Farmers countrywide will soon be receiving a coupon from the Government in an effort to alleviate the strains caused by the recent drought. During the last Prime Ministerís press conference, it was announced that a partial state of emergency would be declared. The partial SoE would make access to external financing easier and would subsequently provide funds for the farmers to access. One of the relief measures being implemented in the coming days is the issuance of coupons. According to Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture, farmers will be given coupons to ensure that they acquire their necessary materials such as fertilizers and other farming necessities.

Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture: ďThe team has been out there working with individual farmers. As you heard we have a catalog of most of the farmers, weíve been working with individual farmers to see where that intervention is needed because it is individual intervention. Some farmers may need seed, some farmers may need, and the idea is weíre going to use coupons. So youíre going to get a coupon for what you need and then you go and get that, youíre not going to get money in your hand because we donít know what you will do with the money so if itís fertilizer you need, if itís seed you need you will get a coupon for that.Ē

The ministry hopes to get this rolled out in a few weeks.