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The San Pedro Sun

Ministry of Health Confirms Quality Generic Medications
As part of its ongoing initiatives to provide quality healthcare medications, the Ministry of Health sent five different generic medications to the Caribbean Regional Public Health Agency’s (CARPHA) Drug Testing Laboratory, which is CARICOM’s regional reference laboratory for testing. The medications range from antibiotics to antidiabetic drugs that were sampled from the public sector. All five medications have passed the quality tests performed as per international standards. This means that these generic medications are of confirmed quality.

Ambergris Today

Children And Early Village Life In San Pedro
The daily life of children in the village in the 1950's began early at six in the morning. Boys had to get water out of the well and fill the containers for mom's laundry. Girls swept the house and made the beds or hammocks. When there was fresh coconut husks that were used as fuel for cooking, the boys also had to put them out in the sun to dry. This was to cut down on the smoke at mom's fogon (fire hearth). By seven a.m. everyone had tea “breakfast” which generally consisted of friend fish, beans and fresh flour tortillas, Johnny cakes or fry jacks. By 7:30a.m. all children headed to school which called in at eight. This gave them some time to play games in the schoolyard or on the beach by the Central park in this case. Lunch time was a quick rush home for some more fried fish with rice and beans and fried plantains with a glass of well water. At school children had one exercise book each and the few textbooks like reading, child's Bible History, were given free of cost to the students. All other subjects like mathematics, civics, science, spelling, English, came from the teachers' notes or from their heads.

Various Belizean Sources


Minister of National Security Hands over New Equipment to BDF
The Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar, today handed over eight chainsaws to the Belize Defence Force for use at the various observation and conservation posts along the Western Border. During a recent tour of facilities in the Cayo district, the Minister became aware of the need for these chainsaws, which will be used to cut fallen trees that block trails and pathways in the areas patrolled by the BDF, and as well, to cut firewood for cooking. The Ministry of National Security remains committed to improving the conditions under which our security forces operate.

Re: ECO Futures Belize Limited (dba Sanctuary Bay and Sanctuary Belize), Atlantic International Bank Limited (AIBL) and the United States Federal Trade Commission (the FTC)
The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) has been monitoring media reports relating to issues surrounding the enterprise known as Sanctuary Bay or Sanctuary Belize, Atlantic International Bank Limited and the United States Federal Trade Commission. The FIU generally does not make public statements on its investigations (past or ongoing) in accordance with international best practices, unless a prosecution is publicly underway. To provide clarity and in response to several inquiries received , the FIU issues the following statement.

Belize Attends 44th Annual Conference of the Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic (CAA) Region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
Speakers, parliamentarians and Clerks of parliaments from the Caribbean Legislative Assemblies have gathered in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, for the 44th Annual Conference of the Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic (CAA) Region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), that is being held under the theme “Globalization and Nationalism: Quo Vadis – Impacts on Commonwealth Parliaments”. The conference is being held from 12th - 19th July 2019, and comprises of sub-meetings, namely: 12th Regional Conference of Women Parliamentarians (CWP); Regional Executive Committee Meeting; Annual General Meeting; 44th Plenary Conference; and 15th Regional Youth Parliament.

Special Investigation Team to Look into Death of Alyson Major
The Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar has requested that the Commissioner of Police forms a Special Investigation Team to thoroughly investigate the shooting incident that led to the death of Alyson Major. The police officers involved have been removed from active duty pending the outcome of this investigation after which appropriate action will be taken. The Ministry of National Security continues to emphasize that good conduct from its officers is of paramount importance and action will be taken in every instance where inappropriate behavior is displayed towards the people they are to serve and protect.

Miss Independence Corozal
Girls ready! Heels on! Who will be the next Miss Independence? Mark your calendars 24th August @ Corozal Community College Auditorium starting 7pm.

Annual Spartan Classic
Time: 7pm Place: C.C.C. Auditorium. Price: Adults 10$ Children’s:5$

Beach Cleanup this Saturday at Mangrove Park in Corozal
We're inviting you to join us as we do our part to help clean up our beautiful Northern coast. There will be light refreshments, but don't forget to bring your water bottle! So come out and join us! For more information, contact our Corozal Field Representative, Ryan Rivera at [email protected]

Corozal Public Library - " READING IS ESSENTIAL (RISE)
Come to the library and select a book of your choice and join the Challenge"

Vanessa Salazar Crowned Flor de la Feria
Congratulations, Vanessa Salazar! She won the crown at the Flor de le Feria pageant this weekend. They have

many pictures from the event

, and the swimsuit competition video is up. "Congratulations to Ms. Vanessa Salazar our new Srta. Flor De La Feria 2019-2020. Thanks to all the beautiful young ladies who took on the challenge to compete for the Srta. Flor de la Feria beauty pageant 2019. It was a fun, memorable and beautiful journey for all the organizing committee in your company. Thanks to all the parents and families who stood side by side with their daughters/loved ones supporting them all the step of the way. Mayor Marconi Sosa and his administration for his unconditional support from the beginning to the culmination of the event. Ms. Irma Guerra, Ms. Ashrie Yacab, Mr. Jose Perez, Ms. Pilar Monroy, Ms. Cindy Albeno and Mr. Jimmy Leslie for their time and dedication to making the event a success. Mr. Carlos Lara and team for designing clothing and the cultural wears and decoration of stage."

El Pescador hosted the 2019 Orvis Grand Slam School. Attendees made a lot of memories while becoming better anglers for Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon. Good size and numbers of Bonefish landed.

FCD Board members Visit Las Cuevas Research Station
FCD Board members, Mick Fleming, Tony Rath and Jorge de Leon visited Las Cuevas Research Station to learn of upgrade needs and validate the recreation potential of the Chiquibul Forest.

Arrivals of the delegates and their first dinner at Pineapple's on the Beach at Ramon's Village Resort!

Channel 7

Compol Exasperated With Spate of Crime, Says Only So Much Cops Can Do
It's been a disastrous week for law and order, and when Commissioner of Police Chester Williams returned to the country this evening, he went directly into a meeting with his senior crime investigators. His priority? The Allyson Major Jr police killing - and the night of killing that rocked Belize City on Wednesday. Speaking about those three hours, which saw three men, aged 19 - 53 killed in the city - an exasperated COMPOL said there is only so much the police can do:

"Who Raised These Monsters?" The COMPOL Kids Curfew, Now!
And to do more, the COMPOL is instituting a youth curfew for the city with almost immediate effect. Effective tomorrow at 6:00, no one under the age of 18 can be on the street after 6:00 pm. Sounds severe, but the COMPOL is clearly under pressure - and speaking fo the parents of gang members - he asked bluntly: "who raised these monsters?" Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "And instead of blaming the police, we need`to begin to look at those persons who raised these monsters and unleashed them on the streets. There needs to be stricter rules when it comes to parenting..."

Gangsters? COMPOL: Lock em Up For Life By Constitutional Decree
And from that quite extreme curfew declaration, the Commissioner went after gangs. He said gang members should be locked up for life!: Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "Enough is enough. We cannot continue to have gang members live freely and comfortable among us and they only live free and comfortable among us because we allow them to. So we have to take a hand line when it comes to dealing with them. I would want to see we make it or we put it in our constitution that it is wrong and illegal to be a gang and once you are a gang you must be locked up for life - put it in the constitution. Gang members must feel that they are not welcomed among us."

Compol Says Corporal Who Pulled Trigger on Aly Major Will Have to Face Consequences
And while the COMPOL is holding a very hardline on gangs, he started out the press briefing on a far more conciliatory note. He spoke about the Allyson Major Jr shooting. As has been widely reported, the 36 year old was shot in the head by police as he tried to escape a pursing patrol. The police shot him in the head as he tried to race over the swing bridge. Major died the following day from his injuries. Today the commissioner expressed condolences and gave his assurance that the investigation will be thorough and transparent:

Cops Reinforcing Rules of Engagement
So, clearly, the COMPOL has confirmed that the use of lethal force in that situation was wrong. It cost a man his life, left his children fatherless, and his parents without their only son. But what will be done to prevent a recurrence? The COMPOL says they are reinforcing to police the rules of engagement:... Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "We do have a use of force policy and I will task the legal advisor to ensure that he goes around and train officers in terms of that policy, because as you say there may be a need for us to ensure that we don't only have the policy, but that officers are aware of the content of that policy as well."

PUP Says Sanctuary Bay Land Scam Will Topple Barrow Admin.
Last week on the news you heard all about the Sanctuary Bay land scam - as Prime Minister Barrow had to defend himself and his administration against a broadside from the Federal Trade Commission. That was contained in a legal filing lodged on June 10th in a US Court - by the FTC. It was nothing nice and made all kinds of allegations and suggestions against the PM, members of his government and local regulators. Turns out many of the allegation were manifestly untrue and designed strictly to convince a US judge not to send the case to Belize.

PM Barrow Attorney Demands PUP Media Apology
And, while Barrow and Williams all warned the media that, quote, "any rebroadcast, republication or relating of this informationmay subject you to civl action." The PUP radio and tv station also got one of those letters - except their one demands an apology for what they already broadcast on the air on July 10th. So, will the PUP apologize? The leader of the opposition says, we'll see you in court:..

PUP Says Former FIU Director Failed
We note that cases of libel by political media organs are almost always settled out of court. But that won't stop the PUP from criticizing the performance of the former director of the FIU Joy Grant. FoUr days before she left the office in 2016, she was advised by the Governor of the Central Bank of the looming scam. The PUP says she shares the blame:... Hon. John Briceno, PUP Leader: "From 2016, then Central Bank Governor Glen Ysaguirre put in writing to the director of FIU Joy Grant that "there was strong evidence of massive fraud and money laundering occurring through this project..."

Jail For Teenaged Killer Who Killed Teenager
Police have made a swift arrest for one of the 3 killing which happened between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m on Wednesday. 19-year-old Jovi Hernandez is on remand at the Belize Central Prison, after being taken to court for the manslaughter of the 19-year-old Honduran immigrant, Nixon Matapinto. He was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Tricia Pitts-Anderson. She remanded him into custody until September 19th, his next court date.

Veteran Educator Dies on Road, Heart Attack, Not Crash Says Family
Tonight, the family of 57-year-old Rodrick Elijio, a resident of Kraal Road in Belize City, is mourning his passing, after he died early this morning on the Philip Goldson Highway. Police are treating it as a fatal traffic accident, but his family tells us that he most likely died from a heart attack while he was driving. Police say that at around 2:25 a.m., they responded to a traffic accident at mile 21 and a half on the highway, in Gardenia Village. When they arrived they found an orange Nisan Frontier pickup truck on the right shoulder of the road in the direction of Belize City. It was under a tree, and it also had minor damage to its front portion.

Fire in Village Leaves 9 Homeless
Tonight, a family of 9 from the Another World area of Roaring Creek Village in the Cayo District, is homeless. That's after their home was completely destroyed by fire yesterday evening. The homeowner, 44-year-old Denise Arnold, was at work at around 4 p.m., when she received word that her brand-new house had caught fire. It's a devastating blow for Arnold, who recently received this home as a gift from family in the United States. She told our colleagues from Plus TV News that she and her family lost everything in the fire:

Alleged Weed Traffickers Remanded
Last night, we showed you the comments from Assistant Police Commissioner Marco Vidal, who discussed Tuesday's big drug bust in Belize City, where police came up on 58 pounds of high grade marijuana and over 12 thousand dollars in cash at a stash house. Well, the common-law couple who lives at that house is in jail tonight. As we told you, they are 34 year-old Lenroy Longsworth, and 21 year-old Kenisha Beaton. They were arraigned today before Magistrate Emerson Banner on the charge of drug trafficking. They both pleaded not guilty to the offense, but the Magistrate informed them that due to the quantity of the drugs, he could not offer them bail. As a result, they were remanded to the Belize Central Prison until September 24th, their next court date.

Another Big Weed Shipment Busted
And in Corozal this morning, a special branch operation turned up another sizable marijuana bust. They found 32 pounds compressed marijuana inside this Ford Explorer coming out of Buena Vista village. The vehicle was occupied by 3 Belize City residents - two males and a female - who, police believe, brought the weed from Mexico. We'll have their names when they are charged for the 14.2 kilos.

Cops Plan to Defuse Sandhill Gang Beef
And, finally tonight, Commissioner Chester Williams commented on the situation in Sandhill. Gang rivalry in that small rural village has accounted for the death of one young man and the shooting of another. He says police have been directed to go in there and clean it up:..

Channel 5

4 Officers are Placed on Interdiction Following the Death of Allyson Major
Four officers have been placed on interdiction following the shooting death of former teacher, Allyson Major Junior.  Major was shot by one of the cops during a police chase that [...]

ComPol Williams Gives Assurances on Special Investigation
This evening the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams met the media, he has been tasked by the Minister of National Security with putting together a special team of investigators to [...]

ComPol Admits to the Use of Excessive Force in Major’s Shooting
As part of the ongoing investigation, Commissioner Williams outlined the steps that will be taken, including a forensic analysis of the bullets fired, to determine who shot and killed Allyson [...]

Curfew Revisited, Parents Will be Held Liable
So, with the spate of unrelated murders that gripped Belize City on Tuesday evening, Commissioner Williams has decided to, with immediate effect, reinstitute a curfew for children which was met [...]

P.U.P. Blasts PM Barrow Over Sanctuary Bay Scandal
The Sanctuary Bay scam is back in the news tonight. First, there is a response from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission which tells News Five that the matter is still [...]

2011 G.O.B. Memo Shows Concessions Afforded to Sanctuary Bay
In November 2012, former C.E.O. in the Ministry of Trade and Investment, Mike Singh, told the Sanctuary Bay investors that the Belizean government stood committed to help develop the project. [...]

F.I.U. Speaks On Sanctuary Bay Land Scam; P.U.P. Calls for the Removal of Joy Grant
In the multitude of documents, the F.T.C. points out that the Financial Intelligence Unit was warned by then Central Bank Governor Glen Ysaguirre, via email, of an ongoing investigation into [...]

Final Submissions Made in the Voir Dire for the Murder Trial of Danny Mason et al
Final submissions were made today by both the prosecution and the defense attorneys in the voir dire in the murder trial of Williams “Danny” Mason et al. D.P.P. herself, Cheryl-Lynn [...]

What’s Next If Court Admits Caution Statement?
The case of the five accused murderers, including Terrence and Keiron Fernandez, Ashton Vanegas as well as William “Danny” Mason and Ernest Castillo, had been on hold for many reasons. [...]

A Teen is Arraigned for Murder of Nixon Pinto
A teenager has been arrested and charged for Tuesday’s murder of Nixon Pinto. Nineteen-year-old Jovi Hernandez, a Honduran national living in the village of Hattieville, was arraigned this evening in [...]

Springfield Farmer Charged for Murder of B.D.F. Volunteer in Armenia
An arrest has been made three and a half months after a murder in Armenia Village, Cayo District; at the time, B.D.F. volunteer soldier Hermelindo Ical was killed. Police now [...]

Educator Loses Life on Philip Goldson Highway
Long time educator and staff member of the Institute of Technical and Vocational Training died in the early hours of this morning.  Roderick Elijio was found dead inside his crashed [...]

Family of Nine is Displaced by Fire in Roaring Creek
A family in Roaring Creek Village has been left homeless following a devastating fire. The blaze consumed the house in which they lived for seventeen long years. It is believed [...]

Opposition Party Defends the Fourth Estate
The allegations made by the Federal Trade Commission against Prime Minister Dean Barrow are so damning that the Prime Minister hired his law firm, Barrow and Williams, to warn that [...]

PM Threatens Lawsuit against P.U.P.’s Vaughn Gill
And the Prime Minister has made good on his warning.  Barrow and Williams has written Vaughn Gill, host of the P.U.P.’s media organ Positive Vibes Radio.  The letter speaks of [...]

P.U.P.’s Cordel Hyde says G.O.B.’s Crime Fighting Strategy Flawed
In a recent statement made on social media, Minister of National Security John Saldivar spoke on crime and perception.  The minister said that murder, burglary, theft, and robbery all declined [...]

P.U.P. Leader says Party Ahead in Village Council Elections
Round four of the village council elections took place this past weekend. It saw the election of thirty-five new village councils across the country.  But there seems to be a [...]

Growing the Future Project Summer Camp A Success!
Today more than two hundred young students from across the country proudly received their certificates for having completed this year’s Growing the Future Project. It is an educational summer camp [...]

Ahmadiyya Basketball League Heads North for Copa Cancun 2019
The Ahmadiyya Basketball League is an athletic movement in Belize that has grown exponentially since it was launched a few years ago.  It has proven to be an effective means [...]

Belize to Improve Cross-Border Trade with Single Window
The World Customs Organization and the Belize Customs Department wrapped up day-four of an all week training for agencies involved in cross-border trade. The event brought together agencies that are [...]

Healthy Living: Summer Slide
Have you ever heard about the summer slide? Well, if you’re a parent of a child on summer break, it’s something you need to know about.  It’s a term used [...]

The Reporter

Special Investigation Team to Look into Death of Alyson Major
The Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar has requested that the Commissioner of Police forms a Special Investigation Team to thoroughly investigate the shooting incident that led to the death of Alyson Major. The police officers involved have been removed from active duty pending the outcome of this investigation after which appropriate action will be taken.


ComPol reinstates city-wide curfew
The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams is rethinking his approach and is implementing a curfew starting tonight. In a late evening press conference, he told the media that the parents of these criminals should be held responsible as well. With that thought, Commissioner Williams says for all children under 16 found on the streets without …

Ahmadiyya Players Go to Copa Cancun
Ahmadiyya Basketball plans on bringing home even more Gold medals after they attend the Copa Cancun Tournament. The tournament takes place in Cancun, Mexico. The team told Love News that they are excited to be attending for the third time and hope to achieve yet another victory. Ahmadiyya basketball will be taking two teams to …

Cane Farmers continue to lose money
Sugar has been produced in Belize since slavery days and today it still remains vital to the economy. Most of the country’s sugar is sold to the European market but since the preferential prices have been discontinued in October 2017, it has cut profits by half. Love news spoke with William Neal, Communications and Government …

Investigative team to look into Allyson Major’s death
The death of 36-year-old, Allyson Major has left Belize reeling, since his death has been regarded as unwarranted and unnecessary fire power from police. Major was shot in the head, reportedly, over 4 ounces of weed. The officers involved in the incident reportedly saw him picking up a package from a residence on George Street …

Ahmadiyya Players Go to Copa Cancun
Ahmadiyya Basketball plans on bringing home even more Gold medals after they attend the Copa Cancun Tournament. The tournament takes place in Cancun, Mexico. The team told Love News that they are excited to be attending for the third time and hope to achieve yet another victory. Ahmadiyya basketball will be taking two teams to …


La Villistas Del Mar now open in Corozal
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 7:00am to 10:00am 1:30pm to 8:00pm. Special requests are fulfilled with anticipation. We are located at #3 2nd street North.

Four Belize Tours You Have To Try In 2020
Belize cave tubing tours are one of the top five activities for adventure-seeking visitors. In antiquity, caves were valued sources of shelter and important ritual spaces. The ancient Maya of Belize believed that caves were portals to the Underworld and to the gods that ruled there. These formations were also linked to fertility, used as pilgrimage sites, and were treated as places of ritual transformation and rebirth. To better understand the fascinating history and the sacred landscape and symbols of the ancient Maya, we’ve put together a list of the top four Belize caves you should visit while vacationing with us.

8 Adventurous Things To Do In Belize
Travel Awaits has a nice article about many of the adventurous excursions found around Belize, and of course, Cayo sights make up the majority of the list. They highlight Caracol and Actun Tunichil Muknal, along with Mountain Pine Ridge and the Garcia Sisters. Definitely worth a read. "Atop a plateau near the Guatemalan border rest the ruins of a city that was once the political powerhouse of the ancient Maya civilization. Dubbed Caracol, the nearly 25,000-acre archaeological site is known for its vast agricultural field system and sophisticated city planning. But despite how remarkable it is, Caracol offers visitors lots of freedom to wander around the site on their own. You can even climb the Sky Palace -- the tallest man-made structure in Belize. The site only receives about 10,000 visitors a year, so you won’t have to worry about running into crowds at this curious place. To get to Caracol, rent a car and make your way to the Chiquibul Forest Reserve in the Cayo District. Or, take the easy route and set up a guided tour with your hotel."

International Sourcesizz

Now that Barry has come and gone, what's in store for the next few weeks?
Now that Barry, the first hurricane to make U.S. landfall this year, has come and mostly gone, what's in store for the next few weeks? Not too much, if the jet stream does what it usually does this time of year. Each year, from around July 1 to mid-August, coastal states get a short window to catch their breaths as tropical activity goes into a quiet period. Those states can thank a variety of factors for these tropical season doldrums. Storms form from two main ingredients: Tropical waves moving across the Atlantic and interactions between jet streams and the tropics.

UNESCO calls for concerted action to strengthen the resilience of coral reefs
As a side event of the meeting of the World Heritage Committee (Baku from 1 to 10 July), UNESCO and its partners met on 5 July to take stock of the initiative launched in October 2018 to strengthen coral reef adaptation to climate change. “Coral reefs are the major witnesses of climate change,” said UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay. “The health of our planet and the future of our humanity can be seen today in the poor condition of these reefs. Swift action is needed to reverse the trend and limit the rise in temperatures. Such action can only be undertaken on a global scale, and UNESCO presents the most appropriate platform to accelerate this effort.”

Selby Gardens Receives APGA Program Excellence Award
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens has been the recipient of the prestigious Program Excellence Award given by the American Public Gardens Association (APGA) for a four-year partnership entitled “Air Plants and Other Epiphytes of Belize: A Collaborative Project Between Two Botanical Gardens and a University.” Through work with these botanical organizations in Belize, about 860 accessions, or plant materials, were collected for Selby Gardens and Caves Branch living collections. More than 2,000 mounted specimens were added to Herbarium collections at both Selby Gardens and Belize National Herbarium.

Belize and Guatemala acknowledge OAS contribution territorial differendum
The foreign ministers of Belize, Wilfred Elrington; and Guatemala, Sandra Jovel, this week spoke to the permanent council of the Organization of American States (OAS) about the progress made in recent years to find a permanent and definitive solution to the territorial differendum involving both nations for several decades, especially the decision by both countries to submit the case to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). During the meeting, the secretary-general of the OAS, Luis Almagro, congratulated both governments for having held referenda to submit the case to the International Court of Justice, in compliance with an agreement signed in 2008.


  • The Ministry of Human Development - The Ministry of Human Development, 51min. The Ministry of Human Development is mandated to protect and nurture children and families. We invited their representatives to talk to us about how they work to keep children safe and to empower families. Our guests gave us an overview of Belize's Child Protection System Lliani Arthurs - Director, Department of Human Services (DHS). Ganesha Smith - Human Development Coordinator (HDC), Child Protective Services, DHS.

  • Kendoyll Simpson of KSBeats, 20min. It's KTV Tuesday and we've got music on our mind. We invited the accomplished music producer, Kendoyll Simpson of KSBeats to talk about what makes a hit song. He has had many hits producing for local and international artists. He's even produced a few of Channel 5's theme songs including KTV The Remix. He says it's actually a combination of relevant lyrics, good melodies and effective marketing.

  • The US Embassy is hosting the Belize Entrepreneur Fest, 32min. The US Embassy is hosting the Belize Entrepreneur Fest. The objective is to match activism and entrepreneurship to produce businesses geared towards creating profit and social change. We spoke with representatives of the US Embassy and ImpactJunkie to understand how this concept will be introduced to local entrepreneurs. On our couch: Dr. Philip Harding - CEO, ImpactJunkie. Lorraine Herrera - Business Advisor, SBDC Belize. Natella Svistunova - Public Affairs Officer, US Embassy to Belize.

  • The Institute of Creative Arts summer programs, 30min. The Institute of Creative Arts has a wide array of summer programs that will engage your children in the creative arts. Our guests walked us through the many options available for the different age groups. The goal is to use the expressive arts to teach children culture and history. On our couch: Kim Vasquez - Youth Development Officer, ICA. Barbara Eligio - Expressive Arts Teacher.

  • The Ministry of Health representatives - quality of the medications available at local pharmacies, 36min. The Ministry of Health representatives talked with us about the work they do to ensure the quality of the medications available at local pharmacies. Our guests are representatives of the Pharmacy Department of MOH who are responsible for assessing generic medications to ensure they meet the standards to be used locally. They explained how the monitoring process works. On our couch: Samira Gongora - Drug Inspector, Pharmacy Department. Amini Galvez - Pharmacy Department.

  • The Belize Game Fish Association of Belize, 23min. The Belize Game Fish Association of Belize was our guest to promote the 3rd Annual Grand Caribe Deep Sea Classic. This year's competition boasts of $55,000 in cash and prizes. We talked with organizers about the competition and how you can participate. On our couch: Kyle Castillo - Marketing Officer, Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute Tiffany Jones-Ferguson - General Manager, Grand Caribe Resort Andrew Roe - President, Belize Game Fish Association

  • Talk Ah Di Town July 18, 2019, 30min.

  • Morning Matters with Sayer Paints, 60min.

  • Under The Sea 8ft, 2min. You don’t have to be a diver to explore the reefs.

  • Under The Sea 60ft, 1.5min. 60 feet this is what’s happening.

  • A really cool sighting at the Raptor Center, 30sec. Yes we love birds but we also REALLY love snakes. Raptors and snakes are the best pest control on the planet. As wildlifers we all were guilty for standing around watching this for the 15 minutes it took for him to eat the Ruddy Ground Dove.

  • Reina de la Costa Maya contestants enjoying la Isla Bonita with Island Dream Tours - YOLO, 3min.

  • Costa Maya Contestants- sunset cruise with Island Dream Tours - YOLO, 3min.

  • Reina de la Costa Maya contestants- sunset cruise! Island Dream Tours - YOLO, 3min.

  • People’s United Party hosts press conference in Belize City, 26min. Party Leader John Briceno first addresses the FTC’s allegations against the Belizean Government.

  • Snorkeling in Belize! Loggerhead Turtle, 10min. While Snorkeling in Belize I stumbled upon this clip of me catching a turtle on film.

  • Belize Barrier Reef, 3.5min.

  • Swimming With Sharks In Belize [Pt. 2], 10min.

  • What to do with a Raw Coconut! Ambergris Caye Belize, 2.5min.

  • Sports Talk Show, 62min.

  • Cockburn Lane and Human Development Building Properties Update, .5min. Here is an update by photos for our Cockburn Lane and Human Development Building Properties as of July 19,2019. The Human Development Building will be completed by early August and our Cockburn Lane won't be too far behind.

  • Update from Government House, .5min. Here is a short update with photos of the works going on at the Government House as of today July 19, 2019.