High Speed Takedown For Hacksaw Blade Shoplifter

Today a shoplifter got much more than he bargained for when he took a box of hacksaw blades from Benny's Hardware on the Northern Highway.

A businessman saw that the shoplifter was running from a security guard and sprang into action - what happened next looks like it came out of an episode of the television show Cops. Jules Vasquez reviewed the security video:

Jules Vasquez reporting
Keep your eye on the black pickup truck as it drives through the roundabout in the left lane.

And then on the right side of the frame, you can see the shoplifter on bicycle riding against traffic. A security guard is chasing him.

The pickup stops and the security guard gets into the truck. All this while, the shoplifter keeps riding and has now turned down the roundabout heading into Chetumal Street.

The driver of the pickup then drives over the median to set chase.

The pickup barrels through the roundabout and sets off down Chetumal Boulevard - but then stops on the median there.because the shoplifter is coming back - maybe turned back by police who have a substation on Chetumal Boulevard.

The pickup then drives over another median and follows the bicycle the wrong way around the roundabout - fearlessly into the flow of oncoming traffic - even swerving unto he sidewalk to avoid approaching vehicles - dangerous maneuvers just to get a shoplifter. Eventually he seems to tip the bicycle rider - who falls to the pavement.

The security guard quickly jumps out of the pickup and takes him into custody - which is right when a police officer on motorbike pulls up.

Police told us that the man stole a box of hacksaw blades - but they could not confirm charges yet.

Channel 7