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The San Pedro Sun

Exciting and Reignited: International Costa Maya Festival rocks La Isla Bonita!
The biggest festival in Belize, the International Costa Maya Festival: Reignited, began on Friday, July 26th at the Honorable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex with the Reina de la Costa Maya pageant. Taking the coveted 2019 title of Reina de la Costa Maya was Lisbeth Valverde Brenes of Costa Rica! After an elegant show of beauty, glamour, and culture onstage, Valverde Brenes managed to charm the judges and crowd, walking away with the crown. The big draw for the second night of the Costa Maya Festival was certainly the much-anticipated performance by songstress Becky G. Before she could come onstage to rock her fans’ world however, the stage was the venue for some Belizean superstars, including TR Shine, Marlyn Vansen, and the punta rock king himself, Supa G!

Ambergris Today

Commercial Fishermen Leading Ban Gillnet Movement In Belize
Commercial fishermen are leading the movement to ban gillnets in Belize. They recognize that gillnets have led to major declines in their fish stocks and they are concerned about the future of their fishery and their livelihoods. Of more than 2,500 licensed fishermen in Belize, only 83 are currently licensed as gillnet fishermen based on the official report provided by the Fisheries Department. “As Director of the Belize Federation of Fishers, I can state that this ban is the top priority for our members. Banning gillnets throughout Belizean waters is very important to our fishermen because gillnets represent an outdated and indiscriminate fishing method which threatens the health of our fish stocks,” said Nigel Martinez.

Various Belizean Sources


Mr. Saul Garcia passes away
Mr. Saul Garcia, who many of the students who have visited with us know, died today. It was not unexpected, he was old, and had been put into hospital the other day, but it is a very sad moment for us. Mr Saul was a great neighbor, always full of information and generous with his plants, and we have brought many hundreds of people through his farm. Mr. Sauls farm is the single most biologically diverse farm I have ever seen, with hundreds of species and multiple cultivars of most of those species. Well before "permaculture" was a word, Mr Saul was planting the seeds of what would be a very complex multistrata agroforestry system, a model that is unequaled in diversity and food security, which inspired much of our work. His land was very challenging, marginally steep, with a large ravine and a north facing slope, and yet, in a 25 meter by 25 meter area, we counted 22 species useful to Mr. Saul, not including the cacao, of which there were four distinct cultivars.

Helping Hands Summer Camp touring Goldson House

Mechanical rides have arrived in Corozal!

This huge crocodile is a lurking predator on Magrove Street in the Boca del Rio Area - San Pedro Town
It is walking into some yards of some residents and the concern is for the safety of children. Hopefully the Croc people relocate this dangerous reptile.

Miss East Indian Pageant 2019 will be held Saturday, August 3rd, 2019 in Corozal

Voting for Belize Destination of the Year
Have a favorite Belize destination? Now you can vote for it to win Destination of the Year at this year’s National Tourism Awards! This new category will allow you to vote once a day for your favorite destination. Vote here:

YOGOBEAN is coming to San Pedro!
Come check us out this August 1st. We are so Excited! We are located on Pescador Drive right beside Lino’s Meat Shop. Our opening hours are 8 am to 10 pm.

Kids in Action
This year program was another great success, we certified 38 persons. It would not be possible without the support of Sponsors and coordinators. Our vision is to create a sustainable educational and coral conservation partnership program. Were we can offer educational opportunities for the youth, while protecting our coral reef ecosystem.

Channel 7

Woman Murdered By Jealous Ex In Griga
It was a terrible and traumatic weekend in Belize - where 7 relatively young people lost their lives abruptly. Two 22 year old's, a 21 year old, and an 18 year old were killed in a single traffic accident. And then, a 26 year old was killed in a construction accident. And then, a 31 year old died while trying out for the coast guard. And, a 41 year old woman was murdered in a domestic dispute. And that's where we start tonight - in Dangriga.

Murder Suspect On The Run Has History of Violence
Now the ex-common law husband has a history of violence. According to Flowers' relatives, he has threatened to kill her several times and has even pulled a gun on her sisters and other relatives. He had been charged with aggravated assault with a firearm. Today at the morgue, we spoke to Flowers' sister and she gave more insight into their abusive relationship including a harrowing incident that happened just a couple days ago. We also spoke to Flowers' 18 year old daughter about the tragic loss of yet another parent.

Quadruple Road Fatality Leaves 4 Young Men Dead
And from that violent domestic dispute which ended in murder, we turn now to the weekend's other traumatic event. It was a fatal accident in the Ladyville area which left 4 Belize City men dead, and another recovering from serious injuries. It happened between miles 6 and 7 on the Philip Goldson Highway. 4 of the 5 occupants of a white Toyota Camry died when it slammed into a lamppost and snapped the car completely into 2. Our news team has closely been following the story, and Daniel Ortiz reports:

Father of Three Drowns In Coast Guard Tryout
On Saturday morning, 31 year old Brigel Teck from Libertad Village was one of the 360 hopefuls who showed up at the Coast Guard headquarters in Belize to tryout. He was over the age limit - and he had tried before and failed - but Teck was still hopeful. And he had reason to be, because he could swim - while many of the other hopefuls could not. That's why he was called up from the final reserve list after very many applicants had failed. And he completed the swim test, but, then, something unexpected happened. The Vice commander of the Coast Guard told us more:...

Family Says Teck Was Fit
Today in Libertad, Teck's niece spoke to CTV-3 about his physical health, and his zeal to join the Coast Guard. She said he had no known pre-existing conditions. Reporter: "As far as the family knows, was he sick, did he have a medical condition?" Shanique Neal- Brigel Teck's Niece: "No, he have no major sicknesses. He has always been vibrant determined, energetic, he has always been playing sports. Until now, he was in a league. He was to play the night and the morning we heard he died. He was to play his game the night but unfortunately this happened. He was always going around and everything. He was the defense for his team, he won first place and like that. So, he has never been sick. We have never heard he had a heart problem. So, it was shocking for everybody."

Roy Pott Dies After Accident At Construction Site
And, another relatively young man from the north died this weekend in a construction accident. 26 year old Roy Pott was working at a water plant in Carmelita Village, Orange Walk. He and others were digging out a large cavity for an underground reservoir at a privately owned water plant. But, suddenly, the earthen wall fell on him. Police told us more:

Roy Pott's Sad Demise
Today in Caledonia village, Pott's father spoke to CTV-3 - and he told them about his son's sad demise:.. Rudy Pott, Fathe of Deceased: "And the chief said, it's time to go home. Some of them left and my son stayed. And then they shouted that the thing collapsed on top of him. He was left trapped in the hole. They dug him out and rushed him to the hospital. And when he got there he was still talking and everything. But then the doctor told him he had internal bleeding..."

No Charges Yet For Police Corporal
It's been almost two weeks now since Allyson Major was killed by a police bullet in downtown Belize City. The Commissioner of police has publicly said that the corporal who fired on him was wrong to do so. But, whether he will be criminally charged is another matter. Today in Belmopan, the Commissioner said there was some delay in getting the file to the DPP:...

Hurry-Come-Up Curfew Is Mano-Suave Style
And, in another topical case, the commissioner gave us an update on a his "hurry-come-up" curfew which he launched 10 days ago in Belize City. As we told you, it targets the parents of children who are found on the street after dark. But today the COMPOL made it clear, it's being implemented "mano-suave" style:... Chester Williams- Commissioner of Police: "We have indeed encountered some children on the streets after hours and we took them home to their parent and we issued a verbal warning..."

BTL Expert Testifies About Text Messages At Mason Trial
ON Friday, we told you how DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal called 2 more FBI experts to testify in the murder trial of William "Danny" Mason, Ashton Vanegas, Keiron Fernandez, Terrence Fernandez, and Ernest Castillo. The prosecution has been relying on DNA evidence to help prove that these 5 accused men are responsible for the July 2016 beheading murder Pastor Lewellyn Lucas. Well, today's testimony was about the part of the police's investigation into this case which involved the telephone communication between Pastor Lucas and William Mason. An IT specialist from BTL, testified today. He said that he was given a court order to extract text messages and registration names for 4 telephone numbers. One of those numbers belonged to Pastor Lucas, and the was allegedly a business number belonging to Mason.

Calling All Officers
Today at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan, the Commissioner of police called his second officer's conference since he took over in January. The 123 officers meaning those above the rank of Sargent - many of them recently promoted - were in session for the entire day in basically a professional development workshop. The Commissioner told us more: Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "It is important that as senior members of the Belize Police Department that we meet on a regular basis to be able to discuss our strategies and to see what we can do to enhance the level of service that we offer to the public..."

Promotions Cause Disgruntlement
So, those 123 officers ranked from Inspector to Commissioner from the senior command of a department with 2,300 police men and women. When promotions were approved earlier this month - a fair number of those in the rank and file weren't happy. They felt passed over, disrespected, and dealt an unjust hand. We asked the commissioner about it:.. Reporter: "For many the optimism and hope that greeted your arrival as the ComPol 6 months ago and worn off for many and there is a lot of discontent in the ranks, from the low ranks up to the high. We know that any promotion there are a lot of hearts broken and a lot of men are vex. Explain to me how are you managing this discontent?"

Cops Stage Low Grade Sick Out?
And while the commissioner defends the promotions process, reports say that disgruntled officers who were passed over started calling in sick after the promotions were announced. It got so bad, the compel had to send a memo requiring sick papers only from governnment health facilities. We asked the COMPOL and he said it wasn't that bad:... Reporter: "Is it not a fact that after the promotion finish, there were many officers who were calling in sick?" Chester Williams- Commissioner of Police: "No, that is not true. Our sick leave applicants have remained steady..."

PM Rejects Gang Narrative For June Murders
And moving from administrative matters to the situation on the ground, we also asked the COMPOL about June's murder figures which were up 340%. He said that was a bad month - but police still have things basically under control. We disputed that: Reporter: "You have been having a pretty good run as commissioner. Is it indicative of the fact that it's not about you, it's what the criminals choose to do. You dint really have control. You got lucky and got away for a few months, but then the criminals turn it up and there goes your numbers." Chester Williams - Commissioner of Police: "You have a funny way of putting things, but be that as it may, yes as I said before the month of June we took a shellacking. That is the truth..."

A Parliamentary Alliance Against Hunger
Switching gears now from crime Belize's Parliament is concerned about the rising rate of hunger and malnutrition in Belize, and so, they've decided to take direct action against it. They have formed a bipartisan organization called the Belize Parliamentary Alliance against Hunger and Malnutrition. In theroy, the Alliance will use its legislative power to make policy and legislation changes to lessen the number of Belizeans being negatively affected by these 2 social ills.

City Hall Shows Some Love
If you passed by the Swift Hall in the Lake Independence area of Belize City today, you would have definitely noticed the crowds of women and children who were there. These were there for a generous back-to-school pantry program run by the Belize City Council, in collaboration with the American Christian Outreach mission called, Brothers And Sisters Ministries. Brothers and Sisters has chosen Belize as the country where it wants to spread a little generosity to impoverished communities.

Cayo Crops Caught Suspicious Men On the Move
On Friday night, sharp police work by Cayo Police may have intercepted a crime in progress. It started with police spotting a vehicle of suspicious men on the move in Santa Elena. Police acted quickly to intercept the men and round a weapon. Here's more: ACP Joseph Myvette- Head of NCIB: "On Friday evening sometime shortky before 5pm, police on patrol in the Santa Cruz area of Santa Elena Town came upon a green in color Toyota Corolla Taxi which at the time had in 3 occupants..."

Man Shot In Turf War
And, on Friday night in Belize City, a man was shot in the Port Loyola area. Police said that at about a quarter to nine, 23 year old Jeffrey Gomez was walking in enemy territory:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo: "Just after 8pm on Friday night police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they observed Jeffrey Gomez with apparent gunshot wound to the body. What police have learned is that Jeffrey was walking on T-Street when he was pursued by two male persons. One of the persons fired shots at this direction, causing the injuries to him. He was treated and he was discharged the following morning from the hospital."

Dateline Dengue
As we told you last week, Belize - along with Mexico and Central America - is in the middle of a Dengue outbreak. As of July, there have been over 700 confirmed cases of dengue in Belize. This is 7-times more than the number of cases last year, and the year before that. The Director of Health Services told us that the disease is cyclical and that given the situation in our neighboring countries, it was expected:

Channel 5

Quadruple Fatality on the Philip Goldson Highway
A quadruple fatality occurred on the Philip Goldson Highway on Sunday evening and at news time, post-mortem examinations have just wrapped up as grieving relatives were camped outside the morgue [...]

Orange Walk Man Dies in Hummingbird Highway RTA
Police are also provided details of another fatality which occurred last Thursday on the Hummingbird Highway. It led to the death of Adar Awe.  Awe was travelling with Dario Melendez [...]

Woman Fatally Shot, Friend Hospitalized after Being Stabbed in Griga
A woman was shot and killed early on Sunday morning in Dangriga, purportedly as a result of jealousy.  Geraldine Flowers was inside her house in the New Site area when [...]

Rodwell Arzu is Wanted for Murder and Attempted Murder
Investigators in Dangriga have determined that Samuel Reid, the individual who was inside the house where Geraldine Flowers resided, was stabbed and shot multiple times during the deadly encounter with [...]

Man Dies in Freak Accident
There was another death over the weekend. On Saturday evening, Rye Pott lost his life in an unfortunate incident.  Pott was working at a construction site in Carmelita Village, in [...]

Libertad Villager Dies during Coast Guard Recruitment Screening Process
A father of two from Libertad Village in Corozal died during a recruitment screening at the Belize Coast Guard Headquarters over the weekend.  According to the Vice-Commandant of the Belize [...]

Confirmed Dengue Cases Continue to Spike in Belize
Health authorities continue to monitor the cases of dengue as the number of persons affected continues to spike across the country.  Today, the Director of Health Services confirmed to the [...]

Ministry of Health Monitoring Dengue Cases in the Region
There are four stereotypes of dengue in Belize; strains two and three are the more predominant ones being detected. The goal is to prevent a severe case of the disease, [...]

Ministry of Agriculture Monitoring Citrus Industry
The citrus industry continues to grapple with low productivity, dwindling farmhands, as well as lack of financing. These challenges are compounded by citrus greening, so much so that the 2018/2019 [...]

Freak Storm Wreaks Havoc in Peini
A freak storm tore through Punta Gorda on Sunday night, tottering a number of trees in town and causing a power outage.  According to several reports from that municipality, the [...]

ComPol Refutes Crime Observatory’s Stats; not all Belize City Murders were Gang Related
The month of June was bloody and deadly with a horrifying and alarming murder count.  According to the Belize Crime Observatory, during the month of June one hundred and one [...]

ComPol Williams Evokes God in Self Defense after Criticism of Promotion Process Surfaces
Commissioner Chester Williams also responded to heavy criticism that has been thrown at him by members of his very own department.  Those criticisms deal with a reported level of unfairness [...]

Belize City Curfew Still in Effect
As part of the Police Department’s crime-fighting strategy, a curfew for children is currently in effect in Belize City.  The decision was made in June after the city was gripped [...]

Belize City Man Survives Shooting; Gang Rivalry is the Motive
The only gun violence reported in the city over the weekend involved twenty-three-year-old Jeffrey Gomez, who is lucky to be alive tonight. He was shot in his abdomen on Friday [...]

Ballistic Report for Allyson Major’s Death In; Police Officer Soon to be Charged
No one has been charged for the death of Allyson Major Junior. He was fatally shot in downtown Belize City on July sixteenth.  It has been thirteen days since Major [...]

Trio Busted with .38 Revolver and Ammo
Three men have been charged for firearm offenses. They are Kurt Morgan, Ernest Thompson, and Naim Sanchez.  The trio was busted by San Ignacio police on Friday evening with a [...]

Henry Palma Remanded for the Attempted Murder of His Mother
Henry Palma is being accused of attempting to kill his own mother, Rosalie Palma, during an incident on Saturday at the Pickstock Hutment area in Belize City.  This afternoon, the [...]

A Parliamentary Declaration is Signed to End Hunger and Malnutrition in Belize
Parliamentarians from both sides of the aisle agree on one thing; there is need to end hunger and malnutrition.  To this end, Belize joins the rest of the world in [...]

ComPol Chester Williams Hosts 2nd All Senior Officers’ Conference
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams today hosted the second All Senior Officers’ Conference at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan. Senior officers countrywide converged to discuss several serious issues that [...]

Bandits Set for Scotiabank CONCACAF League 2019
The Belmopan Bandits are once again headed to the Scotiabank CONCACAF League, a tournament it will be participating in for the third time in a row.  Despite not having emerged [...]

New Team Jerseys for the Belmopan Bandits
Aside from that bit of good news, the team also revealed its new jerseys heading into the competition.   Douglas Grant, Executive Assistant, Belmopan Bandits “You know the Bandits go [...]

James Adderly and the Weekend Sporting Stats
Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports...]

The Reporter

2019 National Song Competition’s Online Voting Begins at 8:00 p.m.
The National Song Competition has completed the primary phase of the competition, all entries submitted have been reviewed by a panel of judges and the Semi-finalists have been chosen.

Multiple Fatalities at accident between mile 6-7 on the Northern Hwy.
An accident on the Phillip Goldson Hwy. (Nothn Hwy.) has caused the deaths of at least 3 people from Belize City.


Car accidents takes the lives of four young men
Four persons are dead and another injured after the vehicle they were traveling in crashed into a lamp post. The scene laid out on the Philip Goldson Highway just before seven o’clock last night saw four men with varying degrees of injuries flung from the vehicle to the side of the road and the middle …

Parliament taking on the task to end hunger
Hunger is a serious threat to the well-being of a nation and in the past the problem has been addressed on a small-scale level in Belize. The problem is now being addressed at the highest level with the launch of the “Belize Parliamentary Alliance against Hunger and Malnutrition”. This initiative saw parliamentarians come together and …

The Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries launches a Ban Gillnets Campaign
The Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries (CSF) is launching a “Ban Gillnets” campaign in Belize. In a release sent on Friday, they stated that commercial fishermen are leading the movement to ban gillnets, as they know it can lead to major declines in their fish stock, as well as negatively affect the future of the fishing …

Jealous ex-lover kills woman and injures her cousin
A bloodbath is how the family of 41-year-old, Geraldine Flowers described the scene of her murder. Flowers, who had been in an abusive relationship for two years, had finally decided to get out when her estranged lover, 38-year-old, Rodwell Arzu reportedly broke into her house on Isadora Street, Dangriga Town and shot her in the …

Man suffers heart attack during Coast Guard exams
A 31-year-old man is dead after he attempted to fulfil his dream of becoming a part of the Belize Coast Guard. Brigaile Teck of Libertad Village, Corozal District was at the Coast Guard Headquarters on Saturday, July 27, undergoing the rigorous exam for those desirous of joining the team. According to a police report, Teck …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Husband must keep the peace after pulling knife on wife
A 39-year-old husband, who was before the court on a single charge of aggravated assault […]

Man accused of attempting to murder mother baffles court
Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer was hard-pressed to get through a routine arraignment for attempted murder after […]

Guatemala cracks under US pressure, signs ‘Safe Third’ agreement
After threats of economic sanctions by United States President Donald Trump, the government of Guatemala has […]

Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation becomes first ministry with prestigious certification
The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MTCA) has become the first ministry within the […]

Police hold conference on improving crime fighting
Today the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, held a conference with his senior officers at the […]

Police: T Street shooting gang related
Two suspects were detained but released in connection with Friday night’s shooting in Belize city. […]

Chester Willians: Curfew remains in effect
Earlier this month, Commissioner of Police, re-instituted a curfew for children in Belize City. Today […]

UK next to legalize marijuana?
Three British parliamentarians speaking to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) say they believe the United […]

Police comment on fatal road traffic accident
Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo, today commented on a road traffic accident that claimed […]

Both major parties claim victory in village council elections
Both major political parties in Belize, the UDP and PUP are claiming victory in the […]

Choice Bank appoints new liquidatorRegional climate change organization warns Belize of extended drought
Despite increasing rainfall, the Barbados-based Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum (CariCOF), says Belize and some countries […]

“Ancient tools found in Belize reveal clues about ancient times,” archaeologists say
A research team from the University of New Mexico (UNM) has said that some ancient […]

RRR Air Evac and BERT partner for emergency response-Costa Maya 2019
RRR Air Evac and BERT partnered to provide Emergency Medical Services in San Pedro for […]

UDP claims victory in village council elections
The ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) issued a statement today claiming victory in the village […]

Belize Peace Movement calls on GOB to exhaust all options to deter Guatemala from annexing Sarstoon River
The Belize Peace Movement (Patriots Engaged Against Corruption & Exploitation) issued a statement today informing […]

Who are we? We are what we share.
by Lisa Shoman. Jewelizeans are an incredibly resilient people. We pride ourselves in being resources and resolute […]

Choice Bank appoints new liquidator
Choice Bank, the now defunct offshore financial institution, has appointed a new liquidator, Kareem Michael, […]

British Army officer imprisoned for fatal accident in Belize
A British Army sergeant has been imprisoned for killing a Salvadoran diner in Belize in […]

Mother of fallen hero elected as village councilor
Jean Conorquie, mother of fallen Belizean hero, Danny Conorquie was elected as village councilor to […]

PUP dominates village elections countrywide
The Opposition, People’s United Party (PUP), in a press release issued today, declares that it […]

Woman stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend, man hospitalized in the incident
A Dangriga woman was fatally stabbed to death yesterday morning and a man hospitalized from […]

UDP did not contest village council elections in 7Miles/ El Progresso, Cayo
Surprisingly, the present UDP administration and Cayo Central Area representative, Rene Montero did not contest […]

Belize Coast Guard conduct internal investigation into examination systems
The Belize Coast Guard regrets the death of Brigel Teck of Libertad Village, Corozal. The […]

UDP ‘takes back’ Bullet Tree in Village Council Elections
The United Democratic Party (UDP) and Area representative, Omar Figueroa has taken back the reigns […]


The New Lodge at Jaguar Reef in Hopkins Village
Last week, I spent two heavenly two nights at the new Lodge at Jaguar Reef in Southern Belize. I say “new” even though Jaguar Reef is one of the original hotels in the area. Always beautiful, she is getting an upgrade…in some major ways. We were in heaven. The property is so large and beautiful – the suite so perfectly appointed, it was tempting to spend the whole stay inside. Our own plunge pool! An indoor/outdoor shower! Perhaps leaving our rooms just for food – the stunning restaurant was only a few steps away.

The 15 Best Places to Visit in Belize
When most people think of visiting the Caribbean, they imagine a tropical island like Jamaica or the Cayman Islands. However, to get a taste of that tropical paradise, you might want to consider a trip to the small coastal country of Belize in Central America… As a few plusses, the country uses the dollar, English is the official language, and there are a ton of fun and beautiful places to visit in Belize. Situated just south of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Belize is a place worth your time and attention. If you like the idea of white sandy beaches, a diverse and exciting local culture, and fabulous memories that will last a lifetime, Belize is the place to be.

6 Things to Know Before Traveling to Belize
Travelers to Belize are often surprised to see how much natural beauty and outdoor adventure this tiny Central American nation offers. From idyllic Caribbean beaches teeming with marine life to sacred Maya sites and adrenaline-pumping rainforest activities, it’s no surprise that tourism is on the rise in Belize. If Belize is on the radar for your upcoming travels, here are six things to know before you go.

Why You Should Spend Your Christmas Vacation in Belize
While you definitely won’t see any snow falling during Christmas in Belize, this small Caribbean country is one of the best places to enjoy the holidays. Although December and January are quintessential winter months in North America, in Belize, they are when the weather is at its finest. The Christmas period in Belize is full of warm, delicious sunshine and delightful temperatures that average in the mid-80’s, making it perfect T-shirt and sandals time. For many visitors, getting away from the cold and misery of winter is one of the best reasons to visit Belize during the Christmas holidays.

Rotary Club of Corozal, Belize cutting of the Ribbon was held this morning at Children's Park
few weeks ago, The Rotary Club of Corozal, Belize began a small project to remodel Children's Park in Corozal. During the Remodeling, They installed newly monkey bars, new swings, they upgraded the Rotary International Sign, They repainted the entire park in different colors, they added new tables and sits, new logos were added on the fence of the park, recycled tires for children to use. Fast Forward until today, Children's Park is now upgraded and is ready for the public to use.

Horseback Summer Camp in Belize
Kids and “kids at heart” have been coming to Banana Bank Horse Camp since 2006. In the first year, we had 5 participants and only one camp. This year we had 25 campers in our first camp and registration is still open for our second camp in August. In 2006 there were not many summer camp options for kids in Belize and certainly none that involved horses. The concept is based on teaching awareness and riding ability for anyone who loves horses, also, campers learn how to develop a relationship with their horse. Over the years we have had many newcomers as well as veterans, kids from nearby and not so nearby, ages from five to sixty-five; but all with one thing in common..their love for horses!

International Sourcesizz

British Army sergeant jailed for killing diner by reversing over him while drunk
An Army sergeant has been found guilty at court martial for causing death by dangerous driving (whilst in Belize - September 2016). An Army sergeant killed a diner by accidentally reversing a pick-up truck into a Belizean cafe while drunk. Sergeant Lee Humphreys, 44, of the 32nd Regiment, Royal Artillery, had been socialising with other soldiers at a night club while stationed in Belize, a court martial has heard. After he got into his Ford F150 pick-up just after midnight to drive home, the Army driving instructor put it in the wrong gear and careered backwards at 15mph into four people eating at a cafe.

2019 CONCACAF League: Everything you need to know
The 2019 Scotiabank CONCACAF League kicks off this week, and you can stream the matches live on Yahoo Sports. Here’s everything you need to know about the competition, how to watch, and more ... What is the Scotiabank CONCACAF League? It’s a club competition to determine qualification for the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League. It takes place from July 30 through November 26 of this year. The CONCACAF League is a knockout tournament, with each round featuring home and away legs. It begins with a preliminary round, with six winners advancing to the Round of 16, then winners progress to the quarterfinals, semifinals, and ultimately the finals.


  • Scuba School And Family Dive Center Belize, 3.5min. As a professional dive training facility, we offer all our divers an ongoing educational experience even when doing recreational dives. We have instituted numerous steps to make you the very best diver right from the start.​

  • Maruba Beach Klub, 1min. Yes ! We do water service , we have floating chairs and tables , we built nothing in the water as we wanted that nice clean look always ! We set the trend for service , best food and drinks .. all our staff works diligently to make sure all our clients is taking care of. Maruba staff cares about all customers and our secret beach ... We take pride in our #maruba name as our family had worked and built a reputation behind that name for over 50 years ..

  • Helping Hands Summer Camp touring Goldson House, 1min.

  • Nominations for 2019 Belize Youth Awards, 4min. The Department of Youth Services (DYS) in the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, and Culture is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Belize Youth Awards. As the DYS continues to welcome nominees, our Belize Now team found out more about the purpose of the awards and caught up with a couple of past recipients. Janel Rodriguez has this story.

  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Enhancement Program, 5min. The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Enhancement Program was launched on May 29 this year. Since the start of this month, the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce along with its partners, have been traveling across the country to sensitize small businesses about the program. We joined in at a few of the stops to get feedback from the business community.

  • Sea Turtles in Belize 2 | Snorkeling Silk Caye, 2min. After a 2-tank scuba dive and 2 snorkel outings around Silk Caye off the coast of Belize, we visited the area where local fishermen clean their catch. Sting rays, nurse sharks and 5 foot long, majestic sea turtles were waiting for scraps.

  • A week Adventuring in Belize!!, 2min. We stayed on Ambergris Caye, and traveled to Caye Caulker.

  • CHICAGO Belize Day 2019, 1hr20min.

  • Belize Trip To San Ignacio, 23min.

  • San Pedro Belize Blue Bayou Cafe, 1min.

  • Bandits SC Press Conference | Princess Ramada | Belize City, 32min.