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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Signs PSA Letter of Intent with the Republic of China (Taiwan)
The Government of Belize and the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) (RoC) signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) on August 15th, in Taipei, Taiwan, to engage in the negotiation of a Partial Scope Agreement (PSA) with the objective of formalizing trade relations between the two countries. The LOI resulted from a full week of discussions and engagement with RoC officials and the Belize delegation from the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce.

Ambergris Today

Introducing The Miss San Pedro Pageant Delegates
The Miss San Pedro Pageant is set to take place on Saturday, September 7, 2019 under the theme “Jewels of the Sea”. Five beautiful young ladies have signed up to compete for the coveted crown and title of “Miss San Pedro”, they are Eileen Reyes, Tanisha Rhaburn, Litzy Castillo, Helen Barrera and Blanca Velasquez.

Various Belizean Sources


Changes in the Pump Price of Fuel Effective August 20, 2019
The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on August 20, 2019, the pump prices of two fuel products will change. The prices for regular gasoline and diesel will register decrease as follows: Regular gasoline will decrease by 43 cents from $10.55 to $10.12 per gallon; and Diesel will decrease by 04 cents from $10.08 to $10.04 per gallon. The prices for premium gasoline and kerosene will remain unchanged at $11.12 and 7.63 per gallon, respectively.

Corozal Art in the Park This Saturdday

Visit to the Chiquibul Forest
The role of the Judiciary in environmental compliance is paramount. We were therefore, honoured in hosting for a two day event the Honorable Chief Justice, Mr. Kenneth Benjamin, Chief Magistrate, Ms. Sharon Frazer, two judges and 10 magistrates into the Chiquibul Forest with the aim of presenting the beauty and challenges of this singular ecosystem. FCD remains grateful for the time spent with us and for their guidance as we pursue improved effectiveness. The event was made possible with financing from the US Department of the Interior.

The Reef Radio invites you to celebrate with us our 20th anniversary!!!
Buy your tickets today!!!! August 31 at Banana Beach Resort!!! See you there.

National Women’s Commission condemns insensitive comments continuously made on social media pages
The National Women’s Commission condemns the disrespectful and insensitive comments continuously made on social media pages following reports of gender-based violence. It is unfortunate that such insensitive comments have become the norm in the aftermath of any reports of violence against women and girls be it sexual violence, online bullying, domestic violence, and even murder. Public insults, shaming, and casting aspersions on the character, not only revictimizes victims of violence, but also impedes others from coming forward. Such insensitive comments on social media are, however, merely a by-product of the social norms and inequities linked to broader issues of gender inequality and discrimination. It is a merely sample of what many women and girls experience within their homes, workplaces and communities on a daily basis.

Park Way City now open in Corozal
Located across from the Police Station. It’s a new grocery and purchase stuff for your personal stuff. T-shirt, birthday bags, watches, buy groceries stuff and much more.

Join us starting today and be part of our Mesoamerican ball-game team!
Encourage your child to be involved in positive activities in the community.

Channel 7

Brazen, Broad Daylight, Bus Stop Murder in Hattieville
A security guard was murdered this evening in Hattieville. It has shocked villagers - because Clyde Kevin Hyde was at the bus stop - on the highway in the center of the village at around 4:00 this evening when he was shot as many as 7 times. His sister - who is the village chairlady says it may be a case of mistaken identity by gunmen not from the village. We spoke to her half hour ago after the police moved the body: Sylvana Barrow, Sister of Deceased: "Well I was at the centre with the kids practicing for the upcoming carnival and one of the kids ran in there and said that they are calling me, because somebody had gotten shot by the bus shed. When I came I see my brother down there. He is not a person that gives trouble. He goes and come to work and barely talk to anyone, but I think its mistaken identity." 9 Year Old Girl Was Strangled To Death
A 9 year old girl was strangled to death in Unitedville. Those post-mortem results were released about 30 minutes ago in this bizarre and deeply disturbing case. At first, it was being treated as a sudden death case and there were already too many unanswered questions but now it's shock and terror times 100 because the little girl was actually killed. Courtney Weatherburne went looking for answers out west and here is her story before the post-mortem results were known. 9 year old Danielle Hall died under mysterious circumstances. Efraine Lemus, Resident: "I saw some people were watching down the street that is where she live and we were wondering what happen there and then I took a walk there and I just heard the girl died right. That is the only thing I heard in that moment." Man Accused of Stabbing Uncle To Death is Stabbed & Critical In Family Dispute
Tonight, a 42 year old is at the KHMH in critical condition. Oliver Peters was stabbed multiple time on Saturday night on Boots Crescent in the Port Loyola area. But, he wasn't attacked by a stranger; reports say he was stabbed by a member of his immediate family. Police shared details today: "We had Saturday night just about minutes to 9:00 Mr. Oliver Peters 42 years was transported to the KHMH with stab wounds to the body..." It Was A Family Dispute
Police are looking at a member of his immediate family as their prime suspect. And that's a jarring coincidence because Oliver Peters just come out of jail a few months ago - after spending five years on remand for killing his Uncle. And now he is the one fighting for his life - after being stabbed allegedly by a member of his immediate family. Today his sister told us that two brothers were fighting:... Chopping Murder In Hope Creek
A man was chopped to death in Hope Creek Village in the Stann Creek District on Saturday morning. 40-year-old, Salvadoran farmer of Melinda Road, Kelvin Esau Hernandez was found chopped up near a village bar. Sr. Supt Hilberto Romero, NCIB: "On the 17th of August 2019 around 12:18 am Dangriga Police responded to a report of a chopping incident at Fuentes Billiards Bar located in hope Creek..." Man Shot Close To Home
44 Year old Brindel Munnings had only ridden his bike a few yards from his home when he was shot. It happened after 11:00 on Sunday night near the Inspiration Center. He was riding his bike through an alley on the way to Police street but he wouldn't get there because a male shooter cut him off in his tracks. Supt. Alejandro Cowo, Officer Commanding, CIB: "Shooting last night of of Mr. Brindel Mullings 44 years Belizean. He was walking behind The Inspiration center..." Fire Guts Apartment, Occupant Suspects Arson
Tonight, a man and a woman from Lords Bank Village are homeless. That's after their house was completely destroyed by a fire, and they believe it's arson. At around 8:00 last night when their wooden home caught fire. Our news team went to the village to find out what happened, and Daniel Ortiz reports: This pile of burnt rubble used to be the home of 37-year-old Kimberly Betancourt. She was living here with a male friend who she was kindly sheltering. Cops Can't Say Arson
So, as you heard in our story, the fire victim is claiming arson, and she asserts that she knows who did it and why. At today's police press briefing, the police investigator said that as of right now, they are waiting for a full report from the experts at the National Fire Service: Supt. Alejandro Cowo, Officer Commanding, CIB: "Last night just after 8:00pm Ladyville Police visited #16 Lord's bank where they observed a three feet elevated board house engulfed in flames..." Scotland Half Moon Villager Charged for Large Weed Bust
Joel Sutherland, a 42-year-old construction worker from Scotland Halfmoon Village in the Belize District, is at the Belize Central Prison. Police say that he was trafficking a huge amount of weed, 12.46 kilos - or 27 and a half pounds. On Friday, carting on special branch intelligence, a joint law enforcement team consisting of officers from the Mobile Interdiction Team and the K-9 Unit, showed up at his house to conduct a search for illegal items. When they combed through the entire property, they ended up finding all those drugs in Sutherland's backyard, amounting to 12,465 grams. COMPOL Sends Home Adjudicator Saying He Was Too Lenient
There's some internal friction in the police department after a senior cop has been barred from acting as an adjudicator. And it also involves Police Corporal Kent Martinez who that same adjudicator barred from acting as a defense advocate in a police tribunal last week. We start with Corporal Martinez - whose name was much in the news last month when he was charged for the manslaughter of Allyson Major. That criminal charge resulted in him being placed under interdiction. The police legal advisor, senior Superintendent Bart Jones took that to mean that he could NOT appear as a Defence Advocate before a police tribunal. Teachers Union Reaches Agreement; Ministry Extends License Period
5 weeks ago, we told you about a press release from the Belize National Teachers Union, in which, the union was advising its members to ignore a directive from the Ministry of Education to apply for the renewal of their licenses. The Union first wanted to meet with the top leaders within the Education Ministry to address concerns about this directive, which they asserted was contrary to what is set out in the education rules. Well, in the weeks that followed, the Union has finally met with the Ministry, and they are now sufficiently satisfied with those discussions. Judges In The Jungle
The Friends For Conservation and Development (FCD), which co-manages the Chiquibul National Park,had a very special visit last week. Members of the judiciary spent 2 days with them and learned first-hand about the difficulties of trying to preserve the Chiquibul Forest. On August 16th and 17th, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer, 2 Supreme Court Judges, and 10 Magistrates made the trip to the Las Cuevas Research Station and then to Caracol. Once there, the FCD told them all about their conservation efforts over the last 11 years, since they entered into the co-management with the Government. Teenager Survives Accident
A 16 year old August Pine Ridge resident crashed into a Police Constable's vehicle, fortunately no one was hurt. The teen, Edwin Chi is tonight recovering at the Northern Regional Hospital from injuries. It happened on Sunday evening around 5:00. Vehicle Flips At Mile 17
And there was another non-fatal accident but this time at mile 17 on the Western Highway. It happened around 10:00 this morning. A man who was driving a Dodge Calibre was overtaking a truck when he swerved into the truck's lane to avoid an oncoming vehicle. He clipped the front of the truck and flipped unto the side of the road. Here is an interview with an eyewitness. Voice of: Eyewitness: "The truck and car were going in the same direction, the other vehicle was coming and to let him not have a head on collision he pull in too fast and hit the front of the truck that made him turn over." Nicaragua Dominates Beach Volleyball Championship
Belize hosted the 19th Central American Men and Women's Beach Volleyball Championship over the weekend. All Central American countries minus Panama were present and brought both male and female teams. Belize fielded three teams, two male and one female, but none of them placed - still, their performance was far superior to that of previous years. Ultimately both Nicaraguan male and female teams placed 1st place, both Guatemalan teams came in 2nd, and both Costa Rican teams placed 3rd. NWC Stands Up For Gender Based Violence Victims
We have been reporting on the Belmopan rape case since last week. As we told you, a woman reported that 2 men raped her at a Tiger Town area house party. Well, it seems people have been doing their own reporting and speculating on social media. Her police report, that should have been kept confidential, was circulated on Facebook and people have been mocking and ridiculing her. Now, the National Women's Commission's release speaks to this case and the wider issue of bullying women and girls. The release states "The National Women's Commission is dismayed by disrespectful and insensitive comments continuously made on social media pages following reports of gender-based violence..." Opposition Laments Murder of Elderly
Last week, we told you about the senseless murder of Ofelia Hernandez. She's the 69-year-old Mexican woman who was killed inside her home on the Salt Creek Road in Sand Hill Village. The PUP's United Women's Group is now speaking out on this terrible crime. A press release says quote "The United Women's Group condemns the brutal murder of a hardworking, elderly woman in what should have been the safety of her own home in Sandhill on Tuesday..." Pump Prices Fall, Slightly
Fuel prices are changing at midnight. The price for regular gasoline and diesel will decrease marginally, while premium gasoline and kerosene will remain unchanged.

Channel 5

Security Officer Murdered in Hattieville in Brazen Shooting
A man was murdered down in a brazen late evening shooting today in Hattieville Village, Belize District.  Forty-seven-year-old Kevin Hyde was sitting at a bus shed along the highway in [...]

A 9-Year-Old Girl is Strangled to Death in Unitedville, Cayo
The unexplained death of a nine-year-old girl was baffling police authorities, but late this evening, it was confirmed that the Danielle Hall was killed by manual strangulation.  The child was [...]

Salvadoran Man Hacked to Death in Hope Creek
A Salvadoran farm hand who worked at the Marie Sharp farms in southern Belize was hacked to death on the eve of his birthday.  The forty-five year old, according to [...]

Brindel Munnings Shot During Armed Attack near Police Street
Gunshots rang out in the vicinity of the Inspiration Center late on Sunday night and when the shooting subsided forty-four-year-old Brindel Munnings was suffering from multiple injuries to the body.  [...]

Fire Destroys House in Lord’s Bank Village
Around eight o’clock, a fire broke inside an elevated wooden house in Lord’s Bank Village on Sunday night. The home was occupied by an elderly person who escaped unhurt. The [...]

Prices for Diesel and Regular Gasoline Take a Dip
At midnight on Tuesday August twentieth, the pump prices of regular gasoline and diesel will see a decrease. The prices for regular gasoline will decrease by forty three cents from ten [...]

Oliver Peters Viciously Stabbed During Family Dispute
Oliver Peters was acquitted of the murder of his uncle on June eleventh, after spending almost five and a half years on remand at the Belize Central Prison.  Tonight, he [...]

Patrick Garbutt is Charged for Wounding an Officer of the Belize Port Authority
A retreat outing for an officer almost ended fatally when he was attacked and stabbed in the face and injured on the hand by another co-worker.  There is no motive [...]

Scotland Half-moon Resident Arraigned for Big Drug Bust
A Scotland Half-moon resident is behind bars following his arraignment for a huge amount of marijuana.  He is forty-two-year-old Joel Sutherland, a construction worker from rural Belize District.   Sutherland, [...]

100 Million Dollar Loan to be Administered by Taiwanese Company in Guatemala
Government’s fifty million U.S.-dollar loan from Taiwan to upgrade the Sarteneja Road will be administered through a Taiwanese company in Guatemala.  It’s an interesting bit of information revealed during Friday’s [...]

Julius Raises Proposed Port of Belize Expansion in House Meeting
The Port of Belize Limited is looking to expand its operations and its principals have put together a presentation to be made before Cabinet’s investment subcommittee in the days ahead.  [...]

PM Barrow Responds to Julius on PBL
Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in responding to Espat, admits that while Waterloo has written to government informing of its intention to expand its docking facilities at the Port of Belize, [...]

G.O.B. Approves CitCo’s Municipal Paper
The Belize City Council, led by Mayor Bernard Wagner, has gotten government’s approval for a municipal paper; a means of short-term financing that is useful in improving CitCo’s cash management [...]

Kareem and PM Barrow Trade Barbs on Ageing
Friday’s house meeting wasn’t without its share of banter and potshots.  While there were a number of heated exchanges across the floor, the funniest tit-for-tat came by way of Caribbean [...]

P.U.P. Condemns Violation to Women & Cyber-bullying
The People’s United Party is condemning the brutal murder of an elderly woman in what should have been the safety of her own home in Sandhill last week Tuesday. Ofelia [...]

M.O.E. and B.N.T.U. Find Common Ground on Renewal of Full Licenses
As the new school year approaches, representatives of the Belize National Teachers Union met with Chief Education Officer, Doctor Carol Babb, and M.O.E. Crown Counsel, Delvit Samuels, regarding the application [...]

The Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend in sports...]


19th Central American Beach Volleyball Championship
The 19th Central American Beach Volleyball Championship ended yesterday with Belize Team 1 placing fifth. First, second and third prize for both male and female went to Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica respectively. We spoke to Allan Sharp, President of the Belize Volleyball Association, who told us what lessons have been learned during this weekend’s …

Cross-Border Meeting on Migration
When it comes to Belize, it is uncertain at this time, how many people are migrating from Mexico to Belize and vice a versa. Belize and Mexico are in the process of building capacity as it relates to migration in order to better understand the dynamics between the two countries. Several meetings have taken …

Man gunned down in broad daylight
There was a murder just before five o’clock this evening in Hattieville Village, Belize District. 47-year-old, Clive Kevin Hyde, an employee at the Belize City Council was under the bus shed on the George Price Highway, along the stretch where the Hattieville Police Station sits. Reporter, Courtney Menzies was at the scene shortly after and …

Jealous boyfriend reportedly sets woman’s home on fire
A fire last night in Lord’s Bank Village, Belize District has left a woman displaced and in need of help. Kimberly Betancourt, the owner of the home, was reportedly not at home when her estranged boyfriend allegedly lit her wooden house on fire. Betancourt’s neighbor, Bert Ramos, told us that there are reports the boyfriend …

Man reportedly stabbed by his brother
42-year-old, Oliver Peters was stabbed multiple times in the back and neck, reportedly by his own brother. The incident unfolded on Saturday night just after eight o’clock. According to Peters’ niece, who lives next to him in an apartment building on Boots Crescent, she believes that Peters was set up by his daughter, step-daughter and …

Man Shot to Death
44-year-old, Brindel Munnings also known as “Brambles” was shot last night sometime after eleven o’clock. The bullets were fired a few feet away from his house, in an alley near Police Street, Belize City. Alejandro Cowo, Superintendent of Police, gave us more details during today’s press brief. Alejandro Cowo, Head of Crimes Investigation Branch, Belize …

What lies ahead for Belize’s citrus industry ?
According to Citrus Products of Belize Limited, CPBL, the Citrus Greening Disease or Huanglongbing has severely affected the industry. Last year’s production stood at 2.4 million boxes, while, in previous years when the industry was at its peak, production stood at 7.1 million boxes per year. Nikita Usher, the Chief Administration Manager at CPBL, told …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man shot in Belmopan
A short while ago there was a shooting in Belmopan. A masked man reportedly fired […]

Hattieville murder victim identified
Earlier today, we reported that a man was gunned down near the bus stop in […]

Santa Elena vendor knocked down and killed
Gregorio Requena, a well known vendor from Santa Elena was knocked down around midnight last […]

9-year-old child from Cayo was strangled to death
It shocked the country on Friday when 9-year-old Danielle Hall lost her life in mysterious […]

Man killed in Hattieville, Belize
Reports to our news-desk is that a man was shot minutes ago in Hattieville, Belize. […]

National Women’s Commission expresses dismay over treatment of victims online
The National Women’s Commission issued a statement saying that it is dismayed by disrespectful and […]

Man stabbed by family member
Belize City police say that an argument between family members led to a stabbing. It […]

Three detained, one being sought for last night’s shooting
Just before midnight last night, a man was shot in Belize City. He has since […]

Fire reported in Lords Bank
Sometime after 8 o’clock last night, Ladyville police were called to a report of a […]

Police investigating fatal bar chopping
Shortly after midnight on Saturday, there was a fatal chopping at a bar in Hope […]

United Women’s Group demands action
The United Women’s Group (UWG) of the People’s United Party condemns the brutal murder of […]

Members of Belize’s Judiciary visit Chiquibul
On August 16 and 17, 2019, members of the Judiciary visited the Chiquibul Forest. Chief […]

Government is monitoring gas prices
The Ministry of Finance announces that at midnight on August 20, 2019, the pump prices […]

Regular and Diesel gas prices decreased
The Belize Bureau of Standards has just issued new gas prices effective midnight tonight. Belizeans […]

Smart donates $4,000 to Police Department for shoe drive
Smart Belize handed over a cheque for $4,000 to the Belize Police Department on Friday, […]

Celebrating birthdays at Western Dairies Belize!
Belizeans and visitors enjoy Belize’s best, Western Dairies (WD) ice-cream. But, these days, the company […]

PACT hosts workshop on Environmental, Social and Gender Risk Management System
Last week, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) in collaboration with the German Society […]

Cricket is becoming more popular in Belize
The finals for the 2019 Sir Barry Bowen/Harrison Parks Cricket Competition is currently being played […]

The UWI – a key partner on Sargassum Research in the Caribbean
For almost 10 years, the Caribbean region has been experiencing massive influxes of the sargassum […]


Setting Strong Foundations
A wonderful group from United Methodist Church in Johnstown Colorado (UMC) took a volunteer summer vacation and came back to San Pedro. They have done group mission trips 3 times in Belize now. Hope Haven had a great project for them. A Lady named Daisy and her five kids greatly needed a new house. The lot had less than ideal conditions for building a house. As soon as Maureen, her husband Tracy and I toured the site with Hilton (the site foreman), our minds sprang into action. We learned that because this job had originally been slated for a later date, there was going to be no fill at the initial stages of the construction. Thankfully it came sooner than later.

Finding Peace And Beauty In Caye Caulker, Belize
Ahh, Belize… just saying the word makes me smile. Palm trees swaying in the wind, azure sea, endless sky, parrots, fresh pineapple…and no shoes. I had become intrigued with this small central American country after reading articles touting it as a retirement destination. I liked the fact that English was the official language, that it was affordable, warm, and not too far away. So, when I found myself needing to detox from working life and a horrific divorce, Belize was my goal. I needed to heal my soul by the sea. Luckily for me, a friend with the same dream headed there first. I visited after she had acclimatized. Both single women, we were excited for the adventures ahead in a complete change of life. We weren’t looking for resorts or to replicate our lives back home–we wanted to experience an entirely different culture, an entirely different world, and people we would never meet otherwise.

Guest Blog - Top 10 Things to Know While Building in Belize...
We are very lucky to have Sonia Alvarez of Latitude 20 Architecture on the peninsula in Placencia, Belize. She is a very impressive architect and as a female entrepreneur, has started Latitude 20 Architecture. She has a fantastic resume including some of the most impressive designs and projects in Belize, including Naia Resort and Spa, Palm Reef Resort, and recently - the new Margaritaville in San Pedro - among many others. She has a vast range of knowledge about the building and designs that work best in Belize - there is some unique knowledge needed in building here because of many factors including the infrastructure, materials available, (relatively speaking) small number of skilled workers, tropical climate, and more. Sonia's breadth of knowledge makes this blog very valuable for those looking to build in Belize, and we are fortunate to have gotten the following insights about building here!!

What Is Glover’s Reef Atoll? And Why Is It So Special?
Across all of the world’s oceans ranging from the storm-tossed waters of the Southern Ocean to the frigid northern regions of the Atlantic Ocean, you will not find a single atoll outside of the Pacific Ocean. Yet just a few miles offshore from Belize lie three atolls, the only true exceptions to the rule. And the crown jewel of these three iconoclastic atolls is Glover’s Reef. What is an atoll? In regions where coral grows, it sometimes grows in a ring shape around a seamount or volcano. If the volcano or seamount begins to erode and slips beneath the surface of the water, a lagoon forms in the interior, the definition of a true atoll. Glover’s Reef is one such atoll located approximately 22 miles (35 km) offshore from mainland Belize. Glover’s Atoll is part of a protected marine reserve called the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve (GSSCMR), one of the most beautiful and eco-diverse regions of the reef.

If you had to describe the climate of Belize in one sentence, you could say that it’s very similar to South Florida. Officially, Belize is a sub-tropical country that enjoys warm weather year-round, gentle trade wind breezes, and a mean humidity of around 83%. Unlike North America, Belize only has two seasons, often referred to as the “dry” season and the “green” season. The “dry” season is also the “high” season for tourists, roughly corresponding to winter in North America but featuring long stretches of sunny days and delightfully warm temperatures. The “green” season is the “low” season, roughly corresponding to summer in North America but without any significant elevation in temperatures.

Belize The Cradle Of Civilisation? New Discoveries Unearth Interesting Facts About Our Earliest Settlers
As featured in various scientific publications, including a 22 July, 2019 article in the online Science Daily, “waves of immigrants” coming from North America some 13,000 years ago brought with them tool technologies that the earliest Belizean settlers used to adapt to a changing environment and eventually led to the highly advanced Maya civilisation that flourished in the region. Researchers from the University of New Mexico (UNM) recently published the results of archaeological dig in Belize’s Bladen Nature Reserve that unearthed some of the very earliest stone tools used in southern Mesoamerica.

Spreading The Benefits Of Sustainable Tourism (And A Lot Of Smiles) In Belize
Not very long ago we posted an example of management and staff taking Chaa Creek’s brand of sustainable tourism to heart, by contributing their own ideas, energy, time and money towards projects that benefit the land and people of Belize. It was good to see that Chaa Creek’s Macal River Cleanup Day 2019 received so much media attention and resonated with readers around the world. Well, today we have the pleasure of highlighting another initiative –one that strengthens support for neighbours and local communities. Corozalito Back To School Fun Day, step into the light and take a bow.

International Sourcesizz

Diving into Research
This summer, Professor Lisa Greer led a five-week Keck Geology Consortium project for nine rising sophomores (and one rising senior peer mentor) from schools around the country to Ambergris Caye, Belize to study the coral reef. The goal of the project was to measure how much of the once-dominant staghorn coral is still standing after years of detrimental factors, such as rising ocean temperatures and hurricanes, have decimated the reef. We took pictures of these corals along an established stretch of reef and then painstakingly digitally traced every single branch of living staghorn coral in every picture. This allowed us to quantify the percentage of the reef that is still living coral and compare it to data from previous years of this study.

Eye on the tropics: Meteorologists monitoring multiple areas of interest in the Atlantic
While there are some areas being watched, including the Gulf of Mexico and off the New England coast, explosive tropical development over the Atlantic basin seems unlikely this week. Much of the Atlantic basin, which is warm enough to support tropical development, has seen an overall decrease in the amount of dry air, Saharan dust and wind shear over the past week or so. However, wind shear appears as though it will continue to inhibit development in two areas that have a remote chance of tropical development. Meanwhile, about 2,000 miles farther to the southwest, over the western Gulf of Mexico, showers and thunderstorms are forecast to gather later this week. This is part of a broad area of disturbed weather centered over the western part of the Caribbean Sea and the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Belize Automobile market forecast explored in latest research 2019 to 2025
The Belize automobile Market report provides a complete perspective on the trends shaping the Belize Automobile market. The Belize automotive market is slowly shifting towards a service oriented model with new players focusing extensively on customer experience and consumer data. Transitions in automotive markets are providing opportunities for some parts while other components face stiff decline over the forecasts. The report presents the impact of current business and economic trends on the future of automobile industry in Belize. Key macroeconomic driving factors of consumption including GDP, disposable income, population, inflation trends are forecast from 2005 to 2025.

9 incredible vacation spots that are closer than you think
If traveling more in 2019 wasn’t high on your list of New Year’s resolutions last January, it’s not too late. Summer is young, and there’s an abundance of flights to great places that are probably nearer than you think. That means more vacation time actually spent on vacation. There’s a lot that surprises about Belize. Did you know English is the official language of this tiny Central American nation located some six hours south of Cancún, and that it was a part of the UK up until 1981? It’s also the least populous (and least population-dense) country in Central America, yet has a strikingly rich and diverse history and an equally impressive catalog of natural attractions.


  • Cayo Frances Farm & Fly, 3min. If you are at all interested in fly fishing...or just the crazy gorgeous west side of Ambergris Caye, take a look at this video of our camp - Cayo Frances Farm & Fly. Jesse stayed there last week and THIS VIDEO! SO COOL! Almost makes me want to learn flyfishing. Almost.

  • Belize Tourism Board | Finishing Sentences, 1/2min.

  • Belize Tourism Board | Clara, 1/2.

  • Belize Tourism Board | Phil, 1/2.

  • Ambergris Caye, Belize 2019, 4min. Trip to Ambergris Caye, Belize in February of 2019. Insanely fun time! Special thanks to Wayo from Wayo's Bar and Chris from Toucan Bungee Trampoline!

  • Robins Kitchen in San Pedro, Belize, 1min.

  • Belize City Streets at Night, 9min. Tour of Belize City streets at night for August 2019.

  • The Reef Radio invites you to celebrate with us our 20th anniversary!!!, 1min. Buy your tickets today!!!! August 31 at Banana Beach Resort!!! See you there

  • Rappelling in Belize, 1min.

  • Belize dives 2019, 22min.

  • Xunantunich Mayan Ruins History in Belize, 4min. Tour guide describes the history of Xunantunich

  • Accion Deportiva, 22min.