Another drug plane lands in southern Belize. Remnants of the drug plane were found in southern Belize on Sunday evening in the vicinity of Graham Creek. As in most cases, the planes are destroyed and the cargo dealt with by the time police gets to the scene.   In the most recent case, residents reported hearing a low-flying aircraft in the area and by the time police and BDF responded to the scene, all that was found is the burnt vestiges of a twin-engine aircraft on a crude runway.  Not far away was a bulldozer.  ACP Joseph Myvett tells us more.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch

“Punta Gorda police were informed of a low-flying aircraft in the Graham Creek area which is somewhere near the Guatemalan border and yesterday, members of the B.D.F. left to confirm this information where they came across a makeshift airstrip and a twin-engine white in color aircraft almost completely burnt was seen on the ground.  No one was found in the area.  What was also found in the area was a yellow in color bulldozer.  At this point in time I will say that the police and the B.D.F. are on the scene conducting investigations.”


“Are you able to give any times when the discovery was made?”

ACP Joseph Myvett

“This was sometime late yesterday, I believe, in the afternoon.  So then the team proceeded back this morning aside from those who were already there.”

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