Epic blogpost on Caye Caulker, LOTS of awesome photos...

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Pulling up to Caye Caulker in Belize, there was one resounding first impression running through my mind: This. Is. Paradise.

This place really is a freaking dream. The buildings were MADE for Instagram ó cute pastel colours, stilted or propped up on blocks, cute Instagrammable signs. They knew exactly what they were doing with the aesthetics in this place! The streets are so quaint, lined with palm trees and flags. People whip around on golf carts or bikes or foot, because it takes about 3 mins to get from east to west of the island and the main strip, Front Street, takes about 10 mins.

There is freshly caught lobster being grilled up on the street. Cute bars with swings (because every island needs a bar with swings. Itís so much easier to drink that way). The sand is white and the water is literally turquoise in Belize. Itís a postcard.

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