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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Building Unit hosts informational session, talks new amendment to Building Act
The San Pedro Building Unit hosted an informative session on the Unit’s functions and a new regulation that mandates all municipalities to establish a building unit. The meeting was held at the Sunbreeze Hotel on Friday, August 9th, and saw the presence of personnel from the Central Building Authority (CBA), the Department of Environment, the Ministry of Housing and Planning, Architects and Engineer Association of Belize, and The San Pedro Town Council. Mayor Daniel Guerrero addressed the attendees, thanking them for attending the informational meeting. He told them that building is another big industry on the island, and they should take advantage of such events to clear doubts or learn something new.

San Pedro Pirates remain winless in PLB’s 2019 opening season
The defending champions of the Premier League of Belize (PLB), the San Pedro Pirates, continue without a win in the current PLB opening season. On Sunday, August 18th, the island team travelled to San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District, where they faced Verdes FC at the Norman Broaster Stadium. Despite having dominated most of the game, the Pirates were not able to seal the victory, and the match ended in a 3-3 draw. The Belmopan Bandits and Verdes continue to lead the PLB chart with ten points each. On Saturday, August 31st, San Pedro Pirates will be facing BDF FC at the Ambergris Stadium. Game starts at 7:30PM.

Various Belizean Sources


Dengue: Office of Director of Health Services
Our current data in reference to dengue indicates that we have 950 laboratory confirmed cases and 814 clinical suspect cases for a total of 1,764 cases - this is up until this past weekend. Last week alone saw the number spike up to 215 cases in one week with 4 districts still reporting the greater number of cases. Note that not all suspect cases are being tested/will be tested for dengue given the current phase we are in and only those having dengue with warning signs or severe dengue will be hospitalized. For now. 3.2% of our cases have classified as being severe cases! Our call continues to be for the community to continue to engage in prevention and elimination of mosquito breeding sites.

Corozal Queen Of The Bay Pageant
Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 7 AM – 11:55 PM, Andres Campos Civic Center Corozal.

Power outage 6:00 am to 9:00 am on Wednesday, August 28 to affect a portion of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Including Almond Street, Barracuda Street, Basil Jones Street, Beach Front, Bermuda Beach, Blue Dolphin, Buena Vista Area, Boca Del Rio, Bonefish Street, Bright Waters Street, Canary Cove area, Coco Beach Area, Deer Street, Habaneros Area, Iguana Street, Indigo Street, Jewfish Street, Lagoon Street, Laguna Street, Mangrove Drive, Middle Street, Pescador Drive, San Juan Area, Sandpiper Street, Seagull Street, Seaweed Street, Spider Lily Street, Lina Point, Mata Grande, Mata Villas, Mexico Rocks Subdivision, North Ambergris, Nunez Subdivision, Playa Blanca, Punta Arena Street, San Feliz Area, Tres Cocos, and San Mateo Subdivision. BEL to repair hotspots on the distribution system in the area.

CTO Caribbean Week
The Caribbean Tourism Organization is hosting its Caribbean Week which focuses primarily on Canadian Travel Trade and targeting higher end travel agencies in Canada.

The U.S. Embassy is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the following position: Security Investigator (Senior Foreign Service National Investigator) Closing date: September 4, 2019

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “Bopping Along”!

"Frenemy, A Comedy" Aug. 24th in San Pedro
Let’s support our Belizean artists, Saturday, August 24th.

3rd Maya Heroes Day
It is with great pleasure that we invite everyone to come out on Saturday August 31st 2019 and celebrate with us the third Maya Heroes Day, honoring our heroes - past and present - who have in one way or another helped to preserve our rich Maya Heritage. The Maya Heroes Day ceremony starts at 9:00 a.m at the Battle of Orange Walk Monument. Everyone is invited.

Belize Diabetes Association Corozal Branch Office - FUNDRAISER
August 31st at #27, 7th Avenue. From 11:30 a.m. until sold out.

International Youth Day
August 12, was celebrated as International Youth Day across Belize, under the theme: “Transforming Education”. FCD in collaboration with the Department of Youth Services commemorated this day with an educational field visit to the Chiquibul Forest with youths from Belize City. Director of Youth Services Mrs. McKenzie wrote, “They all had an awesome experience that I am certain will be shared with their families and friends.”

For the past 5 years Shyne Barrow has been engaging the Mesopotamia youth in Sports to keep them occupied with athletics as oppose to crime and violence. The 2019 Mesopotamia Basketball Tournament Championship trophy went to Unruly who beat Baba Shop who placed second. 3rd was Bungi who best Tigris street to place. $1800 in cash prizes were given out to the 2019 Champions and runners up. Basketball Icon Pulu Lightburn was in attendance as well as the Commissioner of Police who has overseen a significant reduction in crime on the South Side.

The legend of Sac-Nicte and Canek
Sac-Nicte means white flower. She was born in Mayapan: the powerful alliance that lived in peace—Mayab, Uxmal, and Chichen Itza. Canek means black serpent, a brave prince with a kind heart. When he turned 21 years of age, he was chosen as king of Chichen Itza. That same day he met princess Sac-Nacte. She was 15 years of age. Both quickly fell in love; however Sac-Nicte was destined to be married with young Ulil, prince of Uxmal. The legend says that a young adviser to the princess told Canek that Sac-Nicte would be waiting among green flowers and that it would be necessary to fight for her, before destiny fought against them.

Channel 7

Man Was Pushed Out of Bus, Run Over
Tonight, 30-year-old Carlos Peña Jr., a resident of Cristo Rey Village in Corozal, is at the KHMH recovering from broken ribs and other injuries. That's after he was run over a bus on Saturday. Pena was attempting to board a bus at around 7:00 that morning at the village bus stop. His family tells us that he was walking into the bus when someone inexplicably shoved him down the steps. The allegation is that the driver then moved off, dragging him along until he ended up under the bus. Today at the KHMH, his father, Carlos Sr. lamented that no one is being held responsible for what happened:

City Shooting Was Drive-By
There was a shooting in Belize City this afternoon. It happened at 3:15 on Amara Avenue - right in front of the office of Area Representative Michael Finnegan. According to reports it was a drive by shooting where the victim, Floyd Faber, known as "Deuce" was standing on the street side when he was shot in the back. Faber was reportedly strong enough to get into a taxi which took him to the hospital.

Mechanic Shot At His Shed In Belmopan
There was also a shooting in Belmopan. On Monday night 44 Year old Brian Chavarria, a Mechanic of Sinsonte Street, Belmopan, was socializing with friends including Anthony Williams at his home and mechanic shop, when he was shot to the chest. Reports are that the two men started arguing at about 9:20. Williams reportedly left during the initial altercation, however he allegedly returned with a firearm and fired a shot at Brian causing his injuries.

9 Year old Girl Dead, Suspect Mother Under Police Guard
Danielle Hall's family is still grappling with her violent and incomprehensible death. As we told you, little Danielle was strangled. It happened on Friday morning while at home with her mother, Emily Ico. Relatives and neighbors say they heard a lot of commotion from the house and that is when the girl's paternal grandfather called Danielle's dad, Daniel Hall.

Hattieville Suspects Shoot At Cops
No one has been arrested for yesterday's broad daylight murder of Clive Kevin Hyde. The 47 year old year old security guard, was killed as he waited at the Hattieville village bus stop. He was ambushed by two gunmen who appear to have been waiting for him. His family - which includes the village chairlady is certain it was a case of mistaken identity. Reports say the men may have been targeting another security guard from the village. And while police have made no arrests yet - they do have persons of interest.

An Opposition Oops! PUP Did Nominate Councillor As Senator
Last week Friday's newscast, we told you how PUP Chairman Henry Charles Usher scolded the media for reporting the quote, unquote, "rumor" that the Opposition had appointed Dr. Candice Pitts as a Senator. He insisted that there was nothing official on her appointment, and suggested that we were making things up for sensation. But, we weren't - and tonight we can show you the black-and-white proof of the proposed appointment.

The meetings between the Clerk of the National Assembly and the media continued today. Except, this time, there was a far better representation of a wide cross section of media, including LOVE TV, KREM Radio and TV, the Guardian, The Amandala, The National Channel, PLUS TV, and Channel 7. As we told you, last week, the purpose of the meetings is to propose a way forward for a modernized video system in the House. This will capture, distribute and stream house meetings using optical angles, and optimal interfaces for working journalists. The Clerk of the National Assembly told the media representatives at the outset of the meeting what it is all about.

Dengue Outbreak May Worsen With Rains
And, now, we have an update on the latest Dengue statistics and trends in Belize. There are almost two thousand reported cases - but health experts say that with the onset of rains - those numbers could increase rapidly. Here's what the Vector Control Chief told us today in Belmopan:... Kim Bautista, Chief of Operations - Vector Control: "At the start of week 34, but at the end of week 33 we were at 950 laboratory confirmed - that both public and private sector and 814 clinical for a total of 1,764 dengue cases. We are still anticipating that it could or it may or may not increase at this point, because we are anticipating the rains to start in the coming weeks. So that figure could change for the worse. Starting today and for the next month we have an additional 16 staff deployed to the specific districts that we are targeting at this time which includes Corozal, Orange Walk, Cayo and Stann Creek. So we are anticipating that we will keep those persons on for at least towards the end of October or November."

Corn Crops Wither Without Rains
And Dengue rates are highest in Orange Walk and that is partially because of the northern drought - which has forced water storage in drums - perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. And that is only one negative effect of the drought. Corn farmers in the Village of Blue Creek are feeling the effects of the very dry weather. Reports say that 6 farmers have cumulatively lost over half a million dollars in revenue and investment because of the lack of rain.

Caught on Camera, Sherwin Says He Did It
Not guilty to guilty: 21 year old Sherwin Santos changed the plea for his armed robbery charge before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. He was sentenced to 3 years, 2 years less than the minimum sentence for robbery. Before Fraser decided on the sentence, she took into consideration the fact that he pleaded guilty and saved the court time and also that Santos he has seen what prison is like and he wants to make a change in his life. She explained to Santos that she cannot give a suspended sentence like she gave the minor who was convicted of the same offence because he has previous convictions.

Mansion Home Invasion Case Continues To Crumble
Back in early 2016, police charged 19 persons for the home invasion at the residence of the Lebanese Diplomat, Sarkis Abou Nehra. It's a mega prosecution that quickly crumbled. And, tonight, 3 of the 4 defendants have been freed of all criminal charges connected with that crime. You may remember the case from December 4th, 2015. That's when culprits barged into the Abou Nehra's home, located several miles outside of Burrell Boom Village. 8 masked men stormed the compound and held the caretaker and his spouse hostage. They then searched Abou Nehra's estate and stole an assortment of jewelry valued at ten thousand dollars, $1,500 US dollars in cash, two 9mm pistols, a 12 gauge shotgun, and a .22 rifle.

Kilgore the Creator
Ryan Kilgore, saxophonist in Stevie Wonder's band, is in Belize with his Kilgore music foundation. The foundation spearheads music drives in which he provides instruments to children ton inspire and equip the next generation of musicians. Kilgore and his team reached out to the Peace work organization with an offer to pledge a donation of musical instruments and to provide outreach for musical education in Belize.

How To Defuse Conflict In School
Last Friday, we told you about the 6-day workshop that Restore Belize organized for teachers and school administrators. It's called Developing Safe Schools, and last week, the focus was on how these educators could connect with Belize City children who live with the trauma of gun violence and the gang culture. The training ended today, and in this part of the professional development workshop, the focus was on conflict mediation. Now, as viewers are aware, talking things over in a civil manner isn't exactly the norm of how today's Belizean youths address conflict. There is a tendency to resort to aggression instead, and tensions may then escalate to violence.

BBB Blasts New LPG Monopoly
The National Gas Company which got the green light in the House of Representatives last week Friday is coming under scrutiny tonight. As we told you, the company is a public private partnership, a state-protected monopoly which will supply all the LPG - or what we call butane to Belize. It's a major shift from the Mexican supplier which owns all the major butane companies. But at what cost? Tonight, the Belize Business Bureau - which is very rarely heard from - has issued a scathing press release blasting the new company, and the National Liquified Petroleum Gas Project Bill which sets it up as a monopoly.

Tangible Progress! Belize Excels In Regional Table Tennis
A delegation of 10 players and their two Cuban coaches traveled to Merida last weekend to participate in the 5th Edition Circuit of the State of Merida-Yucatan Open 2019. Players participated in the Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles categories. And, they did really well! The Table Tennis Association reports that the Belizean delegation excelled in all categories and turned out an excellent performance earning 3 Gold medals, 2 Silver medals, and 3 Bronze medals.

Channel 5

Kevin Hyde’s Murderer on the Loose
The family of Kevin Hyde of Hattieville, Belize District is still coming to terms with his untimely and senseless killing on Monday evening. Hyde, a forty-seven-year-old security guard employed by [...]

Kevin Hyde Was Murdered A Stone’s Throw from Police Station
Kevin Hyde was waiting on a bus so he can report to work at City Hall. He was under the bus shed in Hattieville village under the nose of the [...]

Mechanic Critically Injured in Belmopan Shooting
A Belmopan resident is clinging to life tonight at the Western Regional Hospital where he was rushed to on Monday night.  Forty-four-year-old Brian Chavarria was shot by a person he [...]

Belize City Man Shot
A man was shot earlier this afternoon in Belize City. He is the third shooting victim in the past twenty-four hours.  It happened at around three o’clock on Amara Avenue [...]

Will Emily Ico be Charged for the Killing of her Daughter?
A nine-year-old girl was killed inside her home in the village of Unitedville, Cayo. At the time of her killing, the other person in the house was her mother, Emily [...]

Evaluation to Determine Mental Health State of Emily Ico
According to Edwardo Ico, a psychiatric evaluation will be conducted on Emily to determine her mental health. Ico lives in Sarteneja Village, Corozal. He was only able to see Emily [...]

Business Bureau Chides National Gas Company as Worst Idea this Decade
The passage of a new piece of legislation which paves the way for the formation of the National Gas Company, via a public/private partnership to regularize the liquid petroleum gas [...]

Joshua Perdomo Gets Amnesty After Defaulting on Government Debt
On Friday, a number of write-off motions, including the waiver of a forty thousand-dollar debt owed by Joshua Perdomo, were brought before the House of Representatives.  Joshua is the youngest [...]

Yellow Man Reportedly Insults and Threatens Louis Zabaneh at House Meeting
There is a criminal complaint against Brian “Yellow Man” Audinette, the macebearer in the National Assembly and a well-known U.D.P. stalwart.  Following Friday’s house meeting, People’s United Party Dangriga Standard [...]

Teachers Commence Renewal of Licenses
The 2019 academic year is less than two weeks away and while students are busy preparing for back-to-school, educators have commenced the process of renewing their teaching licenses.  The move [...]

Teachers are Concerned About One-year Contracts
According to B.N.T.U. National President Elena Smith, while the process of renewal is underway, a discussion is yet to be had with the Ministry of Education to iron out further [...]

C.E.O. Dr. Babb says Meeting with B.N.T.U. Reps Went Good
Also speaking on the meeting and what came out of it is Chief Education Officer Doctor Carol Babb. According to Doctor Babb, teachers who had full licenses will not be [...]

Group Charged for Home Invasion at Sarkis Abou-Nehra Walk Free
A home invasion at the property of a well-known businessman fell apart this morning in court.   As many as nineteen persons were charged initially for the home invasion at the [...]

Sherwin Santos Pleads Guilty to Armed Robbery of New Fortune Restaurant
Belize City resident Sherwin Santos, accused jointly with a fifteen-year-old minor of robbing New Fortune Restaurant in July of last year, is tonight serving a three-year jail sentence. The term [...]

Land Tax Amnesty Only Favorable to Wealthy Landowners?
The House sitting on Friday was chock full of write offs. Aside from debt write-offs, a general pardon has been granted by G.O.B. to a handful of landowners who are [...]

PM Barrow Blames PUP for Obscene Land Giveaways
In responding to Hyde’s criticism, Prime Minister Barrow says that the vast amount of properties acquired by the so-called big landowners took place under the tenure of the People’s United [...]

Who Will be the Winner of KTV-The Remix Season 3?
The grand finale of the hottest summer television show gets underway at the Bliss auditorium at eight-thirty tonight.  The event starts with a red carpet affair featuring the finalists and [...]

Salvation Army School Students Get Much Needed Financial Assistance
Children First and Last Belize, C-FAL, today awarded nine scholarship grants to students of Salvation Army Primary School in Belize City. The organization’s mission is to help children to realize their [...]

Sixty Belize City Students Receive Scholarship Grants
Sixty Belize City students today were recipients of scholarship grants courtesy of PricewaterhouseCooper. PWC, through a partnership with the Ministry of Education, has been financially assisting students for almost a [...]


The strange death of Danielle Hall, 9
A 9-year-old girl died suddenly at her home in San Ignacio of unknown causes. A post-mortem exam later revealed that the child had been strangled. The tragedy occurred at about 10:00 Friday morning at the home of the child’s father, Daniel Hall, in San Ignacio. Hall said that when he left home that morning, his daughter, Danielle, 9, was in good health. The devastated father told police that at about 11:00 Friday morning, he got a call at his workplace telling him to come home, and on his arrival, he saw his daughter motionless on her bed, and his wife was acting strangely and was breaking things in the house.

Clive Hyde, 47, murdered at a bus stop in Hattieville
shots that was fired at a bus stop on the George Price Highway, not far from the Hattieville Police Station, and two men of Hispanic descent were seen running away from the area. People and police rushed to the bus stop, where they saw Hattieville resident Clive Kevin Hyde, 47, a security guard of Ranger Security posted at the Belize City Council, dead. He had been awaiting a bus to come to the city to his work.

$100 million loan for Sarteneja road upgrade
This morning, Prime Minister Dean Barrow tabled a motion for a loan of US $50 million ($100 million Belize) from the Republic of China (Taiwan) for the rehabilitation of 47 miles of road from Corozal Town to Sarteneja Village and the upgrading of two bridges, Pueblo Nuevo and Laguna Seca. In his introduction of the motion, Barrow told the House that US$50 million of financial support from the Export Import Bank in the Republic of China would be received by the government in the form of a long-term loan with low interest rates. The loan is for 20 years and it has a grace period of 5 years, Barrow explained.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Project Bill will create Belize National Gas Company
An important piece of legislation that made its way through the House of Representatives today was the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Project Bill, which will give legal status to the Belize National Gas Company that government is banking on to bring about a reduction in the price consumers pay for LPG (butane gas). Presently, Belizeans get their supply of butane gas from a group of Mexican companies which have control of that particular market. The Belize National Gas Company will be a public/private company which will initially be licensed for 15 years to provide butane to consumers.

Hon. Kareem Musa’s China trip takes center stage at House meeting
Before proceeding with the day’s agenda at today’s House of Representatives meeting, Prime Minister Dean Barrow made a Minister’s Statement in which the primary focus was a trip to mainland China by a delegation that was led by the Opposition People’s United Party’s Kareem Musa, the Caribbean Shores area representative, who was accompanied by Belize City Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold, City Councilor Michael Noralez and attorney Kevin Arthurs. Musa’s trip became even more controversial after the Belize Chinese Association denied any involvement in the trip.

Returning home to Belize after my migration in April of 1981 just a few weeks after the 1981 Heads of Agreement revolution that rocked the Belizean nation heading towards independence, it was always my desire to see where the revolutionary AMANDALA newspaper was located in Belize City, Belize. It is interesting looking back at it now in this 50-year anniversary of a Belizean newspaper that gave me national pride, love for country and the identity of self, that in reading the Belizean publication so many times living in Belize that its place of origin was never known to me before.

Bandits and Verdes still undefeated, defending champs Pirates winless at Week 4 of PLB 2019-20120 Opening Season
Frontrunners Bandits Sport and Verdes FC are both still undefeated, while defending champion San Pedro Pirates FC drew for the third time, and are still without a win at Week 4 in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2019-2020 Opening Season. In the only Saturday night game in Week 4, star studded Wagiya FC travelled to the M.A. Stadium in Independence to face Altitude FC, who held the visitors scoreless, and grabbed the 1-nil home win with a late goal from Elroy Coe (90’).

Kulture crushes San Pedro in Game 1 of National Over-40 Football Finals; Game 2 on Saturday
The much anticipated clash of last year’s finalists, Kulture Yabra and San Pedro veterans in the National Over-40 Football Championship, was quite a surprise, as Kulture Yabra Veterans visited the Ambergris Stadium on Saturday night, and came away with a massive 6-nil victory over San Pedro Veterans. Kulture got 2 goals apiece from Kevin Rowland (12’ & 37’) and Albert “Chicken” Arnold (33’ & 63’), and another from David “Manu” McCaulay (80’) along with an own by San Pedro’s Phillip Leslie (31’ OG). It was a total blow-out in a game that many expected to be a slug fest, after San Pedro had bombarded Belmopan Veterans, 6-nil, just a couple weeks earlier, with their veteran star striker, Orlando Pinelo accounting for 5 of those goals.

BCC 2019 Summer Basketball League final standings
The 2019 Belize City Council (BCC) Summer Basketball League culminated its 5-week tournament with All-Star games and a friendly clash featuring Mayor Bernard Wagner/Belize City Councillors vs the U-17 All Stars on Thursday evening, August 15, at Swift Hall. Below are the final standings for the U-15 and U-17 categories of the tournament.

Stann Creek F.A. Smart U-13 Mundialito Week 7 scores
The Stann Creek Football Association (SCFA) Smart U-13 Mundialito Tournament continued on Friday, August 16, with Week 7 games at the Carl Ramos Stadium. In game 1, Pomona Warriors bombed Harlem (Montise), 10-0, with 3 goals from Tyronel Castillo, 2 from Kimanie Smith, and 1 each from Harrison Roches, Jr., Corey Hynes, Zafeer Moralez, Alston Acosta and Kenyon Roches.

Editorial: The unions can give Belize economic independence too
It is the favorite pastime of the Prime Minister, especially, and other elite members of the governing UDP too, to point the finger at the Opposition PUP and holler at them that they were corrupt when they held the reins of government. The Prime Minister is relentless in persecuting the PUP for their past sins. He has either never read the Gospels, or, if he has, he didn’t learn anything from them. This UDP is no relative of Esquivel (former Prime Minister, Hon. Manuel Esquivel), and the present Prime Minister keeps hurling mud as if he and his party are as pure as when they left government in 1998.

Reading the book by the renowned Belizean writer, Evan X Hyde, North Amerikkkan Blues, at the young age of 16 years old as a high school student in Belize in the 1970s, lifted my educational spirit and opened my passion for writing after Dr. Colville Young, who was the principal of the historical St. Michael’s College, wrote an essay on the arts for us to copy that exploded with the opening sentence, “The art of a person begins when someone in the community feels the urge to create!” Almost forty-five years ago after reading what to me was literature that my soul could find itself in, the other best reading material for me that connected with me in terms of reading something enjoyable was the AMANDALA newspaper.

Agree with one of three callers to the WuB
Mr. Matthew Smiling called the WuB, KREM Radio’s morning talk show, last Tuesday to express his sorrow over this crazy violence in Belize City. He also declared that it is wrong to describe the genocide in Belize City as mostly a South Side problem because it extended to the entire city. Mr. Smiling said that in his neighborhood, which is on the North Side of Belize City, there are five gangs/sets of rivals, and the separation between two of them was just a fence. Mr. Smiling is sincere, but he has to realize that his establishment is North Side, but because of their proximity to the South Side, whatever good or bad is on that side is bound to come his way. That part of North Side naturally has to be included in the South Side description.

Democracy, Dictatorship and Impunity
The constitution of Belize does not reflect democracy, but rather a monarchical dictatorship where the power lies in the hands of a few who can dictate as they please without respecting rules and regulations, and as a result, after 38 years of independence they have established a path of corruption and impunity. Belize needs an urgent surgery in its constitution. National Plan for Prevention and Fight against Corruption 2013-2017 – Ecuador Acts of corruption:

Statutory Instrument needed to enforce breathalyzer results in court
Ten breathalyzer kits were handed over to police to be used during police highway patrols and other operations to be carried out by police. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, however, said that before a driver can be convicted of driving with alcohol in his blood above the legal limit, which would be determined by means of a breathalyzer test, a Statutory Instrument (SI) must be passed into law so that the findings of the breathalyzers can be admitted in court.

Oliver Peters, 45, stabbed on Boots Crescent
Oliver Peters, 45, a laborer of Boots Crescent, is in a critical condition at the Intensive Care Unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, with stab wounds to his chest and body. Peters was stabbed while socializing with family members on Boots Crescent at about 9:00 Saturday night. Somehow, Peters became involved in an argument which escalated to a physical altercation, during which he was stabbed. He was then rushed to the KHMH.

Customers of Gentleman Bar of St. Matthew held up and robbed
Sixteen customers who were drinking in Gentleman Bar in St. Matthews were all held hostage at gunpoint and forced to lie down on the floor of the bar and were robbed by four bandits who were not masked. The four bandits, three of whom were armed, stole customers’ cell phones, wallets and their personal belongings. The bar was not robbed, and luckily, no one was hurt, although the bandits fired six shots to remind the customers that they were serious, then they escaped.

Fire destroys house in Lords Bank
A lumber house belonging to Kimberly Betancourt, 32, a Lords Bank resident, was completely destroyed by fire at about 8:00 last night. The Ladyville Fire Service was called to the scene of the fire in Lords Bank, and the firemen were able to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading to the other buildings in the area.

The Reporter

In Guatemala, The President’s Son & Brother are off the hook
A Guatemalan court on Monday acquitted members of the family of of outgoing President Jimmy Morales, his son Jose Manuel and his brother, Sam Morales. The development comes after an anti-corruption com-mission accused the men of wrong-doing.

Child Dies Suddenly in Mother’s Presence in Cayo
Today, August 19th. a post mortem examination conducted on the body of Danielle Hall, 9, determined that she had been strangled. The lifeless body of Hall was found by her father on Sunday.


Artists of the Future
Today youths were given the opportunity to meet one of Stevie Wonder’s Band Saxophonist, Ryan Kilgore, during today’s scholarship award ceremony. Youths who were invited were recipients of scholarships from Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC). Carol Babb, Chief Education Officer, spoke of the collaboration with Kilgore and how this event came about. Carol Babb, Chief Education …

BNTU advises teachers on applying for full license
Yesterday we told you of the BNTU’s notice to teachers, urging them to apply for their full licenses. The decision came after a back and forth between the union and the Ministry of Education which ended with a meeting over the weekend between the ministry’s Chief Education Officer, Dr Carol Babb and the Union President, …

Conflict Training
Secondary school teachers were engaged in a weeklong training on how to act as mediators in school conflicts. The programme was held by Restore Belize in partnership with the Youth and Community Transformation Project as well as the Ministry of Human Development. The programme seeks to help alleviate conflicts within schools, particularly those that end …

BNTU remains vigilant concerning UNCAC
In 2016, the Belize National Teachers Union, BNTU, flexed its muscles by holding an 11-day strike, refusing to return to the classrooms unless certain conditions were agreed to by the government. One of those conditions had to do with Belize signing unto the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). The Government conceded some months later, …

Belize City man critical in the hospital after being shot
Within the last twenty-four hours there have been three shooting incidents. The most recent occurred today in broad daylight; this time in the old capital. 36-year-old, Lloyd Faber, was shot once in the back on Amara Avenue sometime around three this afternoon. Reports are that Faber, who goes by the alias ‘Deuce,’ was standing on the …

Family furious at police’s response in murder of Hattieville man
Yesterday, the life of 47-year-old, Clive Kevin Hyde was ruthlessly taken. Hyde was sitting alone at a bus stop in Hattieville Village, Belize District, when two Hispanic men allegedly opened fire in his direction. He was reportedly shot six times, and died on the spot. His family believes it was a case of mistaken identity, …

Trio acquitted of aggravated burglary
Brandon Baptist, John and Sheldon Grinage walked away from a charge of aggravated burglary when they went to court today. The charge is in connection with the invasion of the home of Lebanese diplomat, Sarkis Abou-Nehra in Burrell Boom. As many as nineteen persons were charged initially for the home invasion. Today, the trio appeared before …

Sherwin Santos sentenced to 3 years for robbery
21-year-old, Sherwin Santos was sentenced to three years imprisonment after pleading guilty to robbery. Santos appeared unrepresented today before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser. While the minimum sentence for robbery set out in law is five years, Chief Magistrate Fraser was lenient and gave him two years less. Santos’ run-in with the law comes after 54-year-old Xinhui …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Lloyd Faber, 36, shot in Belize City
A man was shot in Belize City just before 3 o’clock this afternoon. He has […]

Accused restaurant robber jailed for three years
Aaron Humes: Sherwin Santos,21, threw himself on the mercy of the courts after pleading guilty to the robbery […]

Mass emigration from Nicaragua could destabilize the region says United Nations refugee arm
As the socio-political climate in Nicaragua worsens, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says […]

What is happening to the Macal River?
The Macal River in western Belize was once known to attract many visitors to its […]

Community organization donates scholarships to children at Salvation Army Primary School
Nine children from Salvation Army Primary School were given the gift of education this morning […]

Caye International Bank leads way toward sustainable banking sector
A little known but fast growing bank based in San Pedro, Belize, aptly named Caye […]

Shyne Barrow hosts 5th annual Mesopotamia Basketball tournament
Shyne Barrow, the UDP stand bearer for Mesopotamia in Belize City held his annual basketball […]

Security guard murdered in Hattieville
Authorities are investigating the murder of Clive Hyde, 47, security guard of Hattieville, Belize. Around […]

Councilor Goodin to host free haircut drive in Lake-I
Belize City Councilor Micah Goodin recently distributed scholarships to 43 students, completed a summer basketball […]

Over 900 confirmed cases of dengue
The Office of the Director of Health Services today informed that up to this weekend, […]

Young man reported missing in Benque Viejo
The family of eighteen-year-old David Hob are concerned about his whereabouts. Hob was last seen […]

Cordel Hyde celebrates 46th birthday
Cordel Hyde, the PUP’s National Deputy and one of few sure-bet candidates with as much […]

Massive Christian Parade coming to San Ignacio and Santa Elena
The Christian community in San Ignacio and Santa Elena is inviting all residents to the […]

Teachers need to renew their licenses,” advises BNTU
The Belize National Teacher’s Union (BNTU) has informed its general membership and all other teachers […]

Cabinet to listen to Waterloo over Port of Belize expansion
Belize’s largest port, the Port of Belize Limited, is looking to get even bigger. Its […]

Gunshot victim needs blood
Sometime around 10 o’clock last night, a man was shot in Belmopan. He has since […]

Patrick, are you ready?
Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber is looking ahead to the party’s national convention in Belize […]


Postcard From San Pedro, Belize: Water Taxi, Pedicure And Photos
I’m working on a longer post for tomorrow about Safety in Belize – so today I will keep it a bit lighter. As we wait for rain (MAYBE…this has been on DRY summer), here are some pictures of my trip to town yesterday and a walk about… I walked next door to Xtan Ha Resort – my Coastal Xpress water taxi stop – for the 11:30am boat.

If you only had A DAY IN Hopkins
Find yourself venturing along the winding turns of the Hummingbird Highway of Belize, enjoying the views on the most naturally impressive drive to the eastern coast of the country. Be sure to keep an eye out after the cut off for the sign prompting ‘HOPKINS VILLAGE’. Turn left onto a road that will take you through a savannah teeming with wildlife. Watch as Wood Storks and Jabirus gracefully curtsy to fish for their meals and as butterflies and dragonflies flutter at every corner. A straight drive will lead you to the end of the road where you’ll find a quaint fishing village – Hopkins.

International Sourcesizz

Florida hurricanes predicted by scientist with unique technique
Months after Hurricane Michael bruised the Florida Panhandle and Irma slammed into the Florida Keys, the state is bracing for what comes next. One scientist is digging for those answers underwater. "It's a relatively new science," said Joanne Muller, a scientist in the Water School at Florida Gulf Coast University. Muller said she has been "coring" for more than 20 years. The technique involves digging in the dirt underwater to uncover information about hurricanes from thousands of years ago that can help predict how strong future hurricanes will be. "We sample the cores, we can date the sediment using radio-metric tools, and then we know how old those hurricane layers are, going back through time," Muller explained.

The struggle to protect a vital jaguar corridor
Jaguars roam throughout a massive territory, as far south as Argentina and north all the way to Mexico—and wandering males have recently been sighted in Arizona. But despite being so widespread, DNA analysis shows that the big cats are remarkably similar throughout their range, which has only been appreciated in the past few decades. Researcher Alan Rabinowitz was one of the first to argue that this connectivity it vital, and the key to saving the animals. Prior to the idea of connectivity, the conventional thinking “was of scientists glued to a site or a region,” says Howard Quigley, Rabinowitz’ long-time friend and colleague. “Alan saw this as small thinking.” Rabinowitz, a pioneering jaguar researcher, traveled throughout this area beginning in 2017 on a years-long campaign called the “journey of the jaguar.” The purpose of the quest was to study and protect the areas in the cat’s vast range, which spans 18 countries and millions of square miles.

Scotia Continues In Belize
David Noel, the head of Scotia Group Jamaica, whose remit includes oversight of select countries in Scotiabank International’s regional operations, says Belize remains within the Caribbean network. It was as close as he seemed prepared to get in addressing unconfirmed reports that Scotia Belize was being acquired by a Jamaican bank. Asked specifically whether Scotia Belize was being sold, Noel chose not to comment directly but instead cited company policy.

Aeromapper Talons Fly BVLOS Missions Over Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve In Belize
Two units of amphibian Aeromapper Talons were utilized successfully during a set of trials during an expedition to beautiful Turneffe Atoll in Belize, in a workshop lead by the Zoological Society of London and the Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association. The drones, built by Canadian company Aeromao, were used to detect and document illegal fishing activities and ecology research toward conservation efforts. The Turneffe marine protected area (MPA) in Belize, was delineated in 2012 but is difficult to manage, in part due to illegal fishing, its remoteness, and high running costs. The water-landing and waterproof fixed-wing, long-range, multi-camera drones were trialed to monitor and survey marine megafauna (such as turtles, dolphins, and sharks) but also as an exercise to gather evidence of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU).

The Amazon is burning and smoke from the fires can be seen from space
Forest fires in the Amazon are generating smoke that can be seen from space and may have caused a daytime blackout more than 1,700 miles away in the country's largest city. In the middle of the day on Monday, the sky above São Paulo was blanketed by smoke from the wildfires raging in the Amazon region, according to local media reports. The smoke resulting from some of these wildfires was also captured in satellite images released by NASA last week. "The smoke did not come from fires from the state of São Paulo, but from very dense and wide fires that have been going on for several days in Rondônia and Bolivia. The cold front changed the direction of the winds and transported this smoke to São Paulo," Josélia Pegorim, Climatempo meteorologist, told Globo.


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