Hol Chan Marine Reserve takes 2019-2024 Management Plan to Public Consultation.

A consultation on the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and protection strategies was held on the island with over two dozen residents attending.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve management discusses 2019-2024 management plan with tourism stakeholders
On Tuesday, August 20th, the management of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve (HCMR) held a consultation with tourism stakeholders and presented a management plan for the reserve intended to start this year and run through 2024. Held at the San Pedro Lions Den, the consultation discussed policies, protection strategies for the reserve, and saw many attendees voicing their opinions and concerns over some of the aspects of the new management proposal. The presentations delivered by board members of Hol Chan pointed out that the reserve is now 25 times bigger than its original size when it was established in 1987. The HCMR now covers an area of 103,058 acres. The expansion includes zones such as Shark Ray Alley, snorkel and dive sites, mangrove wetland areas on the lagoonside, along with shoals that include flats or bajos.