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The San Pedro Sun

UNDP Appoints New Resident Representative for Belize
Denise E. Antonio, an American citizen and native of the west African country, Liberia, who had recently been appointed United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative for Jamaica, has also been appointed to serve as Resident Representative for Belize. Ms. Antonio, who operates from the Kingston country office will be in Belize on mission from 22 to 26 July where she will meet with government officials, UNDP Belize and UN Resident Coordinator teams, as well as other UN agencies.

Hope Haven receives $17,250 donation during Grand Caribe’s 3rd Annual International Deep Sea Classic Fishing Tournament
A total of 17,250 dollars was raised for Hope Haven Shelter during Grand Caribe’s 3rd Annual International Deep-Sea Classic Fishing Tournament, held from Friday, July 19th to Sunday, July 21st. The donation was handed over to Kristina Romero from Hope Haven on Sunday, July 21st during the tournament’s award ceremony. As a part of the activities hosted during the three-day fishing tournament, Grand Caribe purchases a painting and some prints from marine artist Carey Chen. The painting was auctioned, and Grand Caribe donated the proceeds to Hope Haven. Carey Chen then donated another piece for a silent auction, which was won by Molly Doley and Grand Caribe matched the amount bid. At the end of the tournament, a total of $17,250 was raised for Hope Haven.

BTB hosts 5th Consecutive Digital Marketing Summit
For the fifth year in a row, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) hosted its annual Digital Marketing Summit. Friday, July 19th saw stakeholders, and interested individuals convene at the Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City for a day of learning. The BTB had lined up a variety of marketing experts to share their knowledge and comprehension on the latest digital/social media developments while advising on the best ways to adapt to improve their businesses’ online presence. Participants were able to strategize the best way to position a business online – whether via Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google/YouTube or a combination of all - they learned ways to make the internet and digital marketing work for them. From the smallest of businesses to larger corporations, the digital age is necessary to tap into a market that is ever online.

Superintendent Christopher Noble is the new Officer in Charge of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker
Superintendent Christopher Noble took over the reins of the Coastal Executive Unit (Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker), replacing Superintendent Reymundo Reyes. Noble brings to the Cayes 27 years of seniority in the police department and is confident that with the support of the community, the local police formation will deliver, making the islands safer at a time when crime is on the rise.

Accused murderer Donald Heredia out on bail
55-year-old mentally challenged Donald Heredia was charged and remanded for the murder of Caye Caulker resident Jennifer Coleman in August 2016. Nearly three years later, on Monday, July 22nd, he was released after successfully securing a $20,000 bail plus two sureties of $10,000 each in the Supreme Court in Belize City. Heredia was represented in court by attorney Darrell Bradley, who managed to secure his bail in the courtroom of Justice Frances Cumberbatch. The bail came with several conditions, with orders for Heredia to undergo medical and psychiatric evaluations and to remain within the country or breach bail. He is also required to report to the Racoon Street Police Station every Monday of the week.

Ambergris Today

Belize Needs To Reform Some Laws
by Maestro Angel Nuñez - Occasionally some laws become outdated and do not function well for the purpose for which they were written and legislated. Then what is done about it? Simple. Amend the law so it can better serve its purpose. A point in case is the archaic custom of poaching for manatees and sea turtles for their meat during the time when there was a scarcity of meat. However today there is no scarcity of meat, so the law was rewritten to prohibit the killing of these animals. Good deal. Now many people are clamoring for reform in other laws especially in the area of crime which has become a cancer in our society. A few ask that the law which states that an alleged criminal is innocent until the prosecution proves him guilty be charged to the opposite end. Let him be arrested and charged and treated as guilty and let him prove his innocence.

Various Belizean Sources


Costa Maya Delegates 2019
Lots of great photos!!! Costa Maya Delegates 2019 - My Place Restaurant

Hurricane Janet, Survivor story and the Nukux Tat(Tataduende)
Carmita Garcia, now a housewife, was 10 years old when Janet struck Corozal. She was one of many youths who had never experienced a hurricane. She remembers sort of hoping that the hurricane would strike Belize, not knowing the tragedy that awaited her family. She lived at Aventura with her father, mother, three sisters, and one brother. They heard over the radio that the hurricane would strike and they all made preparations. Carmita’s father told the children not to run outside for any reason, even if the house was falling on them. The hurricane arrived and the Garcias were sleeping while the winds blew stronger and stronger. The house was falling on them and their father told them to go under the bed, but the wind opened the door.

Gabriel Tamay
General Gabriel Tamay(Tamai) was a Maya Yucatec leader of the Icaiche Maya until at least the until the late 1900's. Gabriel Tamay was the successor for Santiago Pech . Under his control the Icaiche still maintain control over certain villages in North western Belize and collected tax from the British. Who ever wanted to pass through the area had to ask permission to General Gabriel Tamay. He was consider a good honest man even by his detractors .

Official Results for Village Council Elections held on July 21, 2019

Border Control Officers On Illegal Fishing Prevention Course
Eighteen border control officers from seven Member States of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) are currently undergoing a four-week training course in Fisheries Prosecution and Interdiction, organized by the Barbados-based Regional Security System (RSS) in collaboration with the CRFM Secretariat, the Government of Barbados, and the British Royal Navy’s Fisheries Protection Squadron. The course is expected to improve the skills and competencies of authorized officers responsible for enforcing the Fisheries Acts and Fisheries Regulations, and supporting administrative policies.

Las Vegas student selected to join international activism congress
Her entire childhood, she’d been told that she was the future. Now, 17-year-old Salomée Levy says youths are the present, too, and she thinks adults should see it that way. “We’ll be here,” she says. “We’re going to be impacted by climate change, we’re going to participate in the 2020 election. We’re impacted as much as adults and sometimes more, because we’ll be here longer.” In two weeks, she will fly to Puerto Rico, where she will be one of 130 students from around the world to join the International Congress of Youth Voices. She sees herself becoming the first female prime minister of Belize, her father’s country of origin. She also aims to become a U.S. senator and, before that, write for The New York Times. Her immediate goal is to write for Teen Vogue.

SELL-A-THON @ the Lions Den in SanPedro
Need something? Sell something? Saturday the SP Lions Den is the place to be!

Ministry of Agriculture and FAO Conclude Train-the-Trainers Workshop on Sustainable Food Systems and Value Chain Development
The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) today concluded the first phase of a three-day train-the-trainers workshop under a regional Sustainable Food Systems and Value chain Development Project. The event which started on Monday, July 22nd, 2019 was facilitated by Ms. Bree Romuld, FAO Value Chain Development Expert. The workshop sought to introduce participants to sustainable food systems and value chain development principles and process. The project, which is being funded by FAO, consists of two phases and six modules.

Corozal Basketball Association Summer Camp
Corozal Basketball Association held their third day of Summer Camp yesterday-morning at the Civic Center. Today, it’s there 4th day of summer Camp. Time: 8 am to 11 am for children 14 and under. Time : 1 pm to 4 pm for youths 15 and older.. ️OPEN TO EVERYONE! Date: 22nd to 26th July 2019. Location: Corozal Civic Center

Miss Independence 2019-2020 Sashing Ceremony
Friday August 2nd at 8pm.

Chronixx Live in Belize
August 3, Marion Jones Complex.

Corozal Animal Program Fundraiser
Corozal Animal Program Fundraising Poker Run at Tortuga Grill & Paddle Lounge (located across Rainbow Beach & Park) this Friday, July 26th starting at 9:00 a.m. Get a chance to meet new friends and great people that support CAP program. It will be super fun for a great cause. See you there.

Power outage scheduled from 6:00am to 2:00pm on Sunday, July 28 to affect the majority of Belize City
Except portions of Lake Independence, West Landivar, and King’s Park areas, which will experience two 10-minute outages from 6:00 a.m. to 6:10 a.m. and from 1:50 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. BEL to conduct maintenance of the West Lake Substation, transmission system and distribution system, including replacement of poles, and removal of hazardous vegetation growing into power lines.

Peace Corps Response Volunteers Training of Experts
In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Peace Corps Response Volunteers started their Training of Experts this week! Last week they met with representatives from the Ministry of Education and prepared for the training. One of the PCRVs tells us more - "This week we are training 20 expert Belizean teachers to provide back-to-school literacy training for Standard 1 teachers around the country. By the middle of August our PCRVs and this group of teachers will train every Standard 1 teacher in the country on skills and strategies to identify and support struggling readers. Literacy is an important human right and a high priority in Belize; our PCRVs team could not be more excited to be a part of this work!"

Miss Costa Maya Delegates 2019 in their Traditional Costumes
Traditional Costume Photo Shoot by Jose Luis Zapata.

SONGS OF DZITBALCHE(Book of the dances of the ancients)
Songs of Dzitbalche originally titled The Book of the Dances of the Ancients, is the source of almost all the ancient Maya lyric poems that have survived, and is closely connected to the Books of Chilam Balam, sacred books of the colonial Yucatec Maya. The sole surviving copy of the Songs of Dzitbalché was written in alphabetic Mayan in the 18th century. The author identifies himself as Ah Bam, an elder of the town of Dzitbalché. He appears to say that the book was originally written in 1440. Manuscripts of this era were often copies of copies of copies, so scholars have to look at internal evidence for clues to the original date of composition. Many of the poems appear to be much older than the manuscript, and contain ancient ceremonial and ritual material. Other poems are songs of love, philosophy, and spirituality. Many of them appear to have had a musical accompaniment. The Book of the Dances of the Ancients, its original name, was changed to the current title by its first translator.

Channel 7

Dengue Outbreak in Belize
There's an outbreak of Dengue in Belize and the rest of Central America. The numbers are the highest in Corozal and Orange Walk, and trending up in Cayo and Stann Creek.   So how many more cases are there this year?  Try 20 times more than last year at this time! The Ministry of Health's Surveillance Officer, Lorna Perez told us more: Lorna Perez - Ministry of Health, Surveillance Officer: "It started in the north, Orange Walk to be specific then we started to see the shift going up Corozal which has maintained up to now, Corozal is actually showing some high numbers but since the last 6 weeks, even though Dangriga, some communities had some elevated numbers at the beginning of the year for this last 6 weeks I must we have seen an increase in Dangriga Town itself. So presently we have like Corozal having 124 cases, Orange Walk 230, Cayo having 98, Stann Creek 105..."

What Should You Do About Dengue In Your Life?
So, what can you do to keep Dengue out of your home?  The Chief of Operations for the Vector Control Unit says first you have to know the symptoms if it does come to your home - and take steps to keep it out: Kim Bautista - Chief of Operations, Vector Control Unit: "The first thing is that identifying the symptoms. Fevers, back ache, pain in the joints, rash, that persistent fever and in some cases, you might have bleeding of the gums, vaginally in cases of females. Symptoms, you ask person if you have those, go to your nearest health facility; what that does is that it triggers the alert to notify us that there is a case and we need to investigate it, we need to carry out interventions, that's the first thing..."

MOH Takes New Approach To Dengue
So, with more types of Dengue circulating - Bautista explained how the Ministry is trying to respond to Dengue at the community level: Kim Bautista - Chief of Operations, Vector Control Unit: "One of the things that we're doing this year is actually having all the 6 district programs develop a preparedness and response plan for dengue..." From January to May of 2019, a total of 1.1 million cases of dengue have been reported across the Americas.

Mason Trial - Defense Attorneys Try To Debunk DNA
The murder trial without jury against William "Danny" Mason and his 4 co-defendants continued today in the Belmopan Supreme Court. For the past 3 days, DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal has been presenting large quantities of forensic evidence against Mason, Ashton Vanegas, Keron Fernandez, Terrence Fernandez, and Ernest Castillo.  She's trying to prove that these 5 men were responsible for the July 2016 beheading of Pastor Lewellyn Lucas.  DDP Vidal called a DNA expert from the FBI to testify yesterday via a Skype teleconference call. That witness told the court that based on samples sent to them from Belize, several of the defendants had blood on their clothes the night they were detained after Pastor Lucas' decapitated head was discovered in the pan of Mason's pickup truck. That expert went on to tell the court that the blood on the clothes matches the DNA profile of Pastor Lucas.

Murders Surged 350% in June 2019
You probably don't need a statistician to tell you that the number of murders recorded in June was way up.  But how much exactly?  Well, figures posted on the Belize Crime Observatory website show that there were 350% more murders in June of 2019, than there were in the same month of 2018.  That's 4 murders in June 18, and 18 murders in June of this year.   While that is an alarming increase and a very violent month - up tot the end of June there has been a considerable decrease in murders. The 66 murders recorded up to the end of June, 2019 are 16 fewer than the number recorded up to June of 2018.  That's a 20% decrease overall so far for 2019.

Man Blames KHMH For Wife's Death
A man is trying to reach a settlement with the KHMH after he says that his wife died due to negligence and an incorrect diagnosis. Floyd Reneau spoke to us outside the KHMH today to discuss the long and painful road throughout his wife's illness. His wife, 54 year old Irma Samuels Reneau fell ill in 2017. A biopsy along with several other tests were done at the KHMH but after about a year and half of going back and forth at the KHMH, Reneau says that no one could tell him what his wife had. So late last year he took his wife to the US and he finally found out she had colon cancer. Unfortunately, his wife died last month. Here is Reneau's account.

Culture Minister Faber Against Paslow Name Too
On last night's news you heard UBAD Educational Foundation activist Yaya Marin Coleman.  She was raising hell about the prospect of re-naming the structure at the foot of the swing bridge "Paslow Building."  That's the name of the old building which burnt down in 2002.   Now, under the Taiwan funded Downtown Rejuvenation Project, a new two-story building will be constructed at Lot 977 at the corner of Queen and North Front Streets.  But, will it be named Paslow, like its predecessor?  Yaya fears it will, but but Culture Minister Patrick Faber says it won't.  He says he and Yaya are on the same page.  He told us via text, quote, "I completely agree it shouldn't be called Paslow.  I'm thinking we can have a naming competition where we hear suggestions for the new name and stakeholders decide."

1919 - The Colonial Documentary Record Now Available
And promoting awareness of that historic yet overlooked event, Assad Shoman's Citizens for the Defense of Sovereignty group donated digital and hard copies of a number of original documents on a key event in Belize's history: The People's Uprising that took place in Belize Town on July 22nd 1919. Shoman's group donated them to the Belize National Library Service. In a press release it states that "The copies of original documents collected from the British National Archives include hundreds of pages of evidence taken by the Commission of Enquiry appointed by the Governor to inquire into the origin of the riot, the Report of the Commissioners, British official correspondence on the riot, correspondence on the conditions in the colony in 1918 and 1919, and other papers that throw light on the causes and consequences of the Uprising." 

Deputy CBB Governor Turns Liquidator
The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Kareem Michael stepped down last Wednesday, and immediately stepped into the shoes of the liquidator of Choice Bank Limited.   That's after the previous liquidator, chartered accountant Cedric Flowers's one year contract ended in early July - and it was not renewed.   But, there are questions as to whether it is a conflict for Michael - who was the Deputy Governor of  Financial Supervision and Compliance - to continue the liquidation.  After all, it is the Central Bank which revoked the licence for Choice Bank Limited 13 months ago.  That was defined as a non compliance issue - which Michael's tittle suggests he was in charge of at the time of the revocation and, in the normal course, he would have been expected to be part of the decision-making in revoking the license for a non complying bank.

Calvary's Cross
A report on the Ministry of Education website gives a sobering portrait of failing school in Belize City.  What is called a "Targeted Supervision Report" conducted in January of 2018 at Calvary Temple School in Belize City shows that the school's 9 teachers and 140 students are struggling mightily.   The figures show consistently poor grades on BJAT and PSE, which culminated in 2016 when not one of the 15 standard 6 students managed to get a 60% - which is the minimum passing grade on Math.  That 0% is down from a 5% passing rate the year before.   But, because of better performance in English, 20% of the test takers at that school managed to pass the PSE in 2016 - better than just 5% the year before.   And while the burden of low grades is borne by the students, the failure is really with the administration and management.  The Ministry's reports points to the condition of the school facilities and poor physical conditions of buildings including garbage and drainage problems.  

How to Care For Trafficked Persons
It was big news last month when Belize was upgraded from a Tier 3 human trafficking country to a Tier 2. It certainly is progress but it doesn't mean the authorities can sit back and relax.   The Ministry of Health along with the International Organization for Migration is taking a proactive approach and is using the upgrade as an incentive to work harder. The team today hosted a 2 day workshop for health practitioners. The purpose of the workshop is for health officials to identify human tracking victims and know how to treat them physically and psychologically. Here's more from the training.

Bail for Brown, allegedly Dragged His Girlfriend Alongside Moving Car
Tonight, Belize City resident Trevor Brown is out on bail after he was taken to court for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, and then injuring her sister with his vehicle. On Thursday night, police found 26-year-old Yasmeen Young, from Unity Street, with scratches, swelling, and bruises on her face and upper body.  She also had a broken tooth. She reported to police that that around 5:00 that evening, she was at home, and her sister, Jayelle Young, was speaking with her boyfriend, Trevor Brown in his car, which was parked in the yard. She suddenly heard her sister screaming for help, and she ran out to assist. Yasmeen allegedly found Jayelle seated in a slanted position, while her boyfriend, was allegedly holding her head down.

Messenger with Marijuana
Belize City messenger , 28-year-old, Gian Sosa of a King's Park address is out on bail tonight for a drug trafficking charge after police allegedly busted him with three quarter pound of marijuana.  Police say that on Monday, officers on patrol spotted Sosa at the roundabout which connects Chetumal Boulevard with the Philip Goldson Highway. He was on a motorcycle with a plastic bag on his handle, and according to the cops, he was acting suspiciously. So, they stopped and searched him.

Channel 5

An Outbreak of Dengue Fever in Belize; Ministry of Health on High Alert
An outbreak of dengue fever has been reported, seven months into 2019, and the number of cases so far is already more than twice the figures for the entire 2018. [...]

Porfilio Nino Died from Force Trauma to the Head
Four persons have been hauled in by police concerning the murder investigation of Porfilio Nino. A post mortem examination revealed that the sixty-five-year-old Valley of Peace resident died as a [...]

Progresso Heights Versus Sedi Elrington: Will the Cautions be Lifted?
Progresso Heights Limited, a master development plan situated along Cocos Lagoon in Progresso, Corozal District, remains in the headlines for several lawsuits that have surrounded the real estate company.  Notwithstanding [...]

Is Political Interference Taking Place at Lands Registry Over Progresso Heights?
While an attempt will be made ahead of July thirty-first to get the cautions lifted, Courtenay says that there has been a complete abuse of process where it concerns the [...]

More Cross-Examination into DNA Evidence in Murder Trial
The murder trial for slain Pastor Llewellyn Lucas continued today in the Belmopan Supreme Court.  The day’s proceedings focused on the forensics with four witnesses appearing in court.  This morning, [...]

Trevor Brown Arraigned for Assaulting a Pair of Sisters
The boyfriend of a Belize City woman is out on bail tonight. Both Jayelle Young and her sister, Yasmeen, claim that Trevor Brown physically abused them.  Jayelle alleges that he [...]

Belize City Man Takes Legal Action against K.H.M.H.A.
Legal action is being taken against the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority for malpractice and negligence. Belize City resident Floyd Reneau says that the doctors at the K.H.M.H. failed to [...]

Floyd Reneau Alleges that Malpractice Led to his Common-Law’s Death
According to Reneau, a biopsy was done, but he was told that the results returned negative for any signs of a disease.  Her condition, however, worsened to the point that [...]

K.H.M.H.A. says Matter is Being Reviewed by Legal Counsel
That wrong, Reneau says, was done by health officials at the K.H.M.H.  After his attorney sent a letter to the authority, Reneau met with Director of Health Services Doctor Marvin [...]

News Five Digs Deeper into Sanctuary Belize Scam
The deeper we dig, the more details emerge on the Sanctuary Bay saga. News Five has obtained the copy of an affidavit by Anthony Bailey; he is a resident of [...]

Gaspar Vega Emerges for Village Council Elections
The once powerful Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources has been keeping a low profile.  Gaspar Vega has missed countless meetings of the House of Representatives on behalf [...]

“The Dark Side of the Caribbean”
A detailed news article published by “El Pais” looks at the dark side of the Caribbean. Belize is featured in two aspects: Blue Creek, the powerful economic engine of the [...]

A Vehicular Collision of Faber’s Road; Young Woman Escapes Unhurt
A young lady was left shaken up, but fortunately escaped unhurt after a frightening accident this afternoon.  Her small car was damaged when it was hit by a towhead and [...]

Caring for Trafficked Persons: Guidance for Health Providers
A manual combining research, field experience and good practices for providing health services to victims of human trafficking has been introduced by the Ministry of Health and the International Organization [...]

FAO and Ministry of Agriculture Conclude Train-the-trainers Seminar
Phase One of a three-day train-the-trainers workshop being held by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Food and Agriculture Organization has concluded.  The Sustainable Food Systems and Value Chain Development [...]

Belize & El Salvador Police Officers Receive GREAT Training
A group of police officers from Belize and El Salvador are participating in an eight-day training in the community policing initiative, known as the GREAT Programme. The Gang Resistance Education [...]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Protest raised against ‘Paslow Plaza’
On Tuesday morning, on the second day of commemorations of the 1919 Ex-Servicemen’s Revolt, protestors […]

Train-the-Trainers Workshop on Sustainable Food Systems and Value Chain Development concludes
The Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United […]

Vasquez family says police need more training on dealing with mentally unstable suspects
The family of Nestor Vasquez Jr., who died following a tragic incident where police left […]

Chamber launches new Policy Tracker website
Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)’s says that as a part of its triple-C […]

United Kingdom has new Prime Minister
Photo: BBC Following the resignation of former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) Theresa […]

Fair weather to continue
Generally fair and dry weather is expected to continue with a temporary increase in moisture […]

Canadian woman battling cancer seeks help to keep Belizean daughter in Canada
A Canadian woman who had settled in Belize, opened a school, adopted a Belizean girl […]

Ministry of Health monitoring dengue cases
The Ministry of Health is closely monitoring dengue cases in Belize. 7News Belize confirmed yesterday […]

2 Belize City men wanted for separate murders
Belize City resident, Emerson Garnett is wanted by police for the murder of Jose Hilario […]

Would-be thief defeated by all-seeing camera
In a strange case of what not to do when attempting a burglary, 27-year-old Cris […]

DNA links 3 of 4 accused murderers of Pastor Lucas
It shocked the entire nation when the head of a pastor was discovered inside the back […]

National Security CEO Felix Enriquez visits U.K.
Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, Felix Enriquez is on a visit […]


Caribbean People as One
Encuentro is in its third day of a week long event, coordinated by the Methodist Church. Young people continue to acquaint themselves with each other and are doing their best to overcome language barrier, among other things. Love News had a chance to speak with some of the youths from other countries to get their …

More dengue cases recorded this year than in previous two years
There has been an outbreak of dengue in Belize, particularly in the northern and southern districts. The numbers recorded so far have surpassed those that were recorded in the past two years, combined. When we spoke to Doctor Marvin Manzanero, the Director of Health Services, he said that the outbreak was not unexpected. Dr. Marvin …

Health workers learnt to identify suspected human trafficking victims
Belizeans are not used to hearing of cases of human trafficking, particularly, in their own neighborhood. The unfortunate reality, however, is that many times it could be playing out right next door and we wouldn’t be able to identify it. While the country is still finding its way in countering and preventing cases of human …

Man blames wife’s death on hospital negligence
A man who recently lost his wife to cancer, is claiming that she would still be alive if not for the negligence of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. For 15 long months, Floyd Reneau reportedly had to watch his wife suffer as colon cancer slowly killed her; the whole while not knowing that she was …


Consider the Lobster Roll: Elvi’s Kitchen for Lunch
We went for lunch yesterday at one of my favorite eating spots in San Pedro – Elvi’s Kitchen. I was lured in by the lunch special. $25bzd. Lobster Roll. The New England classic that screams SUMMER. The sandwich that seems so simple…just a few ingredients…but differs so much by US state and even individual restaurant. At first sight, it’s lightly dressed lobster on a fresh hot dog bun. But so much can go wrong especially if you are a staunch supporter of a specific preparation. Which brings me to the great Maine Lobster Roll vs. Connecticut Lobster Roll debate. Mayonnaise vs. Butter. Hot Lobster roll vs. cold. Lemon? Celery? Green onion? It can be SOOOO straightfoward and delicious. Or it can be a gloppy mayonnaise-y or even worse, an oniony mess. I like both types, I like them hot and cold. I like a lobster roll. I like it very much. So we went into Elvi’s to test it out. Elvi’s Kitchen Lobster roll is delicious. Here are the deets.

International Sourcesizz

John McAfee says he's been released from detention in Dominican Republic
Millionaire anti-virus software founder John McAfee said Wednesday that he was released from detention in the Dominican Republic. A spokesman for McAfee's 2020 campaign tweeted earlier this week that McAfee was being detained and threatened to release data hidden by McAfee if he did not check in. The Caribbean island's armed forces and public ministry told The Associated Press earlier Wednesday that McAfee was taken into custody along with U.S. citizens Elizabeth McAfee and Richard Alan Gibson, Robert Whitfield of Germany, Oral Thompson of The Bahamas and Vasner Louis of Haiti. They were suspected of traveling on a yacht carrying high-caliber weapons, ammunition and military-style gear.

The Dark Side of the Caribbean
The coastal area shared by Mexico, Guatemala and Belize is one of the most porous and little-known regions in the southern America border. Via three feature articles – in Xcalak, a remote Mexican village that lives off the cocaine that washes up from the sea; in Blue Creek, the powerful economic engine of the Mennonites; and in Puerto Barrios, the dark Guatemalan port in the Atlantic – this special report describes the enigmatic reality that exists just a stone’s throw from some of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. A detailed news article published by “El Pais” looks at the dark side of the Caribbean. Belize is featured in two aspects: Blue Creek, the powerful economic engine of the Mennonites and Don Luis, an immigrant who fled Belize to Mexico due to the drug trade, specifically cocaine. Belize is a transit point for international drug traffickers and recently many drug planes have been found in Belize, burnt and destroyed.

Twist Travel Magazine Issue 008
Twist Magazine loves Cayo in their latest issue. They mention many of the more popular sites around Cayo, including Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Ajaw Chocolate, and Mountain Pine Ridge, and they are enamored by the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Great read, and one can get an idea of how Cayo is perceived from the guests' point of view. "During your stay in San Ignacio, be sure to take time to enjoy the town itself. The fruit and vegetable market is busiest on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so go on one of those days if possible, and consider booking a session at AJAW Chocolate and Crafts, where you can learn about the history and process of cacao and drinking chocolate in the Mayan tradition. We spent a week in San Ignacio and barely scratched the surface of the outdoor and cultural excursions offered here. With more time, we would have canoed the Macal River, rappelled into a sink hole, toured more caves, and driven over the border to see the ruins at Tikal. We didn’t miss megaresorts, all-inclusive dining experiences, or beaches."


  • Summer Art Waves, 11min.

  • Mango hunting in Belize, 3min.

  • What do you know about Gill Nets?, 1.5min. We took to the streets of Belize to ask people their thoughts on gillnets and its impact on our marine life and there was only one conclusion - If we all fish sustainably, we can always fish.

  • Government of Belize and The European Union - Financing Agreement for Sustainable Energy Project, 36min. Government of Belize and The European Union signed a Financing Agreement for Sustainable Energy Project for 31.9M BZD. We spoke with EU representatives about how the project will be implemented. On our couch: H. E. Ambassador Malgorzata WASILEWSKA - Head of Delegation for the Delegation of the European Union to Belize. Nicholaus Hansmann - Team Leader for the Delegation of the European Union to Belize.

  • Belize Police Depratment - crime prevention and reduction strategies, 45min. Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police, shared his stance on the effectiveness of the Belize Police Department's crime prevention and reduction strategies.

  • Prestige Productions - lighting effects premiere company, 20min. Prestige Productions is the premiere company to provide your party and event lighting needs. Karlo Romero, owner of Prestige Productions, talked with us about the new technology in the field and the various packages offered. He says lighting effects are a valuable investment to create the perfect ambiance and transform your event from regular to memorable.

  • Doing Chores and Making Friends in Paradise, 28 min. Really good video about Caye Caulker for anyone that is traveling here for the first time or 10th time. Desiree walks through her routine of arriving in a new port-- washing and stowing sails, rinsing the deck and metal fittings on Atticus, grocery shopping, doing laundry, filling up on water, diesel and gas, and meeting people along the way. Although arriving in a new places has it’s challenges, the most rewarding aspect of the adventure is opening up our lives to new friends with completely different experiences and paths than our own.

  • Corozal Football Association Summer Camp 2019, 1.5min. held their third day of Summer at the Corozal Civic Center. They are currently doing Summer Camp from 9:00am to 11:30am for youths ages 8 to 15 years. This Summer camp ends this Friday.

  • Corozal Football Association summer camp, 4.5min. This Morning The Corozal Football Association did their third day of summer camp this morning. They are currently doing Summer Camp from 9:00am to 11:30am for youths ages 8 to 15 year.

  • Belize 2017 First Scuba Dive and Certification, 4min.

  • Belize 2019, 5.5min. We took a daddy/daughter/son trip to Belize that began with a hike through Xunantunich and Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins. We headed over to cockscomb basin to the Jaguar Preserve to hike to Tiger Fern Falls. We took a water taxi over to Caye Caulker for some snorkeling in Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley. We stayed in Caye Caulker, San Ignacio, Hopkins and Dangriga.

  • Carnival Vista April 2019 Belize Twister Boat Excursion, 10min.

  • Sports Talk Show, 60min.