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The San Pedro Sun

12 new Tourism Police Officers for San Pedro Town
San Pedro can count with 12 more Tourism Police Officers, freshly graduated from the Police Training Academy in Belmopan on August 8th. The dozen recruits come a little over a month after Commissioner of Police (ComPol) Chester Williams met with tourism stakeholders and residents of Ambergris Caye after the shooting death of tour guide Mario Graniel Sr. and his guest Dr. Gary Swank. During the community meeting, ComPol Williams assured the gathering that San Pedro would get more tourism police to aid in combatting crime on the island. Of the 23-member graduation class, 12 head to San Pedro while five are going to Placencia.

DOE comments on condition of the New River and the way forward
The Department of the Environment (DOE) has an established Water Quality Monitoring Programme on the New River. Data collected on July 19, 2019, at five sites - four between the Toll Bridge and San Estevan Bridge and one near San Estevan Village - revealed several areas of concerns that negatively impact this aquatic ecosystem. The present situation is most likely eutrophication caused by several factors. The data shows that nutrient levels are high at these locations with sulphate showing a visible spike. Additionally, the dissolved oxygen levels are low and algae count is currently being analysed by the DOE, with all indicators suggesting a high count.

Camp Manatee promotes literacy among island children and teachers
For the past two weeks, island children were engaged in a literacy camp held from 9AM to 11AM at the San Pedro High School (SPHS). Organized by the Ministry of Education and volunteers of the University of North Carolina, Wilmington and the University of Missouri, USA, the camp aims at strengthening the literacy knowledge of preschoolers and lower-division students of San Pedro Town. Throughout the weeks, the camp saw 20 volunteers teaching over 35 island children basic literacy skills such as, how to hold a book, reading comprehension, spelling, awareness of print, vocabulary and phonemic awareness, among other helpful skills. The camp culminated with a short ceremony at the SPHS on Thursday, August 8th.

San Pedro Fire Department contains two fires

San Pedro teams top the 10th Annual Copa Mahahual Fishing Tournament
San Pedro teams did exceptionally well at the 10th Annual Copa Mahahual Fishing Tournament held in Mahahual, Quintana Roo, Mexico from Friday, August 2nd to Sunday, August 4th. The competition saw the participation of 14 teams from Mexico and Belize. All three island teams that participated in the fishing tournament managed to place in the top five with Reef Shark taking first place, Reel Challenge placing second and Reel Deal placing in fifth.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro To Receive 12 New Tourism Police
The Belize Police Department has 23 newly graduated Special Constable Tourism Police Officers of which twelve are coming to San Pedro Town. After having promised a recruitment of new officers to place extra officers in San Pedro, COMPOL Chester Williams officially sworn in 23 persons as newly Special Constable Tourism Police at the National Police Training Academy in a closing ceremony on Thursday, August 8, 2019.

Various Belizean Sources


Venancio Martinez passes away
Funeral services for Venancio Martinez aka Dirty Cash will be held in Hopkins Village this Saturday 10th August at 10am. For those wishing to attend, a boat will be leaving the Ocean Ferry dock in Caye Caulker at 6am and will leave Hopkins to return back to Caye Caulker at 2:30pm. Lunch will be provided for everyone after the funeral. There will be no charge for the boat but the family is asking for a small donation of any amount per person (if you can) to assist in paying for the chartered boat. Please comment below if u would like to attend or inbox Charles Rubio as they need to know the exact count beforehand. The max people they can take is 35.

Mr. Winston Frank Panton
Today our community and country will send off a dear friend, colleague and a mentor to many of us. Mr. Winston Frank Panton, affectionately known to many of us as Mr P, died fighting cancer. When he was diagnosed in 2016, it was hard for him and his family, and equally, to many who were close to him. We were accustomed to seeing him active in our community. During various times of the day, he measured the water level from off the dock in front of his Boca del Rio apartment. When he couldn’t, he sent his younger son Winston to do it. He compiled years of information, that for some it seemed simple, but for this island, very useful in predicting storms and rise in water levels. You see, Mr P lived a life of service to Belize.

Good weather and wind conditions provided plenty of action on all of the areas El Pescador guides fish. Bonefish action was perfect. Anglers did well wade fishing and from the boat.

Online Auction Hosted by U.S. Embassy Belize
The U.S. Embassy Online Auction runs from August 9 (noon) until Sunday, August 18) (7 p.m.). To view the lots, go to, scroll down the page and click on "Belmopan." Interested bidders must register on the website in order to place bids. Items must be picked up on Friday, August 23 (time TBA) at the U.S. Embassy in Belmopan. Instructions will be sent to winning bidders when they are notified the next business day after the conclusion of the auction that they have the winning bid. Winning bidders will be required to pay any required duty to the government of Belize and to pay the Embassy in full in cash before the item will be released. No payment/pick-up extensions will be granted. All property purchased at auction must be removed immediately from the Embassy premises.

Queen of the Bay Belmopan
Kiah Pastor is the winner of Queen of the Bay Belmopan. Congratulations.

BEL Authorized Collection Agents

Belize Water Services Limited 18th Annual General Meeting
Friday, August 23, 2019 at 7 PM - 9 PM, Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza, 3½ Miles Northern Highway, Belize City. Belize Water Services cordially invites you to attend our 18th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

International Indigenous Peoples Day
Happy International Indigenous Peoples Day to our Yucatec, Mopan, Q'eqchi and Garifuna peoples of Belize; and to all our indigenous brothers and sisters around the world. On this day, we are penning down, joining out thoughts, ideas and spirit a future for the Maya people of southern Belize! Thank you to all for your solidarity, committment and hardwork to the efforts of our people. It is in the struggle that the desire for a different future is constructed.

Channel 7

Accused Drug Trafficker Murdered
A man was killed in his home last night in Lords Bank village, and there is a strong undercurrent of the drug trade in this murder. The victim is Carlos Lopez, in 2017 and 2018, the 35 year old was thrust into the public spotlight as an accused drug smuggler. He was never convicted, but, last night, he was marked for death in a secluded home. It's a strange case with more questions than answers. Our news team has been following it all day, and Daniel Ortiz reports:

Missing Man, Missing Suspect, Police Inspector Suspected
Things have gotten a bit more complicated in Derrick Ramirez's missing person's case. Police are now looking for Ramirez as well as the main suspect in his disappearance, Oscar Williams Jr.. Yesterday Williams Jr. escaped from police custody on Cross Caye. Now, we have reported on cases like this before, it happens right ? Nope, not in this case because, interestingly, the inspector who Williams "got away" from is Derrick Ramirez's brother.

Accused Mexican ATM Scammers Get Off
In February, we told you how Mexicans, Belen Hernandez, Joscat Jafet Hernandez, and Lionel Isaac Rodriguez, were freed of theft charges in the Corozal Magistrate's Court for the third time. Police accused them of engaging in credit card fraud to steal several thousand dollars from Atlantic Bank ATM's in different parts of the country. At one point, 2 out of the 3 accused were facing over 20 counts of theft in the Corozal and Belize City Magistrate's Courts. Well, tonight, all charges have been dropped against them. That was the outcome when they appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer today. The police prosecutor informed the court during their adjournment that the prosecution was seeking to withdraw the charges against them.

Drinking Man Run Over
A Teakettle man was knocked down and killed yesterday morning. 49 year old Margarito Vanegas was walking on the side of the highway in the village when a truck ran him over. Our information is that he had just crossed the road. Vanegas had been drinking moments earlier. Here is what police had to say on this case. ACP Joseph Myvette, Head, NCIB: "Sometime after 10 am yesterday police were called to Teakettle village where they spoke to one Edwin Herrera who reported to them that he was driving a white cargo truck west bound when upon reaching Teakettle he observed a male person walking across the highway but he was unable to avoid hitting the person..."

Victim's Friend Recounts Accident
Now, Vanegas's drinking partner told Plus TV that indeed his friend was drunk. But, he thought Vangeas would sleep it off. Here's how George Lopez put it:.. George Lopez, Friend of Deceased: "He got drunk, so he said that he would sleep on the veranda. I got up and I left the man there. When I look, the tacos lady came and said that the thing knock down "Pulu" and when I came I see the man on the road knocked out, he was broken up."

Did St. Margaret's Man Accidentally Impale Himself On Machete?
Police are still trying to find more information on a man whose body was found in St. Margret's Village on the Hummingbird Highway yesterday evening. According to police, the man may have accidentally stabbed himself. Here is more. Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "That we believe is a matter of a sudden death in the sense that we need to await a post mortem from what we gather..."

Big Tom Fed Up with Cops
Kenneth "Big Tom" Flowers, police say he is a notorious street figure, but he says the cops have been unjustly targeting him ever since he was deported in 2013. And, earlier this week, when the police went to search him and another man - things took a turn. He felt the officer was conducting an improper search of his wallet, and when he had an exchange of words with the cop, he was taken in for indecent words. Now, that's a very basic charge - and most offenders are usually given what is called a "sign bail". But, Flowers says he was kept in lockdown for 48 hours, and not even charged, which he calls a disrespect and an injustice. He told us this in a wide ranging interview today:.,..

A Belizean In London
Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams just returned from a trip to London. The Ahmadiyya Muslim group invited him along with other Belizeans to attend this year's Jalsa Salana. It is a massive convention that sees the participation of Muslims from all over the world. Williams told us about about his experience. Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "My trip was productive in the sense that I got an opportunity to see different work that the Ahmadiyya Muslim do in respective communities across the world and you would know we have them in Belize and the work that they do on weekends they have the Ahmadiyya basketball tournament..."

Digi Diplomas
The DIGI scholarship program held its annual award ceremony today at the Radisson. The 25 new recipients are a very diverse group of bright and ambitious young students from all over the country. Over 600 students have already benefited from the Digi scholarship program since its inception in 1991 - and today we met the latest cohort. Rochus Schreiber, Cheif Executive Officer,Digi: "You have worked very hard and I want to congratulate you on this hard work and dedication that you put into your studies and the effort that you are exerting to excel and to push yourself. I also want to thank you parents because this is very much the achievement of the whole family."

The Future of Education
The guest speaker for today's Digi scholarship program was The Deputy Chief Education Officer Neulin Villanueva. She discussed her ministry's mandate to increase access to all levels of education for all Belizeans and thanked DIGI as well as other corporate partners for their help in providing access to secondary schools for deserving students. She also discussed G.O.B's own commitment to the same: Neulin Villanueva, Deputy Chief Education Officer, Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture: "We are indeed grateful for the assistance of our social and corporate partners such as Digi and many others whose community mindedness and financial contribution make this goal a little bit more achievable..."

Alleged 64 Year Old Child Abuser Will Stand Trial
Back in 2017, 64-year-old Reginald Coleman, a mechanic from Maxboro Village, was accused of sexually abusing a 4-year-old girl. The Magistrate's Court has ruled that he will stand trial for this in the Supreme Court. Coleman is accused of fondling the child back in October 2015; he's additionally charged with assault of the child by penetration. A preliminary inquiry in the case was held today before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford.

Making A Seaside City Sustainable
The Inter-American Development Bank is working with the Belize City Council on a project called the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Action Plan for Belize City. They want to help the current local government administration implement a blueprint for the city so that it can develop sustainably for the next 15 to 20 years. 1,200 residents were asked to participate in a survey, to assess transit patterns and behavior of those who call it home. In that survey, some of the most critical areas identified were the vulnerability to natural disasters, climate change mitigation, sanitation, drainage, solid waste management, energy, land use planning, zoning and urban mobility, employment, education, and citizen security.

Fantasy Five: One Winner's Loss is a Future Winner's Gain
The Fantasy Five Jackpot just got a whole lot bigger. And that's because no one claimed a jackpot from 6 months ago. That winning ticket was from Mango Creek, but it has expired and is now being rolled into the existing pot. Karil Wallace of Caribbean Gaming told us more:.,.

The Plan For Marine Litter in Belize
A plan is almost in place to address litter in Belize's Marine areas. The project seems to have great support from both public and private sector as they work together to ensure its success. These efforts were further bolstered by a UK team which traveled to Belize in April to consult on the process. The document generated from that consultation awaits G.O.B. approval. The government press office spoke to environmental officer Maxine Monsanto about how Belize's litter action plan will help our country to do its part for marine health in the region.

Channel 5

Carlos Lopez is Gunned Down in a Home Invasion in Lord’s Bank
He is no stranger to the cops and has been charged multiple times in the past for drug related incidents, but on Thursday night, Carlos Lopez was murdered inside his [...]

Derrick Ramirez Remains Missing; ComPol Williams Says ‘Things Do Not Add Up’
Tonight, two police officers are in detention, Derrick Ramirez remains missing and Oscar Williams, the main suspect believed to be responsible for his disappearance, allegedly escaped at the hands of [...]

Did Police Officers Let Main Suspect Escape? Williams: “I am thinking something worse than escaping”
From there, the plot takes a very sinister twist because, as Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett explained, members of the Belize Coast Guard arrested three men; including main suspect [...]

Rogue Police Officers Facing Criminal Charges
Investigators have forty-eight hours to gather enough evidence and criminally charge the two police officers. The police constable has already been slapped with the disciplinary charges of allowing a prisoner [...]

Elderly Man Dies After Being Hit by Cargo Truck
Fifty-year-old Teakettle villager, Margarito “Pulu” Vanegas was struck by oncoming traffic on Thursday morning.  A cargo truck was traveling on the George Price Highway, through Teakettle Village, when Vanegas was [...]

Man Falls on Machete and Dies in St. Margaret Village
Police in the west are also investigating the circumstances leading to the death of an unidentified young man in Saint Margaret’s Village. The body of John Doe was found late [...]

Mexican Trio Released After Spending a Year at Belize Central Prison
A trio of Mexicans caught stealing money from an ATM in Orange Walk and Corozal in January of last year has been acquitted of the charges of theft after spending [...]

A Fish Graveyard Populated By Gillnet Usage at Salt Creek
The Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries is championing a move to ban the use of gillnets countrywide.  Gillnets are indiscriminate and as such are depleting fish stocks.  This morning, a news [...]

Digi Awards 25 Full High School Scholarships
Digi held its scholarship reception programme this morning in Belize City. Twenty-five students from around the country were all recipients this year. The full scholarships are awarded for the four [...]

Belize Adopts the International Code as Breast-Milk Substitutes
Breast is best. It’s a slogan we have heard for years and the Ministry of Health wants Belize to take it seriously.  According to PAHO, breastfeeding is vital to a [...]

ComPol Williams Participates in Jalsa Salama 2019
ComPol Chester Williams recently returned to Belize after spending a week in London for the 2019 Jalsa Salama, an annual gathering of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. The event brings together [...]


Small riot at Central Prison
There was a riot at the Belize Central Prison yesterday when eight remanded prisoners who are housed in Tango 11 became dissatisfied with the treatment they had been receiving from the prison authorities and decided to take matters into their own hands. The Kolbe Foundation, which is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Belize Central Prison, wasted no time, and the prison’s Quick Response Team (QRT) put down the rebels in about twenty minutes after the small riot began around 11:00 a.m.

Brian Armstrong, 32, fatally shot in Gungulung
Brian Armstrong, 32, a stevedore of West Street, was working on a house in a yard in the CET site area of Gungulung, Lake Independence, when an unknown gunman approached and fired several times at him. Armstrong was struck in the back of the head and back, and died almost immediately. The killer escaped. The incident occurred at about 7:00 last evening. Police said that they found Armstrong lying on the ground in the yard with a gunshot wound. He was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was declared dead officially.

The New River is polluted
On Monday, members of the media were taken on a tour of the New River in the Orange Walk District. The tour was organized by concerned citizens of Orange Walk Town, who are of the view that the Department of the Environment (DOE) has not been doing enough to address the condition of the New River. Last month, the DOE conducted tests of the waters of the New River, and the results have confirmed that the river is polluted and in danger of getting worse if preventative measures are not taken.

Jordy Bainton, 44, dies in road accident
Jordy Bainton, 44, a laborer of Belize City, was riding his bicycle at about 5:00 yesterday evening on the roundabout at the junction of the Philip Goldson Highway and Chetumal Street when he was knocked down by a Mack truck. Bainton suffered massive head and body injuries in the accident and was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he died while being treated.

Taiwan-Belize celebrates 30 years of good diplomatic relations
Tonight, the embassy of Taiwan and the Celebration Committee of Taiwan Compatriots in Belize (CCTCB) co-hosted the”2019 Diplomatic Banquet of Taiwan Culinary Art” event, another highlight of cultural exchange to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Belize and Taiwan. Chef Tony Huang and Chun-Song Chu from Taiwan amazed the embassy’s distinguished guests with authentic and exquisite Taiwanese cuisine, notably with local Belizean ingredients.

Ladyville Village Council begins new life with $560
Village Council elections ended with both the governing United Democratic Party (UDP) and the Opposition, People’s United Party claiming victory, even though at one point the UDP had acknowledged that the PUP was ahead in the tally. Be that as it may, all the village councils have been sworn in and should be carrying out their functions. In Ladyville, the largest village in the country, the village council was sworn in last Thursday, August 1, in a ceremony attended by the Leader of the Opposition and the PUP Belize Rural Central standard bearer, Dolores Balderamos Garcia. Noticeably absent from the swearing-in ceremony was the Belize Rural Central area representative, Hon. Beverly Castillo.

Cricket Corner – Bandits and BDF clash for the last time; Wicked 11 took the first meal out of Berlan’s mouth
Once again, my fellow cricket enthusiasts, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), the Sir Barry Bowen/ Harrison Parks Cricket Competition semifinals are heading to where only the best of the best will reach – the finals. For BDF and Bandits, this Saturday, August 10, if all goes as planned for playing cricket, one of these teams will have to say “bye-bye, folks.” Last Saturday at Belmopan, the BDF team traveled there to try and tie the series with the Bandits, who had won the previous weekend. Even before the game started...

Rural Female softball results
The Belize Rural Female Softball Tournament 2019 continued on Sunday, August 8, in Double Head Cabbage with 2 games played. There are five (5) teams participating in the competition: Lords Bank Sunrise (Lords Bank), Unity (Double Head Cabbage), Orchid Girls (Burrell Boom), Crooked Tree (Crooked Tree), and Arrows Reloaded (Bermudian Landing). In game 1 in Double Head, Orchid Girls won by default over Crooked Tree. And in game 2, Lords Bank Sunrise defeated Unity, 5-4. Winning pitcher was Karen Hilton; and the losing pitcher was Allice Morey.

FFB Youth Inter-District Football tournaments update
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) Youth Inter-District football tournaments continued over the weekend with games across the country. At the Victor Sanchez Field, the visiting Independence won, 5-4, over Toledo. Independence goals came from Kenya Perez (10’), Gabriela Mendoza (17’), Aaliyah Godoy (34’) and Neisha Drysdale (38’) along with an own goal by Toledo’s Vania Myvett (OG 3’); while Toledo goals came from Karel Avila (16’ & 42’), Nneka Young (24’) and Zeauun Alvarez (63’).

National Belikin 8-Ball Tournament update!!
The National Belikin 8-Ball Billiards Tournament 2019 has concluded in most regions, and coming to an end in Orange Walk and Belize District regions. Below is a an update on this magnificent tournament, as teams prepare to represent their region in the upcoming National Finals in Punta Gorda on August 17 & 18, 2019.

Editorial: University of Glasgow reparations – truth and justice
The University of Glasgow, in Scotland, must be congratulated for acknowledging the debt the Europeans owe to the African slaves of the Caribbean. It was on the backs of slaves and from the rape of the resources of Africa and the Americas that the Europeans got most of the capital to build their great economic success story. Last year, on November 25, 2018, the Jamaica Gleaner (online) said that UWI Vice Chancellor, Sir Hilary Beckles, had reported that a United Kingdom university, the University of Glasgow, recognizing “that Jamaican slave owners had adopted the University of Glasgow as their university of choice and that £200 million of value was extracted from Jamaica and the Caribbean,” was planning to make reparations.

Shame on you, Donald Trump!
Dear Editor, Please give me space for the following. Venezuela denounces boat retention with food in Panama Canal. The vessel has 25 thousand tons of soy cake on board for food production, Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said. Posted 7 August 2019 — Telesur– The Government of Venezuela denounced on Wednesday the retention of a vessel with 25 thousand tons of soy cake for food production in the South American country, in the Panama Canal.

Overzealous NICH must apologize to incontinent tourist
This shaming of a tourist who released some kidney-filtered beer on the lawn in front of the temple, it goes under the category of making a mountain out of a molehill, or worse, inflating a peccadillo into a mortal sin. This one also goes under the category of ingratitude mixed with overzealousness. Almost no matter what a guest does, as long as it’s within the category of ignorance or a health condition, not malice, you don’t roll the state’s machinery over them. We don’t know if the brother arrived at the PGIA, or his ship, under a tourist police escort when he left, but we are pretty certain, after getting the full exposure of the backlash, that he didn’t get any ‘bon voyage, come back soon’.

Musings by the Curious Non-Conformist
Let’s get this out of the way and abundantly clear in case there was any uncertainty, I am Blackity-Black-BLACK. There is for me a blackness that extends well beyond the concentration of melanin, but it’s in my DNA, my consciousness and lived experiences. It’s the way in which I navigate the world, because it’s the way the world first perceives me. I am black before I am Garifuna-Creole, before I am Belizean, before I am cis-gendered female, and I figure that in owning that, I find power and draw strength. Indeed, the only thing that comes before that marker is my spiritual divinity.

Derrick Ramirez, 24, on fishing trip, disappears
Two brothers, Derrick Ramirez, 24, and Kevin Hernandez, 27, and their brother-in-law, Joseph Coleman, 27 — all of whom reside in Dangriga— went fishing and diving for lobsters at Cross Caye in the Stann Creek District on Sunday, and sometime around midday, while they were diving, a boat with three men appeared and the captain ordered them to stop diving in the area and told them that the area belongs to him. Kevin Hernandez reported that he recognized the captain of the boat.

SUV plunges into river at the Swing Bridge
There was a spectacular accident early this morning in the city, when an SUV plunged into the waters on the northern side of the Belize City Swing Bridge and the driver and passenger had to be pulled out and hauled to safety, as the vehicle was quickly submerging. Jasmine Smith, 22, was driving a red Kia Sportage SUV, coming on North Front Street. A video from a surveillance camera showed that the Kia came, under speed, from the direction of the Belize City Council, and was approaching the traffic control gazebo in the middle of the northern approach to the Swing Bridge.

Port Authority enforces new water taxi regulations
In the wake of the explosion that occurred at about 3:00 Sunday afternoon, May 5, onboard Water Jets, a water taxi that was docked at the Ocean Ferry Water Taxi near the Swing Bridge, Belize City, it was found that the cause of the explosion was due to leaking gas that was ignited by a spark. The explosion had caused the deaths of Jamiri Guy, 10, and Kimberly Guy, 8, and had caused injuries to 19 passengers who were onboard the boat. The Belize Port Authority is now enforcing the Water Taxi Regulations Statutory Instrument 29 of 2019, to ensure the safety of passengers onboard water taxis.

UB’s Bachelor program comes to San Pedro
San Pedro Junior College (SPJC) and the University of Belize (UB) have partnered up to offer new opportunities to students in San Pedro. A public ceremony was held at the San Pedro High School where a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by representatives of the two institutions to introduce a new Bachelor’s program at the junior college. UB president Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat; the Dean of Faculty of Education and Arts, Mr. Nestor Chan; and Dean for the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, Dr. Bernard Watler, represented UB at the ceremony, where they were greeted by the Dean of SPJC, Mr. Gustavo Ellis, Assistant Dean Mr. Froylan Gilharry, and all the invited guests in attendance.

The Reporter

Editorial – Friday August 9th. 2019
China is the world’s second largest economy. Everybody knows that! China is also technologically advanced. We all know that too. She makes her own jet aircraft and recently completed the work on two new aircraft carriers. Until recently, she owned the world’s most powerful super-computer.

Shooting In Lords Bank Claims The Life Of Carlos Lopez
A shooting last night in the Lords Bank Area has claimed the life of Carlos Lopez, 35. Sometime after 8:00pm last night Lopez and his niece arrived at his home in Lords Bank when he was shot.

Armed Robbery At Caribbean Chicken – Buttonwood Bay
Caribbean Chicken’s Buttonwood Bay branch was robbed yesterday around 2:00 pm. The manager reported seeing 3 males enter the establishment. One of the robbers pointed a firearm...


Two police officers detained after a murder suspect reportedly escaped their custody
An inspector and a constable have been detained in connection with the case of Derrick Ramirez, the man who had gone missing after he went diving with relatives near Cross Caye. The plot in this story thickens, since the two police officers, one of whom is Ramirez’s brother, have reportedly lost the main suspect in …

Four Belizeans received UWC scholarships
Four students have been awarded with United World Colleges’ scholarships to pursue International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Emil Pulido, the Public Relations Officer for the United World Colleges Belize, shared that UWC schools offer students an experience of a life-time. Emil Pulido – Public Relations Officer, United World Colleges, Belize: “We are very happy to say …

PUP Condemns Government of Belize
The People’s United Party (PUP) issued a press release today condemning the UDP Government for its lack of co-management in the Sarstoon Temash National Park. (SARSTOON VO). The park should be managed by both the Government of Belize and the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM). The PUP is enraged after the incident in …

Lord’s Bank fatally man shot in his own home
35-year-old, Carlos Lopez is dead, and investigators are searching for the trigger man. Lopez was inside his home in the Lord’s Bank area in Ladyville Village when a barrage of bullets was unleashed at his house at around eight o’clock last night. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, said that they currently have no motive …

Belize Counselor Association Launched Training for Counselors this Week
During this past week, primary and high schools counsellors from the Belize Counsellor Association (BCA) have been engaged in a training program. The program was organized in collaboration with Ministry of Education. Today, we spoke to Tashera Swift Myers, president of the BCA, who told us that the program seeks to teach counsellors how to …

Digi making dreams come through
Digi is assisting twenty-five students to reach their educational goals and at the same time lightening the financial burden which comes with higher education for their parents. A short ceremony was held this morning where the twenty-five deserving students were awarded with the scholarships. Anika Henry, the Advertising and Communications Representative, spoke to the media …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize listed among designated major drug transit and producing countries
Belize has joined a “rogues’ gallery” of countries designated by the United States as being […]

Belize-Cuba Solidarity group stands with Venezuela as US issues blockade
The Belize-Cuba Solidarity Group issued a statement today in support of the people of the Bolivarian […]

Deputy Prime Minister gives speech marking 30 years of diplomatic relations with Taiwan
Today, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber, released a video where he publicly thanked the Republic of […]

PUP picks fight with GOB over burned hardwood in the south
Today, the Peoples United Party (PUP) condemned the Government of Belize (GOB) for what it describes […]

Shot and missing at sea
Derrick Ramirez has been reported missing for almost one week now. On Sunday afternoon he […]

Athletes robbed after practice in Belmopan
Sometime last night there was an armed robbery in Belmopan. Two volleyball players were on their […]

BBQ fundraiser to be held for Kyron Green, 11, who was shot in the face
The public is asked to support a fundraising effort for gunshot victim Kyron Green, 11. On […]

Six men charged for being gang members
On Thursday, Belize City cops charged six men with being members of a gang. Those […]

Notice of Intended Prosecution served on driver who knocked down and killed cyclist
Police have served a man with a notice of intended prosecution following the death of Jerdy […]

Police: No motive in murder of Brian Armstrong
Belize City police are struggling to arrive at a motive in the murder of Brian […]

Guatemala to elect a new President on Sunday
Four years ago, Guatemalans elected former comedian, Jimmy Morales as President of the Republic. On […]

Man murdered in Lord’s Bank
Carlos Lopez, also known as Ciroc Mac on social media, was gunned down last night. […]


An island classic: Fisherman’s BBQ
‘What is fisherman’s BBQ?’ one may ask. It’s a medley of yummy seafood, basically whatever is caught during a day out at sea, grilled to perfection along with the Belizean holy trinity of vegetables – tomatoes, green peppers, and onion. From the seasonings used to the cooking time, there is a skill in making a tasty platter of fisherman’s BBQ. This skill that has been mastered by generations of local men and women with the desire to feed family, friends, and guests only the best. Once you have a freshly prepared fisherman’s BBQ, you’ll know why we Belizeans think of it as ‘home.’ It is a reminder of how blessed we are to live surrounded by a bountiful sea.

International Sourcesizz

“Seaing” a Sustainable Future in the Caribbean
The “Glory Days”. That’s what you’ll hear from fishermen today reminiscing on a time when the abundance of Belize’s Caribbean Sea gave the impression that its limits were non-existent and its bounty inexhaustible. Their reality today is a stark contrast. The reason being is that the vastness of our marine resources is not immune to our decisions, and we have begun to feel the impacts. Since the 1990’s, fishermen have been petitioning for a ban on gill nets, but the destructive gear remains legal today continuing to put a dent in our fish populations. Though they may look innocuous, gill nets are extremely indiscriminate damaging reef habitats and drowning protected, charismatic, and keystone species; species such as bonefish, tarpon, and permit which contribute millions of dollars to our economy annually through the game fish industry many have worked so hard to cultivate over the years; species such as nurse sharks, dolphins and manatees which tourists from all over the world flock to Belize to see in the wild, contributing to our robust tourism industry which is single handedly keeping us a nation afloat. Is the destructive nature of this gear worth losing this and more? The good news is there IS a more sustainable way!


  • Talk Ah Di Town August 8, 2019, 32min.

  • How Belize is Tackling Sargassum, 1min. Sargassum has been a concern not only for Belize, but our regional countries as well. Check out the video below for more information on how Belize is tackling the issue and how you can help, too.

  • Belize: Life returns to the reef, 6.5min. Reefs are the second most species-rich ecosystems after rainforests. And the second-largest coral reef in the world lies off the coast of Belize. It was on UNESCO's danger list for nearly ten years, but it's starting to recover.

  • Belize Scuba Diving, 3.5min.

  • Shark in Belize, 1min.

  • XIX Central American Beach Volleyball Championship, 17min. Belize is hosting the XIX Central American Beach Volleyball Championship from 16th - 18th August at Kukumber Beach at Old Belize. The Belize Volleyball Association (BVA) is rallying sports enthusiast to support the local team as they compete against the region. We spoke with representatives of Team Belize about their expectations for the competition. On our couch: Emma Hoare - Team Belize, BVA. Clara Sabal - Team Belize, BVA.

  • The Stationery House stylish backpacks now available for back to school shoppers, 26min. The Stationery House gave us a glimpse of the stylish backpacks now available for back to school shoppers. Gracie Alamilla, Store Manager, showcased the new line of the affordable J World backpacks that is now available for primary and high school students.

  • Educational goals through scholarships awarded to the UWC Belize, 40min. Three young Belizeans are heading to various colleges to further their educational goals through scholarships awarded to the UWC Belize. We talked with the students about the application process and what they hope the experience will give them and how they will contribute to Belize. We also heard testimonies from current and past students about the experience and how it has shaped their philosophies and future goals. On our couch: Ella Smith - Graduate, UWC Wales. Xavissa Molina - New Student, UWC Norway. Irene Hung - New Student, UWC Costa Rica. Madison Burrows - Current student, UWC Canad.

  • San Pedro Fire Department offer update on Wednesday fires, 2min. As a follow up to the fires on Wednesday night on Ambergris Caye, the Officer Commanding the San Pedro Fire Station Gladstone Bucknor gave more details as to the investigations. According to Bucknor, Conch Shell Inn was insured but the second structure was uninsured. Bucknor would not go into more details surrounding the cause of the second fire but he did say that all indications are that the fire started in the children’s room at the far north end of the building.

  • Good Samaritans help oust San Pedro fire, 4min. There were two fires within hours of each other on Ambergris Caye on Wednesday night. The first fire occurred in the downtown area of San Pedro Town and the second in the San Pedro Area. Luckily, the two fires were contained, quickly averting what could have been major catastrophes for the island. Jorge Aldana reports.

  • Caye Caulker Entrepreneurs, 10min. On our 6th segment of Caye Caulker Entrepreneurs we spoke with Arty Marin, owner, operator and guide of Anda De Wata Tours.

  • Belize & Taiwan celebrate 30 years of diplomatic friendship, 2min. A message to the Government and people of the Republic of China (Taiwan) from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon. Patrick Faber, in celebration of 30 years of diplomatic friendship!

  • We’re Engaged!, 1min. I proposed to my partner at the top of the highest Temple in the Caracol Ruins of Belize. It was amazing and worth the climb to the top (even though he didn't want to climb all the way up).

  • Reef CI June 2014, 2.5min. A montage of GoPro Hero3 video from the first week in June 2014 diving the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve off Punta Gorda in southern Belize with Reef Conservation International.