The legendary Belizean jockey, "Q" Leslie, came into the "Belizean Legends" studios along with his trainer, jockey, and buddy Richard "Charro" Ramirez and chatted with yours truly about the classic 1960s and 70s Belizean horse racing extravaganza that became one of Belize's most celebrated sports of all times. "Q" and "Charro" had to set the record straight after making it clear that the "Finley Bishop" story was just a part of Belize's sensational horse racing chapter.

We can still hear the legendary Belizean sportscaster, Bernard Aguet, bringing to Belizeans countrywide that smooth but exciting horserace sportscasting through Radio Belize. Aguet’s voice goes, “And the horses are at the starting gate…and they are off!” This is when the names like "Q" Leslie, Finley Bishop, Goldburn "Stama" Middleton, Ashley James, Nick Hernandez, Richard “Charro” Ramirez, the Cattouse Brothers, Lightburn, and all these big names in Belizean horse racing are heard in some of the most exciting ways you can imagine.

Like Belizean softball at Rogers Stadium and MCC Grounds in the 1970s, Belizean horse racing at the former Belize National Stadium, aka “Horse Track”, was a spectacular sport to see, as these racing jockey gladiators like "Q" Leslie , Finely BIshop, Ashley James, Golbburn "Stamma" Middleton, Elias Galvez, John "Paddy" King and many more, battled against each other for the coveted prizes. Their rivalry was most passionate during their competitive years as the best Belizean jockeys of the 1970s.

Seeing these jockeys race the best of Belizean race horses of the 1970s, like, Godfather, Lady Alice, Sir Jude, Misty, Welcome Sir, Tender Spot, Baby Ann, Majestic Prince, and many more, is something that must be seen rather than heard on “Radio Belize”.

It’s historic in this feature to reflect on that spirit of horse racing that once was Belize. Horse racing in Belize became a tradition that created sports entertainment, as well as well as live gambling in Belize’s own version of the “Kentucky Derby”. Belizeans at that time, marveled at this legendary American horse racing legend through short wave radio, but had their own version at home.

Now listen, watch and be entertained by this vibrant conversation between yours truly and two of Belize's legendary horse racing jockeys of the 1970s, "Q" Leslie and Richard "Charro" Ramirez bring you the exciting times that made Belize horse racing excitement moments of the 1960s and 70s.