The Institute of Archaeology (IA), National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) advise stakeholders that the Actun Chapat Cave is not a designated archaeological reserve. Currently, the Institute does not have any management presence, and Actun Chapat Cave has safety, health, and security risks. Tourism stakeholders should not take guests within this cave since studies have indicated oxygen and carbon dioxide levels concerns, which could lead to death. Actun Chapat is susceptible to flooding, and if guests are in the big room, they will die since there are no emergency exits. Actun Chapat is not a legal archaeological reserve. Therefore the cave should not be advertised as a tourist destination. Selling this destination can have serious legal implications and can result in lawsuits. The Institute of Archaeology, NICH cautions all stakeholders to abide by this advisory in the interest of protecting Belize’s safety record. Please contact the Institute of Archaeology, NICH for further information.