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The San Pedro Sun

BWSL installing new pipe system to improve San Mateo’s water supply
Residents in the San Mateo Sub-division, north of San Pedro Town, will soon see an upgrade in their water distribution system after Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) completes work in the area replacing the old pipe system. A two-inch pipe supports the current system, and due to the growth of San Mateo, it is no longer able to withstand the needed water pressure to efficiently provide non-interrupted water supply to the area. To remedy the current challenges with water supply, BWSL will install a six-inch pipe to improve the flow of the vital liquid and provide a consistent source. This refurbishment to the water system in this area is part of 35 million dollars the company is investing in Ambergris Caye for the expansion of water and wastewater services.

SPHS students step up to ICT gear with DigiLearn
The first form students of San Pedro High School are speed-surfing the Internet to a bright future, with brand new tablet computers and 500 megabytes/second fiberoptic Internet provided by the new Digi Learn pilot project. Digi has partnered with Microsoft to set up the learning platform, which the SPHS students have been using for the past four months, to get lesson notes from their teachers, submit homework assignments, quizzes, tests, and exams, for totally paperless learning. They use One Note, PowerPoint, Excel, and other apps in Microsoft Office to prepare for tomorrow’s job market.

MSME Enhancement program workshop held in San Pedro Town
The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Enhancement (MSME) program was launched on May 29th in Belize City to reduce the cost of doing business and strengthening the competitiveness of the MSME participants. On Wednesday, July 10th, the first presentation took place in San Pedro Town, where an informative session brought interested stakeholders to the San Pedro Town Council Conference Room. The MSME program is available for micro-businesses with less than five employees and generates annual sales of less than $100,000 with less than $50,000 of investment. Others who can also apply are establishments with five up to 19 employees, generate less than $500,000 in annual sales, and invest less than $150,000. Businesses with 20 or 51 employees and generate less than $1.5 million and invest less than $500,000.00 can also sign up to be part of the MSME program.

San Pedro tour guide arraigned for sexual assault
33-year-old Demas Alfredo Mejia, a tour guide of San Pedro Town has been charged for sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman. Mejia appeared at the Belize City Magistrate Court on Monday, July 8th before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson. According to the police report, Mejia wanted to plead guilty to the charge, but the Magistrate entered an equivocal plea of not guilty after Mejia told her that at the time of the incident he was intoxicated and could not remember what occurred. The incident occurred about 4PM on Tuesday, July 2nd. The woman reported to the police that she met Mejia at a local store on the island.

Ambergris Today

Flashbacks: Rush Hour On Barrier Reef Drive
Rush Hour on Barrier Reef Drive better known as "Front Street" to locals. Sandy, two way street in San Pedro. You could walk up and down the street without worries as there waw barely any vehicles on the once quaint fishing village of San Pedro. Here is a comparison of today's Barrier Reef Drive.

Various Belizean Sources


Police detain 6 and seize two guns following robbery of Cooking Master restaurant. Quick police action has led to the detention of 6 men and seizing 2 firearms following a robbery. The men were intercepted inside a vehicle last night. This after a robbery was executed on Saint Thomas St. A 31 year old Belizean Chinese businessman personnel visited #2136 Saint Thomas St, Belize City reported that at about 11:00pm two dark skin male persons wearing masks on their faces approached him from the direction of Heusner Crescent while he was sitting outside in front of his business establishment namely Cooking Master. The men forced their way into the restaurant at gun point and proceeded to rob the owner of an undisclosed amount of cash that was secured under the counter in a bag. About 2 shots were fire in the establishment, however, no one was injured.

Land Sale at Narrows on Placencia Peninsula
Recent vegetation clearing at the narrowest part of the Placencia Peninsula (known as the “haul-over” or “isthmus” locally) has come under the attention of angry Peninsula residents. A Placencia real estate agent says falsified land documents in the Maya Beach area have been an ongoing activity and go “all the way up the food chain” in Belize. Says he dropped the subject on corrupt land dealings after his life had been threatened by a Placencia-based real estate company he believes may be involved in the recent alleged criminal land sale at the narrowest part of the Placencia Peninsula known locally as “haulover” or “isthmus.” Says he informed the

Letter addressed to media houses on behalf of the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow regarding Sanctuary Belize

PRESS RELEASE from the U.S. Embassy in Belize
The Embassy is aware of the recent public release of documents related to a court filing by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in a case involving the Sanctuary Belize development. The FTC is an independent entity, whose views and actions do not represent those of the U.S. government. Neither U.S. Embassy Belmopan nor the State Department contributed to or approved the FTC’s arguments as presented in its filing. Furthermore, we note that the persons referred to in the filing did not have an opportunity to counter the allegations in court. Therefore, we strongly caution against making any accusations based on the filing.

Colorfest 2019 in Corozal
Don't forget that Colorfest 2019 is happening Saturday at Rainbow Beach. The DJ line up is Fyah Statah Sound (Belize), DJ Julian (Caye Caulker), DJ Callie (Corozal), DJ Smurf & DJ Clarks (Belize) & DJ Trick (Corozal). Also powder paint will be provided once in the grounds. We will have a foam section, water spraying all night along with neon paint. Doors open at 9pm.

Channel 7

KHMH Doctors, Nurses, Staff Walkout
Operations at the country's national referral hospital slowed significantly this afternoon when about 150 nurses, doctors, and medical personnel staged an impromptu walkout. It's the new KHMH Workers Union flexing its labour muscle in a dispute over pensions. The workers and management are in a protracted dispute over whether - as workers at the country's largest public hospital - they qualify for the government pension scheme. It has been a matter of some debate, since the KHMH is an autonomous institutions and hospital workers also contribute to what's called a "provident fund".

Execution In A Hotel Parking Lot
And while those hospital staffers took over the parking area at the KHMH briefly this evening, this morning at the Southern Regional Hospital in Dangriga, a gunman chose to strike in the parking lot of that medical facility. At five minutes to 12:00, 45 year old Edwin Felix Nasario, known as Nazzy was sitting in his Ford Escape when two men pulled up on a motorbike. One of them got off, pulled out a handgun and shot Nasario three times and they sped off. It was a very deliberate act. He was in the parking lot of the hospital - and this chilling scene unfolded in public view as attendants brought out a stretcher and rushed him inside the A & E room:

Hon. Castro's Teenaged Nephew Missing
Tonight, a mother in Sandhill is hoping for the best but fearing the worst. Her 16 year old son, Dorian Grinage has been missing since Tuesday. Today we met a search team behind Maxboro led by his mother, Denise Grinage. She said she doesn't know where to look but she had to start somewhere:... Denise Grinage, mother: "No clue where he is. We just need to search somewhere; we need to start somewhere. We are searching in the Maxboro area and then we go back to the Sandhill area and then search the area to see if we can find him..."

Cops Bust Robbers And Weapons
Super sharp police work last night led to the arrest of 6 alleged robbers and two handguns - one of them looking like a brand new Glock pistol. It started after 11:00 on St. Thomas Street at Cooking Master restaurant where two armed, masked men jumped out of a van, grabbed the owner who was sitting outside and forced him inside at gunpoint. They then robbed him of a bag with cash and ran off, firing two shots as they left. No one was injured, and the men hopped into the waiting van and sped off. But police on routine mobile patrol saw the van and stopped it. Inside they found 6 men - all form the Jump street or Wagner's lane area - many of them very well known to the cops.

US Embassy Makes Extraordinary Statement, Subtly Chides FTC
All this week, the news has been about the Federal Trade Commission in the US. In a June 10th filing in a US court, that powerful federal agency took some broad swipes at Prime Minister Dena Barrow and members of his administration. The court documents suggesting Barrow and some of his minister were actively supporting what has been described as the biggest overseas land fraud ever encountered by the FTC. Well, Prime Minister Barrow this week held a two hour press conference to refute almost everything that was said about him.

Patrick 99: Man Who Killed Two Will Get Parole in 40 Years
He has been serving 2 life sentences in prison for a double murder conviction, but today, 59-year-old Patrick Reyes, a native of Teakettle Village, was re-sentenced to 40 years, or 20 for each killing. His convictions were for the murders of Wayne Garbutt, and his wife, who Reyes shot and killed in April of 1997 in a land dispute. He shot the couple and then turned the weapon on himself but recovered from the gunshot injury. He was later convicted in a Supreme Court trial.

Wilfred, In his Own Defence
The scorched earth campaign between Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington and his former business partners from the real estate company, Progresso Heights Limited, is continuing with yet another lawsuit before the Supreme Court. By now, you've probably heard about this fight between Elrington and the American father and son, Lawrence and Adam Schneider. It started back when Elrington was a practicing attorney, and the company's directors, who are the Schneiders, retained his law firm. That relationship grew to the point where Elrington became a minority shareholder in their company.

Lake I Boulevard, Who's to Blame
Last night - we told you all about the big plans for the 50 acre Special Development Area in the Like Independence Area. There's going to be a 15 million dollar Ministry Of Finance building, a new international bus terminal, and a community resource center. But, how is all this going to be built when the road to the place - Lake I Boulevard - keeps sinking? It is a subject of great and enduring shame for the Barrow Administration and, for its opponents, a perfect example of the kind of wastage which rewards UDP friendly contractors at the cost of taxpayer dollars.

Deja Vu All Over Again
But is BIL inviting the possibility that it will happen again by awarding the same contractor with the job to build the road within the Special Development Area? She said it's true, the contractor who built Lake I Boulevard is now working in the Special Development Area:

What About Gungulung?
And when millions are being spent - and, at least in the case of the Lake I Boulevard - misspent - that stands in stark contrast to the adjoining low income community of Gungulung. In that neighborhood, access to basic services has been a challenge, and land tenure is a mess. We asked about the contrast and what can be done to address it:.. "How can we have this juxtaposition and sleep at night, knowing that we are building a $15 million dollar Ministry of Finance Building and this impoverished community is right here on the edge without access to any services?"

Three Angles, One Park
And, one bit of good news for that community is that a park will be built in front of the Community resource Center. Mastry told us about the Triangle Park:... Christy Mastry- Director of BIL: "So, there is a parcel and you will see it on many of the maps, between the two sites that we are now asking for lease opportunities and it is in front of the resource center..."

BNTU Tells Teachers Don't Submit Forms
The Belize National Teachers Union is making the news tonight because they are disagreeing with a directive from the Ministry of Education saying that teachers need to apply for the renewal of their licenses. Coming out of an emergency meeting by the Union's Council of Management, they unanimously agreed that they consider the "Application for Renewal of Full License", which was sent out by the Education Ministry, contrary to what is set out in the Education Rules.

US Presses Belize to Support Guaido
Since the end of April, the US has been pushing for regime change in Venezuela. They want to replace President Nicolas Maduro with opposition leader June Guaido. Following the lead of the US, more than 50 countries support Guaido as the interim president - including most of the America's. But it has counted for very little because Maduro retains a firm grip on the presidency backed by the country's muscular military.

Foreign Minister Says Belize Stands With CARICOM
Today, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington responded. He said Belize has to stand with CARICOM: Talks between the Venezuelan Government and Opposition have been ongoing in Barbados recently - arranged by Norway, which is mediating.

Killer Alwin Gabb Gets Shilling
46-year-old Alwin Gabb, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Nolan Arana, has been re-sentenced by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to 25 years. Arana was killed on July 1st, 2007 in a dispute with Gabb over his ex. That ex testified against him as the main witness in his trial in December 2013.

Collective Goes North
The Garifuna Collective has finished up a very successful European tour and today embarked on a north American tour in support of their new album "ABAN". This morning at the airport, Music coordinator Al Ovando told us about the standout shows in Europe: And with those spectacular successes under their belt, the band now heads to the US and Canada. Ovando told us about where they will be playing:

The Christian Solution
And in another kind of musical and religious celebration, tomorrow at the National Agricultural Showgrounds in Belmopan, youth Christian leaders from all over the country will converge for a 1-day summer camp program called "Youth Summer Fever." It's a faith-based initiative in which these young minds want to voice their concerns and develop a strategic plan to help address the nation's crime and violence. We spoke with one of the organizers about some of the activities these Christian Youths will engage in, and here's what he told us:

Channel 5

Edwin Nasario is Executed on Southern Regional Hospital’s Compound
There are not too many places where you would feel safe, but now not even the hospitals can bring any sense of security. This afternoon in Dangriga, a resident was [...]

K.H.M.H. Workers Union Protest over Pension Disagreement
An impromptu protest took place today at the compound of the national referral hospital over an issue that has been simmering since June.  It has to do with pensions for [...]

Businessman Robbed at Gunpoint; Suspects Detained
A group of robbers did not get too far after executing a well-planned armed robbery. On Thursday night, the masked robbers accosted the owner of Cooking Master on Saint Thomas [...]

Teen Injured in Belize City Shooting
While robbers targeted a restaurant on Saint Thomas Street, in the south side a teen was shot multiple times on Thursday night and is recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial [...]

Joseph Budna was Also Wanted in Belize
Tonight, Joseph Budna remains in police custody and not at the Central Prison in Hattieville. He escaped from Guatemala earlier this year, in May, and ended up in Camalote, Cayo [...]

The Process for Joseph Budna to be Handed over to Guatemalan Authorities
Budna has a checkered past and as it relates to his troubles in neighbouring Guatemala, ComPol Chester Williams says that sans extradition treaty, there are protocols in place to hand [...]

Central Bank’s Email to F.I.U. Regarding Sanctuary Bay Scam Surfaces
The Sanctuary Bay scam is one that has many legs. One of the allegations made by the Federal Trade Commission in relation to Sanctuary Belize lands at the Central Bank [...]

F.T.C. Attacks Belize’s Justice System
Prime Minister Dean Barrow, through Barrow and Williams, has written to all media houses, warning that any re-broadcast, re-publication or repeating of F.T.C.’s allegations against him may result in civil [...]

What Happens to Sanctuary Bay’s Land?
One of the questions posed to the Prime Minister is what happens now to the lands that scammer Andris Pukke and his associates had secured for this real estate scam. [...]

U.S. Embassy Weighs in on F.T.C.’s Sanctuary Bay Allegations
The United States Embassy in Belize today issued a one-page press release relating to the Sanctuary Belize real estate fraud. It addresses the long list of serious allegations filed by [...]

Social Security Board Proposes to Lend Medical Council $600K
The Social Security Board has proposed to lend the Medical Council of Belize six hundred thousand dollars for the construction of a multi-purpose auditorium. The loan facility, according to the [...]

Fixed Sentence for Patrick Reyes, Guilty of Double Murder
After months awaiting a fixed sentence, today Patrick Reyes, who is in his late fifties, learnt that he will have to spend forty years of a life sentence with the [...]

Home Invasion in Lord’s Bank
Police have confirmed that they are investigating a home invasion at a property in Lord’s Bank area of Ladyville. While the information is scarce at this time, reports to our [...]

A Land Issue in Sandhill; Woman Says She is the Rightful Owner
Over the years, we have reported on a number of stories about land issues. Often times, there are more than one persons claiming ownership of a piece of land and [...]

Good Management Practices are Critical to a Sustainable Honey Industry
If you’ve ever come across a bee, your natural reaction would be to run away because their sting can be painful and deadly.  And while bees have proven deadly to [...]

Let’s Start the Conversation about Mental Health
Employees generally spend long hours at work, which means that the work environment should be healthy and stress free to their state of mind. According to studies, one in every [...]

Garifuna Collective Heads to North America Tour
The Garifuna Collective departed Belize today to start their North American tour which will take them to over ten states in the United Sates, as well as to different cities [...]

Europe Embraced the Garifuna Collective
Band members, Sam Harris and Marcela Aranda, also spoke to News Five to share their experience on the European leg of their 2019 tour.  In June, the band made appearances [...]

Honouring Those Brave Cops that Did Their Part in Nabbing the Criminals
Earlier today, a number of police officers attached to Eastern Division and a civilian from Belmopan were honoured for their bravery and for a job well done in the apprehension [...]

Recruitment Exams: The Police Department Searches for A Few Good Men & Women
The Police Department is also looking for a few good men and women to join its ranks; one hundred and ninety to be exact. ComPol Chester Williams says that the [...]

Hands of Mercy Charity Foundation Collecting Shoes for Students
Hands of Mercy Charity Foundation has embarked on a mission to collect five thousand shoes for the coming school year.  Representative Moses Sulph says that when the charity foundation was [...]


Sanctuary Belize fraud – FTC fingers Barrow-led government in bankruptcy court
The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed objections to the transferral of the Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL) bankruptcy case from the US jurisdiction to the Belize jurisdiction. In its 50-page written submission filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida, the FTC highlighted the involvement of the Barrow-led government in the facilitation of the Sanctuary Belize Enterprise (SBE), the biggest real estate scam case in the FTC’s history. The FTC’s objection, in effect, labels as complicit the authorities in Belize — from Prime Minister Dean Barrow, to his law partner, Rodwell Williams, S.C., to various Cabinet ministers, to a UDP senator and the Central Bank of Belize, which the FCC claims had advance knowledge of the SBE scam, but did nothing to stop it.

San Jose woman found in cane field, murdered
Yanira Novelo de la Rosa, 26, a domestic of San Jose who was reported missing after her 4-year-old son, Alexander, was found wandering alone on the San Lorenzo Road in the Orange Walk District at about 5:00 Monday evening, was found dead in an abandoned cane field on the San Lorenzo Road on Tuesday morning. She had been stabbed five times in her chest and abdomen. Alexander was found by a farmer who was driving on the road. The little boy had a stab wound to the right side of his abdomen, just below the rib cage, and the farmer took him to the Northern Regional Hospital for medical attention.

25 years for 25 cents
Yesterday at the resentencing of Earlin White, 47, who was convicted of the murder of Dwayne Arnold, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin reaffirmed White’s sentence of life imprisonment and stipulated that he would be eligible for parole after he has served 25 years in prison. White’s sentence took effect from February 14, 2002, when he was remanded. Arnold was shot and killed on February 11, 2002, at his workplace, Electrical Zone Rebuilding, that was located at 88 Cemetery Road. According to the evidence that was presented at the trial, Franz Hamilton, an employee of Electrical Zone Rebuilding, was in Arnold’s car, which was parked in the yard, when White approached him with a gun in his hand and demanded twenty-five cents from him.

Budna recaptured in Belize
Joseph Ryan Budna, 38, a Belizean who has been serving a 30-year jail sentence in Guatemala for kidnapping and other crimes, escaped on the morning of May 27 of this year from a hospital in San Benito, Guatemala, and fled to Belize. He has been hiding in Belize since, but this morning he was recaptured during a police raid at dawn in Camalote, where he was found sleeping in a house. He was immediately arrested and taken to the Belmopan Police Station, where he is being held.

SIB expands our horizons
The Statistical Institute of Belize celebrated a major accomplishment today, Wednesday, at the launch of the Belize National Statistic System (BNSS) Portal on their website. This project has been years in the making and is expected to increase the volume of information that will be readily available for public consumption. The initiative was conducted in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and a live demonstration of portal navigation and the website’s features were presented at the Radisson Fort George Hotel by SIB staff.

Belize’s virtual school, Kaina High School, holds 6th commencement exercise
On Sunday, July 7, 14 students graduated from the country’s only virtual school, Kaina High School Limited, and are now equipped with high school diplomas to further their education. This was the school’s sixth commencement exercise, the school’s founder, Ethnelda Paulino, told Amandala today. Alberita Enriquez, 68, is the co-founder of the school. Paulino, 70, a lifelong educator, said that Belize does not have enough high school graduates, so that inspired her to start the school in 2014.

Showdown at the Garden
The Football Federation of Belize’s (FFB) 20-team National (1st Division) Amateur League Competition (NALC) 2019, with 2 teams each representing the 10 football zones of the country, is now down to its final 2 teams – defending national champion, Club Atletico of Belmopan and Caesar Ridge FC of Belize City. In the semifinals, Caesar Ridge FC cruised to a 4-1 (2-0, 2-1) aggregate win over Roaring Creek FC; and the series between Barrack Road FC and Club Atletico had seemed to be over with Barrack Road FC the 3-2 (1-1, 2-1) aggregate winner, following the Monday, July 1, report from the NALC secretariat

Belize United FC returns from Columbia U-10 tournament with 4th place trophy
Appearing on Krem WUB this morning was a group of parents and players of the Belize United FC youth football team that travelled to Cali, Columbia recently to participate in a friendly tournament, the Copa Ciudad de Cali International Football Tournament, consisting of some 16 youth teams. According to manager Juan Carlos Dussan, whose son also plays on the team, the team that travelled to Columbia consists of 15 players selected from four different active teams in local Mundialito tournaments, namely Belize United FC, City Boys FC, Reality Youth FC, and Poor & Famous FC. They left Belize on Monday, July 1, and returned home on Sunday, July 7.

Pedal by Pedal report – Chetumal Race of Sunday, July 7
While many Belizeans traveled to Chetumal this past weekend for the purpose of shopping, a few Belizean cyclists made the sojourn to participate in a Bike Race on the Seaside Circuit. Despite pouring rain, the race took off just after 8:00 a.m. This made for a very slippery surface, and many cyclists paid the price, either by crashing, or nearly crashing, and abandoning.

Stann Creek F.A. on Mayor’s Cup semifinals and Smart Mundialito schedules
Below are the schedules for Mayor’s Cup semifinals and Smart U-13 Mundialito, being held at the Carl Ramos Stadium under the supervision of the Stann Creek Football Association (SCFA). Mayor’s Cup semifinals The Dangriga Mayor’s Cup has 2 semifinal games scheduled for this week. The winners go on to the Finals for 1st and 2nd prizes; the losers play for third prize.

Editorial: Running afoul of USA or UK means pain
Belize is an independent country, which means that we have a flag, an anthem, borders, and a vote at the United Nations (UN). These are common but unequal features of independent countries. The flags of the world are of different designs and colors, and they are all flown at the same height on the flagpoles at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. The anthems of the world have different words and tunes, and they are treated with the same solemnity by all. The inequality lies in the strength of the economies within different borders, and the weight of our votes at the United Nations.

“The best solution to crime is to prevent the criminal from being created.” — Brian Plummer
Dear Editor, I am a teacher and I know the value of a good education, but if we get the at-risk youth in school, it is likely their education will be inadequate, or they will drop out. It has less to do with the quality of teachers and more to do with a system that values money over people. Generally, the high schools are overcrowded and cannot deal with students with serious academic deficiencies. In January 2019, teachers went on a strike in Los Angeles (LA) for a smaller class size and higher pay.

My 26-day-stay at the KHMH
Dear Editor, I was admitted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) on June 3 on what was to be a 7-day stay, including a surgical procedure on a foot ulcer which then turned into 26 days of hospital care. After preliminary preparation, a bacteria was discovered in my foot, which called for a 10-day antibiotic treatment, followed by a shortage of anesthesia. The surgeon was overwhelmed by surgeries (mostly emergencies), and my surgery took place on June 20. I was discharged on June 29th. As I was saying goodbye to the KHMH and entering the vehicle, we were bid farewell by a shower of blessing.

“Cut that nigger down!!”
Are you a lover of music? Who’s the greatest, besides Jah? Can there be a guy so cool, so smooth, with a voice so golden, and a style so unique, so refreshing, so beautiful, and a charm so irresistible that other guys are spellbound with jealous admiration, and girls, both black and white, just go crazy!!? Now, we’re talking early 1960’s, before Cassius Clay became heavyweight champion and changed his name to Muhammad Ali; and Malcolm X was still alive and breathing fire into the brains of racist white bigots across America, especially in the south.

After my interviewing so many legendary Belizean athletes of the 1960s, 70s and 80s of Belize sports greatness, the book by Belize’s most astute and prolific writer, sportscaster, and historian of all time, Evan X Hyde called, “Sports, Sin & Subversion”, has been resting deeply on my conscience for years now, having used it as a road map to chart my direction of who, what, when, how and where is Belize’s past, present and future direction in sports.

The point of no return
I believe that there comes a time when a nation reaches a point of no return in all it does. There is that time when you just can’t undo certain things and surely can’t change the trajectory already encrypted in our way of doing things. And by things I mean all social, political, educational, fiscal, economic, physical, sociological and physiological decisions and conduct pertaining to a nation. Most of what is happening in Belize did not stem from events that took place overnight; rather they stem from seeds sowed some time back and are now being reaped.

This road disrespects villagers
If I was paranoid, and if I felt that big people in this country paid attention to what I do or say or write in my column, and those big people weren’t happy with me, wanted to cut me down to size, wanted to show me that I don’t count for much of anything, I could explain why they created this dangerous madness of a highway that passes through the village where I live. I have been putting in my pound on road safety over the years to readers of my column. Those who read my column know I’ve written many times about the pathway in my village, the need to complete it, and the need for pathways in all our villages. Now a government comes along and disdainfully obliterates the incomplete pathway in my village.

Mason’s beheading murder trial resumes in voir dire
The most sensational murder trial in recent times is taking place in the April Session of the Belmopan Supreme Court. It is the trial of William “Danny” Mason, who, along with four other accused men, has been indicted for the beheading murder of Dangriga pastor Llewellyn Lucas. After the necessary adjournment so that the accused men, including Mason, could get legal representation, the trial resumed today, Tuesday.Almost all major media houses dispatched reporters to Belmopan to cover the trial, which was delayed this morning because of a power outage (blackout), so it was rescheduled to start at 1:00 p.m.

Five alleged human traffickers charged
Five persons, 3 men and 2 women, all of them Belizean nationals, were charged with facilitating the commission of a crime by assisting in the transportation of four Honduran nationals to Orange Walk when they appeared today before Magistrate Emerson Banner. The five accused persons are Neysa Gomez, 25; Joanna Arevallo, 19; Felicito Galvez, 34; Enrique Morales, 39; and Ervin Arevallo, 26. They pleaded not guilty to the charge and were released on bail of $3,000 each and their case was adjourned until September 17.

Armed robber of Belmopan gas station arraigned and remanded
The man who held up the Belmopan Buca Shell gas station on Sunday afternoon and was unable to make good his escape with an undisclosed amount of cash because he was apprehended by a brave employee of the gas station, was smiling as he exited the police vehicle that transported him from the Western Regional Hospital, from where he had been released into police custody after being treated for gunshot injuries he sustained after the robbery.

Ernesto Caliz, 64, remanded for allegedly sexually assaulting boy, 9
Ernesto Caliz, a 64-year-old laborer of San Pedro, has been charged with sexual assault of a minor who is 9 years old. He was arraigned at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday. Court reports state that he was granted bail of $8,000 plus two sureties of $4,000 each; however, he was unable to meet bail and was remanded until September 12. Police said that Caliz pulled down the little boy’s pants and kissed his buttocks, and the boy told his parents, and they went to police and made the report.

The Reporter

BARROW & WILLIAMS Does Legal Ballet – After FTC Findings
On Wednesday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, flanked by AIBL liquidator Julian Murillo and Central Bank Governor Joy Grant, refuted allegations made in a 50-page Court document filed by the Federal Trade Commission in Florida on June 10th. That document was filed to counter AIBL’s application to have bankruptcy proceedings heard in Belize, and not in the US.

Police Hold 6 Men Following Robbery At Cooking Masters
As of 5:30 this evening, no charges had been levied against six men believed to have been involved in the robbery late last night of a popular restaurant located on St. Thomas Street in Belize City.

KHMH – Staff Walk-Out
This evening members of KHMH staff from all categories, along with the Executive of the KHMH Workers Union, walked out of the hospital during a meeting and gathered in front of the building for half an hour. They did so in direct protest of an ongoing controversy over pension payments.

Salazar: FTC Got It Wrong
Senator Aldo Salazar, following the Prime Minister’s press conference regarding the Sanctuary Bay real estate scam, spoke with the Reporter on Thursday and also denied having any direct involvement with or knowledge of the Sanctuary Bay scam though he acknowledged providing services to key principals of the development.

Eight Belizean Beauties…One Title
Plans to get the 2019 Miss Universe Belize Pageant underway have already commenced and last Friday the organizers introduced the eight Belizean, beauties that are vying for the prestigious title on September 6th.

Editorial – Friday, July 12 – 2019
This floating seaweed thing- sargassum – has become a major headache for countries like Belize which depend on tourism and fisheries for their economic well-being. The problem was first noticed in 2013 when the first waves of unwanted seaweed began to pile up on once-pristine beaches of the eastern seaboard and the Caribbean.


One-of-its-kind Media Seminar to be held at UB
It is no secret that there is no formal training for journalists, or any media position for that matter, in Belize. Many times, the people you see on local television and radio are thrown into the media world and are forced to learn as they go. Things are about to change, though, as a one-of-a-kind …

Our Future Kids of Tomorrow
For the last two weeks, thirty one children who have been affected by crime and violence were engaged in an initiative spearheaded by the Eyes of the Jaguar Neighbourhood Watch Group and the Belize Police Department. These youngsters who are students of St Martin de Porres Primary School found themselves engaged in activities to not …

Dangriga man marks 66th murder for 2019
Dangriga residents were startled at midday today when gunshots rang out in the parking lot of the Southern Regional Hospital. Those shots rendered 45-year-old, Edwin Felix Nasario, dead despite being so close to the hospital. Reporter, Courtney Menzies has the story. Courtney Menzies: “We are currently in the 7th month of 2019 and there have …

KHMHA worker up in arms over pension
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority, KHMHA, Workers Union staged a walkout a little after three o’clock this afternoon in front of the main entrance of the hospital. The protest is over their pension program; or in this case, a lack thereof. The administration of the KHMHA notified the workers that they a pension since …

18-year-old survives being shot
An 18-year-old resident of Police Street was targeted by a gunman last night. Raheem Chambers was reportedly standing on M&M Street, not too far from his home, when he was approached by a short, slim, dark skinned man who pulled out a gun and opened fire in his direction. Chambers sustained gunshot wounds to the …

San Pablo Villagers want justice for Yanira Novelo
A group of villagers from San Pablo held a sort of peace march this afternoon from the Novelo home to the highway and back. The march is in the name of 23-year-old Yanira Novelo was murdered this week and her 4-year-old son who was stabbed and abandoned. According to a family friend, Lorenzo Aldana, the …

Camp for youths to be held at Agricultural Showgrounds
Tomorrow, youths around the country will have the chance to participate in a one day camp event at the Agricultural Showgrounds in Belize. The event starts at 10am and features a multitude of activities, including workshops and performances. One of the organizers, Paul Lopez, told us that the high rise in crime committed by young …

Lettter to Central Bank shows knowledge of Sanctuary Bay’s scam
A letter addressed to the Central Bank Governor, Joy Grant and dated September 26, 2016, whilst she was still the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), has surfaced. Before we get to the contents of that letter, however, we bring back Grant’s statement made on Wednesday, July 10 during a press conference at the …


International Costa Maya Festival: Reignited!
A re-energized committee will bring back ‘Noche San Pedrana’ – making it a street affair, bringing the block party vibes that will keep residents entertained with local band Rompe Raja and up and coming young talent Guillermo ‘El Criminal’ Rivero. Steel band music will add to the island Caribbean feel and highlighting the evening will be the presentation of the eight beautiful delegates from Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama. These beauties will be vying for the coveted title of Miss Costa Maya – an annual pageant that draws hundreds to the festival grounds. The title is currently held by Honduras’ Mary Cruz Cardona Galindo. An all-night street party, Noche San Pedrana will set the tone for the rest of the festival plans on Saturday, July 20th.

International Sourcesizz

Dramatic jump by Coast Guardsmen onto vessel laden with cocaine
Drug seizure by US law enforcement agencies on high seas captures the moment when an officer courageously jump on the moving submergible vessel. The drugs seized is over 17,000 pounds worth over US $220 million. The fight against organized drug cartels are real. It is believe that a large quantity of undetected cocaine passes through Belize. Most of these drugs are targeting the US illicit drug market.

The Reserve Belize: A Cautionary Tale About Buying Property Overseas
How things got messy at this luxury development in Belize, previously known as Sanctuary Belize: feuds, delays and a tangle of lawsuits.

Mother-daughter duo cook side-by-side at Belizean pop-up No Reservation L.A.
Dorla McKenzie thought she had retired from professional cooking. It took her 29-year-old daughter, Tina, to coax her back into the kitchen. Now you'll find the duo cooking side-by-side under pounding dancehall music and a colorful wall menu at No Reservation L.A., their late-night, weekends-only Caribbean soul food pop-up at Annie's Soul Delicious in Little Ethiopia. Dorla came to Los Angeles from Belize City in 1970. In 1982, she opened McKenzie's Restaurant alongside her husband's South L.A. auto body shop; she claims it was L.A.'s first Belizean restaurant.


  • Rebuilding Belize's Honey Inudstry, 11min. The honey industry was a once-thriving industry in Belize, but now through the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation, the industry is making a comeback. Our Belize Now team headed to northern Belize where they got an inside look at beekeeping.

  • Belize Spearfishing Lion Fish - Snapper - Grouper, 1min.

  • Brief Political History of Belize, 10min.

  • San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, BELIZE I Travel Vlog, 8min.

  • Whale Sharks spotted on the reef off of Placencia!, 1min. Thanks to the gentle nature of whale sharks, divers and snorkelers get quite the treat when swimming with them. These curious creatures are night feeders, most often seen in the Placencia and Hopkins areas.

  • An in depth look at the Tarpon View, Caye Caulker, 13min. We visited the Tarpon view reserve on Caye Caulker, located at Calle Laposa. It is a site that is slowly gaining popularity by tour guides, locals and tourists. Also a nice spot to view amazing sunsets. The tarpon view is located right at the Badillo’s back yard, where these Tarpons are bred beyond one of the largest water cave 15ft at the entrance and as deep as 90ft. The cave opens up into different tunnels that leads to different areas. Presently being explored by BDS. Natalie Arceo · 1:17 Buddy is the sacrificial sardine !!!!

  • Belize: Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition, 3min. CVC conducted a Legal Literacy, Shared Incident Database and Communications training in Belize from June 18-21, 2019. Here's what the participants had to say about it.

  • Frigate bird, 1.5min. Saw lots of this frigate birds flying across Corozal, looking for food. I was told that, They were hunting for fish in the water of Corozal.

  • Belize 2019, 13min. -Belize City -Lamanai -Orange Walk -Belize Zoo -San Pedro -Hol Chan -Coral Gardens -Shark Ray Alley

  • Lamanai Mayan Ruins & Boat Ride on the New River in Belize, 8.5min. We booked a tour with Elio Avila of Lamanai Belize Tours to go check out the Lamanai Mayan Ruins which is located in the jungle near Orange Walk. Our guide Julian picked us up from our hotel and drove us to Orange Walk where we then took an hour long boat ride down the New River to the Lamania Mayan Ruins to which we were allowed to explore the impressive Mayan monuments and even climbed the High Temple for spectacular views! If you ever get to Belize City, this is definitely a must do tour, so worth the one hour drive and the one hour boat trip to get there. Getting there is half of the adventure!

  • little harvest caye | placencia, belize, 5min. shoutout to my brother for taking these cool drone shots...I didn't really know how to use it when we were there...LOL this is mostly Little Harvest Caye, a private island in Placencia, Belize, but there are a couple clips of other places in and around Belize! hope you enjoy, I had so much fun making it!!!

  • Nurse shark feeding frenzy off the barrier reef in Belize, 1min. They started throwing sardines off the side of the boat while we were snorkeling with the nurse sharks and they went nuts! There was also fish EVERYWHERE!

  • , min.

  • Belize - Therapy Abroad 2019, 16min.

  • Bandits SC vs Inter Playa FC | Live at Isidoro Beaton Stadium, Belmopan, 2hr.