The Belize Bus Association is fed up with government. A latter dated July 29th says, quote "Our members have gotten enough of the dialogue, we will do whatever we need to get GOB's attention and as long as we need to do it," end quote.

If we have to spell it out for you, that's subtly hinting at the possibility of a bus strike which would cripple the transport system and immobilize a large part of the country.

And, the bus owners are frustrated because since April of this year, they've been having meeting after meeting with the government, ranging form the ministry of transport to tourism, to foreign affairs.

They want Guatemalan busses to stop at the Western Border where the taxi cooperative and the Bus association would then move passengers from there to the rest of the country. Presently Guatemalan busses can move through the border.

They are asking government for a favorable response and the letter has been sent to the Prime Minister as well.

We'll keep following the story.

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