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The San Pedro Sun

The lovely contestants for Reina de La Costa Maya International 2019-2020 have begun touching down on Ambergris Caye
The 12 noon Maya Island Air Belize flight arrived with reigning Miss Costa Maya Mary Cruz Cardona Galindo of Honduras, alongside Miss Guatemala, Nallely Paola López Juárez. Both beauties are excited to be on the island and are ready for the activities lined up by the International Costa Maya Festival Pageant Committee. Around 5PM, 5 more contestants had arrived. Welcome Miss Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador and Panama! Delayed until tomorrow is Miss Honduras.

Two San Pedro young ladies drafted for Belize’s Female Senior National Team
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) has drafted a selection of players for the Belize Female Senior National Football Team to represent the country at a triangular tournament in Turks & Caicos from the 25-28 August 2019. Among the selection of players are San Pedro’s very own Ada Cordova and Normalee Nunez. Participating teams in the triangular tournament are Belize, Turks and Caicos and the Cayman Islands. The players for the National Selection were chosen from various football tournaments hosted across the country.

PAHO launches ‘Stronger Together’ Campaign for Hurricane Season 2019
In the Caribbean, most disaster response communication materials focus on ensuring that people recognize storm warnings, know where to go for assistance, and have prepared their homes. However, few communication campaigns or products help people build resilience to cope with the impacts of disasters. This campaign aims to fill that gap. The “Stronger Together” campaign will also tackle the stigma associated with seeking mental health and psychosocial support. It will put a special focus on vulnerable people, such as children and adolescents, women, older persons, or persons with disabilities.

San Pedro’s Lighthouse Christian Radio Station observes 15 years of service
San Pedro Town’s Lighthouse Christian Radio Station observed 15 years of serving the island community on Monday, July 15th. With its slogan “Shining the Light on Darkness,” Lighthouse Christian Radio 101.3FM has been providing a variety of Christian-based programming and music for 24 hours, seven days a week. The radio station is spearheaded by Pastor Clive Welsh, who is optimistic that his ministry will continue to positively influence the community of San Pedro, Caye Caulker, and across parts of Belize.

Ambergris Today

Kids In Action 2019 Summer Program Officially Kicks Off
For the past eleven years the San Pedro Tour Guide Association (SPTGA) in collaboration with PADI, the largest diving organization, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and the San Pedro Tour Operators Association provide island kids the opportunity to explore the underwater world and learn to scuba dive. On Monday, July 15, 2019, the camp officially kicked off as students were presented with their Open Water Diver Manuals and officially introduced to their dive instructors. This year students that participated in the Kids in Action Program in 2018 are being offered a special diving course by PADI, they will be certified in Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Course.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Summer Camp Grand Performance
If you would like to be musically entertained ... AND you don't mind supporting a worthy cause...

Sweating in of new Caye Caulker Village Council
Friday, 9:30 am at the Community Center. We wish the new village council and Chairman Seleny Villanueva Pott only the best. Free beers,ceviche ,burgers n hot dogs, all are welcome.

Official Results for Village Council Elections held on July 14, 2019

Mr. Eloy Escalante Sr. wins 2019 September Celebrations Theme Competition
Today we joined NICH and other members of the media to surprise the winner of the 2019 September Celebrations Theme Competition, Mr. Eloy Escalante Sr. of Orange Walk District. He had no idea that his theme won! Our 2019 September celebrations theme is “From Maya Grandeur to Modern Glory, Together Let’s Shape the Belizean Story.”

Another New Sugar Industry Production Record
The northern sugar industry of Belize—the three farmers associations, ASR Group-BSI and other industry stakeholders—set a new record for sugar production at Tower Hill Factory, Orange Walk with its 2018/19 crop. This new record, in excess of 155 thousand metric tons in 214 days of milling, eclipses the pre-existing sugar production record set in 2016 by more than 12 thousand metric tons. Belize Sugar Industries Ltd. (BSI) would like to thank all the cane farmers and mill workers who labored tirelessly until the early hours of Monday, July 15, 2019 to conclude a record cane crop as well, grinding the most cane ever, with more than 1.317 million metric tons passing through the mill. “This is a landmark crop”, said Country Manager Celestino Ruiz, “We are grateful to the farmers for bringing high quality cane and to our workers for extracting record quantities of sugar from it. With investment now pouring into the factory during the off crop, we are in a strong place to build a sustainable future for all involved in the industry.”

Corozal Municipal Bazaar on Friday
The Municipal Bazaar is a wonderful idea. It keeps getting better and bigger. Friday, July 26th it is. We support this great initiative for small business owners. Big Up!

Miss East Indian Pageant 2019
August 3rd. Support our East Indian Culture & Heritage. One Love.

Belize/Mexico Presentation
Belize presentation for the Mexican Association of Travel Agents at the Camino Real Hotel.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Ugly Dolls, The Intruder, Longshot, La Llorona. *Note: the Kruffy air performance will take up both rooms on Friday, so the movies will only be on Saturday and Sunday*

Channel 7

Allyson Major Junior Dies, Family Wants Murder Charge For Cops
When we left you last night, gunshot victim Allyson Major Jr was clinging to life.  Well, the 36 year old died this morning at 9:45; the injury to his head was too massive.  And that injury came from the barrel of a police weapon.   A police patrol which was pursuing him shot him at the foot of the swing bridge - in the centre of Belize City.  The family says it is a wrongful death, and there was no reason to shoot the father of young children. The cops say they wanted to search Major after they saw him make a drug pick up on George Street.  And they add that they recovered 118 grams of cannabis - about 4 ounces which they claim was thrown from his vehicle.  His family says that he was in his mother's vehicle - and that he had left her home 10 to 20 minutes earlier to buy panades for his kids.

Security Ministry Meets to Give Family Assurances
Musa spoke to us just after he and the Major family finished a meeting with the CEO in the Ministry of National Security.  He brought along the Deputy Commander, Edward Broaster and Superintendent Dwayne Sutherland, the head of Professional Standards Branch. CEO Gorge Lovell told us why he called the family to the meeting: Col. George Lovell - CEO, Ministry of National Security: "Jules it was a very unfortunate incident which resulted in the loss of life and we felt that the ministry, that it's important that we reach out to the family and let the family understand that we will do all in our powers to investigate the matter and if our officers who have been named in this very unfortunate incident is found to be culpable, then the full extent of the law will apply..."

Police Explain The Major Pursuit and Shooting
Before the National Security CEO and the Deputy Police Commissioner went to meet with the Major family, the Deputy ComPol and other senior police officers called an early morning press conference in Belmopan to discuss yesterday's deadly hours in the city - which saw four violent deaths between 4:00 and 8:00 pm.  Attempting to get out in front of Allyson Major's fatal shooting at the hands of their own, these top cops gave the same assurances to the press. They asserted that there would be fairness and impartiality in the way these officers would be investigated. The media then tried to get more specific details about how the incident unfolded. But, the cops kept repeating that they couldn't answer certain questions at this time, because the 6 officers involved in the deadly chase were still give their statements. Here's how that conversation went:

Allyson Major Was Well Known In Community
And while there is a criminal and disciplinary investigation - for the family, nothing will bring back, this son, husband, sibling and father. Allyson Major Jr was also well known and liked in the community - particularly in basketball circles.  Today his close personal friend and his area rep remembered him: Giovanni Brackett - Close Personal Friend: "We tried, the family kept praying, he was clinging to life all up to this morning and eventually we got the news that he passed away. The family is grieving heavily, Ms. Major, this is her only son. Mr. Major this is his only son, he has 2 children, one daughter, one son, the Craig and Major families are very close netted family."

Criminals Dressed As Cops Stage Home Invasion At SI/SE Mayor's Home
Many times over the years, we've reported on thieves impersonating police going to the homes of unsuspecting members ion the public to rob them.  These smooth-talking criminals make up all kinds of believable excuses for wanting to enter, such as wanting to conduct a search for drugs or illegal weapons. Once the civilian grants them access to his or her home, the men then pounce, hold up the victim, and then ransack the house for valuables. That's exactly what happened to Cayo Mayor Earl Trapp and his wife, Cladeth, last night at their home in San Ignacio. At around 9:45, Several men, dressed in full camouflage military type outfits, went to the Mayor's home and begged for something to drink. The Mayor opened his door - not knowing what awaited him. Today he told us his story as a warning to the public, to be careful of thieves pretending to police. Daniel Ortiz has that story:

Police Warn Public About Pretend Police
So, as you heard, Mayor Trapp warns that if anyone visits your house claiming to be police, check with the station first before opening your door.   That's pretty much the same caution that the Head of the National Criminal Investigations Branch had to share today when we asked about this new trend of thieves impersonating cops to commit crimes: ACP Joseph Myvette - Head, NCIB: "What I would want to advice the public is that in the event that something like this should occur at your residence, you must first seek the identification of those persons and if they are police officers they will come in police vehicles."

Belize City: 3 Murders in 3 Hours
And while Cayo police are seeking suspects for that crime, the Belize City CIB office is overwhelmed with the frightening spate of killings that happened yesterday evening into night.   Between 5:30 and 8:00, three men were murdered in the city.  The youngest victim is 18, while the eldest are 52 and 53.  We start first with the killing of 52-year-old Emmanuel Ampomah, a Ghanian taxi driver who lived on Chetumal Street in Belize City. Just after 8:00, police found him dead, wedged under his taxi-cab, which was tilted on its side across a drain on Seashore Drive - the same street where the Prime Minister lives - and which is also home to the iconic Belize sign.  

Ghanian Cabbie Was Well Liked Cabbie
And a correction to what police said: he is from Ghana, not Nigeria.  One of his most faithful customers, Channel 5's Isani Cayetano knew that very well.  Ampomah ran his taxi service just outside the KHMH, but he only provided service at night  - exposing him to certain risks - but also endearing him to his regular fares - who knew he could be depended on.   That hard working night shift was a part of his migrant's story - and Cayetano told us more about it today: Isani Cayetano - Friend and Client of Ampomah: "From Ghana to seek a better life in Belize and he was not only a cab driver but he was also a mechanic but he was nocturnal, he only came out after 6 in the evening and he worked the late shift until 2 or so in the morning. Yesterday something strange happened..."

Killer Didn't Say A Word To Vendor
And while Ampomah was the last murder last night - the first of the evening happened at 5:30.  As we told you last night, 53-year-old vendor Jose Hilario Diaz was killed yesterday at his used clothing store called New 2 U Shop. That's located at the corner of Cemetery Road and Mosul Street, where a gunman strode up - in the middle of the evening rush hour in this much trafficked area - and didn't say a word or try to rob him: he just opened fire and shot him in the face.  So, it was an apparent execution but why?  Those we spoke to in the area say it may be a case of mistaken identity.  Police wouldn't go so far.   Here's what they know so far:

Two 19 Year Old's Fight, One Left Dead
And between that murder of the 52 year old taxman and the 53 year old clothing vendor, a 19 year old was killed. Just before 6:00, Honduran immigrant Nixon Matapinto, got into a dispute with fellow 19-year-old construction worker Jovi Hernandez at the Western Avenue bus stop on the George Price Highway.   That escalated into an altercation where Hernandez stabbed him to the right side of the chest with an unknown object. Matapinto's died from the injury - and Hernandez has been detained.  The cops told us today that this killing may have some gang connection:

Teenager Charged For Murder of 52 Year Old
On Monday we told you about 36 year old Fidel Bardalez.  He was killed on Saturday in a drinking brawl, chopped multiple times to the head.  Well, it's a 17 year old who did it, and today the minor has been charged for Manslaughter, not murder. The charge suggests that there may have been some element of provocation or self defense.

Couple Caught with "Mexican Kush"
Last night, we told you about the good police work which led several specialized police units to make a major marijuana and money bust at a northside stash house yesterday.  Acting on Special Branch intelligence, a joint law enforcement team of GSU and BDF visited a house near Driftwood Bay, at mile 4 on the Philip Goldson Highway. Within this residential community, the cops found a house, which was being used to conceal large quantities of high-grade marijuana, known as Mexican Kush. Aided by the K-9 unit which found the hidden compartment under a van, the joint patrol team searched the premises and found over 58 pounds of this high-grade marijuana, and over 12 thousand dollars in cash.  At today's police press conference, the Commander of Operations, Assistant Police Commissioner Marco Vidal, shared a few details about the find:

Gang Beef in Sandhill Leads To Shooting
So, we've already told you about the 3 murders, and the fatal police shooting of Allyson Major Jr., which all happened yesterday.  But, Wednesday's violence started with a non-fatal shooting in Sandhill Village, at around 10:00 in the morning.  27-year-old Ivan Hyde was inside his home at mile 19 and a half on the Philip Goldson, when a killer barged him and tried to gun him down in his bathroom.  He survived the attack, suffering injuries to his hands and legs. Police told us today that they suspect that he was targeted as part of an ongoing feud between 2 rival groups of men in the village. They told us that they intend to make an intervention, in an attempt to defuse tensions:

The Theme Is A Meme
The theme for this year's September Celebrations has been chosen by the National Celebrations Commission.   At the end of May, Commission opened the Competition and "theme players" had 21 days to come up with 10 words to commemorate the 221st Anniversary of the Battle of St. George's Caye and the 38th Anniversary of Belize's Independence. For one thousand dollars, there were about a thousand entries and the winner was announced today.  But, sneaking up as stealthily as those slaves with Pocono bwai sticks - the NICH crew surprised the winner fo the competition today But, this year it was unveiled in a different way.  NICH went to Orange Walk to surprise the winner. They told Eloy Escalante Sr that he was among the finalists and then they sprung it on him - here's how it went:..

Instruction Offered to Media Practitioners
A US media instructor is in Belize this week.   Dr. Chuck Pollak of Sharing International and Queens university of Charlotte has been training Belizeans since 1988 in the area of media. he teaches radio, television film and journalism. His organization been doing similar training in over 20 countries. He told us about his courses which start tonight at UB: The media seminar RUNS THROUGH TO SATURDAY and is open to the general public.

Taiwan Deputy Mayor in Belize
Today, the Deputy Mayor of Taipei visited Belmopan. Dr. Chia-Ji Teng was greeted by Mayor Khalid Belisle who gave him a key to the capital.  According to a release, "during the visit, the mayors discussed issues relating to emergency response and city security. The Deputy Mayor also extended an invitation to Mayor Belisle to attend the Smart City Summit which will be held in Taipei in August 2019."

Two Stabbed in Alley Beef
And argument between a 16 year old, a 25 year old and a 32 year old, resulted in two persons being stabbed.   It happened yesterday at 11:30 a.m. when 25 year old Keinen Bermudez, and 32 year old Melanie Castillo, were both stabbed.   Bermudez was at the corner of Rhaburn's and Price Alley when he got into an argument with a 16-year-old, which later resulted in a struggle.  A relative of the 16-year-old pulled out a knife and stabbed Bermudez.  Melanie Castillo who is a relative of Bermudez tried to intervene and also sustained an apparent stab wound.

Channel 5

Allyson Major Jr. Dies at the Hands of Pursuing Cops
Four persons were killed in the mayhem of a very violent Tuesday evening. In a span of five hours, two were killed and died on the spot, while two others [...]

Allyson Major Jr. is Remembered by Friends and Family
Allyson Major was a very close friend of Caribbean Shores Area Representative Kareem Musa and a lifelong friend of former COLA President Giovanni Brackett.  Like Major’s immediate family, both men [...]

Vendor Murdered in Belize City; Police Don’t Know Why He was Killed
A Belize City vendor was shot and killed on Tuesday evening shortly after the shooting of Allyson Major Junior.  Naturalized Belizean Jose Diaz, a clothing vendor, was inside his small [...]

6-Month-Old Baby Abandoned by Belizean Parents at Guatemalan Hospital
The following story is heart-wrenching. A six-month-old beautiful baby of Belizean parents was left abandoned at a hospital in San Benito Poite, in Guatemala.  The parents, from what we gather, [...]

Ghanaian Cabbie Emmanuel Ampomah is Murdered by his Fare
One of the murders in Tuesday night’s madness that is baffling police involves Ghanaian Emmanuel Ampomah.  The fifty-two-year-old cabbie was fatally stabbed inside his taxi by his fare after eight [...]

Nixon Pinto is Stabbed to Death During Antelope Street Beef
A feud between rival groups in the area of Antelope Street Extension has resulted in the stabbing death of nineteen-year-old Nixon Pinto.  Sometime around six o’clock on Tuesday evening, Pinto [...]

Fake Cops Target Mayor Earl Trapp in Brazen Home Invasion
The Mayor of San Ignacio Earl Trapp and his wife were victims on Tuesday night of the violence that is sweeping across the country and spares no one. The Trapp’s [...]

Fire Destroys Family Home in Roaring Creek
A house was completely destroyed by fire in Roaring Creek today. Shortly after four this evening, a fire broke out inside the house of forty-four-year-old Denise Arnold in the ‘Another [...]

Charges of Extortion are Dropped against Special Constable and Police Officer
Charges of extortion have been dropped against a Special Constable and a police officer attached to the San Pedro Police Formation.  An American visitor accused them of shaking him down [...]

Duo Charged for Major Drug Bust
Police have formally arrested and charged Lynroy Longsworth and Kenosha Beaton for the crime of possession of control drugs with the intent to supply.  The duo was busted with many [...]

Police Move Quickly to Defuse Dispute between Warring Groups in Sandhill Village
Police are moving quickly to defuse a feud between two rival groups in Sandhill Village, Belize District.  That feud led to the shooting of Ivan Hyde who was injured while [...]

17-Year-Old Charged with Manslaughter for Fidel Bardalez’s Death
On Saturday morning, thirty-six-year-old Fidel Edilberto Bardalez was found brutally murdered in Alta Vista Village in the Stann Creek District.  He had been beaten and chopped to death by a [...]

Police Re-strategize to Address Spike in Major Crimes
Belize City residents are at the mercy of criminals. Following the string of major crimes that occurred on Tuesday evening and the recent murders over the past weeks, the Belize [...]

Y.W.C.A.’s Summer Programme for the Entire Family
The Y.W.C.A. on Saint Thomas Street, Belize City is a popular place to be at this time of the year.  Persons of all ages flock to the venue for the [...]

September Celebrations 2019 Theme Announced
“From Maya Grandeur to Modern Glory, Together Let’s Shape the Belizean Story.”  Get used to hearing and seeing that line because it is the brand new theme for this year’s [...]

Labour Rights Training for BTEC’S Nail Techs and Event Planners
The Belize Center for Employment Training is hosting its summer training programme for nail technicians and event planners.  A component of the summer programme is a session on labour and [...]

The Reporter

Arresting Our Fourth Estate
Prime Minister Dean Barrow, through Barrow and Williams, has written to all media houses, warning that any re-broadcast, re-publication or repeating of F.T.C.’s allegations against him may result in a civil action.

A Nation Traumatized By Many Mysterious Murders, Why ?
In the past 72 hours the nation of Belize and in particular, Belize City is traumatized by daily murders and mysterious events that begs the question, WHY ?, does a nation of 350 thousand and a City with approximately 100 thousand people have a higher homicide rate than London, a city of 8.1 million.

Home Invasion & Assault Of The Mayor Of San Ignacio
The Reporter has confirmed that Police have detained one person for questioning in a home invasion and assault of the Mayor of San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town, Earl Trapp last night. Trapp and his wife were at their home in San Ignacio when three men in full camouflage, claiming to be Police, gained entry to his home stating that they were on duty and wanted refreshments.

Taxi-Man Killed On North Side Of The City – Near PM’s Home
Last night a taxi-driver was killed on Seashore Drive, the street on which the Prime Minister of the country resides. Just after 8:00 Police were called to the scene of an accident where a silver Toyota 4 Runner had run into a drain and flipped on its side. Inside they found the body of Emmanuel Ampomah, 52.

International Sourcesizz

Accelerating progress on Food Security and Nutrition in Small Island Developing States
Presentation by Dr. Patrick Gomes Secretary General of the ACP Group of States at the FAO High Level side-event on “Accelerating Progress on the SDGs through the Implementation of the Global Action Programme (GAP) on Food Security and Nutrition in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)” during the High level Political Forum of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on 15 July 2019, New York.

Belize and Guatemala acknowledge OAS contribution territorial differendum
The foreign ministers of Belize, Wilfred Elrington; and Guatemala, Sandra Jovel, this week spoke to the permanent council of the Organization of American States (OAS) about the progress made in recent years to find a permanent and definitive solution to the territorial differendum involving both nations for several decades, especially the decision by both countries to submit the case to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). During the meeting, the secretary-general of the OAS, Luis Almagro, congratulated both governments for having held referenda to submit the case to the International Court of Justice, in compliance with an agreement signed in 2008.

Invasion of Seaweeds Poses Threat to Tourism Along the Caribbean Coast
Tourism industries in Mexico and several Caribbean countries are staring at the prospect of a downturn, with large mounds of sargassum, a kind of seaweed, from the Atlantic washing up on beaches along the coastline from Cancun to Belize. The sargassum on the beaches are emanating foul odors and keeping tourists away. Scientists are blaming deforestation, releasing of untreated water into seas, and excessive use of fertilizers in the Amazon rainforest area, for the environmental hazard. Little amount of sargassum is beneficial for the marine life, as it provides habitat for birds and other creatures. However, excessive generation of seaweeds blocks the movement of fish and dolphins, say scientists.


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