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The San Pedro Sun

Several displaced and one dead following fire in Caye Caulker Village
Authorities from the National Fire Service continue investigating a fire in Caye Caulker Village that destroyed a two-storey commercial building (golf cart rental and apartments) on Avenida Langosta. The fire reportedly started after midnight, a bucket brigade was formed to assist the local fire department, but despite such efforts the building could not be saved. As a result, about 15 persons have been displaced. The fire also damaged two other buildings near the blaze. On Saturday, September 21st, the lifeless body of Elmer Chuc from the Corozal District was discovered within the rubble. Information is that the deceased used to work at the golf cart rental and used to live in the building. According to initial investigation he was trapped inside and could not get out.

Various Belizean Sources


Prime Minister Promises Laptops for Teachers and Students
During his speech on the 21st of September, PM Barrow outlined an education program to be sponsored by the Government owned phone company Telemedia. Free laptops and labs for every student and and subsidies given to students at all Government Schools. PM Barrow said "the partnership in education that we have struck with the nationally owned BTL. Known as the DigiLearn Project, this joint venture between GOB and BTL will see the introduction of a cloud platform and service that facilitates digital teaching and online learning. Already a pilot project has been completed involving nine high schools. Over 360 students participated and each of the schools has endorsed DigiLearn for their institution. Accordingly, DigiLearn will now be rolled out to 43 secondary schools starting this month.

BEL to start electric fleet and replace CFE energy with 40 MWs of local solar power
During his Independence Day Speech the Prime Minister Dean Barrow said that a major portion of electricity from Mexico will be replaced with locally produced solar power. PM Barrow said "Up to three years ago our main sourcing of energy from CFE in Mexico was going great guns. Prices were cheap and supply plentiful. But as of 2018 things changed drastically. From between 8 and 10 cents per KWh, the cost jumped to 14 US cents per KWh. Besides, the supply amount was also curtailed. Thus, we can’t move speedily enough to do something about the situation. Accordingly, our majority owned BEL is now finalizing plans to replace a big portion of CFE energy with 40 MWs of local solar-powered energy.

The Prime Minister offered 200 new police recruits and cameras, and continuance of the third phase of the South Side Alleviation Program. However, no mention made of a DNA Laboratory and experts that previous governments have promised while the murder conviction rate stands at 3 percent. During his Independence Day Speech, PM Barrow said "The indescribable charm of our particular Central American/Caribbean sweet spot, comes at a cost. Our very location makes us a target for those that use us as a transit route for sundry illegalities from various proximate countries to the magnet market of the United Sates. That flow includes persons. And as the door is slammed shut on the Northern Triangle migrants fleeing their countries but now prevented from reaching the US, Belize becomes an alternative escape destination.

Transcript of the Independence Day Address by the Rt. Honorable Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize

Corozal Uniform Parade 21, 2019
On September 21st, 2019 Corozal held their uniform parade.

Independence Day Celebrations
in Belize City

Belize Soca & Culture Festival

The Reporter

The Belize Police Department is mourning the loss of one of its own after a road traffic accident in Seine Bight early this morning. PC#93 Clifford Castillo, Officer in Charge of the Maya Beach Precinct on the Placencia Peninsula. Castillo died this afternoon at the KHMH, where he had been airlifted after preliminary treatment at the Southern Regional Hospital.

Today, as is customary every 21st day of September, representatives at every level of government and Opposition, members of the diplomatic corps, clergy and judiciary, invited guests and observers gathered at the foot of the National Assembly for the official ceremonies marking Independence Day.

The Next Level Of Security
By: Neri O. Briceño. Firstly, I want to commend Commissioner of Police Chester Williams and all the brave personnel who took part in the recent drug operation. Putting one’s life at risk for country is probably one of the greatest sacrifices that one can make.

Hello Darkness – My Old Friend
By: Mike Rudon Jr. In what seemed literally to be two seconds, the blink of an eye, my ex-wife went from sending all God’s blessings my way to calling me a monster and other vile things. In that same time, the relationship I had so carefully rebuilt with my kids wobbled. My circle of support, to which I held so tightly, got perceptibly smaller.

It Took Less Than 38 Years
By: Major Lloyd Jones, Ret’d. On Saturday Belize will “celebrate” the 38th anniversary of its independence. We will hear wonderful speeches from our politicians telling us how proud we should be to have reached this milestone and reminding us to be grateful that we live in such a “democracy.”

Editorial – Friday September 20th. 2019
Independence means nothing if it cannot improve the lives of the people along with their standard of living. The better life is measured in terms of income, jobs, productivity and stability. If the business sector of Belize only wants to buy and sell, that is economic activity, but it not productivity, and it cannot bring about prosperity for the nation, but only for the merchant community which profits from buy & sell.

On Thursday, Nelson Espinoza was arraigned on one count of murder for the death of San Martin teen Adamir ‘Mia’ Choc, 19. And almost before the bars on his cell at the Kolbe Correctional Facility closed behind him, his lawyer, Hurl Hamilton, had tried the case on national television, claiming that Police beat a confession out of Espinoza.

PM Blasts US Over Verde’s Arrest
Prime Minister Dean Barrow, at a press event on Thursday, was asked for an update on Reynaldo Verde, the Deputy Director of General Services in the Belize Tax Services Department who was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States two weeks ago, but with none to give, he unloaded a tirade against the US government for its handling of the case.


PC#93 Clifford Castillo, who was invovled in the accident this morning, has passed away. He was airlifted to the KHMH a few hours ago but succumbed to his injuries. Reports are that his motorcycle lost control after it received a flat tire and crashed into a post.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Jewel Fury secure first international victory in Central American Women’s Club Tournament
A pair of 7-0 losses eliminated national women’s champions Jewel Fury of Belmopan, but they finished their second appearance in the UNCAF Women’s Interclub Competition on a high note on Thursday by defeating Marathon of Honduras 4-2.

Leader of the Opposition’s Independence Day Speech
On this our 38th anniversary of Independence, we salute those nationalists who believed that we were ready for nationhood. We honour those men and women who never faltered, who were never afraid and who were firm in their conviction that we Belizeans should determine the future of our country. No hurdle was too high; no obstacle insurmountable.

Belize “still a good country”, says PM Barrow
Belizeans are still living in a good country, insists Prime Minister Dean Barrow, despite our many tests in recent months. The potentially destabilizing divisions caused by the ICJ campaign resulted in a May vote accepted by most if not all.

Verdes issues statement in defense of player arrested for murder investigation
Today, Verdes FC football club issued a statement in defense of one of their players who has been detained for a murder investigation that happened in Santa Elena, Cayo. Verdes says that Wendel Trapp is a player of their team and that at the time of the incident on Wednesday, September 18 around 8:30 pm, Trapp was at the FFB football stadium in Belmopan playing a match ‘El Clasico’ versus the Belmopan Bandits.

One dead in Caye Caulker fire
Reports reaching our newsroom are that one person is dead after a fire that completely engulfed a structure and destroyed several buildings in Caye Caulker early this morning. The body of the person was removed from the scene by authorities a short while ago.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s Independence Day Speech
The following is a full copy of PM Barrow’s speech which he delivered this morning on the occasion of Belize’s 38th anniversary on Independence.

Opposition: Belizeans “weary from worry”
Though still optimistic, says Opposition leader John Briceno, Belizeans are weary from worrying about provision of the basics 38 years from Independence. He adds that while this is a day to celebrate our culture and people, too many are still without proper education, health, safety and other issues.

Belmopan Mayor and Deputy Prime Minister open Independence Day by citing unity in diversity
Under changeable skies in the national capital, Mayor of Belmopan Khalid Belisle and co-chair of the September Celebrations Commission Patrick Faber opened the ceremonies with a call of unity in diversity.

Belize celebrates 38th Independence anniversary
Belizeans at home and abroad are today celebrating the 38th anniversary of Belize’s Independence from Great Britain. This year, Belize celebrates under the theme, “From Maya Grandeur to Modern Glory, Together let’s Shape the Belizean Story.”

United States Department of State wishes Belize a Happy Independence Day
Today, the Secretary of State of the United States of America, Michael Pompeo issued a statement on behalf of the Government of the United States congratulating the people of Belize on the 38th anniversary of Independence.

September 21st is…
…Independence Day! (Just ask Lucio and the New Generation Band) Festivities are underway countrywide and officially started on Friday evening with the official flag raising ceremony at Memorial Park and across town, the Soca and Culture Fest headlined by Kes The Band and Konshens.

Caye Caulker burns on Independence Day
Sometime after midnight, a fire engulfed a structure in Caye Caulker. The blaze quickly spread to another apartment burning down a portion of it.

International Sourcesizz

Alta. ambulances, firetruck headed to Belize
Members of an Edmonton rotary club are preparing Friday night for an eight-hour road trip with five ambulances to Montana this weekend. Dr. Roman Bayrock and the Rotary Club of Edmonton Riverview are delivering the ambulances to Great Falls on Saturday. The ambulances—donated by AHS and serviced by a local Honda dealership—as well as a firetruck donated by the Calgary Fire Department, are being delivered to Corozal, Belize. "We have (automated external defibrillators), we have spinal recovery boards, we've got stretchers, wheelchairs, and just basic stuff that's not going to be problematic in transport," Bayrock added.

Space Archaeology: How long lost ancient Mayan cities discovered from space?
Over the years science, technology and space mission have helped the humankind to grow and develop the world. But can they help to dig deep inside to find lost ancient cities or archaeological miracle? Yes, they can. When archaeologists apply a space-based data to understand the modern landscape, to find out the lost river or archaeological sites, it means they are doing "space archaeology" or "satellite archaeology." It should be noted that this concept is not new, as the US space agency NASA began its "Space Archaeology" program in 2008. It should not be forgotten that space archaeology or the technology called remote-sensing helped the researchers to unearth the Maya site of Caracol in Belize, which dates back to over 1,000 years.


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  • The people united party area representative Mr. Andre Perez in Caye Caulker, 4min. Assisting to a meeting consulting with the Caye Caulker Disaster Response Team in support of the fire victims

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  • Corozal Carnival, 30min. Anybody who missed the Carnival on Friday September 20, 2019 in Corozal, here is a video. This video is a highlight that was held during the carnival on September 20th, 2019. The Carnival commenced at 3pm, and the different floats travelled around town on its route. The streets were filled with people to watch the parade. And, everyone was anxious to see the 2019 parade.

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