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The San Pedro Sun

Is Ecotourism Truly ‘Eco’ Friendly in Belize?
By Aidan Villanueva, Environmental Club, St. John's College Junior College. Ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education”. This type of tourism is a major contributor to Belize’s economy, attracting tourists from all over to appreciate and enjoy a piece of our paradise. Hearing the term ‘ecotourism’ automatically gives us the idea that it is environmentally friendly, but is that really the case? Let us look deeper into some of Belize’s ecotourism attractions to see if it deserves this valuable label.

Ambergris Today

Taiwan Embassy Says News Of 2000 Chinese Moving To Belize Is Fake
The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)in Belize hereby wishes to clarify that a press release, unauthorized but claimed to be issued under the Embassy’s name, now being circulated on social media with fabricated content concerning comments made by the Embassy and the government of Belize is purely FAKE! The Embassy condemns such a disinformation operation maliciously targeting the Embassy and our Belizean friends with purposeful intention to mislead the public to false understanding of certain aspects of Belize-Taiwan relations.

Ambergris Caye One Of The Top 5 Islands In Mexico, Central And South America
Every year Travel and Leisure put outs a World’s Best Awards survey, Travel + Leisure asks readers to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe — to share their opinions on the top cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and more. For the fourth year in a row, two islands in Belize made the list. Caye Caulker (No. 5) is a spit of limestone — measuring about five miles long and one mile wide. Scuba divers flock there to experience what’s called the Great Blue Hole. Ambergris Cay (No. 4), the country’s biggest island, is also popular for those seeking underwater adventure — as is Mexico’s Isla Mujeres (No. 3), which is surrounded by coral reefs.

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August 2019 Merchandise Trade & Consumer Price Index
For the month of August 2019, results from the Statistical Institute of Belize’s monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) survey showed that the All-items CPI stood at 104.6, a decrease of 0.7 percent from 105.4 in August 2018. This indicated that, on average, Belizean households experienced a decrease of 0.7 percent in the prices of regularly purchased goods and services during the month of August 2019 when compared to August 2018. Belize’s total imports for the month of August 2019 were valued at $169.5 million. This was a decrease of 1.7 percent or almost $3 million from imports for August 2018, which totaled $172.5 million.

Lots of great photos!

On Sunday, a second load of relief supplies was transported to Caye Caulker to assist families affected by an early morning fire on Independence Day. This was done via a Belize Coast Guard vessel which transported the supplies from San Pedro under supervision by Belize Rural South Coordinator Vanessa Parham. On Saturday, immediately after the fire, the first supplies had been flown in via BDF Defender Aircraft arranged by National Emergency Coordinator Colonel (Ret) Shelton Defour. That relief mission was led by NEMO Central Region Coordinator Al Westby who as assisted by NEMO Belmopan Assistant Coordinator Dalton Eiley. The BDF Defender Aircraft was flown by Major Adran Claude Ramírez.

Descendants from the Cruzo'ob Maya from Quintana Roo (Mex) and Belize together last week
The Cruzo'ob Maya was the name of the Yucatec Maya rebels who where fighting during the Caste war . The Yucatec Maya NGO To'one Masehualo'on from Corozal representing our Maya people of the north . At the end of the Caste war many Yucatec Maya freedom fighters settled in northern Belize . Pictures courtesy of Alfaro Yam Canul.

World Maritime Day 2019 Theme: Empowering Women in the Maritime Community Topic: Empowering Gender Equality in the Maritime Community 1. The topic “Empowering Gender Equality in the Maritime Community” is to be displayed and demonstrated in the artwork submitted. 2. The maritime poster competition is open to students in High Schools 3rd & 4th Form. 3. Students must be a Belize National. 4. Size of Poster: Standard Bristol Board and must be ordered in black marker. There is no limitation as to colours and materials that can be used...

2019 Light the Night For Kids
This event is designed to promote awareness and inclusion within the communities for children living with special needs throughout the country of Belize. It will be a fun-filled. family-oriented glow-in-the-dark festival for all ages. This year promises to be bigger and better as we plan on inviting more schools and corporate organizations to participate in this worthy cause. Funds raised from this event will go towards the continuation of services being offered at the center. Services currently include medical consultations, speech & vitalstim therapy, physical therapy, hearing screening, ponseti (club foot correction) and the services of a social worker.

CCVC needs buckets
CCVC is putting together a fire plan and need 40 buckets to keep in storage. If you would like to donate please comment below.

Mariano aka “Fox” Soberanis passes away
Gone too soon my good friend Mariano aka “Fox” Soberanis. Main the last time I saw you and we ran some jokes was in my office when you went in for your driver’s license. You and my brother were compadres but you were always around with my older brothers. We had our beers when we ran into each other and you always had that unique way of laughing. You would know when Fox around and some idle jokes is said, he had a way of laughing. You also had a talent for football and growing up we say you play with my brother Joe. Sleep on Fox, we only have fun and good memories!

Channel 7

Complaint Says Deputy Tax Director Asked Fro Half a Mil Bribe!
Belize's Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Service Department, Reynaldo Verde is in a Federal Holding Facility in Virginia awaiting a hearing in Florida. The 46 year old career public officer was intercepted in Washington DC on September 7th. He was passing through the USA on the way back from a tax conference in Brussels. So what did he do for the FBI to charge him for interference with commerce by means of extortion and attempted extortion? Well, tonight more details are known about his arrest. Much more. 7News has obtained the 10 page criminal compliant made by the FBI.

Cops Caught on Camera In Ugly Scuffle With Woman
There is a very disturbing video which has gone viral on social media this evening. It shows 5 police officers attempting without success to restrain a half naked young woman in the street - and they end up using extreme measures to do so. It all played out at the corner of Pink's Alley and North Front Street. The young lady was reportedly being taken from court to jail after a court appearance in connection with arson at the Belize Youth Hostel. Somehow she got out of the police van - and was trying to get away - and putting up one heck of a fight. The female officer could not restrain her, so male officers got involved and she is seen struggling with the officers who threaten to "eff her up" - to which the crowd responded, "You won't do that out here" and that the police should stop treating her as if she's an animal.

Was BEL Culpable in Ferocity of Caye Caulker Fire?
The Independence Day fire on the island of Caye Caulker, which broke out on one of the village's main streets displaced 14 residents, including men, women, and children. And, the greatest tragedy is that Elmer Chub perished in the flames. And Chairlady, Seleny Villanueva-Pott, said that BEL is a big part of the blame, because when the first responders arrived on the scene, the electrical lines were live and on fire. BEL needed to cut the power, before they could start to douse it with water. She said that she then ran to the ranking BEL employee from their Caye Caulker substation asking him to urgently cut the power.

Briceno Says FTC Settlement Still Leaves Belize With A Smear
Last night we told you about the 23 million US dollar settlement between the Federal Trade Commission in the US and Atlantic International Bank. Now, first off, to be clear, that 23 million dollars is coming out of the Atlantic International's US held assets - not taxpayer or government money. But, that doesn't mean that Belize won't take a licking. Speaking today in Orange Walk, Opposition Leader John Briceno today said the damage to Belize's reputation is significant and could have been prevented:

OCEANA Wants to Save The Bay
Last week, we told you how the experts say pollution in the New River in the Orange Walk District may have some negative impacts on the Corozal Bay, since that river eventually empties into the bay. Well, Oceana Belize is calling on Corozal residents to remain vigilant, and report signs of pollution in the Bay area. In a press release, Oceana's Corozal Field representative says, quote, "As the polluted waters begin to move towards Corozal Bay and the Caribbean Sea, we ask all residents to immediately report any incident such as fish or mammal mortalities to all relevant authorities Corozaleños are all too aware of the number of stressors already impacting Corozal Bay. As a community, we need to prepare for potential impacts, so that appropriate mitigation measures can be planned and deployed if necessary." End quote.

NGO and Security Force Work Hand In Hand
The Belize Coast Guard has a new vessel in its fleet. Her name is the Tiburon and she was donated by OCEANA in Belize. We attended the handing over ceremony to get a better understanding of this partnership between a private conservation NGO and a public law enforcement department:

KHMH Workers Union Demands That Medical Chief of Staff Begone
The KHMH Workers Union is angry tonight - and demanding that the Medical Chief of Staff, Dr. Beatriz Thompson be removed within a week! And that demand letter was sent a week ago! In its letter to the Chairman of the Board and the CEO, the union alleges that Dr. Thompson is withholding overtime from, quote, "many medical officers for July and August 2019."

Ladyville Girl Missing
A 15 year old girl is missing from her Ladyville home. Keyla Capen went missing on Monday evening. She was last seen along with a male person riding a motorcycle. Police are requesting the public's help in locating this minor. Hilberto Romero, Sr. SUPT of Police, Deputy HNCIB: "Yesterday, Monday we received a missing person report. One Keyla Capen 15 years old was reported missing from Ladyville. Information gathered is that she was last seen along with a male person who drove her on a motorcycle..."

A second man was charged for the August 13th Sandhill murder of 69 year old Ofelia Cruz. He is 20-year-old Camalote resident Julian Torres. He was arraigned yesterday in court before Magistrate Aretha Ford. 19 Year old Derry Bennett was the first to be charged in this murder in August. Now viewers will remember that the elderly woman was home alone when two men arrived on a scooter, stormed into her home and bludgeoned her to death. Police say the men went there to steal Cruz's husband's shotgun. Yesterday at the press briefing, police told us why it took almost two months to charge Torres for this senseless crime.

Mother Not Charged For Daughter's Murder
On August 16th a 9 year old girl was strangled to death in Unitedville. The murder of this child is a bizarre and deeply disturbing case because the prime suspect appears to be the child's own mother, Emily Ico. Yesterday at the press briefing, police told us that Ico's psychiatric evaluation is still pending. Joseph Myvette, Assistant COMPOL: "Her mother still remains at the hospital under treatment at this time. So she has still not yet been detained. When we last checked this morning she is still admitted at the western regional hospital."

Briceno Relishes Rumoured Return of Gapi
As we've reported the UDP standard bearer for Orange Walk North Homero Novelo stepped down last month. And now rumors are that the current area representative UDP's Gaspar Vega is politically re-animated and may want to take back his seat. Speaking today, the leader of the opposition said he would relish that opportunity: Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "So we'd be happy if Mr. Vega decides to run. I have every confidence that our candidate Monchi Cervantes, a very hardworking, intelligent young man that has been doing more work in Orange Walk North than the present representative..."

Murder suspect Found in Guatemala
Last month, we told you how police arrested and charged 19-year-old Derry Bennett, a resident of Camalote Village, with the gruesome murder of 69-year-old Mexican Ofelia Hernandez Cruz. She was beaten to death at her home on the Salt Creek Road in Sand Hill Village. Well, the cops are arrested and charged another for that crime. He's 20-year-old Julian Torres, a resident and construction worker who also lives in Camalote Village. He was arraigned yesterday before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford on the offense of murder.

Japan Donates Grassroots Garbage Solution
The Government of Japan is sponsoring a Grass-Roots Human Security project - and a donation came today in the form of a new garbage truck for the Orange Walk Town Council. At a ceremony today, the Mayor said it is å very welcome addition: The Japanese Ambassador will also make donations to other councils.

This Woman's Work...
Yesterday a group of stakeholders gathered at the ITVET for day 1 of a women's empowerment workshop. The main focus is to discuss how to better respond to and care for women who are victims of abuse. It is a 3-day workshop.

PM and LOO Laid It Down On Independence Day
Last night we showed you a portion of the PM's Independence Day Address as he discussed a number of major major initiatives in the UDP's last year in office. Now while those were the uppercase announcements, Prime Minister Barrow - in what could be his last independence day address - again took a shot at citizen security - this time announcing more security cameras - followed by the leader of the opposition talking about a "war on crime": Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "Every effort will be made in various ways to strengthen citizen security in Belize City and the District Towns. Here again our nationalized BTL will play a key role as it partners with the Belize Police Department to turn, first, the old Capital into a safe City..."

Does Briceno Want Something Like CICIG?
But, circling back to Briceno's comments, sounds like he proposes to institute something like CICIG - which was recently booted out of Guatemala. He spoke on Saturday about, quote, "a fully functional anti-corruption agency. One that is free from government interference," end quote. TODAY, The press asked him to explain just what he means:.. Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "That any organization, any office, any group that the government controls will be unable to do an open and transparent investigation into anybody. That is why it is important for us to come up with a new body that is going to be totally and completely independent of the government..."

Fake News Stoked Sinophobia
And, in another bit of news left over from yesterday, the Taiwanese Embassy in Belize is crying foul after a piece of fake news went viral yesterday morning. A bogus release posted on a phantom page falsely ascribes a quote to the Taiwanese Ambassador Reemus Chen, supposedly saying, "I have informed Prime Minister Dean Barrow that in 2020 more than 2,000 Chinese will be moving to the country with their families," end quote. It's manifestly bogus - he never said or wrote those words, but nothing gains momentum as fast as stupidity and yesterday evening the Taiwanese Embassy had to put out a release to stop the momentum of this particular piece of fake news.

Caught With Crack
44-year-old San Pedro resident Gregory Parks is out on bail tonight after being taken to court for allegedly trying to traffic crack cocaine. And, the cops say that he tried to hide it in a very unusual way. On September 20th, San Pedro police went to execute a search at Park's residence in the Boca Del Rio area. They didn't find anything illegal. But, before they let him off, the cops decided to do a full body search. They say that they made him pop a squat and cough, and when he did so, a bag containing the suspected drugs fell to the floor.

Channel 5

Reynaldo Verde: Bribes, Demands, Threats & Secret Recordings
Reynaldo Verde, the Deputy Director of the Belize Tax Services, has been in a U.S. jail since September seventh, on a charge of extortion and attempted extortion. He was picked [...]

Opposition Leader Comments on US $23 Million A.I.B.L./F.T.C. Settlement
On Tuesday, a district court in the United States released details of the twenty-three million dollar settlement that the Barrow Administration, along with liquidator Julian Murillo and F.T.C. officials, to [...]

When and How Will Corruption be Effectively Address?
The alleged actions of Reynaldo Verde demonstrated that corruption continues to exist within government ministries and department.  In 2013, Prime Minister Dean Barrow famously said that the Lands Department was [...]

Family Questions Circumstances Surrounding Elmer Chub’s Death
There was loss of life and property from the devastating fire on Caye Caulker over the weekend which also displaced fourteen persons. The cause of the fire is still undetermined [...]

Coast Guard is Gifted a New Seagoing Vessel
This afternoon at the Coast Guard Headquarters in Belize City, a twin engine marine vessel was handed over to the maritime law enforcement agency to aid in the fight against [...]

F.F.B. to Reimburse U.S. $50,000 for Defaulting CONCACAF Match
The Disciplinary Committee of CONCACAF has made a decision against the Football Federation of Belize for not showing up to participate in match six between French Guiana and Belize. The [...]

Will Team Belize Get to Advance to Gold Cup?
Will the F.F.B. appeal the decision of the CONCACAF Disciplinary Committee? They have until September twenty-sixth to do so. But with losing three points, where does team Belize stand in [...]

Deputy Commissioner of Police’s Address Raises Eyebrows
He is the Deputy Commissioner of Police and according to the Caribbean Shores voters’ list; Edward Broaster’s home address is number one Kelly Street. It has raised eyebrows because not [...]

A Bomb Threat at Lands Department in Belmopan
A bomb threat was reported around noon today in Belmopan, at the offices of the Ministry of Natural Resources.  Members of staff alerted the authorities that several calls were received [...]

An Update on the Death by Strangulation of 9 Year-Old Danielle Hall
Emily Ico remains hospitalized at the Western Regional Hospital. If the name sounds familiar, it is because she is the mother of nine-year-old Danielle Hall, who was strangled to death [...]

Unseasonable Drought Prompts Transition to Solar Energy
The extreme dry weather condition that continues to ravage the agriculture industry in central and northern Belize, is also wreaking havoc in the energy sector where the generation of hydroelectricity [...]

Electric Vehicles This Way a Cometh?
The Prime Minister’s annual Independence Day address also serves as an opportunity for promises to be made, some of which his administration has delivered on and others that are yet [...]

“I mean let’s be realistic” – John Briceño on Electric Cars in Belize
One person who is not at all sold on the idea of electric cars in Belize anytime soon is Opposition Leader John Briceño.  He scoffed at the idea as unrealistic, [...]

Opposition Leader Questions Monopoly on Butane Importation
The discussion on the National Gas Company continues.  As we have reported, the government has lent support to the company which will have full control of the supply of butane [...]

DHS Office Confirms 3 Dengue-Related Death
The Office of the Director of Health Services is reporting three dengue-related deaths since the outbreak of dengue in Belize. They include two maternal cases that were recorded back in [...]

Japan Gifts Orange Walk a New Compactor Truck
The Orange Walk Town Council receives a new compactor truck from the government of Japan. The gift is part of the ongoing Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Project between [...]

Living With Climate Impacts
The Alliance of Small Island States has taken a first-of-its-kind approach to crafting a package of critical climate change initiatives to safeguard small island societies. The SIDS Package, as it [...]

The Reporter

Bomb Threat At Ministry In Belmopan Prompts Evacuation
The Reporter has confirmed with officials at the Ministry of Natural Resources in Belmopan that security forces are conducting a sweep of the building following a bomb threat.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Brother of former Ecuadorian official arrested in $200 million cocaine bust in Belize
Belizean authorities conducted 1 of the largest drug busts in Belize’s history. Among the men arrested […]

Four persons busted with gun and ammo
Four persons have been detained after they were busted with an unlicensed firearm. They […]

Minor detained following midday shooting
Shortly after midday yesterday, a man was shot in Belize City. He has since been […]

Highlighting Belizean Women; Meet Marley Goodin
Jamaican singer and songwriter, Robert Nesta Marley once asked if any good could have come […]

Mayor Bernard Wagner presents at United Nations in New York
Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner is currently in New York City along with other world […]

Bomb threat reported at Lands Department in Belmopan
Picture courtesy: Plus TV Belize Reports to our newsroom are that there was a bomb […]

Special Envoy for Women and Children attends Convention on the Rights of the Child
Today, Belize’s Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis Barrow, attended a High-Level Commemorative […]

Japanese Embassy and Punta Gorda Town Council to sign $400,000 grant
The Embassy of Japan in Belize and the Punta Gorda Town Council are scheduled to […]

Three dengue related deaths reported
The Office of the Director of Health Services is closely monitoring dengue cases in Belize. […]

Oceana supports efforts to ensure the health of the New River and Corozal Bay
Alongside the Friends of New River group, Oceana in Belize continues to closely monitor the […]

Remembering Danny Conorquie, 5 years later
On September 25, 2014, twenty-year-old Special Constable (SC) Danny Conorquie lost his life while on […]


Find Your Place in Belize
Travelers often seek an experience they never expected – one that stretches their minds as well as their smiles. At some point, a traveler may come across a destination not only diverse and rich in experience, but familiar to the soul. We were all meant to explore, but what happens when we find more than what we were looking for – a home? That’s what Belize has done for many. A country so young in age but mature in nature, Belize boasts some of nature’s finest land nestled between Central America and the Caribbean. Along with an ideal geological location, Belize offers world-renowned waters and nature scenes, like the vibrant blues off the shore of Ambergris Caye to the unmatched vistas, valleys, rivers and hills found in the Cayo and Stann Creek Districts.

Second Annual Belize Birding Festival takes flight in October
Any time of year is a good one for birding in Belize, but fall migration assures some very impressive birds. Therefore, it’s only apropos that the annual Belize Birding Festival is held in October. This year’s two-day festival is scheduled for the weekend on October 19th at the beautiful San Ignacio Resort in San Ignacio, Cayo District. Each year international and local birders flock to this celebration to partake in birding tours, presentations from renowned guest speakers, panel discussions, workshops, exhibition booths hosted by hoteliers, tour operators, birding clubs, and non-profit organizations and enjoy camaraderie with fellow birders and nature lovers. It’s a grand weekend for birds of a feather!

The Atolls in Belize
Belize is filled with pristine, natural beauty. Nowhere is that more true than in the stunning atolls that dot the turquoise waters near the Belize Barrier Reef. These coral islands are worth a visit. Their crystal-clear lagoons present an unforgettable experience for divers, sea kayakers and snorkelers. An atoll is an island made of coral. You will only find atolls in warm waters because coral needs warm temperatures to grow. Underwater volcanos occasionally erupt, creating large stone formations. Over time, coral begins to form on the stone formation. When the stone formation disintegrates, it leaves the coral ring floating on the sea’s surface. In the Western Hemisphere, there are 4 atolls and Belize is home to three. The fourth atoll can be found near Banco Chinchorro in Mexico.

Protecting Gentle Giants (Manatees)
Manatees are some of the most interesting and unusual mammals in the world. With 800-1000 individuals, Belize is home to the highest known population of this species in the world due to its coastline being highly conducive to manatee life. These playful and gentle giants, often described as “Sea Cows”, live in shallow and warm waters. Because of their slow metabolism, they spend half of their day resting and the other half slowly swimming in search of food. Manatees are still considered endangered in Belize as the threats and mortality rate of this species continues to increase rapidly each year. While they can live as long as humans, generally manatees live up to 30 years in the wild due to human activities that threaten them.

International Sourcesizz

The World’s Oceans Are in Danger, Major Climate Change Report Warns
Climate change is heating the oceans and altering their chemistry so dramatically that it is threatening seafood supplies, fueling cyclones and floods and posing profound risks to the hundreds of millions of people living along the coasts, according to a sweeping United Nations report issued Wednesday. The report concludes that the world’s oceans and ice sheets are under such severe stress that the fallout could prove difficult for humans to contain without steep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Fish populations are already declining in many regions as warming waters throw marine ecosystems into disarray, according to the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of scientists convened by the United Nations to guide world leaders in policymaking.


  • The Climate Action Line of Credit: Project Highlights in Saint Lucia, Belize and Jamaica, 8min. Urgent action is needed to combat the effects of climate change. Partners such as the European Investment Bank (EIB) have joined CDB to support climate resilient investments in the Region. Since 2011, EIB has provided EURO170 million in concessional financing for climate action investments in the Caribbean. This mini-documentary highlights the work that is being done.

  • Wildtracks Update: Manatee Month continues with 'Manatees in the Morning', 1min. The two soft release manatees, Mitch and Lucky, continue to grow, and continue to be 'best friends', heading out to the seagrass beds together. Meanwhile, the three girls, Callie, Chikki and Hope, have now established a routine for soft release. They wait expectantly at the lagoon enclosure gate after their morning feed, ready for the gate to be opened so that they can head out, with their temporary trackers tracking their travels, in search of their own seagrass beds. Seagrass roots and leaf fragments float in the water as they start the day's grazing. They then return to the lagoon enclosure late afternoon for their evening feed. In this early stage of soft release, they are monitored from the lagoon shoreline, but aren't heading too far from home...

  • "Huay Peek", 2min. The Huay Peek' is a Maya sorcerer who who have the ability to transform into a Huge Black Dog . This legend is common among the Yucatec Maya . In Belize the Huay Peek' and the Huay k'eek'en(Maya Sorcerer who transform into a huge pig) are very common stories our tatitos told us .