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Mexican Authorities will commence work to widen and deepen the Zaragoza Channel just north of Ambergris Caye. Continuous work will be done over a span of 3 years at a time of over $100 million.

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It will be from August 15 to 30 when the dredging vessel arrives to the south of the state to do the respective works for the Zaragoza Canal. The former commander of the XI Naval Zone Eduviges Martinez Sandoval said that these tasks will be carried out over the next 3 years.

In an interview, the former commander stated before leaving his post that there was an advance of the monitoring tower in the Zaragoza Canal of 80 percent.

He highlighted that it will be for the second half of August when the dredging machinery for the Canal will arrive, and in the port of Xcalak some vehicles will arrive, such as: low beds, transporting some artifacts for dredging works, and thus begin the second phase of the Expansion project.

It is worth mentioning that the Zaragoza Canal project will have an ecological watchtower, a staff accommodation area and a warehouse that will be used to store the resources that will be used in the expansion, where more than 100 million pesos will be invested .

It was suggested that in the first phase, the winery spaces, environmental monitoring tower, accommodation works for staff, and machinery that is being revised will be completed so that it is in good working order.

An important fact is that the dredging will be more than 1,200 meters long, as well as 50 meters wide and three meters deep; It is estimated that there will be on average three dredgers that are made in the area.

And these works are planned to be carried out in the next three years, although there is an extension program for a couple of years, in which case it is necessary.

And it has also been emphasized by tourism authorities that with these works new maritime tourist routes will be opened for smaller ships that would enter through the Canal, to transfer them to Xcalak.