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Today's Belize News: September 7, 2019 #538145
09/07/19 06:10 AM
09/07/19 06:10 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

The San Pedro Sun

Caye Caulker Village to get new Craft Market
A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Caye Caulker Village to officially mark the start of construction of their new Craft Market on Wednesday, September 4th. Present at the ceremony was Area Representative and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., Caye Caulker Chairperson Seleny Pott, representative of Caye Caulker Artisans Danira Enriquez, Director of Cruise and Destination Planning Noriko Gamero and other guests/artisan of the village. The new craft market is expected to be constructed in the Palapa Gardens Area of the village. It will be financed by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) as part of its ongoing efforts to develop and promote the cultural tourism product and increasing guest experience, satisfaction, and visitor spending.

Another delay in the ground-breaking for new schools on Ambergris Caye
Another school year has begun, and the ground-breaking ceremony for the schools planned for north of San Pedro Town has once again been delayed. It is now tentatively set to take place after the September celebrations. The ground-breaking had previously been scheduled for August, but that never happened. Area Representative for Belize Rural South and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr. said that the schools will be built, but that they need to finish preparing the site so construction can take place. He is anticipating for the construction of the schools to start sometime in October of this year. The project continues to see delay after delay. Heredia explained that the delay this time is because works are yet to be finished on the site and because the project in San Pedro is linked to a similar one in Caye Caulker.

SIB: 0.8% decline in the economy for the second quarter of 2019
The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) has released their latest figures in the consumer price index, external trade and the 2nd quarter figures for the 2019 gross domestic product. According to the SIB, the country’s economy has declined by 0.8% in the 2nd quarter of 2019, while imports went up by 15.6% and domestic exports went up by 44.1 % for July 2019. For the 2nd quarter of 2019, SIB also reported that Belize’s economy saw a decrease of 0.08% in the overall production level when compared to the same period of 2018. The total value of goods and services produced in Belize was $687.9 million down by $5.8 million from $693.7 million produced in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Blu Zen presents second phase of beachfront development in Caye Caulker
Tucked away on the northern side of Caye Caulker and facing the Belize Barrier Reef is the newly introduced real estate project named Blu Zen, which has completed the first of its three phases. On Friday, August 30th, a group of guests visited the beachfront development. They learned about its current finished premier facilities and amenities and were simultaneously introduced to the plans of Blu Zen’s second phase, capped off with an evening with food, drinks, and music.

Ambergris Today

Help Anthony Coleman Receive Prosthetic Arms
The Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge is pleased to inform the public that island resident Anthony Coleman, has been accepted by the Shriner's Hospital in the United States. Anthony, a San Pedro High School student lost both arms in an accident. Consequently, Ambergris Caye Masonic Lodge has embarked on a mission of fitting him with a pair of prosthetic arms. Through fraternal relations between our Masonic Lodge and Shriner's Hospital, a date has been set for his first Hospital visit in the United States.

The Republic Of China (Taiwan) And Belize Celebrate 30 Years Of Diplomatic Relations
On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between the Government of Belize and the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan), on Thursday, September 5, 2019, the National Assembly of Belize received a contribution of BZ$40,000.00 from the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The Honorable Laura Tucker indicated in her speech that the contribution will be used to acquire a new system that would improve the facilities used by the media houses who broadcast the proceedings of the Assembly.

Various Belizean Sources


Belize’s natural resources and strategic location provide diverse opportunities for investors seeking to capitalize on investments focused on quality and sustainability. Belize offers an ideal marine environment that has bolstered continued growth and diversification in the fisheries and aquaculture industry. Being located only 2 hours away by plane from the US and other key Central American and Caribbean markets has enabled the industry to supply fresh products on a weekly basis. This continues to provide many benefits to the industry’s continued development, allowing Fisheries an income earnings contribution of up to 1.2% of Belize’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2017.

Corozal 10th of September Celebrations
The Corozal Town Council invites everyone to join us for the Ceremonies for the 10th of September 2019 starting at 9:00 am Followed by the Citizens Parade. This will be the route of the parade where all citizens, civic, social and government institutions are welcome to join in. Lets celebrate together as one.

Kids Karaoke Sunday in Corozal

Corozal's Best Ever RUM, RIBS & RICE Tasting Contest
ONLY a WEEK AWAY! Tickets available at the door 5:00 p.m. Friday, September 13th at the Andres Campos Civic Center.

The Belize Tourism Board collaborated with Wanderlust Magazine
To host a Belizean food-themed reader event to drive engagement and interest in visiting Belize and sampling the country’s gastronomy first hand. This event provided an opportunity for Wanderlust readers to learn more about the Belize destination and thus create content for wider channels. Belize’s very own Chef Sean Kuylen demonstrated his unique skills, and readers sampled dishes while learning about the history and culture of gastronomy in Belize.

Stagnation of the New River: What is Being Done and the Prospect for Improvement
The public is advised on the condition of the New River and updated on the work that has and will continue to be done by the Department of the Environment to address the situation as best as possible. The Department of the Environment (DOE) has continuously monitored the effluent discharge throughout the country into waterways and the sea using the Effluent Limitations Regulations and the Environmental Protection Act as a legal basis. No industry is allowed to discharge toxic compounds in any concentration. Big and small industries are allowed, however, to discharge non-toxic compounds in concentrations that are considered safe for the environment. These compounds include nitrates, phosphates, dissolved organic matter and sulphates which are found in most industrial and household chemicals including surfactants, detergents and shampoos.

The Belize Zoo is looking for a bright, energetic Belizean to join its Animal Management Department. Requirements: Belizean citizen; Minimum of a high school diploma; valid driver's license; strong command of the English language; ability to work as part of a team, and work flexible hours. Being bilingual, and having previous experience in animal husbandry would be assets.

Junior Miss Belize
Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 6 PM, Bliss Center for Performing Arts.

On June 12th, 2019, the Supplies Control Unit (SCU) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce issued a press release which introduced the following: 1. Wholesale prices for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG); and 2. Retail prices for LPG by end user. In an effort to reaffirm the sale of LPG by volume and clarify any misinterpretation that may exist, the SCU sees it fit to hereby inform the public that the price paid for LPG is determined solely by the quantum purchased. This change now establishes threshold/limits for the sale of LPG by volume for both maximum retail and wholesale sales regardless of the end user. The SCU therefore informs the public that this change took effect on Friday August 30, 2019.

New Fire Chief says National Fire Service must be Adequately Equipped and Proactive
Belize’s New Fire Chief, Colin Gillett, having completed a tour of most of the National Fire Service’s facilities countrywide, says he is determined to have the service adequately equipped and proactive in executing its essential function of keeping Belize safe from fires and explosive hazards. Gillett, who is being accompanied on his working tour by CEO Ruth Meighan and other personnel from the Ministry of Transport and National Emergency Management, says that under his command the National Fire Service will place high priority on prevention, through public education and highly trained personnel.

Opening of September Celebration at the Central Park on Caye Caulker

Job Vacancy in Corozal
A position exists for an Internet Cafe Assistant! Interested applicants can apply in person at One Stop Solutions #26 Santa Rita Rd, Corozal Town during business hours. For further inquiries feel free to contact us at 422-0778.

Wildtracks Update
September is Manatee Month, and we have been preparing our three female manatees for soft release. Hope, Chicki and Callie were all caught yesterday and fitted with tail belts and soft release tags to ensure we can track them during their soft release phase. A huge thank you to both the Wildtracks Manatee and Primate Teams who came together to help with the captures, and to Andonys Arrivillaga of our partners, Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development - Belize, who provided support. It is great working with a crew that is able to ensure the process is smooth and as stress free as possible for the manatees!

Cyberbullying Forum
Yesterday, the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children in partnership the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, with technical assistance from the Equality & Justice Alliance (EJA), represented by the Human Dignity Trust, hosted a two part event, a Cyberbullying Forum and Technical Meeting entitled Advancing Cyberbullying Amendments to Belize’s Criminal Code. The Forum was held following approval from Cabinet for the drafting of amendments to the criminal code to criminalize cyberbullying. It is envisioned that provisions will be made for restitution for victims and higher penalties levied for aggravating circumstances, such as the age of the victim and the extortion committed.

The Mennonites Of Belize - A Brief History by Joseph Awe
In 1949, the then English colonial government in a bold move to install the large English owned company as the only large company of its type, the Belize Estate and Company, the colonial government devalued the British Honduras dollar (‘Belizean dollar’). This was a devastating blow to two large native-owned companies that were in the same type business of logwood and ‘Chicle’ (Chewing gum), which were at the core of the trade from British Honduras to the USA and England. It goes without saying that a native born resistance ensued. The first Belizean political Party was born via the General Workers Union, the People’s Committee. The peaceful revolution began. On his page we share videos of Belize Mennonites. By 1954 the Peoples United Party came through the gates swinging and won their first elections.

Anti Looting and Graffiti Poster Competition
In support of International Archaeology Day 2019, the Institute of Archaeology is launching a poster competition to combat graffiti and looting at sites across the country. This campaign seeks to promote the idea that these sites are national possessions for all citizens of Belize and that we are responsible for the protection of our cultural heritage. For more information on this competition please follow the link below. This competition is open to all school levels.

Channel 7

San Victor Violence Forced Cops to Run
Our headline story last night was about the eruption of violence in San Victor village in the Corozal District. Two civilians were shot and two police officers got head injuries - while a police patrol vehicle was badly damaged. Indeed, it was a mini riot and today, multiple police units descended on that village - to establish a strong presence of law and order, and to find the culprits. Here's the narrative we've put together of how the incident unfolded.

What's Happening At La Inmaculada Next Week?
And before the San Victor showdown, the big story coming out of the Orange Walk District this week was the cancellation of classes at La Immaculada, Orange Walk's biggest primary school. That's because the stench of the polluted New River is making them sick. The Ministry of Health has investigated the extent of the problem, and they have recommended that classes cannot operate at that location, under these conditions. But, school has to continue one way or the other - and so what's next? Well, there are now discussions to temporarily relocate the school, while the harmful effects the New River's pollution is being directly addressed by the Department of the Environment.

Faber Says He's Got Widespread UDP Support
Deputy PM Faber was more eager to entertain us on was the subject of the finer political details of his grand endorsement convention at the Belize Civic Center on last week Sunday. We counted only 9 UDP area representatives and standard bearers who showed up to the event, and we reported it as such. But, shortly after that story aired, several persons in Faber's camp contacted us to disagree, saying that there were more constituencies showing support than that. They say that Faber had the support, via area reps., standard-bearers AND delegates from 25 of the 31 constituencies at the endorsement convention. So this morning, we asked the Deputy PM to justify how they arrived at that figure.

Diglearn To The Future
The Digilearn program is one of the most ambitious flagship projects spearheaded by Digi. It's a partnership with the Ministry of Education to create a Digital Learning platform for high schoolers. The program incorporates the use of individual laptops, tablets, learning software, and a 500 meg internet connection for selected schools. In July, we told you about the pilot project and today the master service agreement between Digi and the Ministry of Education was signed. The agreement puts the program in operational phase and, today at the Ministry of Education, the outgoing BTL CEO said it's history in the making:

The Prison's Tower Of Power
The Belize Central Prison celebrated a milestone in its development today, the inauguration of a brand new prison tower. It was constructed by the prison's inmates in an area through which three inmates made a daring escape back in May. Cherisse Halsall attended the inauguration and here is that story. Cherisse Halsall reporting This 53 foot tower is the third to be constructed on the prison compound. The newly designed towers are being built to fill security gaps on the compound as well as to replace old, dilapidated and poorly constructed towers. The prison director told us more about bringing the concept of these towers to reality.

Family Spared In Camalote Fire
A house burned down today in Camalote village. Residents heard a loud boom and had just enough time to grab vital documents and dash out before the house erupted in flames. Tonight, pastor Floyd Neal and his family can only rely on relatives for shelter. He told us how he and his family lost everything in the fire.

Celebrating Reading, the Write Way
Over 50 years ago, UNESCO declared September 8th as International Literacy Day. That's Sunday, and the the global community of educators will observe it under the theme, "Literacy and Multilingualism". It's a day set aside to acknowledge the importance of the ability to read and write, and how these skills are necessary for the development of the world's youths. In Belize, the Ministry of Education observed it today. Activities were held all around the country, and, in Belize City, Education Minister Patrick Faber held a special literacy event at the Unity Presbyterian Primary School, which is located in his constituency.

New Fire Chief Is Natural Resources Specialist
The press asked Faber about the recent appointment of Colin Gillett as the New Fire Chief. Gillett, formerly of the Coastal Zone Management Authority and NEMO took up the post on July 22nd, 2019 without much fanfare. We asked Faber how they selected Gillett, who is not from within the ranks of the Fire Department: Hon. Patrick Faber - Deputy Prime Minister: "I congratulate my colleague, Minister Castro, and I congratulate Mr. Colin Gillett, who I know to be very capable. Colin and I were classmates together at St. John's College, so, I have no doubt in his abilities, and I congratulate him on this appointment."

Bail For Remanded Coast Guard
All this week we've been reporting on 23 year old Coast Guardsman Brian Orellano. He was charged with wounding and discharging a firearm in public. It's a firearm offence, so the lawman was remanded. Well, tonight he is out on Supreme Court bail, with several conditions. First, he is not to interfere or communicate with the complainants. Another condition is that he is not to communicate in any way with any of the prosecution witness or witnesses. He must also report to Belmopan Police Station every Friday until the matter is completed; and he is to attend Belmopan Magistrate's Court on November 7 and on any other adjourned date until the case is disposed of.

Belizean Shrimp is Ethical and Sustainable
Belizean shrimp is still trying to rebound from being wiped out by a viral infection in 2015 - but, the rare bit of good news is that - according to the experts - the world's most ethical and sustainable shrimp comes from Belize. A program called the "Aquaculture Stewardship Certification", which sets standards for environmental sensitivity, reduced use of chemicals and antibiotics, and excludes child labor, while achieving a positive impact on local communities has given Belize's shrimp industry a high rating.

CPR For Primary Schoolers
Learning CPR isn't a standard part of a school's curriculum but the kids at St. John's Vianney Primary School got a lesson from BERT trainers today. We stopped by to see the kids in action and find out why it's important that they learn this life saving procedure. Leon Seguro, Trainer, BERT: "For the entire month of September, not just St. John's Vianney, BERT is giving back to society and at the same time enhancing our values. BERT can't reach everywhere and can't get there in a heart beat so basically what we are doing is teaching the students how to start hands only CPR and to be able to maintain until the ambulance gets there so at the end of the day it is a mutual benefit for everybody and so we have been doing this across the country. It started in Corozal and we will be ending this year in Stann Creek so there are multiple schools we are going to, to teach them the basic hands only CPR which consist of chest compressions, teaching them how to do it correctly and to recognize it and get it started."

Don't Be High and Drive the September
September is the month when Belizeans party and celebrate The Tenth and Independence. Tonight there is the Wet fete, which goes right into the Jouvert morning, and tomorrow afternoon, the Carnival Road March hits the streets of Belize City. With all that celebrating, many will be indulging in alcohol and marijuana - both legal drugs. And, to remind the public to consume responsibly, the National Drug Abuse Control Council held a week-long campaign against driving under the influence of drugs.

Once More Unto The Mas Camp!
But, that message of moderation is for motorists, not revelers who will be doing their thing on foot, on the streets of Belize City. Carnival Day begins early tomorrow morning with the J'ouvert and continues later on with the Carnival road March. Last night Wilson Grinage and Codie Norales made their final trip to the Mas Camps - and here's what they saw:

Taiwan Donates Again
And in more September news, the government of Taiwan is again donating to the Celebration season. Today the Taiwanese Ambassador Remus Li-Kuo Chen made a donation to the President of NICH Sapna Budhrani. But, a weirdly worded press release does not disclose the value of the donation, and only says the contribution will, quote, "help support many cultural events and activities throughout Belize."

Rotary and Puma Provide Scholarships
And, finally tonight, the Rotary club of Belize sunrise and Puma Energy have partnered to provide 25 scholarships to students and graduates of the St. John Vianney primary school. We attended one of their scholarship ceremonies two days ago as they provided scholarships to five students starting high-school at ACC. Representatives from both organizations told us more about how they came together for the cause. Dr. Selma Bermudez, President Rotary Club of Belize: "It's a tuition scholarship so it's the price of the tuition that the schools have. We will also help with mentoring, tutoring if need be so it's all accumulative."

Re: Today's Belize News: September 7, 2019 [Re: Marty] #538146
09/07/19 06:10 AM
09/07/19 06:10 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

Tensions escalated in San Victor Village when two men were injured in a shooting with the police
The village of San Victor is located off the Philip Goldson Highway in the Corozal District.  Its strategic location in proximity of the Rio Hondo has converted it into a [...]

Police issues an official report on the incident
Late this evening police issued an official report saying that Police were on patrol in the Village around five o’clock on Thursday evening. As they neared the river, they saw [...]

New River Crisis Task Force Formed
A task force has been formed to monitor and address the New River crisis that has not only left students and teachers sick in Orange Walk Town, but also disrupted [...]

Task Force to Look at Permanent Solution to New River Crisis
According to D.O.E., the New River catchment is currently facing the worst drought seen in recent times. This drought was forecasted by the National Meteorological Service which has collected data [...]

Education Minister Speaks on Effects of New River Crisis on Students
The Department of Environment is now moving swiftly to address the New River crisis that continues to plague the community of Orange Walk. The health of the New River has [...]

New River’s Health Deteriorating
The heavy stench emanating from the New River has spread to a large portion of Orange Walk Town, affecting thousands of its residents. The Department of Environment has embarked in [...]

Brian Orellana Out on $10,000 Bail
Coastguard officer Brian Orellana was granted and met bail in the Supreme Court this morning where he appeared before Justice Herbert Lord in the presence of attorney Hurl Hamilton. The [...]

Accused Kidnapper and Sexual Predator Out on Bail
Bartolo Shish stands accused of forcibly abducting a teenage minor and sexually assaulting her. The incident happened at the Welcome Center in San Ignacio where the fifteen-year-old girl was allegedly [...]

A New Watchtower in Inaugurated at Belize Central Prison
Prison authorities are strengthening security at the central facility located on the Hattieville Road. The number of escapes or attempts to flee by brazen inmates has presented a challenge to [...]

Another charged for being a Member of a Gang
A number of persons have been dragged to court and charged for being members of gangs. One such person who appeared this morning in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court is [...]

Godwin Flowers charged for Dangerous Harm upon Oliver Rodriguez
Godwin Flowers, a messenger of Curassow Street, Belize City was taken to the court this morning to be arraigned for charges of dangerous harm and use of deadly means of [...]

25 Constituencies Were Represented at Patrick Faber’s Leadership Launch
Turning to politics, on Sunday, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber officially launched his bid to lead the ruling United Democratic Party. He is set to go against Belmopan Area Representative [...]

Colin Gillett is Belize’s New Fire Chief
Colin Gillett has been appointed as Belize’s new fire chief. His post became effective on July twenty-second, 2019 and he takes over from Ted Smith. The forty-two-year-old holds a Master’s [...]

International Literacy Day 2019; Literacy and Multilingualism
Today, the Ministry of Education launched International Literacy Day 2019 which focused on ‘Literacy and Multilingualism.’ The day is celebrated annually and gives governments, civil society and stakeholders the opportunity [...]

“The world’s most ethical and sustainable shrimp comes from Belize”
The Inter-American Development Bank has hailed Belize’s shrimp as the most ethical and sustainable. According to the I.D.B., Belize has taken the lead in producing socially and environmentally responsible shrimp. [...]

Mas Camp ready for Saturdays Road March
Mas camps 2019 ended with a bang on Thursday night with a visit to three camps and another that won’t compete but is playing mas. From patriotic themes to the [...]

A Brief Look at the Evolution of Carnival
To wrap up our coverage of Mas Camp 2019, we take a brief look at the evolution of carnival. Here is Brent Lopez.   Brent Lopez, Reporitng The festive event [...]

CDF Provides US$3.3M in Loans to GOB for Sustainable Development Strategy
A loan agreement to finalize the approval of a six million dollar credit line and two grants amount to six hundred thousand dollars under the CARICOM Development Fund’s Second Cycle [...]

MOE and DIGI sign MSA for DigiLearn
The Ministry of Education and Digi today signed an agreement as part of an initiative to roll out a new education tool across the country. Digi-Learn is a non-profit organization [...]


Waterloo wants to build cruise port facility
according to a Facebook post from its chairperson, Minister Tracy Taegar-Panton. The CSCI reviewed some investment projects that Minister Taegar-Panton said had a total value of some 500 million US dollars. While Minister Tracy Taegar-Panton boasted on her Facebook page about the meeting, she did not provide any details about who or what was involved in the US 500-million dollar investment. Amandala has learned, however, that a company, Waterloo Investment Holdings Limited (WIHL), based in the Turks and Caicos Islands, has proposed building a cruise port facility alongside the Belize Port Limited, which has been in receivership for a number of years.

Polluted New River forces school’s closure
For several weeks now, as the country continues to be affected by a severe drought, attention has been focused on the New River, which has become loaded with chemicals and pollutants that have caused tons of fish to die, leaving a putrid smell around various areas of the river in the Orange Walk District. The Department of the Environment (DOE) has confirmed that there is no one entity that is responsible for the tragic state of the New River. Furthermore, no one has suffered any penalty for polluting the river, because the DOE relies on the voluntary compliance of the ASR/BSI, the largest industry which uses the river in its operations.

Kimberly Santos Queen of the Bay 2019 – 2020
The Queen of the Bay pageant was held last Friday night at the Bliss Institute, where seven beautiful young ladies competed for the prestigious title of the Miss Queen of the Bay. In the end, however, Kimberly Santos, Miss Queen of the West, representing the Cayo District, won the title. She will be crowned Miss Queen of the Bay on September 10, during the official September 10 ceremonies at the Memorial Park, after which she will take part in the Citizens’ Parade throughout the principal streets of the city.

Belize Bus Association and government reach agreement on regulating foreign buses
This afternoon, officials from the Ministry of Transport and stakeholders from the tourism industry met with the leaders of the Belize Bus Association (BBA) and the Taxi Association to chart a way forward to regulate foreign buses coming into Belize from neighboring Mexico and Guatemala. The BBA had threatened a nationwide shutdown of the country’s transportation system if they could not reach an agreement with government. The BBA and government had already agreed on the position espoused by the BBA, but an important constituent partner was not on board, that is, stakeholders from the tourism industry.

Students not allowed into school compound until 8:30 a.m.
The gates at the St. Matthew’s Government School compound were locked on Monday so that students who went to school early could not get into the school yard like they usually do. They had to wait outside until 8:30 a.m., when the gates were opened. Many parents were alarmed about what they considered a lack of consideration for the students. Shakeera Berry, the principal of the school, told the media that the people of the village should not have been alarmed because in June, they held a parents-teachers meeting in which the early arrival of the students to the school was discussed, and there was no objection to the policy of the school.

Suicide Prevention Day September 10
World Suicide Prevention Day will be observed in Belize on Tuesday, September 10. It is a day of hope, to remind people that no one should die by suicide, that those who desire to take their life can be helped. On Monday, September 9, the Suicide Prevention Day Flag will be raised during a ceremony at Wesley College on Yarborough Road in Belize City, and flags will also be raised at high school compounds throughout the country, at small ceremonies.

Belize Bank Bulldogs are National Female Softball Champions 2019
Softball fans from across the country turned out in numbers at Rogers Stadium over the weekend, as eight female softball teams, two each from Stann Creek (Independence United and Placencia), Cayo (defending champion Unitedville Rebels United and Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy), Belize Rural (Burrell Boom and Bermudian Landing) and Belize City (Belize Bank Bulldogs and Digi), engaged in a double-elimination National Tournament over three days, beginning on Friday evening and continuing from 9:00 a.m. daily on Saturday and Sunday. And when, after 14 games played, it was over on Sunday night, Belize Bank Bulldogs were crowned 2019 National Female Softball Champions, after winning, 10-3, by the Mercy Rule over Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy, who were thus eliminated with their second loss, while the Bulldogs remained undefeated in the tournament.

Cricket Corner – Belize Defence Force (BDF) Cricket Team is Belize National Cricked Champion
Hello, cricket players, fans and supporters! My pleasure continues in giving stats about the sport we so loved and enjoyed watching or playing. I start by thanking the sports sponsor for this season – Bowen and Bowen company. Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Sir Barry Bowen/ Harrison Parks Cricket Competition continued over the weekend with a tie-breaker for first place in the finals – Wicked 11 vs BDF. Both of these teams have played their hearts out, wanting to win the right to boast of being the boss overall.

Table Tennis – 2019 Brodies Strong & Weak Doubles Tournament
The Belize Elementary School auditorium was the stage for the 2019 Brodies Strong & Weak Doubles Tournament this Saturday, August 31. The competition started with 13 doubles pairs competing in a Double Elimination format, in which each pair was comprised of a “strong & weak” player. The top 20 ranked players were not allowed to make a pair, and therefore had to select a player from the 21 ranking position and below, making for a very evenly matched competition.

FFB Youth Inter-District Tournaments update
Saturday, August 31 results At Isidoro Beaton Stadium, Belmopan won, 3-1, over Orange Walk. Belmopan – Heidy Lopez (11’) and Roshanny Navaez (22’ & 28’); Orange Walk – Josefin Reyes (36’). At M.A. Stadium in Independence, Stann Creek bombed Toledo, 9-0. Stann Creek – Khalydia Velasquez (3’, 14’ & 68’), Cenia Apolonio (6’, 20’ & 51’), Shamika Lambey (47’ & 66’) and Jessie Mclaughlyn (63’).

Editorial: Our thoughts are with the Bahamians
Our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas have just come through a storm the likes of which few have ever experienced. For almost two days a Category 5 hurricane hammered some sections of that country, and the devastation is enormous. Preliminary reports are that there has been loss of life, and on the Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands more than 50% of the houses have been totally destroyed. These hurricanes are getting worse. In 1998, just over 20 years ago, Hurricane Mitch battered the island of Guanaja (also called Bonnaca) in Honduras for nearly two days. The US has been hard hit the past few years, and in 2017 Hurricane Irma leveled Barbuda, and Hurricane Maria brutalized Dominica and Puerto Rico.

We in the Caribbean must help ourselves
Dear Editor, As of 11 p.m. ET, September 2, 2019, Hurricane Dorian was a category 4 storm battering the Bahamas. At least 5 people were killed in Abaco when it hit the Bahamas as a category 5 hurricane with wind speed of 185 mph on September 1 in the afternoon. It’s a historic tragedy that needs analysis and assistance. A total of 35 tropical cyclones have reached Category 5 in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Equator, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Only in 1932, 1933, 1961, 2005, 2007 and 2017 has more than one Category 5 hurricane formed.

Find your courage, Belizeans!
Dear Editor, Rowland A. Parks reporting on the children being turned away from their first day of classes (September 4) is so infuriating, so illustrative of the completely failed country that Belize has become and so anger-inducing that I can barely see straight. What is wrong with you Belizeans that you can allow anything like this to be a part of your culture? The only solution is for the entire country to unite and declare “I’m not going to take this anymore!’

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Red Cross launch wheelchair project
Dear Editor, The Church of Latter Day Saints through the Belize Red Cross has embarked on a much needed and welcomed project that will see the quality of life improve for many Belizeans. For many years the church has been donating wheelchairs to needy Belizeans, and this year, it has been taken up another notch. Along with almost 400 chairs, the church is also providing technical support to those who receive a chair. Technicians from each district have gone through a four-day training which includes information gathering on each applicant so that they can customize each chair to fit the physical needs of the particular person.

A NATION COMPROMISED … by the corrupted hearts of men!
I listen, I read, I discuss and I see that we are a nation compromised. I write my thoughts down because I am only voicing what many people have thought and said. You see, we the people have allowed this compromised state for too long, but collectively we belong to an abused nation, where, like any cycle of abuse, we have not broken the cycle. We keep allowing the abuse in every form. All the wrongs, illegality, impropriety, corruption etc. of this present government are now justified by saying that the PUP did like wrongs, illegality, impropriety, corruption etc., thus, we cannot point fingers at the UDP. That is the theory of staunch UDP supporters and well-known apologists. They make the most noise and list all the wrongs of the PUP as if to nullify the continued abuse of power and poor governance of the present UDP. So here is my take on that!:

We know September is here because the kwaarils done begin
September in Belize is supposed to be a time of unity, and the story we have is that, except for 1919 and 1934 when there was major unrest, it was that way after we began to celebrate the Centenary in 1898. It was shoulder-to-shoulder in our Septembers up until 1950, when we began to take charge of our destiny. Then, our Septembers became like June 1797, when there was that explosive vote that gave the first birth to our nation. If the present says anything about the past, you have to feel that after the vote was taken, some philistines for “pick up your things and run from Spain” said: this noh done ya. Hart Tillett, in his historical novel, Exiles No More, did a great job elaborating on how the non-black side of our ancestry arrived at the monumental decision to stay, and his other historical novel, Reef A-fire, did an equally good job telling how they came together to defend against the invader.

The New River is comatose
Our once very beautiful New River in Orange Walk Town is on its death-bed, barely clinging to life at the Environmental Hospital of Belize. Mortally wounded mostly by the activities of BSI/ASR, the New River is on life support. The putrid smell of her bedsores and the overpowering stench of death can be smelled for miles away. Dr. Government of Belize and Nurse Department of the Environment know exactly what has happened, but seem to be pretty much unconcerned, or unable to restore her to her health. The spokesman for the Environmental Hospital of Belize, in a press conference, has tried to water away blame from the main culprit, saying that damage to the New River is due to agricultural runoffs (fertilizers and pesticides) from farming activities near to the river, and industrial activities (one rum distillery, a nearby tortilla factory and a logging operation).

Crisis at Youth Hostel
On the night of Thursday, August 22, there was unrest at the Princess Royal Youth Hostel at Mile 23 on the George Price Highway, and police were called in. On their arrival at the premises of the hostel, unruly girls at the institution threw rocks and other missiles at the police vehicle, breaking its windshield and causing other damages to the vehicle. After this incident, six of the girls, ages ranging from 14 to 17 years, managed to escape from the compound. Police and the administrators of the hostel collaborated and the six girls were recaptured and returned to the hostel.

Rafael Usher, 27, dies 1 month after gun attack
Rafael Usher, 27, of Arlington Drive, lost the fight for his life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital at about 9:00 yesterday morning due to complications resulting from gunshot injuries to the chest and abdomen (he had also been shot in the thigh and buttocks). His mother, Desiree Flowers Usher, said doctors told her that his kidney, spleen, and pancreas were damaged and had been rendered useless, and that he also suffered many other internal injuries. Usher’s mother said he underwent five major surgeries, and that she believes that the doctors did what they could to help him, but the multiple injuries from the bullets were too severe.

HIV-positive woman takes out constitutional claim for wrongful termination
In 2011, the Government of Belize amended the Labor Act and made provision for the establishment of a Labor Complaints Tribunal that would have the authority to hear cases referred to it. The Labor Complaints Tribunal, a creature of legislation, was never established. This, therefore, left persons with labor-related issues without any alternative but to seek redress through the courts in civil claims. That is what a woman did when she filed a fixed-date constitutional claim at the Supreme Court for a wrongful termination. Claim No. 296 of 2019 has named the Minister of Labor, Local Government and Rural Development as the first defendant, and the Attorney General as the second defendant.

Amazon fires put one million indigenous people at risk
A million indigenous people living in the jungles of the Amazon are in imminent danger due to the severe forest fires that ravage the region, which has lost more than 500,000 hectares in the last three weeks. In particular, following the catastrophe, in the indigenous territory of Arariboia in the Maranhão Amazon, the Awá people run the risk of disappearing. The Awás live without contact with the outside world and are one of the last isolated indigenous peoples on the planet. Because of this wave of fires, which is more than 20 days old, indigenous peoples have been forced to declare a state of environmental and humanitarian emergency due to the impact of fire on the ecosystem and its surrounding communities.


Is mercury still contaminating the fish?
In May, an assessment of the Macal River was done to test for methyl mercury. John Bodden, the lead Public Health Inspector, said that the results from the assessment showed that methyl mercury was found at elevated levels in only two kinds of fish, one of which was bay snook. John Bodden, Public Health Inspector, …

Family is Camalote loses home to fire
A Church pastor and his family in Camalote Village, Cayo District are currently dealing with the aftermath of a fire that completely destroyed their home. Our Cayo Correspondent, Fem Cruz, spoke to a member of the family shortly after the fire. Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent : A family of five from the village of Camalote …

MOE inspectors to visit Mount Carmel Preschool
Another school that faced its share of issues is Mount Carmel Preschool in Benque Viejo, Cayo District. Our news team traveled to the school to learn that the Ministry of Education denied its license application because the bathrooms were a distance away from the classrooms. When we last spoke to the school’s manager, we were …

Schools not allowed to deny children access
On Monday, while primary schools countrywide were open, as many as 200 students from Ladyville Seventh Day Adventist Primary School were reportedly not allowed into class. Our newsroom understood that the children all had overdue school fees, but parents were not aware that they had to arrange a payment plan. According to Chief Education Officer …

Alleged child abductor out on bail
45-year-old Bartolo Shish was arrested and charged on September 4 for forcible abduction and sexual assault. He was accused of kidnapping a minor from San Ignacio and taking her to Belize City, touching her inappropriately along the way. He spent very little time behind bars as his attorney, Hurl Hamilton, confirmed to Love News today …

New Fire Chief, will things improve?
In a move that some may speculate as jumping from the frying pan into the fire, Nemo’s former Deputy National Emergency Coordinator, Colin Gillett, has been named National Fire Chief. Love News got an extended interview with Gillett today, but first we spoke to Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber, about the appointment, since Gillett is …

Alleged abuse at Stella Maris School
A mother’s worst fears have been realized after she discovered her child is allegedly being abused at Stella Maris Primary School. While her child had not been diagnosed with a learning disability, he was learning at a slower pace than other students, leading her to enroll him at the school. She would never have imagined …

New River saved soon? Lets Hope.
The New River in Orange Walk has been a hot topic for the past few months. The river is in a dire state, and residents are now dealing with a strong stench and potential health risk. OW South Area representative, Jose Mai, has joined a task force created by Omar Figueroa, Minister of State in …

Faber discusses the situation with La Inmaculada RC School
La Inmaculada RC School in Orange Walk Town has been closed due to the stench from the nearby New River that is making the students and teachers ill. Today, we caught up with the Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, at another event where he discussed the closure of the school. Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of …

Coast Guard out on bail
Hurl Hamilton also spoke to us about another client, 23-year-old Brian Orellana, who was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, one count of wounding and one count of discharging a firearm in public. Hamilton told us that Orellana has also been released on bail. Hurl Hamilton, Attorney: “We were able to secure bail for …

Chief Education Officer explains closure of La Inmaculada
On Wednesday, the decision was made to close the doors of the La Inmaculada RC School in Orange Walk Town. Love News covered the story throughout the day as students and teachers complained of feeling ill as a result of the stench from the nearby New River. Ministry of Health inspectors were called in, and the recommendation was given to send students home...

Chief Education Officer explains closure of La Inmaculada
On Wednesday, the decision was made to close the doors of the La Inmaculada RC School in Orange Walk Town. Love News covered the story throughout the day as students and teachers complained of feeling ill as a result of the stench from the nearby New River. Ministry of Health inspectors were called in, and …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

4 police officers injured after confrontation with villagers in Corozal
On Thursday, September 5, 2019, about 5 p.m., police were conducting patrols in San Victor, […]

More weather concerns as the year comes to a close says Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology
The Barbados-based Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH), in its recently released newsletter, highlighted several […]

Illegal gillnets being set in Moho River
Wil Maheia of the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) is calling on the Fisheries Department to […]

Police investigate shooting incident in Corozal
Authorities are in San Victor, Corozal investigating a shooting incident that occurred yesterday afternoon. Police […]

Department of Environment to form task force to monitor and tackle issue at New River
The Department of the Environment (DOE) today issued a statement informing all Belizeans of the […]

Belize celebrate Literacy Day 2019
Today is being commemorated as Literacy Day. The Ministry of Education and schools countrywide planned […]

1st time ever Cayo Jouvert to be held on September 10
For the first time ever in San Ignacio Town, the San Ignacio and Santa Elena […]

Belize has the fifth-highest homicide rate in the region says new UN report
Belize has the fifth-highest homicide rate in the Americas according to the latest comprehensive report […]

Colin Gillett is Belize’s new national fire service chief
Belize’s new national fire service chief, Colin Gillett, having completed a tour of most of the […]

Unstable weather expected in the weekend
The National Meteorological Service of Belize says that today’s weather will be slightly moist and […]

SMART donates computers to St. Peter’s Anglican Primary School
Saint Peters Anglican Primary School in Orange Walk received 2 brand new computers yesterday. During […]

Belizean authorities shot alleged merchandise traffickers
Novedades Quintana Roo, a Mexican media outlet is reporting that Belizean authorities shot alleged merchandise traffickers near […]


Celebrate Belize during September Celebrations
It’s September, and every Belizean (at home or abroad) is feeling extra patriotic. With two of our most honored national holidays, September is Belize’s month – it’s time to celebrate our little jewel by the Caribbean Sea. This year’s 2019 September Celebrations will see festivities commemorating the 221st anniversary of the Battle of St. George Caye and 38th year of independence. Preparations for the celebration have been underway for months, and we are gearing up for the big days! Our 2019 September Celebrations theme is “From Maya Grandeur to Modern Glory, Together Let’s Shape the Belizean Story.”

International Sourcesizz

Security Alert issued by the US Embassy for Guatemala
On Wednesday, September 4, 2019 following the deaths of three Guatemalan Marines in Izabal, President Morales announced a State of Siege affecting the Department of Izabal and 22 additional municipalities. Accordingly, the U.S. Embassy has restricted travel by Embassy personnel to the affected areas effective immediately.

Catalysing change
I had just obtained my diving certification a few months prior and was visiting my mother who was working in the region for the UN. I remember chugging out in the small boat to an area north-east of Ras Muhammed, the southern-most point of the Sinai peninsula where the Gulf of Aquaba meets the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea. We were told that our drift dive would take us past a wall and onto a platform where we would ascend. The current took us flying past a stunning wall that I subsequently found out plunges to a kilometre in depth, only to slow and nearly halt once we had passed it. There out in the blue, were sharks. I’m not entirely sure what got ahold of me but it was the first time I had seen sharks in the wild. I swam towards them.

Honduras joins high-level dialogue on marine litter and waste management in Caribbean
The conference was organised by the UK through the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) and funded by the UK government through the Department of the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs (Defra), and the Commonwealth Litter Programme (CLiP). The Coordinator of the River Motagua Project at the Secretary of Environment, Kessel Rosales represented Honduras. The dialogue provided an opportunity to share knowledge, experience and best practices from across the region on prevention and mitigation of marine litter, with the aim of building regional consensus towards a collective response to this challenge.

Caribbean Heat Season to be Marked by Increased Heatwaves
The Barbados-based Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) with many regional countries in long term drought situations, this year’s Caribbean heat season will be marked by increased heatwaves and associated heat stress in vulnerable sections of the population. In its Caribbean Climate Outlook Newsletter released here, CIMH said that many areas in the Caribbean are in long term drought. It noted that during the period May to July, “seasonal temperatures were mostly above-average, with all-time records broken in June in Cuba and Jamaica”.


  • September Attire with La Fashions Boutique, 30min. Sharlene Bruce - Owner, La Fashions Boutique

  • Safety precautions for citizens during September festivities, 26min. Suzette Anderson - Sr. Supt

  • Traffic Department's Strategy for the month of September, 32min. Allan Pollard - Councilor Responsible for Traffic. Jermaine Hyde - Traffic Administrator, Citco.

  • Climbing the vinelike branches of Gymnopodium floribundum, Polygonaceae, 1.5min. To get 40 feet up in to the canopy. Another fun day forest keeping in my forest reserve, Little Vaca.

  • Belize Bird Rescue grounds, .5min. So calming and wonderfully Belize. Rehabilitation in style for birds!

  • Greeting the Dawn on Ambergris Caye, Belize, 1min. Two Sunrises on Ambergris Caye, Belize 8/30/19 and 9/6/19

  • The Aquatica Adventures - Belize, 1min.

  • MISS UNIVERSE BELIZE 2019, 3.5hr.

  • Baby armadillo looking for food in the late afternoon, 1min. Jaguar paw Chukka Belize Adventures

  • Miss Universe Belize, The winner is Destinee Arnold, 1min.

  • Maximum video release, Bunny-T ft Mr.Program & Supa G, 4min.

  • Friendly game between Atlante (Mexico) vs San Pedro Pirates FC (Belize), 2min. The words of José Enrique Baca, Sports Manager of Atlante, shared his expectations about the Friendly game between Atlante (Mexico) vs San Pedro Pirates FC (Belize). The game is scheduled for tomorrow at 8PM at the Ambergris Stadium.

  • Human Jaguar Conflict work discussion on the The Ya’axché Show!, 11min. Jaguars are the top predators of our forests! These strong and amazing cats are near threatened globally. We discuss on the The Ya’axché Show the Human Jaguar Conflict. Humans and jaguars are currently competing for home and food resources; and, it has contributed in the rise of humans coming into conflict with jaguars. Jaguars come nearer to communities and livestock farms, in most cases farms that are inadequately equipped, to prey on calves and dogs. Our team has been working with communities in the Maya Golden Landscape to provide education on jaguar behaviour and recommendations to improve farm management, which we call mitigation measures, to reduce and prevent jaguar attacks on livestock.

  • Hidden Treasures of Belize, 3.5min. During winter 2019 me and my brother decided to head out on an adventure through Central America, Mexico, Cuba and Florida. The fifth stop was Belize!

  • Miss Universe Belize 2019 Crowning moment, 7min. The new Miss Universe Belize 2019 is the 26 years old, Destinee Arnold of Roaring Creek. Destinee will be representing Belize at the Miss Universe Pageant later this year. The first runner up is no other than Destiny Wagner and the second runner up is Markeisha Young. Also Miss Popularity goes to Destinee Arnold and Miss Congeniality is no other than Aarti Sooknandan!

  • Destinee Arnold is Miss Universe Belize 2019, 1.5min. The new Miss Universe Belize 2019 is the 26 years old, Destinee Arnold of Roaring Creek. Destinee will be representing Belize at the Miss Universe Pageant later this year. The first runner up is no other than Destiny Wagner and the second runner up is Markeisha Young. Also Miss Popularity goes to Destinee Arnold and Miss Congeniality is no other than Aarti Sooknandan!

  • Miss Universe Belize 2019 Opening Dance & Intros, 7min.

  • Belize Cave Tubing - The Lost Underworld!, 4min. Discovering Belize's cave underworld through a lazy river. Known only to the Mayan's for thousands of years and now discovered.

  • Beltravex, 1min. Ready for your next Belize Vacation? Planning your next company retreat? Join us at Beltravex on September 28 to get exclusive travel deals from local resorts and Tour Operators. Don’t miss out on a chance to win a 3-night stay at Naia Resort & Spa. Double-up services from DIGI, as well live entertainment will be available to you and your family!

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