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The Department of the Environment (DOE) has written to a company in Placencia and instructed them to make urgent changes to their drainage system after someone in the village made a Facebook post showing how treated sewer water from a sewer pipe had darkened the colour of that portion of the lagoon.

The Facebook post prompted the Placencia Village Council to report the concern to the DoE and to Public Health authorities. Placencia Village Chairlady Ilsa Villanueva told the Reporter that the Southern Environmental Association (SEA) conducted an investigation on behalf of the DoE and forwarded its findings to them. She said that she has also spoken to the owner of the company, and he was already making the necessary changes.

DoE Compliance Officer, Anthony Mai, has confirmed that the DoE has officially written to the company, Vision Properties Belize, about the issue and has instructed them to make the necessary changes as urgently as possible. Mai said that the company has responded favourably and has agreed to undertake those changes right away.

The Reporter also contacted Vision Properties, and they informed us that they had a problem with their treated septic water, which was supposed to be used to water their plants to conserve water. The representative said that their system overflowed after it had rained for two days in succession and their staff had stopped watering the plants.

“We have since retrained the staff and added the overflow to our leach line so it will not happen in the future. It was never sewage; it was the water from the septic after it has been treated; normally it is hooked up to sprinklers that water your yard; but instead of watering the sand we want the staff to use it to water plants and conserve city water,” the representative shared, confirming that their system has been inspected by the DoE and the Department of Health and that their adjustments have been approved.

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