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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Solid Waste Management Authority weighs in on fire at San Pedro’s Transfer Station
According to BSWMA, in the past, they have done controlled burning of garbage under the strict supervision of personnel from the Forest Department. This practice is mainly because the transfer of waste to the mainland is not as efficient. BSWMA’s communication officer Tyronne Chimilio indicated via an email that he was made aware that there was some difficulty in moving the waste off the island. In a phone interview with The San Pedro Sun, Chimilio stated that the fire on June 21st was accidental, that the issue had been addressed and that they were now waiting on an official report from the fire department. However, the San Pedro Fire Department explained to The Sun that they do not file reports on garbage fires.

Taiwanese Diplomatic delegation pays a visit to San Pedro Town
As part of the activities to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Belize and Taiwan, a group of Taiwanese officials visited San Pedro Town on Friday, June 21st. A brief ceremony was held for them by The San Pedro Town Council at Elvi’s Kitchen Restaurant. The ceremony began shortly after 10AM, with the singing of Taiwan National Anthem, followed by Belize’s National Anthem. Mayor Daniel Guerrero then shared a few words, promising to continue to work with Remus L-Kou Chen, the Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize, to strengthen the relationship between Taiwan and Ambergris Caye. Chen then took the podium to share a few words. The ceremony culminated with an exchange of gifts, followed by a delicious lunch at Elvi’s Kitchen. The Taiwan officials further enjoyed a tour through San Pedro Town and even had the chance to visit Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley, and Belize’s Great Barrier Reef.

San Pedro residents Melvin Montesino and Silverio Cal still missing
Despite continuous searches, San Pedro residents 26-year-old Melvin Montesino, and 26-year-old Silverio Cal have not been found. Both men were reported missing on Thursday, June 13th after they headed to the north side of Ambergris Caye via motorcycle. Police have not confirmed speculations that the men may have been killed as a result of their alleged involvement in illicit activities, and are simply continuing the search for the missing men. “The family members and the police have organized several searches. The information they received was that [Montesino] went to the north side of San Pedro, so family members and police searched between eleven and fourteen miles north of San Pedro, which has proved fruitless,” said ASP Cowo. “[Montesino] is the manager of an apartment building, [and friends of his from the complex say] he left from there on Thursday night, along with another male person, Cal. There is no indication that they went there for any function or any business. All we understand is that he had received a call and he told them that he was going.”

Ambergris Today

Frustrated Islanders Address Crime Issues With Commissioner Of Police
The Belize Police Department is asking the community of San Pedro to come together in assisting the department when it comes to fighting crime. That includes reporting incidents, identifying criminals, joining the special constables program and doing their part of abiding by the law. “It is only fitting for the locals to be part of the security of their own island,” commented Commissioner of Police Chester Williams in his address to the concerned citizens.

Christian Espat Posts Video Saying He Is Innocent Of Double Murder
As reports start coming in that one of the persons being sought in the murder investigation of Mario Graniel and Dr. Gary Swank, has surrendered to San Pedro Police, "Stop Bav" posted on its Instagram account a video of person of interest Christian Espat stating his innocense of the double murder. In the video, Espat states that he has no connection with the murders and that he will be surrendering to the San Pedro Police to prove his innocence. A wanted poster for Espat by police was in circulation this morning. We understant that 23-year-old, Christian Espat of the San Pedrito Area has surrendered to San Pedro Police.

Various Belizean Sources


Help detecting Stony Tissue Loss Disease
To all tour operators and guides. We are asking your assistance in reporting any sightings of corals seen on your dive or snorkel trip that do not look healthy via the submission of photos. We are on the lookout for Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD). The disease first appeared in 2014 in Florida, in 2018 it was confirmed in areas of the Caribbean and recently summer of 2019 has been one confirmed case in Belize, within the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve area of Northern Ambergris Caye. The disease affects nearly half of the stony coral species, including primary reef-building species. Elkhorn and staghorn do not seem to be affected by the disease. The cause of the disease is still unknown, and all the factors that affect transmission is not fully understood.

Cardiac Screening for Heart Disease
Visit the clinics participating for more information

The IDB and the Ministry of Finance partner to strengthen public procurement management systems in Belize
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Ministry of Finance partnered to host a two-day training workshop on “What to do when procurement goes wrong”. This workshop is part of IDB´s continued support to strengthen public procurement management systems in Belize. The training workshop, which was held on June 20 and 21 in Belmopan, was attended by 40 professionals in the public service who are members of evaluation committees for procurement processes related to projects financed by the Government of Belize and the IDB, and was facilitated by International Lawyer, Procurement Specialist and Trade Professional, Ms. Magda Theodate.

Learn more about the Belize Youth Challenge

BHA Annual General Meeting
Join us on Wednesday July 3, 2019 for our Annual General Meeting, where you can hear what the Association has been doing for you for the past year and new projects for the upcoming 2019/2020 membership year. Dynamic Keynote Speaker, Mr. Manny Melendez, Field Marketing Director of TravelClick, will be discussing Revenue Management and how to make it work for you. The morning seminar, hosted by Expedia and ADARA, will focus on Data Driven marketing and new marketing strategies that can improve the way you do business. Guest Speaker Raphael Saul will inspire you on how to enhance your business approach and increase sales. Call us at 223-0669 or email us at [email protected] to confirm your attendance.

Corozal Public Library Summer Program!
Come sign up your child

Summer Art Wave
Corozal House of Culture

The Embassy honored LGBTI Pride Month at the U.S. Chief of Mission's Residence
Thank you to all our guests and speakers for celebrating with us and making the event a success! As Tom Lersten, Deputy Director of Central American Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, emphasized, "We unequivocally support the call of Belize's LGBTI community for legal protection. We also challenge everyone here or watching the coverage of today's event to do our part. As a representative of the United States, I believe we have an ingrained responsibility to respect the fundamental human dignity of all people and to treat others as we want to be treated."

Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
Shazam! Pet Sematary, Little, After.

Channel 7

Belize's Most Wanted, Christian Espat Turns Himself Into Police
Christian Espat - he's the notorious San Pedro underworld figure who police have as their main suspect in the double murder of local tour guide Mario Graniel and tourist Doctor Gary Swank. Last night police prepared this wanted poster for the 23 year old - and this afternoon at 1:00, he turned himself into police accompanied by his attorney Leeroy Banner. In a remarkable statement he recorded on social media before handing himself over - he professed his innocence and warned that he would be beaten. He posted that on Facebook at around midday; here's what he said:

FBI Helping Local Cops to Investigate Dr.'s Murder
His attorney Leeroy Banner stressed that Espat is only currently detained for questioning along with more than a dozen men. Banner says his client was in Benque Viejo at the time of the murder on Sunday morning. Banner also noted that the case is being dealt with by a major crimes team from Belmopan - not San Pedro CIB. Those investigators are being assisted by FBI agents who've been brought in to lend support to the police department. Last night in San Pedro, Commissioner Chester Williams told us more about the Feds' involvement:

Dive Team Went Deep For Evidence
And, a local dive team was also activated to trawl up evidence from beneath the sea. As we told you, the double murder happened in the open water on the lagoon side of the island when Graniel and Swank were returning from a fly fishing tour. A gunman pulled up in a boat and opened fire. Williams told us about evidence they've collected from the sea floor:.. Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "One of the things that I have directed as part of the investigation was to bring in the dive team to go and dive the area where we believe the incident may have occurred with a view to see if we can collect any evidence that may have been on the bottom of the sea and that was done and certain things were retrieve and so yes we have made some progress where that is concern."

San Pedro Townspeople Demand Answers From COMPOL
We caught up with Williams last night after a two and a half hour town meeting where he was served up as the featured guest. We say "served up" because that crowd wanted blood, or at least some very solid action oriented answers about what happens next to restore confidence for visitors who feel unsafe and are calling in with cancellations left and right. 7news was at the meeting, and here's how it went:.. A visibly tired Commissioner opened the meeting on a note of vulnerability: Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "I must say that it had indeed been a difficult time for me. I am doing my utmost best with the support of my staff to ensure that we find those persons who are responsible for the death of Dr. Swank and Mr. Graniel. I can assure you that I am not going to rest until they are caught."

Police Will Try and Keep Murder Witness Safe
And, as a footnote, Commissioner Williams did offer support to Ms. Zetina - the woman who stood up bravely and said that she was a witness in a murder case - and would testify, even thought she and her family had been threatened. He had met with her earlier in the day, and here's how he put it:... Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "I have now given directives and it was done in front of her to the OC in San Pedro, to ensure that they provide some level of security for Ms. Zetina. We need her to be alive and we need her children to be alive and we are going to do our part to ensure that those persons who want to reach her and her children have a very difficult task."

Motorbike Found, Men Still Missing
But the bad news from San Pedro just keeps on coming. Lost in all the uproar about Sunday's double murder is the fact that there are still two men who are missing and feared dead. 27-year-old Silverio Cal and 26-year-old Melvin Montesino, were last seen on Thursday, June 13th when they left their home in town on a motorbike headed for northern Ambergris Caye. Williams told us police have since recovered what they believe is the motorcycle they were on:... Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "The police did receive some information earlier this afternoon and they had responded north of San Pedro. They conducted search of an area in the sea and that led to the discovery of a motorcycle that is believed to have been used by the two persons who went missing at the time they went missing."

Body Who Was Shot Goes Home After 5 Weeks
Ever since he was shot by a stray bullet, 7News has been closely following the story of 11 year-old Kyron Green. He's the standard 4 student from St. Luke's Methodist in Belize City who was seriously injured while he was at the corner store running an errand for his mother. It happened on the evening of May 17th at the One Plus One Supermarket. Kyron went to buy some items for his mom, who had her food vending business nearby. While he was inside, a gunman arrived at the store, looking for his target, who was standing at the entrance. That shooter opened fire, and Kyron was hit by a stray bullet, which damaged his cervical vertebrae. He entered the KHMH in a critical condition, and with the care of the doctors and medical staff, his health finally improved enough that he could be discharged from the hospital.

Elderly Grocer Murdered, But "Dalla Kyte" Put Up A Fight
A well known Hattieville store owner Carlton Wade also known as "Dalla Kyte" was gunned down last night in a robbery. Two young robbers shot Wade and one of the bullets struck him in the head. But even that didn't stop Wade from fighting off his attackers so his common law wife and grandkids could get to safety. It really is a stunning story of adrenaline, will power, and heroism, but, sadly, also one of loss. Courtney Weatherburne has more. If the gunshots were not enough, the blinding police lights surely got Hattieville residents out of their beds and Unto to the street side near Kyte's store. They all looked on as police and scenes of crime personnel canvassed the area and secured store owner, Carlton Wade's body. The well-known resident better known as 'Dalla Kyte' was shot and killed inside his shop.

They Killed Wade For Money
Today at the police press briefing, ASP Alejandro Cowo confirmed that the motive in Wade's murder was robbery. Here is the official police report. ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC CIB: "Last night just before 9 pm police responded to a shooting incident at 17 miles on the George Price highway, where upon arrival at the Kite Shop they observed the motionless body of Mr. Carlton Wade, 63 years old, inside of his shop. What police gathered so far is that Mr. Wade was along with family members inside of the shop when two young male persons entered the shop and demanded that he hand over the cash that he had. Mr. Wade, according to information that we received, believed that they were playing and as a result the person who had the firearm, one of them fired the shots at Mr. Wade causing his fatal injuries."

Cops Have No Clues Why Griga Man Was Killed In City
Last night's murder was the second for the day in the Belize District. 33 year old Dangriga resident Derrick Tracey was killed at 1:00 pm when he was visiting a relative's home. Police told us they aren't sure why he was targeted: ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC CIB: "What police gathered so far is that Derek was walking on Ebony Street along with his girlfriend when someone came out of a yard and fired several shots in his direction causing the above mentioned injuries. We know that he had two days that he had come to Belize City, as he is originally from Dangriga, and he was visiting some family members when the incident occurred."

Many Detained But No Answers For Swallow Caye Five
Police also haven't made any arrests in the murder of the Swallow Caye 5. the five men who's bodies were found dead at sea - starting last Thursday and continuing until Saturday afternoon. They are 23 year-old Travis Cooke, 49 year-old Ernest Willis, 40 year-old Winston Santos, 21 year-old Jemar Martinez, and 19 year-old Alysson Jones. All 5 men were had been shot to the head. But, by whom, and why? Those are secrets only the vast and open sea has answers to. Police say they have detained a number of persons - without much success:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC CIB: "Well, police have been up and down at Map Caye, Swallow Caye and the other Cayes within that area to try and establish motives and to see if there was anyone present when this incident happened..."

Bowen and Bowen Offers Reward For Marcia's Murderer
And the June 16th murder of security guard Marcia Talbott and the attempted murder of her co worker Mansa Baptist also remains unsolved. And that's why Bowen and Bowen - where she worked is now offering a "$10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the criminals who perpetrated the shooting of (the) two Cerberus Security Guards." The two unarmed guards were on duty at the Crystal Bottling Company when they were shot. There was no attempted robbery - just an apparent execution. Bowen and Bowen says, quote, "we will continue to work closely with the police to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice."

Kathia Wasn't the Target
Police also need the public's help in finding the person who shot Kathia Williams. The 50 year old was outside her Kraal Road house on Monday night when a gunman released a spray of gunfire at her. She was hit in the chest and abdomen but miraculously survived and is in stable condition. Police say she was not the target:... ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC CIB: "At this moment I know that she has undergone surgery. She is in a stable condition at the hospital." Reporter: "Has anyone been detained for this crime? We understand that police on Tuesday detained a resident from Tiger Street." ASP Alejandro Cowo: "Police detained three persons so far. They have been questioned and they had to be released because of no evidence at this moment."

David Martinez Murder Mystery
And, police still aren't saying if 23 year old Corozaleno David Martinez was murdered. It's being very vaguely called a "death investigation" even after a post mortem found that he died from a gunshot wound to the chest when he was shot on Friday night. Police say they had to release the suspects: Joseph Myvette- Head of NCIB : "We have followed a number of leads which were given to us. Several persons were detained, interviewed and later released because of insufficient evidence. However, it is still an ongoing investigation."

Lawless Home Invasion In Cristo Rey
And turning now to crimes perpetrated against foreigners, we go first to Cristo Rey village where a Canadian couple was the victim of a scary home invasion. Here's what police told us: ACP Joseph Myvette- Head of NCIB: "On Friday night, sometime after 8 pm, San Ignacio police was called to an area known as Monkey Falls on the Cristo Rey Road to the home of Evan Anderson, 38 year's Canadian, who reported to police that sometime around 8 pm when himself and his common law wife were getting ready to close their home to go and sleep, their home was entered into by three armed dark complexion male persons who demanded the keys for his black in color Toyota Hilux. As a result, his common law wife was tied up by means of an electrical chord and he was ordered to take those persons to the area where his vehicle was parked..."

Still No Connections In French Robbery and Assault
Police say they have spoken to a French tourist who was robbed and beaten in Sarteneja. As we told you last night, 25 year old Gabriel Jacquet was cooling out in the seaside village on Monday when he was attacked. Police discussed the difficulties of village policing: ACP Joseph Myvette- Head of NCIB: "He is saying that he arrived in the country on Sunday night through the northern border where he stayed in Corozal on Sunday night and then made his way to Sarteneja on a passenger bus on Monday morning. He then found an area along the sea where he tied up his hammock. But so far, he cannot recall what occurred and also he could not say whether or not anything was stolen. So, the police had canvassed the area however no useful information has been gathered so far. It is still an ongoing investigation. The area, as I mentioned before is an isolated area where he was found."

Boutique Fire May Have Been Electrical
Police also had some information on Tuesday night's fire at Fashion and More Boutique in Belmopan. The cops say that there had been complaints about electrical problems in the building: ACP Joseph Myvette- Head of NCIB: "So far what we know is that all the contents of that complex or that unit within the complex was destroyed by fire. At this point in time the fire department has not made a determination in relation to the cause of the fire..."

Cops Unravel Abuse Case of Coote and The Cuffs
And, police also gave us a rundown on the bizarre and disturbing case of the woman who was handcuffed to a bed by an abusive boyfriend. 30 year-old Illona Coote says she was handcuffed and kept hostage in Vincent Pascasio's home for nine days between June 13th and June 22nd. Police gave us their version: ACP Joseph Myvette- Head of NCIB: "One Illona Coote visited the Belmopan police station where they observed facial injuries as well as injuries to her hands. She reported to police that on the 13th of June she was at her boyfriend's home, one Vincent Pascacio, in the Belmopan area..."

BTL Says GST Arrears Story is Fake News
A document leaked to the media - allegedly from deep inside the General Sales Tax Department - alleges that BTL owes a whopping 29.3 million dollars in GST arrears. It arises from an ongoing audit of BTL by the GST department and the auditor's assessment of what are called internal subsidiary flows. It's highly technical, but the bottom line is that the GST auditor reviewed records from 2012 to 2017 and concluded that BTL owed the GST office almost 30 million dollars. But, today the Financial Secretary told us someone has it all wrong. Joe Waight told us that no assessment has been given to BTL, so the company owes nothing. He said the audit is ongoing but not completed - and even when it is - higher up's would need to sit down and check the basis of any assessment.

COMPOL: Tour Guides Need Better Security Screening
So far on the news tonight, we've had plenty of coverage from the town meeting last night in San Pedro. But one other item did catch our attention. Commissioner Chester Williams says that there has to be a more thorough screening of tour guides. That would seem to point to Mario Graniel, a tour guide who was targeted - and his client, Dr. Gary Swank was also killed as a result: Chester Williams- Commissioner of Police: "It is also important that we take a most serious look at tour-guides. I believe that we should do more background checks on our tour-guides. We do get a lot of money from the tourism industry and we have to ensure we do what we can to preserve that, so that we will have tourist that feel comfortable and welcomed to our country."

Cameras Covering Pedro
Williams also discussed in greater detail the police's plan to cover San Pedro with security cameras. They are getting a 64 channel system installed - but only 10 cameras will be donated initially. He says they hope to eventually cover all the major points of arrival and departure on the island: Chester Williams- Commissioner of Police: "We will also ensure that we monitor the airways. The area where the plane comes in the airstrip; we want to put a camera there so we can monitor who comes on the island on the plane. And we will put cameras as well where the boat docks so that we can also see who is coming on the island and who leaves the island." Police will be soliciting donations to increase the number of cameras.

Honoring Cops Who Care
And.while the news has been all about police operations tonight - our next story is about the life of service career officers have chosen. Every day, officers put their life on the line to protect and serve. So to honor those selfless, dedicated and hard working officers, a Medal and Award Ceremony was held today at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan. 140 officers were awarded and several of them got their promotions. 7news was there. Here is more from a couple of the distinguished awardees.

Ya'axché Celebrates Sustainable Farming
The Ya'axché Conservation Trust is a conservation NGO that safeguards the natural corridor which connects the forests of the Maya Mountains and the lowland areas of the Caribbean coastal plain. Their area of management now spans 770,000 acres of Belizean territory in the Toledo district that is called the Maya Golden Landscape. But, as part of their outreach programs, Ya'axché also works with the Mayan communities in the south which are near to their area of focus to establish. They work with residents from those communities to establish sustainable farming practices, which mitigate the damage to the natural habitat, while providing livelihoods for the participants.

Ash Pollution in Chan Pine Ridge
Residents from the Orange Walk village of Chan Pine Ridge are complaining that for several months now, they've been affected by air pollution being generated by BSI/ASR's Towerhill Factory. They say that they've lobbied both ASR/BSI, as well as the Department of Environment, to address the problem. But from their perspective, both have failed to come up with an immediate solution to address what they say is an urgent public health matter. And so, they're ramping up the public pressure in hopes of forcing these two entities to take the necessary action. The residents have formed the Chan Pine Ridge Environmental committee, and village resident Teresita Torres was chosen as the Chairman. On Tuesday, she spoke with our colleagues from CTV News about the efforts they've made to get relief for the villagers from the air pollution:

Channel 5

Well-known Businessman is Shot and Killed inside His Shop in Hattieville
We have been reporting on a rash of murders, at least eleven persons have been killed since last Thursday. On Wednesday, hours after Derrick Tracy was gunned down in the [...]

F.B.I. Assisting Local Authorities with Double Murder Investigation
Tonight, we know some more about the investigation into the murders of Mario Graniel and Doctor Gary Swank. The cold-blooded execution a few miles off of Ambergris Caye has left [...]

Christian Espat Hands Himself Over to Police; Denies Involvement in Double Murder
This morning, a wanted poster for twenty-three-year-old Christian Espat, a well-known person to police and alleged gangster on San Pedro Town, began circulating on social media. Espat was reportedly wanted [...]

Commissioner of Police Outlines Security Plans for San Pedro
On Wednesday night, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and other security personnel, as well as Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia, met with the San Pedro community to discuss the way [...]

U.S. Embassy Assisting with Murder Investigation of Gary Swank
The murder of American citizen Doctor Gary Swank of the State of Virginia has sparked wide spread coverage in the international media. That bad press is already costing Belize’s tourism [...]

G.S.T. Auditing B.T.L.’s Financial Accounts
The General Sales Tax Department is conducting an audit of B.T.L.’s accounts. News Five has received voluminous information and documents which show the telecom giant purportedly owing the Government of [...]

Attorney General: “IF it is true that any entity is not paying its taxes, they should be held accountable”
Information to News Five is that B.T.L. Chair Net Vasquez wrote to Financial Secretary asking for a write-off.  Joseph Waight says he has not seen a letter. We attempted several [...]

New Tax Bill Comes with Enforcement
On Wednesday, the Senate passed the Tax Administration and Procedure Bill which ultimately seeks to increase government revenues. The bill merges the Income Tax and General Sales Tax departments. The [...]

Why Was Derrick Tracey Killed?
Murder victim, Derrick Tracey travelled to Belize City from his hometown, Dangriga. Within forty-eight hours of his arrival in the City, he was shot to death in the south side. [...]

An Update on Investigation into Quintuple Murder
ASP Alejandro Cowo today gave an update on the quintuple murder of: Ernest Wills Senior, Winston Santos, Travis Cooke, Allyson Jones and Jamar Martinez. The five men were murdered at [...]

No Arrests for Corozal Murder of David Martinez
Meanwhile in Corozal, the investigation into the murder of David Martinez continues. He was shot multiple times to the back and head by two gunmen who opened fire at the [...]

The 2019 Police Medals & Awards Ceremony
It was a formal occasion in Belmopan this morning. Outstanding police officers in the department were honoured for service and for excelling in recent exams.  Sergeant Leroy Hernandez has been [...]

A Couple is Assaulted in a Home Invasion in the West
A couple was assaulted during a home invasion on the Cristo Rey Road in the west.  Canadian national, Evan Anderson and his common-law wife were retiring for the night when [...]

French National is Assaulted in Sarteneja, but Can’t Remember by Who
He arrived in Belize via the northern border with Mexico on Sunday night, and by Monday evening, French national Gabriel Jacket was hospitalized at the K.H.M.H. for injuries he sustained [...]

Woman is Kidnapped; Handcuffed and Beaten in Belmopan
On Tuesday, we reported on a disturbing case coming out of Belmopan where a young woman was kidnapped by her boyfriend, who beat on her repeatedly. While police say there [...]

Missing Men’s Motorcycle Retrieved from the Sea
Last week, we reported about the sudden disappearance of two men on north Ambergris Caye. Silverio Cal and Melvin Montesino were last seen on June thirteenth when they were riding [...]

An Elderly Resident is Knocked Down and Killed in San Antonio
An elderly resident of San Antonio Village lost his life earlier this week after being struck by a vehicle while he was attempting to board a commuter bus.  Eighty-year-old Pablo [...]

74 Persons Receive Belizean Nationality
A group of nationals coming from diverse cultures and countries have made Belize their home and country. They are the third group this year to pledge allegiance as citizens of [...]

Triple R’s Mission to Provide Medical Services to San Pedranos, Tourists
There has been a growing need for medical services and facilities in San Pedro which is the number one tourist destination in the country. Often, persons who require emergency treatment [...]

Maskall Resident Wins 15K with Scratch & Win
A resident of Maskall Village in the Belize District is the latest winners of fifteen thousand dollars courtesy of Scratch and Win. Mister Martinez, as he referred to himself to [...]

A New Exhibition at the Image Factory
The Image Factory and Art Foundation opened its Ka`añaar Graphic Art Exhibition on Wednesday. The showcase displays the graphic art work of Belizean and Cuban artist Falco and Lito. Yasser [...]

Healthy Living: National Testing Day
Leave no man behind – that’s the theme for this year’s National Testing Day. It’s a clear call for Belizean men to head out to get tested on Friday. In [...]

The Reporter

Belize’s Culinary Master Win More Medals At Miami Competition
Belize’s culinary masters earned silver in one category and bronze medals in three other categories at the Taste of the Caribbean finals last night. The silver was won in the bartender category, represened by Mark Jacobs, while Team Belize got bronze in the seafood, junior chef (Rogel Lisbey) and pastry (Maria Urbina) categories.


Belizean chefs return home with bronze medals
Our Belizean chefs have made us proud once again by bringing home bronze medals from the Taste of the Caribbean Competition. Not only did they beat many other countries in the region who also competed, but they were able to showcase the cultures and flavors of Belize. Love News Reporter, Courtney Menzies, was able to …

Cuban artist collaborates with Belizean
A picture is worth a thousand words; it is why artists use this avenue to express their thoughts, emotions and passion. This is the case for Belizean artist, Carlos “Lito” Quiroz and Cuban artist, Carlos Alejandro Falco Chang. The two artists felt that their particular art styles and the chosen messages were similar enough to …

“Unemployment rate drops to 7.6%”
For April 2019, Belize’s labour force, which comprises of persons fourteen years and older, stood at two hundred and sixty-eight thousand eight hundred and sixty-three or about sixty-six percent of the population. As of April 2019, the unemployment rate stood at 7.6%, decreasing from 9.4%; it is cause for celebration as reports indicate that unemployment …

Consumer prices steady in May 2019
The latest figures released from the Statistical Institute of Belize, SIB, showed that during the month of May the cost of regularly purchased commodities including rice, beans, poultry, water and electricity by Belizean households remain relatively the same when compared to May 2018. As a result, the all-time Consumer Price Index recorded the same figure of …

Belizean basketballers face off against international college team
Some Belizeans basketballers will have the opportunity to compete against a US college team, coached by Kevin Seroki. Love News was at the airport when the international team arrived yesterday. Coach Rosco Reese, who helped organized the match, told us that the opportunity gives our local players a chance to see if they can meet …

Award ceremony held for distinguished police officers
Being a police officer is no easy task. Not only do officers put their life on the line, but they work all hours and sometimes they are stationed far from home. Today, for many of those officers, they received much deserved recognition. At the police training academy in Belmopan, officers received their long service medals …

Well-known shopkeeper is gunned down by robbers
63-year-old, Carlton Wade is the latest victim of the criminal elements in Belize. Wade met his death last night at the hands of robbers who went armed to his Dollar Kite Shop last night between eight thirty and nine o’clock. The murder happened in the New Site area of Hattieville Village, Belize District, at a …


Budget Travel: My Trip from Ambergris Caye Belize to Cancun and the USA
Flying from Cancun Airport Rather than Belize City – Advice and Scheduling – or “How to Eat Your Body Weight in Junk Food in Under 36 Hours” Cancun has one of the biggest, busiest airports in our region – as the crow flies it’s less than 250 miles from Ambergris Caye. With hundreds of flights coming and going each day, the prices are sometimes much lower, the options much greater, flying to or from CUN rather than Belize City. But…how do you get there. 250 miles driving on a nice highway by car is very different from 250 miles crossing borders, taking boats and buses and crossing time zones. There are a few different ways to go. Flight. Boat and bus. Hired van. But I’m going to tell you how I did it over the last 2 days. The EXTREME budget way. Cheapest scheduled route I know of. And one that took me 36 hours from door to door – my home on Ambergris Caye to my brother’s house in Barrington Rhode Island.

Life-changing Event for Ambergris Caye – San Pedro Lobster Festival
Annually our lobster festival is always a great party. Over the years I have been involved in various degrees to help this event further gain traction. Everything from writing about it to being on the events committee, to getting together with two other island bloggers (that no longer blog) and setting up and decorating a booth. That year (2008) was so much fun, we were all pleased that so many people thought we were an up and coming restaurant with our “Delucious” booth. We also won $500 for the best-decorated booth that year and set the bar for future decorating at lobster fest events. Aside from filling our booth with blow up lips, lobsters and cool retro signage, we also filled the party with crazy lobster hat heads – everyone wanted one.

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Small nations like Belize are being sacrificed at climate talks
The world is at a tipping point. We are at a moment in history where we can and will go one of two ways: towards climate disaster or a safer planet for all. Which path we take is determined at meetings like the one in Bonn, Germany, where I have been for the last week — sweltering in an unusually hot European heatwave. Nearly 200 countries attended at this round of UN climate talks, aimed at implementing the 2015 Paris Agreement, which seeks to keep the average global temperature increase below 2C. All these countries agreed in 2015 to that deal, and yet here — nearly five years on — there are a few who wish to quietly use procedural measures to rip it up away from the public gaze.

Taste of the Caribbean competition Results
Barbados was named the Caribbean National Culinary Team of the Year, while Jason Thomas Ao of the Cayman Islands was crowned Caribbean Chef of the Year when the 2019 Taste of the Caribbean competition results were announced last night at Hyatt Regency Miami. Taste of the Caribbean featured 14 Caribbean destinations, competing in a friendly but intense battle for cooking supremacy. The culinary tournament was held in conjunction with the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association's (CHTA) annual industry conference, the Caribbean Hospitality Industry Exchange Forum (CHIEF) from June 21-23, and the Caribbean305 culinary and cultural consumer celebration on Saturday.


  • Ya'axché Conservation Trust, 27min. Ya'axché Conservation Trust is doing important work in the Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve. Our guests talked to us about the ongoing programmes to promote sustainable development. They also shared insights about a recent case study conducted on the YCT. On our couch: Christina Garcia - Executive Director, Ya'axché Conservation Trust. Said Gutierrez - Protected Areas Program Director, Ya'axché Conservation Trust. Maximiliano Caal - Marketing & Communications Manager, Ya'axché Conservation Trust.

  • The Society of Women Coders, 32min. The Society of Women Coders is hosting the first ever Belize Summer Coding Camp. The camp is in partnership with the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, the Belize Association of ICT Professionals and the Belize Coalition of Service Providers.The intention is to teach young girls basic coding skills and to expose them to career opportunities in information technology. We spoke with the organizers about the program and how the girls will use the skill to create innovative solutions to advance their communities. On our couch: Margaret Ventura - EPA Coordinator, DGFT. Kavya Krishna - Founder, SOW Coders. Melanie Eiley - Administrative Officer, Belize Coalition of Service Providers (BCSP).

  • The National Sargassum Task Force, 46min. The National Sargassum Task Force was established to find solutions to the current problem of the sargassum in the Tourism industry. We spoke to representatives about sargassum and the disposal measures they are working on to remove the inconvenience to hoteliers and beach-goers. On our couch: Abil Castaneda - Chief Tourism Officer, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. John M. Burgos - Executive Director, BTIA.

  • Regional research to identify effective crime deterrents, 46min. What deters crime? More importantly, how do you deter crime when people are not afraid to or don't believe they'll go to jail? Those are questions on our collective minds as the country continues to grapple with both the severity and spikes in burglary and homicides. We invited Anthony Sylvestre, attorney-at-law, to review some of the regional research to identify effective crime deterrents. He suggests that the key is to find the balance between the legal and internal sanctions that govern people's decision-making processes and actions.

  • The Belize Family Life Association has - Summer Programs, 46min. The Belize Family Life Association has few programmes planned for youths this summer. We spoke with their representatives about how your teen can be engage in their initiatives. On our couch: Sheena Gentle - Programmes and Education Officer, BFLA. Monilee Aspinall – YAM Member. Jared Cain – President, Belize City, YAM.

  • Mr. Rowe - No Talking Thing, 2.5min. Mr. Rowe "No Talking Thing" music video shot in 2017 in Dangriga Town, Belize.

  • Corpus Christi Homily 2019 in Belize, 14min. Divine Mercy Catholic Church Belize City, Belize Police Week June 23, 2019.

  • Belize - Tropical Marine Environments Field Course - University of Western Ontario, 6.5min. University of Western Ontario comes to Belize year after year to visit spectacular Halfmoon Caye National Monument at Lighthouse Reef Atoll with Island Expeditions. Lead by Dr. Graeme Taylor, here we have a collection of interviews about the program they run from Island Expeditions Basecamp on Half moon Caye in beautiful Belize.

  • Chocolate from the tree, cocoa farm Belize, 1.5min. Touring the cocoa farm in San Miguel Belize with Junajpu Chocolate. The blossoms and pods almost seem alien in the forest.

  • Roasting Cacao Beans in San Miguel, Belize, 1min. This was an amazing experience we spent a couple hours out on the Cacao farm and it was so much more then that. Along with a great meal served in their home. Martin Ack and his entire family are great people. I can not recommend this adventure enough. Junajpu Chocolate in San Miguel, Belize. The pink house on the left. Check out their Facebook and TripAdvisor.

  • Sports Talk Show, 65min.

  • Honoring LGBTI Pride Month at the U.S. Chief of Mission’s Residence!, 3min.