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The San Pedro Sun

Mercury in Fish from the Macal River and Other Rivers
The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Department of Environment and the Belize Electric Company Limited (BECOL), has completed another assessment of mercury levels in fishes from the Macal, Mopan, Belize, Rio Grande, and New rivers. The following advisory is being issued to guide the public on the safe amounts of fish that can be eaten to avoid ill effects of potential mercury exposure.

Credentials presented to the Governor General of Belize
eptember 18th, two ambassadors and a high commissioner presented their credentials to the Governor General H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in Belmopan. H.E. Mr. Yang Hyung II, Ambassador of the Republic of South Korea; H.E. Mr. Cosmas Cheppy Tripraksoso Wartono, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia; and H.E. Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula, SC, High Commissioner of the Republic of Zambia to Belize; all presented their letters of credence to the Governor General.

Belizean teacher participates in prestigious global education exchange program
A Belizean teacher has been chosen to participate in a prestigious global education program in the United States of America (USA). He is 29-year-old Alex Cruz of the southern Stann Creek District, who through the teacher exchange program ‘Participate Learning,’ will be teaching at the Rocky River Elementary School in Cabarrus County, Concord, North Carolina for the upcoming academic year. The exchange program recruits teachers from Latin America to teach in the USA for a period of three to five years.

Representatives from the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce and the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Hold Preliminary Dialogue towards a Partial Scope Agreement
Hon. Tracy Taegar-Panton, Minister with responsibility to Investment, Trade and Commerce and officials of the Ministry welcomed and hosted a meeting with trade representatives from the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) on September 18, 2019. The purpose of the meeting, led by the CEO of the Ministry, Mr. Duane Belisle, and the Director General for Foreign Trade, Mr. Andy Sutherland, was to chart the path towards commencing negotiations of a possible Partial Scope Agreement (PSA) between the two countries.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Childrens Parade
Don't miss the Caye Caulker Childrens Parade. Come cheer our island students as they parade and #celebrate Belize Independence. And you really don't want to miss Ocean Academy HS Drum Corps and Majorettes. Friday morning @ 9:00.

US law enforcement agencies seek fugitive
US law enforcement officials were at former senator Juliet Thimbriel’s apartment to pick up Lad Duane Ottofy, 60, of Owensboro, Kentucky. Ottofy fled the United States after he was indicted on multiple counts of sexual abuse of minors. Ottofy will be held for 48 hours before he will be handed over to US authorities.

Police Dept. Will Charge Nelson Espinosa for murder
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams in a Facebook post says "Since the discovery of Ms. Choc body over the weekend, the Police have been busy trying to find those who are responsible for her untimely departure from this life. The investigation is being pursued from various angles and a number of persons have been detained by the police from whom some useful information was obtained. This coupled with the determination of our investigators led us to the detention of the main suspect in this matter, the recovery of a motorcycle that took the suspected murderer to the area from where Ms. Choc was taken and the vehicle in which she was subsequently taken in. The evidence collected so far clearly shows that the suspect intentionally and unlawfully caused the death of Adamir Choc by unlawful harm. We are therefore in the process of preparing a charge of Murder against Nelson Espinoza a 22 year old, in respect of the death of Ms. Choc.

At the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sports Complex, tomorrow, Friday, September 20th, 2019!

Cricket gears donated to Ladyville Technical High School
On Wednesday, September 18, 2019, the High Commissioner of New Zealand H.E. Mr. Anton Ojala made a donation of cricket gears to the Governor General H.E. Sir Colville Young. The gears will be given to Ladyville Technical High School.

Representatives from the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce and the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Hold Preliminary Dialogue towards a Partial Scope Agreement
These objectives are aimed at creating and increasing trade and investment opportunities between the countries based on a fair, predictable, transparent and long-term legal framework, with a built-in provision for future expansion in the scope of coverage. The first round of negotiations is scheduled to take place at the end of October 2019 and both countries anticipate concluding a negotiated agreement within a four-month period.

Clean up campaign along the Miami Beach!
Grey House (CJC) teaming up with Mr Ryan Rivera (Oceana) for National Service Day! Let's make Corozal Town the cleanest town in Belize!

First Maya Intercultural festival in Chetumal Quintana Roo

FSTV September Celebrations
The BTB booth at the Fort Street Tourism Village gave visitors a quick orientation on how Belize celebrates its Independence Day today!

First Maya Intercultural Festival
Our Belizean Yucatec Maya community being represented by To'one Masehualo'on in the First Maya Intercultural festival in Chetumal Quintana Roo(Mex). To'one Masehualo'on have been one of the most hard working groups when it comes to the preservation of our Maya culture and identity. Yuum Bo'otik To'one Masehualo'on .

The Official Line Up and Route for Belize's 38th Independence Jump Up Parade in San Pedro
We start at Boca del Rio and End at Boca del Rio Beach with an After Party with music by DJ Debbie and DJ Odyssey as well as games, drinks and food. And for the first time ever, we will have DAYLIGHT FIREWORKS! As well as the Flying Piñata!

The Misuse of Drugs (Industrial Hemp) Regulations, 2019, establishes the rules to govern the manufacturing and processing of hemp products, as well as the cultivation of industrial hemp, which the rules mandates can have a maximum tetrahydrocannabinol content of 1%. Hemp products, though not listed explicitly in the regulations, can cover a wide range of commodities ranging from food products, medicine, construction materials, hemp oil, personal care products and more. Recent estimates have placed the global hemp industry at just below USD $5 billion in 2019, with growth projects placing that figure palpably above USD $10 billion in 2026.

Update on the Remediation of the New River
ince the installation of the first aerator at Maracas Bar and Grill on September 9, 2019, the Department of the Environment (DOE) has been monitoring water quality and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) levels of the New River, twice daily (morning & afternoon). The DOE has noted some improvements in water quality and a decrease in H2S levels. On Wednesday, September 18, 2019, personnel from the Belize Natural Energy Limited and the DOE conducted routine maintenance and testing of the H2S sensor situated beside La Inmaculada R.C. School and Maracas Bar and Grill. As part of the testing, the alarm was turned on to check for functionality. At no time did the H2S alarm go off because of high levels of H2S in the area.

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and U.S. Embassy Belize facilitated a training on covert sources of information in money laundering investigations on September 18, 2019. The training, conducted by the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Technical Assistance, was aimed to enhance awareness of Belize’s criminal laws on preventing money laundering and the use of covert sources in money laundering investigations. 24 participants representing the Belize Police Department, Customs & Excise Department, Belize Tax Services, FIU, Immigration & Nationality Services, and International Financial Services Commission shared case studies, learned key concepts in utilizing covert sources of information, and engaged in practical exercises that address real life scenarios.

Caye Caulker Village Council update
Today was a very successful service day for the Caye Caulker Village Council. The new cemetery was nicely cleaned by the councilors, the task force, the Stingrayz and the volunteers that showed up. Thank you for coming out to assist us. The Caulker Caulker Village Council was successful in getting the fogger on the north side to fumigate. We thank our staff and J.C. Constructions for making this endeavor successful. Working together for the community!

Carnival Corozal
Friday, September 20th. Line up starting in front of Gush & Emy on 7th Avenue - Floats - Marching Bands - Carnival Groups. Independence Day eve September, 20th - Ceremony and Party at Central Park starting at 8:00 p.m. Jouvert - Paint - Powder - Water September, 21st morning 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. at Corozal Central Park. Independence Day Beach Party - from 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight at Miami Beach.

Kelsey Kate Orozco missing
Please help us find Kelsey she's only 15 years old.

Galen University Hosts Scholarship Ceremony
The Annual Galen University Scholarship Ceremony was held on September 13th, 2019 at Galen’s Central Farm Campus and celebrated the awarding of scholarships to 65 deserving students. Each year this event gives a wonderful opportunity to recognize the success of our existing scholarship students continuing their educational journey as Galen Eagles, and to welcome new scholars into our Athletic, Academic and Professional scholarship programs. Galen University’s scholarship program awards students between 40% to 100% of tuition cost covering up to 4 years to complete their Bachelor’s degr

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Toy Store 4, Child's Play, Annabelle, Spiderman: Far From Home. Playing Spider-man Far From Home at 7pm for all of those who requested last weekend. **Please Note: We are closed on Saturday Night.**

Channel 7

Adamir's Alleged Killer Charged
Last night we told you that there had been a confession in the Adamir Choc murder case. Today 22 year old Nelson Espinoza was arraigned for her murder.  19 year old Choc disappeared on the 10th of September but her body was only found days later on the 14th. And 5 days later, police have their killer. We saw him today in Belmopan - and the car and motorbike that factored into her death.  Here's the story:   This is the car that police believe took Adamir Choc to her death on the morning of September 10th. The motorbike is also a key piece of evidence - the alleged killer is believed to have arrived at the club own the motorbike.

Grandmother Killed In Cayo
And while the worry in Belmopan has been about teenagers being killed, last night in Cayo, a grandmother was killed.   It happened at around 8:30 last night when police were called back to the home of the Galindo Brothers, which they had left just five minutes earlier.    It's on Perez Street in Santa Elena - an area that has known violence recently - and last night, it looked like retaliation.   The gunman's initial targets ran for cover - and the gunman then turned his weapon on a mother and her grandchildren inside the house. Cherisse Halsall has the story:

An American Pedophile in Ladyville
This morning in Ladyville, police picked up a fugitive pedophile from the US state of Kentucky.60 year old Lad Duane Ottofy, came to Belize in January, and had been living under the radar in an apartment - directly in front of the village police station.   But, he was on the run from four counts of first-degree sexual abuse, one count of first-degree sexual abuse on a victim under age 12, one count of second-degree rape and one count of second-degree sodomy. And all the crimes were allegedly committed against minors between November 2017 and December 2018.

PM On The Politics Of Joshua Perdomo
Turning now to politics for a month now, Prime Minister Barrow and his government has been roundly criticized for the $40-thousand dollar Cabinet and House approved debt write-off for Joshua Perdomo, son of Cabinet Secretary Carlos Perdomo. As we told you, he was a former Ministry of National Security employee, who went on study leave, but never came back. The problem is that Perdomo skipped out on his obligation to return and his honor repayment terms.  And now, Government says, the debt has been statute barred - and Government cannot ever recover it.  Government says it tried to get him to honor his agreement, but was unable to do so, even though his father, as Cabinet Secretary, answers directly to the Prime Minister as the head of Cabinet. 

PM Vex With US For Roughing Up Senior Tax Man Verde
We also asked the Prime Minister to comment on the arrest of Reynaldo Verde, the Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Service Department.  As has been widely reported, the FBI has charged him with attempted extortion and interference with commerce by means of extortion. They picked him up twelve days ago while he was transiting through the US. He was returning from an official trip to Brussels, where he attended an international tax conference. As the minister of finance, the PM is his boss, and when the subject was brought up today, Barrow expressed great dissatisfaction with the way the US authorities handled Verde's initial detention. He said that they refused to allow officials from the Belize Embassy in the US the state level courtesy to look after one of their own citizens. Here's how he explained what happened:

Que Viva Vega?
And switching gears briefly to politics, We asked the Prime Minister if his former Deputy PM, Gaspar Vega, is attempting to make a comeback in Orange Walk North. As we told you, news has emerged of Vega's renewed interest in UDP politics, and the Prime Minister told us today that at this time, he's only offered to give limited support. Here's that conversation: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "I don't know that is so, certainly as you all reported on, the last Sunday of the village council elections, Gaspar certainly came out to help in Orange Walk North. I think we had the biggest villages on that Sunday, Trail Farm, San Jose, San Pablo..."

Shoplifter Pleads Guilty
Last night we showed you the dramatic chase - down of a Benny's shoplifter.  He is 56 year old Bert Keith Sylvester.  And, after three nights in lockdown, he wasted no time and pleaded guilty to stealing a bag of 100 hag saw blades valued at $254.00.   And for his candor - he escaped jail time. Magistrate Palmer imposed a non-custodial sentence of a fine of $500 plus a $5.00 cost of court fine of which he is to pay by December 1, 2019, in default, 5 months' imprisonment.

Price, In Perpetuity
National Hero George Price died 8 years ago today - and, as has become tradition, the party he founded held a wreath laying ceremony today at his grave in the Lord Ridge Cemetery.  Former Prime Minister Said Musa, who served under Price in the 80's and 90's - and then succeeded him - praised his mentor's well known humility: And while Price was praised for his work as national leader, what is less spoken about is his tenure as party leader.  He led the PUP from 1956 to 1996 - an incredible 40 year run.

Briceno, The Bounce Back
We also asked Briceno about his recovery after what could have been a fatal accident on August second.  Sporting a new post-crash hairstyle - forced by a massive gash to the head - he said he is living in the aftermath of a miracle:

Briceno Walks Diplomatic Tightrope Between Taipei and Beijing
And while Briceno was dealing with his accident - during that same week - his area representative for Caribbean Shores, Kareem Musa was in mainland China rubbing shoulders with apparatchiks of China's Zhi Gong Party. That sent all kinds of geopolitical signals - and raised the questions of whether the PUP - if elected - would consider a switch in alliances between Taiwan and China - as others in the region have done.

Partial State of Emergency Declared To Combat Drought
Over the last few months, we've been following the massive negative impact that the ongoing drought has been having on the country. We took you to the Orange Walk District where corn farmers lost millions of dollars because the crop did not mature.
And, as you've been seeing, the New River in the Orange Walk District is stagnant and suffocating.  Up to about 2 weeks ago, the pollution in the river was the worst that residents have ever seen it in their lifetimes.  The pollution was caused by wastewater from multiple sources, which then poisoned the water column. The condition of the river was compounded by the drought, since no rainwater was available to keep it flowing. 

Agricultural Losses To Drought Substantial
So, after the Prime Minister presented that broad overview of the impacts of the drought, Agriculture Minister Godwin Hulse was up next.  He provided extensive details of their assessment of each of the crops that were negatively impacted, and in which parts of the country. His ministry was able to do this based on its registration of the majority of the nation's farmers. It is called the Belize Agriculture Information Management System, and it was a timely tool to address this crisis.  Currently, the Ministry system indicates that there are over 418,000 acres of land under cultivation, comprising 8,274 farms countrywide.

Finding Credit Relief For Farmers
So, after the Government officials were given this very detailed picture, the Prime Minister, the Agriculture Minister, and the Governor of the Central Bank started to come up with a plan of action to alleviate the financial pain that the farmers are facing. They've gotten the support of all the local financial institutions to give those impacted by the drought a little relief from their loan payments, given that they are facing these 10s of millions of dollars in losses. Here's what the Central Bank Governor, the Representative for domestic banks, and the Development Finance Corporation have decided to implement so that the farmers can get a little ease:

Coming Up With A Climate Resilient Solution
The Prime Minister also made it clear that he and his government will be lobbying international financial institutions to access outside funding to aid the farmers in this time of great need. He also discussed a proposal that the World Bank has made to help the farmers become more climate-resilient so that their investments can perform better, in even these harshest of weather conditions: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "Almost by coincidence, I had a meeting with Miss Tahseen Sayed, who's the World Bank country director for the Caribbean. She made the point that their next areas of intervention..."

Leader Of Opp. Wants Trickle Down For Farmers
p>And while the Prime Minister was outlining all those measures at the Radisson, the Leader of the Opposition was at the Lord Ridge Cemetery, as you just saw, laying a wreath for George Price. He hadn't heard yet of the relief measures, but he said he hopes they trickle down to all levels:

Another Man Missing On San Pedro
A 32 year old man from San Pedro has been missing for 10 days. Marvin Mendoza was last seen at his job site on September 9th.  Since then, his brother has made been steadily looking for him, but with no results. Today police gave at least one clue as to his whereabouts:

UWI Global Gifts For Students
13 UWI students received scholarships today to continue their studies. It is part of what is called the Global Giving Scholarship Bursaries. We dropped by the ceremony this morning to find out how meaningful this financial help will be to the students: Sharmayne Saunders - Acting Head, UWI: "So 3 years ago we started the Global Giving Scholarship Bursary Award and basically a lot of the funds come from philanthropic donations and also fundraising that the university puts off..."

New River Recovering, Slowly
The Department of Environment is reporting tonight that they continue to diligently monitor the conditions of the New River. They want to ensure that its current polluted state does not pose not any public health threat to the residents of the Orange Walk District.
They say that they have been conducting tests twice daily to keep track of the water quality and the noxious hydrogen sulfide levels in the river. And, they've noted some slight improvements since the installation of the first mechanical aerator 10 days ago at Maracas Bar and Grill.

AIBL Settlement Soon To Be Finalized
Turning back to our conversation with Prime Minister Dean Barrow, he announced today that the settlement between Atlantic International Bank and Federal Trade Commission could be finalized as early as next week. As viewers are aware, the Sanctuary Belize Land Fraud fiasco started playing out last year when the investment scheme became the subject of a lawsuit by the FTC. That US regulatory body called it the biggest foreign land scam it has ever investigated. And even though it involved US developers selling land in US dollars to US Citizens, Belize's financial sector took some of the hit.

The Future Gas
The media also asked the Prime Minister to discuss the approval that his Government has given for a new state assisted monopoly which will supply Belizeans butane for the next 15 years. As we told you last month, the Barrow Administration has passed the National Liquified Petroleum Gas Project law.  This new legislation proposes a model for a public-private partnership, where the state will protect a monopoly on the supply of LPG, or butane as it is better known in Belize. A new entity called National Gas Company will take over the responsibility to supply the entire country with Butane, and it unseats the current suppliers.

PUP's Put In Work Today
Earlier you saw the wreath laying for George Price - which was a family function for his relatives, and a party function for the PUP. But, at the state level, it's National Service Day and as part of the activities, PUP area rep Kareem Musa held a luncheon for the sanitation workers at the Lopez Mateos Park in King's Park. It was also a celebration of the newly painted mural in the park. We also met PUP Standard Bearer for Mesopotamia Dr. Candice Pitts and her volunteer painters from Maud Williams. Here is more about the importance of these two initiatives:

Soca Sweetness Coming!
The 6th Annual Soca and Culture Fest is tomorrow night at the Marion Jones Stadium and just like previous years, the line up is dynamite. The Soca crew including Kes The Band, King Bubba, Konshens and Kevin Lyttle arrived in Belize today. Mr. 'Famaly' himself, Skinny Fabulous arrives until tomorrow. But all the artists are ready for the big show. We met them at the Princess this afternoon in their element. And just a heads up, the videos featured in the story may be too much gyrating for the kids, so, Parental discretion is advised:
The concert begins at 9:00 tomorrow night. Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow and his team brought in the artists for the concert.

Channel 5

Emergency Assistance to Farmers Impacted by Drought
At a very lengthy press conference that went through the lunch hour today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that a state of emergency is to be declared in parts of [...]

Opposition Leader Comments on G.O.B.’s Plan to Assist Farmers
While this is not the first occasion that drought has affected the agricultural sector, it is certainly the worse. The government’s plan to work with Central Bank and local banks [...]

Mother of 6 is Gunned Down Inside Her House in Santa Elena
There is heightened tension in San Elena, Cayo tonight where a mother of six was killed on Wednesday night. Mirna Young was with her family at home when she was [...]

Harmonyville Resident Nelson Espinosa is Arraigned for the Murder of Adamir Choc
The mother of Adamir Choc arrived in front of the courtroom in Belmopan today minutes after the murder suspect was taken away in the pan of a police pickup truck. [...]

Still No Arrests in Belmopan Double Murder
Investigation continues in the Belmopan double murder of minors Gruver Delgado and Herman Valladarez. The two cousins were gunned down after delivering freshly made tortillas. While several persons of interests [...]

U.S. Fugitive Captured in Belize
A U.S. national indicted on sex charges and wanted in Kentucky was detained in Belize this morning. The Special Branch Unit zoomed in on sixty-year-old Ladd Duane Ottofy who was [...]

A Settlement between A.I.B.L. and F.T.C. is Imminent
The winding down and liquidation of Atlantic International Bank Limited is nearing completion as a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission is imminent.  This succeeds the Sanctuary Bay real estate [...]

Are European Depositors Prevented From Collecting Choice Bank Monies?
There are reports of concerns raised by former customers of Choice Bank Limited who live in Europe.  There are claims that those depositors, notwithstanding the liquidation of the bank assets, [...]

PM Castigates U.S. Authorities for Denying Reynaldo Verde Visitation
Deputy Tax Service Director Reynaldo Verde remains in federal custody at a detention facility in Warsaw, Virginia, pending extradition to the Southern District of Florida where he will stand trial [...]

“I find it deplorable” – PM Barrow on the Action of U.S. Authorities
Not only were embassy officials denied access to Verde, they were also kept in dark about the reason for his detention.  It wasn’t until several days later that they were [...]

PM Finally Weighs In On Joshua Perdomo Debt Amnesty
The forty-thousand dollar debt write-off for Joshua Perdomo, son of Cabinet Secretary Carlos Perdomo, was finally addressed by PM Barrow this afternoon, several weeks after the cabinet-approved motion was brought [...]

Prime Minister Says No Apologies on Supporting the LPG Deal
The National Gas Company continues to be a subject of criticism. Three of the major butane suppliers, Southern Choice Butane Limited, Gas Tomza and Belize Western Energy Limited are speaking [...]

Who Will Represent Belize at the Hague?
On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington gave a brief update on developments in respect of Belize proceeding to the International Court of Justice to resolve the territorial dispute with Guatemala.  [...]

Fisherman, Guilty of Theft
Tonight, fifty-six-year old Bert Keith Sylvester, a fisherman, has been fined for theft. Sylvester is the man captured on footage soon after he committed a broad daylight theft at Benny’s Home [...]

Phase One of Contingency Plan Activated at La Inmaculada
The Management of La Inmaculada School in Orange Walk Town has moved into gear to activate phase one of their contingency plan to ensure the health of the school population [...]

The P.U.P.’s Position on Taiwan
A trip to mainland china by P.U.P. Caribbean Shores Area Representative Kareem Musa, Belize City Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold, and Councilor Michael “Chips” Noralez in August stirred controversy. Musa told [...]

PM Says Nothing Official on Gapi’s Candidacy
There is still no confirmation regarding Gaspar Vega’s candidacy in Orange Walk North, despite his intention to rouse political activity in that constituency leading up to the November 2020 General [...]

Belize City Resident Critically Injured in Drive-by Shooting
Thirty-one year-old Joseph Rowland remains in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital following a drive-by shooting on Tuesday night. Rowland was in front of his house on [...]

Where is Marvin Mendoza? His Brother is Looking for Him
Where is Marvin Mendoza? The Honduran national has been living on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye with his brother for some time now working in construction. But on September seventh, he [...]

Permit Issued for a Peaceful Protest in Belmopan
A permit has been issued to a group of concerned Belizeans, who will assemble at the steps of the National Assembly building, to express their discontent this Friday. One of [...]

National Day of Service in Memory of the Father of the Nation
Activities were held across the country today to mark National Service Day. At the Lord Ridge Cemetery, the People’s United Party held a wreath laying ceremony to honour the Father [...]

Opposition Leader Recovers After Road Traffic Accident
P.U.P. Leader John Briceño is back to full capacity after being involved in a road traffic accident in early August.  Briceño was in the passenger seat of his Toyota Prado [...]

Healthy Living: New Support Group to Help with Dementia
The twenty-first of September is Independence Day for Belize, but in the rest of the world, it will be commemorated as World Alzheimer’s Day. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common [...]

The Reporter

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has confirmed that one man, Nelson Espinoza, 22, will be charged for the murder of Adamir Choc, 19. In a Facebook post minutes ago, Williams stated, “The evidence collected so far clearly shows that the suspect intentionally and unlawfully caused the death of Adamir Choc ...

U.S Feds & Belize Police Descend On Apartment Complex In Ladyville
The Reporter has been able to confirm that there are currently local Police and what appear to be US law enforcement personnel at an apartment complex in Ladyville owned by former UDP Senator Juliet Thimbriel...

New River Stench Still Causes Closure Of Near-By School
La Inmaculada RC School in Orange Walk Town has implemented what it refers to as Phase 1 of school attendance in the upcoming days. We are told that this is a result of the smell coming off the New River...

Santa Elena Shooting Claims The Life Of 58yr. Old Woman
The Reporter has confirmed that the woman shot in Santa Elena last night (September 18th. ) has died. According to reports, around 8:30pm two men on a motorcycle arrived at a home on Perez Street ...


Father of the Nation’s legacy lives on
National Hero and Father of the Nation George Cadle Price was remembered today with a wreath laying ceremony as the nation observed National Service Day. Price led the country to Independence on 21 September 1981 and served as the Prime Minister of Belize from 1981 to 1984, and 1989 to 1993. At the ceremony, the …

La Inmaculada RC School enters Phase 1 of their emergency plan
La Inmaculada RC School has entered phase one of their plan due to heavy rains causing a strong odor to rise from the New River. The school has now adjusted their schedule of classes to begin early and end early for students not to be exposed to the odor coming from the river. The decision …

Double shooting leaves one woman dead and one man injured
An innocent mother of six lost her life last night when she was callously gunned down in her own home in Santa Elena Town Cayo. 58 year old Mirna Young was not the intended target however and the gunman also injured another man who was inside her yard. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvette told …

US Fugitive arrested in Belize
60-year-old, Lad Dwayn Ottofy of Kentucky, USA, was detained this morning by Belize’s Special Branch. Ottofy is an American citizen wanted by the US authorities for the crimes of sodomy, rape and sexual abuse. Ottofy had been hiding out in Belize after fleeing the United States. Authorities caught up with him and at around nine …

22-year-old Nelson Espinosa arraigned for the murder of Adamir Choc
While the Young/Galindo family grieves their loss, the Choc family is one step closer to receiving justice for the murder of 19-year-old Adamir Choc. 22-year-old Nelson Espinosa has been arrested, charged, and was arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court earlier today. No plea was taken from him, as the case is a matter for the …

DOE reports improvement in the New River
The Department of Environment is now progressing into their next stage to heal the New River. The river has been in a terrible state releasing a strong stench and the water quality has been poor. This raised concerns for health officials and residents who use and live near the river. The DOE has since then, …

Sylvester was spared jail time for theft
56-year-old Bert Keith Sylvester, was fined five hundred dollars plus five dollars cost of court for stealing a bag of 100 hack saw blade belonging to Benny’s Home Center. This morning Sylvester was unrepresented when he appeared before Magistrate, Khadeen Palmer, where he pleaded guilty to the charge. Allegations are that on Monday, September …

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Police: No update in Belmopan double murder, killers at large
It has been five days since Belmopan, Cayo recorded the double murder of Herman Valladares, […]

Food prices expected to increase as drought impacts Belize’s food security
Much has been said about the effect of the current drought and its effect on […]

Financial Intelligence Unit partners with US Embassy to conduct anti money laundering training
The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the U.S. Embassy in Belize facilitated a training on […]

Brother worries about missing brother
Honduran national, Neri Mendoza is worried about the sudden disappearance of his brother, Marvin Mendoza. […]

Police: Mother, 58, shot and killed at point blank range
Sometime around 8:30 last night, San Ignacio police visited Perez Road in Santa Elena Town. […]

National Service Day celebrated
National Service Day is commemorated today in Belize. The day is set aside to honor […]

Town Council organizes Peace March
The San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council is hosting a Peace March and candlelight […]

American national wanted for sex charges in the US is detained in Belize
Belizean authorities today conducted a search at an apartment complex in Ladyville and arrested US […]

Partial state of emergency to be declared in Belize due to extended drought
A short while ago the Government of Belize (GOB) announced that there will be a […]

Father of the Nation commemorated
Today marks the 8th year since the death of the Nation’s Father, the Right Honorable […]

Belize 38 Years since Independence but the People and Nation still remain Dependent
By Wellington C. Ramos. Our country of Belize received its independence from Great Britain on September the 21st 1981. […]

Wanted American National detained in Belize
Belizean authorities today conducted a search at an apartment complex in Ladyville and arrested US […]

Increased security presence near Santa Elena Primary
Authorities have increased security presence near the Santa Elena Primary School as a result of […]

Air Canada increasing the number of flights to Belize
Starting December 13, Air Canada will be increasing the number of direct seasonal flights to […]

Local law enforcement agencies seek fugitive
Reports to BBN’s news desk are that members of Belize’s Special Branch and Quick Response […]

Minister of National Security weighs in on arrest in Adamir Choc murder case
Today, the Minister of National Security commended the Belize Police Department for making an arrest […]

“Double Independence Day holiday is bad for business,” says Belize Peace Movement
The Belize Peace Movement (BPM) is calling on the Government if Belize to reconsider the […]

COMPOL: Nelson Espinoza to be charged for murder of Mia Choc
This morning, the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams informed the nation via his Facebook page that […]


Belize Medical Associates: New Options On Ambergris Caye & Reflections on Expat Amnesia
Early this week, I visited the new Belize Medical Associates branch that opened just recently on Ambergris Caye. They hosted an Inauguration Party a few weeks back but unfortunately, I was in the States – so I took this opportunity for a private tour of this VERY impressive new building. Situated on the Grand Caribe Campus aka Caribeville about 1.5 miles north of town, the building for the new clinic is huge and very solid. A lovely receptionist at the front desk, a large cool waiting room and a serious list of visiting doctors.

Top Islands in Belize
Belize has over 200 islands and choosing one to visit may be difficult but we are making it easier with our top picks! Tobacco Caye, located ten miles East of Dangriga, is a small Belizean-style vacation property with six private beach cabanas. Half Moon Caye is an island and natural monument of Belize located at the South East corner of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Another choice is Goff’s Caye, a small island off the shore of Belize City in the central region of the Belize Barrier Reef. Certainly, we couldn’t miss this famous island. Also known as “La Isla Bonita”, Ambergris Caye is the largest island of Belize. Caye Caulker: Roughly five miles long, the focal point of this destination is the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

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Birds Are Vanishing From North America
The skies are emptying out. The number of birds in the United States and Canada has fallen by 29 percent since 1970, scientists reported on Thursday. There are 2.9 billion fewer birds taking wing now than there were 50 years ago. The analysis, published in the journal Science, is the most exhaustive and ambitious attempt yet to learn what is happening to avian populations. The results have shocked researchers and conservation organizations.

Owensboro man reportedly arrested in Belize by police
An Owensboro man released on bail in a child sexual abuse case was apprehended in Central America on Thursday, according to a Belize TV station. Lad Duane Ottofy, 60, of Owensboro, was detained in Belize after a special branch of the Belize Police Department searched an apartment, News 5 Live reported. The apartment in which he was found belongs to Belize senator Juliet Thimbriel, Breaking Belize News reported. NBZ Live, another Belize TV outlet, reported Ottofy will be held in the country for 48 hours before being handed over to U.S. authorities.

Hundreds of Marines Are Headed to Central, South America as Amphib Changes Homeports
About 200 Marines and sailors will train with partners in Central and South America as the amphibious assault ship Wasp makes its way to its new homeport in Virginia. Members of the California-based 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit will spend October in the U.S. Southern Command area of operations, forming Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Wasp as the amphib makes its way from Japan to the East Coast. Every year during hurricane season, the Marine Corps also sends a land-based special-purpose unit to Central America. Those Marines train with partners in Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador, and remain on standby to assist if a natural disaster strikes.


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