Would like to address this. I normally don't give things like this much attention, but when it comes down to people talking about my character in any negative way & spreading false information, I feel the need to defend myself. Today we arrived in Belize. After two flights and only 2 hours of sleep the night before, I was caught off guard at the airport. I only travel with one personal bodyguard on the road at all times. Everything or anyone else beyond him is what promoters provide. I took a 1 1/2 hour boat ride instead of flying in the small plane because as my real fans know, I have a fear of flying and I didn't feel comfortable. Flying would have been much easier actually. But again, I'm terrified. As far as hotels go. I think anywhere you go to rest, sleep & have personal time, should be respected and private. Would like to clarify that I am not staying in an entire hotel by myself tho. When arriving on the boat I had JUST woken up. I was caught off guard, yet again. But I did indeed wave to the fans while literally being half asleep.

More importantly, no matter what people say, I'd just like to say that I am with out a doubt TRULY thankful and blessed to have the support of the people here in Belize and would never do anything to disrespect anyone. I'm just tired sometimes and since people aren't used to seeing the human side of us, I guess it can be taken the wrong way. I love my fans and I appreciate them.

Please excuse all of my typos. I wrote it as I was literally walking to stage. Besides all of the negativity and sparklers almost catching me and my dancers on fire while on stage, my team and I had a great time tonight on stage with the wonderful people who came to party with us. So many beautiful people out in the crowd. Even saw the II flag out there. Thanks to whoever brought it out. Makes me proud to represent my roots. Also lots of littles danced the night away with us, I think my Beasters know how happy the littles make me.

Again, apologies to whoever felt some type of way about me, but what I will not apologize for is being human or allow myself to be spoken down about without clarifying my end. My real fans know me, more importantly they know that I respect them just as much as they respect me. All love.