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The San Pedro Sun

Tourist dies while diving on Ambergris Caye
On Thursday, July 18th around 1:55PM the San Pedro Police received information of a male person at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II who drown. Upon arriving at the clinic, police regarded the lifeless body of a male Caucasian, identified as 66-year-old Steven Williams Vorhaus from Lafayette Colorado, USA. He was identified to police by his 68-year-old common-law wife Carol Puchalsk of Lafayette Colorado, USA. Initial investigation revealed that on Thursday around 11:45 AM Vorhaus departed the island on a diving boat along with eight other tourists and divemaster Ernest Raymond Leslie Jr. to dive at the nearby reef. Upon arrival at the location, they all entered the water and began to dive, going to a depth of 80 feet.

KHMH workers protest for pension benefits
Over one hundred workers of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in Belize City held a protest in front of the hospitals building on Thursday, July 11th. Led by KHMH Workers Union President Lidia Alpuche-Blake, the group is upset over a June 28, 2019 memo in which CEO Michelle Cox-Hoare informed that they are not pensionable. The primary concern for the Union remains whether KHMH staff members are considered public officers and are eligible for pensions. The CEO and KHMH Board of Governors, based on a series of legal opinions, have determined that they are not. The Union, however, has obtained their own legal opinions which say that staff are eligible for pensions, and are insisting that the matter be taken out of the realm of legal opinions, and to the Cabinet or the Court for final clarity.

2019 Kids in Action Youth Scuba Summer Camp begins
The 2019 Kids in Action Youth Scuba Summer Camp officially began on Monday, July 15th, with an orientation session at the San Pedro High School (SPHS). The two-week summer program has enrolled 30 island children and is organized annually by the San Pedro Tour Operators Association (SPTOA) in collaboration with the San Pedro Tour Guide Association (SPTGA). The camp aims to teach and certify children in diving so they can better appreciate the natural marine resources surrounding Ambergris Caye. After certification, the new divers will be able to assist and volunteer in the different marine projects held by the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and other environmental organizations.

Still no arrests on murder of Mario Graniel and Dr. Gary Swank; new suspects released
It has been almost a month since local tour guide Mario Graniel and American National Dr. Gary Swank were shot to death while on a fly fishing tour on the lagoon side of Ambergris Caye. Police investigation led to the custody of several suspects, but all were released. On Monday, July 15th, police informed the media that three new persons were in custody for further questioning. However, they have also been released, and authorities are now back to square one in arresting the criminal(s) responsible for the double slaying. The police explained that the suspects were not the same persons they initially had in custody a couple of weeks ago. They further maintain that the intended target was Graniel and not Dr. Swank.

Rafael Ramirez Calderon acquitted in 2015 murder of Dionicio Trujillo murder
On Tuesday, July 16th, 45-year-old San Pedro resident Rafael Ramirez Calderon was freed of murder charges in connection with the death of taxi driver Dionicio Trujillo. Calderon had been serving jail time since 2015 when he and Arvington Neal were jointly charged for murder. After the main witness could not be located for the Supreme Court trial, the case was discontinued, and crown for the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office entered a case of nolle prosequi- a formal notice of abandonment by the plaintiff and acquitting Calderon of the charge.

Police officers Leonard Nuñez and Hallet King found guilty of manslaughter in death of Hilberto Sotz
Former Caye Caulker police officers Leonard Nuñez and Hallet King were found guilty and convicted of manslaughter for the death of Hilberto Sotz on Monday, July 15th at the Supreme Court in Belize City. Nuñez and King had initially been charged with murder in connection with the death of Sotz, who perished while under police custody in June 2015. The trial against the two former officers has been underway for the past month and included members of the court visiting the police station in Caye Caulker where the incident occurred. The deliberation reportedly lasted for about four hours, and when the jury returned to the court, they read the verdict of guilty against Nuñez and King.

Various Belizean Sources


Police Department Forms Special Investigation Team
In response to the request of the Minister of National Security, the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has appointed a Special Investigation Team to look into the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of Alyson Major. Members of the investigation team are: Senior Superintendent Suzette Anderson who heads the team, Superintendent Dwayne Sutherland from the Professional Standards Bureau, Inspector Isais Sanchez, Winnie Parchue representing the Umbudsman, and Martin Griffith from the Citizens Complaint Board. At the conclusion of this investigation appropriate action will be taken as per the findings. The officers involved in the shooting will remain removed from active duty until such time.

Day.2 on the island for Katherine Portillo's Angel De Amor
- Fridge bought & delivered to Maynor. - Picked up 2 wheelchairs & boxes from the depot (we shipped them down a month ago). - Took Maynor to lunch at El Fogun (he is wearing clothes, watch, hat, catheter bag he got yesterday). This is real help for real people. You are helping change a persons life. Maynor even asked to call his sister today. He is becoming a human being again after being so discarded. YES I can donate:

SBDC Workshop: Financial Statement Analysis
CALLING OUT ALL ENTREPRENEURS, ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS AND BUSINESS OWNERS This Workshop is for you!!! A wealth of information is available to you if you know how to read financial documents. Being able to glean information from an income statement, a cash flow statement, or a balance sheet can give you an edge in understanding not only your own business but also your competition. Presented by: Mr. Jorge Gentle, Business Adviser, SBDCBelize, Beltraide. Location: BTEC Building, ITVET Campus, Belize City. Workshop Date: July 25, 2019. Time: 9am to 3pm. Cost: $60.00, Includes snacks, lunch and refreshments.

Belize defeats Nicaragua 3-0 (25-18, 25-16, 25-14
To win its first game at the 18th Central American U-20 Women's Championship in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Belize now has 1 victory after 2 defeats, while Nicaragua remains without a win. Again the center of attack of the Belize team was Fatoumata Camara, who in this game made 18 points, Gareth Bruce made another 10 for her team. For Nicaragua, Masiel Brenes lead the attack with 8 points. Both teams committed few unforced errors, Belize 25 and Nicaragua 26. Belize had complete dominance. In attacks at the net, Belize was superior 26-16, also in blocks 8-5, and in services 15-2.

El Salvador defeated Belize 3-2 (25-14, 25-22, 16-25, 21-25, 15-11)
Getting into the fight for the Bronze in the XVIII U-20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The victory leaves El Salvador in a direct fight for the Bronze with Costa Rica tomorrow at 2 pm, both teams are tied in games won and lost (2-2) and the winner of the direct duel between the two will define who climbs the podium of the tournament The Salvadorans took advantage of the 55 unforced errors that Belize made, being more efficient with only 23 errors. Daniela Sánchez, captain of the El Salvador team, once again shone in the attack with 17 points, supported by Daniela López who contributed 11 points for the victory. Belize’s attackers were Fautomata Camara (31 points) and Gareth Bruce (29 points).

This morning the new Caye Caulker Village Council was sworn in
Chairperson: Seleny Villanueva Pott Vice Chairperson: George Delcid, Treasurer: Miguel Neal, Assistant Treasurer: Lilia Marin, Secretary: Kimberly Sutherland, Assistant Secretary: Danny Reynolds, Councilor: Alejandro Carrasco. Mrs. Seleny Villanueva Pott and the new Village Council were sworn in this morning at 10:00 a.m. Congratulations to all the new members. A little bit of trivia: Mrs. Seleny Villanueva Pott is the third female Chairperson of the village. The first is Mrs. Ilna Auxillou and the second is the outgoing Chairlady, Lady Enelda Rosado. Mrs. Seleny Villanueva Pott is also the third member of her family to become Chairperson. The first was her father, Mr. Beto Villanueva and the second is her brother, Alberto Villanueva, who held the position for four terms. We wish our new Chairlady only the best!

Men's Volleyball torunament in Corozal
Saturday 3 August, 9am. Sunday 4 August, 10am.

Belize, get ready for the 2nd Annual Belize Birding Festival!
Join us in San Ignacio to celebrate all things birding during our exhibition, panel discussions, workshops, keynote presenations, and much more. Featuring: - Dr. John Fitzpatrick (Director, Cornell Lab). - Serge Arias (CEO, Birdwatching Central America). - Dr. H. Lee Jones (Author, 'Birds of Belize'). Save the Date! Registration: Belize Birding Festival 2019. October 19-20th, 2019. San Ignacio Resort Hotel. San Ignacio, Cayo.

Digital Marketing Summit 2019
Summit Day is here! Attendees are excited to hear our speakers present.

Don Baltazar Tuz
Don Baltazar Tuz also known as "Don Balta" is from Yucatec Maya descent and resident of San Jose village(Orange walk) . He is one of the few surviving members of the legendary Belizean Maya Pax band known as La Banda de San Jose who played in the fiestas Padronales from the surrounding villages for years . Today he continue preserving his culture by organizing the U Óok'ostaj Pool(hoghead dance) with a younger generation dedicated to their faith . Belize Yucatec Maya wants to recognize Don Baltazar Tuz for his work. Thank you ,Gracias , Yuum Bo'otik :)

Channel 7

Judge: Former Lands Minister's Son Must Pay Back 400K
400 thousand dollars - that's how much former land minster Gaspar Vega's son Andre was compensated by government for land he bought - and now the Supreme Court says he's gotta pay it back! It's the dramatic culmination of a major trial that's been in the court for weeks. Last month, we told you about the civil case that the Government brought against Vega. They're seeking to get back 400 thousand dollars that the Government paid him in compensation for private land that GOB purportedly sold to him when Gaspar Vega was in charge of the Lands Ministry. The Attorney General is asserting that Andre Vega benefitted from unjust enrichment, contrary to public policy.

Police Hand Over Alysson Major File to DPP
Police have sent the file for Alyson Major's killing to the DPP - and - sources tell us - charges could go forward as early as next week. While the DPP still has to make her decision, police have gathered substantial evidence - including security video from the area which shows a corporal leaning out of the chase vehicle and shooting at Alyson Major. The Commissioner yesterday said that the use of lethal force was excessive and unjustified: Chester Williams: "The truth is from what I have seen excessive force was used. We cannot run away from that..."

Kids Curfew, Come Een!
And, the commissioner also promised that as of tonight - a new curfew for minors is in effect. Seems unilateral, knee jerk, and terribly ad-hoc, but the commissioner virtually decreed it yesterday: Chester Williams: "Re-institute the curfew. This time we are not going after the children, we are going after the parents. So once the child is found on the street after hours, we are going to take the child home and we will bring the parent and the parent will face the music. It is time that parents begin to take responsibilities for the children that they have brought on this earth and until we can do that, we will not see a reduction in our crime problem."

COLA Says Curfew is a Band Aid
One activist group says the youth curfew is a band aid reaction to the gaping wound called crime. Here's what COLA president Shawn Saldano had to say about it today:... Shawn Saldano, President, COLA: "How would that deter crime? How will the curfew deter crime? Tanya Stephens says this explicitly in her song, "providing no job and tell us not to cry is like beating a child and telling them not to cry..."

Is Chester One Of the Acrobats Too?
And while we were struck by the COMPOL's curfew decree, what really caught our attention from yesterday's late evening press conference was his militant and unyielding stand on gangs. This is one senior cop - who, when he was Southside commander from 2015 to 2017 - worked steadily to mediate gang disputes, and try to re-integrate gang members into mainstream society. But, now he's gone to the other extreme. For comparison, we contrast yesterday's remarks with those he made exactly four years ago at a gang neighborhood family day he organized in July of 2015.

GSU Officer Charged For Child He Ran Over
In December of 2018, PC Marvin McKoy was driving a police mobile that accidentally ran over 2-year-old Tevin Cacho's head. 8 months later, PC McCoy was today charged for negligent harm. He pleaded not guilty, met bail of $2,000 dollars and is due back in Court on September 27, 2019.

Mason Trial: Blow For Prosecution, Judge Says No to Confession Statement
Last week, we told you about the latest developments in the murder trial without jury of William "Danny" Mason and his 4 co-defendants: Ashton Vanegas, Keron Fernandez, Terrence Fernandez, and Ernest Castillo. They are accused of the beheading murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas. The trial resumed last week Tuesday, with an important inquiry into an alleged confession statement from Ernest Castillo. He allegedly told police that he allegedly committed the heinous crime against Pastor Lucas. That inquiry took place during a trial within this trial, which occurred privately, where only the accused, their attorneys, the judge, the prosecution, and the police officers assigned to the Belmopan Supreme Court could listen.

Home Invasion In Consejo
It's a quiet seaside retirement community most for expats - but the coastal community of Consejo village in the Corozal District has been targeted multiple times by roving criminals. And it happened again on Wednesday night when there was a home invasion at the home of an American couple. 52 year olds Rodney and Wanda Brean were targeted by four burglars who stormed into their house while the couple was watching television in their living room. Rodney Brean was stabbed and the couple was tied up as the men ransacked the house. They left without causing major injury, but took a number of valued at $17,000.

Police Say Haulze Helped Kill Clothing Vendor
53 year old Clothing vendor Jose Hilario Diaz was gunned down at his stall on Tuesday evening. Well, police don't have the shooter just yet, but they have accused 23 year old Leroy Haulze of abetment to murder. Haulze who is a well-known criminal figure from Taylor's Alley was arraigned for that crime. Police say surveillance footage indicates that Haulze acted with someone to commit the offense of abetment to murder. Police are still looking for that other suspect.

Man Shot Up In Ladyville
The Milpa Area of Ladyville continues to be a chronic crime hotspot and, last night, it was the scene of another shooting. Around 11:00, Tyrique Munning was walking home when a lone gun man wearing a black hoodie came out of an empty lot and opened fire to him. Munnings started to run to his house and the gun man chased him, which is when he was shot multiple times to the arms and legs. Police found him in the ground in a pool of blood, but he was alive and taken to the KHMH where ehe is hospitalized in a critical condition.

Mastering Marketing In The Ether
The Belize Tourism Board today held its fifth annual Digital Marketing Summit. The idea is to teach tourism business owners how to extend and expand their marketing reach through the clever use of free internet based platforms. Here's more from the BTB's Digital Marketing Manager: Perry Bodden Jr. - Digital Marketing Manager, BTB: "The Digital Marketing Summit is a training opportunity that we provide our tourism stakeholder, mainly to increase their capacity in digital marketing fields, especially the 4 training pillars that we have for the summit, which is the social media, digital marketing, and a new one, influencer marketing. That is on the rise."

COLA Not Ready To Demonstrate for Sanctuary Belize
Last night you heard the PUP talk all around Sanctuary Belize - but they didn't talk much about it. And that's because the Prime Minister's law firm sent out a warning letter telling everyone - especially the media - to steer clear of the libelous and defamatory claims in the report. For the president of COLA that amounts to muzzling the press. Here's how he put it:.,..

Weed Found Stowed In Spare Tyre
Tonight more is known about the weed bust police made in Buena Vista village, Corozal on Wednesday evening. It happened around 6:20 when Special Branch Corozal intercepted a Ford Explorer with Belize City plates. The vehicle was driven by Joseph James, who had three passengers Casey SMITH, Kareem JAMES and Michelle YOUNG.

Weed Found Buried in San Antonio
And while that was Wednesday, on Thursday morning at 9:00 Corozal special branch made another weed bust. This one was found in San Antonio Village. This one was found buried in the ground. Police dug up 2 parcels wrapped in plastic amounting to 1.3 kilos, or just under three pounds. It was labeled as found property. No one was in the area at the time of the discovery.

Santa Rosa Robber Caught
Security cameras captured a frightening robbery on Monday night in Santa Rosa Village, Stann Creek. It played out at the Santa Rosa Mini Mart at 8:15. A gunman with a warm cap pulled over his face, strode into he store pointing a gun. He pushed two customers out, and held one by the counter. The terrified proprietor held up her hands, and went to the cash drawer where she handed him $3,000 dollars - which he ordered her to put into a plastic bag.

Youths Teaching Youths Financial Literacy
Financial literacy training for primary schoolers is part of an ongoing education campaign - and now, youths are training the youths. The programs has reached the stage where the one time students can now be teachers.

The Pan Am Plan
And while those youths learned financial literacy, others are going to Lima Peru for the 28th Pan American Games. The delegation had a preparatory meeting today at the Belize Olympic Committee Headquarters - and we spoke to the head of delegation about their hopes for team Belize:

COLA Camp Taught Kids to Protest
And, our final story tonight is about a summer camp that taught kids how to exercise their civil rights and protest! That's right - they learned that and lots of other stuff at the COLA camp. The president told us more at the closing of the summer camp:..

Channel 5

Andre Vega Ordered to Repay G.O.B. $400K!
The son of former U.D.P. Deputy Prime Minister, Andre Vega, has been ordered by the court to return some four hundred thousand dollars to the Government of Belize. The government [...]

Court Rules that Andre Vega Was Unjustly Enriched
Central to the case was the Minister’s Fiat grant, which was issued during the land transaction. The minister responsible for lands at the time was Gaspar Vega, father of Andre [...]

Judge Rules: Caution Statement in Murder Trial against Mason & Co-Accused Men Inadmissible
In the Belmopan Supreme Court, Justice Antoinette Moore handed down a major decision in the murder case of Danny Mason and his co-accused.  At the conclusion of a voir dire [...]

Cop is Finally Arraigned for Negligent Harm on Toddler
A two-year-old toddler was injured when a GSU vehicle ran over him about seven months on Iguana Street Extension, Belize City.  Fortunately, he survived his near death ordeal.  And even [...]

“Cabinet Confidential’ Memo Shows Fiscal Incentives Given for Sanctuary Bay Project
Tonight, we take a closer look at the millions of dollars, as much as a whopping one hundred and fifty million, approved in tax concessions to the failed Sanctuary Bay [...]

COLA Says Suppressing the Media is Unacceptable
Last Friday, the law firm of Barrow and Williams issued a statement which essentially served as a cease and desist letter warning the media against publishing or broadcasting details of [...]

P.U.P. Says F.I.U.’s Explanation is Bogus!
The P.U.P. has fired off a press release highly critical of the Financial Intelligence Unit, following the issuance of a statement today.  The P.U.P. condemns the F.I.U.’s attempt to extricate [...]

Armed Robbery in Santa Rosa Village Caught on Camera
An armed thief was captured on camera as he held up a store owner in southern Belize.  He got away with thousands of dollars in cash, but soon enough, the [...]

Belize City Man Charged for Conspiracy to Commit Murder
Businessman, Jose Hilario Diaz, was brutally murdered at his place of business on Cemetery Road as he was preparing to close shop on Tuesday evening. A gunman walked into the [...]

Ladyville Resident Targeted by Gunman
Twenty-eight-year-old Tyrique Munnings is at the K.H.M.H. in a critical condition after he was shot several times on Thursday night.  Munnings was in the Milpa Area of Ladyville when a [...]

American Tourist Drowns While Diving in Belize
An American retiree drowned on Thursday afternoon in San Pedro. He has been identified as sixty-six-year-old Steven Vorhaus of Colorado. News Five has learned that Vorhaus left on a boat [...]

COLA Weighs in on Officer-involved Slaying of Allyson Major Jr.
The state of affairs regarding crime and violence in the country, particularly in Belize City, continues to erode.  The police department has fallen into distrust from the very public its [...]

From Chester Williams Sings New Anti-gang Sankey
In April 2017, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was instrumental in bringing together a number of feuding groups in Belize City to call a ceasefire.  Along with Dianne Finnegan [...]

From Organizing Peace Treaties to Clamoring for Life Imprisonment
When grilled about his recent anti-gang approach, ComPol Williams defended the position he took a few years ago in uniting the warring factions.  However, those who continue to wreak havoc, [...]

Will a New Curfew Work? COLA Thinks Not
At a press conference on a range of issues this morning, Cola also touched on the reinstituted curfew that came into effect on Thursday night, COLA President Shawn Saldano scoffed [...]

B.T.B. Hosts Annual Digital Summit
The Belize Tourism Board held its annual digital summit today, a forum which allows stakeholders to learn how to market their companies, products, as well as the country, on the [...]

A Summer Camp on Financial Literacy
Financial literacy is the possession of a unique set of skills, as well as knowledge, that allow an individual to make informed effective decisions with all of their financial resources.  [...]

Young Footballers Conclude 11th Annual Smart Star Football Camp
Children are taking advantage of summer programmes they find appealing and capture their interests. The annual summer camp organized by SMART attracts aficionados of football. The event kicked off this [...]

COLA Wraps Up First Summer Camp for Belize City Kids
Primary school children from across Belize City participated in a weeklong summer program organized by COLA.  The camp which culminated this morning at Wesley Lower School in the downtown area [...]

Meet the Belize Delegation Heading to the Pan American Games
The eighteenth Pan American Games takes place in Lima, Peru from July twenty-sixth to August eleventh. A select few have been chosen by the Belize Olympic Committee to represent the [...]


Trigger-happy cop kills teacher
Shortly before 4:00 p.m., on Tuesday, July 16, a pickup truck was seen traveling at high speed on Regent Street, and behind the speeding pickup was a police vehicle. It was a high speed police chase in progress, and according to eyewitnesses, gunfire began erupting from the police vehicle. The pickup then crashed into a city bus that was on Regent Street, navigating the crossing in front of the Swing Bridge, on the southern side, to cross over the bridge’s approach into Regent Street West.

PUP defies PM Barrow
The newly designed interior of Independence Hall came alive this morning when the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) parliamentarians and standard bearers packed inside for a press conference. Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceño called the press conference to elaborate on the Sanctuary Belize Enterprise (SBE) scandal that has rocked the government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow when the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) made damning allegations in a court document it filed in opposition to the removal of the bankruptcy case of Atlantic Bank International Limited (ABIL) from the US to the Belize jurisdiction.

Chester pulls out the “curfew”to deal with crime
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams held a police press conference at the Raccoon Street Police Station late this afternoon, at about 4:30, during which he spoke on the spike in violent crimes and what his department proposes to do to contain it. Compol Williams said that many of the crimes that are being committed are being carried out by children, and that parents are now going to be forced to take responsibility for them. He said he has given directives for a curfew to be effected in the entire Belize City for children 18 and under, from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., beginning tomorrow, Friday, July 19.

Mayor Earl Trapp’s home invaded; he was assaulted and robbed by fake cops
At about 10:00 Tuesday night, the home of Mayor Earl Trapp, the Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, the twin towns of Cayo District, was invaded by three counterfeit policemen who attempted to subdue him, but he was too strong in his resistance, discouraging the fake cops, who stole a bag out of his room containing $7,000 and a cell phone before escaping. The thieves ran out of the house and escaped in their getaway vehicle. Mayor Trapp believes that it was an inside job and masterminded by someone who has a good knowledge of his house. The thieves had to pass four dogs to get into his house, which made him believe that the men have a good idea of the layout of his house.

The sugar industry is seeing good times
The Belize Sugar Industry (BSI) and American Sugar Refining (ASR) are celebrating a record-breaking harvest of the sugar cane crop. The sugar cane season commenced in December of 2018 and ended at 5:55 a.m. on Monday, July 15, 2019. Within this period, the BSI managed to harvest 1.317 million tons of sugar, surpassing the 1.314 million ton record that was set in 2016. BSI Farmers’ Relations Officer, Olivia Avilez, discussed the factors that played a role in the industry’s achievement, such as dry weather conditions, mill efficiency, and the efforts of local cane farmers to ensure the quality of the cane remained up to par.

A “Single Window” for Customs
The Belize Customs Department has embarked on a workshop to familiarize themselves with a new program to improve the efficiency of our border trade procedures known as the “Single Window”. The Single Window is an electronic database where all permits and documents required for importation and exportation can be accessed. The Belize Customs Department has collaborated with the World Customs Organization to implement this system to enable the department to accept these documents through one inlet and for the importer/exporter to have access to these resources in one central place, instead of having to visit the various offices to complete transactions.

Cricket Corner – “It only hurts for a little while. That’s what they tell me; that’s what they say.”
Pleasant time of the day to all cricket enthusiasts! Again, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Sir Barry Bowen/ Harrison Parks Cricket Competition continues with the playoffs. On Saturday last at Lords Bank the tie-breaker between Summer Fever vs BDF ended with BDF as the victor. This match had started on the 6th, but because of rain it had to be stopped, and resumed last weekend (July 13). BDF had scored 239. Summer Fever tried their best to cover the score, but fell short by 17 runs, scoring 222 runs. For BDF, Jerry Casasola top scored with 68, followed by Alexander Reynolds with 44; and T. Samuels took 6 wickets.

Dangriga sports stats – Mayor’s Cup finals next week Sunday; Fubu signs with Wagiya
At the Mayor’s request, the Dangriga Mayor’s Cup championship finals will be held next week Sunday, July 28, at the Carl Ramos Stadium. Wagiya Football Club breaking news – the newly improved Wagiya Football Club has signed their very own Carlton “Fubu” Thomas from Police United FC. Fubu is now back home for this upcoming PLB season along with Elroy “Bib” Kuylen and the other newly signed players.

FFB announces Female U-17 National Team players for CONCACAF Qualifiers in August
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) is calling the final U-17 female players to camp for a one-day training on Wednesday, July 15. The players are to report at the FFB HQ by 9:00 a.m., where they will continue to prepare for the CONCACAF U-17 Girls Qualifiers in Bridgetown Barbados in August 2019.

Rural North football regular season ends this Sunday in Burrell Boom
The Belize Rural North Football Tournament for the Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro Cup 2019 continued on Sunday, July 14, with Week 9 games at the Lucky Strike football field, instead of in Burrell Boom as planned, due to some field booking complications. Four games were played, three Seniors and one U-17 game. In game 1, (Seniors) Lucky Strike Titans dropped Burrell Boomers, 3-0, on two goals by Keenan Gillett (52’ & 74’) and the other by Byron “Barrow” Usher (83’).

Editorial: Negative stimulus from US might prick our leaders to action
We are familiar with the saying that there is too much good in the worst of us, and the saying that every dark cloud has a silver lining, and the saying that it’s an ill wind that blows no good. These sayings, the first two especially, mean that we can always find something positive in a negative experience. The present president of the United States of America is giving us many negative experiences and we ought to be able to extract something from his barbs. You would be ignorant if you don’t realize that President Trump does not respect us. We have to take his words as a challenge. In Belize, we shouldn’t need this kind of stimulus to make us strive for excellence, but thus far there hasn’t been anything that has spurred our leaders to be great for our country.

Why do poor people put up with corrupt politicians?
Dear Editor, I was born into a poor family. I had 4 older sisters and 3 older brothers. My father was a factory worker and my mother was a seamstress. We grew up poor, but mostly happy. I was the last child, so I got to wear all my brothers’ cast-off shirts, pants, socks, tennis shoes, etc. All of us were moderately bright and did well in school. My parents struggled to put us into high school, and then into sixth form. After graduating from sixth form, I had high hopes of going abroad (Jamaica) to study to be a lawyer. This, since I graduated with a G.P.A of 3.99.

Garifuna Collective ambassadors spreading the Belizean love!
Dear Editor, Belize’s very own GARIFUNA COLLECTIVE, a musical group formed to promote the rich Garifuna culture, has recently completed a European tour and is now embarking on a North American and Canadian mission. The group, no stranger to international tours, is promoting their new album “ABAN.” The tours, attracting huge crowds, are being compared to the “WATINA” success. While ambassadors are referred to by the words “Protocol, Alcohol and Geritol”, our Musical Ambassadors are known for their commitment, sacrifice and production. Our Garifuna drummers are definitely the best in the world.

Our words are meaningless if we do not act!
I write because I want to be part of the historians of this country and thus I have to record what is happening in this country in real time through my writings. I don’t want to have the story told through the eyes only of the leaders who have corrupted the country and have benefitted from corruption. We the people, who live daily lives struggling to make it a better country and who have a greater vision for a greater country, need to place in the annals of history the reality of where we are and how we got here and what is being done, if anything, to change things for the better or the worse. Change is constant, and be it for good or bad, change keeps happening.

We are the cause of the disease on the reef
It is a wonderful thing when you are faced with a very difficult problem and you find out that you can fix it, just by fixing yourself. The doctor said that all you have to do is get off your stool and do a little exercise. The money manager said all you have to do is fix the leaks in your water system and stop burning lights all night, and you will have sufficient savings to help pay the bank loan for your investment in a new project. By now we’ve all seen the terrifying reports about the disease that is affecting coral in a way scientists say they’ve never seen. Cassie Martin, in the story “A mysterious coral disease is ravaging Caribbean reefs”, in the magazine, Science News, says the disease is “moving faster and killing more corals than any disease before.”

The legendary Belizean musical and cultural festival, Belize Caye Fest, returned again this year at the historic Leimert Park in the popular Crenshaw District blazing out of the afternoon sun of sunny Los Angeles, California. Hotter than July, the 30-year-old Belizean music festival may have found another great place to call home nestled within a predominantly black community of Los Angeles where Belizeans are the largest black immigrant group. Topping the large list of Belizean artists in the Los Angeles Belizean community were Belizean musical artists like Danki Man, Preachaman, Eljai Royal, Bella Carib, Michael Wagner, Little June and others. The large Belizean audience that has always embraced the culture and music of the Belizean community around it, appeared somewhat puzzled at first with the very familiar Leimerk Park they traversed daily on Crenshaw Boulevard.

Emmanuel Ampomah, 52, taxi driver, fatally stabbed on Seashore drive
Emmanuel Ampomah, 52, a taxi driver originally from Ghana, Africa, was stabbed to death in his car at about 8:00 last night on Seashore Drive in Buttonwood Bay by one of two men who were posing as passengers. Reliable information to us is that Ampomah was in his cab with two men on Seashore Drive when, according to persons who claim to have witnessed the incident, the car stopped, and two men got out and ran off.

Roderick Elijio, 57, ITVET instructor, dies in traffic accident
At about 2:30 this morning, Roderick Elijio, 57, was driving towards Belize City from Orange Walk when he lost control of his pickup, ran off the road and slammed into a tree, causing him to suffer massive head and body injuries. He died on the scene. Police said that on arrival at Mile 22 on the Philip Goldson Highway, they saw an Orange Nissan Frontier pickup on the right side of the highway, facing the direction of Belize City, and saw the driver motionless inside the vehicle, behind the steering wheel.

Jose Hilario Diaz, 53, shot to death in his clothing store
Jose Hilario Diaz, 53, the owner of the “Me To You” clothing stand on Cemetery Road, Belize City, was shot to death in his store at about 5:00 Tuesday evening. Information to us is that he was sitting in his store when an unmasked man entered, shot him in the throat, and then ran out of the store. People who were in the area rushed Diaz to the hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival.

Anke Doehm, 48, to stand trial for death of adopted daughter, Faye Lin Cannon, 13
Anke Doehm, 48, an American who had been living in San Pedro and who was the adopted mother of Faye Lin Cannon, 13, also of San Pedro, will be tried in the Supreme Court without her husband for the death and sexual abuse of the girl. In July 2017, Anke and her husband, David Doehm, were arrested and charged jointly with cruelty to a child after a post-mortem exam conducted on the body of their adopted daughter certified the cause of the child’s death to be compression on the chest, which caused internal hemorrhaging, and additionally revealed that she had been sexually and physically abused.

The Reporter

If You Are 16 & Under – The City Is On Lock-down At 6pm
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, at a press conference late Thursday evening, announced that following a spate of violent and shocking crimes in Belize City since the beginning of the week, a curfew will become effective starting Thursday night for children aged 16 and under. This time, however, Williams said the parents will be the ones held accountable for minors found out of their homes after hours.

Prison’s Got Talent
A cache of treasure that sits inside the Kolbe Foundation Gift Shop located on the Boom/Hattieville Road is glaring testament to the amazing level of talent that lives behind the walls of the Belize Central Prison. A recent visit to the Prison’s Gift Shop turned up woodwork, paintings and handicraft including beautiful picture frames, flower vases, wood carvings from zericote and rosewood, cutting boards, furniture, bed frames, doors, customized cabinets, hammocks, jewelry, bags and the most recently added product, colorful and creatively crafted piñatas.

The Purge
By: Dr. Abigail Joseph - I grew up in a family house on Sibun Street in Belmopan. Times were different. Our parents and grandparents would put their chairs outside and watch us play red light green light, mother may I and hopscotch in the street. Very few people had vehicles back then; there wasn’t this congestion we see today where there is a 4 vehicle ratio to a house. So for us playing on our street was not a big deal. Life was bliss, simple and very carefree. The ONLY thing that ever disrupted our happy play was when summer came and school was closed. My grandma Rosa would line us all up.

Authorities Raid ‘Stash’ House
A Police raid and search of what is believed to be a ‘stash house’ located at mile four and a half on the Phillip Goldson Highway on Tuesday morning yielded over 58 pounds of compressed high-grade cannabis and over twelve thousand dollars in local currency and has resulted in the arrest of two persons. On Wednesday, July 17, cab driver Lynroy Longsworth, 34, and hairdresser Kenosha Beaton, 21, were both charged with two counts of possession of controlled drugs with the intent to supply.

A Whited Sepulcher ?
By: Major Lloyd Jones (Ret’d) - The Sanctuary Bay debacle has easily become Mr. Barrow’s greatest political embarrassment. People close to Mr. Barrow, because of their lust for money, have helped to put Belize in an unsavory light, the likes of which we have never seen. Sanctuary Bay has exposed the ugliness of corruption that seems to be omnipresent in Belize these days; corruption that is perpetrated by the private sector with the public sector acting as willing accomplices. This is partly why when the Chamber speaks of corruption in government so many Belizeans scoff at them.

Blame It On The Alcohol
By: Mike Rudon Jr. This column has blown up beyond all my expectations. I don’t want to brag, but I think I may have grown to eleven readers. If this continues, I may have to leave my job and just write this column full-time…maybe even hire staff to handle the fan mail, and security for the inevitable, lovestruck stalkers. And it gets better. I am now a celebrity after appearing on a TV show the other day. I may even have to get a celebrity name to fit my new status.

Editorial – Friday, July 19th. 2019
We are satisfied, after looking at all the evidence, that the Central Bank of Belize could have averted the collapse of Atlantic International Bank by insisting on a closer monitoring of its loans portfolio? All financial institutions in Belize are subject to the Domestic Banks and Financial Institutions Act and all international banks are subject to the International Banking Act which requires them to provide the Central Bank of Belize with regular and timely updates on what they are doing.

Police on the Trail of Bulldozer Owner
Police Officers in Punta Gorda are following up on the only substantial lead that they have so far in the discovery of a suspected drug plane which was found deep in Southern territory near the Guatemalan border. That lead involves tracking down the owner of a yellow bulldozer which was found abandoned on a makeshift airstrip near to where the twin-engine aircraft was discovered on Sunday of this week.


Woman and 4 Children Missing
Reports are that 29-year-old, Solanie Ewan and her four children went missing from Orange Walk on July 12, 2019. The family left their home at 11:30 am, where they were headed towards Corozal to visit a family relative. The victim’s family said that she was going to be out for two days but never came …

Marketing Belize by digital means
Digital Marketing is the way of the future, and an opportunity that every business should jump on. The Belize Tourism Board is assisting different establishments by having a Digital Marketing Summit that took place today. Reporter, Courtney Menzies, was able to bring you some of the highlights from the day. Voice 1: “Digital Marketing is …

Man shot a few feet away from his home
28-year-old, Tyrique Munnings is in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was shot multiple times last night. Tyrique was on his way home when a gunman emerged from an open lot in the La Milpa area, (MILPA VO) and fired several shots at him, hitting him in the right arm, …

COLA condemns efforts to muzzle the media
Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action (COLA) is now under Shawn Saldano who took over as president a few weeks ago. In his first public fight, Saldano met with the media today to criticize the Sanctuary Bay saga with a view on the muzzling of the media via the Prime Minister’s threatened lawsuit. Shawn Saldano …

Court finds that Vega was unduly enriched and ordered him to repay $400K to GOB
Andre Vega, the son of Belize’s former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Lands, Gaspar Vega has been ordered to give back the four hundred thousand dollars paid to him in land compensation. It is an unexpected decision rendered by Justice Abel Courtney late this evening. Many critics had expressed doubt in this case, saying …

Smart Football Camp
Today marked the ending to Smart’s 2-week football camp held yearly for the past 11 years. The camp provides children with the positive engagement in the community as well as helps them improve their football skills. The camp ended with the awarding of certificates to the participants and issuing trophies and medals for winning teams. …

Man shot a few feet away from home
28-year-old, Tyrique Munnings is in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was shot multiple times last night. Tyrique was on his way home when a gunman emerged from an open lot in the La Milpa area, (MILPA VO) and fired several shots at him, hitting him in the right arm, …


50 years of Belikin
The beer of Belize, Belikin, celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. The actual date in history is May 29, 1969, when the Belize Brewing Company was founded by Eric W. M. Bowen and his son Barry M. Bowen. It’s the beer that almost never was, but as the company records tell it, ‘vision’ has the company standing strong today. Family encouragement kept the vision going, and despite disappointment from the first attempt and bringing that vision to life, there was no turning back.


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