have been smuggled into the country, were busted by police […]

Belize hosts blood drive for World Blood Day
Every year countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day on June 14. The […]

Robbers target Bowen & Bowen delivery truck
Belize City police are investigating a robbery, which occurred on Gabourel Lane at midday yesterday. […]

John Paul II JC to host famous Guatemalan writer
John Paul II Junior College in Benque Viejo del Carmen will be the venue of […]

Bandits appoint new coach in preparation for CONCACAF League game versus Saprissa
Belize’s Premier League football champions, Belmopan Bandits, are turning to a familiar name to try […]

KHMH workers union certified as a sole bargaining agent for hospital employees
Yesterday, a signing ceremony was held at the Belize City Labour Department whereby the Karl […]

Fire at Old Belize not related to BEL’s electricity supply
Authorities are still investigating the cause of a fire that partially destroyed a wooden structure […]


KHMH 630 plus staff now Unionized!
The staff of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority (KHMHA) has formed a union called the KHMH Workers Union. It came as part of one of the deliverables of a memorandum of understanding signed in 2015 between the Board of Governors of the KHMHA, the staff’s Ad Hoc Committee and the Government. The road to …

The Belize Coast Guard set to compete in Chile
The Coast Guard Special Operations Ground will be travelling to Santiago, Chile to participate in the 15th annual Fuerzas Commando Competition. The team will leave Belize tomorrow and arrive at Chile on Friday morning. Starting June 17th, they will be competing against 19 other Special Operation Forces from across the Western Hemisphere for 9 days. …

Wildcats eat pets of Gracie Rock Residents
There are five big cats that are native to Belize: the Jaguar, Jaguarundi, Margay, mountain lion and the ocelot. The Jaguars’ primary prey include monkeys, agoutis, deer, birds, fish, lizard, turtles, and other animals. The mountain lion also referred to as puma and red tiger in Belize consumes deer, but they do eat porcupines, raccoons, …

Transcolours with the Aid of UNIBAM and Planet Romeo gets a safe-house for LGBQT
A new initiative has been implemented to assist people who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, as queer/questioning their sexuality or transgender (LGBQT). When some members of the LGBQT community make their identity known to their families, sometimes they are kicked out of the family home. A group called Transcolors sought help from UNIBAM and …

CLEAR II Project draws to a close
The Ministry of Labor in collaboration with the US Department of Labor, has been working to curb the incidents of child labor under the CLEAR II project. Today, there was a ceremony to mark World Day Against Child Labor and to look at the achievements under the CLEAR II project, which is coming to an …


Corozal Bay was Cloudy and Rainy this Morning
Today, I will be blogging about a cloudy wet Morning in Corozal. After the rain this morning, I went around town taking photos. Corozal has beautiful scenery view, wether it rains or not. For other people, it is a blessing to have rain in Corozal. Not, everyone likes the rain. But, it is always good to stay home and stay dry. For others, they are taking photos of that dark cloudy weather in Corozal when you are out on the right time. I took photos of beaitiful houses in Corozal. Especially, when you find the right area to take photos. I took a photo about the Palm Trees. It was quite scenic view of Corozal.

International Sourcesizz

Expert says the sargassum situation in the Caribbean Sea is very serious
Dr. Brigitta Ine van Tussenbroek, researcher at the Puerto Morelos Arrecifal Systems Academic Unit of the Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology of the UNAM, said that the sargassum situation in the Caribbean Sea is very serious, as the spot now extends along the eastern and northern coasts of the Yucatan Peninsula. The expert, a doctor in biology and ecology of seagrass and macroalgae by the University of Liverpool, forecasted the massive arrival of sargassum to the Mexican Caribbean six months ago, based on studies from the University of Florida. “We have no idea of ​​the capacity of resilience of the environment before this event, the amount of this type of organic matter is growing exponentially; the biogeochemistry of the systems is changing completely, “ said Dr. Brigitta.

Swapping conch shell for a bell, youth in Belize inspired by North End movement
An Indigenous-led movement to end violence and help young people in Winnipeg's North End has spread beyond Canada's borders and inspired Mayan youth in Belize to take similar action in their communities. Now a crew of University of Manitoba students community activists, including Michael Champagne and Kakeka Thunder Sky from Aboriginal Youth Opportunities, are travelling to the Central American country to learn about the local culture and the work they are doing. "It's super exciting," said Champagne, who founded the weekly Meet Me at the Bell Tower gatherings, now going on for nearly eight years of meeting at the bell tower on Selkirk Avenue every Friday. "We never imagined that our little bell tower rallies would be heard so far away, but I think we've been really inspired. We've been inspired, and other people have been inspired by us." The Mayan youth from Belize have even adopted a name inspired by the bell tower, but adapted to their local culture, calling their weekly gatherings Sounding the Conch Shell.

Winds shift, moving sargassum away from Yucatan
Miles of sargassum, said to be four times the size of the city of Merida, have shifted track. Rather than fouling beaches as far west as Sisal, the seaweed-like algae is headed to Florida instead, said the head of the Secretariat of Sustainable Development, Sayda Rodríguez Gómez. According to Rodríguez Gómez, “in relation to Esteban Amaro’s version of the Sargasso Monitoring Network in Cancun, which states that a sargassum stain would be spreading on 120 kilometers of Yucatan beach, the SDS clarified that the possibility that a significant amount of sargassum will reach the Yucatan coast shortly is very remote.” On Saturday, the seaweed could be seen a few kilometers from the eastern Yucatan coast. The Gulf side of the Peninsula has so far been spared the intensity of sargassum washing ashore on the more touristy Caribbean side.

How mangroves protect people from increasingly frequent and powerful tropical storms
Mangroves are incredibly productive coastal ecosystems found in the tropics and subtropics. These dense green forests are known for their bizarre-looking roots that poke up into the air from shallow water. Among the meshed webs of roots are fish nurseries, enabling humans to make a living from the marine life in and around the mangroves. Mangroves also play another important role for humans, protecting communities from major storms. Climate change is more than rising temperatures, and the increased frequency and intensity of cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons is apparent. Cyclone Fani for example, which recently struck the Bay of Bengal, was one of the strongest to devastate India in the past 20 years. Mangrove roots can break up the force of a storm surge, soaking up some of its energy and protecting people living on coasts from cyclone damage. Yet it is a challenge to effectively value and protect individual mangrove ecosystems. And we just don’t have the people or funds to deliver detailed studies for even a fraction of the villages and towns sheltered by mangroves.

Big Boss and Chicken Pollo Shack: new contenders on the hot-fried-bird front
Chef Jassy Lee is a living embodiment of an international fried chicken triangulation, a case study in the global affinity for spicy, battered, and crispy poultry. Born in Taishan, Guangdong, she emigrated to the U.S. in 1991 with her parents, but also visited relatives in Belize, members of that country's Chinese immigrant community, which is largely responsible for another beloved expression of deep-fried poultry. Lee's Belizean family owned restaurants and served fried chicken—uhhh, BFC?—marinated in a multichile blend, battered and fried, and draped with sweet ketchup. Back in Chicago, the family went on to open two western-suburban Chinese restaurants they sourced from a common commissary in Bridgeport. A few years ago Lee left them behind for a packaging business in Los Angeles. She remained a dedicated cook, though—the photos she sent to me of dozens of bacchanalian feasts she's cooked for family and friends over the years are jaw-dropping. Belizean fried chicken was one formative influence on the recipe she later developed. But it was also inspired by the Nashville hot-chicken craze that's swept the country, emanating from the legendary Prince's Hot Chicken in Nashville, where chicken is battered and fried, then mopped in a magma of oil, chile, spices, and sugar.

Global court to hear Guatemala-Belize territorial dispute
Guatemala and Belize have asked the United Nations' highest body for inter-state disputes to help resolve a border disagreement that has rumbled on for centuries, the court said on Wednesday. The Hague-based International Court of Justice said the two Central American nations had requested its intervention after referendums in Guatemala in 2018 and Belize this year. In a dispute stretching back to the dawn of the colonial era in the Americas, Guatemala recognised the independence of Belize at the beginning of the 1990s. But it never accepted the borders and continues to claim about 11,000 square km (4,250 square miles) of Belize, about half of its territory.

ELA 2019: Belize reports 9% increase in UK tourists
Belize has welcomed a 9% growth in tourists from the UK this year so far, as the country maintains its image of being a sustainable and eco-friendly destination. This 9% growth from the UK market comes on the back of UK tourist numbers increasing by 12% from 2017 to 2018. “[This growth] shows the confidence and shows the demand. And it shows the potential that Belize has,” said Belize Tourism Board director of tourism Karen Bevans, at the Experience Latin America event in London this week.


  • Zip Line Belize with botanical garden, 2.5min.

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries - AUDREY YVONNE AUGUSTA REYES, 2min.

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries - IVYMAE ARTHURS-HAMILTON, 2min.

  • San Antonio peanuts, 25min. Did you know that most of the peanuts in the country come from the village of San Antonio? The village is rich in history and culture and organizers of Another Beautiful Day In San Antonio (ABDISA) hopes to bring awareness to this. ABDISA seeks to celebrate the Mayan village's identity by bringing hundreds of villagers and visitors to the village to experience a day filled with Maya traditions, food, dances, art and craft, games, educational booths, a football marathon, and a bicycle race (The Don Elijio Panti Cycling Race). We spoke with Delmer Tzib about the event and the cultural significance of the activities.

  • The YMCA wants to help you learn how to swim, 22min. The YMCA wants to help you learn how to swim. The team shared all the details of the all the programs at the institutions and talked about this year's swimming course. On our couch: Dr. Clara Cuellar - Executive Director, YMCA. Chloe Kelly - Lead Swim Instructor. Katelyn Haylock - Swim Instructor.

  • The Social Security Board's proposal to reform its contribution and pension schem, 40min. The Social Security Board's proposal to reform its contribution and pension scheme has been approved by Cabinet. Effective July 1st you'll see a change in what you pay into the fund. Our guests explained the changes and how it will impact on both employees and employers. They explained that the increase is necessary to keep the fund afloat and that you'll see the returns in the increase in benefits received. On set: Dr. Colin Young - CEO, Social Security Board. Chandra Nisbet Cansino -General Manager, Corporate Customer Relations Services.

  • Speedboat Ferry Ride to Caye Caulker, Belize, 3min.

  • Scuba diving in Belize, 8min. Belize Mesoamerican Barrier Reef makes Belize waters a divers paradise. Belize turquoise water is enjoyed by divers from around the world. Belize has gained global recognition for worldclass scuba and snorkeling.

  • Belize Reef Diving, 7min.

  • Monkey River Trip, 5min. We took a river trip to see oodles of wildlife in their natural habitat! Seeing a local village, and experiencing the culture first hand was INCREDIBLE! Take a look...

  • Conservationists Formed This Sanctuary In Belize To Protect Black Howler Monkeys - June 2019, 3min. Twenty five miles outside Belize City lies the heart of the Community Baboon Sanctuary. The sanctuary was established in 1985 by a group of passionate women concerned with agricultural threats, logging and hunting of the Black Howler Monkeys in Belize. These women joined together and orchestrated a clear plan for conservation, education, biodiversity, sustainability and to promote economic development. They asked property owners to donate 50ft. on each side of their property line; several communities banded together and created massive ‘tunnels’ between property lines for the Monkeys to call home. Black Howler Monkeys are very territorial and require 4-5sq mi of space for their family. Luckily, there are now several dozen communities participating yielding a total of almost 50sq km of protected space of these adorable monkeys in the heart of Belize.

  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.