Chronixx is in Belize this weekend! The Reggae artist is in the country to headline a concert in celebration of the 10th anniversary of promotion company Flavaz entertainment. Earlier today the National Institute for Culture and History in partnership with Flavaz Entertainment and the Department of Youth Services' brought the public A Conversation with Chronixx at the Bliss theatre for the performing arts. Chronixx was engaged in discussions on wide ranging topics suc as emancipation day, crime and poverty, and the importance of education and self-awareness for young people in society. 7News was there for the discussion at the Bliss.

Chronixx, Artist
"With Festivals and all of these things it's always good to have some level of administration and partnerships going into these international situations. Because as artists sometimes we need to also make sure that we can focus on our music. So it's always good to have a close partnership with someone who believes in what your doing to the point where they are also a partner and not just someone who is trying to make a profit from what your doing; they only profit when the greater thing profits. So it's always good to have someone like that who can focus on understanding these international situations. And then how technology plays a role it plays a role, for me mainly, like in releasing and promoting your music to online audiences. Which, online audiences are often times real audiences but to really get someone's attention online is a different thing from getting their attention in real life. I'm sure people answer to things online that they don't answer in real life. It is always good to really understand how we can engage people and how you can translate those online engagements into real experiences like festivals. So, i think understanding how to make that transition between someone liking your music to then really buying a ticket, or an album or a merchandise. It's really a curve that you have to have some level of administration to focus on making that happen."

Andazi, Promoter, Flavaz Entertainment
"We're definitely super excited for having ten years in this business and we really wanted to produce something this year that would have a positive impact on the entire Belizean community. So we're really happy to have Chronixx here we're really happy to have a lot of youths on the lineup who are doing positive music. It's the first time that we've been able to produce a show from beginning to end and we're really excited about that. With our tenth year that we're able to accomplish that feat you know so it's definitely going to be a great show. I encourage everyone to come out early we're going to put the artists on early. So, come out and have a good time. We're producing something that we feel is very positive and we just want you to experience that. Gates open at 9:00pm at the Marion Jones Stadium tomorrow August 3rd."

Chronixx, Artist
"Forward to the concert tomorrow night here in Belize. I and I Chronixx, Zincfence redemption, we deh yah from Spanish town Jamaica. Peace!"

Chronixx will hit the Marion Jones Stadium stage tomorrow night at 9:00. It promises to be an overall positive night of melodic and unifying reggae music.

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