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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro residents Melvin Montesino and Silverio Cal remain missing
It has been over a month since San Pedro residents 27-year-old Silverio Cal and 26-year-old Melvin Montesino were reported missing. The last time the men were accounted for was when they departed their homes en-route to the northern coast of Ambergris Caye on the evening of Thursday, June 13th. According to their family members, they both left after they received a phone call, and since then, have not been heard from. On Friday, June 14th, police officers reported that they found a motorcycle helmet, slippers, and a mirror, suspected to be from a motorcycle, on the northern beach. On Wednesday, June 26th during a public meeting held in San Pedro Town, Commissioner of Police (ComPol) Chester Williams stated that they further found a motorcycle in the sea, suspected to be the one that Montesino and Cal left on the night they went missing.

Team Belize competes at Lima 2019 Pan American Games
Belize is well represented with champion sprinter Hilary Gladden, kayakers Francisca Cruz-Phaender, Ruth Cruz, Amado Cruz, triathlete Jordan Santos, and bodybuilder Godfrey Alford at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games being held from Friday, July 26 to Sunday, August 11. At Friday night’s opening ceremonies, San Pedro’s Jordan Santos had the honor of being the Belize flag-bearer leading Team Belize into the Lima National Stadium, where Latin heart-throb singer Luis Fonsi sang five of his hits, including "Despacito" and "Echame la Culpa." Games continue through August 11th.

Belize Port Authority Mandates Boat Manifest
The implementation of a mandatory boat manifest for water taxi companies operating within Belize came into effect on Thursday, August 1st. Passengers traveling to the islands from the Belize City via Ocean Ferry or San Pedro Belize Express water taxi companies, including Thunderbolt from Corozal Town, will now be required to have with them an identification document (ID) to purchase a ticket. The directive for this manifest came from Belize Port Authority (BPA) under the Water Taxi Regulations Statutory Instrument 29 of 2019. The manifest will provide entry and exit information of passengers and is essential in case of an accident at sea.

U-15 and U-17 Inter-District Football Tournament continues
Belize’s female and male U-15 and U-17 Inter-District Football Tournament continue to see youngsters showcasing their football skills. On Saturday, July 27th San Pedro’s female and male U-15 and U-17 teams travelled to Belize City to go against the city’s team. At 11AM, the first match saw San Pedro’s male U-15 versus Belize’s male U-15 at the MCC Grounds. Both teams fought for a victory, but when the whistle blew, it was a 2-2 draw.

Ambergris Today

Government Of Belize Launches The Belize Tax Service Department
August 1st, 2019 marks the historic amalgamation of the Income Tax Department and Department of General Sales Tax into the newly formed Belize Tax Service Department- a department under the Ministry of Finance. The amalgamation will be done in a phased approach through to 2022. Taxpayers will experience better service by a newly trained cadre of tax professionals, efficiency, productivity and better tax compliance to further develop the country.

Fusarium Wilt Of Bananas - Belize’s Banana Industry At Risk
Stakeholders of the banana industry, government agencies, agricultural partner organizations and the public are hereby informed of a notification of a suspected detection of Fusarium Wilt of Bananas in La Guajira Province in Colombia.

Various Belizean Sources


Mr. Frank Panton passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its sincere condolences to the Panton friends and family on the sadly passing of Mr. Frank Panton. San Pedro has lost a great friend and we will definitely miss him. May his soul rest in peace.

Belize's Wonder Women! Iris Centeno
For the month of August, we are proud to announce that Iris Centeno is our Belize Wonder Woman! Iris motivates, inspires, and empowers women in her community through female football. Although she dropped out of high school, she took to heart her family's encouragement to continue education. Eventually, Iris enrolled at Georgetown Technical High School, buckled down on her studies, became captain of the school's female football team, and graduated as the Valedictorian!

The Maya tradition of Biix pronounce as "Biish" which is the last day of U Janal Pixan in which the Souls return to the Spiritual world. For Biix the Maya Masewal put candles in front their doors,yard entrance, cementary to guide the souls path to the spiritual world .A Pib is offered for that day along with prayers .

Junior Miss Belize 2019
Todat, Saturday August 3rd. Is our 2nd bbq and pastr sale fundraiser at the basketball court! Come out and support us! We will have tickets for the pageant and team Thandie tshirts on sale aswell. Lets keep on giving Thandie our love and support on her journey to make Caye Caulker proud! Thanks to you all who help so that we can make this possible too

The Ministry of Natural Recourses Clarifies Issuance of Permission to Survey
The Ministry of Natural Resources clarifies that the issuance of permission to survey is the sole authority of the Ministry. In July of this year, the Ministry gave a Superintendent of Police and other Belizeans the permission to survey national land in the Drill Camp Area, Young Gal/McRae Registration Section, Block 19, Cayo District (La Gracia area) with the goal of resolving a long-standing land matter. The surveys were being carried out by private surveyors on those person’s behalf.

Junior Miss Belize
Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 6 PM, Bliss Center for Performing Arts.

Battle of The Drums 13th Annual Summer Camp
This year, the Battle of The Drums celebrated their 13th Annual Summer Camp. Oceana Belize's Toledo Field Representative, Analee Nicky Chuc along with JICA Representative, Royoko and BTIA's operator, Charmagne Westby-Ramirez hosted arts and craft sessions on Wednesday and Thursday for over 75 students. Take a look at what the kids were up to this week!

International Costa Maya Festival 2019 Comedy Night
— with Eduardo España and Jose Luis Zapata Photography at Hon. Louis Sylvester Sport Complex.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Demarcation Buoys
Mexico Rocks was established as a part of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in 2015. The area consists of a general use zone and a conservation zone. While the conservation zone has been marked for some time the general use zone was not. Today, the staff of Hol Chan placed two buoys to demarcate the general use area of the Reserve (Zone G). The buoys also serve to inform persons when they are about to enter the boundaries of the Reserve. The demarcation buoys are anchored at a position 17.96686⁰ 87.92115 east of White Sands; and 18.03255⁰ 87.88918 east of Sapphire Beach Resort.

Channel 7

Post-Accident Prayers for PUP Party Leader John Briceno
Tonight, PUP party leader John Briceno is at the Northern Medical Plaza in Orange Walk recovering from minor injuries he received in this morning's Philp Goldson Highway accident. It sent waves of panic on social media after it happened. Although Briceno's vehicle was totaled, he and his driver, Edwin Hill survived the impact. Based on the police report, Mervin Armstrong, the driver of a green Toyota Rav4 was heading towards Orange Walk Town when a pickup truck traveling in the same direction suddenly slowed down but did not indicate direction causing the driver of the Rav4 to apply brakes and slow down. However, Nadiel Cajun, who was driving a Blue Bird Albion bus traveling behind the Rav 4 failed to stop in time and collided into the rear of the Rav 4. This is where Briceno's Prado comes in. Briceno's driver Edwin Hill traveling in the opposite direction, swerved off the highway to avoid a collision. The Prado overturned several times causing Briceno to receive injuries to the left side of head, neck, and shoulder. While Hill complained of pain to the left side of the chest. Courtney Weatherburne traveled up north and has the story.

The Big Tax Dept. Merge is Here
By now, viewers should know about the General Sales Tax Department, and the Income Tax Department, and what they do. These are the 2 offices under the Ministry of Finance which collect mandatory taxes revenues from all citizens so that, in theory, all Belizeans should contribute equally to the financial sustainability of the country's economy. General Sales Tax collects 12.5% revenue on all goods and services that have been deemed taxable under that regime. Meanwhile, the Income Tax Department taxes the salaries of all employees who meet a certain threshold with the total amount of their entire monthly pay. These 2 departments are now merging into one mega tax-collecting entity known as the Belize Tax Service Department. With the amalgamation, this new department will seek to modernize the way they do business, so that you, the taxpayers, will get better service.

Fin Sec. Weighs in on Health Ministry's 1.6 Million Dollar Project Proposal
Today's even gave the press an opportunity to ask the Financial Secretary about 2 matters that came to the general public attention earlier this month. For several days now, we've been telling you about a proposal which the Ministry of Health has made to the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Health is seeking to use 1.6 million dollars out of the National Health Insurance fund reserve, for which the Social Security Board. As we told you, Senior Finance Officer Artemio Osorio wrote a memo on behalf of the Financial Secretary to Health CEO George Goff, indicating that the Finance Ministry has "no objection" to the award of a 1.68-million-dollar contract for the construction of a Central Medical Stores Building in Belmopan.

SSB CEO Says Health Ministry Needs to Explain Themselves
The media also caught up with Dr. Colin Young, the CEO of the Social Security Board, at another event today. We asked him if any such proposal can be made to use the NHI Fund reserve money in the manner that the Ministry of Health is requesting. He said that based on his knowledge of the law governing the NHI Fund, this project does not qualify. Here's our conversation with him from today:

No Jumping the Gun: Fin Sec Says BTL Audit Should be Completed Soon
Turning back now to our interview with the Financial Secretary, we also asked him about the ongoing audit by the General Sales Tax Department to determine whether or not BTL owes them taxes. Allegations emerged that Belize Telemedia Limited, now known as Digi, owed the government some 29.3 million dollars in tax arrears for the years 2012 to 2017. Documents emerged making such an indication, and on July 3rd, the Acting Commissioner of the General Sales Tax sent out a press release saying, "The Department's position is that BTL is compliant in fulfilling their obligations to file and pay monthly as is required by law."

It Wasn't...Cpl. Kent Martinez
Last night on the news, you heard from Vince Martinez, the Belize City resident who claimed that Corporal Kent Martinez shot him in the groin area. Well, tonight, we have to retract that story and apologize. Vince Martinez was sure that Corporal Kent Martinez was the person who shot him, but police today confirmed that it was not Corporal Kent Martinez. This official police clarification came 24 hours after various journalists raised the issue in the Police and media chat - with no response.

Maskall Burglar Shows Off Stolen Clothes
Tonight, 23-year-old Robert Smith, a resident of Maskall Village, is at Belize Central Prison after he was taken to court for burglarizing a house in St. Ann's Village in the Belize District. Police say that they caught him wearing the victim's stolen clothes. 58-year-old Andy Boddy, a self-employed resident of St. Ann Village, reported to Maskall Police that on Saturday, July 27th, 2019, someone broke into his house through his wooden back door. That person then ransacked his home and stole several of his personal items including, a speaker, a flash drive, 3 bottles of coconut oil, a shirt, a black Motorola Verizon cellular phone, a black warm cap, a brown wooden handle knife, and an assortment of canned food, all to a total value of $389.

Man Shot by Ghost Gunman?
Lucky Strike wood carver 29 year old Delroy Cutkelvin was shot to his shoulder. According to Cutkelvin he was walking along with Adam Mejivar on the Maskall road heading towards Altun Ha Junction. That is when he heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot and felt a warm sensation to the upper left shoulder. He quickly realized that he had been shot.

Faiya Blazing on Aloe Vera
Two Aloe Vera Street homes were destroyed by fire last night. CIB personnel met Fire Chief Nicholas Chacon whose fire team had already put out the fire. The occupant of one of the homes, Arturo Castillo Swazo, reported that last night at about 8:32pm he left his home secured with no appliance on or anything lit.

Toledo Man Caught with a Pound of Weed
A San Pedro Columbia Villager has been detained pending drug charges. Yesterday police conducted searches in the Toledo district where they observed 21-year-old Comelio Chiac throwing an object in some nearby bushes. Chiac was apprehended and returned to the location where Police found a black plastic bag containing 644 grams or 1.4 pounds of suspected cannabis.

Used Grenade Found in Orange Walk
Yesterday afternoon police searched an abandoned lot on Asuncion Street in Orange Walk Town where they found a black plastic bag containing a blue handle pin grenade.

SSB Scholarships: A Bright Future for Bright Minds
Today the Social Security Board handed out $70,000 worth of scholarships to 43 students at their 18th annual award ceremony. It was held at the Belize Chamber of Commerce, Mcfield Conference Room and 7news was there to capture all the smiles from the worthy recipients.

Here Comes Trouble, Here comes ...CHRONIXX!
Chronixx is in Belize this weekend! The Reggae artist is in the country to headline a concert in celebration of the 10th anniversary of promotion company Flavaz entertainment. Earlier today the National Institute for Culture and History in partnership with Flavaz Entertainment and the Department of Youth Services' brought the public A Conversation with Chronixx at the Bliss theatre for the performing arts. Chronixx was engaged in discussions on wide ranging topics suc as emancipation day, crime and poverty, and the importance of education and self-awareness for young people in society. 7News was there for the discussion at the Bliss.

Digi Signature Store Doors are Open
Belize Telemedia Limited opened its office at the newly built Mirab building on the Northern Highway. The store has the latest gadgets and technology and virtually friendly to kids. CEO Mr. Rochus Schreiber explained more at the grand opening this evening

Schreiber Signing off Soon
BTL CEO Rochus Schreiber is in his final month and he says that he has been preparing for this ever since he got the job. Schreiber explained today that he knew at some point he would have to leave however the company has been preparing for this. He told us that even though a permanent CEO has not been name, Ivan Tesicum will be acting CEO.

Channel 5

Opposition Leader Johnny Briceño Survives Near-Fatal Road Traffic Accident
P.U.P. Leader John Briceño and his driver, Edwin Hill, are tonight recovering at the Northern Medical Plaza in Orange Walk Town after they were injured in a traffic accident earlier [...]

Good Road Safety Practices Saved Their Lives
According to Chief of Staff Stuart Leslie, Edwin Hill has been driving the party leader for eleven years. He is an experienced, defensive driver and was trained by the Special [...]

A Full Recovery for John Briceño and Edwin Hill
There has been an outpour of support for the speedy recovery of P.U.P. Party Leader John Briceño. In the aftermath of the accident, social media was abuzz with Belizeans expressing [...]

Speeding on the Highway; Residents Ask for Monitoring and Enforcement
There have been many reports made to the Ministry of Transport about speeding on the highways and the need for monitoring and enforcement. Just last Sunday, four Belize City men [...]

Belize Tax Service is Here
This morning at the Charles Bartlett Hyde Building, government officially launched the Belize Tax Service.  The amalgamated department aims to provide optimal services where GST and income tax are concerned.  [...]

FinSec Joe Waight Addresses Central Medical Stores Issue
Financial Secretary Joseph Waight has weighed in on the Ministry of Health issue involving the awarding of a contract for the building of the Central Medical Stores in Belmopan.  The [...]

S.S.B. C.E.O. Says No Request Was Received from M.O.H.
Today, Chief Executive Officer for the Social Security Board, Doctor Colin Young confirmed to the media that the Board did not receive any communication from the Ministry of Health, asking [...]

Construction of Central Medical Stores Cannot Be Funded with NHI Reserve Fund
According to the memo, the request for the grant funding is to build a Central Medical Stores in Belmopan.  Doctor Young says that such a request does not fall under [...]

Joe Waight Confirms Audit of B.T.L.’s GST Payments
An audit of Belize Telemedia Limited to determine whether it owes anything in taxes to the GST Department is underway and nearing completion.  Financial Secretary Joseph Waight is on record [...]

Rochus Schreiber Knew He Would Not Remain B.T.L. C.E.O.
Two days after news broke of B.T.L.’s purported multi-million dollar debt; the resignation of C.E.O. Rochus Schreiber was announced.  Via an employee bulletin, staffers were told that Schreiber “has decided [...]

Belize Bus Association says Foreign Owned Buses Taking Money Out of Their Pockets
The Belize Bus Association is not happy with the foreign bus runs happening in Belize. The B.B.A. wrote a letter to the Minister of Transport to say that its members [...]

B.B.A. Threatens Strike if Ministry Doesn’t Address Issue
So, what is the B.B.A. prepared to do to resolve this issue? The members have threatened industrial action.  That means that most major public transportation will not be operating because [...]

Fire Destroys Wooden Home on Aloe Vera Street
A fire destroyed a wooden house in Belize City on Thursday night. It happened on Aloe Vera Street, a few minutes before nine.  The house was engulfed in flames for [...]

Ministry of Natural Resources Speaks on La Gracia
The Ministry of Natural Resources issued a press release today to clarify the land issue in La Gracia. The release states that last month, the ministry gave a Superintendent of [...]

43 Students Receive Academic Scholarships Courtesy S.S.B.
Forty-three young men and women today officially entered into an agreement with the Social Security Board for financial assistance to achieve higher education.  The eighteenth annual Social Security Board Scholarship [...]

Digi Signature Store Officially Launched
The Digi Signature Store was officially launched this afternoon in Belize City.  The Digi outlet is located at the Mirab building along the Philip Goldson Highway. In 2018, Belize Telemedia [...]


$1.686 million of NHI funds for minister’s brother?
Concern has been growing among the public in wake of a memorandum from the Ministry of Finance that made its way into the spotlight on July 29. The memorandum, addressed to the CEO of the Ministry of Health, Dr. George Gough, from Artemio Osorio for the Secretary of the Minister of Finance, highlighted the Ministry’s stance on a proposal to construct the Central Medical Stores in Belmopan under a 1.6 million dollar contract. “After a careful review of the evaluation report, the Ministry of Finance has no objection to the award of contract for the construction of the Central Medical Stores building in Belmopan to Joehann Construction and Engineering Ltd., 156 Benque Viejo Road, San Ignacio, Cayo District, for a total cost of 1,686,505.70, inclusive of GST,” stated the memorandum.

Jamaican dub poet Mutabaruka celebrates Emancipation Day with UEF
On Tuesday morning, Mutabaruka, the fiery Jamaican dub poet, educator, actor and talk show host touched down in Belize at the Philip Goldson International airport, where he was welcomed by a small contingent from the United Black Association for Development Educational Foundation (UEF). Mutabaruka’s visit to Belize is in connection with the UEF Emancipation Day festivities which kicked off before sunrise this morning with a visit to the seaside, on Marine Parade Boulevard where there was drumming libation and petal release to commemorate the 181st anniversary of Emancipation Day.

Darwin Rocke, 31, found dead near Burrell Boom Bridge
The body of Darwin Devon Rocke, 31, of Belize City, was found at about 8:30 this morning on the road to Burrell Boom, about 500 feet from the bridge on the Burrell Boom-Hattieville road. The body was about 10 feet off the road in some bushes. People in the area smelled decomposing flesh and they went to investigate the source. They came upon the corpse and called the police. The corpse was fully clothed; the upper body was wrapped in plastic and the lower body was wrapped in a blue tarpaulin.

Dr. Candice Pitts endorsed as PUP standard bearer for Mesop
Independence Hall, the home of the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP), was packed with party supporters, standard bearers and some parliamentarians who attended an endorsement convention for the standard bearer for the Mesopotamia constituency. Just before Belize got its political independence in 1981, Mesopotamia was one of the PUP’s strongholds in Belize City, where the late Carl Lindbergh Rogers, the Deputy Premier of Belize, dominated the constituency. In the push toward independence, however, Rogers spent a lot of his time working for the Independence Secretariat outside the country and lost the division.

Cop arraigned for Allyson Major’s shooting death
The reality that the police will always protect their own was on full display at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court this morning. Their mission to bar the media from capturing the image of the corporal charged with manslaughter by negligence for allegedly firing the bullet that ended the life of Allyson Major, Jr., on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 16, at the foot of the Belize City Swing Bridge, was executed with cold precision. When Corporal Kent Martinez arrived at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court this morning, he was sandwiched between two plainclothes officers from the Crimes Investigation Branch. The trio arrived from the southern side of the sprawling court building. Reporters and television cameramen were waiting on the Treasury Lane side of the building, which lies to the north.

Domestic exports down 16.4% in June 2019
The June 2019 report from the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) shows that the value of Belize’s domestic exports was a disappointing $29.7 million, “down 16.4 percent or $5.8 million from the $35.5 million recorded for June of 2018”, as exports from four of the five major commodities shrank during the period. Belize’s domestic exports in June (and for the entire year) started dipping five years ago, and this year is the lowest in at least fifteen years. Statistics from the SIB show that the value of Belize’s domestic exports in June 2003 was $40.94 million. The value of Belize’s domestic exports for June 2014 was $66.6 million, for June 2015 it was $52.7 million, for June 2016 it was $36.7 million, for June 2017 it was $38.7 million, and for June 2018 it was $ 35.5 million. Our domestic exports for June 2019, $29.7 million, is less than half the value of our domestic exports in June 2014, which was $66.6 million.

Orange Walk Belikin 8-Ball Billiards Tournament semifinals this weekend
Here are the results and standings of the Orange Walk Branch of the 22nd Annual Belikin 8-Ball Billiards Tournament 2019. This past weekend was the end of the Orange Walk Billiards Association’s (OWBA) Belikin 8-Ball Billiards Tournament regular season, with 4 teams set for the playoffs. These games were not critical for all four teams, but there could have been minor changes in seeding, depending on the outcome of a few of the games.

Cricket Corner – Bandits stands alone from Zone One; Berlan, Wicked 11 and BDF are all from Zone Two
A pleasant hello to all cricket enthusiasts! The Sir Barry Bowen/Harrison Parks Cricket Competition semifinals will continue this weekend with Bandits vs BDF at Belmopan. This is the second game in a best-of-three series. Bandits won the first at BDF grounds last Sunday with a score of 334 in the 50 overs allotted, losing only 6 wickets. Jermaine Smith scored 81 not-out, followed by Pharon Muslar with 75. These batsmen started to “use” the bowlers of BDF early in the game, as the stats sheet shows: 1 for 14; 2 for 85; 3 for 147; 4 for 169; 5 for 170; 6 for 268. No more wickets were lost, with the score reaching the previously mentioned total number of runs scored (334). The wickets were shared among several bowlers. That’s an impressive amount of runs for any team to chase, if the opponent’s bowlers are on target

Dangriga sports stats – PLB football and DBA basketball
After that Week One Dangriga Derby last week Saturday inside the Carl Ramos Stadium between both teams playing out of Griga, Wagiya was victorious over the Freedom Fighters Valley Pride, 1 goal to nil, with a goal from Gilroy “Bredda” Thurton in the 84th minute. Both teams are set once again this weekend for Week Two games. Wagiya got 3 straight games at home, while Freedom Fighters Valley Pride will be on the road for 3 straight games. The Dangriga Basketball Association’s (DBA) U-23 Summer Bounce Tournament Week 1 games were held on Friday and Saturday, July 26 & 27, at the Russell Chiste Garcia Auditorium.

Rural North football Week 10 results
This past Sunday, July 28, at the Burrell Boom football field, Week 10 games were played in the Belize Rural North Football Tournament for the Edmond “Clear the Land” Castro Cup 2019. In game 1, (U-17) Kings College Strikers dropped Maskall Youths, 1-0, on a goal by Akeem Gillett (17’). Game 2 (Seniors) saw Burrell Boomers playing to a 1-1 draw with Maskall United. Hosni Thurton (49’) put Maskall in front, but Ever Simon (82’) got the equalizer for Boom.

Editorial: A Caribbean leader questioned the lawyers
Belizeans know that poverty and unequal distribution of wealth are causing unbearable pressure on certain sections of our society. Every five years or so we go to the polls, hoping that the party that succeeds to form the government has the formula to make things better for poorer Belizeans. It has never worked out for us, but our hope for a better tomorrow remains very much alive. We know the drug trade has the pull of a magnet for some of our people, our young males especially, and we know how dangerous that illegal business is. Homicide is one of the top five causes of death in countries that lie between the cocaine producers in South America, and the main consumers of the product, in the USA.

From The Publisher
The population of African Belizeans has shrunk here by perhaps two thirds during my lifetime, so that it is no longer as noteworthy that, whereas all the British possessions in our region had been celebrating Emancipation Day and freedom from slavery since August 1, 1838, Belize barely began to mark Emancipation Day six years ago. The Belizean initiative was not an official, or publicly enthusiastic one, but rather a private initiative of the activist UBAD Educational Foundation (UEF). There are different reasons why British Honduras’/Belize’s perspectives on slavery and Emancipation were always so weird, as it were, and one of the reasons, I submit, is that people of color here have always been so powerful in this settlement whose families had slave owning histories but who also had identifiable slave ancestry somewhere in their genealogy. Prominent Belizeans of color had convinced themselves that they were, for all intents and purposes, white.

Recommendations from concerned fishers regarding trawling and gill nets
Dear Editor, The purpose of this letter is to demonstrate that the ban on trawlers was good for Belize, just as the ban on gill nets will be good for Belize in the long term, and that local fishers need to be recognized and rewarded for their significant contribution towards achieving these goals. Before trawlers got banned in Belize, there was a severe lack of fish, especially large snappers. The people who lived along the coast were concerned about the amount of snappers that used to wash up on the beach, as well as the turtles due to the high bycatch from the trawlers.

We Walk As One Foundation
Dear Editor, I am a 16-year-old youth of Nazarene High School. I am Christian, I am passionate for God, and I love my country, but not only the country, my people as well. Last year my dad, Daniel Guardado, was killed due to gun violence on our streets (Partridge Street). And so, this year, as a part of my goals for the year, I have established my very own foundation entitled “We Walk As One Foundation.” Along with me I have a large number of foundation members whose group name is “World Changers,” and the purpose of the foundation is to change Belize, help the poor and impact the lives of others and show that even our youths are capable of making a change, and being a change in Belize.

Domestic violence rooted in childhood development
There is a trend of violence that permeates our society. It stems from what takes place in the life of our children as part of their early childhood influence and development. As adults we are quick to make pronouncements against others, children and adult, who commit some anti-social act, usually crime, without stepping back to analyse what is the root of said behaviour. If only I could let readers and society on a whole realize that the issues we see our adults manifesting are just the product of their childhood development experience. So if children grew up neglected and abused, very few will rise beyond such a life and not likewise be abusive. But often when I say this, some are quick to say that they grew up poor and never turned out bad … but they miss that I did not say “poverty” was the factor. Poverty just adds to the deeper issue of failure of parents or adults in ensuring

Haynes, like Garvey, was looking at the big picture
Just about every school child knows that Galileo was condemned by religious fanatics because he proposed that the earth revolved around the sun instead of vice versa. That’s the line we were fed, what we were taught, what we believed. In 1633 the Catholic Church hauled in Galileo (Galileo Galilei), an Italian astronomer, for his heresy, and after he apologized he was sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life. The editors at (website) say that on June 22, 1633, the Church handed down the following order: “We pronounce, judge, and declare, that you, the said Galileo … have rendered yourself vehemently suspected by this Holy Office of heresy, that is, of having believed and held the doctrine (which is false and contrary to the Holy and Divine Scriptures) that the sun is the center of the world, and that it does not move from east to west, and that the earth does move, and is not the center of the world.”

The political order in changing Belize
Belize has some of the most interesting politics in this region, hemisphere, and I dare say, the world. Although we have adopted and/or emulated (depend on how you see it) some of the most developed political systems, they seem to be very ineffective when applied within these 8867 sq. miles. So what happens when political systems attempt to use policies and procedures from modern states in a developing country with a changing society? You end up with a cesspool of opportunistic politicians, a host of failed or abandoned projects and a population that widely distrusts the political system but are too handicapped intellectually and financially to incite any actionable change.

While it is a good idea for Garifuna people in the diaspora to visit their motherland, St.Vincent and the Grenadines, it is a painful experience.
From the time our people were forcefully removed from Baliceaux, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, where they were imprisoned, tortured, killed and buried in 1797, to Roatan, Honduras, their lives have never been the same in the countries of Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize and the United States of America, where they live today. This act of genocide that was committed by the British against us has never been addressed and forcefully challenged by our government in Saint Vincent & The Grenadines. Why? Because of the French and British’s intention to do everything in their capacity to eradicate our people from this planet earth.

Rafael Usher, 27, survives gun attack on Arlington Avenue
Rafael Usher, 27, of Arlington Drive, is in a critical but stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, with gunshot injuries to his body. He suffered gunshots in the left thigh, in the right buttocks, and in the left side of the abdomen, and had been rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Information to us is that at about 9:00 last night, Usher was on his way home and was walking on Central American Boulevard into Arlington Drive when two men riding on a motorcycle drove past him and the motorcycle stopped at a short distance in front of him.

Dangriga home invader gets a “bad beating”
At about 11:00 Monday night on Plantain Street, the home of Minnette Bermudez, 54, a domestic of Dangriga, was invaded by a man who went into her bedroom while she was sleeping, put a knife on her throat and attempted to assault her. She screamed, which alerted her family members who were at home sleeping. Her nephews, two robust young men, went into the room and saw the man, who at this time was trying to escape. One nephew got a stick and hit the intruder on the leg, which caused him to stumble, and the nephews then grabbed him and beat him.

Hon. Wilfred Elrington takes on Progresso Heights in Supreme Court
Hon. Wilfred Elrington, the Pickstock area representative and Foreign Minister of Belize, appeared in the Supreme Court of Justice Courtenay Abel for a strange case involving Progresso Heights Limited, a real estate company. Elrington is a minority shareholder of the company, which deals in real estate. He represented himself and was assisted by his nephew, Orson Elrington, in the civil claim he brought against the company. The case also includes the government’s Lands Registry, because there are a number of parcels of land on which there exists a caution, which prevents the company from selling those lands.

Musings by the Curious Non-Conformist
I dabble in the art of poetry now and again. In fact, I have been writing poetry since the time of the art-centric youth organization named Youth Voices. A group that bred leaders of the coveted Spoken Word 501 group that now has its own anthology and boasts international representation in festivals that celebrate the language art form. I wrote this poem some time ago to perform at the CARICOM Youth Ambassadors event on May 5, 2018, on the banks of the Belize River on North Front Street. It was my only poetic performance and I was terrified. Once I was through, though, none other than Leroy “Grandmaster” Young came to congratulate me on the performance, and really that was the only validation I needed.

The Reporter

The Law Is An
The Law Is An … By, Major Lloyd Jones (Ret’d) - In 2011 the Barrow administration penned Statutory Instrument No. 19 of 2011 to control the tint on motor vehicles. The underlying purpose of the SI was supposedly to help reduce crime but the SI was a net, cast so wide, that it impacted on the ordinary law abiding citizens in a negative way.

Tonight, Leader of the People’s United Party John Briceño is at the Northern Medical Plaza in Orange Walk Town overnight for observation after he received injuries to his head in a road traffic accident this morning. Briceño’s driver, Edwin Hill, was treated for cut and bruises and released.

Editorial – Friday, August 2nd. 2019
It was announced this week that the Belize Police Department is ready to train more than a hundred recruits to enter the Police Force. These were chosen from more than a thousand applicants.

Hospital Abuse: The Casualties of Caring
By: Dr. Abigail Joseph - We can never truly estimate what a person’s response will be towards intense grief, anxiety, fright or any of the other emotions one may feel when experiencing what they consider to be an emergency. I guess that was why I would sit in my truck for a while before entering the hospital doors – to prepare myself mentally for the inevitable daily emotional clashes.

Strategic Location
By Neri Briceno – Prior to the planned and expected invasion of Nazi occupied Europe on July 9th, 1943, which was definitely anticipated by the Germans, the Allies had to decide where to strike them first in order to weaken their machinery by having them fighting on multiple fronts. The obvious target became Italy, which British Prime Minister Winston Churchill described as ‘fortress Europe’s soft underbelly.’

UPDATE: Serious Accident Involving Political Leader
The Reporter has confirmed that following a traffic accident near Rhaburn Ridge on the Phillip Goldson Highway an hour ago, both PUP leader John Briceño and Edwin Hill are being treated for cuts and bruises sustained when Briceño’s Toyota Prado flipped multiple times.


Launch of Belize Tax Service
Today was the launch of the Belize Tax Service Department, which will house both the General Sales Tax and the Income Tax Departments. The creation of the new tax department is in an effort to modernize the tax administration. Reporter Johnelle McKenzie attended the launch and filed this report. Johnelle Mckenzie: “The General Sales Tax …

Will BTL audit report shows it owes GST?
In late June, a document purportedly being (BTL VO) financials of almost thirty million dollars owing to GST by Belize Telemedia Limited was leaked to the media. The debt was accumulated by the company from 2012 to 2017. While the allegations were denied by the Chairman of BTL Board Nestor Vasquez and the Prime Minister …

MOH wants to construction warehouse with NHI money
The medical supplies for the Ministry of Health (MOH) are currently stored at Central Medical Stores (CMS) located in Ladyville, but MOH is hoping to construct a new CMS building in Belmopan. Reports are, however, that MOH is planning to use funds from the National Health Insurance (NHI) Fund Reserve, which is managed by the …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Brandon Baptist walks again as brothers to be tried for murder
Thirty-four-year-old Brandon Baptist is a free man again, having walked from another murder charge. But […]

UWI, University of Glasgow agree on reparatory justice payments
On Wednesday, a day before the region-wide observation of Emancipation Day commemorating the formal end of […]

Ministry of Natural Resources confirm permission to survey disputed lands in La Gracia was issued to ranking Police official
The Ministry of Natural Resources issued a statement today regarding the land issue that is […]

Reggae sensation, Chronixx, is back in Belize
The Here Comes Trouble deejay is here to celebrate Flavaz Entertainment’s 10th anniversary. The show […]

Maxboro resident charged for shooting at bus shed
Maxboro Community resident Kareem Harvey, 25, has been charged with the attempted murder of a […]

Corporal Kent Martinez arraigned; “Dickie” explains it all
The long-awaited arraignment of Corporal of Police Kent Martinez, 36, in the shooting death of […]

US Embassy Belize sends ‘Get well’ wishes to PUP Leader
The United States (U.S.) Embassy in Belmopan has issued a statement saying their thoughts are […]

Dance for Hope! Fundraiser for Leo!
The family of San Ignacio resident, Leo Arguelles, is seeking the assistance of the public […]

Police find grenade in Orange Walk
Authorities conducting a search in Orange Walk found a training hand grenade yesterday. When police […]

Police investigating shooting in Santa Cruz
Authorities are investigating a shooting incident that occurred yesterday in Santa Cruz, Stann Creek. Anthony […]

PUP asks for prayers for Party Leader after traffic accident this morning
The People’s United Party (PUP) issued a statement seconds ago informing the nation that PUP […]

PUP Leader involved in traffic accident, condition unknown
Minutes ago PUP leader, John Briceno, was reportedly involved in an accident. The accident occurred […]

New Tax Department to be launched today
August 1, 2019 marked the historic amalgamation of the Income Tax Department and Department of […]

Prime Minister responds to Opposition over NHI funds
Leader of the Opposition, John Briceño, and Prime Minister Dean Barrow had a brief back […]


The Cristo Rey Village Council Chef Competition 2019
On Sunday, June 28th, 2019 the first-ever Cristo Rey Village Council Chef Competition was held at the Central Park. The event featured seven young talented chefs from Western Belize, including our own Chef Kelvin Harris, who competed for the bragging rights of being named the first ever Cristo Rey Village Master Chef 2019. chef kelvin Chef Robert Perez and Cristo Rey Village’s Chairman, Mr. Elmer Juarez, developed the idea of a cultural and culinary event that would create entertainment in the local area as well as bring in outside interest. The event featured three, 35-minute culinary rounds with eliminations at each stage where the chefs had to incorporate a secret ingredient at each of the cook offs. These included pork chops (first round), chicken breast & pasta (second round), and T-bone steak (third round).

August in San Pedro, The Heat is On…
The last two days have been HOT. Look at what I consider to be the most accurate weather forecast for the island and it says we are hovering in the low and mid-80s. But add in HUMIDITY, the sun’s intensity down here and low low winds and it absolutely feels like its over 100 degrees. The mosquitos are coming out. You’ll most certainly want to spray up for a morning or early evening outing. A new FANCY Frozen Yogurt spot opened on the Middle Street (Yogobean) and I had to stop in and take a look. It is a serve–yourself spot. $1.50bzd an ounce and lots of toppings. I met the owner – a Belizean from the mainland. He has a shop in Belize City as well and this one in San Pedro is HUGE.

Signs of San Pedro
Walking the colourful downtown streets of San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye, you will notice many signs. There are so many that the 1970’s song by Five Man Electrical Band comes to mind, ‘Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, blocking out the scenery…’ But these signs are not blocking the scenery; they are the scenery! Yes, they are advertising signs for local businesses, restaurants, events and more. Some are humorous to enliven the message. One example is a cliché of a Rastafarian-looking toucan (a large-beaked bird) advertising for a gift shop. Another sign is of a funny monkey and the smelly durian fruit promoting the better aromas of a handmade soap business.

International Sourcesizz

9 Restaurants with Wildly Unique Views
From a glass-encased underwater restaurant to a treehouse where the waiter greets you via a zipline, some restaurants take dining to the next level. These nine restaurants are so spectacular, they’re worth traveling to see. You know the views are special at the San Ignacio Resort’s restaurant when you sit down for breakfast and spot binoculars on the table. Take that as your cue to enjoy epic birdwatching while enjoying your morning coffee and fry jacks, which are an airy, breakfast pastry. The restaurant is perched in the jungle. Ask for a “Bird List” to see how many species you can spot. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a Keel- Billed Toucan, a colorful bird that takes up residence in the Belizean jungle.

Belize moves to protect banana industry from deadly fungus
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) says it has been holding discussions with several stakeholders in the banana industry in a bid to prevent the Fusarium Wilt of Bananas, which has been detected in neighbouring Colombia from entering the country. BAHA said that the discussions with the stakeholders, including the Ministry of Agriculture and partner organisations, are to develop a comprehensive strategy to keep the disease out of Belize. Fusarium Wilt of Bananas is caused by the fungus Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense, and described as a devastating disease of bananas.

CRFM - CDEMA sign agreement to enhance disaster management and resilience in fisheries
The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) to enhance comprehensive disaster management and climate change resilience in the fisheries and aquaculture sector within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). CRFM Executive Director, Milton Haughton, signed the MOU for CRFM while the Executive Director of CDEMA, Ronald Jackson, signed on behalf of CDEMA. The signing took place during the tenth general meeting of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the United Nations (UN) System, Wednesday, 24 July 2019, in Georgetown, Guyana. CRFM executive director said: 'This MOU was prepared to facilitate enhanced cooperation between the CRFM and CDEMA, recognizing the need for effective and progressive responses to the urgent and growing threats of climate change and associated hazards, as well as the vulnerability of our fisherfolk and fishing communities which constitute a very important part of our food production system.'

CTO event celebrates contributions of indigenous people to Caribbean tourism
Today’s travelers are booking experiential vacations that allow them to immerse themselves in the culture, people and history of a destination. Recognising this, indigenous communities across the Caribbean are accessing tourism markets and welcoming visitors to encounter their traditional ways of life. The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) will highlight this important development in a general session at the upcoming Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development taking place 26-29 Aug. 2019 at the Beachcombers Hotel in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


  • Launch of the Belize Tax Service Department, 25min. August 1st, 2019 marks the historic amalgamation of the Income Tax Department and Department of General Sales Tax into the newly formed Belize Tax Service Department- a department under the Ministry of Finance.

  • Chronixx arrives in Belize, 4.5min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - IAN MARTIN FLOWERS, 2min.

  • Ya Better Belize It!, 4min. DJI Mavic Air, GoPro Hero 7, Nikon D5500.

  • Aprendiendo Maya, 6min. For those who love learning new languages with apps, check out Aprendiendo Maya, where you learn and play at the same time, with categories such as colors, common phrases, body parts, fruits, numbers, animals and family! Find the app in your play store and learn some Mayan today!

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries - GWENDOLYN ROSITA GLADEEN NEE LEMOTT, 3min.

  • Chronixx in Belize, 20min.

  • Morning Matters with Tom Greenwood, 65min.

  • Fly Fishing for juvenile tarpons with Barefoot Fisherman, 1min.

  • Belize Now - August 2, 2019, 28min. Parliamentarians in Belize form an alliance to fight hunger, local artists benefit from NICH’s Cultural Development Fund, and the Belize Coast Guard inaugurates a new base. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Belize Now.

  • Los Hijos del West Play X Festival, 18min. The Los Hijos del West played at the X Festival in Costa Rica. Looks like they had a great time, as did the huge crowd they had. There are many great videos on their page. They represented Belize well. "A grand day that will remain in our hearts forever, this is how we started our performance, it had been a rainy day as the festival started with the National Marimba Competition followed by the International Guests performance and this is how we represented Belize, Benque Viejo del Carmen."

  • Belize Sharks, 2min.

  • Chronixx Arrival in Belize, 20min.

  • Dolphins at the end of my dock, min. Belize 2019

  • Ya'axché Conservation Trust: Our Story, 17min. Ya’axché Conservation Trust (Ya’axché) was founded in 1998 by a consortium of local leaders. Ya’axché now manages 770,000 acres across its focal area called the Maya Golden Landscape. Within this landscape, it manages three protected areas and works with eight communities in an effort to achieve its vision of achieving harmony between nature and human development. Visit our website for more information. On Ya’axché’s live set are Maximiliano Caal and Sayuri Tzul.