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MMRF applied for an award based on our work of the last 30 years in agroforestry, food security, land repair, and the last 15 years intensive work on carbon sequestration through agroforestry and biochar. Over 800 projects applied from the 53 nations and 2.4 billion people of the Commonwealth. We were were one of 15 projects accepted. The other awardees who attended the ceremony are doing truly amazing things, and it was an honor and a privilege to be among them.

We would like to thank Prince Harry, and The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland, Secretary General of the Commonwealth, and the many people who have worked tirelessly, for making this possible, and for being such wonderful hosts at todays awards ceremony. A special thanks is due Bilikisu Ibrahim, who took excellent care of the six prize winners who made it to London.

The Commonwealth Innovation Award winners in this photo:

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Leilua Lino, Samoa, overcame her own personal trauma to share her story to support victims of sexual abuse, has worked to enable victims if sexual abuse to cop with trauma by working in gardens. She s a truly brave person.

Wayne Neale, St Lucia, Greening the Caribbean is an innovative St Lucia company that tackles environmental challenges to mitigate the effects of climate change, protect the ocean and agricultural economies and promote sustainable livelihoods.

Rosette Muhoza, Rwanda, My Green Home is a social enterprise that is addressing the challenges of urban waste management, promoting green cities and fighting climate and plastic pollution through recycling.

Christopher Nesbitt, Belize, Maya Mountain Research Farmís primary innovations include the use of tropical staple food trees in the agroforestry system, the application of biochar from crop residues to premium cultivars of cacao, turmeric, vanilla, and timber with cooperative family labour as the economic driver.

Elizabeth Kperrun, Nigeria simplifies learning for African children and young adults by creating mobile applications and video content that educate them in their native languages and in contexts they understand. This also teaches children across the world about Africaís culture, history, languages and heritage. With a focus on early education and gender, the applications have already been downloaded over 120,000 times with 2000 people using the apps every single day.

Nitesh Kumar Jangir, India, Saans is a neonatal breathing support device for low resource settings, with multiple powering options, which maintains respiration and oxygenation in premature neonates with RDS (Respiratory Distress Syndrome) by providing constant airflow and pressure to keep the lungs open during transport to a tertiary care setting.

In the center is Bilikisu Ibrahim, who was our great coordinator and got us from place to place with nary a mishap, more or less.

It was truly an honor to be in such a group of deeply committed and talented people.