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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Natural Energy Donates to the Belize Youth Challenge Program
Belize Natural Energy (BNE) today, July 30th, donated a Toyota Hilux pickup from its fleet, complete with one-year full servicing to the Belize Youth Challenge Program (BYC). The handing over of the keys and vehicle certificate was done by CEO of BNE, Mr. Marlow Neal, to CEO of the Ministry of National Security, Mr. Felix Enriquez. On hand to receive the donation was Captain Ivan Locario, Deputy Commandant of the BYC. CEO Neal commented that they are very impressed with the way the BYC Program is run and as such, they are happy to be able to assist in the efforts to uplift the lives of the young men who have volunteered to take the challenge. CEO Enriquez expressed his gratitude for the donation and appreciation to BNE for taking this proactive initiative as a corporate entity.

Police claim a reduction in major crime for the first six months of 2019
The crime situation in Belize for the first six months of 2019 has made local and international headlines after a spate of violence left Belizeans and foreigners dead. The Belize Police Department is yet to issue their mid-year crime statistics, but during a gathering on Monday, July 15th they claimed that compared to the same period in 2018, there is an 18% reduction in major crimes. However, that claim does not include the many Belizeans that have gone missing and are feared dead. One of the major crime statistics that caught the attention of Belizeans is that of murder. According to a report by the Belize Crime Observatory, the period of January to June of 2019 recorded fewer murders compared to the same period in 2018. A total of 82 murders were recorded in 2018 the mid-year crime report, and although this year’s report has not been officially issued by police so far, reliable sources indicate that 66 were registered up to June this year.

Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries launches campaign to ban gillnets in Belize
As gillnets continue to hurt the fishing industry and marine life of Belize, the Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries (CSF) has launched a campaign to ban gillnets in the country. CSF is a group of conservation organizations, commercial fishermen, tourism representatives, and sports fishing enthusiasts with a single priority, which is to ban gillnets in Belize. The Coalition recently presented a formal proposal to the government calling for an end to all gillnet fishing in Belizean waters following a one-year phase-out period. This proposal includes a commitment by the Coalition to provide at least $1,000,000 BZ to assist licensed gillnet fishermen in transitioning to more sustainable fishing methods and/or other alternative livelihoods. Commercial fishermen are leading the movement to ban gillnets in Belize.

2019 PLB Opening Season begins: San Pedro Pirates lose first home match
For their first game in the 2019 Premiere League of Belize (PLB), San Pedro Pirates hosted the Belmopan Bandits at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town on Saturday, July 27th. The island team fought hard for the first game of the season, but the visiting team managed to claim a 2-0 win. For their next match, San Pedro Pirates will be traveling to Independence Village, Stann Creek District to go against Altitude F.C on Saturday, August 3rd. The match is scheduled to start at 7:30PM at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village. Any person that is interested in accompanying the Pirates as a fan can call 608-6396 for more information.

Ambergris Today

CrossFit San Pedro Represented At The Reebok Crossfit Games In USA
The Reebok CrossFit Games 2019 will be taking place from August 1 – 4 in Madison, Minnesota in the USA. Our tiny country of Belize is being represented, San Pedro Town in particular by Belizeans Cricel Castillo and Vernon Neal as they compete under CrossFit San Pedro and Crossfit Subterranean as their affiliate box, respectively. The 2019 CrossFit Games are the 13th CrossFit Games. They will be held from August 1–4, 2019, at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin, United States. The 2019 Games are the first games to operate under a new set of qualification rules. For the Team events, it is also the first year where a team can be composed of any group of members regardless of gym affiliation.

Various Belizean Sources


Results from the Statistical Institute of Belize’s monthly Consumer Price Index survey indicated that, for the month of June 2019, Belizean households experienced a small overall decrease of 0.3 percent in the cost of regularly purchased goods and services, when compared to June 2018. The All-Items Consumer Price Index (CPI) stood at 104.7 in June 2019, a decline of 0.3 percent from 105.0 recorded in June 2018 (see Figure 1). It was observed that higher prices for food items, electricity, tertiary education and nightclub admissions were off set by lower prices in rent, fuel and international airfares. The cumulative infl ation rate for the fi rst six months in 2019, when compared to the same period in 2018, stood at 0.01 percent. During the month of June 2019, Belize’s imported goods were valued at $168.5 million, down 1.4 percent or $2.3 million from the $170.8 million imported in June of 2018. The total value of Belize’s domestic exports for the month of June 2019 was $29.7 million, down 16.4 percent or $5.8 million from the $35.5 million recorded for June of 2018.

Caye Caulker Humane Society spay and neuter day
The Caye Caulker Humane Society clinic is having a spay and neuter day this coming Tuesday, 6 August. Call 639 0801 to get your pet on the list.

Village Council Election Results for 28th July, 2019

BEL offers chance for prizes by completing Renewable Energy Survey
Get a chance to win a 40” TV, a microwave and $250 rebate on your electricity bill! Take our Renewable Energy Survey from July 29 to August 5 online at or when our reps call you. Survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Photos from the Arts & Craft Market Day at the San Pedro House of Culture

Almaht'an or Santo Almaj T'áan
Almaht'an or Santo Almaj T'áan is series of Documents consisting of prophecies and Historical events given by Juan de La cruz Puc considered as a Yucatec Maya(Masewal) Prophet . Juan de la Cruz Puc is known as the interpreter from the messages of Hahal Ku(God) during the Caste war . It is considered important Between the Yucatec Maya of the Cruzo'ob Maya faith . Cruzoob Maya faith is still followed in Quintana Roo(Mex) and Northern Belize.

Busy few days for the new C.C.V.C.
It's been a very busy few days for the new C.C.V.C. This week we met with Source Hydropanel who should be installing panels on the roof of the Community Center and the C.C.R.C. School. The team did inspections at the two locations and should follow through with implementation by November of this year. The panels will provide drinking water to the staff of the Health Center and the students of C.C.R.C School. The project is being funded by the International Development Bank. The new council also met with the Vector Control Unit and Regional Managers to implement a Dengue Prevention Plan and to come up to date with the new proposed health center. Fumigation of North Side Caye Caulker homes were conducted on Tuesday. We thank Mr. Harrison Cadle for ferrying across the Vector Control Team.

Remarks by Yasser Musa at the book presentation Pengereng by Ivory Kelly
This book Pengereng is a gift, to the small jipijapa basket that is Belizean literature. Is there such a thing as Belizean literature? Belizean poetry? Belizean writing? Belizean research? Well, we can say it, and want it to be so. But I think the bigger question rather than a declaration and a macho exercise is, do we need Belizean literature, poetry, writing, research? Inside our schools, we have over 90,000 students. What are the stories of the imagination? Our future cannot just be about our constant hunger for technology, but about how we can harness and nourish the imagination of our youth.

Ministry of National Security Clarifies Report on Gang-Related Murders
The Ministry of National Security wishes to record its disappointment with the inaccurate reporting carried out by multiple media houses earlier this week, claiming that all murders reported in Belize for the month of June were gang-related. The media incorrectly cited the June 2019 Crime Analysis Report published by the Belize Crime Observatory (BCO). The report provided a detailed breakdown of the location of the incidents, noting that nine had been recorded by Belize City police. This included the 5 murders at Swallow Caye, which fell under the jurisdiction of Belize City Police Department. The media reports which claimed that the BCO stated that all murders for June were gang-related are incorrect and irresponsible and does no good for those who are the audience of these messages.

STYROFOAM BAN Has 1 Ban on importation begins today

Emancipation Day at the Belize Museum
Come and Join us in observing Emancipation Day 2019, tomorrow Thursday August 1st, 2019 from 12:00pm - 1:00pm.

Yaaxche: JOIN US As Development Officer Volunteer
We have an exciting volunteer opportunity to join our team as Development Officer. The Development Officer Volunteer works closely with the Ya’axché team to develop project concepts and financing ideas for programs according to the organization's Fundraising Strategy. Deadline to apply is Friday, 30th of August 2019. Find out more about this opportunity by following the link.

Channel 7

Elderly Man Found Murdered in Roaring Creek
A 79 year old was found dead this evening in the Cayo District.  At around 2:00 Manuel Barrera's family found his decomposing body inside his zinc home on the Young Bank Road - outside Roaring Creek  about 4 hours ago. The Guatemalan appeared to have a chop wound to the back of his head.  A police report says he had apparent chop wounds to his body.  His neighbor told Plus TV that the deceased was a singer:.. Edin Reynolds - Neighbour: "I was going; he told us that something smells bad right. So his wife tells me to let us search what it is, so we started to search and now we see a lot of flies around the house so took a little peep and see the old man's body laying down right there. So I called his son and when the police came they opened the door and yeah, he had a cop in his head. It was a lot of bleeding and all of that."

Cop Charged for Manslaughter, Attorney Blames Training For Killing
Police Corporal Kent Martinez is the police officer who allegedly fired the fatal shot that killed Alyson Major Jr two weeks ago.   Well, today, he went to court. And even though the media was camped out there all day, we can't show you any quality picture or video of him at court - because - as they always do - the police protected their own.  Through diversion and trickery, they shielded him from the media at every turn. Sad, but it's standard behavior when a cop is charged.  
But he couldn't hide from the magistrate.  Martinez appeared before Magistrate Michelle Trapp where he was charged with manslaughter by negligence.

Super-Sedi's Day In Court: Blameless Defendant, Bellicose Defense Attorney and Jilted Shareholder
Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington got his big day in court today.  The owners of the company named Progresso Heights, a real estate company  of which Elrington is a minority shareholder - are suing him to get a caution lifted against more than a dozen land titles. So, Elrington is the defendant - and he appeared today along with is nephew OJ Elrington.   But when the man suing him,  Lawrence Schneider appeared via teleconference from the US, Elrington was the one who took the lead in cross examination.  

Did Hon. Elrington Misuse Authority to Place Hold On Titles?
Elrington resumed cross examination for about half an hour after lunch.  The trial concluded at around 2:00 - with Justice Abel reserving judgement. We asked Elrington about the central allegation in this case - as attested by the Assistant Registrar of Lands in a witness statement - that he used the weight of his office to maintain cautions on the parcels of land - after they should have been listen in the normal course.  We asked Elrington about it:..

Mason Trial Hits The Road
Last night, we took you to Belmopan for the continuation of the murder trial of William "Danny" Mason, and his for co-accused, Ashton Vanegas, Keiron Fernandez, Terrence Fernandez, and Ernest Castillo. Yesterday, retired Assistant Police Commissioner Russell Blackett was re-called to testify. He had to defend himself against assertions from the defense attorneys for the accused men that he had a conflict of interest because Pastor Lu was a friend of his.  After that, the lead police investigator, whose effort led to the arrest and criminal charging of all these men, took the stand. He had to give an in-depth account of every single action he took while he was working on this case.

FM Espouses Lennon-Esque "Imagine" Sarstoon Solution
Turning back now to the Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. Today we also asked him about a comment made yesterday in the press that the government is not inclined to ask the CIJ for provisional measures to curb Guatemalan military aggression on the Sarstoon because such things are, quote, "run-of-the-mill."   That raised a few eyebrows, but today he wouldn't comment further on it - going instead for a John Lennon, "Imagine" approach: Jules Vasquez: "Would you amply those remarks for us?" Hon. Wilfred Elrington - Minister of Foreign Affairs: "I don't want to amply it because I am not the expert on that kind of things. What I'm saying to you is what I got second and third hand..."

Anisha's Family Wants To Re-Examine DNA
In May, we told you about Anisha Young's DNA results, they were inconclusive. Of course Young's family was disappointed that they had run into another dead end in her case but they are relentless and are looking into other options for closure. Well, their private investigator Jose Espat emerged today and called a press briefing to discuss that option. Espat says he and the family have engaged the director of a lab in Los Angeles where Young's mother lives. Espat says that with Commissioner Chester Willaims' approval, the family can access the sample and establish a chain of custody so the samples can be sent to the lab in Los Angeles for another round of testing.

Big Brother Coming For Malpagos
Malpagos, beware! We say that because today, Credit master systems, a collection agency established in 1993, launched its premier app at its sister company JL's Quickloan.  The creator hopes it will aid in the economic growth and development of Belize by assisting businesses and consumers in making more informed decisions.  But, for malpagos who come up in the system it means the game's up - if you haven't paid one creditor in the system - then all of them will know. The App will allow users to check on consumers' Compliant Score (C-Score) prior to extending goods and services which includes credit, employment, renting, leasing or any relationship where a person's integrity is in "question".

Brigel Died of A Heart Attack
Brigel Teck, the 31 year old father of two who died while trying out for the Coast Guard died from a heart attack. That's what a post mortem determined. The result says he died from an acute heart attack, pulmonary edema and brain death due to hypoxia. Doctors tell the Coast Guard they still need to run more tests.

"Pengreng" - The Sound Heard All Over Belize
For all of us, Kriol is one of the most important expressions of  our "Belizean-ness", but many of us don't know how to write or read Kriol. Well, award winning Belizean writer and UB literature lecturer, Ivory Kelly is challenging everyone to embrace the language through her new publication entitled "Pengereng". Kelly launched her book today at the Image Factory and Courtney Weatherburne found out more about the stories featured in the publication and what message Kelly wants her readers to get. Ivory Kelly - Writer: "Diana stares at the unread email for a long time. She contemplates deleting it, then changes her mind. Deep breathnice and steady. She straightens her torso to full height in the dining chair and clicks the email open." Those are the opening lines of one of the short stories in Ivory Kelly’s new book “Pengereng.”

Court Martial Sends Brit Soldier to Jail For Drunk Driving Death in Belize
British Army Sergeant Lee Humphreys, a 44-year-old British soldier has been found guilty of causing a death at a nightclub in Belize.  In September 2016, he knocked down and killed a man at Dream Like City Night Club. As we reported a British Army court martial has been ongoing.  Well it is now concluded and it found him guilty of causing death by dangerous driving. Back in 2016, Humphreys was stationed in Belize as a member of BATSUB. Details coming out of the Bulford Military Court is that Humphreys spent the night drinking at the Dream Like City Night Club". Just after midnight on the night of the accident, Humphrey's jumped into his Ford F-150 to drive home.

NICH Good With Grants
Today 12 artists each received funding for their projects from NICH's Cultural Development Fund. The fund was launched in mid-June and it provides much needed assistance to Belizean artists to realize their creative visions. Each recipient got a different amount of money based on their budget and proposal. In total, NICH handed out  $30,000 in cheques. Here is more from the ceremony.

Bus Operators Threaten
The Belize Bus Association is fed up with government.  A latter dated July 29th says, quote "Our members have gotten enough of the dialoguewe will do whatever we need to get GOB's attention and as long as we need to do it," end quote.   If we have to spell it out for you, that's subtly hinting at the possibility of a bus strike which would cripple the transport system and immobilize a large part of the country.   And, the bus owners are frustrated because since April of this year, they've been having meeting after meeting with the government, ranging form the ministry of transport to tourism, to foreign affairs.  

Courts and The Kids
We joined Courts and Unicomer today for their Dare to Dream Scholarship Award Ceremony. Sixteen young students from the length and breadth of the country were awarded with an 80% coverage of their high school books and tuition fees during their four years of high school.  Courts has been giving out scholarships to students countrywide for over 21 years. This year the scholarship prioritized the students of extraordinary ability most in need of financial aid.

Uh-Oh, Osorio!
There's been some concerns raised about a memorandum sent out on July 29th form the Ministry of Finance.   Writing for the financial secretary, Artemio Osorio  says the ministry has no objection to spending 1.6 million dollars on a medical stores building in Belmopn. The issue that funds will come form the NHIO fund reserve. So, using NHI funds for the construction of a building for Ministry of Health?  Well, that's not too popular and Osorio may have overstepped. 

Mutabaruka, Mystic Wisdom
As we told you last night, Jamaican dub poet and social commentator Mutabaruka is in Belize for activities related to Emancipation Day which is tomorrow. His visit is organized by the UBAD Educational Foundation and this morning after he appears don the KREM WUB, he spoke to the press. We asked him what has changed since he last visited here in 1994.  At the time he came barefooted, and this time he was still the same.  But he said the internet has changed global consciousness:

Channel 5

Alleged Killer Cop Arraigned for Allyson Major’s Shooting Death
Fifteen days after a former teacher was shot to the back of his head in a police chase, a cop was arraigned for manslaughter by negligence.  According to a ballistic [...]

Dickie Bradley: “There is a stupid weed law”
The decision to charge Corporal Kent Martinez with the lesser charge of manslaughter by negligence has the family of Allyson Major Junior up in arms. On Tuesday, through attorney Kareem [...]

Unjustified Force by Police Officers Needs to be Addressed
According to Bradley, the case will be tried at the Supreme Court level. He says that the circumstances surrounding the case have undoubtedly left the public enraged. Major Junior is [...]

Decomposing Body of Elderly Man Found in the West
A gruesome discovery was made this afternoon in the Young Bank area of Camalote Village, Cayo and up to news time tonight, police are still processing the murder scene. Well-known [...]

Sedi Goes at it with Director of Progresso Heights Ltd.
This morning in the Supreme Court, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, one of three parties involved in ongoing litigation over the sale of land in the Corozal District, appeared before Justice [...]

A Hot Day in Court Over Progresso Heights Lands
Following this morning’s session, attorney Wilfred Elrington spoke briefly with the media, explaining how that piece of corporate law works.  Secondly, when pressed about his role in the company, Elrington [...]

Did Sedi Advise PHL Directors About the Need for AGMs?
To make his point, Elrington uses the example of B.T.L. and Holy Redeemer Credit Union, both organizations that are legally required to hold annual general meetings during which auditors are [...]

A Locus is Conducted in the Murder Trial of William Mason and Four Accused Men
A significant event took place today in the murder trial of William “Danny” Mason and four other accused men. The judge and prosecution as well as attorneys visited the sites [...]

An Update on Anisha Young
In May, the family of Anisha Young received more devastating news when they were informed that DNA test results conducted in Jamaica were inconclusive. The twenty-three-year-old young woman went missing [...]

La Gracia Village to Host Meeting to Discuss Steps to Resolve Land Issue
Farmers in La Gracia say that they will be hosting a meeting this week in the village to discuss next steps to resolve a land dispute. They say that government [...]

Brandon Baptist is Freed of Murder
A Belize City man who was on remand for a 2016 murder along with two brothers is tonight home after he was told he was a free man. Thirty-four-year-old Brandon [...]

3 Minors Detained for Theft of Scratch Tickets
Police have swiftly detained three minors in connection with the theft of the popular Scratch tickets. One of them was captured on camera stealing the tickets from a Belize City [...]

The Economic Outlook for June 2019
Turning to economic news, during the month of June 2019, imports into the country were down to one hundred and sixty-eight million, that is a one point four percent when [...]

The First Grant Recipients of Receive Funding from Cultural Development Fund
Today, the National Institute of Culture and History handed over twenty-five thousand dollars to the first ever recipients of the Cultural Development Fund. The fund was launched two weeks ago [...]

Pengereng: A Book by Ivory Kelly
Belizean author Ivory Kelly launched her brand new book today at the Image Factory in Belize City. The book is a collection of short stories, which includes one of the [...]

S&B Ministry Joins Forces with CitCo for Children of Belize City
With the date for the resumption of classless quickly approaching, assistance is on the way for deserving students. In the city, aside from the awarding of scholarships, school bags were [...]

16 Students Dare to Dream with Courts Belize
Those who dared to dream are heading to high school courtesy of Courts. Sixteen students today received scholarships from the business based on financial need as well as academic performance. [...]

Credit Master Systems Launches App
The Complaint Information System, or CMS, is an essential partner in the economic growth and development of Belize.  It is a collection agency that was established in 1993 by Maurice [...]

Expanding CMS’ Services to the Caribbean
Founder and owner, Maurice Underwood, says that the idea is to take CMS to the Caribbean by introducing the system to other countries within the region.   Maurice Underwood, Owner, [...]

The Reporter

Officer Accused Of Shooting Major, Gets Bail – Attorney Comments
Today, two weeks after the shooting of Allyson Major at the foot of the Swing Bridge in Belize City, the Police Corporal who allegedly pulled the trigger, causing Major’s death, was charged for Manslaughter by Negligence.

Guatemalan Found Dead In Camalote Village
The body of the Guatemalan man discovered dead this afternoon has been identified as that of Manuel Barrera, 79. Barrera was discovered on the floor of his home in the Young Bank area of Camalote.

Conjoined Twins – How they were separate
A team of British surgeons at the famous Great Ormond Street Children’s Pediatric Hospital in London have succeeded in separating two little girls who were born sharing the same head. Each girl had separate brains, but these were fused together with a tangle of nerves and blood vessels.

Power Outage Notice – Sunday Aug. 4th. Details: BEL Info
Two power outages scheduled on Sunday, August 4 to affect different areas of Belize City between 6:00am to 2:00pm as follows:


Belizean author publishes book in Kriol
This morning saw the launch of Belizean author, Ivory Kelly’s second work of fiction. Her latest book of short stories is entitled “Pengereng,” and, as we told you yesterday, it is a Belizean Kriol word that refers to the sound something makes when it hits the floor. Figuratively, it refers to an upheaval or disturbance. …

Dare to Dream Scholarship Program
Courts continues to help students realize their educational goals through its “Dare to Dream Scholarship Program”. A short ceremony was held this morning where sixteen students were awarded with the scholarships. Grisel Carballo, Corporate/Social Responsibility Coordinator of Unicomer told the media it’s the company’s way of giving back to the community. Each scholarship will …

Man walks from murder charge
34-year-old Brandon Baptist was acquitted of another murder charge. Baptist along with brothers, John and Sheldon Grinage were charged jointly with the murder of Stann Creek resident, 32-year-old Mariano Castillo who was allegedly stabbed to death. Today at the Case Management Conference, CMC, Baptist and John Grinage were represented by attorney, Oscar Selgado while John …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Bandits defeated 3-1 by Deportivo Saprissa from Costa Rica
The visiting Purple Monsters of Deportivo Saprissa handcuffed the Belmopan Bandits at home by a […]

Is Belize overcrowded with tourists? – Yahoo Finance says Yes, Belize says No.
Usually when Belize is referenced in travel articles it’s to highlight one or more of […]

Jasmine Alert issued for missing female minor
A Jasmine Alert has been issued for 16 year old Serena Sanchez of Cristo Rey, […]

Ministry of National Security: Media reports on gang-related crimes are ‘inaccuate’
Ministry of National Security: Media reports on gang-related crimes are ‘inaccuate’ The Ministry of National […]

Decomposed body of elderly man found
Authorities have confirmed that around 2:00 p.m. today, the body of an elderly man was […]

Credit Master Systems introduces app for complaint score
Not paying your debts? Now, there’s an app for that. The collection agency Credit Master […]

Thank a Ranger today!
Park rangers around the world are on the front line in the fight to protect […]

PAHO urges for Maternity Protection Laws to protect breastfeeding moms in the workplace
The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) issued a statement today saying that working mothers should […]

Body found in Roaring Creek, Cayo
The body of an elderly man was found this afternoon in Roaring Creek, Cayo. Authorities […]

Southern Environmental Association conduct Strategic Planning Session
Since the formation of the Southern Environmental Association (SEA) in 2008, protected areas management for […]

Moist weather to continue
Moist and unstable conditions are expected to continue today and tonight. Cloudy skies with a […]

First month for employee contributions under new SSB scheme comes calling
Today, Wednesday, is the end of month pay day for many across the country. But […]

Emmerson Garnett charged in murder of Jose Hilario Diaz
Emmerson Garnett of Freetown Road, accused in the murder of businessman Jose Hilario Diaz on […]

Police officer charged for death of Alyson Major to be arraigned this morning
Today, police corporal Kent Martinez is expected to appear in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court […]

Police ask for help in identifying the scratch ticket thief
A man was caught on camera yesterday stealing a large amount of scratch tickets from […]


Lunch and Chocolate on the Beach in Downtown San Pedro
Yesterday we ate lunch at Caliente Restaurant – and then walked the beach south for chocolates at the Belize Chocolate Company. Here are some pictures of a beautiful HOT late July day in San Pedro Belize. Jamie LOVES the Belize Chocolate Shop (who doesn’t!) and the Walmart of San Pedro – A&R Store. (When A&R first opened in town – in 2011, it was filled with bizarre Chinese goods. It’s now a mainstay in my shopping life.) My favorite part of A&R is the $1.25bzd popcorn to enjoy while shopping.

International Sourcesizz

How Mosquitoes Changed Everything
The buzz is in. A new book estimates that mosquitoes have killed more people than any other single cause—fifty-two billion of us, nearly half of all humans who have ever lived. In 1698, five ships set sail from Scotland, carrying a cargo of fine trade goods, including wigs, woollen socks and blankets, mother-of-pearl combs, Bibles, and twenty-five thousand pairs of leather shoes. There was even a printing press, with which the twelve hundred colonists aboard planned to manage a future busy with contracts and treaties. To make space for the luxuries, the usual rations for food and farming were reduced by half. But farming wasn’t the point. The ships’ destination was the Darien region of Panama, where the Company of Scotland hoped to create a trading hub that would bridge the isthmus and unite the world’s great oceans, while raising the economic prospects of a stubbornly independent kingdom that had just struggled through years of famine. The scheme was wildly popular in the desperate country, attracting a wide range of investors, from members of the national Parliament down to poor farmers; it has been estimated that between one-quarter and one-half of all the money in circulation in Scotland at the time followed the trade winds to Panama.

The Mexican Caribbean: 2,000 rooms emptier today than a year ago
The Mexican Caribbean shows this 2019 an average of 2,000 occupied hotel rooms less than in the same period last year. According to Jorge Hernandez, president of the Mexican Federation of Tourist Associations (Fematur), the main destinations of Quintana Roo have recorded a drop in hotel occupancy of between 2 and 4.8 percentage points, which means an amount of between 1,000 and 2,000 rooms less. Hoteliers have already lowered prices by up to 25% to try to maintain last year’s occupancy levels. However, it seems that the idea is not yielding the expected results. As for sargasso, the main problem that is hitting the tourism industry in the country, Vanegas denies that the scenario is a “tourist catastrophe” and says that this year the state government expects to collect up to one million tons of this seaweed, 100% more than in 2018. “The tourists who come this summer will be our best spokepersons on how beautiful the beaches of Quintana Roo are,” said Vanegas, who also noted that the images posted on social networks do not coincide with those of the current situation. However, tourists do not think the same as the official. “Tourists arrive thinking they are coming to the turquoise waters. And yes, the turquoise water is there, but it is one mile away from the beach. You have to pay for a tour or a boat to get there and enjoy it, because while standing on the shore, you can’t bathe in the sargasso,” said another resident of the area.

Capacity what? The intangible side of conservation
Ya’axché values capacity building – it is part of the foundation that makes our programs within the Maya Golden Landscape successful. Over the past 20 years, Ya’axché has treasured the capacity building provided by Fauna & Flora International for it has enabled the organization to become a leader in conservation. Ya’axché continues to grow and have long-lasting impact in Belize. Here is beautifully written article by our long-term partner FFI.

Belize Tourism Board offers residents in Nevada town a free vacation during ‘Storm Area 51' raid
As the date for the viral “Storm Area 51” raid draws nearer, residents in a small town just outside of the U.S. Air Force base in Nevada are being offered the chance to flee from the possible chaos and relax in Belize. The Belize Tourism Board is offering 10 residents of Rachel, Nevada, a town of only 54, the chance at a free flight and hotel accommodations from Sept. 19-21.

Suga Candy Mas presents ‘Nubian Gods and Goddesses’
Suga Candy Mas, at 755 Linden Blvd / Utica, Brooklyn, is adorned with a dazzling array of costumes, designed to depict “Nubian Gods and Goddesses.” Designer Maxine Magdaleno told Caribbean Life last Sunday, that the grand opening was amazing, and since this is her fifth year, she is excited to push forward with momentum to capture yet another win after taking home trophies for titles in every category for the last four years. “My band will be made up of predominately Caribbean nationals, but masquerades from Central America and other countries will join in, because carnival is celebrated across the world,” said the Belize-roots designer, who won titles for four consecutive years.

Fugitive tech millionaire John McAfee ‘moves into tin foil-covered compound in Lithuania to evade CIA kidnap teams’
FUGITIVE anti-virus tycoon John McAfee claims him and his wife have fled to an “ultra-secure” facility in Lithuania to evade the CIA. The 73-year-old shared his location - which was covered in tin foil - as being in Vilnius in a tweet and it comes just days after fleeing the Dominican Republic. He tweeted: “Sorry for the silence. @theemrsmcafee and I are now in Eastern Europe at an ultra-secure facility. “We are, for now, out of reach of the corrupt elements of the (In-)Justice Department. We are healthy and safe. Have missed you guys. Will tell more later.” Last week, McAfee claimed to have sought refuge in London and Paris after being released by Dominican authorities on Wednesday. In each location he has been in Europe he has tweeted a time stamped picture though it’s possible he could be using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

My latest essential ingredient is coconut milk
My latest essential ingredient is coconut milk and, wow, I’m so late to the game. It’s a staple in Southeast Asian and Indian cuisine among many other cultures, of course, but now that I live part time in Belize, a place where I’m literally surrounded by coconut palms, I finally appreciate its many uses. It’s now a staple on my pantry shelf not just in cans, but in cartons like our almond and soy milk come in as well as little dried powder packets. I don’t drink it as a beverage because it’s higher in fat and calories than almond milk et al, but I do use it in my cooking at least three times a week, adding flavor and a touch of “cream” to my dishes. I even started making my own, so abundant are the coconuts in my part-time Belize home.


  • Courts' Dare to Dream Scholarship Program, 1.5min.

  • Caye Caulker Coders Workshop Animation Development, 10sec. Hey parents! We are almost finished with Day 3 of the Caye Caulker Coders Workshop Animation Development segment. We have produced the first batch of animations. This one is called "Sword in the Stone" and was created by JP.

  • Touring Xunantunich, 9min.

  • Belize with sharks, 7min.

  • Belize Medical Mission Trip 2019, Teakettle Village in Cayo District, 7min. From registering patients, working with children in the Vacation Bible School, painting and remodeling the SDA Tea-Kettle Remnant Church, and providing medical screening, all missionaries and local church members were actively involved in the Belize Medical Mission Trip 2019.

  • Belize Family Trip, 4min.

  • Belize That, 4min. Shot with: DJI Mavir Air GoPro Hero 7

  • Belize, 3min. Change the world by bringing a team to Belize. We are building a church, school of ministry, high school, and entrepreneur classes.

  • Caye Chapel, Belize, 1min.

  • How to See the Lamanai Mayan Temples, 9min.

  • Belize Rain Forest Morning Before Hike, 6min. Before going on a long hike in the rain forest to Big Rock Falls, I captured a few sights and sounds around the lodge.