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The San Pedro Sun

49 graduate with Associates Degree from San Pedro Junior College
The 2019 graduation season on Ambergris Caye culminated with San Pedro Junior College’s (SPJC) commencement exercise on Saturday, July 6th. Held at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium under the theme: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success,” the ceremony saw a total of 49 graduates receiving their Associates Degree.

Ambergris Today

Exotic Caye Beach Resort Makes Room For The New Belize Marriott
As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new, and such is the case with the resort once known as Exotic Caye Beach Resort. It’s time to make room for the future Marriott Residences Ambergris Caye Resort. While it may have been faster to simply take a wrecking ball and demolish all of the structures in one fell swoop, in the spirit of conservation and good stewardship, each building is being carefully dismantled in an effort to preserve any reusable parts that could be donated to the community. Over the last several weeks, island residents may have noticed the former resort starting to be dismantled, starting with the older thatch roofed cabanas.

Blue Water Grill And Companies Tile Classrooms At Primary School
It’s always nice when businesses come together to help the community. Blue Water Grill, The Phoenix and Red Ginger have always come together to raise funds and help a school or members of the community. This time we are happy to share good news coming from these group of businesses, from January through June 2019, they were raising money to tile the first floor classrooms at the San Pedro RC School. In total, guests at The Phoenix and customers at Red Ginger, Wine de Vine, and Blue Water Grill donated $8,881.24 and the Businesses have matched 100% of those donations, for a total amount raised of $17,762.

Various Belizean Sources


Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint ”Here Fishy Fishy.”

A beach litter survey was conducted as a part of the ongoing collaboration between the Department of the Environment (DOE) and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) under the Commonwealth Litter Programme (CLiP), a programme funded by the Government of the United Kingdom. The survey was conducted at six beaches during June 2019. The results of the survey show that 70% of the litter was comprised of the following six types:

Hon. Patrick Faber at the InterAmerican Meeting of Ministers of Education
Deputy Prime Minister and Minster of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber is representing Belize at the InterAmerican Meeting of Ministers of Education in Washington. The meeting aims to build sustainable partnerships through cooperation, with renewed focus on education and skills development.

Creative Industry Workshop at San Pedro House of Culture
Monday July 8th we begin our Creative Arts Summer Program with a Paper mache program for ages 10 yrs and up. Participants will learn to create beautiful art pieces. Message us or call 226-5100 to register for this free cultural program. July 8 - 25 th. 8:30 am to 11:30 am.

Channel 7

Bungling BUCA Robber Busted By Gas Station Attendant
Tonight, an armed robber is in hospital recovering from a gunshot injury he received from his own weapon. That's after he held up a gas station in Belmopan, and one of the unarmed but fearless pump attendants chased him down and caught him. That may sound like fiction, and for some of our viewers, the details may even have some elements of comedy in it. But yesterday afternoon, it was no joke when the lives of innocent employees from the Buca Service Station were put at risk by this armed thief who recklessly discharged his weapon in public.

Cops Weigh Charges Against Robber
Police told us more about the robbery: ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch: "Belmopan police responded to information at BUCA Service Station on Constitution Drive Belmopan. Upon their arrival it was reported to them that a slim, dark complexion male person entered the gas station armed with a hand gun and held up the cashier inside the building and stole an undisclosed amount of money. He then proceeded outside of the service station where he robbed two gas attendants of an undisclosed amount of money. In the process he attempted to escape by jumping into a vehicle, however, he was unsuccessful at that so he decided to get out and jump in another vehicle and was also unsuccessful, so he decided to then make his escape on foot. During the process, a shot was fired by him at vehicle which was passing by. One of those gas attendants then pursued him in his vehicle where he caught him on a street opposite the service station where a struggle ensued between both persons and as a result several shots were discharged from the weapon..."

Corozal Robbers
There were also armed robbers in Corozal - and no one to run them down after they held up a grocery store - and even held a child as a sort of hostage as they robbed the store. It's a ruthless and calculated attack but police say they have suspects detained: ACP Joseph Myvett: "Last night shortly after 8pm Corozal police responded to information of a robbery at Tang's Superstore in the Santa Rita area of Corozal Town, where they were reported to upon arrival that shortly before 8pm two male persons; one dark complexion and one clear complexion, entered the store..."

US Tourist Drowns on Snorkeling Trip
An American tourist drowned in southern waters on Friday. 46 year old Gemma Paybarah was traveling with her husband and they had rented a catamaran which they planned to use to hop across some of the smaller Cases and snorkel. On Friday, they contracted tour guide Henry Tucker to take them snorkeling near Carriebow Caye in the South Water caye area. Police told us he led a group of 8 on the snorkeling trip - but she disappeared. Police have the details: ACP Joseph Myvette- Head of NCIB: "On Friday afternoon sometime around 3:30 pm a boat captain visited Placencia Police where he reported that earlier in the day he took out a group of eight tourists to do snorkeling near Caribou Caye..."

Sleeping Woman Shot In Back
A woman was shot in her sleep on Friday night. At around 10:30 31 year old Canchi Casey was sleeping when a bullet ripped through the front door and hit her in the back. Police say the bullet came from outside - form someone having a dispute with her family in the yard.. ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC CIB : "On Friday the 5th of July just after 11 pm, police visited Neal Penn Road where they observed a female by the name of Kanchi Casey, 31 years, with an apparent gunshot wound to the right upper shoulder. She was inside of her residence when she heard a gunshot and then she realized that she had received such injuries. It is alleged that it was an argument among relatives and other persons that were in the immediate area."

Many Detained, None Charged For Felix Brothers Murder
The Felix brothers, Emory and Maurice were murdered last week Wednesday night. It was a gangland execution, when two unmasked gunmen went into a pool hall and executed them, firing more than a dozen rounds at the brothers. At least one of the weapons had an extended clip and police recovered 17 nine millimeter expended shells from the scene. Both men's bodies were riddled with bullets. Well, police say they have detained many suspects, but, still, no charges:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC CIB: "Reference the murder of the Felix brothers, police are still continuing with the investigation. During the weekend, several persons were in police custody and there are still some of them that are in custody that are being questioned by police..."

Balthazar Killer May Be From Belmopan
And, there have also been no arrests for another execution which occurred last week. On Thursday, 44 year old Jermaine Balthazar Flores was found on the side of the Frank's Eddy Road with has hands and feet bound and with multiple gunshot wounds to the head. Police say they searched a home in Belmopan where they gathered certain evidence:.. ACP Joseph Myvette- Head of NCIB: "So far it is still an ongoing investigation. The police have followed several leads. A home in Belmopan was searched on Saturday where a number of items were found which at this point in time we are not able to say whether those were connected to the crime scene."

Turning to Civil Society To Enforce UNCAC
The education and awareness campaign for the implementation of UNCAC - the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. Last week, experts from the UN were offering guidance to municipal leaders. This week, the instruction is for independent oversight bodies - Civil Society Organizations, called CSO's. Carolyn Trench Sandiford is facilitating and we spoke to her. Carolyn Trench-Sandiford, Facilitator: "The primary objective is to enhance the capacities of CSO's to be strong actors and advocates in the implementation of UNCAC. If we look at the landscape and we look at the amount of monies that are lost due to corruption each year it is estimated about 10%. So if our GDP is 3.9 billion dollars the 10% is about 380 million dollars. So that's the first thing..."

Making Waterways Safe for Manatees
Very regularly on the news you see stories about manatees that have turned up dead in Belize's rivers and waterways - invariably the victims of fast moving boats. The Sea to Shore Alliance has been working steadily, over many years to build awareness. And that continued today with the annual workshop for tour guides and boat captains. Here's what they were given guidance on:

Did Hon. Pablo Push CEO?
Last week Wednesday, the Government of Belize announced that Dr. George Gough had been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Health. He is in the process of taking over from the former CEO, Dr. Ramon Figueroa, whose exit wasn't even mentioned in the Government's press release announcing the change. Indeed it was an abrupt change - and the press wondered why the sudden shift in CEO, given that only a few weeks earlier, Health Minister Pablo Marin and his former Minister of State, Dr. Angel Campos, also parted ways.

Youth Footballers Shine In Cali, Colombia
A team of 10 and 11 year old footballers travelled to Cali Colombia was week to take part in an under 13 tournament. They went under the name Belize United FC - and that united led them to take fourth place, out of a field of 16. It is an encouraging start and we were there at the airport to greet them yesterday:..

Belize and Mexico Celebrate 126 Years of Fraternity
And while that young team give patriots and football fans hope of future promise, there was another type of nationalism on display at the northern border yesterday. It was a bi-national celebration of the 126th anniversary of the Spencer Mariscal Treaty. That's the boundary treaty between Belize and Mexico signed on the 8th of July 1893 where Mexico gave away part of their territory to the British, including Ambergris Caye.

House Fire in Griga
And there is also a fire in Dangriga to report tonight. It happened on Friday and it destroyed a home and all its contents. Here's what police had to say about it:.. ACP Joseph Myvett: "Sometime around 7:30am, Dangriga police responded to an information of house fire on George Price Drive in Dangriga Town where upon arrival they observed a wooden house engulfed in flames..."

Donates To Health for Disasters
This morning, the European Union and the Pan-American Health Organization handed over 2 vehicles to the Ministry of Health. The donation is part of a 4-year project where PAHO/WHO, the EU, and the Government of Belize will be working to improve the delivery of medical services at hospitals country-wide and especially in times of natural disasters, such as hurricanes. The goal is to ensure that even in those times of extreme emergencies, the medical facilities will still be able to look after Belizeans in need of medical attention.

Channel 5

A Bullet Grazes a Pregnant Woman When Gunfire Erupts Outside of her Residence
A pregnant woman is the latest victim of gun violence. Thirty-one year old Kanchi Casey was at home in bed with her common-law-husband when a bullet penetrated the wall of [...]

Still No Suspect in the Murder of Felix Brothers
Brothers Maurice and Emory Felix were gunned down in cold blood last Wednesday at an establishment on Baymen Avenue in Belize City where they were playing a game of billiards.  [...]

Investigation Ongoing into Jermaine Balthazar’s Murder
Police say that no one has been charged in the murder of forty-four-year-old Jermaine Balthazar Flores.  The Dangriga resident was found dead in a bushy area on the Jaguar Paw [...]

Brazen Robbery in Belmopan; Robber Hospitalized with Gunshot Wound
A brazen robbery in the Capital City on Sunday afternoon has landed the suspected robber in the hospital. Police were called out to Puma Gas Station on Constitution Drive around [...]

Robbers Target Corozal Supermarket
Robbers were also operating up north. A supermarket was robbed on Sunday night just after eight o’clock in Corozal Town.  Police say that they responded to reports of a robbery [...]

K.H.M.H.A. Cannot “Legally Pay Pension”
Reports emerging from within the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital say that staff members are up in arms after they were told that the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority cannot legally [...]

June 2019, Most Murderous Month So Far
June proved to be one of the most violent months in the past three years. As many as seventeen individuals were murdered in June 2019.  The year 2016 saw twelve [...]

In Belize, Women Aren’t Immune to Crime and Violence
Women have not been spared of ongoing violence in the country showing that violence does not discriminate along gender lines. Aside from domestic and sexual abuse, crimes of passion and [...]

Stabbing in the City; Victim is not Cooperating with Police
A man was stabbed in Belize City last Thursday night, but police say that he has not made an official report of the incident.  Matthew Smith was injured after seven [...]

Tre Stevens Charged for Attempted Murder of Ozen Rhaburn
A twenty-year-old man has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison until September twelfth after he was arraigned this morning for last Thursday’s attempted murder of Ozen Rhaburn. Rhaburn, a [...]

Tourist Drowns in Southern Belize
Forty-six-year-old American tourist Jemma Paybarrah died while out on tour in southern Belize.  Police say the tourist was at sea when she drowned. On Friday afternoon around three o’clock, a [...]

Sentencing Set Aside for Convicted Murderers Leslie Pipersburgh & Patrick Robateau
Forty-five-year-old Leslie Pipersburgh and forty-two-year-old Patrick Robateau, the two men convicted of the murders of security guards Kevin Alvarez and Fidel Mai during a robbery at the Bowen and Bowen [...]

Round Three of Village Council Elections Held
Round three of the village council elections was held on Sunday. Forty-three villages countrywide participated with thousands of persons electing representatives from both major political parties and independent candidates to [...]

Investigation Still Underway into Dangriga House Fire
On Friday, a fire completely destroyed a wooden house in Dangriga. Around seven-thirty that morning, fire broke out at a residence on George Price Drive, but though firefighters responded quickly, [...]

Establishing a Cyber Security Strategy
G.O.B. is in the process of establishing a policy that specifically addresses the issue of cyber security. A two-day workshop on cyber security was organized by the Ministry of National Security in collaboration with [...]

Belize and Mexico Celebrate 1893 Spencer-Mariscal Treaty
On Sunday representatives from Belize and Mexico met at the border bridge of Subteniente Lopez to commemorate the 1893 Spencer-Mariscal Treaty. This year is the one hundred and twenty-sixth anniversary [...]

Impact Workshop on IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate
A regional meeting of experts on climate change is taking place in Belize City. Over a hundred scientists from all over the world have gathered the relevant scientific data which [...]

Chair of AOSIS, Ambassador Lois Young, Speaks Out Against Efforts to Discredit Report
One of the key objectives of today’s session today was to discuss key challenges with the report and the modalities of the IPCC plenary to strengthen Caribbean small island developing [...]

A Workshop for Manatees’ Safety
Today, the Clear Water Marine Research Institute, along with the Port Authority of Belize and the Forestry Department, held a one-day workshop with boaters and tour guides to talk manatee [...]

Despite Downpour, Here’s the Stats on Sporting Events
Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports...]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Hattieville resident detained for gas station robbery
A resident of Hattieville Village in the Belize District is detained following a robbery at […]

Survey shows litter on Belizean beaches are mostly plastic
A beach litter survey was conducted as a part of the ongoing collaboration between the […]

American tourist dies while snorkeling off the coast of Placencia
Authorities are investigating the drowning of an American national that happened last week Friday. According […]

National Hurricane Center monitoring system in Atlantic
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is monitoring a broad area of low pressure that is […]

Fire destroys home in Dangriga
Jason Cacho lost his home to a fire on Friday morning in Dangriga. Cacho reported […]

15-year-old missing in Sarteneja, Corozal
The family of 15-year-old Ashley Castillo of Sarteneja, Corozal is concerned about her whereabouts. Ashley […]

United Democratic Party claims majority through 2 weeks of village council elections
The ruling United Democratic Party claims as many as 302 seats, including 40 chairs, through […]

PUP claims victory in round 3 of village council elections
The People’s United Party (PUP) is claiming victory in round 3 of village council elections […]

Expo Belize Market Place 2019 coming soon
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) will be hosting its annual Expo Belize […]

Belize~ Where the Economic Geniuses at?
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]


Man stabbed over bicycle
On Friday, we told you about 27-year-old, Matthew Smith, who was the victim of a stabbing incident. He was reportedly stabbed over an argument with another man concerning a bicycle. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo, told us today that Smith is not cooperating with police. A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo – Head of Crimes Investigation Branch …

BNTU discusses the education system
Imagine having a child go through school without fully grasping the basics in education or without being properly assessed. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to imagine because it is happening right here in Belize. After listening to several concerns of teachers, Love News learnt that when it comes to grades, students don’t …

Tourist drowns while on vacation in Belize
During the weekend, Love News reported on the body of a tourist that was found near Placencia. At that time, details were scarce, and we could not identify the victim or the cause of her death. Today, at the police press brief, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, confirmed there was no foul play in …

A pregnant woman grazed by bullet while sleeping
A pregnant woman survived a gunshot to the back over the weekend which she received as she slept in her bed. 31-year-old, Kanchi Casey was asleep with her common-law husband when she was grazed by a bullet in the back. Apparently, someone who they suspect is no stranger to them or the layout of their …

Placencia residents concerned over erosion
Placencia is one of the top tourist destinations in Belize, as it is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Since it is a peninsula, though, there is the concern of erosion. This concern has been magnified, recently, after residents noticed that people have been uprooting the mangroves which serve as a buffer during storms and floods. According …

Gas attendants heroically stops robber
33-year-old, James Escarpeta is known to the media and the police after he was charged with several offences over the last 15 years, ranging from drug trafficking to murder. Over the weekend, Escarpeta made another appearance when he went armed to Buca Service Station on Constitution Drive in Belmopan and held up the cashier and …

CARICOM countries meeting in Belize
CARICOM countries are meeting in Belize to look at the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC Special Report. The report provides the latest scientific knowledge on the ocean and land as it relates to climate change. IPCC is a part of the United Nations and it focuses on the scientific findings of climate change. The …

64 murders so far for 2019
Despite seeing the first half of 2019 conclude, the Belize Police Department is yet to issue a mid-term report for the year. By our count, however, we can tell you that there have been sixty-four murders so far with the majority of them taking place in Belize City and with Orange Walk being the least …

PAHO donates to Ministry of Health
The PanAmerican Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) has given Belize’s Ministry of Health, two new Nissan pickup trucks as a donation under the Health Sector Support Programme through the European Union. The Ministry also received a HINO refrigerated cargo box truck valued at approximately BZ$81,500.00. The cargo truck came via the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Non-Reimbursement Technical …


Across the Road from Grand Caribe Resort & Thoughts on Condo Living in Belize
But recently, what I’ve REALLY been interested in is the lagoon side of the development. I’ve heard talk over the years that there would be building. That there would be large homes built, that over-the-water structures were going in. All of that turns out to be untrue. I asked…and I received. A preview of the expansion at Grand Caribe Resort. Sunset Caribe. The large scale cement pour that would be the base of the first building. Super impressive. Mike, who took me over to the construction site, sent up his drone to take pictures. Man…I want one of these things. (And if I can sell 400 more books…I just might get there!) For all your cement-enthusiasts – the total time for the pour (it must be done all at once) was 12 hours. 6am to 6pm.

My Monday View in Corozal, Belize
After So much rain this past Weekend, today I went around taking photos of Corozal Town. The weather turned out to be quite lovely. It is quite windy, but if you come out and enjoy this weather you will love it more. Apart from Walking the beach, you can attend local events happening this month. A walk By 1st Avenue in Corozal, Town. A view from Corozal, in front of the Mirador Hotel.

International Sourcesizz

UNESCO calls for concerted action to strengthen resilience of coral reef
As a side event of the meeting of the World Heritage Committee (Baku from 1 to 10 July), UNESCO and its partners met on 5 July to take stock of the initiative launched in October 2018 to strengthen coral reef adaptation to climate change. The initiative aims to establish an effective strategy for climate change resilience in five coral reefs inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List: the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon (Palau), the Lagoons of New Caledonia (France), the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System (Belize), the Ningaloo Coast, and the Great Barrier Reef (Australia). The event brought together those who launched the initiative, and experts and managers of marine World Heritage sites to present the effects of climate change on their sites. Beyond the five sites concerned, the event also provided an opportunity to present a strategy to support all World Heritage sites’ adaptation to climate change.


  • Casa Picasso's new location, 1.5min. Great food and drinks. BBQ Sundays and live entertainment everyday.

  • Placencia Muy’Ono Belize Wedding , 10min.

  • Belize Hanging bridges, 2min.

  • Belize Snorkeling, 6.5min. Snorkeling with sharks in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

  • Lamanai Mayan Ruins Tour, 6min.

  • Thunderstorm in Orange Walk Town, Belize, 5min. Thunderstorm in Orange Walk Town during the summer 2019 Ethnographic Field School in Belize

  • Ban Gillnets in Belize, 1.5min. Gillnets are seriously damaging Belize's marine environment, and with it, the country's tourism industry and commercial fishery.

  • Lamanai Mayan Ruins & Boat Ride on the New River in Belize, 8.5min. We booked a tour with Elio Avila of Lamanai Belize Tours to go check out the Lamanai Mayan Ruins which is located in the jungle near Orange Walk. Our guide Julian picked us up from our hotel and drove us to Orange Walk where we then took an hour long boat ride down the New River to the Lamania Mayan Ruins to which we were allowed to explore the impressive Mayan monuments and even climbed the High Temple for spectacular views! If you ever get to Belize City, this is definitely a must do tour, so worth the one hour drive and the one hour boat trip to get there. Getting there is half of the adventure!

  • Accion Deportiva, 60min.